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my stewardess wife MM F cheating voy.


The rest of my stories are at;
and; [in plain text]
This is something I just spat out; there are a couple of stories I'm really looking forward to finishing, but they take their own

Write me if you can spare a moment; I would very much appreciate
it. Enjoy, Ace
My stewardess wife [voyeurism + cheating] MM/F

I'd never believed in marriage, but June was a stewardess; if we
were married, I could fly free.

There were some rules; I flew standby, and I had to wear a suit
if I wanted to be in business class.

I loved it when she was working the flight I was flying on [this
could sometimes be arranged]. I always got extra goodies, and she
could sit with me on her break. What I liked about that the most
was how the rich bastards who'd actually paid for those tickets
would wonder how I'd managed to get the pretty black stewardess
to sit down and have a cuddle and a kiss with me.

I'm a car mechanic. People seem to think we're some kind of half
wit sub-species who get drunk every night and get off on Hustler
magazine; but the same people are to thick to even understand how
their own motor runs. My take-home pay was as good as June's,
and we split the rent 50-50.

Anyway, we were on a flight back from our holiday in Thailand,
and somehow June was working the flight. She wasn't supposed to
be, but they were short handed and she could pick up some
overtime. Business was full, and June got me bumped up to first.
There were only two other guys, traveling together, and June was
the only stewardess for the three of us. She was just
twenty-nine, but she'd been flying for eight years and had
seniority over everyone but the purser. Since June is a beauty,
she was serving the first class.

"Fancy a go with that stewardess, Stewart?" one of the guys opposite said to the other in an Australian accent.

"I wouldn't mind. I've always had a hankering after dark meat."
Said the other. "She's got some sweet arse on her hasn't she?"

"I think I'll have a try for her." I broke in.

"You wouldn't have a chance, mate." The one called Stewart
answered, looking me over.

"Really? I'll bet you a hundred quid I'll get her to have a sit
down with me and give me a kiss by the end of the flight." I told
him, the tosser.

"Pounds sterling? You're on, mate."

As the flight headed for the runway, June took the seat next to
me instead of the stewardess's chair in the front. I put my arm
around her shoulders, and we had a nice long snog as the plane
took off. When the seatbelt dong rang, she went back to the
business class galley to get our meals started.

"Not too shabby, mate, not too shabby." Stewart admitted
grudgingly. "How about double or nothing?"

"Sure." I said confidently. I was in seventh heaven; I was going
to get two hundred pounds out of this stuck up Aussie twit.

"Right; before the end of the flight, I'll have her in the loo.
That's the bet."

He was dumber than I thought. How could he imagine he had a
chance with a beauty like June? Ok, he wasn't a bad looking sort.
He had the sort of chiseled features that actors have, blue eyes,
and he was wearing a bloody expensive looking suit. But he was
just a passenger, he looked to be at least 50, and June didn't go
for his sort, fancy types in suits.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Tell you what, mate; let's double again. The hundred I owe you,
plus a hundred. If I lose, I owe you two hundred."

As you've probably guessed, he won the bet.

I hadn't slept much in the previous days, and I was snoozing away
when I was shaken awake by Stewart's companion, John.

"Stewart told me to wake you up as soon as he was in." he said.

"What?" I answered in confusion.

"In the loo with the stewardess! Stewart never fails at these
things, the man is magic. He gave her a little sweet talk, then
they sat together and talked some more up front. Now they just
went in. come on, sit over here, then you can watch the door."

I shifted into Stewart's seat in a confused state of mind. I was
sure it was a trick of some kind they were playing on me; my June
was never in there with him. I watched the door like a hawk.

"I never saw him get a stewardess on a plane before." John said,
"I saw him get their phone numbers though. I saw him take a woman
home from a party, leaving her husband behind! He never figured
out where she went, I don't think."

John went on about his friend's powers of seduction for quite a
while. I thought I heard a thump from the toilet enclosure; no,

And then, finally, they came out.

Stewart smirked at me happily, adjusting his tie. June met my
eye, the blood drained from her face, and she slipped quickly
around the curtain to the crew area in front.

"That'll be a hundred pounds, mate." He said as I surrendered his
seat for him.

"You did her? I don't believe you." I said.

"Oh, I did her, mate, you better believe it. She was something, I
can tell you. She sucked my donk and everything, not so easy in a
cramped place. She's a hot cookie, and I gave her the time of her

"I don't believe you." I said, flatly.

He looked angry.

"Alright, I tell you what. She's going to meet me at my hotel
tomorrow night. I'm going to take that sweet young thing up to my
room and give it to her in the style she deserves, and you can be
there. I'll do her right in front of you, then you can pay me
what you owe me."

I looked at John. He shrugged. "Don't look at me, I have nothing
to do with it." He said.

"What were you doing with that guy in the plane?" I asked June
when we got home.

"What guy?" she asked evenly.

"The guy you were with in the toilet!" I demanded.

"Oh, that. He said the soap dispenser was jammed, and I was
having a look. You wouldn't believe the procedure for that sort
of thing, I have to fill out three forms, and then."

She prattled on. I pretended to listen.

"Honey, I have to fly out tonight." She told me the next morning.

"I thought you had another free day left." I said. No, it couldn'
t be true; I'd convinced myself Stewart had lied, she was mine,
she was faithful.

"Someone called in sick, I have to fill in. I'll be back tomorrow

Sometime? June never came back "Sometime", she always knew
exactly when her flight back was scheduled.

Stewart called me later.

"Meet me in the lobby of the Astoria at eight sharp. And be sure
not to forget your wallet." He told me.

I was there, in my suit.

"Nice suit." Stewart said as he walked up. I wondered what he
meant; did he notice it was the same one? The only thing I was
sure of was that he didn't mean he liked my suit.

"Come on." He said, heading for the elevator. "She's waiting for
me in the restaurant. I've been chatting her up for an hour
already, and she wants to get upstairs, know what I mean? There's
a nice closet with louvers you can see through, we'll put a chair
in there for you."

He let me into the room with his key card.

"I'll be back up here with June in a jiffy, you'd better have a
pee if you can, don't know how long you'll be in there. That's
her name, by the way, 'June'." He hurried off, leaving me in his
hotel room with my disbelief that this could all be real. But
then I saw her flight bag. I looked inside; it contained her
uniform, which she'd been wearing when she'd left home.

Laughter; the click of the door.

"Just a minute, sweetheart, let's do this properly." I heard
Stewart say.

Then he entered the room, carrying my dark gorgeous little wife across the threshold like I had never actually done.

Her arms were around his neck, and she was smiling as bright a
smile as I'd ever seen.

She was wearing her best dress, the one I always asked her to
wear when we went to parties at my friend's. Canary yellow, long
but slit to the hip, sophisticated and classy; yet very sexy.

They kissed for a time before he put her down on the bed.

"Tell me June;" he said as he began to undress, "What's a
gorgeous young married woman like yourself doing up here in this
hotel room with a married man old enough to be your dad?"

She was lying on her back against the cushions watching him.
"Looking for some excitement, I guess." She said.

"You're bored with your husband?" he asked. His shirt was off and
he was removing his trousers. June was still dressed.

"Yes, I suppose I am. He's a simple sort, a car mechanic."

"Why'd you marry him? With your looks, you could have done
better." His white ass was to me as his underwear came off.

"We really only got married so he could fly free. I mean, I was
living with him anyway, but I don't think of him as my husband,
not really."

"Is he a good looker, then?" he asked her.

"He was when we met. I've always had a thing for white guys, and
there weren't so many where I grew up."

I waited for her to tell him the rest; how we had become truly
committed to each other, even though it had never been said. How
we loved each other.I waited in vain.

"Say, June, would you be so kind as to suck my cock, then?" he

"Of course, sir, it would be my pleasure." She answered, in a
mock "stewardess" voice.

The bastard turned slightly so I would be able to see. He stood
next to the head of the bed, and June had to roll over and
stretch out her neck a little to do his bidding; her dark
delicate hand was around his hard pink cock, her sweet sweet lips
opened and wrapped themselves around it; her big clear eyes
looked up at him as she gave him head.

"Oh yeah, June, I like that. You're so beautiful, sweetheart."

He fucked her in the mouth for a few moments before pulling out
and kneeling on the bed to remove her shoes. He held her bare
foot as his hand slid up her shapely brown leg, under her dress
to her ass.

"Does your husband like to lick you out?" he asked her.

"Not really." She said. I almost burst out of my hiding place;
"That's not true!" I wanted to shout. But I stayed put. What
would she say if she knew I was here? I didn't want a
confrontation, not now. Later, later I would face her with this,
her betrayal, without revealing the sordid truth that I could
have stopped it if I'd dared.

He was removing the dress from her small body now, as she sat up
and held her arms above her head. His hands slid slowly over her,
caressing her dark smooth petite body, enjoying the sensation of
her sensational beauty, the contrast of their colors adding to
the visual shock that was assaulting me.

His old white fingers toyed with her small firm brown tits,
teased her nipples before he kissed them, suckled them, ran his
tongue over them.

Her hands were stark against his graying head as she held it to

He started to lick her, his head moving between her smooth brown
thighs as his hands continued to stroke her torso.

After a while, he stood up on his knees, between her thighs. He
held his big swollen dick in his hand.

"Do you want it, June?" he asked her.

"Oh yes, baby, I'm ready!" she answered. I could see her face,
her lovely face with that cute little upturned nose, looking at
his with lust, her lovely eyes bright with excitement.

He rubbed it up and down on her slit, teasing her.

"Like this?" he asked with a smile.

She laughed at him; "You know what I need, honey! Slide it in
there, now. Come on, baby, give it to me."

"Like this?" he asked her, only using the first inch, popping it
in and out of June's slim body.

"Don't be mean to me Stewart! Do me like I need it, oh baby,
please, baby. Yes, oh Yes! Oh honey!"

He was giving it to her at last, sliding his whole dick into my
wife slowly but surely; and then out of her and in again with a
steady, deliberate rhythm. Her little brown feet were sliding
over his white ass the way I loved.

"You like it kinky, June?" he asked her as his ass pumped up and

"I like it like this, honey," she gasped back, "this feels good."

"Black and white, cheating on your man?" he asked.

She didn't answer. She was coming, and she held him tight, as if
to try to stop the incessant pounding at her sex organ as he gave
her what she'd begged for.

"I'm going to come now, June." He said, "Do you want me to?
Should I pull out?"

"Don't pull out, Stewart. I want to feel it in there, go on and
give me your stuff, baby."

He groaned as he shot my wife with his seed, holding her face in
his hands, looking into her big brown eyes.

I wondered if he'd forgotten I was there; he made no attempt to
get June out of the way so I could slip out.

When she went into the bathroom to clean herself, he would have
only had to shut the bathroom door.

Instead, I was forced to watch as they sat in bed, toying with
each other and talking, her head on his shoulder, her thick black
curls forming a dark lake on his white shoulder and the sheet.

"Tell me your fantasies, June." He said.

"My fantasies? Oh, happiness and world peace, I suppose."

He laughed. "I mean your sexual fantasies."

"Oh. I don't know. A sophisticated hunk of man to wine me and
dine me before giving me a right seeing to in a first class
hotel, perhaps."

"You're a real sweetheart, June." He said, kissing her. How
about.Two men at once?"

My crushed heart jumped; I was suddenly afraid he'd open the
door, not knowing I was June's husband.

"I don't know about that, Stewart!" June said. But her excitement
at the suggestion was obvious.

"My buddy John is just next door. Should I call him? You remember
him, he was with me on the plane."

"No!" she squealed with a laugh, hiding her dark face in his

He lifted the phone.

"I'm calling him, June." He taunted her. She was silent.

"John. You remember June, the stewardess? That's right. Come on
over here." He said into the phone.

"No, Stewart, really, you shouldn't have done that!" June giggled
as her lover replaced the handpiece.

"You'll love it, I swear." He told her. "I shared my wife with
another man. She didn't want to at first, but she loved it. I
still treat her to it sometimes, it's never boring."

"But Stewart, I really don't know if I'm ready for something like
that." June told him.

"You said you wanted excitement, sweetheart, and that's what
you're going to get. Don't worry, darling, no one will ever know.
try yourself, stretch a little, be wild just this one time."

He got up to answer a knock at the door, wrapping a towel around
his waist. June hid herself under the sheet, pulling it up to
her chin bashfully as John entered. I could see she was really
embarrassed; I could also see her nipples poking through.

"Hi there, June. How are you?" John said with some hesitation,
staring fixedly at my wife's fine shape under the sheet.

"Fine, John." She told him.

Stewart sat down on one side of her, and stroked her head.

"Have a seat, John." He told his friend, indicating the space on
June's other side. John sat, hesitantly. I had the feeling he'd
never done anything like this before himself.

I tried to imagine the situation from my wife's point of view;
she had just made love with Stewart; I don't pretend to know why
are how, but Stewart had seduced her. I wasn't sure if he had
gone all the way with her in the plane, but he had definitely
convinced her to see him this night. But what about John? Could
she be attracted to him as well? He was younger than Stewart,
and not bad looking I suppose, but he was no Brad Pitt. He
didn't have Stewart's confidence and charm. But I realized that
if the roles were reversed, if I was in bed with June and she
wanted to share me with a girlfriend, the girl would have to be
damn unappealing before I would have refused.

Stewart was slowly pulling the sheet down, and June let it slip
from her grasp. Stewart pulled it down to her hips, revealing
her firm breasts, flat belly, and fine narrow hips.

"What you think, John?" Stewart asked, "Isn't she something?
The thing is, sweetheart, we men can only have one orgasm, maybe
two at most. A healthy young lady like yourself isn't limited
like we are. What John and I would like to do, June, is find out
just how far that can go. Isn't that right, John?"

Hesitantly, John's hand touched June's belly; his fingers slid
sensuously across her, tracing up the lines of her hips, up her
long neck to her chin. They stared at each other for a moment,
both apparently unsure of how or whether to proceed.

"What you think, darling?" Stewart asked my wife, "Are you

"Yes. Yes, I am." June admitted.

John's thumb slipped into June's mouth, and she bit it lightly
before sucking it sensuously.

Stuart didn't participate at first, he just watched his friend
begin to kiss my wife. June sat up, and unbuttoned John's shirt.
No one was in any kind of hurry; Stewart slipped under the sheet
with June, and I could see his leg was in between hers as his
hands caressed her. John undressed to his shorts and got under
the sheet on June's other side. There was a look of ecstasy on
her face such as I hadn't ever seen. I realized that our
relationship must probably be over, and that saddened me a lot.
But in the meantime, the whole thing was making me very horny. I
simultaneously wanted to kill Stewart and John, and to join them
in bed with June. Instead I played with myself as I watched and
waited to see what would happen.

"What's it like, June?" Stewart asked her, "Two men at once, and
you hardly even know us. You're a very very naughty little
girl, June. How does it make you feel?"

"Ecstatic." June replied.

She was kissing one and then the other of them, and eventually
the sheet slipped away completely. June had a stiff white cock
in each of her little brown hands, and eventually John moved
between her succulent thighs, and although I couldn't see that
much detail, I knew he was putting his dick in her.

She pulled on Stewart's cock, and kissed him while John slowly
screwed her; then they switched, and Stewart started screwing her
again. At some point, she started giving John head, and then
they switched again. And again.

They fucked her from behind, they fucked her from in front. They
kissed her, stroked her, massaged her, and fucked her in the
mouth. They sucked her tits and licked her ass. For a while they
got in a rhythm of one man licking her for a minute and then the
other screwing her for a minute. June appeared to love every
second of the experience; she was intoxicated by her own
endorphins. I saw June come at least five times, it wasn't always
easy to tell from where I was. It could've been twice as many
times or more for all I know.

It seemed to go on forever; in reality it was at least an hour.
Finally, John shot his load into her, and she sucked on Stewart
until he came in her mouth. No come slipped out between her
pretty lips as she swallowed, stroking his ass and balls.

The three lovers relaxed in the bed, the sheet once more covering
their private parts.

"So tell me June, was that the best sex you've ever had?"
Stewart asked her.

"Yes, actually." She answered, dreamily.

"Better than anything your grease monkey ever did for you?"

"Oh yes, definitely." She answered him.

"That's great, June." Stewart said, smugly. "Next time you're in
Australia, we could get together again. Perhaps you'd like to
get in between my wife and myself. We could have lots of fun."

"I'm in Sydney quite often." June told him.

"That's an interesting wedding ring you have, June." Stewart
told her, examining the ring on her finger. "It's one of a pair,
isn't it?" He was looking straight at me.

"Yes." She told him, "A friend of my husband's is a jeweler, he
made them for us."

"He was on your flight yesterday, wasn't he? Your husband, I

"Yes." Said June, hesitantly.

"Short stocky blond fella in a cheap suit." Said Stewart, getting
out of bed.

"That's right." Said June.

The door I was hiding behind was whipped open, and Stewart
grabbed my wrist and pulled me up out of the chair I'd been
sitting on.

"This fella here?" he asked my wife, triumphantly.

June's eyes went wide, and she screamed in pain at the immensity
of the betrayal.

"Andrew! My god my god!" she held her head in her hands and wept.

I didn't exactly like the guy, but I didn't think Stewart was so
evil as to do something like that to a sweetheart like June, who'
d just done it all for him and his friend.

I turned and punched him, breaking his nose and two teeth as well
as my hand. June kept screaming, as the sudden change of mood in
the room overwhelmed her. Just a moment ago there was just that
happy after sex glow; now there was anger, pain, and blood.

She left me and moved in with her sister. I tried to work it out
with her, I told her I could forgive her everything; but in her
mind, somehow it's me who is at fault.

My hand has nearly healed, but my heart still hurts as much as

She'll be in Sydney tomorrow; I hope she won't go to him. I still
hope to win her back.

Ace 2002
The rest of my stories are at;
and; [in plain text]
Write me if you can spare a moment; I would very much appreciate
it. Enjoy, Ace


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