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my marriage 2


My Marriage pt. 2 by Skyler S. (mf, mm, oral, anal, inc)

I avoided my mom for a few days after she caught me licking my wife's
pussy. I guess I was just embarrassed, though I didn't know why. We were
married, after all, and that's one of the things married couples do.

One afternoon a few day later, Melinda called me into the kitchen. She
was sitting at the breakfast table with my mom talking quietly.

"Come in and sit down, I want to talk to you," mom said.

I sat and Melinda got up and left the room. I looked at my mom and
asked her what she needed.

"Well dear, I've been spending a lot of time with Melinda. She's asked
me a lot of questions about sex. What your Dad and I do, how long we take
and other, more intimate, questions."

I blushed, "I'm sorry Mom. I'll have a talk with her. She won't bother
you again."

"Oh no. Don't be mistaken dear. I'm not upset with her at all. In
fact I'm more than happy to provide advice to your new wife."


"Oh yes. You see, up until recently, she's never had an orgasm. She
was also puzzled by how quickly you seem to cum compared to your father,
who can go on for quite a long time."

"Dad? I don't understand. How would she know the difference?" I
thought about it for a minute while mom just stared at me. "Oh, it must be
hearing you through the wall in our bedroom. You guys do seem to do it for
a long time."

"Well, it certainly started with... never mind. I'm your mother and I
want to help. Now stand up."

I did as she said. "Mom, how are you going to help. I don't even know
what the problem is."

"Shush. Just keep quiet and do as your told and things will get better.
Now Pull down your pants and underwear."

"What? What are you talking about Mom?" I didn't want to pull my pants
down since my cock was hard from all this talk about sex.

"Shut up and do it Billy. Don't talk, just do as your mother says."

My face was beet red again, but I did as she asked. I pulled my pants
down and my hard cock sprang out. I was so embarrassed, I thought I was
going to die.

"Mmmm. Yes, I see we do have a little problem. Ok, you can cover up."

I pulled my pants back up and asked, "So? What's the problem?"

"Son, your father, my husband Steve, isn't really your father."

"What! What are you talking about Mom? Of course Dad's my father."

"No son. He isn't You see, we always knew it was a 50/50 chance. I had
an affair about 9 months before you were born..."

"But Mom, how do you know who the real father is. You seem so sure."

"I am sure. You'll see soon enough. Now, about Melinda. She's a woman
who needs sex just like any woman. But, unfortunately, you're not
satisfying her. So, I've been giving her a hand. Steve has a very active
libido and I thought he could help."

"What do you mean by help?" I asked, puzzled.

"Well, Steve's been fucking Melinda every day for the past week. She
loves it. In fact, she loves fucking so much now that she took on the
contractor working on your house and a carpenter simultaneously yesterday.
Melinda's turning into quite the little slut, just like your sister."

"What! Melinda's fucking Dad?" I started and then started yelling at my
Mom for a full minute before she slapped me hard, twice.

"Shut up. Do as I say or I'll beat the shit out of you. Then I'll have
Steve beat the shit out of you. Keep quiet and follow me."

She started walking upstairs. I followed, keeping quiet. We walked to
my Mom's bedroom and she opened the door. I looked in the room and stopped
and stared. I couldn't believe what I saw. Melinda was on the bed was
leaning against some pillows that were propped up at the head of the bed.
She was completely naked, her knees were up and legs spread. She was
slowly fingering her very swollen and wet looking shaved pussy and had a
dazed, dreamy look on her face. My Dad was sitting on a chair watching
her. He was slowly stroking his prick.

In this situation, I would have thought that I'd be staring at Melinda's
swollen pussy but I wasn't. I was staring at my Dad's dick. It was huge
compared to mine. I realized that this must be how mom knew that he wasn't
really my father. My cock hard measured maybe four inches long and wasn't
much thicker than a pencil. My Dad's cock was well over twice that length
and was as thick as a big cucumber.

"Your wife's got quite a pussy there son. Very tight. I've cum twice
in her in the last hour and am thinking about going for a third time." My
Dad said. I looked over at Melinda and she just kept stroking her pussy. I
don't even know if she noticed me in the room.

"Steve, guess what. I found out that Bill here isn't your son after
all." mom said.

"Really. How'd you figure that out after all these years." Dad replied.

mom looked over at me. "Bill, take your pants off again."

I started to protest but she shot me a look that shut me up. I pulled
my pants and underwear down as I was told. My Dad just started laughing.
He kept on laughing. I was so humiliated. I looked over at Melinda and
she had a big smile on her face as she stared at my prick while continuing
to finger her pussy. The sight of Melinda's wet pussy was too much and,
without touching myself, I came all over Mom's leg.

"Jesus Christ son. Look what you've done. It's a good thing I'm
wearing shorts. If you had stained a pair of pants, I probably would have
kicked you in the balls so hard... Never mind." mom said.

"Well, as fascinating as this conversation is, I think I'm going to fuck
that wife of yours one more time," Dad said as he climbed onto the bed.

"Come along Bill. Let's leave them alone."

I followed mom out of the bedroom just as my sister Sarah was coming up
the stairs. She was wearing a lycra bicycling top and a short, cotton
skirt. Her big tits were bouncing around under the top giving away the
fact that she didn't have a bra on.

"Where have you been?" mom asked her.

"Oh, Mark and I went for a ride and then visited the frat house for a

"Hmm. Sounds like fun but don't forget your chores."

"I won't Mom. I just want to shower and change first. I'm a little,
uh, sticky from my ride." Sarah said. I could swear that she and mom exchanged a little look but I could have been wrong.

"I have a better idea. Let's go to the bathroom. That means you too,

I looked over at my Mom. Did she really call me Tiny in front of my
sister? I looked at Sarah and saw that she had a faint smile on her face.

We went into the bathroom and My mom had Sarah take her skirt off and
sit on the toilet seat. mom told me to get on my knees in front of Sarah.
"Bill here's going to help you out while you tell me about your afternoon."

"Oh goody," Sarah exclaimed. She then grabbed my hair and pulled my
face over the open toilet and into her wet, shaved pussy. "Lick."

"Do as she says son. Or else."

I started licking. Sarah was very wet. She had a thick creamy
substance with a strong salty flavor coming out of her pussy. I licked it
up as best as I could. While I worked at my sisters pussy, she began to
tell mom about her afternoon.

It started out quite dull. Something about a bike ride with Mark, one
of her boyfriends. Then they went to the frat house where Mark lives and
it got more interesting. In Mark's room Sarah had been sucking on Marks
cock when two of Marks roommates came in. To make a long story short, all
three of them ended up fucking Sarah and cumming in her pussy. As I was
thinking how odd it was for Sarah to be telling this to her mother, it
occurred to me that the thick stuff in Sarah's pussy was cum from those
three guys. I tried to pull away as fast as I could but Sarah just
tightened her grip on my hair.

"You're not done yet. Keep licking." Sarah said.

Still I struggled a little. The though of licking some man's come out
of my sisters pussy was disgusting. I squirmed some more until I felt a
hand clamp onto my balls from behind.

"If you don't calm down and do as your told, I'll rip them off." It was
my Moms voice. I did the only thing I could. I kept licking the sticky
cum our of my sisters pussy.

A few minutes later Sarah shuddered in orgasm, pulling a good handful of
my hair out in the process. "Damn that was good. Thanks Bill. You a good
cum sucker." She didn't let me go though.

"Uh. Can I get up now?" I asked.

"Not quite. One more thing for you to do." Then I heard a tinkle. I
looked at her pussy and saw that she was peeing. A steady stream of pale
yellow liquid flowed from her into the toilet bowl, my face just a couple
of inches away. When the steam of pee slowed to a dribble she said "Ok,
clean me up." I tentatively licked at her pussy. I could taste the bitter
piss on my tongue. Secretly, I liked it. I liked licking cum and piss from my sisters pussy. I licked her pussy clean. "Thanks bro. Whenever I
need a good cleaning I know where to go. Mom, is it ok if Mark comes over
tonight to study?"

"As long as you do your chores dear." mom said. "As for you, Tiny, I
think you've done your chores for the day. You may go."

Later that evening, I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure
out what was going on with my life when my wife came down the stairs. She
had on a sheer red dress with pumps. I could clearly see her tits and ass
through the dress telling me that she didn't have anything on under it.
"Why are you so dressed up, honey?"

"I'm going out. I'll be back in a few hours." She said and then left.

A while later I heard Sarah calling my name. I went upstairs to see
what I could do for her. I looked in her room but she wasn't there. She
called again. I found her in my room. She was on my bed naked.

"I need a little help," she said. "Come here."

I thought she wanted me to lick her again so I got on the bed on my
hands and knees to start. As before, she grabbed my hair. Instead of
pulling though she just help me for a minute. Then I felt someone pulling
my pants down followed by my underwear.

"My pussy is sore and Mark needs to come. You're going to help him

"But..." I started to say something when I felt something being shoved
into my asshole. What ever it was, it was huge. It hurt like hell too.
The I figured it out. It was Mark and he was trying to fuck my ass! I
tried to pull away but Sarah pulled my hair and slapped my face.

"You keep still. You might even learn to like it."

Mark started fucking my ass hard. He wasn't trying to be gentle at all.
He just wanted to get himself off. I wanted to scream but I knew that
would just make Sarah mad. I looked over my shoulder at him and saw he was
staring at Sarah who was caressing her breasts and pulling on her nipples.
It only took a few minutes then Mark came in my ass and pulled out, leaving
my ass in pain and, yet, empty feeling.

"Well, what do we have here?" It was Melinda's voice. I looked up and
she was standing at the foot of the bed looking bemused. "Sarah, Mark,
nice to see you. Would you excuse my tiny dicked cum sucking husband and
I." Melinda said politely.

Melinda was drunk. She reeked of alcohol and cum. She stood in front
of me and pulled off her dress unceremoniously. Then she layed on the bed
on her back, naked, legs spread. Her nipples were swollen and there were
bite marks on her breasts. Her shaved pussy glistened with moisture and a
milky fluid leaked onto the bed.

The door to the bedroom opened and my mom walked in with my sister and
Mark behind her. Melinda looked up at me, eyes glazed, and said "I need to
be fucked some more. You're my husband, so fuck me."

I tried to ignore the others in the room and took my clothes off. My
wife looked sexy laying there, pussy swollen and leaking at least one
unknown man's cum. I climbed up on her and grabbed my dick to guide it
into her.

"Come on Son. Fuck your wife with that little dick of yours," I heard
my mom say.

"Yeah Bill. Show us how it's done. Put it in her," My sister cheered.

Then I heard Mark say to Sarah, "Jesus, I've got swizzle sticks bigger
than that. How can Melinda even feel that thing in her." My dick
immediately shriveled and went limp as a wet noodle. Everyone looked and
laughed. I hung my head in shame while secretly enjoying the humiliation.

Then my Dad walked in, naked with his huge cock hard, "Did somebody say
they needed a real cock?" Melinda looked at Dad. Her eyes traveled down
his body and saw his cock and her eyes lit up.

"Mmmm. Come and fuck me," Melinda said to my Dad.

I looked over and saw Sarah and my mom watching. Mark was getting
undressed again since his cock had recovered from fucking me in the ass
earlier. Dad climbed up onto Sarah and, without much fanfare, put his huge
cock inside her.

Dad started pumping in and out of Melinda's pussy. She looked up at his
face with her big eyes and said, "Ahhh. That feels so good. I love big
cocks. Fuck me hard with that big cock." Then Melinda looked over at me,
"Bill, I love you but I love big cocks more. I hope you don't mind."

Mark walked up to the side of the bed and fed my wife his prick. She
willingly opened her mouth and sucked him in. Mark moaned load and started
fucking Melinda's face. She just held still and let him pump his cock in
and out of her pretty mouth. Dad started to buck erratically, getting
ready to squirt another load of cum into my wife. He grunted and jerked,
filling her. After he pulled out my wife's stretched pussy stayed open,
the recently deposited cum pouring out into the crack of her ass and onto
the bed.

I was hard again so I walked up to my wife and put my little dick in
her. I'm not sure if she even noticed. Just as I started thrusting into
her sloppy pussy, Mark pulled his cock out of Melinda's mouth and stroked
it furiously with his fist.

"Cum on my tits, baby. Make them all gooey. cum for me. Cover my
titties with hot cum and we'll make Bill lick it up."

I couldn't take it. I added my cum to her pussy just as Mark started
squirting cum all over my wife's chest. He stroked his dick fast and hard,
making sure every drop got all over her tits. Melinda took her hand and
smeared it over her nipples and tits, making sure that every inch of her
chest was covered in slimy cum. Then she pushed her hand into my face,
feeding me the cum that covered her fingers. I licked it up obediently.

I knew that this is what my marriage was going to be like for a long
time to come.


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