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Archived Sex Stories

movie star the guest



Do not be deceived by titles. These stories are ADULT-ORIENTED
parodies of popular classic television shows. They are NOT -- repeat,
NOT -- meant for children.

These stories contain graphic descriptions of sex acts.

These stories are intended for an adult audience. If you are not of
legal age, please use your 'back' key to exit.

The Porno tv series is ongoing; more stories will be added as they are written.

Comments can be sent to

The Stories:

Gilligan's Island gilligan.txt

Originally posted in three parts, this listing contains the entire

The Twilight Zone twilight.txt

My second TV-themed posting, parodying several shows.

My Favorite Martian martian.txt

One of my favorite tv shows. Uncle Martin makes it with Mrs. Brown --
And Mrs. Brown really does have a lovely daughter.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show mtmshow.txt

Another favorite. Ted Baxter doesn't understand a word in his newscast,
so Mary has to show him what it means.

The Dick Van dyke Show dvdshow.txt

A lovely foreign blue-movie star is the guest on the Alan Brady Show,
and the gang comes up with a suitable script. Meanwhile, Laura and
Millie get friendly.

The Andy Griffith Show (Two Parts) griffith1.txt griffith2.txt

Andy and Helen are getting married, and Ernest T. Bass is back in town.
Meanwhile, Barney runs into Helen.

Green Acres greenacre.txt

Lisa helps the Monroe Brothers fix the roof, and Oliver pays a visit
to the Shady Rest.

Petticoat Junction petticoat.txt

A continuation of the Green Acres story, when Homer Bedloe gets his,
and Oliver gets dessert.

"One Dark and Stormy Night" stormy.txt

Another jumble of multiple shows as a couple discover that on a dark
and stormy night strange things may appear on television.

The Munsters munster.txt

Everybody leaves Lily and Herman at home alone. Grampa goes cruising,
Eddie visits the Addams Family, and Marilyn has a date.

The Addams family addams.txt

Continuing from the Munsters story, Eddie pays Wednesday and Pugsley
a visit, forgetting it's a full moon.

Bewitched (in two parts) bewitched1.txt bewitched2.txt

Marilyn Munster is related to Samantha Stephens; exploring that family relationship.

Get Smart getsmart.txt

Max and 99 go after K.A.O.S.'s latest attempt to take over the world.

The Real McCoys mccoy.txt

Grampa goes into town to buy a hoe, Little Luke spies on Hassie.

Have Gun Will Travel paladin.txt

Our man Paladin is hired to release a showgirl from a pimp.

Maverick maverick.txt

The Maverick brothers have a similar mission as Paladin, some years
later. Part two of a trilogy.

Not a Porno tv parody, but the original's been on tv enough...

Dorothy Does Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has never been so ... dirty.


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