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My Little Hapa 2002, all rights retained. cd_riter@myrealbox.com


This little lark about piece popped into my head at a roadside fruit
stand in Auburn, California. I had just returned from a Christmas break
week in Hawaii, and, brown as a nut, stopped in for a delicious hamburger.
The flirtatious, pretty girl behind the counter commented on my tan, asking
if I'd been to the Islands. I told her yes, I'd been wind surfing at Kona
over the break, and was now heading up the mountain for some boarding. We
chatted for a bit while the burger sizzled. I noticed her eyes were blue,
flecked with gold. You have the most beautiful eyes, I told her. She
replied with a grin, I got Mom's eye color and Dad's eyelids. I'm a Hapa,
she said, proudly labelling her Asian/Caucasian heritage.

Then, as happens occasionally, an unexpected side track from a Google
search, Cicero's speech to the Roman senate, something once read with
little enthusiasm, but now a trigger, extending and twisting the story line.


My name is Marcellus. This day has brought with it an end to the
silence I have long indulged. My daughter and I now speak, not as father and daughter, not as peers, nor as friends, but as adults.

This day has brought with it an end to the parent-child relationship.
Somewhere, somehow, somewhen, unnoticed, she transitioned from girl child
to woman child. This day, she made me aware of her changes with one simple

Chapter 1

"Daddy, how big is your penis?"

I stare at my daughter, my eyes popping, the spoon full of generic
raisin bran frozen in front of my open mouth.

"How big is..." I choke, blinking hard.

"Yeah. Erect. How big is it erect?" she interrupts.

"Uh, Stacey, I, um, I'm not sure." I slowly put the spoon back in the

Thirty seven years old, and I'm tongue twisted by my daughter's very
personal question. She tilts her hips, slouching on her ligaments, her
face twisting with exaggerated impatience.

"Daddy, please." Her face relaxing. "Don't be a dork," she smiles, her
eyes sparkly.

A year ago she would have stamped her foot on the floor.

"Why do you need to know?" There, I get at least one coherent thought

"I'm just curious," she says, making an expressive shrug. "Sachiko's
boyfriend, Greg, is only about this big." She holds up a yellow Hi-Liter
tube. "He's fourteen, and not very big, I mean, very tall, you know, like
his dad. He says his dad's penis is humungous." She slumps into the chair
on the far side of the table.

This is interesting news. "And how is it that Sachiko is aware of
Greg's, ah, penile development?"

"Tsk," she says, annoyed, rolling her eyes. "Don't be such a dork.
She's thirteen and has had boy friends like forever." She glowers, waving
the underliner in her fist. It seems phallic, somehow.

"Unlike me," she complains, wrinkling her face again.

"Mmmm," I sigh, hoping she'd not start that complaint again. "Let me
finish my breakfast, Honey. Then we'll talk."

I lift the bowl to my face to drink down the little milk and brown
flakes remaining.

"Want a fresh coffee, Daddy?"

She can be so sweet. Sometimes.

I nod, squeezing the milk out of my mustache with shaky fingers.

Stacey stands, stares down at me for a minute, her eyes narrowing.

"Do you think mom would mind if you showed it to me?"

"Stacey, for Christ's sake." I stare, open mouthed, up at her serious
face. "You're gonna give your old man a stroke."

"Daddy, I've got questions. Who better to ask than you? Don't wuss out
on me, pleeease."

Her robe swirls around her knees as she twists to lift the coffee pot
from its nest.

That is certainly an effective point. No rebuttal at all would come
from me. A few ideas flash through my brain.

I drain my tepid coffee, and hold out the mug. She fills it carefully,
replacing the pot in a distracted manner.

"Stacey, tell you what. I'll answer all your questions best I can. It
makes sense to share my experience with you so you'll have accurate facts,
not hearsay."

"Thank you, Daddy, but I've googled everything on the 'net so I don't
really need the lecture."

"So..." I hide behind my coffee mug, feeling an up welling of

"I just need the Lab now, Daddy." She grins so mischievously I can't
help a small laugh.

"Okay, Stace. Sexuality 1A lab coming right up." Oops, could've used a
better choice of words. I feel my cheeks flush.

Stacey flounces into her chair, as limber and agile as only a teenage
girl can be.

"101A." she says quietly. "Already did 1A with Sachiko and Greg." Her
eyes sparkle.

"Ah," I sigh, nodding my head. "Okay, my sweet precocious, I'm in your
hands. You call the shots."

"Yesss," she hisses, jumping to her feet, holding out her hand. "My
bedroom. Let's go to my bedroom." She is eager, excited.

Coming around the table, she takes my arm, pulling me to my feet, to
wrap her arms around my waist, and press her cheek against my chest.

"You are the best daddy a girl could ever have. I love you so much."
She hugs tighter, raising a major pucker for a kiss.

I squeeze her tight. "Thank you, dear. You're the best daughter a
father could have." I peck her tight lips.

Stacey turns, and skips to the doorway, turning to urge me on.

"Come on, Daddy. Hurry it up." Her smile so wide, twenty eight pearly
teeth should be visible. She dances on her toes, and runs from the room. I
follow at a more sedate, adult pace, digging deep to find some calm.

I find her sitting in the lotus position on her bed. I have to stand in
the doorway for a long moment to just admire and enjoy her eager, smiling

"C'mere, Daddy. You move so slowly sometimes."

I step in, closing the door. She pats the bed beside her knee.

As I start to turn to sit, her hand pushes against my hip.

"No, just stand there. Turn around."

She tugs at my sash. I turn as my robe falls open. She stares wide
eyed at my boxers then lifts her eyes to mine.

"Can I see it?" She's breathless. Her cheeks flushing even more.

I let the robe fall to the floor.

"Go for it, Stace."

She raises a tentative hand to my waistband.

"What do you call it?" She lifts wide eyes to mine. "I don't even know
a good name for it. Cock seems too crude, dick sort of stupid."

"Try pecker. That's not intimidating, maybe just the reverse," I laugh

"Yeah, kinda cute. Lemme see your pecker, Daddy." She giggles, falling
over onto her side, hiding her face in her hands, her body shaking with

I laugh with her, not sure why, maybe just her very contagious delight.

She sits up, wiping her eye lids with stiff fingers.

"Okay, I'll be serious now."

She reaches out, and tugs my boxers halfway to my knees. I wiggle a
leg, the white shorts fall to my ankles.

"Gollee, Daddy. You're bigger soft than Greg hard."

She presses stiff fingers to her lips, reaching out with a hesitant
forefinger to stroke down the length of my dangling cock.

She glances up at my face before wrapping it in warm fingers.

"Feels so soft," she marvels. She squeezes gently. "It's like a
mooshey sausage." She giggles again. "Maybe that's what I'll call it."

She tilts her head to the side, reaching out her other hand to cup my

"Your scrotum is bigger than a, um, hardball, Daddy." She jostles my
balls carefully.

"Will you get hard now?" she asks, raising her eyes to mine. "Make
your, um, sausage hard for me, please."

"I'm sorry, honey. I think I'm a little..." I didn't know what to say
to her.

"Are you shy with me? You are, aren't you? Your face is all red." She
points a finger at my nose, laughing.

"Maybe a bit uncomfortable standing naked in front of my own daughter."
I twist to sit alongside her. "Give me a minute. Maybe I'll come up with
something." I slap my forehead. "I'm sure a Mr. Malaprop this morning,

"Oh, I know what to do. Tsk," she says. "I'm so excited I'm not
thinking straight."

Stacey bounces to her feet, standing tall and proud, drops her robe.

"Am I pretty, Daddy?" She acts coy, tilting her head, her cheeks
flushing. "Do you like my little boobies?" She cups her breasts. "They
aren't too small, are they?"

"Stacey, you are more than just pretty, you are lovely. You're
perfectly beautiful."

That she is, from her broad shoulders to her slim hips, and, my god,
such long legs, such beautifully muscular thighs. I try to keep my eyes
off her mound, hidden behind low cut, white cotton panties, but she catches
my glance.

"This feels weird," she sighs. "I'm going to be naked with my Daddy."
She giggles as she bends and slides panties to her ankles. Standing tall,
her arm twitches as if she had resisted an urge to cover the tiny puff of
dark hair on her pubic mound.

"My gorgeous child," I exclaim without thought. I remember to breathe,
and take a deep breath.

Turning, she asks, "Do you like my ass, Daddy?" Her voice a coy simper.
"You're always looking at it."

"I love your saucy butt, little girl. I don't know whether to kiss it,
bite it or spank it. Maybe all three. Come here." I reach for her arm,
pulling her close. "Lay on my lap," I command. She scrambles quickly to
lay flat across my thighs.

"Baby has butt," I laugh, stroking her smooth, round pink cheeks. She
clenches, making major concavities. Her skin feels velvet smooth, and so
warm. I feel a surge of heat in my cock. I spank her gently, just little
pops, first one cheek then the other.

"Daddy, your sausage is poking my tummy," she giggles, a little girl voice, trying to hunch her hips. "Keep spanking me, Daddy. It makes my,
um, me tingle."

"Makes your pussy tingle. Say it. Say pussy." I slide fingers between
her quivering thighs. She arches her butt up, spreading her legs wide
enough for me to find her very slick crease.

"Oh, Daddy," she groans. "My pussy is so hot," she whimpers,

I slide my forefinger into her slick heat to the second knuckle, swiping
across her clit with my rude finger.

"Mmmmm," she whines, shivering. "Oh, your finger is so big,"

I slowly, reluctantly, remove my hand from between her legs, not able to
resist cupping her velvet cheek for a moment.

"Sit up, Sweety. Sit on my lap."

She rolls to her side, I lift her head and shoulders, cradling her on my

"You okay, Stace? I shouldn't have done that. I hope you wont be angry
that I invaded your..."

Dark eyes flash anger.

"I'll be mad if you stop, Daddy. Please keep doing it."

She opens her legs slightly, trying to pull my hand to her dark tuft of
spiky pubic hair.

"Daddy, please," she begs so sweetly. "I'd love to have an orgasm with

"Sigh," I sigh. "Stacey, you are such a brat."

"Not a brat. I'm a sexpot. A hottypot." She giggles. "Please, please,
please do it for me." The little girl whine is back. She tucks my fingers
around her hairless lips.

"I do it everyday, and now I want to feel you do it." She put on her
little girl, begging pout, pressing and jiggling my fingers on her crotch.

"Everyday?" I'm surprised.

"Sometimes more," she giggles, her flushed cheeks pinking even more.

"Well, I guess you can't wear it out." I speak in a calmer voice than
I'm feeling.

I let my eyes wander over my child's face. I swipe a thumb along her
cheek, can't help making a big smile.

"You're growing up so fast," I mutter, shaking my head. I lift her hand
to my mouth, and kiss her fingertips. "And you're so pretty, I could eat
you up."

"Tsk," she grins, cocking her head. "You always say that. I wish you
wouldn't 'cause it makes me feel like a baby. I remember how you teased
me, threatening to eat my little piggies."

"You're my baby for the rest of my life. There's no escape for you." I
peck her forehead. "Still want that orgasm?" I ask her, letting a devilish
grin grow large.

"Yes, yes, yes."

"Then I will eat you up for real."

Stacey's eyes widen, her mouth opens, but no words come. I let her
figure it out.

"You m-mean?" she sputters, not able to finish the thought. "For sure,

"On your back, Sweety. It's time for your Daddy to make you feel really
good." I pat her thigh.

She rolls to her feet, twisting to face me, her eyes shining out her
eagerness. Her eyes drop to my erection. I stand, pointing it at her

"Sheesh," she breathes. "I didn't think it would get that big." She
lifts rounded eyes to mine.

"Sit," I tell her, dragging her pillow to the edge of her mattress.
"Sit on your pillow."

She sits, I kneel between her knees.

"Lay back, raise your legs up, Sweety." I stare at her pink, shiny
crease, flashing back to baby powder and diapers.

"Wait a minute, Daddy. I can't see."

She snags her other pillow and folds it under her head, while I stroke
her silky smooth thighs. God, her skin feels so good.

"Ready, set, go?" I ask her.

"Ready, set," she pauses for a deep breath, and half shouts, "Go!"

I bend to my task, tickling her mons with my mustache, before dipping
down and licking her sweet nectar from perineum to stiff pubic tuft. I
hear her suck air. I press firm lips to her vulva, waggling my head a few

"Mmm?" she asks a wordless question.

I burrow my tongue into her, seeking her little pink hole. She yelps
when I find it.

I start lapping like a thirsty dog, slowly pummeling her erect clitoris
with my tongue. Stacey squeaking with each hit, her hips straining upward,
driving my face harder onto her pussy.

I suck in her clit, and tongue lash her.

"Daddeeee," she wails, her pitch rising three octaves.

Time to escalate, I slide a forefinger into her slippery tube, just an
inch. Then my rude finger joins the first.

"Ooooo," she moans. "It's." She sucks in air. "It's coming." Her
vibrating body tenses.

I suck her clit, waggling my fingers as if strumming a ukulele.

"Iiiiii, there," she screams through clenched teeth, her body curling
into a ball as she convulses.

I raise up and lay lightly on top of her. Her arms come round my neck.
Her warm, sweet breath pants against my cheek.

"That was sooo goood," she whispers, wiggling her hips. Her eyes
widening slowly.

"Your sausage is poking me. Are you," she gulps, "gonna put it in me?"

I shake my head. "No, Honeychild. Don't worry." I kiss her forehead.
"I'm going to rub it on your pussy so I can have a come too." I snake an
arm between us, positioning my rigid shaft along her slit, and start
sliding on her liquid fold.

"That feels good," she exclaims. "Everything you do to me feels so
good. Go ahead, put it in me."

"No, Stacey. I have something else in mind." My hips accelerating,
tingles becoming electric.

"Daddy's going to come in about five seconds. Want to watch me squirt,
Squirt?" I raise up a few inches.

She lifts her head, almost curling into a ball again. I rub harder and

"Now," I groan as the electric orgasm surges through me, hot semen
coming down the pipe, splattering her belly and chest.

"Jeez," she gasps as another glob hits the bottom of her small breast.
"It's so hot."

I can only groan and shiver as her small fingers press my softening
penis to her vulva. I press my palms into the mattress, about to lift off
my daughter.

"No, wait," she pleads. "Let me rub it with your pecker," she whines.
"Let me rub my pussy with your cock." She sucks air and rubs harder.
"Cock, yeah. Nasty, nasty crude. Mm, feels good. Oh, Daddy, Daddy cock,"
she huffs. "Feels so good."

I brace above her, watching her grimacing face contort, biting my tongue
to keep silent.

"Mm, two so close," she groans through gritting teeth then sucks in big
air, her muscles totally rigid, straining, her free arm snaking around my
neck, hugging so tight only the jaws of life capable of breaking us apart.

"Nnnn, yes," she cries, collapsing, boneless, panting, flushed bright,
shining with her sweat. I nuzzle her neck, licking salty sheen. Her arms
come around my neck, a quick squeeze before flopping back to the sheet.

"Best one yet," she breathes.

I lurch to my feet, distracted by my daughter's naked, flushed body,
stare at her, scanning from wide spread knees to breasts.

"You are the prettiest," I marvel.

"I'm all hot and sweaty and sticky." She wipes at the long strands of
hair stuck to her forehead. "Don't feel very pretty, but feel really
good." She works her elbows under her back, sitting up slightly.

"Thank you, Daddy. You give great lab."

I shake my head, slowly realizing, with a small pang, that my baby has
kicked it up a notch. Again.

"Let's shower. I've got stuff to do today. How about you?"

"Satchi's coming over this afternoon to practice. We've a big oral
midterm in two weeks."

Well down my chore list, it's time for a break, maybe a cold one. From
the kitchen I hear Sachiko's voice as she comes through the front door.

"Stacey," she calls. "Where are you, Hapa?" Sachiko's voice, loud for
such a small body, carries through the house.

"Family room, Sach. Come on in here."

I hear fast footsteps, at first muffled by the hall rug, then on the
dining room hardwood. Sachiko is moving at her usual fast pace.

"I don't like it when you call me that, Sachiko. It makes me feel like
just half of something, like I'm missing some parts. I can't help it if
I'm half Caucasian. Are you dissing me 'cause you're all Japanese?"

Stacey's complaint is loud and clear.

"I'm not dissing. You're my friend. I just think it's cute."

Sachiko's and Stacey's voices fade to normal levels. I can't hear them
clearly until Sachiko shrieks.

"You did?"

Silence for a short moment.

Another scream. "He did?"

I twitch, and splash beer on my tee shirt.

"Oh, oh," I cringe. stories are being told. I resist the urge to hide
in my den, deciding quickly to nip this conversation in the bud.

"Hi, Sachiko. How are you?" I ask as I enter the family room. The two
girls are huddling on the couch, almost nose to nose. Stacey looking
slightly smug, a bit superior, Sachiko, google eyed.

"Hi, Daddy," she calls out, her voice sugary, smirking.

Sachiko locks wide eyes on mine for a moment before dropping her eyes to
my fly. After a moments study, Stacey punches her shoulder.

"Stop that, Sach," she commands gruffly, as if defending her territory.
She presents a believable face for maybe three seconds, then the giggles
start. Sachiko's cheeks tinge with pink. She tears her eyes from mine,
and drops her head.

"You telling little stories, daughter?" forcing a gruff voice. Stacey
responds with an ever so innocent, wide eyed stare. Sachiko, more easily
intimidated, cringes, as if making her body smaller will soften my attack.

"Yes, Daddy. I told her what you did to me." She grinned, her eyes
sparkling. "It's okay, isn't it?"

I shrug, and with a soft, jovial tone, say "Sure, Sweety. She's your
best friend for years. We can't keep secrets from her, can we."

Sachiko's raises her face, her eyes startled, her chin dropping.

"Would you like for me to do you too, Sachi?" Using a tone of voice as
casual as if commenting on the weather.

Sachiko's cheeks flame, her mouth works, but no sound comes out. I sit
on the arm of my leather recliner. Sachi's eyes track mine. She's
obviously not averse to the adventure.

"Run upstairs, girls. I need a shower, then I'll join you. Be ready."
I give my daughter a significant look. Her grin blossoms into a huge smile
as she stands and pulls Sachiko to her feet.

"Come on, Sach. You're in for a treat." She turns to face me. "Can I
have another one, Daddy?" She speaks as if she's asking for the last slice
of pizza.

"Course you can."

I shower slowly, feeling a tingle of anticipation, heat in my belly,
wondering what the next hour would bring.

Standing naked in Stacey's doorway, I ogle two naked bodies belly down
on her bed, two pair of pale, round cheeks holding my eyes.

"Hi, Daddy," Stacey says, her voice pitched high. "You gonna stand
there all day?" She rolls to a lotus position, and pats the bed. Sachiko
doesn't move, her wide eyes fixated on my dangling, slightly pumped penis.
I sit next to my daughter, trying not to laugh at Sachi's intensely focused

"Go ahead, Sachi, touch it." She grins at me. "You get your first feel
of my Daddy's sausage." She giggles behind a fist, her cheeks flushing.

Sachi reaches out, in slow motion, and wraps strong fingers around my
half hardness. She squeezes with some authority, her wide eyes darting to

"You're not even half hard," she whispers. "It's awesome," she giggles.

Stacey scoots close, wrapping her legs around my butt, pressing rubbery
little boobies against my back, rubbing her cheek on my shoulder.

"Show him your pussy, Sach. It'll pop right up. Honest."

"Staceyyy, you're embarrassing me."

"Oh, sure, Sachiko. Like you haven't shown it to Greg a million times."

"But he's your father," the girl whined softly. "How can you even say
p-pussy in front of him."

"What's that in your hand, Sachiko? Is that my father's cock? Come on,
this isn't the boy Scouts we're playing with. Not any more."

Stacey's intensity had our attention, our rapt attention. Sachiko's
eyes so wide, her epicanthic folds might rip at any moment.

I pried Sachi's fingers off my softening pecker.

"Come sit on my lap, Honey. We'll talk about this."

With a wiggle and squirm, I had a lap full of warm little girl butt, her
cheek against my chest.

"You're as furry as a teddy bear," she said, scrubbing her cheek on my

I looked down into her shining brown eyes, making a soft smile. She
smiles back, after a moments hesitation.

"You okay with doing this, Sachi? With me giving you oral sex?"

Her lips trembled. "Guess so." Her eyes blinked rapidly.

"We don't have to do anything. It's your choice." I watched her eyes
tighten. "If you're scared then stop. If you're just nervous, that's cool

"Don't wuss out, Sach. I'll never speak to you again. 'Sides, you'll
really like it."

"No threats, Stacey. Don't take the fun out of it for her." I lifted my
arm over her head, giving her shoulder a squeeze.

"How do you feel, Sachi?" I asked her as gently as I could speak.

"Mmm, I'm kinda nervous, maybe a little scared." Her eyes flashed to
Stacey's face. "You wont s-stick," she stumbled. "Put your penis in me,
will you?" Her frightened, begging eyes did me in.

"Wouldn't think of it, Sachi." Liar, I accused myself. "Do you and

Sachi shook her head, a half dozen fast shakes. "No, he keeps asking,

"Begging, you mean." Stacey chirped.

"Okay, girls, here's the agenda. Stacey's begging for another come, so,
ouch. Don't pinch so hard, daughter. I'll do her, you watch, and after,
make up your mind."

Sachi nodded her head, making a small tight smile.

"May I touch you, Sachi?" I leaned down and pecked her forehead. "Your
breasts first?"

"Yeah, Daddy, feel her up. She gets hot when Greg plays with her

Sachi arched her back, thrusting small, conical breasts towards my
hovering hand.

God, her skin is so smooth, her breasts firm, rubbery cones, her nipples
rigid and puffed.

"You have beautiful skin, Sachi," I murmured, almost to myself. "I love
your little breasts, girl. They look so tasty."

"You've such big hands, Mr. P. You're giving me a tingle."

"May I stroke your belly, Sach?" I cupped her slight roundness, enjoying
her silky taut feel, letting my fingers tickle her sparse, wiry pubic
spikes. Her eyes flare, but she spreads her legs slightly, not resisting
as my fingers slipped between her soft thighs.

"May I touch your little puss, Sachiko?"

"Look at her face, Dad. You don't have to ask." Stacey snorted into my

"May I rub it a little, Sachiko? May I rub your button, Sweety?"

Sachi's hips thrust upward, her hand going between her legs, fingers
pressing mine hard against her.

"You can put your finger in me," she panted softly. "Just a little

"You're very wet, Sachi, very hot too."

I let my middle fingertip dip into her, lightly rubbing her rubbery bump
with my thumb.

"Feel good?" I pressed harder, letting half my finger slip into her.

"Yes," she hissed.

"Like it?"

"Love it. Do it harder. Go deeper," she groaned. "Eep," she squeaked
as half my finger went into her. "Your finger is so... Ahh, so fucking

Stacey gurgled in my ear. "And she couldn't say pussy a minute ago."

I bent to suck a puffy little tit. The little girl sucked in big air.

"Oh, fuck," she groaned, shuddering.

I gave her another finger, probing deeply. She sucked air through
clenched teeth.

I was two finger fucking her, too forcefully, too deeply for an
inexperienced child.

Her body tensed, she flung her arms around my neck.

"Ah, ah," she cried. "Aaaaah." Convulsing out her orgasm.

I bit her puffy nipple.

She grunted, convulsed, harder than the first.

"Oh, oh, oh," she groaned. "So good," she sighed, collapsing, limp in
my arms.

I could feel Stacey's panting breath against my neck. I turned my head,
we were eyeball to eyeball.

"Jeez, Daddy. Did you rip her? Is she bleeding?"

"There was no hymen, Stacey."

"I want that," Stacey demanded. "I want a come like that. That was
more than awesome."

"We'll talk about it, but I think Sachi needs some recovery time."

Sachi inhaled deeply, letting out a long slow sigh. "Mr. P., that was
awesome, awesome, awesome."

"I think you can call me Marc, now, Sachiko." I chuckled, pulling out
from her vagina, resisting the urge to lick her juice from my slick

"Sach, what happened? Who'd you do it with?" Stacey demanded.

"I can't tell you who. We're sorta related."

"Not your brother?" Stacey exclaimed, wide eyed.

I did a little forehead wrinkling myself, but Sachi shook her head,
giving Stacey a glare.

"Can you tell us how it happened," I asked, my curiosity piqued.

Sachiko looked up, hard into my face, her mouth opening slightly. I
smiled gently. "Please, if it's a nice story."

"Oh, it's a very nice story. I guess I can tell you."

I patted her smooth belly, resisting an urge to fondle all of her.

"I was staying at Aunt Michiko's last week, 'cause my parents were in
Japan visiting relatives. Aunty and Uncle Mas were out to dinner with
friends and... Ah," she sighed, her body shuddering slightly. "It makes
me tingle to remember." Sachi took a deep breath. "Well, Yoshi dropped by.
He's their nephew, and..." Another big sigh, a dreamy expression on her
face. "He invited me out to dinner. We went to that fancy Ristorante
Firenze. I don't remember eating 'cause we just talked and talked. About
everything, you know, friends, dating, where we'd like to vacation. He
explained his major and how many more years it would take him to finish his
PhD. Oh, everything."

"Wow, Sachi, you scored a college boy?" Stacey's delight and envy
obvious in her tone.

"Yeah, and he's soo cute." Sachi scrunched her face and hugged herself.

"Keep going, Sach. What happened after dinner?"

"We tried to get into a club, but they wouldn't let me in. I wanted to
dance with him so badly, I made him dance with me in the parking lot. When
a slow dance started, he just wrapped me up and held me. My knees got so
shaky I had to put my arms around his neck." Sachi took another deep
breath, made another big sigh. "I could feel his..." She looked up at me,
shrugged and continued. "hard cock against my belly."

"Ooh, Sachi, you must have been creaming your undies. Get to the good
stuff." Stacey humped her heated puss against my butt cheek.

"Okay. He kissed me, right there in the middle of the parking lot. A
long hot kiss, and I'm humping his bone, about this far from a huge
orgasm." Sachi held up two slim fingers about an inch apart.

"To cut this short, I told him to take me home, not Aunty's house. When
we got inside, we didn't make it past the living room. We had our clothes
off in seconds, just throwing them anywhere."

"You weren't scared?" Stacey interrupted.

"No, not one little bit. If it hurt, I didn't care. All I wanted was
him on me and in me, and that's what I got. Boy, did he ring my bell."
Sachi laughed softly. "And I rang his too, three times, right there on the
living room rug."

"Oh, Sachi, that's a beautiful story." Stacey's envy clearly sounding in
her voice.

"Oh, there's more." Sachi laughed, her eyes shining. "You know what's
so strange? He never went soft. He squirted me three times. Never lost
his hard on. You think maybe he likes me?" she said, a big grin splitting
her face.

"Maybe a little bit." Stacey dead panned.

"Well, we got ourselves calmed down 'cause I had to fix it with Aunty.
You know, leave a message on their recorder saying I'd gone home to do some
work on my computer. We'd only been rolling around on the rug for about
thirty minutes so it was still pretty early. We got things cleaned up
except for the big wet spot on the rug, and went to my bedroom."

"Does he have a big one, Sach?"

"Sorta big, but not too big. It felt like a perfect fit every time I
got it in me. We did it three times in the living room, then twice more in
my bed. I was on my back and he on his side with my leg over his waist,
his dick in me so nice. We'd talk and kiss, his hands felt so good on me.
I'd get close and he'd get excited. Onetime he came, and I got to watch.
Ha, and listen. He grunted and groaned, I could feel his juice flooding
into me. He wouldn't take it out, and we'd lay there and start all over

Sachi lay quietly in my arms, her breathing a little faster, her cheeks
flushed again.

"I wish he'd come back," she whined.

"Where is he, Sachi?" I asked.

"U Wa," she said with a sniff. "He's a sophomore at University of
Washington. He came here to say hello after spring break, so maybe this
summer..." she sighed hopefully. "We e-mail ten times a day, sometimes.
It's like our own private chat room."

"Maybe you can go to U Wa, Sach. It's only two more years. You're
still very lucky. I wonder if my first will be so romantic."

"Yeah, I guess," Sachi sniffed. "Mr. P., I'm not really feeling like I
want to do anything more today. I'm gonna just go home now."

"Sure, Sachi." I boosted her up from my lap. She started dressing
slowly, her face very sad.

"You're in love with him, aren't you, Sachi?" Stacey commented softly.

"Mm, hm," she nodded, making a big sigh.

"And he, you?" I asked.

"I think so, I hope so," she said, her chin quivering slightly.

At the doorway, Sachiko paused, looking back at Stacey.

"We'll have to double up a study session next week, Stacey. Okay?"

"Sure, Sachi. We'll work it out."

The sad faced girl waved and left us.

"I hope my first happens like that, Daddy." Stacey said softly,
scrubbing her cheek against my shoulder.

"Me, too, Sweety."

"Take me out for dinner tonight?"

"Sure, Sweety. Pizza?"

"No, Daddy. Take me to Ristorante Firenze."

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