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The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

My Big Mouth by Cactus Juggler (c) 1999

I don't know why I even said it. I was out with my only black friend,
Yolanda, when it happened. You see, I was always been really skinny. And
Yolanda was anything but skinny. She was a little heavy, but in a sexy
voluptuous way. Especially her bottom, it was huge and *so* round. I knew
men loved it, in fact I was more than just jealous of her. I sometimes
ogled her big butt myself. In my jealousy I'd taken to sometimes
intimating to her that her ass was too big. She didn't know that I
actually loved the sight of her big butt, even as I made the odd weight


The evening started with a phone call from Yolanda.

"Derick just dumped me." She told me, her voice cracking a little.

Derick was Yolanda's longtime boyfriend.

"Oh my god. What happened?" I asked.

"I don't know, he just dumped me!" She said.

It was obvious she was upset. She needed some cheering up.

"Yolanda, let's go out drinking. Come on over and tell me all about
what happened." I suggested.

"Okay, I probably shouldn't just sit at home like this."


Drinking in the bars, she seemed to be cheering up. She flirted with
lots of guys, she drank, and she was actually pretty upbeat. But back at
my apartment she started to mope about Derick again.

"Don't worry Yolanda. It's not like you'll have any trouble finding a
replacement for him. guys were all over you at the bar tonight." I
reassured her.

"That's true I guess. When you've got curves like these," She said,
turning to half-profile and gesturing at her hips "it's easy to attract a
man. I'm sure you can find a man too though." She said, slightly

What? I wasn't even looking for a boyfriend then. As much as I
believed her to be right, it was a really rude thing to say. I was pretty
drunk, and my temper flared.

"I don't know Yolanda. men like curves, but not balloons. Maybe Derick
left you because you're ass is getting to be the size of Texas." I said

Yolanda was not happy. In an instant she was right in my face.

"What did you say?" She shouted at me.

"I said, maybe he left you because your-ass-is-so-big!" I replied,
emphasizing each word and laughing at my own humor.

She was really angry. She slapped me in the face so hard my head
whipped to the side. "Shut up!" She yelled at me.

"Yolanda, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. I mean, it's not
your fault anyway, most black women have big asses." I said to her, trying
to apologize through my alcoholic stupor.

My accidental comment about black women just made her even madder, and
she charged at me, knocking me to the floor. I struggled with her as we
rolled around on the floor, but she was bigger and stronger than I was.
Soon I found myself trapped, she had her legs locked around my midsection
as she pummeled my back and side with her hands. Lying on her side she had
me pinned between her big thighs, my face towards the floor.

I couldn't believe how strong she was. I was in terrible pain and I
couldn't breathe as she clamped her thighs down on me. She kept squeezing
down on me, thrashing me around like a rag doll in the process. I kept
trying to get away, but it was hopeless, she was too strong and I was too
drunk. Grabbing my hair she began smashing my head into the floor. "How's
that feel, cunt? You little racist cunt. I oughta kill your skinny white
ass." She yelled at me as she dished out the punishment.

I couldn't even think, it was all happening so fast. I was gasping for
air, and in so much pain. She just kept pounding my head against the
floor, and it hurt so bad. I grabbed at her hands, trying to stop her.
Grabbing my arms by my wrists she easily held my arms up over head as she
continued to squeeze the life out of me. She just squeezed and squeezed,
and I started to see stars. As I began to go limp in her grasp she let me
loose, pushing me away and over onto my back.

I was hardly aware of my surroundings as she got up on her knees next to
me. I was totally beaten and completely afraid of her. She smiled an evil
little smile at me as I lay gasping.

"If you're so interested in my ass," Yolanda began as she turned towards
my feet and moved over me, "why don't you get a good close look at it." She
told me and I found myself looking up into her skirt at her huge pantied
ass as she lowered it onto my face.

My nose was pressed right up into her crack as my whole face just
disappeared into the soft warmth of her ample buttocks. As she settled
down onto me, I had only a moment to smell the aroma of her sweaty
ass-crack before her weight cut off my breath entirely.

"How do you like that, bitch? *I* like it. I'm just gonna rub this big
black booty in your face and there's nothing you can do about it." She

I felt a strange wiggling in her as she ground her ass in my face and it
took me a moment to realize that she was masturbating! She was rubbing
herself while she sat there on my face! I smothered in her ass for what
seemed like an eternity before she lifted up off my face for a moment,
letting me gasp for air. She only let me breathe for a few seconds, and
then she sat down on my face again.

"What do you think about my ass now, cunt?" She asked me, gloating. "Do
you like the way it feels?" I felt her contracting her ass muscles, strong
enough to squeeze my face between her cheeks. "And the way it smells!" She
laughed. For a while I could feel her massive ass-cheeks shaking on my
face as she just laughed and laughed. I was so humiliated.

Once more I could feel her frigging herself as I started to see flashes
of light in my closed eyes. Before I could pass out, she lifted up off me
once again. As I gasped for air again, I could see her hand rubbing
quickly in her panties above me.

"You know, I like you a lot better like this, with your mouth shut. A
racist piece of shit like you doesn't deserve to speak." She said as she
touched herself.

Before I could begin to catch my breath I watched helplessly as Yolanda
bent forward and lowered her crotch onto my face. I could feel her wetness
through her cotton panties. I was immersed in the smell of her sex as she
began to rhythmically rub her crotch on my face. My nose was being pressed
right up into her soft mound, her weight trapping me in warm prison of her
squishy mound.

"You know, I *do* like this. But I know what would make this even
better." She said as she climbed off my face.

"No more games now, Donna. You stupid little white cunt. It's time for
you to apologize with your tongue. Now you get the real thing." Yolanda
said as she pulled down her panties and kicked them off.

I rolled onto my side as I tried desperately to breathe, to move, to
yell for help, anything. I managed to put my arms up as she moved over me,
but it was no use. Straddling me, Yolanda easily rolled me over onto my
back once more. Sitting on my stomach she forced my arms down to the
ground above my head. Moving herself forward she trapped my arms beside my
head with her legs as she positioned her knees on either side of me. I
found myself looking up at her naked pussy as it moved closer and closer. I
watched helpless as she scooted a little bit further and then as her pussy descended onto my face. My mouth and nose became wet with her juices and
she mashed her hairy cunt onto my face, settling her whole weight down on

"Lick it! Lick it if you ever want to breathe again!" She yelled at me.
I was so weak, there was nothing I could do. I had no choice, I had to do
it. Timidly I extended my tongue ever so slightly into her wetness. I
felt her quiver as I stuck my tongue a little farther into her and began to
lick. I was so disgusted, but I had to have air. As I began licking her,
Yolanda let up slightly so I could breathe while I worked. Once I was able
to gasp for air once more, I stopped licking. My mouth was full of the
taste of her. When she felt me stop, Yolanda sat back down on my face

"Don't stop now, you little cunt!" She ordered me harshly.

I began to lick again and once more she lifted up slightly. As she
allowed me to breathe I licked her in earnest, amazed at how wet and sloppy
her cunt was. My tongue found her throbbing clitoris and I felt her hands
in my hair, pulling my face up hard into her sex. I diddled her clit
faster and faster with my tongue until I heard her breathing grow ragged
and felt her start to quiver. Working even harder at her clit I felt her
spasm as she came again and again. Releasing my hair she let me breathe
again, and I stopped licking to regain my breath.

"I didn't say you could stop!" She yelled, slapping me viciously.

I quickly went back to licking and slurping at her sex. Settling back
over my face, just barely allowing me to breathe, Yolanda relaxed and
enjoyed my labor for a moment while she regained her own breath, recovering
from her orgasms.

"How does it feel to be licking my *black* cunt? You like it don't
you?" She laughed at me.

I was so humiliated by what she said, but for some reason it turned me
on too. I didn't realize she wanted me to answer though, and my head
exploded with pain as she smacked me viciously with her open hand.

"I said, you like it, don't you?" She repeated nastily.

I managed to mumble "Yes." into her sex as I kept lapping at her, having
learnt my lesson.

"In fact, you probably want to lick my big black ass, too, don't you?"
She said.

"No, please don't make do that Yolanda."

"Shut up cunt, you're going to lick my sweaty ass and like it too!"

I was too weak to even try to fight this time as she climbed off of me
and turned around. Lifting her skirt, she lowered her bare sweaty ass onto
my face! Spreading her cheeks with both hands, she pressed her anus to my
lips. Yolanda let her skirt settle down over me as she wiggled her big ass
in my face.

"Lick!" She shouted.

Smothering in her soft ass, I had no choice. I wasn't able to think at
all anymore. Yolanda had reduced me to a simple brainless organism,
thoughtless, trying only to survive. Licking her, I did what she wanted,
and she rewarded me by allowing me to breathe. She began to laugh as I
lapped at her rear.

"This is way too easy. Do you like this racist? I think you actually
like licking my ass! You're so pathetic. Stupid cunt." Yolanda laughed,
suddenly climbing off of me.

I just lay there crying, and trying to regain my breath, as Yolanda
pulled on her panties.

"Good night, cunt. Remember, that's my superior *black* ass you taste
in your pathetic little white mouth. Ha!" Yolanda laughed at me, satisfied
my humiliation was complete.

She left, and I lay there on the floor for a long time before cleaning
myself up and going to bed. Laying in my bed, I found myself thinking
about what she had done to me while I masturbated. I was humiliated, but
horny too. I just couldn't help it. Was she right about me? Did I
actually like her abuse?

. . . . . . . . .

When I awoke in my apartment, I immediately remembered what Yolanda had
done to me. How she had dominated me. Once again I found myself
masturbating at the odd excitement I felt as I remembered it. I thought
about licking her big black ass as I brought myself to orgasm.

I lay in bed for a long time, and it was already midday when I finally
got up. I showered and got dressed, then set about to making some lunch
when the doorbell rang. Not even thinking about who it might be, I opened
it and there stood Yolanda wearing skin-tight stretch pants and a tight
shirt. I was so embarrassed to see her after what she had done to me. I
quickly tried to shut the door, but she just pushed her way inside,
swaggering proudly.

"Good morning, Donna." Yolanda said, smiling.

"Uhhh....Yolanda...." I began, so embarrassed I couldn't even speak.

She smiled, relishing my obvious shame.

"Shhhh. I know what you want Donna. I was angry last night, but I
think I can learn to enjoy this." She told me.

I watched in shock as she turned around and peeled her pants down
exposing her bare ass!

"Go on. I know you want it." She suggested, smiling at me over her

I couldn't believe it, she expected me to lick her ass! I just stood
there transfixed as she moved closer to me. Backing up until her ass was
only a foot away from me, she took my hand guided it to her ass cheek.
Soon she had me softly kneading her big ass with both hands. For some
reason I found myself really turned on as I played with her huge behind.
And then I felt her hand on my shoulder, pushing me down. I got to my
knees and her big ass was right in front of my face. Helpless to fight the
perverted urges raging through me I moved my mouth to her behind. Kissing,
licking and sucking, I worshiped her ass like she wanted me to. Twisting
my hair around her fingers, she roughly forced mouth to her anus. While
she rubbed her ass back in my face I licked her asshole, and once more I
was disgusted and humiliated by my own perverted urges.

"That's it, you pathetic little cunt. Lick my ass, lick it good.
You're my little white ass-licking slave girl, aren't you? How does it
feel to be under the control of a black woman? You like it, don't you? It
makes your little white pussy wet just thinking about my big, beautiful,
black body doesn't it?" She asked me as she held my face in her ass.

Holding my head by my hair she turned around and tilted my head up to
face her.

"You want to be my slave, don't you?" She told me.

She was right. It was a degrading realization, the realization that I
loved obeying her commands. That I wanted her to degrade me more.
Kneeling there with my former friend's half-naked body in front of me time
slowed down and I had a moment of astonishing clarity. With total
certainty I knew that I would serve her in any way she desired, the more
humiliating the better.

"Yes please. Let me serve you mistress."

"I thought so! Show me. Beg to lick my hot black cunt." She ordered as
she stepped fully out of her pants and panties.

"Please Mistress Yolanda, let me lick your cunt." I managed, totally
humiliated but overjoyed at this bizarre twist in my life.

"That's it you little white slave. Get to work. Please your mistress."
She commanded as she stepped forward, mashing her sex in my face.

I gave myself to her pussy, slurping with total abandon at her hairy
snatch. She petted my head like I was a faithful pet as I worshiped her on
my knees.

"Maybe I won't have to find a new boyfriend for a while now. I think
I'll just use your slutty little mouth instead. My little own little white
slave girl sucking my cunt every day, that sounds pretty nice." She told me
as I lost myself in licking her engorged mound.

She continued to gloat about the situation until her voice became hoarse
and choppy with her moans of pleasure. Soon Yolanda was clutching my face
tightly into her wet crotch as she came, yanking my head so violently that
I saw stars. When she finally pushed me away, evidence of what she'd made
me do was all over my face.

She sat down, still half-naked, on my couch and picked up my cordless
phone. At her direction I knelt in front of her and began to softly lap at
her cunt while she dialed the phone.

"Lashondra? Girl, you are not going to believe what I've got here. I
got me a little white slave girl who likes to suck black pussy! You want a
piece of her? For real. Listen." Yolanda said into the phone and I
couldn't believe she was telling someone else about this!

"Say what you're doing. Tell my friend what you're doing right now."
She told me, and then cuffed me across the temple.

"I-I'm licking her pussy." I said quickly.

"Hear that? That's right, she's a skinny little white girl. You coming
or what? Ha ha ha! I knew it." Yolanda laughed, and then she gave her
friend my address and hung up.

"That was Lashondra. She's an old friend of mine from school. Your
going to like her. She's really into the whole black power scene. Oh yeah
we're going to have some fun!" She laughed at me.

"Yolanda. You can't I won't I mean," I muttered, agitated until she
reached down and just mashed my face back into her sex.

"Shut up cunt. You're going to do what I say and you're going to like
it. Now use that worthless white tongue of yours to make your mistress

This was going to far, and I knew it. But my perversion drove me and I
just knelt there sucking her big black cunt while I wondered what Lashondra
was going to do to me. In spite of my fear, I found myself turned on by
the question.

How did my life get turned upside down like this?


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