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\f0\fs24 \cf0 \ Archive name: meetingyou.txt\ Authors name: Bettie Pen
(\ story title : Meeting You\ \
------------------------------------------------------\ \'a9 2002 Bettie
Pen - Please do not remove the \ author information or make any changes to
this \ story. You may post freely to non-commercial\ free sites, as long
as it is posted in its entirety.\ Thank you.\
------------------------------------------------------\ Author's Note:\ \
This is the first erotic story I've ever written. \ I wasn't originally
intending to post it publicly, \ it was just my account of a weekend.\
Please give me feedback on it! All comments, \ questions, or suggestions
are appreciated.\ Thank you,\ \ Bettie Pen,\
10/8/02\ \
-----------------------------------------------------------------------\ \

I was so excited to be seeing you again, that I drove 90 mph the whole
way. I'd never driven that fast before, but I didn't care, except for when
I noticed the state trooper behind me. Fortunately, he only wanted to pass
me. Evidently you need to be going faster than I was to warrant being in
the left lane in New York State. Maybe everyone had trysts that weekend.\

I got to the hotel early of course, and I waited for an hour in the
little room, watching an "I dream of Jeannie" marathon on the cable tv in
front of the queen sized bed. We'd be sleeping in it, together, for the
next two nights. I was so anxious. I was getting wet sitting there, and
it had absolutely nothing to do with Major Nelson, or Jeannie. I missed
you so much. It was hard for me to really believe it'd only been a month
since I had last kissed you. It felt like I'd lived a lifetime without
you. I couldn't imagian how I was ever going to go home knowing that we'd
only be spending one weekend a month together for the next four years. But
then finally you arrived, and that put an end to any such thoughts. How
could I be sad with this wonderful man in the room? Especially when I knew
that I was going to get laid? You were even more gorgeous than I'd
remembered. You'd lost weight, yes, but that wasn't it. I'd forgotten the
subtler beauties of your face, like the way the muscles of your nose stand
out, and just how small your ears actually are, and I'd even forgotten the
smell of your skin. I'd forgotten how the small purple veins stood out
against the smooth skin of your cock. I still can't say penis in reference
to your... well yeah. I mean, penis just doesn't sound like an adequate
word for that thing that sprung up when I stripped, pulled off your pants,
and threw you on the bed. I did that immediately. Well, immediately after
about 30 seconds of staring at you. And maybe there was some sloppy but
passionate kissing as I ripped off my shirt (I'd had the sense to not even
bring one bra all weekend, it'd just get in the way), and tore off your
pants. When I got you on the bed, I played with your hair and your tongue
for a moment, trying to tease you some more, but I couldn't take the
teasing myself. I looked into your eyes, your deep brown eyes, and I let
myself down onto your cock. Oooh. I'd forgotten how big you were. I
mean, I could sculpt a perfect actual size replica of it, but I'd forgotten
how big you felt inside me. I had to bounce up and down for a minute to
get used to you again. Sex with you is just incredible. You know to let
me pound myself down on you, trying to get myself off and forgetting that
there's anything to me and you except a drooling pussy sucking on a hard
cock... for a moment or two. But then you brought me back and kissed me
and pulled me down onto your chest and rolled me on my side. That way we
could cover each other in kisses while you thrust into my beckoning hips
again and again. Of course, we did. But eventually, the loving wasn't
enough, and I was twice as horny as before. I didn't even say anything,
though I might have moaned more urgently, and you rolled me onto my back
and plunged into me. Oh! You felt so damn good. You kept pounding and
thrusting and your balls slapped up against my ass and I could feel the
electricity in my pussy spreading all throughout my body, and then it just
hit. My pussy tightened up and spasmed and I forgot about the open window
and the two guys sittng down the hall from our room and I practically
screamed. And as I was feeling that I heard you moan and felt you cum into
me. I love it when you cum. The way you look, the way you sound,
everything is just so extremely erotic and wonderful. You and I eventually
both came down from our little orgasmic worlds, and you rolled out of me
and onto your back. When I tried to sit up to move closer to you, you
grabbed me, pulled me into a tight embrace and said "No. You can't leave
until Sunday." \ I need to start meeting you more often.}


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