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Archived Sex Stories

my travails with Anna and Bernadette


I'd only been seeing Anna for about 3 months when I invited her to come
trekking with me in Nepal. We were to walk through the Himalayas for 2
weeks with a guide, Sherpas, and possibly some other people to share
expenses, If the booking agent could arrange it.

Anna was 18, rather short [about 5 feet], with large breasts that would
be unfortunate in later life, but that in her 18th year were just fabulous.
She was blessed with a wonderfully small ass, and slim hips Her cute round
face was framed by thick strait black hair cut off just above the shoulder,
and she kept her bangs cut so she could just see out with her big, round
brown eyes We ended up on the mountain with a French couple, Robert
[pronounced robbare], a skinny 55ish, and Bernadette. Bernadette was in
her late 30's I would guess, tall, blond, small breasted, and with an
incredible sexual charisma. I don't know what it was, the way she moved,
perhaps, and she had a phenomenal smile that could melt the mountain ice.
Not to mention that French accent. And somehow even up there she always
managed to be well dressed. A man could easily drown in her deep blue

On the first day on the trail, she started flirting with me. It didn't
seem unreasonable, I was 23, fit and tanned, an obviously superior male
compared to Robert. Bernadette and I soon got into the habit of walking
ahead together, enjoying the scenery and each other's company. The guide
and porters were well ahead of us, so that they would be able to make camp
before we arrived at the chosen campsite. The first night, as Anna and I
were fucking in our tent, I couldn't help but think of the sexy, older Bernadette. Did I love Anna? Not really. We liked each other a lot, and
the sex had always been great, at least until that sexy French woman
started getting in my head.

The second day, Bernadette and I were walking ahead again, laughing and
flirting. We were around a point, so out of sight of Robert and Anna, when
she stumbled slightly on a loose rock, and I put my arm around her to
steady her. I felt a warm flush from my feet to my head, and I kept my arm
around her slender waist as we walked on, until there started to be a risk
that Robert and Anna would come into sight around the point behind us. As
we rounded the following point, I immediately put my arm around her again.
We walked in silence now, but she stroked my hand with hers until I was
forced to release her again. Without saying anything, we started walking
faster. Soon we were far ahead of Robert and Anna. We stepped off the
trail into a little cranny in the rocks, and enjoyed 5 minutes of
passionate kissing before hurrying ahead again. That night, as I made love
to Anna, I actually had trouble coming, it was Bernadette that I wanted so
badly. Anna was pretty passionate though, and I made her come 3 times
before I managed to imagine it was Bernadette below me, and have my

The third day on the mountain, Bernadette and I were having trouble
keeping our hands off each other. Just before lunch, we were sitting on a
rock, getting about as heavy as it was possible to get while still clothed,
when I noticed that the others didn't seem to be coming around the point
where we were watching for them to appear. 'I'd better go back and check,
something could be wrong' I told my new found passion, and I set off back
along the trail. As I came around the corner of the trail, I couldn't
believe my eyes! There, about 100 yards further, I could see Robert's
craggy old face locked together with my lovely, young little Anna's! They
were half hidden from my view, and I crept closer. Now I could see their
hands were all over each other's bodies, and there was some serious tongue
action taking place. I quickly retreated, back too Bernadette, before they
decided to carry on walking and discovered me. I felt jealous and confused,
although I was barely interested in Anna earlier, now I didn't know what I

That night, neither of us made a move towards the other as we lay in our
tent. I couldn't sleep. I wondered what was going on over in the French
tent. After a couple of hours, I heard Anna get up and go outside. I
shuffled over to the opening of the tent and looked out. She was walking
over to the other couple's tent. She hesitated only for an instant, and
entered. My heart was in my throat as I pulled on my shirt and trousers and
went outside. There was sufficient moonlight to see very well. The tents
of the guide and Sherpas were about 50 yards away to the left, my rivals'
tent 20 to the right. I crept over. I could hear low voices. There was a
dim light on inside, and I was able to see in through the gap in the front
flap of the tent in confidence that I couldn't be seen from inside.
Bernadette was stretched out naked on her back, Anna's head on her
shoulder. Anna's bare legs were wrapped around the old man's, and her hands
were visible on his naked, skinny ass as he fucked her. I could see the
back of his balding head, and his right hand that was in the beautiful
Bernadette's crotch. I crept closer. Bernadette was nibbling on Anna's
left ear. Her left hand was resting on Robert's right shoulder, as he ever
so slowly moved his old ass up and down between Anna's eighteen year old legs. From time to time, he would stop and kiss Anna, then Bernadette,
before starting again. After some time, Bernadette rolled onto her right
side, lifting her left leg up so as not to deny access to the old farts
skinny fingers, and moved her lips to my Anna's. Anna moved her head away
at first, but then Robert's bony left hand pushed her head back.
Tentatively at first, she started kissing Bernadette. She had to stop when
the old man started pumping her harder, and harder, until her breath came
in short gasps, and she cried out, her face red, her nails digging into
that skinny old ass. He pulled out of her, spent. 'What about Bernadette,
Anna?' I heard him say.' 'I- I don't know ' said Anna softly. 'Lick her',
said the old bastard, 'Lick her so she may also have satisfaction tonight'.
Bernadette took her arm out from under Anna's head, sat up and swung her
right leg over Anna's cute little face, and lowered her snatch down onto
Anna's mouth. As she moved her hips slowly forward and backward, she held
the old man's face between her two elegant hands, and kissed him. Then she
bent down and took his [now visible from my vantage point] sticky shrunken
cock in her mouth. Soon, he was hard again, and she took her place on the
sleeping bag next to Anna, and he climbed on top of her, and started
pumping away. Anna was pulling on her clothes. 'I'd better get back before
I'm missed' I heard her say, before I stumbled quickly back to our tent,
undressed, and got into our sleeping bag [two bags zipped together]. I
pretended to wake up as she entered. 'Where were you?' I asked groggily.
'Couldn't sleep, went for a little walk' she replied. She removed her
outer cloths, and slid in next to me, rolling onto her left side, turning
her back to me. Although my heart was crushed, my penis was like a log.
Through all this emotion and sexuality, I'd had no sexual release. I
snuggled up to her, my burning cock in the crack of her panties and the
small of her little back. I put my right arm over her and held one of her
lovely huge breasts. 'Oh, not tonight, my love', she said, 'I'm too tired.
Just hold me'. After a long time, I slept.

Chapter 2

On our fourth day, everyone pretty much kept to the routine, the locals
got up early and made their and our food, broke camp, and set off at a good
pace, followed not long after by Bernadette and I, then Anna and that old bastard, Robert. Bernadette was resplendent, as usual, bubbly, glowing,
flirtatious. Her golden hair, pert little breasts, her long legs, her
dancing blue eyes ,the smell of her perfume, powerful in the cold, clear
air. I was glum, jealous and horny, but determined that no one should know
that I knew of their tryst. It was a little ridicules now, how we paired
off with each other's partners in the day, obviously enjoying the walk and
magnificent scenery more in the company of the one who was not supposed to
be our lover. The veneer was getting pretty thin.

I was hoping as we descended into the next valley, that I could pull
Bernadette off the trail somewhere and have her at last, but there were too
many people living down there, and there was not enough cover up on the
hills. That night, Anna again wiggled out of our bag as soon as she thought
I was asleep. 'Where are you going?', I asked 'Just for a little air...'
she lied, pulling on her cloths. 'You're going over to the other tent' I
heard myself say. She looked at the ground. 'Yes' she said. 'Please don't'
I begged. 'But I want to' she replied, and left. After a few minutes, I
followed her, like a moth to the flame.

I could see Anna and Bernadette in a naked embrace, Bernadette's long,
tanned, smooth left thigh up between Anna's little legs, rubbing her there.
Their hands stroking each others backs lightly as they kissed slowly and
passionately. I could see the shadow of old Robert, behind the flap of the
tent, removing his boots and undressing. I unzipped and freed my poor
member from it's constraint, and stroked myself as I watched Robert slide
up behind Anna, his dick shrunken and flaccid so far, he put his right hand
over her, and Bernadette pulled back a little so he could play with Anna's
breasts as he nibbled her neck and rubbed his small old thing on her
fantastic little 18 year old ass. Suddenly I became aware that Yeshi, our
guide, was standing nearby. He was also mesmerised by the sight within the
tent, and was slowly masturbating. I turned my attention to the show
again. Anna was on her back, The old man was kneeling over her, rubbing his
cock between her breasts, it appeared, although I couldn't see the action
from my position. Bernadette was also on her knees, holding that balding
old head in her lovely hands, kissing him as he stimulated himself against
my Anna's large young breasts. I felt hands circling my hips, pushing mine
away, stroking my piece. I felt Yeshi's penis against my ass through my
trousers. Surprisingly, I found this stimulating. I let him fondle me.

Bernadette swung her right leg over Anna's head, and once more lowered
her snatch onto Anna's this time willing mouth. She was still kissing
Robert, and he started playing with her little pert tits. Anna put her
arms around Bernadette's thighs, I saw a hand reach over and down to help
her tongue work. I had a view right up Anna's empty vagina, and I had an
urge to enter the tent and enter Anna. But then Yeshi came around in front
of me, kneeled down and took me in his mouth. Now I was more confused and
torn than before, as I found myself letting a man suck me instead of going
in after my woman. Was I Queer as well? What the hell, I thought, and let
myself experience these new feelings as I watched a 55 year old man cuckold
me. He crawled backwards a little, in order to position himself at Anna's
small entrance. I saw his ass contract and push, and I knew he was
entering her. When he was deep in the place where every man who's ever
seen Anna wants to be, he spread his long skinny legs out under Anna's
short smooth ones, and I could see his old member pushing in and out, his
balls swinging below. Then I came in Yeshi's brown mouth. He swallowed,
and stood up. 'Please', he whispered, putting my hand on his dick. He
turned around, pushing his warm ass against my crotch, so we could both see
into the tent again as I touched another man's sex for the first time.
They'd been busy in there, old Robert was now on his back as Anna slowly
lifted herself up and down on his cock. His old head rested in
Bernadette's lap. I stroked Yeshi up and down his stiff length.

Bernadette, leaning forward over Robert's head, held Anna's face between
hers, and Anna would cease her motion from time to time so that the women
could kiss. I spat on my hands for lubrication, and started to jerk off
Yeshi in earnest. Robert's hands were on Anna's hips, and Anna was
squeezing and rubbing Bernadette's small breasts, while the taller, older woman did the same to Anna's large young ones. Yeshi squirted his load out
into the dark. Then he put himself away, and gestured me to follow him
around to the side of the tent. There was a little hole there, and by
putting one's eye right up against it, one had a full view of the whole
interior, side on. Yeshi went around to the front again. He got too close
to the opening, I could see his face looking in. when Bernadette saw him,
Yeshi didn't notice, as his attention was on my Anna's beautiful behind
going up and down on that old prick. Bernadette pointed out Yeshi to
Robert. 'Yeshi!' he said, 'come join us! We are a man short in here!' 'I
am but a short man' Yeshi said, the smooth son of a bitch, 'But I'll do
what I can!' Now these tents are very generous for two, but four could
barely fit. There is not enough height in there to stand, either. Yeshi
undressed, and entered. The old one directed traffic. 'You lie on your
back here in the middle, Yeshi', he said. When Yeshi had done so, Robert
started stroking Yeshi's little brown penis with his old bony hand.
Bernadette lay down next to Yeshi, and was kissing his brown mouth deeply
with her lovely pink one. Anna sat on her knees, looking confused. 'Now,'
said the old man, 'Anna,' And he gestured for her to climb onto Yeshi's
stiffening dong. My young little Anna was hesitant, distressed. 'Come now
Anna,' said the old corrupter, 'Expand your horizons! Try this young mountain man!' Very slowly, without a word, she moved over to Yeshi's side,
and while Robert held up Yeshi's stiff penis, she swung her leg over him
and lowered herself down onto it, looking down at Bernadette, now nibbling
on Yeshi's ear as he stared in disbelief at my cute little Anna, feeling
her tight young pussy gripping him like a velvet vice. She supported
herself with her hands on Yeshi's shoulders as she rocked forwards and
backwards on his shaft, her short thick black hair still moving forward or
back a little each time she stopped. Yeshi had one small brown hand on
each of her huge, firm, white breasts.

Robert was stroking his own old meat watching this, and I could see
Bernadette's hungry face looking at him while he did. I don't know how she
could desire a fossil like him, when I, young and vital, was available.
Bernadette crawled around Yeshi's head, and threw her gorgeous face down
over the fossil prick. Then I noticed that the old fuck was putting some
Vaseline on his finger. He put his other hand on the small of Anna's small
back, gently pushing her forward and down. She now locked her lips to
Yeshi's, and carried on screwing him. Somehow, oddly, the kiss bothered me
the most. She lifted her head up in some alarm as the old but well
lubricated finger entered her behind. He stroked her short back with his
other hand and smiled reassuringly. She went back to kissing and fucking
Yeshi. Robert lifted Bernadette's head from his crotch, and swung his leg
over Anna and Yeshi, positioning himself for entry. Anna gasped and looked
back at him as he slowly entered her rear. I wanted a better view of that,
and went back around to the front of the tent. I could now clearly see my
lovely, tiny Anna's little bottom, with the brown prick in her vagina, and
the old white one in her ass. Robert had his weight on his feet, and he
fondled Anna's big tits with his hands as she moved back and forth. The
sensuous Bernadette, looking hot, bothered, and left out, suddenly crawled
out the opening of the tent, almost colliding with me. I caught her long
naked body in my arms. Without talking, I led her quickly to my tent. As
she lay down on top of the sleeping bag, I striped, and rather
unceremoniously, took her at long last. She came quickly, writhing and
twisting below me. I was taking some time, having just been relieved about
10 minutes earlier in my first homosexual experience. 'I have to get back
before they miss me', she said, squirming out from under me. 'Who cares?' I
cried, 'I thought we were just getting started!' 'But I want to keep this
secret from the others' she said, and ran off into the night, still naked.
I grabbed my cloths [it was pretty cold outside], and followed. As she
ducked into the other tent, I heard the old fuck say 'you're just in time,
my dear, I think young Anna has had all she can take, and Yeshi here seems
to have great staying power' Sure, since I'd just wanked him off. As I
arrived at the peep whole, my sexy Bernadette was lowering herself onto
Yeshi's now well travelled manhood, with a blissful smile on her face. I
couldn't believe it! She'd jumped up and left me in the middle of the act
in order to have this little queer Nepalese guy! The old fossil cock was
looking shrunken and red; he must have come in Anna's rear. As he lubed a
vibrator up [I hadn't seen that there before], Anna was wiggling into her
cloths. As I returned to our tent to get there first, I heard Bernadette
crying out. Little Anna entered the tent, slipping in beside me, smelling
of sweat and sex. I was on fire, I needed release. But again she refused
me! It looked as though she would have anyone else, but I wasn't good
enough for her. I slept, badly.

Chapter 3

The next morning as I walked with Bernadette, she was lustrous,
fabulous, beautiful, animated. I was miserable and glum. 'I'm so sorry
about last night, my love', she said. Her love? I? 'Really?' I retorted,
'I think you wanted Yeshi and Robert so much more than you wanted me that
you left me hanging there' 'No!' she insisted, 'it wasn't like that!' 'Of
course it was' 'No, it's just that I can not defy Robert' 'You wanted that
old guy and that little brown fellow, I don't think you care for me at
all.' 'Yes, I do!', she insisted, squeezing my hand. 'Soon we can be
together, you will see' My heart felt like it had the weight of the
mountain on it. I tried to analyse my feelings. Anna's betrayal of me had
left me without much feeling for her. Bernadette, even though she was 10
years my senior, had me so captivated, that I was willing to forgive her
possibly even greater betrayal. I was in love with her despite what she
had done to me, and I'd do nearly anything to win her.

We all had lunch together. I was silent and brooding, while all the
others were joking, laughing, and telling stories. When we all started
walking again, I was alone on the trail. The amazing views on the roof of
the world and the incredible air was starting to uplift even my crushed
soul a little, when, rounding a bend in the path, I saw Bernadette and
Yeshi. They were embracing, kissing. She was leaning on a rock, with her
long, white right hand ruffling his short black hair, her left hand on the
small of his back. She was so much taller than him, that he had to have
his head tilted all the way back, and she had to face downwards to bring
her lips to his. Her knees were slightly bent and splayed out, and he had
his crotch ground up so close against hers, that at first I thought he was
fucking her right there on the path. Her hair was all to one side of her
face, forming a blond backdrop to their passion. She heard me, and looked
up, trapping me in her gaze like an animal caught by the lights of a car.
'Yeshi and I were just sharing a moment' she explained, keeping her hands
where they were, and her blue eyed gaze fixed on me. 'I noticed' I said.
She held out her left arm to me, keeping the right around her diminutive
lover. 'Come, join us!' she gushed. Without having decided whether or not
this was a good idea, I took my place at her left side, my right arm went
around her, Her sensuous left hand came up my back to my neck, and pulled
my mouth to hers. As I felt her tongue pass between my lips, I felt a hand
unzip my trousers and free my poor neglected dick, and begin to stroke it.
I looked down. As I feared, it was Yeshi's small, strong brown hand that
was fondling me. I didn't mind exploring a possible bi side of myself in
the dark with no one around, but here, where Bernadette would know! She
was watching too. 'Grrrr, that turns me on!' was all she said, and brought
our lips together again. 'Don't worry, my friend, said the little guy in
my ear, 'tonight we will be in my village, then I will see that your needs
are met'. I wasn't sure that he knew what I needed. We broke it up and
moved on.

That night we were all to be guests in Yeshi's house. It was small by
western standards, but the height of luxury up here, all brick with 2 rooms
and a veranda. We were met outside by his wife, a small, dark young woman,
with a not unattractive face. The thick quilted cloths she wore left
everything else to the imagination. Her name was Tashi, and she produced a
splendid meal in our honour. Yeshi followed me outside when I went to take
a leak. I was half afraid and half hoping he'd make a grab for my pecker
while it was exposed, but he didn't. We were, after all, not in a very
secluded place, and, of course everyone knew him here. 'What do you think
of her?' he whispered in my ear as I finished 'Who?', 'Tashi', 'She's
lovely'. 'That was some night last night, my friend. You shared your
women with me'. The old man's women, I thought. 'Tonight I want you to
have mine' he said. He turned and went back inside. When I came back in,
the sleeping bags of my western companions were being spread out on the
wooden floor. 'Come, it's too crowded in here' Yeshi pronounced, lifting
my bag from the floor. 'You sleep in here with Tashi and myself'.

So I followed him into the other room. I felt some apprehension; this
wasn't what I really wanted. But, it was definitely exiting, and it was
nice to be the outrageous one for a change. So what if it let those three
do their thing freely, it wasn't as if I'd done anything to stop them
before. Now, this Tashi was a young thing, who spoke no English. As she
and Yeshi rattled on in their language for some time, she kept her eyes on
me while I sat on their bed. Then Yeshi removed all his cloths, then came
over and started undressing me. I stood up, but neither hindered nor
helped him. Tashi sat on the bed, still fully clothed, and watched. I
kept my eyes on hers as Yeshi removed the last of my garments. I was hard.
He stroked me a little, and then led me over to stand in front of his young wife. He spoke to her softly, and then she reached out with both her
little hands, and began to pass them over my privates. Yeshi gave my bare
ass a little squeeze, and, grinning said, 'enjoy yourselves, I'll see you
in the morning' And, still naked and fully erect, opened the door and went
into the other room, closing it behind him. I heard laughter as he
entered, and some conversation, but couldn't make it out. I felt betrayed
again. The real action was going on in the next room, featuring the woman
that was supposed to be mine, the woman I loved, and two other men. I was
left with the booby prize, this little brown thing in heavy clothing. I
decided to make the most of the situation, and anyway, this good woman
deserved more. I lifted her down turned face, and looked into her dark
eyes. She had the dark skin and high cheekbones of the mountain people. I
found her exotic and lovely. I bent and kissed her. Slowly, she started
kissing back. I climbed up onto the bed with her, and did my best to treat
her with the love that I felt for Bernadette, who was no doubt doing it all
to everyone next door. After some time, Tashi stood and undressed,
revealing a lean, strong mountain body. She returned to me, and our naked
bodies, so different, met each other. Some while after that, I entered her.
She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me, meeting my thrusts with
movements of her pelvis. When she came, so did I, pumping a day of pent up
sexual frustration into her.

Chapter 4

The next morning I awoke with a feeling of being alive again at last.
It was just getting light, it was very cold, and Tashi was in the other end
of the room preparing breakfast, and heating enough water for everyone to
have a hot shower in the little shower cubical [on the trail we'd all made
do with brief, freezing sponge baths]. I opened the door and stepped into
the other room. They had opened up their sleeping bags to use as quilts.
Anna was under one, her arm cradling Yeshi's black head nestled in her big
white breasts. Bernadette and Robert lay on their backs under the other,
awake. 'Up and at 'em you lazy bones!' I said Yeshi looked up at me, his
brown cheek pressed against one of Anna's white breasts. 'We've decided
it's a good idea to stay on here an extra day' he said, 'We're all pretty
worn out'. I could see that. I stepped out onto the veranda, now able to
fully appreciate the valley we were in, and the Himalayas above us. After
my night of genuine passion with Tashi, the actions of the others were much
easier to bear. The old cock came out and stood next to me. 'Feeling better
this morning?' he asked 'Much' 'And do you still have a burning desire to
have my woman?' In any other setting, I would have lied. But in the sight
of those mountains.... 'Yes, but now I can survive' 'But you could have
her, my young friend, if it's what you want. She desires you very much'
'Well, she has a strange way of showing it' 'That's because she is waiting
for my permission. She begs me for it every day'. I turned to look at him,
understanding at last what had been going on. 'So, you took my woman, but
won't let me have yours' 'It's just a game, my friend! One we French excel
in. if you will apologise to me for treating me so rudely on the start of
our journey, I will tell my lovely Bernadette that she may be with you'.
This was weird. 'I wasn't aware of it, Robert, but I didn't mean to treat
you with disrespect' 'You must apologise in front of everyone, after

The afternoon was very warm, we were all in shorts and tee shirts except
Tashi, who was in a light dress that showed her strong small body well, at
least to me, who had known it so recently. We were all sitting in the front
room after having Tashi's excellent lunch. Robert fixed me with an eagle
stare and nodded. 'Robert', I began, 'I want to apologise here, in front
of everyone, for any and all disrespect that I've shown you'. 'That's a
good start, my young friend' 'What else would you like me to say?' He
chuckled, 'well, Yeshi has told us all how you've enjoyed watching Anna,
Bernadette, and I together while he serviced you. Then he gave you his own
wife for the night. Now, we would like to watch as you reciprocate' They
all knew! 'What do you mean?' 'I think we'd all enjoy watching as you take
the good Yeshi here in your mouth'. I turned to look at the women. Anna
sat on the bench at the end of the room; Bernadette sat behind her, one leg
each side, with her long fingers laced together over Anna's small belly,
Her chin on Anna's head. They were both looking at me with anticipation
and excitement. 'Go on,' said cute Anna, once mine, her big eyes shining,
'that's something I'd sure love to see!' 'Oh yes!' echoed Bernadette,
smiling mischievously. Robert was standing behind Yeshi now, and he reached
around and unfastened Yeshi's trousers. Yeshi kicked off his sandals and
stepped out of his cloths. He was fully erect. I looked at Tashi. She
hadn't understood, of course, but now was staring goggle eyed. Anna got up
and closed the door to the veranda, than sat back down with Bernadette.
Robert was still standing behind Yeshi, fondling him. Everyone was waiting.
I stepped forward and took Yeshi's brown shaft in my hand, and sat down on
the floor so I could get my mouth to it.

The old man's words were true. On the other hand, Yeshi had had my
woman more than I'd had his. The truth was, I secretly wanted to feel him
in my mouth, I wanted to return that pleasure that was given me, and I was
curios about my repressed homosexual tendencies. Also, it's well known
that people do the damndest things at that altitude. Lucky for me, he
wasn't too big. About 6" X 2" I guess. I sucked it in as deep as I could,
stimulating him with all that I knew. It was hard to judge how much of my
excitement was due to what I was doing, and how much due to the audience. I
knew I had a voyeuristic streak, but exhibitionism was as new to me as
homosexuality. He was starting to lose control, so I pulled away, and blew
on it to cool him down. I looked around the small room. The 55 year old man sat on the bench, bare assed, as Anna, 18, so recently mine, stroked
his manhood. All eyes were on me. Bernadette, still my true desire, had
moved up behind and put her arms around Tashi, who seemed to be paralysed
at the sight of her lover loving her husband. I got back to it. Hey, who
was I to spoil the fun. Yeshi grabbed me by the hair, and was groaning in
anticipation of his coming orgasm. I pulled away, trying to figure out
where I should direct the inevitable ejaculation. 'In your mouth!' cried
the old pervert. What the hell, I thought, might as well go for the whole
experience, and put my lips over the end of the stiff brown penis as Yeshi
came. I swallowed, there wasn't very much. After all, he'd spent the
night with Anna. Then I sucked him, still stiff, down my throat,
swallowing his dick, the way I'd seen it done in porno flicks, like I'd
always dreamed of having it done to me. I opened my eyes as Yeshi pulled
out of my face. There was another dick there now, an old but still fully
functioning one. 'Now that's one too many,' I said, standing up. 'Come
now!' said the old man excitedly, 'now we all know you are a cocksucker!
Take care of me and I will let you have Anna and Bernadette together!' I
looked over at the women. Robert had taken Anna's shirt and bra off while
I'd been busy, revealing those firm, oversized mameries. They were
protruding proudly, nipples foremost, as she sat strait backed on the
bench, staring at the men she had thought were the peak of machismo, as
they all got queer. Bernadette was still behind Tashi, clutching her
tightly. Her eyes were shining at me, and with that killer smile of hers
focused on me, I couldn't refuse her when she said, 'yes! Do it to him, my
love! Suck him!' So I did him too. 'Lie down', I ordered him. He lay on
his back on one of the bags on the floor. This was much more comfortable,
and I got on my belly between his legs, and went down on the old son of a
bitch. Now, I had felt a real affection for Yeshi, he had given me much.
But I wasn't too fond of Robert, and I wasn't too sure that sucking someone
off that you don't even like is acceptable behaviour for a self respecting
person. I looked up, stroking him with my hand. Yeshi was lying on the
bench, his brown thighs over Anna's white ones, and she was stroking his
brown dong back to life as he enjoyed my show and groped her breasts.
Bernadette's hands were roaming over Tashi's paralysed body, and she was
nibbling on Tashi's ear. What a bunch of perverts, I thought, and went down
on the chief perv again.

'Lick my balls!' he ordered, and I did. 'Stroke my stomach with your
fingers!' I did. 'Put it back in your mouth now! All the way in!' This guy
was really a control freak. I looked up to see his face. His expression
was a mixture of exultation and ecstasy. While he was obviously quite
bisexual, it was clearly the public dominance of me that was primarily
exiting him. I didn't begrudge him his pleasure, somehow, despite what
he'd done to me for the last few days. I was happy to end his 'game' by
declaring him the winner. Also, I was a little exited myself by this
strange humiliation in front of all the people that I was intimate with. He
grabbed me by the ears, and came, bucking and shaking. I kept him in my
mouth until he was quite done, then I looked up to see Bernadette's lovely
face inches from mine, and for a moment I swam in her blue eyes. Then she
put her lips to mine, and scooped the come out of my mouth with her tongue.
She did have some rare talents. Robert, naked, stood. He went over to
Yeshi, stiff now while still enjoying Anna's attentions. Robert knelt down
and sucked Yeshi's prick strait down his old throat, just for a few
seconds. Then he stood up again, and taking Yeshi by the hand, stepped over
to Tashi. He put his old arm around her waste, and led them both towards
the other room. 'My friend and host, lets leave these three to their
passions.' But Tashi wasn't having it. She stood her ground and rattled
something at Yeshi. Yeshi, his dick shrinking rapidly, said 'she doesn't
want to come with us.' Now it was the old cock's turn to be confused.
Despite his wide bi streak, going off with Yeshi and leaving me with three
women wasn't the plan. Anna stood up, her little ass prominent through her
tight shorts, topless, she walked over to the men, and pushed herself
between them. Yeshi was about Anna's height, and Robert towered over them
both. With a hand around each of them, she gave us a little smile, and,
blushing, went into the other room with them and closed the door.

Bernadette was all over me, squeezing, kissing, undressing us both. We
were soon naked, on the sleeping bag, wrapped in each other's arms. Then I
remembered Tashi. I looked up, to see her sitting on the wooden bench a
few feet away, strait backed, hands laced together over her lap. Almost
expressionless, except her big dark eyes were even bigger than usual, as
she looked down on us. Bernadette rolled onto her back, and opening her
arms and beckoning, said, 'Come, Tashi!' Tashi stayed put. We started
necking again, under Tashi's gaze. It made me feel a little bad; I didn't
know how she was feeling. I didn't want her to feel betrayed by me.
Below, Bernadette was guiding me into her now. It was so good to feel her
warm smooth wet interior gripping my shaft at last. Every time I was near
coming, I'd look up and see Tashi's face staring down at me, and the
feeling would subside again. I used my guilt as a control valve, and was
able to satisfy Bernadette several times while my own excitement kept
growing. My older lover flipped us over so she was on top, and rode me a
little more before lifting herself off of me. She held my slick hard cock
in one hand, and beckoned Tashi over with the other. Bernadette took me
into her mouth for a moment, then indicated to Tashi that she should do the
same. She did. The contrast between her dark face and my pink thing was
mesmerising, and I wasn't going to last much longer, when Tashi stood up,
and started to get out of her dress. Now it was Bernadette's turn to
watch, as Tashi squatted down over me, and taking me in her hand, guided me
into her. Her long black hair, each shaft thick and shining in the
mountain light coming through the windows, tickled my chest. I put a hand
on the small of her back, and turned her. Her legs wrapped around me once
more, and I fucked her with abandon, until, as we shared our second orgasm
together, I pumped her small dark body full of my seed again.

The next day, like the tourists that we were, we hit the trail again.
For 7 blissful days we walked through the hills, and Bernadette was my
companion by day as well as night. There was peace and good cheer in our
little group. Anna slept with old Robert, and I noticed Yeshi popping in
and out of there several times. When it was time to return to
civilization, Anna and Bernadette both returned to Paris with Robert. I
haven't seen any of them since, but I heard Anna returned home a couple of
years later. About a year after our great trekking holiday, I got a letter
from Yeshi;

I hope by the grace of god, this letter finds you in the best of health.
[Yeshi is Buddhist, but must have been taught school by missionaries] After
4 years of fruitless marriage, on July 14, by the grace of God, we have
been blessed by the birth of a strong, fair, baby boy. Please know that our
house is your home, and both Tashi and I hold you Forever In our hearts. I
hope you can return some day soon to see my son. It is my wish that by Gods
good grace, I may someday have still another child. Your good friend, Yeshi

No doubt about who's son that really is, or that they believe that
they'll need further help if they want another. As I look back on it all,
it is Tashi that I remember with the most fondness, although we couldn't
exchange a word. Perhaps I'll go back one day, and see if they're still
interested in letting me help them expand their family....

Ace 1999. Please write!


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