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my tithungrysons 4 parta


Wednesday, May 08, 2002

(Dear members of literotica,Please forgive for the delay in posting the this part of the story as i made so many alterations to the story here and there, snice this part is a bit long, i am first posting part a of the story first!Plase enjoy this and my new pic too as you did previously! I thank all those who encouraged me thr' mails..Though it is not all the time i am making myself available some time this week at literotica for chatting about my stories.Plase keep in touch if you are interested.My user name is nataliamarie38dd or bigboobmommy.Have a triple juicy reading.I will be posting the part b this week or next week!)

MyTitHungrySons_4(part a)

My elder son after thoroughly fucking my ass valley
and playing with my big udders came so heavily in my ass valley
that my deep and long ass crack has become so greasy and sticky.
I shoved my middle finger into my deep ass groove and ran the
tip of the finger all along length of the sticky ass crack and
scooped up sticky cum with my middle finger, my stud son filled
from my deep and so narrow ass valley. I then brought it to my
mouth and licked his juices off from the finger. I then asked
him to shove his fingers in my ass cleavage and scoop up some
sticky cum with his fingers. He so willingly pressed his right
hand fingers into my fleshy asscrack and scooped up his own cum
and rubbed the juicy fingers on my erect and stiff pink nipples.

"oh mom!your long fucking nipples are now coated with my cum.
You are now going to suck and lick your nipples which are full of my
sticky cum!You mother slut!You got to make my cock now rock hard so
that i could fuck your big knockers till i cum straight into your mouth.
Come on bitch mommy! Lick and suck your big nipples!You nasty titfucking
whore!Suck those fat cum coated nipples."yelled my big stud son Paul
out of pure incestual lust.

My cunt is on fire as i was thoroughly fucked between my asscheeks
but the cock head terribly rubbed the flesh between my pink pussy and
assvalley.I very much loved the rough fuck he gave to my assvalley.
Infact i thought of roaming around the room while his cock still is
caught betweeeen my huge asscheeks.Dave loves this particular act,
getteing his cock squeezed between my huge asscheeks while i walk
around the room.He used to play and squeeze my boobs from behind while
his cock is tightly caught in my very tight assvalley.And when i move
around, my huge bumcheeks move up and down squeezing his erect cock from
either side and he moans with pure lust.My asscheeks being so huge and
fleshy tightly catch hold of his cock,like his cock caught between
two big fucking boobs and then he goes on humping my ass valley ,playing
very rougly with my knockers and squeezing them fully, pulling on
their nipples and pinching them,sometimes pulling them to my mouth and
asking me to suck and lick them to make his cock rock hard.He often asks
me to move aroud the bed room to make me feel how hard his cock has
become between my asscheeks .For persons looking at us, while i and he move
around while his huge cock is up my assvalley, it would be a terrific
turn on ,and my big tit sister Donna and my nasty whore daughter Julie
too like this scene very much.

I started licking my cum coated nipple by holding it between my pink
lips moving the tip of my tongue all around the nipple, probing the nipple.
I could feel the bulge in my son's cock now which is tightly caught
between my asscheeks, as he very much likes when i lick and suck my own
tits and nipples, especially when they are coated with his cum.He held the
left boob up to my mouth and asked me to fully lick his cum off my nipple
which i did.And then he held the other boob to my mouth and shoved the tit
nipple into mouth and asked m


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