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my pretty schoolgirls


!!! The following document contains material of an adult nature if you are
under the age of 21you should turn of your computer and go to bed NOW!!!

My Pretty School girls By Blue boy
My story begins one cold and wet November morning.

It was ten a.m. I had to go out and I was not looking forward to
getting wet and cold I dressed in wet weather gear and set of about my
business as usual, I needed to go to the bank and the post office. As I
left the house and walked to the bank I bumped into three schoolgirls who
appeared to be about thirteen or fourteen years of age, one of the girls asked me if I had a spare cigarette and feeling sorry for them soaked to
the skin I gave them one each.

"No school today girls?" I asked.

They just giggled and after giving them a light I continued on my way, I
did my banking and other jobs before setting of for home, I was cold and
wet and was looking forward to getting into a hot shower. As I walked home
I again met the three girls they looked like drowned rats their hair was
hanging down their faces and they were soaked to the skin as I passed one
of the girls sneezed.

"You will catch pneumonia out here!" I said.

They again all giggled and as I walked on they began to follow a few
yards behind, I knew they were there but made a point of not looking back,
I could hear them giggling behind me. As I reached my front door one of
the girls ran up behind me, and asked if she could use the toilet, I agreed
and invited the girls in to the house.

"Take your wet coats of for a minute." I said.

The girls and I removed our coats and hung them on the pegs, I pointed
the bathroom out to the girl who had asked to use the toilet and all three
went of together giggling as they went. I watched as they walked down the
hall and noticed that they were all soaked to the skin I grabbed a towel
and began to dry myself off, leaving three more on the side for the girls,
as they came out of the bathroom I handed them the towels and told them to
dry themselves off a bit whist I made a drink. They followed me into the
kitchen and sat around the table drying their hair, I made four coffees and
joined them at the table.

"Not the sort of day you want to be hanging around the streets." I said.

"No but we have nothing else to do" said the eldest of the three girls.

I sat and took stock of the situation the eldest and chattiest of the
girls was about five foot two and very slim with long blonde hair over her
shoulders, she was the prettiest of the bunch I took her to be about
fifteen. The second girl was a bit shorter about thirteen and a bit
stockier but not big her hair was black shoulder length and her skin was a
golden brown. The third was also around thirteen blonde collar length hair
big blue eyes and she looked much like the first girl I took them for

We sat and chatted for a while and I asked the girls if they would like
to put their coats jumpers into the tumble dryer they agreed that this
would be a good idea and the young blonde who they called Sophie went to
fetch the coats handing them to me as she returned they all removed their
sweaters and I put them in the dryer. As I returned to the table two of
the girls were laughing loudly and I noticed why, Sophie was not wearing a
bra and although her breasts were only small they were quite prominent and
visible through her white cotton shirt. I sat down and saw that Sophie was
blushing and she folded her arms to try and regain some of her modesty, I
looked at the other girls and their shirts were wet also. I went into the
bedroom and came out with three tee shirts and offered them to the girls.

"Go into the bathroom and put these on then we can dry the rest of your
clothes." I suggested.

They looked at each other for a moment then without a word the girls headed of to the bathroom once more, I noticed that I was getting really
hard and tried to adjust myself before they returned, so that my bulging
cock was less noticeable. After a few minutes the girls returned and
handed me a pile of clothes to my surprise they had taken off everything
apart from their panties and were wearing my tee shirts, which were long
enough to be night dresses. The sight of these three semi naked girls made
my cock throb it was becoming painful I took the pile of clothes and put
them into the dryer which was now full. The girls once again sat at the
table and I joined them we sat and chatted for a while and I tried to bring
the conversation around to boyfriends or sex, the girls told me their names
at this point the eldest was Kerry the dark haired girl was Jill and Sophie
I had already worked out for my self.

As we chatted I suggested that we would be more comfortable in the
lounge and we moved into the other room, I took the remote and turned on
the stereo and sat in my favourite chair. The girls sat on the sofa
opposite and I for the first time I saw their silky smooth thighs. I
realised that I was the only one sitting here wet through and left to get
changed into something dry.

"I am just going to have a shower and get changed, I wont be long." I
said as I left.

I went to the bathroom and had a cool shower before drying myself of
putting on my bath robe and returning to the lounge, when I entered the
three girls were all dancing and took no notice as I sat down and watched
them, Jill had fairly large breasts and as she danced they bobbed gently up
and down all three were giving me plenty of opportunity to see their
underwear and smooth rounded bottoms.

"Steady on girls, you could drive me wild, I may lose control." I said.

"And then what would you do!" Kerry asked standing in front of me with a
wry smile on her face.

"I might have to lay you down and eat your pussy for a start!" I said as
I placed my hand between her legs gently stroking her crotch through her
knickers, to my surprise she did not pull away and I could feel how wet she
was. I could see that Sophie and Jill were a little uncomfortable with the
situation and removed my hand.

"What about my friend and sister are you going to eat their pussies
too?" Kerry asked.

"If they will let me!" I replied.

Sophie and Jill started to object to the way the conversation was going
but Kerry was the one in charge and soon had them calmed down.

"OK we might let you eat our pussies if you let us all wank you off
first." Kerry suddenly said.

I did not reply and she knelt in front of the chair sliding her hand
under my robe, I almost shot my load there and then as her hand grasped my
already rigid member trough my boxers.

Take that robe off and lay on the floor!" Kerry ordered.

I stood up and did as I had been told, I removed my bathrobe and lay in
the middle of the floor wearing only my cotton boxer shorts, I could see
the girls looking at the outline my rigid member and the wet spot of
pre-cum. Kerry encouraged the others to kneel beside me and soon they were
gently stroking my rock hard member through my shorts, Sophie needing a
little encouragement to join in. I could barely control myself and
struggled not to come immediately somehow I managed to hold off the
inevitable for a while longer.

"Take them off" Kerry said to Sophie pointing to my boxers.

Sophie protested but her sister was in control and as she took hold of
the waistband I raised my buttocks a little to assist her, Sophie's her
face was close to my groin and I could feel her breath on my thigh's as she
pulled down on my boxers my cock sprang free and a small blob of pre-cum
hit her on the cheek she jumped back, Kerry pulled the boxers over my feet
and threw them into the chair.

I lay there motionless as the girls once again started to explore my
cock gently caressing my shaft, balls, thigh's and abdomen, I knew I could
hold back no longer. "Shit I am going to come!" I said giving them a
warning just as my balls exploded and pumped out copious amounts of sticky
white cum.

Kerry continued to stroke my cock back and forth milking me of every
last drop the other two just watched as large globs of sperm sprayed across
my cheast and abdomen, I could never remember coming as much as this in my
life, the sensation subsided and my cock began to deflate but only to a
semi hard state.

I sat up and took my boxers from the chair and proceeded to wipe myself
with them, Kerry then used them to wipe the sperm from her forearm.

"God that was amazing!" I said.

All three girls laughed out loud, and began to giggle wildly.

"OK who's first?" I asked with a grin on my face.

Sophie and Jill suddenly had a terrified look on their faces, but Kerry
was still smiling.

"I suppose we had better show the virgins how to do it and how good it
is!" Kerry said.

The three girls sat on the sofa with Kerry in the middle she raised the
tee shirt and I quickly took hold of the waistband of her navy blue panties slowly pulling them down, as I did Kerry raised her cheeks to allow there
removal. As I caught my first glimpse of her young pussy I could see that
she had a sparse covering of silky blonde pubes, I could smell her juices
and see the wetness on her panties. I pulled the panties over her feet and
put then to my face smelling the crotch, I threw them down and parted her
legs she moved forward to allow me better access to her hole, I parted her
lips to reveal her deep pink rose. Then I began to lick deeply savouring
her juices they were sweet and like no other woman I had ever tasted
before, I slowly licked from the base of her hole to her clit pausing there
for a moment before repeating the process over and over again, as I did so
I slipped both hands under her shirt and began caressing her firm breasts.
I glanced up at Jill and Sophie as I continued to eat Kerry and they were
both watching closely, I could feel her juices around my mouth suddenly she
began to tense and I knew she was about to come, I began flicking my tongue
wildly across her clit as she climaxed, her juices flowed and I eagerly
lapped them up not wanting to waist a drop.

After gaining every last drop of her love juices from her hole I knelt
up and kissed Kerry on the lips, as I did so my cock head brushed against
her hole and she move down a bit allowing the very end to enter her
well-lubricated pussy.

She pushed me away and smiled "Not yet you have two more pussies to eat
first!" she said.

I looked at the other two girls and asked "Right who's next?"

Sophie began to panic so I turned to Jill with a little help from Kerry
we managed to move Jill across and I began to remove her panties, she
grabbed my hand to stop me but Kerry took her by the wrists and allowed me
to carry on, I eased her panties down and she kept her legs tightly closed
I could see only a small dark tuft of black silky hair above her slit I
puller her panties over her feet. I placed my hands on her knees and
parted her legs pulling her forward to the edge of the sofa to allow me
better access to her love hole, her pussy was covered in a very sparse down
of silky preteen pubes her lips were dark almost brown I eased my hands
down the insides of her legs and parted her lips revealing the most perfect
bright pink rose, I leaned forward and licked a couple of times deeply into
her hole she was shaking but beginning to relax as I slowly licked the
length of her slit and kissed her little clit her whole body trembled as I
gently continued to eat her glorious pussy. I began to slide my hands
under her shirt and she once again tried to stop me, Kerry again restrained
her by her wrists allowing me to fondle her well formed breasts as I
continued to eat her I slid my left hand down and placed one finger inside
her pussy, she was definitely a virgin I could feel her hymen just before
my second knuckle entered her I massaged her internally as I concentrated
on her clitoris with my mouth. She began to groan loudly and as she was
deep into her orgasm I pushed my finger all the way in through her hymen
she groaned loudly but did not try and pull away. I continued to finger
fuck her and suck her clit for several minutes and she climaxed several
times collapsing limply beneath me.

I withdrew my finger and saw a small amount of blood I grabbed my boxers
and wiped this away before raising myself over her and kissing her on the
lips. Once again my cock head found its mark and I gently rubbed it
against her slit as we kissed Jill responded passionately allowing my
tongue to investigate the inside of her mouth she was obviously enjoying
the flavours. I kissed Jill one last time and sat back I could see that
Sophie had tears in her eyes, Kerry moved across to comfort her and they
sat whispering to each other then Kerry moved Sophie into the middle of the
sofa and winked at me. Hanna was obviously very nervous and frightened and
I did my best to comfort her, I told her that she was by far the sexiest of
the three and that I would stop as soon as she said as long as she relaxed
and just tried it, she smiled nervously and I kissed her gently on the

She allowed me to part her legs and kiss her thighs and I kissed her
pussy through her panties, before gently pulling the crotch over revealing
the most beautiful hairless pussy I have ever seen I kissed her pussy and
inserted the tip of my tongue between her lips she climaxed immediately and
her juices flooded into my mouth. I slowly began to remove her knickers
and she allowed me to do so without any resistance, I starred in awe at her
totally hairless pussy and kissed it once more she again trembled as my
tongue delved into the depths of her glorious love hole. I continued to
eat her pussy and inserted one finger she was pushing down against me
pressing her clit tight to my lips and helping my finger into her hole, as
I finger fucked her she became frenzied and bucked wildly and I took the
chance to insert a second finger to my surprise I had no problem getting
two fingers up to the hilt. I slipped my spare hand under her shirt and
began to fondle her young breasts they were only the size of plums but felt
so good, soon she was again thrashing in the depths of another orgasm and
again her juices flowed freely I drank eagerly, I had never known a woman
to come this way. After several minutes she collapsed exhausted, I lifted
myself up on to my knees and kissed her placing my cock at the entrance to
her love hole and she pushed against me allowing over half my cock to enter
her immediately she felt so tight

I slowly began to thrust my cock deep into her and she responded by
pushing back as hard as she could I reached up and pulled the tee shirt over her head, she was now completely naked and the sight of her slender
young body with my cock buried deep inside it was to much I came, I could
feel my cock throbbing as I pumped my hot sperm deep inside her and I could
feel the sperm forcing its way along my shaft and out of her glorious love
hole. Her climax became more and more intense as I hungrily took her small
breasts into my mouth one after the other, suddenly she screamed
"Aaaaaargh!!!" as she reached the climax.

"You little tart!" Kerry said laughingly.

Sophie opened her eyes and smiled at Kerry I looked At Jill who was
watching closely as I withdrew my semi hard member from its tight sheath, I
suppose there is only one virgin here now I said smiling knowingly at Jill.

I stood up and lifted Sophie into my arms before sitting back down
between Kerry and Jill placing Sophie onto my lap facing me. This little
nymph's body was so beautiful that my cock was already rampant and ready to
go again.

"Come on you two get those shirts off let me see your lovely titties." I

Kerry complied without hesitation and with just a little persuasion Jill
was soon as naked as the rest of us, I placed an arm around Kerry and Jill
and we sat snuggled up for several minutes, Sophie hanging around my neck
and wriggling on my cock which protruded between her legs.

"Who is going to fuck me next ?" I asked.

"Jill go on you can do it!" Kerry said encouragingly.

I turned to Jill and said "Come on you can get on top so that you decide
how much goes in, we can stop any time you like."

Jill hesitated and took some persuading but eventually she agreed to
try, Sophie jumped of my lap and I took Jill by the hand and led her to the
middle of the room where I lay on my back with my cock vertical, I
positioned Jill with her legs either side and she knelt over me. I
positioned the tip of my cock against her hole and encouraged her to slide
down onto it, by now Kerry and Sophie were on either side of me supporting
Jill I watched as my cock pushed against her almost hairless hole. It was
beginning to get painful when suddenly I felt the tip pop inside Jill's
moist lips, I saw a tear form in her eye and gently supported her to keep
her still and allow her to become accustomed to my size. Slowly inch by
inch Jill lowered herself onto my cock until my full seven inches were
inside her she was so tight and I could see a small trick of blood coming
from between her lips. I pulled her towards me and slowly began sucking her breasts and thrusting gently in and out of her love hole. After
several minutes Jill began to bounce herself up and down on my member, I
looked across and saw Kerry and Sophie in a passionate embrace kissing and
caressing each other then Sophie went down on Kerry and began to eat her
pussy. I continued to fuck Jill watching the other two and soon the room
was filled with groans of delight as we came in unison, Jill collapsed on
top of me and I kissed her gently before she raised herself up and allowed
my softening member to slip from her pussy the sperm was dripping pink from
her tender young body as it mixed with the tiny amount of blood.

Sophie was wiping her mouth and I knew what I wanted to do next, it was
getting late and my children would be home from school soon,.

Kerry I think you should repay your sisters kindness I said as I lay
Sophie on her back, Kerry obliged kneeling between her sisters legs and
beginning to eat her pussy, I sat Jill over Sophie's face and Sophie began
to eat our mixed juices from between Jill's legs. I then knelt behind
Kerry and with a violent thrust that made her squeal buried the full length
of my member deep into her pussy I reached beneath her and caressed her
breasts as I fucked her wildly all the time watching as the girls ate each
other. It was not long before I filled my last little Lolita with copious
amounts of cum. We all collapsed onto the floor and I stood up above them
lifting first Jill to her feet giving her a passionate kiss and playful
smack on her pretty rump "Shower" I said I repeated this with Sophie and
Kerry I pulled on my robe and fetched the girls clothes from the dryer. I
took the clothes to the bathroom and Sophie and Jill were drying themselves
off, Kerry was still in the shower I gave them their clothes and returned
to the lounge.

Several minutes later the girls came in dressed and we said our

"What about our knickers?" Kerry asked.

"I will wash them for you and you can collect them next time you
come!!!" I said smiling.

More to come (Ha Ha!!)

If you enjoyed the first part of this story and would like to read more
check back here soon.


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