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new neighbours


New neighbours (mgg, mbggg, inc, anal, some nc)

I read the story 'New neighbors' and found it really cute. Thanks for that,
Mandil! I took the liberty to continue on it, and have received Mandil's
permission to publish this.

In the process, I did some grammatical corrections to the original, I
changed some minor details to make my continuation flow better, and, yes, I
changed 'neighbors' to 'neighbours', along with similar words. I cannot
write American...

(Also, the word 'ass' still does not appear in this story :-)

I hope I have managed to keep the story readable and enjoyable, without
changing the general idea too much. I have enjoyed writing this, and I may
also continue further if I find the time.

The story is still pedo, inc., with the added flavour of anal and some nc.

If you in any way may feel offended by reading such material, then don't.
And please don't try what is described here. It's just a fantasy. If you're
considered too young to be reading this, well, then don't read it either...

A big thank you also to the creators/administrators of ASSTR. A great job!

Finally, I know there must be typos here also, although I have done my best
to remove them. English is not my first language...

Enough of this, and on with the story! Enjoy!

Mr B. (
Constructive feedback welcome


New Neighbours

By Mandil

Author's note: This story takes place around 1945, just after the Second
World War.

Charles Capland had been living in the same house for all fourteen years of
his young life. He didn't like the neighbourhood and he neither liked the
mentality of the people of Linkenson, the town where he lived. His house
was situated in the poorest part of the small town, which in turn was
situated in one of the least developed parts of the state. His father, and
his older brother both worked at the local pulp mill, which was the
biggest source of employment in town, while he attended the under funded
Linkenson High School.

His family, as well as almost everyone else in Linkenson were on the very
edge of being considered poor. While his father worked ten hours a day so
as to try to make ends meet, Charles seldom had a chance to speak to him.
Well, he didn't miss him that much, since whenever his father was around he
was either busy doing repairs on their old house or he was sleeping.
Charles was the younger of the two boys in the family, and, having no
sisters, he was not well informed about the opposite sex. Besides, his
parents had raised him to be a good Catholic like the great majority of
Linkenson, and in those days it was simply not proper for a boy of fourteen
to hang around with girls and even less so to go out with them.

Of course Charles had friends with whom he spent a lot of time, but like
him they weren't too informed about the opposite sex. They would often
spend long hours - when they were out of hearing range from their parents -
speculating about the girls they saw in school and about the female
anatomy. But to talk about it and to actually experience it are two
completely different things. To make matters worse, it was simply
impossible to buy a girly magazine in Linkenson since the PTA committee,
backed by the local priests, saw to it that none of that devil's trash, as
they called it, ever made it into the local stores.

One day, barely a week after school had ended for the summer, he was slowly
walking home after having spent a few hours with his friends in the local
park, he saw an old truck parked in the driveway of the empty house next to
their own house. The house had not been inhabited for almost a year and in
was beginning to show sights of deterioration everywhere. As he got closer,
he saw two men unloading furniture from the truck and carrying it into the
house. A family was moving there. How poor they must be, he told himself,
to be moving into such a house. Having nothing better to do, he went to sit
on the swing in the back yard and he watched the men as they unloaded the
truck. A wood stove, a cheap wooden table and six chairs, a couch, an
upholstered chair with arms which seemed to be the best piece of furniture,
and all sorts of boxes. He didn't see the beds, so he figured that they
must have been unloaded before he got there. Then he saw a woman coming out
of the house. She was holding a five- or six-year-old child in her arm
while another girl of about eleven or twelve was walking behind her. The
woman was slim, she was wearing a dress that had seen much better days, and
even the girl that was following her looked odd to Charles. It took him a
while to figure out why the eleven-year-old girl looked different from any
other girl her age. For one thing, her dress was way too long - as if
someone had wanted to get rid of the dress and had given it to her - also
she kept followed her mother everywhere she went while holding on to her
dress. Once the furniture had been unloaded both men got into the truck and
they drove away.

While eating supper that same evening, Charles learned from his older brother that their new neighbours were the Welden. The woman's name was
Clara Welden and she and her two daughters had rented the house next door.
Even though she was married, her husband was not living there since he was
away working somewhere. But Charles learned a couple of days later that he
was in jail serving a sentence for having attempted to rob a bank.

Upon hearing that the woman's husband was in jail, Charles told himself
that he was going to try to stay away as much as possible from the Weldens,
besides, they were even poorer than his parents were. But less than a week
later he was surprised one early morning to see the younger of the two
girls trying to sit on the swing in his yard. She had the same cheap dress
that she had on the first time he had seen her and even though her face was
clean enough, she was barefoot and as she tried to climb on the wooden seat
of the swing, he could see that her cotton panties were full of holes. He
watched her for a couple of minutes through the kitchen window as she
finally managed to climb on her knees on the wooden seat, but before she
was able to sit on it, she fell backward on her back onto the grass. It
took her a few seconds to react, as she remained stretched on the ground,
then when she tried to get up, she fell again and she began to cry. Fearing
that she had hurt herself badly, Charles ran outside to see if she needed
help. As soon as he was close to her, he reached down and he picked her up
in his arms. The little girl, though still crying, threw her arms around
his neck and while her head rested against his shoulder she gradually
stopped crying.

"Are you hurt?" asked Charles.

"I hit my head." While she said this she reached behind her head with her
left hand and began rubbing it.

"Let me see."

After she removed her hand he looked closely to see if there was blood.

"There doesn't seem to me any blood. The pain will go in a second." As he
said this, Charles proceeded to rub the back of her head with his hand.

The girl reacted by hugging him even harder while she shoved her face
harder against his shoulder. Charles began to feel compassion for the
little girl and he held her tightly in his arms trying to calm her. But she
was quiet now. He then focused his attention to the rest of her body, at
least those parts of her that he hadn't paid too much attention to yet. He
could see her exposed upper thighs, which were being pressed by his arm
against his stomach, then he realised that his right hand was smack over
her bottom and under her dress. Just about then, the girl's mother came out
of her house and hurried toward Charles.

"She fell off the swing. But I don't think that she is hurt. I saw her fall
from the window and I came to help her."

"Paula, why did you come here? I told you to stay in the house."

But the six-year-old girl didn't even look at her mother; instead she
remained with her arms around Charles' neck and didn't even try to answer
her mother. When Charles tried to pass her to her mother, she began to cry
again and she held on to his neck even harder.

"Come on Paula, we must go home now, let go of his neck."

But Paula wanted none of that, she didn't want to remove her arms from
around Charles' neck, and no matter what her mother said to her, she
couldn't make her release her hold on Charles. As last he decided to carry
her back to her house and thus prevent Paula from making a scene.

"It's funny," said her mother as they were walking back to her house,
"usually she is extremely shy of people she doesn't know. You are the first
one beside myself and her sister that she has ever allowed to take her in
their arms."

While talking to the child's mother, Charles had been able to tell that she
was in her late twenties and even though she was not a stunningly beautiful
woman, she had a rather pleasant face. When they reached the house, he had
to enter before being able to make Paula release the hold that she had
around his neck. Even then, when she was on her two feet, she kept hugging
his legs remaining close to him. He then saw her older sister whom he
learned was called Renee. She was beautiful, with shoulder length auburn
hair, and he could tell by the way she acted - trying to hide behind the
curtain that served as a door to separate the bedroom from the kitchen -
that she was a strange child. It was evident that she didn't often see
strangers around the house by the way she was trying to hide her face while
the rest of her body was completely visible. At last Charles was able to
free his leg from the grip of little Paula, and before he could leave she
made her mother bend over and she whispered something into her ear.

"She wants to give you a kiss," her mother told Charles. "I guess she wants
to thanks you for caring for her."

Without any hesitation whatsoever her mother brought Paula near Charles'
face, and little Paula pressed her lips on his left cheek as she pressed
his head against her mouth with her arms around his head.

"This is strange, it's the first time ever that she makes friends with
anyone. Usually when there are strangers around, she goes and hides
somewhere. I think that she likes you. By the way, I am Clara Welden, and
this is Renee, my older daughter."

Renee was so shy when she realised that her mother was talking about her
that she hid her face completely within the material of the curtain while
he could hear her giggling behind the curtain.

"Well I am Charles Capland, and as you know I live next door."

He and Clara talked for a few minutes, and he told her that he was still
going to school. For her part she said to Charles that her husband was
working in Brockville - a town sixty miles away - and since he couldn't
come often to Linkenson, she went to see him there once in a while. Of
course he knew that she was lying, since his brother had learned from his
friend, the assistant chief of police, that her husband was serving time in
Brockville's jail. Before he left, Renee finally removed her face from
behind the curtain and he was able to see that she was rather beautiful,
having green eyes that matched perfectly the colour of her hair, while her
thick lips revealed her white teeth as she smiled at him.

He didn't see anyone from the Welden family for the rest of the day, but
when he got up the following morning, he was surprised to see both girls sitting on the swing in his back yard. Both his brother and father had
previously left to work while his mother had gone back to bed after
preparing breakfast for the two men. So being alone and having nothing
better to do, he decided to go and talk with the two girls.

He was in for a shock when he approached them. Renee had little Paula
sitting on her lap and both girls were swinging. But what attracted his
attention the most was the sight of both girls' cotton panties as the wind
forced each of their dresses well above their knees whenever they swung
forward and toward him. Renee's panties had holes in them, and he could see
part of one of her bottom cheeks where a bigger hole decorated the panties.
It was the most erotic spectacle that he had ever seen. He was glad that
both girls were facing the back of the yard, since if his mother should
happen to glance out of the window, she would be treated with the same
view. But she certainly wouldn't appreciate it as much as he was.

He was mesmerised by what he was seeing. Even little Paula's panties were
full of holes and there was even one in the material right over her cunt;
he could actually see the bared skin underneath. As soon as he was near
them, Paula told her sister to put her down, and she ran toward him and
asked him to take her in his arm. Just as she had done the previous day,
she threw her little arms around his neck and held him tightly as soon as
she was in his arms.

So, as to break the silence, he asked Renee in what grade she was. But she
didn't reply, instead she simply giggled and turned her face away from him
while all the time she kept on swinging and exposing her worn knickers.
When he noticed that she wasn't looking at him, he concentrated his
attention on the spot directly over her cunt, he could actually see the
outline of her two lips and even the crack in between them. There was a very
small hole right in the centre. It was way too small for him to see what
was underneath, especially from where he was. But the fact that her cunt's
lips were barely covered and so close to being exposed was disturbing him
greatly. The first thing he realised when he finally moved his eyes away,
was that he had an erection. As Paula kept on hugging him, he noticed Renee
staring at the front of his pants, exactly where his pulsating cock caused
the bulge at the front. It then occurred to him that since the girls'
father was not living with them, plus the fact that they had no brother,
she probably didn't know exactly what was responsible for the tent pole in
his pants. For a second or so he was under the impression that she was
going to say something, but instead she kept on staring at the front of his

Finally he managed to put Paula down and without saying a word to either
girl he hurried back into the house where he rushed into his room and
released his rampant cock from the prison of his pants. All that it took
was a few strokes and he felt the strong climax bringing release to his

He didn't see the girls nor their mother for the next couple of days since
it was raining most of the time. But by the third day after the panties incident, while he was sitting on the swing early in the morning and hoping
that the two girls would join him, he heard their mother calling him over.

"Would you mind it very much to watch the girls for an hour while I go to
the store? I know that Paula won't give you trouble since she adores you,
as for Renee, well, she is still very shy when you are around, but I know
that she will listen to you."

What was he to say? He had been hoping to see the two girls and now their
mother was giving him the responsibility of watching over them for a whole

"No I don't mind. They can come over and play on the swing."

"Well, they are still wearing their night shirts; you can come inside, and
as soon as they are dressed they can come out."

Charles didn't bother to tell his mother where he was going. For one thing
she was still sleeping, and besides he often went with his friends for a
couple of hours without telling her where he had been. She never seemed to
mind his leaving as long as he was on time for dinner. He crossed over and
they went into the house. As soon as Paula saw him she rushed toward him
and hugged his legs whereas Renee looked at him with a broad smile on her
lips. Yes, she is really beautiful, he told himself; the more he looked at
her the more he found her attractive. But before he could go on admiring
Renee, her mother said to him:

"As you probably have noticed, Renee has trouble with her hearing. I am
trying to teach her to read lips but she still has a lot to learn. Since
she can't hear properly she neither can talk except by using her hands and
fingers. But she is a good girl and she won't give you any trouble.

It suddenly occurred to Charles that he hadn't heard her pronounce a single
word yet and this was the reason why he found her different from the other
girls of her age. She probably had never gone to school either, he told
himself, and being in the house all the time with her mother explained why
she was extremely shy. But she now seemed more at ease with him as he
watched her smiling at him. But to his horror, he saw her eyes focusing at
the front of his pants. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Had she told
her mother about the tent pole in his pants? Of course not, he told
himself, she couldn't speak, so it was most improbable that she had done

As soon as Clara left, he went to sit in the living room. Since both Paula
and Renee followed him there and they chose to sit on the couch, he had no
choice but to sit in the upholstered chair with the wide arms. No sooner
was he installed into the chair than Paula went to him, and not bothering
to ask his permission she crawled on his lap and sat on him. Renee was
still staring at him from the couch and he would have given much to know
what she was thinking. Since there was no use in talking to Renee, he
concentrated his effort on Paula who could talk fairly well, but soon she
got tired of answering his questions and she began to tickle him on his
arms. In a playful manner he tickled her back under her arm, and in
reaction to this she suddenly threw herself backward and he had to catch
her before she fell to the floor. But in the process her nightgown was
lifted around her waist and he had a close up view of her white panties.
There weren't as many holes in them as the ones she had been wearing on the
swing, but still he could see a few, especially over her cunt. It was
probably due to the deteriorating effect caused by the few drops of piss that soaked into the material each time she urinated. Paula was having the
time of her life now, tickling him everywhere she could while he responded
in a similar manner. Then before he knew it, Renee was standing next to the
chair and trying to help her sister with her fingers moving under Charles'

This went on for a couple of minutes, and soon Renee was sitting on the arm
of the chair as she helped her sister. Charles wasn't too sure how the
older girl was going to react if he was to try to tickle her, so at first
he kept his hands on the little one. Then Renee got bolder and soon she was
half lying on her sister and also on Charles, and while her back was now
available to his hand he tried a quick pass underneath her arms over her
gown. He discovered that she was even more ticklish than her younger sister was as she twisted her body like a snake, and soon both girls were sitting
on his lap. Charles then had an idea. Placing one hand on each of the
girls' thighs, always over their gown, he tried to explain to them that he
wanted to see which of the two was going to resist the longer to his
squeezing hands as he moved it higher over their respective thighs. He had
a little trouble explaining this to Renee, but soon enough she caught on to
the idea and the game began. First Paula's thigh was squeezed then it was

He could now tell that she was beginning to grow tits, judging by the twin
swells in her gown; more so, even her thighs were almost as plump as his
own. Charles then told himself that he had to stop this game before the
girls' mother got home. His hands were now very high on each thigh and he
knew that it would be hard to explain to their mother what he was trying to
do. Higher and higher went his hands and soon he could actually feel the
thumb of each of his hands over their respective cunts. Of course he knew
that the little one couldn't care less as to where he was touching her, but
Renee, being much older, knew better. Or did she? Having never attended
school, and with no male in the house, it occurred to Charles that she was
probably as ignorant as the little one about the male sex. He was more than
willing to teach her, but what if her mother found out about it? Worse
still, what if she would tell his mother that he had been fondling her

This had the effect of a cold shower on his eagerness and he didn't go
further with his hands. But Paula wanted to have her turn now, she wanted
to see if he was going to resist her tickling hands over his thighs, so she
began to squeeze Charles' thighs. Her older sister, not wanting to be left
out of the fun, also began to press and pinch Charles' left thigh, which
was now between her legs as she sat on him. He soon felt Renee's hands high
on his left thigh, then when she saw that it was having no visible effect
on him, she moved her hands higher, and before he was fully aware of it she
was squeezing his cock.

She felt something hard in his pants, something that had no business being
there, and she concentrated all of her effort in squeezing this hard pole.
She even moved her bottom higher so as to have better access to his
erection. By now Charles was not paying any attention to Paula's hands,
which she had moved under his right arms; instead, all of his attention was
focused on Renee's hands over his cock.

She soon realised that something was all wrong. First she was holding this
warm flesh pole that had no business being there, and then Charles, who
until then hadn't been reacting very strongly to her tickling, was now
breathing very fast while his face had turned very red. Was she hurting
him? Certainly not, since he could easily make her stop. Something was
telling her that he was enjoying what she was doing to him and it then
occurred to her that he must be experiencing the same sort of pleasure that
she enjoyed whenever she moved her hand between her legs. Since her mother had never caught her playing with herself, and therefore she had never been
told that is was not proper to do so, she continued to feel and stroke
Charles' cock, even though her hands were getting tired.

He knew that he was now very near a climax and for the first time in his
life, it was going to be induced by hands other than his own. But before he
got the release, which his body as well as his mind was expecting, Renee
suddenly stopped fondling him.

She was looking at him as though expecting some kind of reaction. But
little Paula, having watched her older sister rubbing the front of Charles'
pants for a minute or so, wanted her turn at this new game. She shoved her
two hands over the front of his pants and she took her sister's place
pressing and squeezing.

"What is it that you have in your pants?" she suddenly said as she
proceeded to investigate with her hands.

Both girls were waiting for him to answer. Charles was now very ill at
ease, and not knowing exactly what to say he just reached for Paula's hands
and pulled them aside.

"This is not for your hands. You wouldn't like it if I were to touch you
between your legs, so you mustn't touch me there."

"You didn't seem to mind when Renee was doing it, so why won't you let me?
Besides, you can feel me if you want," Paula quickly answered. "I don't
mind, will you show me what you have in your pants if I let you touch me?"

By now Renee had moved herself in a sitting position on the arm of the
chair and for the first time in Charles' presence she nodded while making a
funny sound with her mouth. It was apparent to Charles that she was in
complete agreement with her sister and she also wanted to know more about
this strange thing in his pants.

Then Paula seized one of Charles' hand and brought it under her gown right
over her cunt. He could feel her cotton panties as well as a few holes here
and there. He would have preferred to have his hand over Renee's more
mature cunt, but he knew that contrary to the little one, she knew that
this sort of play was leading them somewhere she had never been before. It
was probably her intention to wait and see what was going to happen with
Paula before she implicated herself further into this game.

By now Paula felt that she had all the right in the world to continue her
investigation of the mysterious object, and she once again proceeded to
fondle the front of his pants with both of her hands all under the
attentive eyes of her older sister.

As he felt her little hands over his erection he began to move his fingers
over her little cunt. He was surprised to discover that even through the
material of her knickers he could actually feel the slit between her cunt's
lips. As he rubbed his index finger a little deeper into her slit, he felt
her shoving her lower body against his hand. But even then, she still
continued to press and squeeze the material over his wood-hard cock.

"I want to see." She was now trying to open his pants, but having no
experience in the matter, she was getting nowhere. Charles didn't know
exactly what to do. Should he help her or should he put an end to all of
this before it went to far?

"Help me Renee." Paula said in desperation.

While both girls were struggling with the buttons on the front of his
pants, Charles kept rubbing his fingers over Paula's cunt. He wanted to
make them stop, but at the same time he was hoping that they would go on.
They had initiated the whole thing, but on the other hand he was older and
he knew that he should act before this got out of hand. But before he could
act, it was already too late, as he felt a small hand reaching through the
opening of his pants. Paula was trying to wrap her fingers around his cock
over his underwear. The friction that she was unintentionally causing
around his erection was fantastic, he found himself hoping that she would
keep doing this for a while. Even though he could feel their hands, he
couldn't see exactly what was happening since by now Paula's bottom was
resting over his belly button and her back was blocking the movement of her
hands over his hardness.

But soon he felt fresh air over his erection and he knew that she had
stretched the elastic waist band of his underwear as she examined his
exposed cock. A short time later he felt two pairs of hands all over his
hardness, and he realised that he was now very close to an orgasm. When he
looked at Renee, he noticed that her face was very red from the emotion,
and her attention was completely focused on the movement of her hands. He
couldn't see what either girl was doing but as soon as he felt a hand
reaching for his balls deep into his underwear and squeezing them, he knew
that it was Renee's hand, since she was able to hold both balls at the same
time. For the next few minutes he let them play and explore his cock and
balls as he enjoyed the wonderful sensation of having two pairs of hands
fondling him at the same time. He then knew that he wouldn't be able to
prevent much longer what was bound to happen...

As soon as Renee's hand had a tight grip around his pulsating prick, he
placed his own hand around her wrist and proceeded to guide her wrist and
thus forcing her hand to move along the length of his cock.

Renee could tell that he wanted her to do something with her hand but she
just couldn't figure out exactly what. Then, as she felt her wrist being
forced to move back and forth, while her hand was squeezing his pole of
flesh tightly, she was fascinated when she saw it move within her hand even
though the skin that covered it remained in contact with her hand. She
could feel something very hard inside the loose skin as it moved back and
forth. Then she noticed his reaction as he began to grunt. When she looked
at his face that was all distorted, she realised that the motion of her
hand was causing him a great deal of pleasure. While Paula was playing with
his balls, she kept on pumping his cock, even though he had released her
wrist. She now knew what he wanted her to do, and she figured that
something was going to happen. She could tell since he was now grunting
faster and deeper while he was helping her stroking hand with shoves of his
lower body.

Then it happened. The first gush of his thick white spunk hit Paula on the
cheek and the next one flew in an arc to fall on the floor a few feet away.
These were accompanied by a third and a forth, and when Charles finally
felt the surge of intense pleasure receding, he looked at Renee who was
still stroking his cock. A blob of spunk had hit her forehead and as
gravity was doing its work on it, it could be seen beginning to drip down
toward her nose. She didn't even seem to be aware that it was there. At
last he made her stop. When she pulled her hand away from his softening
cock, he watched her examining her spunk coated hand for a few seconds,
then as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, she simply wiped her
hand on her nightgown. But both girls were now very amazed by the fact that
his cock was less than half the size that it had been a few seconds
earlier. At last Paula spoke.

"Did you see. He peed some white stuff."

"No, it's not pee. It's something that come from my ..... penis whenever it
is rubbed like Renee was doing."

It was getting late and the girls' mother was due to be back any minute
now, and before either of the two girls had time to protest, he shoved his
now limp cock back in his pants and he got up from the chair. The thought
then occurred to him that if either of the two girls were to tell their
mother what he had made them do, he was going to be severely punished by
his parents, not to mention the scandal it could cause.

"Listen now. You mustn't tell your mother or anyone else what we have just
done. If you do I will never come back here again. Do you understand?"

Renee nodded that she understood but Paula simply stood still staring at

"Will you let me play again with your pee pee then?"

"Yes. Yes. But you mustn't say a word or I will never speak to you again."

"When will you let us do that again?" asked little Paula.

"Soon, and I will teach you something that I know that you will both like.
But you must never tell a word about this. Do you agree?"

Both girls nodded in agreement and Charles felt much better.

*** New Neighbours part 2 ***

When Charles got back home that same day he was nervous. For the rest of
the day he half expected the phone to ring with Mrs. Welden at the end of
the phone shouting angrily at him. But it didn't happen, and by early
evening he began to calm down.

He knew then that Renee, as well as Paula, had not revealed to their mother what the three of them had done while she had been gone to the store. He
tried to stay away from their new neighbours for the next couple of days;
he didn't even go into his back yard just in case he would see them. Then
one day, there was a knock on the door. It was in the middle of the
afternoon, and at the time Charles was sitting in the kitchen with his
mother. Charles' mother went to answer the door, and as soon as he saw Mrs.
Welden enter the kitchen, his heart almost stopped beating. His first
thought was that she was coming to complain to his mother about what he had
done with her two girls. But when he realised that Mrs. Welden was politely
introducing herself to his mother, and that she didn't seem to be angry in
the least, he relaxed a little, and he paid careful attention to what she
was saying. After the introduction was over and the usual small talks were
finished, Mrs. Welden went to the point and to the reason of her visit.

"I have to go to Brockville on Sunday, my mother is in the hospital there
and she is not well. I would like to visit her, but first I must find
someone to watch over my two girls while I am away. Since I have just moved
in to Linkenson, I know no one except your son Charles. I did ask him once
to keep an eye on the girls while I went to the store and he seemed to get
along well with them. I was therefore wondering if he could stay with them
while I will be away, it will be for a day and a night."

Charles had never mentioned to his mother the fact that he had watched over
the Welden's girls. His mother though that it was very kind of him to have
made himself helpful, and more important still, having not even mentioned
this to her. Before he could answer for himself, she said that he would be
glad to help her.

"Would it be too much to ask of him to spent the night in my house? I don't
expect to be back until late on Monday, and he could sleep in my bed."

"Normally I don't allow him to spend a whole night away from home, but
since he will be next door I don't think it will create any problems."

"What do you say Charles?" Clara Welden was anxiously looking at him as she
directly asked him if he was willing to do it. "I can give you a little
money for your trouble, but it won't be much since I can't really afford

But before Charles could answer, his mother again replied before he had
time to do so.

"You don't have to give him any money. After all, what are neighbours for
if they can't help one another in time of need. Don't worry about your
girls, I will prepare a little more food for dinner and supper and they can
come here to eat with us."

So it was all arranged, and on Sunday morning Charles went over to Mrs.
Welden's house, half an hour later Clara left for the bus station in the
centre of Linkenson. As soon as her mother had left the house, little Paula
asked Charles when were they going to play the tickling game just like they
had done the last time he had been there.

"I don't know. I hope that you kept your promise and didn't say a word to
your mother about it?"

"Of course not," said Paula " if we had, she wouldn't have asked you to
watch over us."

Then before he even realised it, she was leading him by the hand to the
same upholstered chair with the wide armrests in the living room. Renee was
anxiously following them, being all exited at the prospect of having a
repetition of their last meeting. But Charles wasn't that eager to start
the fondling game. He was fully aware that once the fun would begin it was
going to lead him much further than the last time. Ever since he had
learned that he was coming over to keep company to the two girls, he had
imagined all sorts of scenarios with the girls, and in his mind it always
ended with him fucking Renee and having six year old Paula sucking his
cock. Now that the time had actually arrived, he was a little scared of
what he was about to attempt. But before he knew it, he was seated in the
comfortable chair while Paula was trying to climb on his laps.

"Open you pants. I want to look at your pee pee again."

"It's not a pee pee, it's called a penis or a cock, and I don't think that
we should do that anymore. Someone might discover what we are doing, and we
could all get into a lot of trouble."

"No one will see us, don't worry. I will lock the door, and if someone
tries to come in we will have plenty of time to cover ourselves." Before
Charles had time to say anything about it, she turned toward her older sister who was standing next to the chair they were both in, and she said
to her while pointing at the door with her hand.

"Lock the door Renee."

Even though Renee was deaf, she was able to partly read her lips, and she
finally figured out what she meant as her finger indicated the door. She
eagerly went to the kitchen door that she locked by means of the chain as
well as the lock. The eagerness of the two girls to have another look at
his cock was having an effect on Charles; he could now feel it starting to
twitch underneath Paula's bottom. The little girl, not having an iota of
modesty, boldly reached under her bottom and grabbed the material over his
erection. Then twelve-year-old Renee was back beside their chair and she
was watching her younger sister who was trying to open Charles' pants
while he remained motionless, as well as helpless, as if he were in a dream.

"Help me Renee, I can't get my hand under."

Even though her sister couldn't hear what Paula had said, she was able to
guess what she wanted to do, and she proceeded to help her to undo the
buttons over the front of his pants, as if she had all the right in the
world to do so. By now Charles' cock was as hard as it had even been, and
nothing short of his mother entering the house would have made him remove
the two pairs of hands over and around his hidden erection. He had a most
pleasant feeling of being used by the two girls, and he wanted them to take
advantage of his willingness.

As soon as his pants were fully opened at the front, Paula, who was much
bolder than her sister, didn't waste time fondling his erection over his
underwear like she had done the previous time. Instead, she pulled aside
the waistband of his underwear, and she immediately reached inside as if
there was nothing to it. By now, Charles had both of his eyes closed, he
was trying to enjoy to the utmost the heavenly feeling of the strange hands
fondling and inspecting his cock all over. Then he realised that there were
two pairs of hands on him, and he knew that Renee was also investigating
and squeezing his male organ. As he expected her to do, she soon began
masturbating him just like he had shown her the last time. He let her have
her way for a few minutes while Paula had taken hold of his balls using
both hands, but when he realised that he was close to a climax he made her
stop. Renee tried to say something, but he couldn't understand what she

"She wants to make your pee pee ... your penis spit the white stuff like it
did the other day."

But Charles was not ready to climax yet. The day was still young and they
had a lot of time ahead of them still; he knew that they could still have a
lot of fun if he could prevent himself from spilling his cum too soon. He
then got an idea.

"Wait. It's not fair, I am letting you play with my cock but you are not
showing me your cunnies."

As he said this, he pretended to shove his erection back into his pants.

"Leave it out. Here, you can look at me if you want."

She lifted her bottom above his thighs and quickly proceeded to slip her
knickers down completely; she then threw them on the floor. After that, so
as to make sure that he was going to continue this game, she took his hand
and placed it smack over her cunt's lips. Charles could feel her wetness
when he pressed a finger between her lips, and as he explored deeper, he
could even detect her small clitoris which he began to rub. The little girl soon began to close and open her thighs around his fingers while at the
same time she resumed squeezing his balls.

"What about your sister? She hasn't removed her panties yet."

Paula, letting go of his balls, reached over the other side of the chair,
and she raised her sister's dress with one hand while she tried to pull her
panties down with the other hand. Until then, Renee had never exposed
herself to his eyes, and he was more than eager to see her cunt. At first
she resisted the action of her sister's hand as she tried pulling the waist
band down, but seeing that her young sister's cunt was completely bared,
she finally reached with her own hands and her undergarment was soon around
her ankles. But her dress was still hiding her treasure from Charles' eyes.
He grabbed one of her hands, which he then placed on his cock, and while
she once again began to stroke him, he reached under her dress at the back
and began moving his hand over her thighs. Higher and higher his hand went,
until he was cupping her bottom cheeks one after the other. When he tried
to get his hand between her thighs at the back, she kept pressing them
together, thus preventing him from getting to her cunt. His heart was
beating very fast now. His hand was just a few inches from a bared cunt. A
part of a girl's anatomy that he had never closely seen before and much less
felt. All the time that this was going on, Paula kept playing with his
balls - she was fascinated with the two egg-shaped organs - while her older sister was trying to make him spill his seed with her tight hand around his
cock. He knew that he had to do something or he was about to shoot his load
in the air.

"Stop. I want to kiss your cunnie." He knew that Renee hadn't heard what he
had said.

"OK. But you will have to get off the chair. It will be impossible for me
to move myself so high that I can place it near you mouth. I know, let us
go into my mother's room."

Before he had time to react to her idea, she was getting off his thighs. By
now, even though Renee hadn't heard what had been said, she could tell that
something different was going to happen, and she stopped stroking his cock.
Again he let himself being lead by the hand - his erection swaying and all
exposed - into their mother's room that could be entered from the living
room. There was a bed for two in the middle of the small room and he sat on

"You will have to lie on you back," said Paula.

As soon as he had stretched himself in the middle of the bed, he saw Renee
staring at him and he motioned for her to come next to him, which she
immediately did. He then resumed stroking her bottom with his right hand,
but by now Paula was in the process of climbing on top of him. Soon she was
in position with a leg on each side of his stomach, while her head was
facing him. As soon as her parted thighs were close to his head, he could
smell the odour of her sex, which was very close to his nose.

"You can kiss me now if you want." While saying this she began moving
herself forward toward his mouth.

She was holding the hem of her dress with both hands as she gradually
reached his chin. She next let most of her weight rest on her legs, and
lifting herself over his mouth, she then lowered her cunt on it. Bending
herself over, she tried to have a look at the junction of his mouth and her
cunt, but it was impossible without lifting her cunt from his mouth. As
soon as she felt Charles' tongue between her cunt lips, she forgot about
having a look at his mouth, instead she let go of her dress which she had
been holding in her hands, and she began to rub her parted cunt's lips all
over his mouth. It felt wonderful, and the more she moved herself the more
pleasant it was.

Charles' tongue was now trying to lick and poke everywhere inside as well
as outside her young cunt. Her taste was extremely pleasant, nothing that
he would have imagined. When he shoved the tip of his tongue deeper within
her, he could actually feel her tightness squeezing his tongue, but there
was no trace of that virgin barrier that his friends had often talked
about. Before long he felt her grinding her cunt all over his mouth, and
she became very wet in the process. Soon there was a pair of hands around
his still exposed cock. He knew that Renee had resumed fondling him.
Fondling him she was indeed, but she was also stroking his erection and it
was quite evident that she was trying to make him shoot his load as she had
done on his last visit. He was in heaven. What more could he ask for, he
told himself. Here he was, lying on his back in a bed with a sweet and
soaking little cunt glued to his mouth while another girl was trying to
make him reach a climax with her hand. When he felt the crisis approaching,
he began to shove his erection against Renee's hand so as to increase the
friction. Then he was over the edge, and as he felt the heavenly pleasure
throughout his body, his toes began to curl of their own, and his body was
shaken by a series of convulsions, and he felt his spunk jetting out of the
tip of his cock.

As all of this was happening, Renee kept on pumping his organ as if she
expected the eruption to go on forever. Her hand was coated with his thick juice, and so was her face and hair, but still she continued the long and
even strokes around his cock. Charles reached over with his hand and made
her stop, since his cock was now only half erected and her hand was no
longer producing the intense pleasure that it had been doing just a few
seconds earlier. He made Paula lift her bottom from over his stomach, she
wanted to know why he was stopping licking her cunt since she had found his
kisses over her vagina very pleasant indeed.

"Kiss me again, it was very nice when you had your mouth over my cunnie."

"Not now. I must rest first."

He sat on the edge of the bed, and as soon as Paula saw his white cum all
over her sister's hand and face, she said, "You did it again. Why is this
happening whenever Renee plays with your cock?" Charles spent a couple of
minutes trying to explain to her what had just happened, but he knew that
she was too inexperienced to understand. As for her sister, since she was
deaf, there was no use in trying to explain anything to her. But he told
himself that, being much older, she would be able to figure it out soon

His climax had been so strong that he now felt a little weak and he decided
that it would be better if he took a break before resuming his game with
the two girls. Besides, it was past eleven now; he had to bring the girls to his own house for dinner before his mother came over to get them.

After dinner, so that things wouldn't look too bad, they went into the yard
to play for an hour or so. Then, being Sunday, and since the weather was
sunny and warm, his mother suggested that they all went into the park for a
couple of hours. Of course he was disappointed, but he had no choice on the
matter. When they got back home it was after four in the afternoon, and he
decided that there was no use beginning their sex game, since at five they
would have to stop for supper. It was around six thirty when they all got
back into the girls' home and by then he was feeling horny as hell. He
hadn't had the chance to see and feel Renee's cunt yet, but he well
intended to correct this, and if possible at all, he was going to try and
fuck her.

As expected, no sooner were they in the house, when Paula suggested that
they should continue their game of tickling, which was her word for
fondling. After telling her to lock the door and to pull down all the
blinds over the windows, they once again went to sit in the living room.
This time he made both girls sit on his lap. Renee was a little reluctant
at first, but when she saw her sister all eager to climb on Charles, she
finally did the same, and she sat on his left thigh while Paula was on his
right one.

"Are you going to kiss my cunnie like you did this morning? It was a lot a
fun and I want you to do it again."

"Of course I will if you want me to do so, but first I think that it is
only fair that your sister should get the same treat that you did."

"Well, hurry to do it to her. I want my turn after that."

"She still has on her knickers, and so do you, and I don't think that she
is ready to remove them."

While Charles and Paula were talking, Renee's bottom was pressing against
his left thigh, and his left hand was massaging her left thigh over her
dress. The fact that they were talking about her, and that she couldn't
understand what they were saying, made him feel were bawdy, which made his
cock extremely hard.

"I will make her take them off." With that Paula got off his lap and she
went to stand in front of her older sister. Then without even bothering to
make her understand what she intended to do, she shoved both of her hands
under her dress and tried to pull down her knickers. But Renee resisted and
she brought her own hands over those of her sister, thus being able to
prevent her from pulling down her undergarment. Then, much to Charles'
surprise, he witnessed an erotic spectacle, Paula, as if to show her sister that there was nothing to it, took her own hands from under Renee's dress
and proceeded to pull down her own knickers. While the front of her dress
was held in place high over her chest as she pressed her chin against it,
she proceeded to pull down her own panties. What struck Charles the most,
was the fact that she was doing this as if she were alone in her room, and
showing no sign whatsoever of modesty as her beautiful little cunt with its
two fat lips was exposed. Of course, that morning he had had a very close
look at her cunnie when he had licked and sucked it, but still he was
amazed at her lack of bashfulness in exposing herself.

As soon as she was done and her undergarment was on the floor, she began
fumbling with Renee's dress, and she once again shoved her hands underneath
it. This time her sister didn't protest and she even lifted her bottom a
little so that Paula could remove her knickers, which soon joined the other
pair on the floor. Now that Renee had permitted her sister to remove her
undergarment, and not being as shameless as her young sister, she held down
the hem of her dress with both hands so as to hide her cunt.

The instant that Paula was back sitting on Charles' thigh, she seized his
right hand and placed it under her dress and over her little cunt. While he
was slowly rubbing his finger between her lips he began to move his right
hand over Renee's thighs, and soon he had his hand over her bared thighs.
He could tell that the twelve year old girl was getting all warmed up as
she kept on moving against his thigh, then of her own she suddenly brought
her right hand on the front of his pants. A couple of minutes later she was
squeezing his erection while he had his hand on her bared cunt. The first
thing that he noticed as soon as he had his hand between her legs, was the
fact that she had a little hair over her cunt. The slit between her plump
lips was much longer than that of Paula; it seemed deeper also, when he
pressed his finger lengthwise between her lips. Having a hand on both
cunts, he was now in a very good position to compare the two girls' cunts,
and he did exactly that. He could tell that Renee's cunt was much more
developed, and this greatly increased his hope of accomplishing the deed he
had set his mind on.

By now both girls were playing with his cock and his balls, it then
occurred to him that now was a good time to investigate if Renee still had
her virgin membrane. He was fairly sure that she had never fucked, but his
friends had told him than sometimes girls don't have the cumbersome
membrane even though they had never let a cock into their cunt. It seemed
that they could loose their hymen by means of their fingers. He placed the
tip of his finger between her now very wet lips, and he began to press. It
went in about two inches, then Renee closed her thighs around his hand,
thus preventing any further progress. He remained as he was for a while,
and as she resume slowly stroking his erection, he felt her thighs
gradually parting, and he gently tried to move his finger deeper within
her. He was able to get another inch before she again closed her thighs.
His finger didn't seem to be causing her any discomfort whatsoever, so he
pushed it again and soon his finger was all the way inside her. Her
tightness around his finger was surprising, he knew that if he were to let
it inside her vagina for a long time, he could experience pain, so tight
her passage was. But there was no sign of her hymen. Either, she had been
fondling herself very often, or she had lost it while playing or falling.
In either case it was going to make things easier for him, since he
wouldn't have to rip through it, thus allowing him to enjoy his first fuck
much better.

By now Paula wanted more action, and even though she loved to play with
Charles' balls, she was still eager to feel once more his mouth on her

"Well are you going to kiss her between her legs? If you don't I will let
you do it to me."

"What about me, you didn't kiss my cock yet, I think it should be my turn

She looked at him for a few second thinking that he was joking.

"You want me to kiss you there? But this is the place where you pee from."

"I didn't let this bother me when I kissed your cunnie, you also pee from
there don't you? Besides, with all the rubbing that you and your sister are
doing on my cock it is certainly very clean by now."

Not saying another word, she got off his lap and stood next to him. With
one hand she began rubbing the tip of his cock and examining it. She was
doing this while her sister was holding his shaft with both hands. Now
watching her younger sister, she could tell that she was going to do
something she hadn't done so far, and she was very curious as she watched
her closely. Paula slowly brought her mouth closer and closer to the tip of
his cock, and by now Renee could tell what her sister intended to do, and
so as to help her, she aimed the tip of his cock toward Paula's mouth.

Then Charles felt something warm and wet over the head of his cock. He knew
that she was licking it, and soon enough she had the whole head into her
mouth. It was the first time ever that someone was sucking his cock, and he
was immediately sold to it. He could feel the whole head of his cock in her
mouth while her tongue curled around it, and all the time she was applying
suction as if she were trying to milk him. After less than a minute he had
to make her stop, since he could now feel his seed boiling at the base of
his cock as the expected eruption began. But he was not fast enough to pull
it out of her mouth and the first gush jetted well inside her mouth, which
she immediately pulled away. Then the rest of his seed followed and it went
flying into the air as well as all over Paula's face, which she hadn't
pulled far enough. As she tried to wipe her mouth with the material of her
dress she said to him,

"Why did you do that in my mouth?" She seemed angry with him, he could tell
that she was even on the verge of crying now.

"I couldn't help it. You mouth was giving me so much pleasure that it
happened before I could warn you. But it's not poison you know, and some
girls actually love to swallow it."

"How do you know, has a girl ever done that to you before?"

"No, this is the first time that anyone has sucked my cock. But I read
about it, and I know that most girls find it exiting to swallow semen."

Charles could tell that while she was staring at him, she was trying to
figure out if he was telling the truth or if he was just making fun of her.
Then he watched her smearing cum on her finger, and she slowly brought it
to her lips. Her tongue reached out, and after licking her fingers clean he
watched her slowly swallowing it, while she kept looking at him straight in
the eyes as though defying him. As this went on Renee remained very still,
and she was observing closely what her young sister was doing. Then all of
a sudden she also brought her finger on a glob of semen that was coating
the top of her hand, and like Paula had done a minute earlier, she brought
it to her mouth so as to taste it.

Both girls were soon looking for his semen everywhere they could find it
and bringing it to their mouth with their fingers. Then Paula, eager to
taste still more of Charles' juice, suddenly brought her mouth over his
coated cock and began to lick it clean. This had the effect of making his
cock swell to its previous hardness, and now, more than ever, he wanted to
taste Renee's cunt.

So as to make things easier for all of them, he got out of the chair, and
taking Renee by the hand they all went to their mother's room. Once there
he made Renee stretch on her back - which she did most willingly now - and
as soon as she was in place he got between her legs and lifting her dress
around her waist, he had the first really close view of her cunt. He had no
time to waste in examining her, and as soon as her thighs were parted
enough for his head to fit between them, he applied his mouth to her cunt.
She was exceedingly wet, and not long after she was twisting her body with
her thighs opening and closing around his head while strange noises escaped
from her throat. He could tell each and every time that she was having an
orgasm since she would then press his head against her cunt with her hands.
Then after four or five climaxes she was behaving as if she were possessed,
lifting her bottom from the bed and twisting her body as if she were
accompanying fast rhythm music that only she could hear.

Finally, because of the pain in the back of his neck, he had to pull his
mouth away from her. Besides, by now Paula was feeling neglected and she
was trying to reach for his cock, which was pressed against the mattress.

"It's my turn now. You have been with her a long time, I want to feel your
cock again."

As soon as he pulled his head away from between Renee's legs, Paula made
him stretch on his back, and in a matter of seconds she had his cock
between her lips. Soon after that, Renee got off the bed and joined her
sister with her head close to Charles' erection, and for the first time ever
she applied her mouth to the tip of his erection. While Paula was sucking his balls in and out of her mouth, Renee was trying to make him spill his
seed once again, but this time she was doing so with her mouth. But Charles
didn't want to pay tribute to her mouth; he was now more than ready to
experience his first fuck. He suddenly sat himself on the bed and made both
of them release his cock and his balls, then he proceeded to undo the
buttons at the back of Renee's dress. She remained very still as she let
him do as he pleased, and this was very encouraging to Charles. It was
quite evident that she was now much more cooperative, and when he pulled
her dress down below her shoulders, she even assisted him in removing it
completely. All that she was wearing underneath her dress was a thin cotton
chemise, which didn't do much to hide her growing breasts. When he
proceeded to lift her last remaining garment over her head, she only
hesitated a little, then she lifted her arms above her head and he slipped
the chemise off her back. She was now completely naked from head to toe,
and his eyes immediately focused on the twin spheres of her orange size
breasts. The areola topping each breast was very light in colour, with a
bean size nipple tipping each silver dollar size patch. When she realised
that he was examining her breasts, she instinctively brought her arms over
them in a typical female manner. But Charles had gone too far now to let a
small thing like that stop him from appreciating her, until then, hidden charms. Signalling with his hands he made her remove her arms from over her
breasts, and he was soon able to seize one hard sphere in each hand. It was
his first experience in feeling girl breasts, and he was immediately sold
to the thrilling experience as he pressed them and lightly pinched each
nipple while he watched them doubling in size.

Again Paula was having the impression of being left out, and she wanted
more attention from him. "What do we do now? I know, you can lick my cunnie
while I play with your balls."

"No, I have something different in mind," said Charles.

Even as he said this he was still fondling Renee's breasts, and he still
hadn't taken his eyes off her. For her part Renee could tell that he had
something special for her as she let him play with her bosom. She also
began squeezing his still exposed cock with both of her hands. Seeing her
sister completely naked, Paula then proceeded to strip herself of the rest
of her clothing, then as soon as she was done she began to lower Charles'
pants. He did help her by stepping out of them, and after that he took off
his shirt, and the three of them were now completely naked.

Then, as if he were in a dream, he took Renee by the hand, and after
stretching himself on his back on the bed, he made her straddle his stomach
with her head facing him. Did she know what he intended to do? He couldn't
tell exactly, but she was definitely expecting something to happen, and she
did everything he managed to tell her by mean of hand signs. Paula tried to
climb on top of him and he had to stop her.

"Wait. Stand at the foot of the bed and you can guide my cock into your
sister's cunnie."

"But you can't put it in there. Her hole is much too small, it will never

"Just do like I say and watch."

He made Renee slide further down towards his feet until his pulsating cock
was pressing against the crack of her bottom cheeks. Then my means of a
signal with his hands, he made her lift her body just over the tip of his
cock. He felt her sister's hand trying to aim the head between the lips of
her cunt, and once he figured that he was on the right spot, he motioned to
Renee that she could lower herself. Very slowly her body began to press on
his erection and he felt the head of his cock parting her lips, then she
stopped lowering herself completely as she supported most of her weight
with her legs. After a minute or so, he could tell that her leg muscles
were getting tired of the continuous strain and she tried to lift herself
completely off his body, but he prevented her from moving with his hands
pressing against her waist. By now Renee was getting desperate. She knew
that she could not support her weight much longer, and she was aware that
when this was going to happen, gravity was going to force her body
downward, thus impaling her on his flesh pole. Since she couldn't talk, she
wasn't able to explain her problem to Charles, therefore she began to panic
as she tried to dislodge herself from his piercing hardness. The more she
struggled, the more she felt him getting deeper within her. She was now
experiencing much pain as she felt herself being stretched to the point
where she believed that he was going to split her.

All of a sudden, her legs gave up completely in their task of supporting
her weight, and for a couple of seconds she remained balancing on the head
of his cock which was now a quarter of the way inside her. She felt a sharp
pain and her body proceeded to slowly slide down as her vagina began to
swallow his entire flesh pole.

As soon as he felt her legs giving up underneath her, he began to pull
downward with his hands around her waist, and as expected he suddenly felt
himself gaining ground into her extremely tight vagina. At last he knew
that he was all the way into her cunt. He was hurting her, he could tell by
the tears flowing from her eyes, and so as to minimise the pain, he
remained very still for a couple of minutes.

"You did it! It's all inside her. She is sitting on your balls and all of
you cock is within her. I want to do it also."

Charles was in no mood to argue with Paula. As soon as he saw that Renee
was no longer trying to get off, he smiled at her and began to fondle her
breasts. He could tell that she was no longer in pain now, and he slowly
began to shove his cock in and out of her extremely tight hole. After a
couple of dozen strokes, he felt her responding to his shoves with a
gyrating motion of her own, he then increased the depth and frequency of
his shoving. Soon they were both involved with the grinding and pumping
motions that were accompanied with the ecstasy of their first fuck. For
Renee if was the ultimate in pleasure, since never before, by means of her
fingers, had she experienced such delight. As for Charles, he fell in love
with her during that first fuck.

That night they all slept in the large bed, and he and Renee fucked for
part of the night. He sucked Paula's cunt a couple of times while fucking
her sister. As soon as Paula was asleep next to him, he climbed on her
older sister and they spent the night in each other's arms.

********** NOTE **********
The following is written by Mr B, not the original author.

*** New Neighbours part 3 ***

By Mr B

The next morning Charles woke up early, and he was very pleased to find
that he had one girl on each side, tightly pressed to him. During the night,
Paula had moved closer and was now sleeping with her head on his chest.
Very slowly he slid down between the girls, and he managed to get down to
their feet without waking either of them up. He removed the cover from
Paula's legs and was greeted with the display of her beautiful little
cunny. Her legs were slightly parted, and he could see her closed cunt lips
and the completely hairless mound above them. Charles was wondering how
tight that cunny would be, if he would ever get to try to fuck her.

Very carefully Charles grabbed the little girl's legs and parted them a bit
more. The lips stayed closed, and he moved his head closer to get a better
look again. Maybe she would like to wake up by someone fondling her private
parts? Charles decided to give it a go, and gently let his tongue pass over
her mound and down toward the top of her slit. He loved the feeling of her
bare skin! Very slowly he let his tongue move down to her slit, and by
applying a slight pressure, her lips parted a little, revealing her
clitoris. He flicked the little bud gently, and Paula began to stir a
little in her sleep. Charles let his tongue trace between her closed lips,
and he soon felt the little opening between them. Then Paula's legs opened,
and he could feel a pair of little hands on his head, pushing him closer to
her loin.

"Oooohhhh, that is so good!", Paula whispered. Charles was very happy that
she liked his treatment of her cunny, and he continued licking her there.
Using his fingers, he parted her lips a little, and then he pressed his
tongue a bit into her hole. Paula moaned and wriggled her hips, and Charles
could feel that the little girl was getting wet down there.

Paula then spread her legs wide open, and in doing so she kicked the quilt
off both girls, making Renee stir a bit. The 12-year-old slowly opened her
eyes and looked around, puzzled. Then she remembered it all, and she smiled
widely at Charles as he was licking her little sister between her legs.
Charles winked at her, and let his hand stroke her leg all the way up to
her crotch. Renee looked at him for a second, then she decided she would
also go along and play. She threw modesty away and spread her legs widely
as well. Charles was very pleased when he saw that, and he backed away from
Paula a little, admiring the display in front of him. How did he end up
this lucky? Here he had two willing little girls spread open in front of
him, one virgin at only six, and her older sister at twelve, not a virgin
anymore. Charles now wanted to 'service' both sisters at once, and he also
wanted to investigate the differences between their bodies.

He motioned for the girls to move closer together, and he got them both to
spread their legs wide. It was a bit awkward for them to position their
legs, but they managed, and Charles had two cunnies right in front of him.
Renee's cunny was much more developed, and her lips opened a bit, showing
the opening into her. It looked a bit red, but he hoped it was not too sore
from last night's actions. Glancing upwards, he could see her beautiful
frame with her flat stomach, and just a hint of her ribs above it. Further
up he could see these two lovely little breasts with her now erect little
nipples. Even further, he could see her wonderful face - she was smiling at

Paula was so much smaller. Her stomach was a bit more rounded above her
hairless little puss, and her chest was of course completely flat. But her
nipples were poking out; she was obviously also enjoying what he did to

Charles slid his finger down Renee's crack, from the few hairs she had on
top down past her bare lips. She had no hair at all along her lips or down
between her legs. Slipping his finger into Renee's little hole, Charles
found she was quite moist. He looked at her face while he moved his finger
a little inside her, and she nodded, letting him know she did not mind him
touching her there.

Charles let his finger move slowly inside Renee, and he shifted his
attention to the six-year-old. Tracing down between her lips as well, he
found the tiny opening. Carefully he pushed his finger to that hole as
well, and he felt it enter the child a little bit. Paula looked a little
surprised when she felt the tip of his finger inside her, but she did not
try to move away from him. When he had tongued her there, he had discovered
that she didn't seem to have a hymen, so he thought he would try to push
his finger a bit further inside her. In doing so, his finger slipped out of
Renee's narrow opening, and she looked over at Paula to see what happened.
When she saw Charles' finger at her little sister's puss, she closed her
legs and moved over to get a better look.

Now Renee started acting on her own, as she took hold of the little girl's
legs and pushed them up towards her chest, spreading them even more.
Charles was wondering what had happened to the shy, deaf girl, and he
looked at her. Renee smiled widely and uttered something he could not make
sense out of, so he looked at Paula for help.

"I think she wants to help you," Paula said as her legs were widely spread,
exposing all she had between them. Charles had never seen such an erotic
display, a six year old girl on her back with her legs widely spread by her
older sister! The little girl had no inhibitions, as she was speaking quite
naturally being on display like that.

Charles let his finger sink a little deeper into Paula, and he could feel
her pussy gripping his digit tightly. Now Paula let her head back and
closed her eyes, she just wanted to enjoy the wonderful feeling he was
giving her. She was now really wet, and Charles' finger slid in a bit
further, until the second knuckle was almost touching her pussy lips. Paula
moaned and grabbed her own legs, spreading herself as far as she could.

"Ooooohhhhhhh! That is good! Put it in a little more..." And Charles did.
He applied a bit more pressure, and he felt her canal getting narrower
inside her. He didn't want to hurt the child, so he did not enter her much
further. Instead, he started slowly moving his finger in and out of the
little girl. This made her moan louder, and she moved her butt a little,
meeting his finger each time he pushed it inside her. Paula started rocking
back and forth, giving little whimpers of pleasure.

"Oh yes, do that... Oh, oh, oh,... OOOhhhh!!!!" She almost screamed as her
orgasm hit her, but she held on to her legs and just continued rocking as
she spasmed. Charles could feel her tight canal squeezing his finger as she
orgasmed, and he really wondered how his cock would feel inside that tiny
girl's hole.

Paula's juices were running freely now, and some trickled down between her
legs over her little bumhole.

Renee saw this, and then she really surprised Charles. She slid her finger
through the juices getting it slippery, and then she made some sounds and
pushed her index finger just a little bit inside her little sister's anus!
Charles was flabbergasted - he had never even thought of touching little
Paula there!

"Charles, that's where I poop from!"

"I'm not doing anything - it's Renee!"

Paula stared at her older sister, not believing this. But Renee had a big
grin on her face, and pushed her finger a bit further into Paula's bottom.
Paula yelped, "Ouch!" Renee could maybe not hear that, but she must have
felt her little sister twitch as her little hole was violated. Charles held
still; he had never even imagined that something like that could happen.
Still, he found it extremely arousing to see the little six year old girl being stuffed both fore and aft. How had Renee come up with such an idea?

Paula now laid still, and then Renee started moving her finger slowly in
and out of her sister's butt. Paula's eyes went wide open, but she said
nothing. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all? After a little while, Charles
resumed moving his finger inside Paula, and Renee and him quickly found a
rhythm as their fingers went alternately into the little girl's pussy and
bottom. Paula started wriggling her bum; she enjoyed the double attention!

The fingering continued, and both Renee and Charles found they could slide
their fingers further and further into Paula, until they finally were all
the way inside the little girl. Then Paula went wild, and as she groaned
loudly she came yet again, but this time initiated also by having her
bottom stimulated.

"Oh my, ohmy, ohmy! Yes! Yess! Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!" she cried out as her
two nether holes contracted around the respective fingers being buried
inside her. She had never felt this good, and certainly never this full!
Finally she collapsed, and two fingers popped out of the little girl.
Paula's face was now flushed from the most wonderful orgasm she had ever
experienced, and maybe also a bit from feeling ashamed after having her
most private part exposed like that. (So, she *did* have some modesty after
all :)

Paula slumped back, but after a minute or so she slid over to her sister and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you..." she murmured
to her sisters deaf ear. Renee did not hear this, but she certainly
understood that her sister was very happy. Renee hugged her sister back,
and they both understood that they had found a new way of pleasing each
other. If Renee could speak, what would she have said? How did she know
about this? She most certainly felt on top of the world, for once being
able to initiate something new instead of just following other people.


After a while, Renee rolled over on her stomach, and, after looking at both
Charles and Paula, lifted her bottom a bit and spread her legs. Paula and
Charles looked at each other.

"What do you think she is up to?" Charles asked the little girl.

"I think Renee wants us to do the same to her," said Paula with a little

They both looked at Renee, who was now blushing deep red as she for the
first time expressed her lewd wishes. She grabbed her own bottom cheeks and
spread them, exposing her own anus and pussy to the two other children.
Charles thought this a very sexy display, and he got up and moved over to
caress Renee's lovely butt. In doing so, his much neglected cock sprang to
full attention. While Paula watched, he manoeuvred his penis toward Renee's
pussy and started moving it back and forth over her very wet lips. Feeling
an urgent need, he aimed it at her tight little hole and pushed it inside
her. Oh God, how good it felt to be inside her again! He started moving
back and forth inside her narrow passage, feeling how well lubricated she
was. Then Renee reached behind herself and grabbed his cock. Holding on to
it for a second, she then released her grip and pointed her finger to her
other hole!

Charles was wondering if she really wanted what she seemed to do, and he
asked Paula,

"Do you think she wants it in there? But that's dirty!"

"She didn't get any poop on her finger when it was inside me, and it really
felt good," little Paula answered. "I think she wants you to do it!"

Charles thought about it for a second, then decided that if Renee really
wanted it, he could do it. Besides, he could always wash it afterwards if
it got dirty. The biggest problem was pulling out of her tight hole that
massaged his cock so well. But then. on the other hand, that other hole would probably also be tight!

He pulled out of Renee, and then he pointed his immensely stiff organ
towards her little crinkled hole. He slid it up and down a bit to make it
slick, and then he asked Paula to help him aim. Paula gripped his cock and
put it straight at her sister's hairless bum hole. Renee's face was now
dark red, but she pushed her bottom back as if she were trying to impale
herself on his pole. Charles pushed, but nothing gave. Renee's anus was
tightly closed, blocking any entrance into it. Then Charles took hold of
her bottom cheeks and spread them apart, while Paula held him in position.
He pushed again, and felt the opening give a little, and then the head of
his cock slowly started sliding into Renee's tight, brown hole.

Renee now started making more sounds than she had ever done; it sounded
almost like a cry of pain, but she pushed her bottom against him as more of
his cock was sliding into her. Charles held still, and let Renee do the
pushing. When the tight ring closed over the head of his cock, Renee
stopped moving for a second. Then she moved back a little, and after a
little while again she started pushing further while her sounds
intensified. Charles had never felt anything this good in his whole life -
the tight ring was gripping him forcefully, making him want to come
straight away. But he forced himself to hold back, and he was rewarded with
the exquisite feeling of sliding slowly into Renee's rectum as she again
pushed hard against him. All her muscles back there were gripping different
sections of his cock, and he felt he was in heaven when she let out a loud
sound and pushed herself all the way back towards him until his loins
touched her bottom and his cock was all the way inside Renee's bum!

Charles had trouble letting it all sink in [pun not intended!]. Here he
was, with a twelve year old girl kneeling in front of him, and he had his
cock inside her bottom hole! He felt dirty and nasty, but above all
extremely aroused. It was even tighter than her pussy had been, and her
muscles back there were massaging him in a way he could hardly stand. Renee
started moving back and forth a little, and Charles found he could only
comply. The sheer lewdness of it all made it so sexy, and the sight in
front of him was exquisite! A perfectly rounded little girl's bottom with
his cock stuffed deep inside the hole she pooped from! He started to move
back and forth a little, and at Renee's loud urging (well, that's what he
thought the sounds could only mean), he started frantically fucking the
girl's anus. In and out, and these muscles were giving him the thrill of
his life.

"Are you going to put that white stuff in her now?" Paula asked.

"Yes... Yes I will... Oh yes, oh, oh, oh yes, here it comes!!!!" Charles
was sweating as he humped the little girl, and when he felt some extra
squeezes from her butt muscles he screamed and started pumping his load
into the extremely tight opening of the deaf girl at the same time as she
was having her bum-induced orgasm as well. This was the best ever! They
both shook for a long time, before they finally both slumped down on the
bed, his cock still buried inside her little hole.

They were exhausted, and they just lay there for a while catching their
breath before he slowly started pulling out of Renee. Even this was a very
sexy sight, watching his partly deflated cock slide out of her bottom. Her
bottom cheeks were tightly closed, so he could not see what her hole looked
like now, but he felt it close as he pulled out of it. To his pleasant
surprise, he saw that his cock was still clean - there was no poop on it at

What happened next made Charles and Paula giggle, as Renee let out a big,
wet sounding fart. She didn't know they could hear it, and she was
surprised to see their laughing faces. Then it dawned upon her that they
somehow knew, and her face grew a deep scarlet that she tried to hide under
the quilt. Then both Charles and Paula started to hug and kiss her, letting
her know there was nothing to be ashamed of. Finally, Renee got out from
under the quilt, and she understood that they had only laughed because they
thought it was funny.


Charles suddenly felt hungry, and he thought he could bring the girls to
his place for breakfast. But they had better get cleaned up unless they
wanted to be in big trouble!

"We need to get cleaned; can you make some hot water?" he asked Paula. She
went up and started the stove, putting a big pot full of water on top of
it. It did take quite some time before the water was hot, so they could
only wait in the bed. There were lots of hugs and kisses as they waited,
but Renee kept her legs firmly closed all the time. No wonder maybe, after
the fart incident.

Finally, the water was ready, and the three naked children filled a tub and
found some washclothes. First was Paula, and Charles asked her if she
wanted him to wash her. She willingly complied, and Charles found his hands
running up and down the little girl's' body, exploring everything she had
while making sure she was clean all over. Then it was Renee's turn, but she
shook her head and indicated for Charles to go first. Both girls eagerly
washed his whole body, paying extra attention to his cock and balls. Paula
giggled when she saw that he again got an erection, but when she tried to
put it in her mouth, Charles said for her to wait; they should wash Renee

Renee stepped into the water, and Charles and Paula started washing her.
Charles had a good time fondling her little tits, while Paula concentrated
on Renee's back. They moved down, and washed her stomach, her bottom, and
her legs. Then Charles motioned for Renee to bend forward and open her
legs. Renee blushed as she thought of where they would clean her now. She
hesitated, feeling quite ashamed, but a little prodding from Paula made her
bend over, spreading her legs and exposing her newly used nether region.
Charles was quick to move over; he wanted to do this. He dipped the
washcloth in the water and started on Renee's bottom, slowly moving his
hand between her round, little buns. When he got close to her bumhole,
Renee winced a little. Moving further down, Charles carefully washed
Renee's pussy with the cloth. Then he dropped the cloth and continued
fingering the girl, sliding his finger along her slit and dipping it into
her tight pussy hole. This made Renee spread her legs wider as she felt
herself getting aroused again. Charles had other ideas, though, so he
spread her bum cheeks with his other hand and lightly stroked his finger
across her abused little crinkle. He wanted to see the hole he had put his
cock inside, too see if it looked OK. To his surprise it was tightly
closed, and although a bit red in colour, it looked quite normal to him.

Then Charles got brave. This should be all clean now, he thought, so he
brought his face close to her exposed bottom. He had this strange idea that
if she liked her pussy licked, she might also like to be licked back there.
Charles extended his tongue and gave Renee's bottom a good lick, all the
way across her hole. Renee shuddered, but she obviously liked it, as she
tried to bend forward even more.

"Yuk, that is filthy!" said Paula.

"No it is not, we have cleaned it," answered Charles. He continued
licking Renee's bum, deciding he rather liked the idea. Obviously, Renee
had no problems with this either, as she started grinding her hips, trying
to allow him access to as much of her as possible. She was now getting
really excited by his ministrations, as her sensitive nether hole was being
licked. Renee reached behind herself and used her hands to spread her
cheeks a little. This made her hole open up a little, and Charles was
surprised when he felt his tongue slide inside her a little. This made
Renee start moving around, grinding her bottom to his face as he licked
around and inside her. Then Charles moved his hand to her pussy and started
stroking her clit at the same time. Renee now started whimpering, and soon
after she shuddered in another orgasm. When it hit her, Charles could feel
her hole contracting around his tongue, but he kept pressing it towards
her, keeping the tip inside. Renee went wild, and she made a sound almost
as a scream, and then she calmed down and relaxed. Charles leaned back and
could only admire her lovely little body.

Renee finally turned around with a big smile on her face, and she came over
to Charles and gave him a big hug and a kiss, as if to say 'thanks'.
Another big hug to her sister, and they knew Renee was very happy now.

Then they made the bed up, seeing that nothing would reveal their
activities, and finally they found their clothes and got as decent as they
could. It was time for breakfast.

*** New Neighbours part 4 ***

Breakfast was uneventful, except for a little giggle from Paula when
Charles' mother asked if the girls had behaved and Charles assured her they
had been great. 'Oops, better be careful when selecting words,' Charles
thought, but his mother didn't suspect anything and was happy things had
gone well.

It was a nice and sunny day, and Charles had nothing in particular to do,
so he suggested to his mother that he could take care of the girls for the
day if she had no other plans. It turned out his mother had to do some
shopping during the day, so she was very happy that he had suggested that.

"That should keep you out of mischief for once," she said with a smile.

Yeah, right.

The girls' mother wasn't expected until late in the afternoon, and Charles
was very pleased he could spend the day with them. Paula had been jumping
up and down at his suggestion, and she was thrilled to know they could
maybe play some more.

"Can we stay at our house then?" she asked Charles.

"I was thinking we could maybe go for a walk, bring some lunch and
swimmers, and maybe we could go for a dip in the little lake in the woods
nearby," he said while looking at his mother for permission.

"That would be nice, Charles, but you have to be very careful in the water!
I don't even know if the girls can swim yet," she said. Paula assured her
they could both swim, and she would like to see the lake - she didn't even
know there was one here.

Charles and Paula then tried to sign the message to Renee that they would
go swimming, and she understood and nodded, smiling. He then sent the girls home to find their swimwear, and he assisted his mother packing a lunch bag
for them.

"I'm really glad you will do this for Mrs. Welden, Charles - you know she
has her problems, and I really haven't got the time for these kids today."

Charles assured her he was happy with it; he wouldn't have suggested it if
he didn't want to. So with a few more words of caution and a promise to be
'good', Charles left the house with a big lunch for them all, and his
swimmers and a big beach towel in his backpack.

The girls were already waiting for him outside their house, eager to get

But Paula looked a little distressed.

"Charles, we don't really have any swimming gear either of us. We just
brought some underwear and a shirt for Renee."

"Don't you worry, I have seen you anyway," answered Charles. "Besides, it's
never anyone else there, so no-one else will see us."

Paula was happy with that, and she soon started skipping along, bending
down to study some flowers or an insect, generally being a happy little
girl. Charles tried to converse with Renee, but it was very difficult to
really get much feedback from her. She could understand some of what he
said by lipreading, but her answers were more or less limited to 'yes' or
'no' movements of her head. Finally, Charles just took her by her hand, and
a beaming smile from Renee showed that she was fine without any more

So the three children trodded along into the woods; one little girl investigating everything, and a deaf girl and her newfound boyfriend hand
in hand behind her. Finally they came to a clearing, and Paula and Renee
could see what a beautiful spot this was. A tiny lake surrounded by the
forest, but with a stretch of grass on one side just big enough for the
three of them to comfortably stretch out on in the sun.

They lay down on the large towel, Renee in the middle. Then Charles
stripped his shirt and pants, leaving only his underwear on. With a little
hesitation he took them off as well, and reached for his swimmers. Renee's
hand stopped him.

Charles looked at Renee, and she shook her head pointing to his swimmers.
Then she proceeded to unbutton her blouse, and finally take it off. Then
she lowered her knee-long skirt, and sat down wearing only her worn panties and a thin cotton chemise. Looking around to make sure no-one were near, she
slowly lifted her chemise over her head. Her little titties bobbed a little
when they were freed to the sun. Then Renee looked Charles in the eyes, and
slowly started to push her panties off. She lifted her bottom a bit, and
then she was sitting there as naked as she was born. A big smile, and Renee
laid back in the sun, showing off all her charms to Charles.

Renee had changed so much during the last 24 hours! From being a shy, deaf
girl just following what others did, she had suddenly blossomed into a
beautiful young girl who could show what she wanted. And now she wanted to
sunbathe naked, that much was clear.

Paula giggled and followed suit. She stood up, and first her shirt came off
so that her flat chest was displayed. Then she quickly lowered her skirt
and panties in one movement, and she was also completely naked. Charles
couldn't stop admiring her hairless mons with the little-girl slit below
it. When Paula saw Charles looking at her, she smiled,

"Do you like me?"

"Oh yes, Paula, I like you both very much! You're both so beautiful and

"You think I'm sexy???"

"You are very sexy, Paula. And I love seeing you naked."

By now Charles had begun to get erect, and when Paula saw this, she

"You DO think I'm sexy! Look at that!" She pointed to his now stiff cock,
and Renee also looked at him. When she saw what Paula pointed to, she
reached out and cupped his balls, squeezing gently.

"Me too!", said Paula, and she bent over Renee and took Charles' dick in
her hand. She started rubbing up and down like she had been taught
recently, but Charles stopped them both. A little too much too soon, in his

"Why don't we go for a swim?" he said, pointing towards the water. The
girls stopped what they were doing, and reluctantly agreed. They all got up
and headed into the warm water of the lake. It was not deep at all, so the
sun had made it really comfortable to swim in. Charles wondered if they
really could swim, as Paula had insisted, so he watched them carefully as
he entered the deeper waters. But there was no problem; the girls swam
easily up to him and started a double attack on him in the water.

Paula started to tickle him on his stomach, while Renee let her hand caress
his buttocks. Charles thought he must be dreaming - he felt he was in
heaven! He let himself float in the water as the attack got more daring.
Paula now had her hand down to his cock, and Renee started pushing her hand
in between his bottom cheeks. He could hardly believe what was happening as
he felt one little hand closing on his disk and another hand pushing
towards his butthole. Renee was obviously focused on this part of his (and
her own!) anatomy, and he let her push her finger slightly inside him. That
actually felt rather nice, he thought, so he let Renee continue her
explorations for a while. But then they got tired from staying afloat, and
they had to get into the shallower water. Charles swam slowly ashore, while
the girls kept touching his cock and bottom.

'This is weird,' thought Charles, but he really enjoyed the girls'
touching. When they could all stand up, Charles took each of the girls in
turn and gave each a big hug. He loved them both!

They went up to the towel again, and Charles laid down, letting the girls take the lead now. Then he felt a mouth on his cock, and he saw Paula
trying to put as much of it as she could inside her mouth. This he loved,
and he started moving his hips to try and push it inside her. Then suddenly
he felt something between his buttocks again, and he was very surprised to
see Renee pushing her head between them. She pushed his legs apart and
opened him up for herself. Then she moved in and started licking his
butthole! Charles felt her tongue there, where he seldom even touched
himself, and it felt so good! He relaxed and spread his legs, letting Paula
continue sucking his cock and Renee licking his bottom. It was the best he
had ever felt, and he started bucking his hips while Renee was sticking her
tongue into him, and little Paula was getting his dick almost down her
throat. It was too much, and suddenly he erupted into Paula's mouth, making
her choke at the unexpected blast. She managed to keep her mouth on his
cock, and she started swallowing everything she was fed. Heaven! Never had
Charles even thought anything could feel this good, and he kept pumping
into little Paula while her sister licked his behind. Eventually he calmed
down, and he looked at his two little lovers who had given him all this
pleasure. Now he understood why Renee liked it so much back there, and he
was almost sorry she didn't have a cock to put into him... Almost.

They all cuddled for a while, until Paula suddenly spoke up.

"Charles, I want to do it with you too!"

"But Paula, you're too small! It would hurt you too much," said Charles,
despite his earlier wishes to try to fuck the little child.

"Am not! See!"

Then she rolled over on her stomach, let her bum in the air and spread her
little buttocks with her hands. Her tiny butthole was clearly displayed,
and she put a finger inside herself there.

"I can get a finger in there, and it doesn't hurt at all! Can you do me,
please?" she pleaded. Charles was awestruck - the six-year-old wanted him
to plunge her bottom!

He looked over at Renee, and the girl looked so confident now. She motioned
for Charles to move over behind her little sister, and reached out for his
cock. The sheer idea of getting inside the little girl had made Charles'
cock rock hard, and he just positioned himself behind her, his cock being
led towards the little pucker by the older girl's hand.

"Are you sure, Paula?" he managed to say while his cock was planted on the
little narrow opening of the six-year-old girl.

"Oh yes, just push it in!", said the little girl, probably not knowing what
she was in for. Charles thought he had better apply some liquid to make her
a bit slippery, so he spat on his hand and let it moisten the girl's back
door. He loved the feeling of rubbing her hole, and when he slipped a
finger just inside her for a second, Paula moaned and wriggled her bottom.

Charles then felt Renee's hand aiming his cock directly at her little
sister's tiny hole, and he pushed forward a bit, letting the tip just touch
the child's behind. Paula purred as she felt the contact. Then Charles
pushed a bit more, and he could feel Paula's little hole at the tip of his
cock. Renee removed her hand prom his rod, and she moved it down to her
little sister's now moist pussy. This made Paula move her hips a bit, and
as Charles pushed harder, he could feel her rectum open a little bit,
letting his head enter her just a fraction. That made Paula shudder, and
when Charles pushed a bit more, the head of his cock suddenly slid in until
it was almost all the way inside her.

"Ouch!!! That hurts!", said Paula, and Charles stopped his pushing, leaving
his cock just at the entrance of Paula's extremely narrow opening.

"Shall I stop?" he asked the child.

"Oh.. Oh, oh no, but don't move. Just keep it there a little," she
answered. Charles kept still, looking down at the incredible sight of his
seemingly huge tool just a bit inside the little round bottom of the girl in front of him. Then Paula continued.

"It's OK now I think. Push a little again..."

And Charles pushed a bit more, feeling and seeing that the whole head of
his cock slowly entered the girl. When her hole closed behind the head, she
whimpered again.

"Oh.... I feel really stuffed back there! It's so much bigger than my
fingers! It hurts still though..."

"Want to stop?"

"No! Just wait a bit again..." Paula's eyes were big, and she panted as she
tried to get used to being stuffed back there.

After a while she nodded her head and said, "Go on now. I think I can take

Charles pushed harder, and suddenly he felt his cock slide through the
incredibly narrow passage, her muscles gripping him fiercely as his tool
sunk quickly almost all the way inside her.

"AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" Her scream was deafening, and Charles was sure
even Renee could hear it, and that Paula's mother must be certain to hear
it, wherever she was!

sobbed and cried as she tried to get away from his cock, now feeling like
it split her in two. Her bottom was throbbing in pain, and the burning
sensation was so horrible she thought she was going to pass out.

"OUT! OUT!! OUT!!!!!" she cried, but Charles did nothing of the kind. Her
little anus was squeezing his cock so forcefully it almost hurt him as
well, but above all he enjoyed the feeling, and also the sight in front of
him. He just wouldn't let go, and he held on to Paula's hips, making sure
she couldn't get away. Such a little girl, and such a narrow hole! Her bum
looked so small compared to him, and his cock did most of his thinking.

So Charles held on to the child, his cock still inside her abused
rectum. For a while he didn't move, and Paula's sobs slowly subsided, until
she ended up quiet, but almost hyper-ventilating. She was breathing quickly
in short gasps, her nervous system on a high, with all the focus on that
spot where she normally pooped. It still hurt a lot, but Paula was very
surprised to feel some of the nice feelings she had when Renee had put her
finger in back there. It was very different though, as she felt the immense
stretching of her bumhole. It felt like someone had put an arm or something
inside her. As Charles held still, Paula felt most of the pain and burning
fade, and she now really felt nasty! It was like having a giant poop, but
nothing came out. She squeezed her muscles a little, and she was amazed to
even find this quite enjoyable now. Her breathing had returned to normal,
and now she found those new sensations rather pleasant. It still hurt a
little back there, but the sheer nastiness of having her bottom hole stretched so much made her forget that.

Then Renee returned her hand to the little girl's pussy, and started
stroking her sister's slit. Renee's eyes were sparkling as she looked at
the awesome sight of his dick pushed far inside her sister's bottom. Paula
reacted to her sister's caresses, and she started moving a bit back and
forth. This made Charles' cock move a little inside her, and she was
suddenly very aware of her stretched bottom again. But now she felt she
could enjoy it, and she started breathing quickly again. Her hole felt raw
and sore, but still the feeling of something moving back there was really
quite awesome to her. Making little gasps, she started moving slowly back
and forth, while Charles' cock was moving a little in and out if her anus.

'I can really do this!', Paula thought, as she increased the movements, and
after a little while she could feel the rod moving almost all the way out
of her, and then in again until Charles' hips touched her little cheeks.
This was starting to feel really good to the little girl.

Charles also felt the immense squeezing of his cock as Paula moved her
butt, and he knew for sure that he would not last long at all now. He
looked down at his pole sliding in and out of the little child's bottom,
and that did it. He exploded, seeing stars and feeling his emotions
centred at his cock. His cock expanded a bit, and with a groan he emptied
himself into the narrowest hole thinkable. Paula screamed as his thrusts
intensified, and she also felt immense pleasure as she knew he was spurting
inside her. Her feelings were quite mixed, and she had not at all reached
the state where she would orgasm, but it was basically just pleasure she
felt in her little body.

Charles came down from his incredible high, and as he looked down, he was
amazed to see he was still erect inside little Paula. Composing himself, he
found he'd better pull out of her, and he watched in awe as his cock was
slowly pulled out from Paula's anus. He was fascinated as he withdrew from
her hole and the head popped out. Paula's little hole remained open for a
while, and he could actually see inside the girl! Then, slowly, Paula's
anus closed itself, and when it was completely closed again the girl slumped backward and let out a loud breath of exhaustion.

The three children remained silent for quite a while, all trying to digest
what had just happened. Charles laid down next to his youngest lover, and
Renee laid down on her other side.

After a while, Paula raised her head. She grimaced as she looked at

"That hurt, you know!"

"Sorry Paula, I just couldn't help it... You looked so lovely there. I
didn't really mean to hurt you! Besides, you had asked for it."

"Yeah, I know. Guess I'm not big enough anyway. I don't think I'll be able
to poop for a week now - I'm really sore down there! Will you look how it
is? It really stings."

"OK, spread your legs then."

With that, Paula rolled over on her back and pulled her knees towards her
chest. She spread her knees, and Charles could again look at her beautiful
hairless mons and little slit. He moved down and got a close look at her
abused little anal opening. It looked quite red, and somewhat dilated. But
there was no blood or anything there. Charles was quite sure it would be
OK, and he told her so. Then the little girl closed her legs and laid down
flat on her back. She looked so little and innocent there - who would think
she had just had a cock deep inside her bum?

On Paula's other side, Renee had also turned around. She touched her little
titties and stroked her puss a little. Then she grinned at Charles and
motioned for him to come over.

'Oh gosh, what does she want now?', Charles thought. 'I'm all pooped out,
quite literally,' he mused. But the 12-year old girl was obviously eager
now, and as Charles moved over she also lifted her knees, opening herself
up to the boy and the sun. This did have an effect on Charles, and he felt
his cock twitch at the lovely little girl so eagerly showing him all her
charms. Renee spotted this, and she reached out for his cock, stroking it a
bit. Then she spread her legs even more and pointed her finger to her anus.

'Oh, she wants it too!', Charles thought. Maybe, just maybe he could
perform once more... He pointed his cock to her exposed little hole, and at
her gestured invitation he again pushed his cock against a little girl's
anus. But this was quite different, and Charles found that it opened
easily, letting his cock sink into the girl in one swift movement. At that,
Renee started bucking her head and her bottom, showing Charles that she
really enjoyed this. Letting out these strange sounds from her throat,
Renee started pushing against Charles to let him enter her as deeply as he
could. He started pushing his cock deep into the girl, and he was rewarded
with a look of pure pleasure on Renee's face as he bumped against her
little round bottom. She held on to his butt and pulled him hard towards
her, then pushed him quickly away and pulled hard again. Charles got her
drift - she wanted to be banged hard and fast. He picked up his pace and
force, and started sliding quickly in and out of her ravaged little hole.
While not as narrow as her little sister's, Renee's anus was squeezing him
forcefully, and Charles soon found he had to slow down so as not to explode
immediately. He wondered again how the deaf girl had found out about this.
He had to admit it was wonderful though, and he let his eyes wander down
the 12-year-old, from her lovely face, past her little budding tits, across
her flat abdomen, down to her lightly haired mound, her hairless, slightly
spread pussy lips, and finally between her legs, where his cock was solidly
implanted in that amazing little butt hole. It looked immensely stretched,
and when he withdrew, it pulled out a little, following him. When he pushed
in, it disappeared between her cheeks, so he could only see his cock and
her round, little buttocks.

Charles loved it, and so obviously did the little, butt-fucked girl. Her
hands moved down between her pussy lips, and she started stroking herself
fiercely while she moved her bottom up and down, meeting Charles' strokes.
Then she started moving faster, and Charles assumed she would come soon. He
increased the speed and force again, literally banging it into her rear. He
felt her strong muscles rhythmically squeezing him as he pumped into her,
and as she started gurgling, Charles could hold back no longer. When his
cock erupted into her bowels, Charles felt her muscles contracting,
gripping him like never before. He kept pumping into her now extremely
narrow opening, letting go as he let out a loud moan of pleasure. Renee
spasmed wildly as he came inside her, rubbing her little clit at the same
time, and then they both relaxed, feeling an immense relief.

Charles breathed hard; he was exhausted. He rested on his arms and groin,
his cock still inside the girl, as he composed himself. His cock was now
deflating somewhat, and he looked as he slowly pulled out of the girls'
behind. He enjoyed this, watching his cock slowly retract from her hole between her still widely spread legs. When the head popped out, Renee's
hole stayed open just like her sister's, maybe even more so. For a while
she was opened up back there, and then her butthole slowly closed. Then she
lowered her legs and exhaled. Her face looked flushed, but very, very
happy. Charles crawled up beside her and they kissed and hugged for a
while, and then they fell asleep next to little Paula who had apparently
been sleeping through all of this.


Charles eventually woke up, and he just hoped that no-one had walked by them
while they slept. But all their stuff was there, so it was probably OK. He
looked at the two sleeping sisters, hardly believing that he had actually
fucked them both, and in their bottoms at that! He had to somehow find out
about this, how Renee got the idea...

He got up and found the lunch. Then he carefully woke the naked little
girls up. It took a while for them both to get to their senses, but soon
they were sitting in a circle facing each other, their legs spread and the
lunch in the middle(!) They ate quietly, and when they were finished Paula
stood up and walked towards the lake. The two remaining children looked at
her as she entered the water and squatted down. Splashing some water
between her legs, she squealed, then moved her hand down and cleaned
herself down there. She was grimacing - the water stung.

When she had finished her washing, she trodded back up and sat down.

"How does it feel, little one?" Charles asked.

"It stings. You hurt me you know."

"Sorry again. Shall we look at it?"

"Maybe. Wanna do it?"

"Sure. Lay back."

Paula laid back and spread her legs again, her knees again pulled towards
her little chest. Charles moved over to look at her poor little bottom. She
looked red and a bit swollen, but not really very bruised. Charles moved
closer and stuck his tongue out, touching her anus gently.


Charles somehow thought that licking her bottom would make her feel better,
so he continued gently lapping up and down her little hole. Paula calmed
down, and after a while she said,

"Oh, that's not so bad. I feel better now!"

Charles was pleased; he had liked licking her there!

"You'll be fine, Paula. Your bottom looks good to me."

That was the end of their sexual explorations for that day, and they spent
a few more hours just playing, running around and being little kids. Naked,
but otherwise like any other kids frolicking on a nice, sunny summer day.
Before they left, they dipped their swimmers (or underwear, for the girls)
in the water. Better safe than sorry.

*** New Neighbours part 5 ***

The next few days the three children spent playing mainly in their own
gardens. They used Charles' swing a lot, but apart from the occasional
glimpse of a worn pair of panties with a hint of naked pussy underneath, a
few feels of a little titty or a half-stiff cock, nothing sexy happened.
Renee had really blossomed, and she now used any opportunity to try to
express herself. Charles found it really interesting how she developed her
skills at lip reading, and they spent many hours trying to make her
pronounce words so that they could understand her. Mrs. Welden was really
pleased that Charles took so good care of her girls, and Charles' mother was also happy that they all seemed to get along so well.

A little more than a week after their 'picnic', Charles was awakened by a
load banging on the door. He got up and opened it. There stood two
beautiful girls beaming him their widest smiles.

Paula prodded her sister, and Charles looked at her.

"Hee-luu .. Taals. Aam Dee-nee!"

Charles was awestruck! She had spoken two whole, understandable

"Hello Renee! I love you!!!"

Charles threw himself at the deaf girl and gave her a tight hug. He was so
happy for her!

Since that day, Renee very quickly developed her skills. She had long had
the notion of simple words like nouns and verbs, but now her grammatical
understanding improved immensely, and she spent hours filling in the empty
spots in her mind with the rules and conventions known to most other
people. Another thing that impressed Charles, was that at the same time she
learned both reading and writing. She knew the letters from before, and had
been able to reproduce simple words, but it had never really made much
sense to her, since the combination of words into sentences was something
she had just recently grasped.

About a week later, the girls' mother had to go away for the weekend again,
and when she asked Charles if he would mind, he just laughed and said that
of course he would look after the girls. He went to talk to his mother about it.

"Oh that's bad..." she said, "you see, I've got to go visit my mother this
weekend, and your father has told me him and your brother will be staying
overnight all weekend at work. They have to finish something or other by
Sunday night. I was hoping Mrs. Welden could look after you."

"Aaw, mom, I'm 14 now, and I can certainly look after myself! And you know
I have no trouble with those girls. I'll be fine!"

And so it was. Charles had to promise he would be really careful, and they
stocked up enough for the three children to eat and drink from Friday
afternoon until Sunday night. Charles was beside himself with joy - he
hadn't really played with the girls for a long time now, and he was going
to have two full days with them with no interruptions! They arranged beds
for the girls at Charles' house, and on Friday afternoon they moved in, with
two anxious mothers trying to see that everything would be OK for them.

Finally the adults left with warnings echoing the rooms, and at last
Charles had the two beauties to himself again.


"Wanna play?" cheered Paula as the door was locked. Not waiting for an
answer, she leaped towards an armchair, and sat down at the armrest. She
waved the other two towards her, and Charles sat down in the chair. This
was something they used to do before, but he wandered why Paula wanted to
do it again. Renee also sat down on an armrest, and together they started
tickling Charles. Well, he thought, this was kinda nice. He put an arm on
each of the girls' bellies and tickled. They both yelled as he pinched
them. What a difference in Renee - she had started using her voice as well

Then Paula moved her hand down to his cock, and felt up and down his rapidly
stiffening rod. Oh yes, he loved this game, too! Together, Renee and Paula
opened the buttons of his pants, and before he knew it, his cock was out in
the air, being fondled by the sisters.

"No fair! I haven't seen you yet," Charles mocked.

"You wanna see me? OK," said Paula, and she slowly and teasingly lowered
her little panties. He got a flash of bare skin, and remembered fondly the
first time this had happened. The girls seemed to like pretending it was
their first time again, so Charles lifted his hand, moving it slowly up
against Paula's little slit. This time, however, she was really wet down

"Take off your panties, too," he slowly mouthed to Renee.

"Oo-gay," she answered, lifting the hem of her skirt, and lowering her
panties as well. Charles let his left hand caress her little puss, and he
was not at all surprised to find her soaked as well. There was indeed a
difference to this game now, since both girls knew what would happen.

After a while, their hands roamed all over each other's bodies, and
shortly, Charles simply removed his shirt and his pants, leaving just his
underwear on. In unison, the girls giggled and swiftly removed his last
garment. Then they proceeded to remove their dresses, and in a flash all
the kids were naked again.

Charles sat back and asked Renee if she wanted to fuck him now. He had to
mouth the word 'fuck' several times before she understood the meaning. Then
she moved over him and lowered her almost hairless pussy towards his rod.
Charles let it slip back and forth between her wet folds a few times, and
then he aimed in the middle, where her lips now parted, revealing her
aroused little hole. She gently slid down on him and started rocking back
and forth. Oh gosh, it had been such a long time, and Charles felt again in
heaven as her narrow little hole moved up and down his cock. She started
moving faster, and it took only a few seconds for them both to get off.
Rocking hard against each other, they both gasped as the orgasmic bliss
went through them.

Renee slumped forward against Charles, and she was breathing heavily after
her climax.

"Thank you," she said. (Well, it sounded a bit different, but just forget
that for now...) Charles remained stiff inside her; he was still so aroused
he could continue this without a pause. He felt the tip of his cock
touching her innermost depths as she was sitting on him.

"My turn now!"

The words surprised Charles, and he looked at Paula.

"Maybe not, darling. Remember what happened last time..."

"But I want to feel it inside me! It's only fair since you've done Renee."

"Front or back?" Charles could hardly believe what he himself was saying.

"Front!" With that, Paula gently pulled Renee off Charles, and presented
her own little hairless twat to him.

Oh my, he thought, she is so little! Paula stood up in the chair in front
of Charles, and she spread her pussy lips with her fingers. He could see
the tiny clitoris peeking out at the top, and her very smooth lips parted a
little, showing her miniature inner lips and the pink, smooth skin
inside. Charles touched her there, and she was really wet. He thought
about how he would feel with that tiny pussy around his cock, and he
groaned. He took hold of Paula's hips and sat her down between his
legs. Her legs parted, but when she let go of her lips they closed by
themselves. Renee moved over and supported her little sister so she
wouldn't fall, and Paula spread her legs even more. Then her pussy lips
parted a little bit, so Charles could see her opening between her legs. He
lifted her up a little, and started sliding the girl along his cock. He was
still slippery from being inside Renee, and with Paula's added juices his
cock got a really slippery ride between her hairless folds.

Lifting her a little, he aimed the tip of his cock between her lips, and
Paula took hold of his stiff member and pointed it straight at her hole.

"Do it to me?" It almost sounded like a plea, and Charles could not resist
what he had been dreaming about ever since they started playing their
games. He asked Renee to push her forward a little, and as Paula was raised
to an almost upright position, Charles lowered the little child a tiny bit.
He both felt and saw that the head of his cock was in the right position,
and when he let go a little bit more, the head parted her lips and entered
her just a fraction.

Paula gasped, and Charles held her still.

"OK?" he asked.

"It's OK, just go slow..."

Lowering the child slowly, Charles saw his cock parting her pussy lips a
bit more, and he now felt the pressure from her unused hole on his member.
An exquisite feeling, but the look of it!!! Her little pussy, completely
devoid of any hairs, slowly sinking down on his (comparatively) huge cock.
And no breasts. Completely flat all the way from her chest down to her
slightly protruding mound, where her baby-like fat lips were being spread
almost obscenely by his cock. Butthole or not, this was the most erotic
sight Charles thought he would ever get. He was hard as a rock, and as he
kept lowering the girl he could feel an immense pressure around more and
more of his tool. There was nothing blocking the entrance, but as he kept
lowering her, he could feel she was getting narrower and narrower inside.
He was almost two inches inside the child now, and she started breathing
very quickly as she felt herself being stretched.

It was beginning to hurt Charles a little, since the outer part of her
pussy was getting a bit dry. He lifted her up a little, and then started
moving her up and down the two inches she had managed to get inside. This
helped spreading some lubrication, and he let her down a little more on
each stroke. Paula's eyes opened wide, but she didn't say a word. Finally,
Charles could take it no longer, and he let her down all the way, until she
was resting her little bottom on his lap.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh," was all Paula said. She didn't scream, but she looked
very surprised when she felt his cock suddenly violating her insides. She
looked down at herself, and she saw she had done it! Only an inch or so of
his cock was still outside of her hole. And it didn't hurt at all! She felt
very full though, and as she wriggled her bottom a little, she could feel
the cock moving inside her. She felt the tip of it pushing against
something inside, and it would not go any further.

Charles felt the same, and he also felt how narrow the six-year-old's
little vagina was. He was actually fucking her, his cock all the way inside
the pussy of a girl of only six. Unbelievable, and immensely good. Charles
started moving Paula up and down again, and his member went in and out of
her little undeveloped hole. She was so tight all the way it almost hurt Charles, even with all her lubrication. But he loved it, and started to
move the child faster, almost like a toy surrounding his cock. Paula
enjoyed it too, and when Charles started feeling like finishing off, the
little girl seemed fine just receiving it inside herself. For her, this was
enough for now; the orgasm bit could wait. So Charles moved her faster and
faster, and then he suddenly spurted his second load within a short time,
this time inside a very young child.

Charles relaxed, and he now felt his cock becoming smaller inside Paula.
She still squeezed him hard though - the little girl's pussy hole was so
flexible. He lifted her slowly off him, and he saw her hole close
completely as soon as his cock was out of it.

This had been unbelievable. Both sisters had been properly fucked, and both
the 12 and the 6 year old had really enjoyed it. Charles needed a rest
though, and he told them he would like to go and lay down outside. The
girls followed him, and they simply slumped down in the grass, three naked,
oversexed children. They slept.


When Charles woke up again, he found both girls cuddled closely with their
fronts to his body. They were both awake, just lying there looking at him
and each other.

"You awake now, Charles?"

It was Paula. Charles nodded, feeling very good just being there in the
warm sun, with these two wonderful little bodies pressed to his.

"Yes, Paula. What's on your mind?"

"I've been talking to Renee. She's really good at talking now, and she said
she wants to go swimming again."

That reminded Charles - he had long been wanting to talk to Renee about how
she had come up with all her ideas of the sex they had had...

"It's a bit late now, can't we just stay here and talk a little instead,and
then go swimming tomorrow?"

"That's OK with me, but you have to ask Renee yourself," said Paula with a

Charles turned towards Renee and gave her a smile.

"Hi beautiful!"

"Hi Charles. Thank you."

Although her pronunciation was far from perfect, Charles could understand
everything Renee said to him. He was so happy for her!

"Can we talk a little now?"


Charles continued on, talking about the wonderful moments they had had
together, and Renee blushed a little, saying she loved it too. Then, after
a while, he said there was something he had wanted to ask her. He tried to
word it carefully so that she would understand.

"Very good sex, Renee. But why did you want it back there?" He pointed at
her little bottom and waited. She blushed a little and lowered her head.

"Is it bad?"

"No, Renee, not bad! But strange!"

Renee didn't answer for a while. She was considering what to do about
it. Then she suddenly said,

"Come here!"

And she got up in all her adolescent beauty, gesturing for both Charles and
Paula to follow her. They crossed the little fence between their
properties, making sure no-one saw the three naked children walking over to
the girls' house. Once inside, Renee went inside her mother's bedroom, and
opened the bottom drawer of a chest. Rummaging inside, she finally produced
an envelope. She blushed again and gave it to Charles. He took it and
looked at her. She nodded, and he proceeded to open the envelope. Inside
were a collection of photographs. Charles had seen very few photographs in
his life, and certainly none like these! He showed them to Paula, and she
gasped. They were pictures of naked people, both men and women, and they
were heavily engaged in sexual activities! Some pictures showed naked men with stiff cocks, and others were of women with their legs wide
spread. Renee must have know what the tent in his pants had been all along.

As they went through the pile, the pictures got more explicit. Some showed
the women penetrated by the men, but it was the last one that got their
attention: it showed one of the women with a cock buried deeply inside her

Charles understood now. Renee had discovered these pictures, and she must
have been experimenting somehow, finding the activities exciting. They
looked at the pictures for a while, and then Renee went through the drawer
again, picking out an object about the size of a large carrot.

Renee looked at him, and Charles nodded, considering. This was of course
how she had discovered the pleasures of anal penetration, and maybe it also
explained why she hadn't had a hymen? As for Paula's lacking the same, he
wasn't sure. Maybe he would ask her about it.

Then Renee spoke up.

"Swim now?"

"I don't think so, Renee. It's late. Can we go tomorrow instead?"

Renee agreed, and they decided to go back to his garden and get a little
more sun.

They ran over to his garden again, and since no-one could see them there,
they stretched out naked in the sun, enjoying the rays on their
bodies. Although Charles had seen them nude so much now, he still found it
very exciting to be with these girls. He was on his back, and he felt this
familiar stirring in his loin, knowing that his cock was slowly
growing. Renee looked at him and smiled; then she reached out tentatively
for his stiffening member. Charles did not mind at all when she started
stroking him slowly, making him feel very good in the process. He smiled
back at her, and reached out fondling her little titties. Renee gurgled a
little, then she reached out and grabbed something behind her. It was the
carrot-like thing - she had taken it with her!

She handed it to Charles, but said nothing.

The carrot was made from some strange material that was both hard and soft
at the same time. About like his cock, Charles mused. Wow... he hadn't
thought this would be coming up. He looked at Paula, but she was only
observing what was happening. Then he looked back at Renee, wondering what
she wanted. She looked back, then raised her bottom a little bit. Did she
want it in there?

"Do you want it in you?"


Loud and clear.

Charles had never masturbated a girl with a carrot before. The thought made
him quite hot, though, so he willingly moved down to the girl's
thighs. 'Damn,' he thought, 'which hole?'

He moved the thing closer to her behind, and she raised her bottom a
little, spreading her legs. Charles put the carrot close to her pussy lips,
and pushed in a little. She moaned. The narrow lips spread, letting the
object enter her little puss. Pushing a little, it slid in quite
easily. Was his cock bigger? Yeah, he thought, at least wider... He pushed
the thing all the way inside the girl, until it hit her bottom. Then she
wriggled her hips, spreading her buns some, making all she had come clearly
into view. Charles moved the thing a bit in and out of her, and Renee
reacted by bucking her hips, somewhat exposing more of herself. Charles'
stiff member was now throbbing, and he saw the inviting little hole being
exposed above that rod entering her pussy. Moving a little, he brought his
cock up towards her anus, and he was rewarded by a groan from Renee; she
moved so that his cock pressed hard against her just there.

'Oh dear. This carrot is inside her, and she still wants...'

Charles pushed. Renee moved back, and her anus opened, letting the head of
his cock slide into it. She pushed back more, and Charles again felt his
rod slide into that incredibly tight hole. He thought he could feel the
stiff carrot underneath him, and her hole felt even tighter than it had
before. Renee loved the penetration, and while rocking back and forth to
get him inside her bottom, she held on to the carrot in her pussy, even
moving it back and forth a little. Charles felt the wonderful pressure from
her rectum, and the added stimulation of feeling something else pushing
from below made him want to release his seed almost immediately. He held
on to her buttocks, and slowed her down to a comfortable speed. The girl obviously enjoyed it as much as he did, and she tried to get him deeper
inside her bum by every stroke. They kept this going for a few minutes,
then Charles starting moving fast, in and out of the girl. Her tight anal
ring spasmed, and as Charles started releasing his spend into her, she
bucked against him, moving the carrot feverishly in and out of herself,
really getting off at the combined penetration of both her holes.

Finally they sunk down, Charles on top of Renee, who was still stuffed both
fore and aft. He rolled off her and slipped out of her bum. Renee then
rolled over on her back, displaying that she still had the thing inserted
in her little pussy. She moved a little back and forth, then pulled it
slowly out from herself. She smiled, a wonderful, happy smile. She had just
had the most powerful orgasm in all her life.

They relaxed for a while, and then Renee spoke up.

"Feel good. Try more." Gosh, did she never get enough???

Renee pulled her legs towards her slender chest, splaying herself wide open
to their eyes.

"Big thing. In here," she said, sliding two fingers into her own anus and
spreading them a little. She gasped at her own insertion, then inserted a
third finger. It looked obscene, the child fingering herself like that.

Charles could only comply, so he found the slick carrot and moved it over
to her bottom. She removed her fingers and left her anus slightly
dilated. Charles pushed the carrot easily inside her, and moved it in and
out a little. Renee was very pleased, and moved her butt up against it. But
she spoke up again.

"Bigger thing."

Charles looked at his cock, but although he would like to, he could not
possibly get it up now. Bigger thing? They didn't have any bigger
things. But Renee had an idea.

"Paula. Finger."

Paula looked surprised at her sister. Her finger was much smaller than that
carrot-thing. But Renee took her little sister's hand and pulled it back to
her bum. Charles pulled the carrot out, letting Paula's finger replace it
inside the girl.

"More finger."

Paula looked surprised at her sister, then slid another little finger
inside her. There was still room for more, so the pushed a third finger in
with the others. Renee was really enjoying this, but kept begging for more.

Finally, Paula pushed her little pinkie inside as well, and moved four
fingers in and out of Renee a little.

"More finger."

Could she? Paula tried to move her thumb down together with the other
fingers, but she couldn't get it in. It was too dry, so the fingers
wouldn't go in any further.

"Wait." Charles had a wicked idea. He ran inside and found some
butter. "Try this," he said, showing it to Paula. She pulled her fingers
out of her sister and coated her hand liberally with the butter, making it
really slick. Then she inserted her fingers again, and now she could push
four fingers easily inside her sister. She tried again with her thumb, and
when she pushed a bit, she felt her knuckles slowly slide in. This was so
weird; she was putting her *hand* inside her sister's poop hole.

"Aaaahhh..... More."

Renee was grimacing, but she tried to spread her legs more, opening up for
the wild penetration of her bum. Paula now pushed harder, and slowly her
whole fist disappeared inside Renee. This was really gross, thought Paula,
but she continued until she felt the anal ring close around her wrist.

Charles could only watch in awe. This was the wildest thing he had ever
witnessed - the whole hand had slipped inside Renee!

Now Paula started to move her hand a little inside her sister, and when she
was pulling her hand back out a little, she made a fist, making it open
Renee even more. Renee felt this immense stretching of her anus, and she
started moaning.

At one point Paula's fist was resting just at the ring of the anus, and
Paula squeezed her fist, making it as big as she could. That drove Renee
wild, and she slipped a hand down to her pussy and started playing with her
own clitoris. It took her only a few seconds to climax again, and Paula
kept moving her fist in and out of her the whole time. When Renee stopped
shaking, Paula slowly withdrew her hand, leaving Renee's anus wide
open. Renee held on to her legs, and then slowly her hole closed again. She
let out a loud gasp and released her legs, totally exhausted from the
tremendous abuse of her rectum.

Paula looked at her hand, and quickly ran inside to wash it. It had been
gross, but a little fun, too. How did Renee manage her whole hand? She
remembered when she herself had had Charles' cock stuffed back there, and
although it had hurt her terribly at first, she thought she would try
again. But a hand? Never.

She went back out to the other two, and they were now hugging and kissing;
Renee had never before looked this happy.


It was getting late now, so they all went inside to wash and get something
to eat. They found some food that was already prepared for them, and had
their supper, still all naked.

They ate some cooked meat and potatoes in a thick gravy. Paula was the last
to finish, and just as she was about to get the remaining gravy off her
plate, it tipped off the table and landed splash on her chest and tummy.

"Ooops! I didn't mean that!"

"That's OK. Here, give me the plate," said Charles, reaching out for it.
She was a mess, gravy all over her front. Some was running down her tummy,
and tricked down between her legs.

"Let me clean you up," said Charles, getting a kitchen towel. Then he had
another fun idea. His mother had always said not to spill any food, so he
thought he could clean the girl without the cloth. He leaned down and
started licking her chest, tickling her little nipples. Paula giggled and
squirmed, but let him continue what he did. He licked the gravy off her
chest and baby titties, moving down her tummy. Then he got close to her
hairless little mound, and he spread her legs, licking all the gravy from
her pussy as well. He had heard his friends talking about 'eating a girl',
and he thought he had an idea now...

All the gravy was gone, but Charles continued licking the little girl,
pushing his tongue as far as he could inside her little hole. Paula pulled
his head closer, letting him know she liked this very much. Spreading her
legs even more, Charles passed his tongue all the way from her miniature
clit down to her little hole, and further down until he was licking her
bottom. Paula went crazy, and Charles alternated between her two holes in
quick succession. Then Paula cried out and spasmed.

Paula was so happy after her treatment, she opted to do the dishes. While
she was at it, the other two went to make their bed. Of course they
wouldn't accept the arrangement from their mothers. They moved their
respective pillows and quilts into Charles' mother's bed. When they were
finished, they went into the kitchen to see the little naked girl there
just cleaning off the last dishes.

Charles said, "time for bed?"

The girls agreed, and they all went to the bedroom and climbed into the
queen-sized bed made up for them. It was nice and warm, so they just spread
out on top of their quilts. Charles was in the middle, and he soon felt a
nice, cuddly girl on each side. He thought back on their activities during
the afternoon, feeling very pleased that he had two such nice girls to
'take care of'. He soon dozed off, as did the girls.

*** New Neighbours part 6 ***

The next morning Charles was awakened by some movements in the bed. He
opened his eyes a little, and saw Renee getting out of the bed as quietly
as she could. He dozed off again, and was later awakened by a careful
prodding of his shoulder.


He opened his eyes, and was greeted by a tray full of bread, jam, milk and
anything he could think of. Renee had really made a royal breakfast for
them all, and she climbed in the bed and beamed. Charles woke Paula, and
she also discovered the assortment of edibles.

"Renee! Did you make this? That's wonderful!"

And they had their breakfast there in the bed, showing all signs of
gratitude, to Renee's great satisfaction. When they had finished, she also
cleared up everything and carried it back into the kitchen. What a girl!

She hurried back, and jumped into the bed again, smiling. She received hugs
and kisses from the other two, and was very pleased with herself. They all
thought this must be the perfect way to wake up.

Charles could feel an urge to go to the bathroom, and he had to fight the
girls off him when they saw his piss-hard. He scampered out of the bed and
ran to the toilet. He didn't hear the little feet touching the floor as he
was followed by two little girls. He stood by the toilet and let his flow
run, and he was more than a little surprised when he saw two faces eagerly
following his actions. Maybe they hadn't seen a guy taking a piss before?
When he was empty, he shook the last drops off his cock, much to the
amusement of the girls. Then it was their turn, and Charles thought he
could equally well watch them! First, Renee sat down on the seat, looking a
bit embarrassed. Then she let go of her stream, spreading her legs slightly
and looking quite pleased. When she was through, she reached out for the
paper and dried herself; Charles thought it looked really sexy when she
patted her little pussy like that.

Finally, it was Paula's turn, and she sat down, spreading her legs
wide. Charles was interested, he didn't really know where girls peed
from. Then he saw the trickle starting from somewhere at the top of her
slit, and he watched fascinated as she let go a full stream. It was really
a sight, watching the liquid escaping the little girl from that little hole just beneath her clit, her legs spread wide. Then she finished also, and
tore off a little piece of paper. That she gave to Charles!

"Dry me, please?"

Charles looked surprised at Paula, but accepted the paper and started to
dry her between her legs. He let the thin paper absorb the liquid as his
finger passed from her clit down between her smooth lips. They were so
soft, and he could feel them part a little as his finger moved down between
them. She was damp there too, but he doubted if he could dry that up with
the paper towel.

"Thank you! That felt good!"

With that, the little girl jumped up and ran out of the bathroom. Renee
also left and went into the kitchen to clean everything up. Charles thought
about what he had just witnessed, finding it quite sexy watching these
little girls pee. He thought none of his friends had ever even seen a girl naked, and he thought himself very, very lucky. And they still had almost
two whole days together before anyone came back!


The children decided they would go for a walk, and packed a lunch as
well. They decided to go to the lake again, since the weather was brilliant
also that day. They put on some decent clothes and started their little
journey, reminiscent of the day before. Charles and Renee talked about
everything; the only problem was that Renee had to look at Charles when he
talked, and he had to face her to make her understand his speech. This made
for quite an awkward walk, and quite often they stumbled over something and
ended in a heap, giggling. Paula didn't pay them too much attention, as she
was constantly occupied with everything she could find of plants and
insects. Then on one occasion, Renee landed on top of Charles, and her
little tits landed straight on his face. Charles started sucking on the
mounds through her dress, and they ended up with their hands roaming all
over each other.

"Are you guys going to stay here all day?"

Paula giggled, but she wanted to get down to the lake. Eventually the two
older children parted, and with a glum look at the little girl they
proceeded their walk along the path towards the little lake.

Once there, they all stripped, making nothing out of that. This was how
they liked to dress when they were just the three of them, after all. They
went for a swim straight away. Both girls turned out to be pretty good
swimmers, so Charles had to speed up to keep up with them when they swam
across the little lake. They went across and then back, all pretty short of
breath when they reached the shore again. They ran up to their place, and
all tumbled down in a heap on the towel, giggling.

Then they heard some voices from across the lake, and the hurried to cover
up their naked bodies with the beach towel. The voices came closer, and
eventually two small bodies emerged from the trees on the other side. It
turned out to be a girl and a boy, obviously also going to visit the
lake. They watched in silence as the other two spread out a blanket and sat
down. Then the girl pointed in their direction, and everyone knew they had
spotted each other. Charles and the two girls felt quite embarrassed, as
they could not really move from where they were without revealing their
nakedness. The two on the other side were talking, occasionally peeking
across the lake and laughing. Then they got up and entered the water.

Charles and the girls watched in horror as the two rapidly got closer to
them. What were they going to do? They couldn't get dressed, since they had
two pairs of eyes constantly watching them from the lake. They also couldn't
run, for the same reason. They exchanged glances, but no-one came up with
anything that would help them.

Eventually, two bodies emerged from the water, approaching them. They both
looked to be about ten or eleven years old; a skinny little girl and an
even skinnier little boy. The boy was wearing what appeared to be a pair of
worn underpants, and the girl had a swimsuit that was much too large for
her. The top hang loose, almost showing off her nipples, and the bottom
part was loosely wrapped around her body, not quite hiding her private
parts as she walked. Charles didn't think he had ever seen them before.

They stopped a few metres away, looking at the strange kids wrapped in the
blanket. It must indeed have been an odd sight. They all looked at each
other, no-one speaking. Then the girl chided,

"Hi, I'm Angie. This is Damian."

Charles and the girls looked at each other, feeling very unsure of what to
do. Finally Charles spoke up.

"Errr, hi."

"Haven't you got any names? And why do you have the blanket around you?
It's not cold at all!"

"Oh, ah, I'm Charles, and this here is Renee. And this is Paula. We were
just, err, changing clothes..."

"Oh, so you're naked! That's OK, we do that too when we're here, but we saw
you and thought we'd better keep something on. Don't be shy, we can strip
also. Right, Damian?"


And at that the boy shed his underpants, revealing his hairless little cock
and tanned buns. Then the girl slowly lowered her suit, letting it slide
down her chest and freeing a pair of tiny bumps. Letting it down further,
she exposed a flat tummy, and below that a little-girl, completely hairless
puss. She kicked her suit to the side, and stood there unashamed, showing
off her all-over tan.

Charles and the girls were completely taken aback; except for themselves,
they had never seen anyone else naked, let alone had anyone strip for them
this easily.

Angie looked at them quizzically.

"Well, what's wrong with you? You're naked too, aren't you?"

Paula was the first one to react. She leapt up from underneath the blanket,
and stood up facing the other children, smiling.

"Hi. I'm Paula!"

They all looked at Charles and Renee, and Charles tried to make sure she
got the conversation.

"They friends?", she asked. Charles assured her he had never met them
before, and she nodded. Then she slowly got up and let her lovely little
body show.

"Hi. I'm Renee," she said with her usual difficulty of getting the words to
sound right. The two looked at her questioningly, then turned to Paula.

"She's a foreigner?"

"No, she's deaf. She can't hear, but she does read lips!"

That made the two interested, and they tried to speak to Renee, being very
pleased when she understood what they said, just trying again when she did
not. Then Angie turned to Charles, still under the covers.

"And you?"

Charles was more than a bit embarrassed, since the sight of these three
naked girls had given him a bit of a hard-on. He didn't know what to do.

"I, err, I'm....."

Angie laughed, reached down and quickly pulled the blanket off Charles. And
there he was, with his boner pointing to the sky. Angie laughed again,

"You like what you see, right?"

Charles nodded, his face growing red. He looked at Damian, and he saw that
the little boy also had a bit of an erection. His cock was pretty small,
but as Charles watched, it slowly grew to an almost decent size. This made
Charles feel a little better, but he still thought it was quite
embarrassing to sit there with his cock poking out facing the unknown girl.

Angie was not disturbed, though, and she beckoned for all the others to sit
down in the sand. They did, and then they talked. Angie was very easy
going, and she managed to get everyone to introduce themselves properly,
and after a while they were well acquainted. It turned out Angie and Damian
were cousins, and they had moved to Linkenson two months ago. Their
families were close friends, and they had moved down together for their
fathers to start working at the mill. They both had little sisters, but
they were all visiting an auntie for the summer. At Charles' asking, they
got to know the sisters were 9, 6 and 4, respectively. Angie had just
turned 11, while Damian was 10 1/2.

During the talking, Charles' cock had shrunk back to its normal size, as
had Damian's. They were sitting there like any other kids, except that they
were naked. They went swimming, they had their lunch, and they had a lot of
fun together in the process. Renee was as happy as ever, since she had made
new friends who would talk to her. These kids were really the first besides
Charles and her family that she had ever talked to.

The day grew older, and they decided to go to Angie's house to see if they
could have dinner together. Angie's mom was all understanding, and she
quickly grasped the situation. They all had a great dinner together,
becoming very friendly. After a bit of talk, Angie suggested they all go
over to Charles' house for the night. This was a bit of a surprise, but
when they had discussed it for a while, Angie's mother did agree. She
learned the three kids were alone, but they told her they had a bed for the
girls and another for the boys, and she must have found Charles
trustworthy. She was also very happy the children had found some friends. A
quick visit to Damian's house made sure everything was OK, after Charles
had promised to take care of everyone and make sure they got home safely
the next day.

So, eventually the five kids went along, very eager to explore their
newfound relationship. They skipped along towards the lake, went
around it and followed the path leading to Charles' house. It was still
early, and they decided to lay down in the garden for a while, enjoying the
sun. Charles found some towels and led them all out the back door. They all
looked at each other, then they smiled and quickly shed all their
clothes. Charles and Damian both had half erections, but it seemed all
natural, and they didn't try to hide it. As if on command, the three girls laid down on their backs, showing off their lovely little bodies. The boys looked at them; Damian very interested in Paula, and Charles torn between
the more developed Renee and the unknown, little-girl body of Angie. He
looked closely at Angie, studying her tiny chest bumps and little nipples,
the flat stomach leading down to the closed, bare lips of her pussy. He
found himself wondering if she were a virgin...

The boys eventually laid down as well, Charles next to Angie and Damian
next to Paula. Renee was in the middle. On their backs, the boys' cocks
stood almost straight up; there was no way to hide they were both very
excited by this sunbathing. Angie nudged Renee and pointed to
Charles. Renee just nodded, then she reached out and grabbed Charles' cock,
rubbing it a little. Charles let out a yelp of surprise, and he saw Renee's
smiling face. Angie was stunned, and she looked at Renee again. Renee just
smiled and motioned for Angie to take over as she released Charles'
cock. Angie didn't really know what she should do, if she should really
take his cock in her hand. She looked at Charles, at Renee, and then back
at Charles. They both nodded their consent, and reluctantly she let her
hand carefully touch his tool. She just held it really carefully to begin
with, scared she would hurt him.

"Oh, Angie, that's good! Squeeze a little and rub up and down."

Angie's inexperienced hand took a firmer grip of Charles' cock, and soon
she started masturbating him. Charles saw that four pairs of eyes were now
glued to what was happening, as Paula and Damian now also had discovered
what was happening. Charles explained what felt good to him, and little
Angie was soon stroking him very nicely indeed.

"Angie, this feels so good, I'll come any second if you continue!"


"Yes... Yes! Go on, sweetie!"

Angie was inexperienced, no doubt, and when Charles started rocking his
hips she didn't know what to expect. Then she felt his cock pulsating, and
as the first spurts erupted she quickly withdrew her hand. Charles gasped,
and Renee promptly reached over to finish what Angie had started, milking
his cock as he continued unloading his semen. She finally stopped, and
Charles fell back, feeling very satisfied.

"Wow! What was that???"

Angie's question prompted a lot of explanation, and Charles, Renee and
Paula updated the two other children on what this was all about. To also
show them a little more, Both Renee and Paula took their turns licking
Charles' cock and the semen that had landed on his body. Angie and Damian
were both very foreign to this, and the expected "Yuck" and "Gross" were
quickly dismissed by the other three children, while they tried to explain
everything they had discovered over the last few weeks.

"Do you really mean it goes in here?", Angie said, pointing towards her
bare pussy.

"It does, but it might hurt at first," said Paula. "Why don't we try it?"

"Oh, I don' know," answered Angie. "I don't think it will fit in me."

"But you can just look while Charles puts his inside Renee, and then Damian
can put it in me!"

Damian hadn't said much at all, but then he woke up.

"Do you want me to put my thing inside you???"

"Oh yes, if you want to!"

They all explained to Renee what had been said, and she smiled widely and
laid back, eagerly spreading her legs for Charles. Charles had no problems
with another erection, and he happily moved over, pointing his stiff member
at Renee's moist entrance. To the eager eyes of the three other children he
slowly entered Renee's very wet little hole. They all looked in awe as he
spread the hairless lips, entering her all the way until he hit bottom
inside the twelve-year old girl's very narrow hole. Renee let out a strange
sound of pleasure, and Charles grunted as he started to move slowly in and
out of her. Angie and Damian watched intently as Charles' pole moved inside
Renee, pushing her pussy lips in, then pulling them out slightly. It didn't
take long before Renee started bucking, forcing Charles deeper inside
herself. He picked up speed, and soon they were both rocking furiously,
until they both gasped and eventually slumped down, Charles' cock still
inside her.

After a minute, Charles slowly withdrew, leaving Renee's hole slightly
open. Angie and Damian moved closer to look at the little hole, where some
semen was slowly leaking out.

"Look at this, Damian - he spurted inside her!" The two kids were
astonished by what they had seen and were seeing, and Damian had completely
forgotten that little Paula has asked him to do it to her too. But Paula
had not forgotten.


He turned his head to see Paula on her back, legs wide spread with her
undeveloped pussy high in the air. He certainly felt his erect cock, but he
had never even thought about pushing it inside a girl. Not until now. He
felt almost numb at the proposal, but the sight of the widely spread legs
and the just acquired knowledge of what was done, made his loins stir in
anticipation. He moved over to Paula and clumsily tried to poke his cock to
somewhere between her legs where there must be a hole. He prodded several
times, but found nothing. Renee saw this and moved over, taking Damian's
cock in one hand and spreading Paula's lips with the other. Then she pulled
him to Paula and pointed his cock at exactly the right position. Damian
pushed, and he felt the most exquisite sensation he had ever
felt. Something warm, wet, slippery and tight suddenly surrounded his cock,
and Paula was so wet that he slipped all the way into her with no
problems. This was heaven! He had seen Charles do this, so he tried to move
a little back and forth. Then suddenly it felt as his groins were
exploding, and he thought he was going to pee. But no pee came out. Nothing
at all came out in fact; he just felt this immense sensation centred where
he was joined with Paula.

The sensation subsided, and Damian felt immensely satisfied. His cock was
still stiff, though, and Paula urged for him to keep moving. He sensed she
must like this, too, so he continued pushing his cock into her and pulling
it back out. At her urging, he increased the speed. He heard and saw the
little girl underneath him most definitely liking this, and he felt very
good when she started to shout "oh yes", "more", "deeper"... Then she
suddenly started shaking, and he felt her little hole squeezing his cock
even more, and he thought she must be feeling the same thing he had. Little
Paula orgasmed wildly, and when she was done, she fell back, completely

"No more...... I'm done...."

Damian stopped moving and looked down. Now he could really see his own cock
disappearing inside the plump little folds of the six-year-old
girl. Although he could see it, he found it hard to believe that
a girl had a hole where his whole cock would fit. Paula still squeezed him
tightly, and he pulled out very slowly. When the tip of his cock appeared,
he saw her lips pulling close very quickly, closing her opening almost
immediately. If you didn't know, you wouldn't think there even was a hole there, he though. He felt very proud of himself; just half an hour ago he
*hadn't* known there was a hole there.

Angie was flabbergasted. She had witnessed two girls, one just a bit more
than half her age, having boys' cocks put inside them. Although she knew
she had a hole down there, she didn't think she would ever be able to put
anything inside. Her mother had told her it was dirty to touch down there,
but she had explored some anyway. It had felt good when she touched the top
of her slit, and as she had moved her fingers down she had found a little
opening there. But trying to put anything inside had always been painful,
so she had thought it better to leave it alone. She didn't know what the
hole was, but she couldn't ask anyone either.

She now thought maybe she was malformed, since even a six-year-old girl could get something in there, an she couldn't. She started crying.

"Oh, Angie, what's the matter?", Charles said.

"Something must be wrong with me. I haven't got a hole like these girls down there...", she sobbed.

Charles had a fair idea about virginity by now, so he tried to calm her

"Listen, sweetie, there's nothing wrong with you at all! It's just that a
guy has to open a girl before she can do it. There's something in there
that must be torn before a girl can have sex."

"But if I touch down there it hurts!"

"Well, they say it hurts the first time."

Angie was not convinced. If her finger hurt when she put it in there, those
big things on boys had no chance of getting in.

"But I can't! I'm not big enough down there!"

Charles needed help with this, so he turned to Renee and gave her a quick
briefing. Renee smiled at Angie and started to explain.

"You not big problem. Little hole. hurt one time. Next time good. I look?"

Angie nodded, and Renee bent down to look at her little, hairless puss. She
had of course seen Paula up close, but she was very interested to see what
Angie looked like down there. Renee let her fingers slide gently down
Angie's stomach and in between the girl's pussy lips. She slid them past
the little bump of her clitoris and down the crack. Angie was very
surprised - after all Renee had said she would have a look, not touch her!
But having someone else touching her there felt very good, so she didn't
protest. Instead she spread her legs a bit, opening her outer lips a little
and revealing the little opening between her tiny inner lips. Renee's
finger paused just at that opening.

"Hurt here?"

Angie nodded; that was exactly the point where it hurt if she tried to push
her finger inside. Renee put her finger in her mouth and made it wet and
slippery, then she circled the little opening and gently pushed the tip of
her finger just inside Angie.

"Hurt now?"

"A little. Be careful with me!"

Then Renee surprised them all by lowering her head and giving Angie's clit
a quick lick. Angie let out a gasp as she felt Renee's tongue touching her
at the good spot. But she said nothing, and let Renee continue her
explorations. This was wild - a girl was not only touching her down there,
but she was actually licking her. And it felt fantastic! That soft tongue
was doing wonders to her little cunnie, and Angie responded quite clearly
by lifting her bottom to meet Renee's tongue. Renee had never done this
before, but she knew from her own experiences what felt good. And so she
continued licking all around the hairless puss while also very slowly
pushing he finger into the extremely narrow vagina. Angie felt like never
before, and she was astonished to feel something going up inside her
without hurting at all. Then she started feeling something growing inside
her; a feeling of pure pleasure emanating from her unused little puss. It
grew and grew as Renee was manipulating all of her parts down
there. Finally she felt it suddenly exploding, and she spread her legs wide
apart, letting Renee do whatever she wanted. It was an explosion of pure
bliss; she felt herself craving more of whatever it was, and lifted her
bottom more to meet Renee's exploring tongue and fingers. She felt a finger
inside herself, and she found it just wonderful, not painful at all. The
feelings lasted for a little while, and then Angie relaxed all her muscles,
falling back to the ground. It was the best she had ever experienced, and
she was panting. Eventually she opened her eyes, only to see Renee's
smiling face.


"Oh my. That was the best! What was that? What did you do?"

Renee didn't get all of the words, but she understood Angie had really
enjoyed it and asked a question.

"Girl feels good when licked there." That was all she said. She still
smiled, and Angie got up to give her a big, loving hug.

All the other kids had watched what had happened, and Damian thought his
cousin must have felt as good as he did when he was inside Paula. Charles
and Paula knew very well what had happened, and they thought it was
wonderful that Angie had found out about orgasms as well. But they were
still surprised that Renee had done this. Renee was a girl of surprises -
that much they understood by now.

All five children were now very satisfied, and they spent the rest of the
afternoon lying in the sun, chatting, and just being happy. They were all
so pleased they had found each other, and that they could spend time
together being naked and themselves.

The sun went down, and they thought they had better go inside and prepare
for bed. Angie and Damian were sure they would split into a girl's bed and
a boy's bed as they had said, but they soon found it was not to be.

"Why don't we all sleep together in the living room?" Charles
suggested. "Then we can all have fun together!"

They got all the blankets and covers they could find, and made up a big bed
for all of them on the floor. It was not really soft to sleep on, but the
benefit of being all of them together more than made up for that. They
didn't find a quilt large enough to cover them all, but compromised by
sharing two covers that would hopefully not leave one of them cold in the

Now the problem was who would sleep where! They decided it would have to be
alternating girl-boy, and in the end they settled on Paula, Damian, Renee,
Charles and finally Angie. It was quite dark in the room, so reading was
not an option. It would have been fun to tell stories, but they found that
since Renee had no chance of joining in, they would rather invent a game
she would be comfortable with. The game ended up being "who is touching
you", in which one person would lay still while the others decided on who
was going to touch him or her. The idea was for the person being touched to
tell who it was just by the feel. They decided a good 'punishment' for a
wrong guess would be a good slap on the bottom administered by the person
that was wrongly guessed.

A toss made Angie the first 'victim'. She was to lay down on her back and
close her eyes. Then the others silently agreed that Charles was to touch
her. He was very happy to be chosen, since he had wanted to get a feel of
the little girl ever since he saw her. He started at her chest, and got a
good feel of her little bumps. Then he moved down towards her stomach, and
let his hand slowly move to her hairless little mound. There he stopped,
waiting for the guess.


Correct. Charles was then to lay down on his back, and he closed his
eyes. After a little shuffle, he felt a hand on his chest. It moved down
slowly, and as he felt it getting toward his groin, he also felt himself
growing stiff. The hand circled his cock, moving down his leg, then up
again until it touched his balls. The hand stopped. Who was this? He
thought it would not be Damian, but otherwise it could be any of the
girls. He had to chance it.


Wrong. He opened his eyes to see Angie holding his balls in her hand. He
slowly turned around, waiting for the 'punishment' from Renee. Renee smiled
broadly and brought her hand sharply down on his butt. That stung!

The game went on, and after a while they had all been felt up by at least
one of the others. The touches got braver, and all the girls had fingers
inserted in their pussies. One particularly daring move made Paula yell
"Renee" almost immediately. Her sister had inserted a finger inside her
bottom, much to Angie's and Damian's disbelief.

"Why did you put your finger in THERE? That's dirty!"

"Other hole is good too," was the simple reply. The game ended there, as
Renee spread Paula's legs wide, exposing her clearly to everyone. Then she
bent down and licked her sister between her legs, moving down, finally
working her tongue a bit into her little bumhole. Paula let out a loud gasp
as the tongue entered her a little. Angie and Damian were shocked - this
was the dirtiest thing they had ever seen. Paula pooped from that hole, and
Renee was actually sticking her tongue into it!

Paula was enjoying it immensely, and she started rocking back and forth a
little to get more of Renee's tongue inside her. Renee now started using
her fingers as well, and she ended up with one finger deeply implanted in
Paula's pussy and another inside her bottom, all the while licking and
sucking the little girl. Paula then started spasming, getting another
tremendous orgasm from having both her holes stimulated. When the finger
were removed from Paula's bottom, they could all see it was still
clean. That helped getting Angie and Damian over their initial disgust.

The children now all felt very excited, and everyone wanted to try more fun
things. They waited for Charles to decide what to do, and looked at him.

"Now everyone has really done it except Angie. I think it's only fair that
she gets a go too!"

Angie was pleased at this, but still scared. She had seen the two other
girls with a cock inside them, but she was sure her own little hole could
never get one inside. It just had to hurt terribly!

"Come here Angie," said Charles as he laid down on his back. His cock was
pointing straight up, and Angie was unsure if she should really try. But
Charles beckoned for her to come up to his face, and she reluctantly spread
her legs and gave him a good view.

And what a view! Charles was looking straight into the most delectable
pussy he had ever seen. It was just as devoid of hair as Paula's, but she
didn't have as much baby fat, and was clearly more developed. Her clit was
just poking out a little bit from its hood, and the slit beneath it was
almost just a straight line, except for a little widening where her hole was. Charles grabbed the girl's hips and directed her down so that he could
smell the wonderful aroma of her little-girl cunt. He extended his tongue
and started licking her along that slit. He let his tongue move all the way
up to her clit, and the down again until he actually licked her little red pucker. Angie was very surprised at the intensity of her feelings, and she
willingly let Charles lick her wherever he wanted. She was getting very
wet, too, so Charles let a finger slowly enter her. When she didn't
protest, he let it sink a bit further into the 11-year-old, and he found
her starting to gyrate her hips to let his finger go up inside her.

Charles pushed more with his finger, and it slid in a bit more until he
could feel a blockage. That must be her hymen! None of the other girls had
had one, and he marvelled at the fact that he could actually feel the thing
he had only heard that girls had. He pushed a little more, but then Angie

"Oh, that hurts. Please don't..."

So instead Charles let another finger slowly enter the girl, and she
continued gasping until he had two of his fingers inserted up to the
blockage. This was unbelievable - she was much tighter than even Paula had
been! When Charles started moving his fingers a little bit back and forth
within her, she panted loudly.

"Oh, oooooh... That hurts... And it's good... Awww! Oooh..." She was
incoherent, not knowing any more what hurt and what was good. The mixed
feelings were so strange, she wanted more, and at the same time she didn't
want it. Then Charles removed his fingers from her.

"Shall we try, sweetie?"

"Uh, yes, ah, no... Uh..."

Charles took this as a 'yes', and quickly lifted the girl so that she was
sitting on his groin. His cock pointed up between her pussy lips, so that
her cunt was massaging the underside of it. He asked Renee to help, and she
helped lift little Angie up some, positioning her unused puss just at the
tip of Charles' cock. Then Angie was pushed down a little, so that the lips
opened and Charles' cock entered her just a fraction. Most of the head
disappeared within Angie, who let out yet another gasp. She knew this was
it, but she had no idea if she could really go through with it. She already
felt very stretched, and when she looked down she saw that almost nothing
of that big thing was inside her. She almost panicked at the thought of
what was to be put inside her, but it also felt good at the moment.

Charles thought the world must be consisting entirely of narrow holes, as
he felt yet another little pussy surrounding the tip of his cock. He had
the notion this would be a tough one though, since there was so much more
to go, and still the pressure was unbelievable.

Renee decided that waiting more was of no use, so she mouthed to Charles to
get ready, and then she quickly lowered poor little Angie in one go almost
all the way down on the stiff cock. Charles felt the obstruction giving
way, and an extremely narrow canal opening to let his cock inside.

Angie screamed like a struck pig!!! She suddenly had all her nerves turned
red hot down there where she had received so much pleasure just minutes
before. She felt she had had a telephone pole rammed up inside her, and
that all her insides were torn into shreds. The pain was almost unbearable,
and she continued screaming until she had no breath left. She was still
sitting with Charles' cock buried deep inside her, but they did not move,
and after a while the pain subsided until it was a bearable hurt, not
excruciating. Angie started sobbing, tears running down her cheeks, as she
tried to grasp what had happened. Down there within her was a large cock
giving her lots of pain. But it was inside her, and she had done it! She
cried at the terrible feelings, but she also knew that she had actually had
room inside herself for that cock. The pain also seemed to go away,
although it was still hurting. Maybe she should move a little? She tried
lifting herself, but that brought back the pain, so she kept completely
still until she could feel the cock within her without too much discomfort.

Angie looked down, and she saw that all of Charles' cock was really inside
her. Maybe this was possible after all... She tried to move again, but that
still gave her lots of pain. She had to get off. She lifted herself slowly,
feeling Charles' cock rubbing against her sore insides, until it finally
popped out and her pussy was freed from the invading member. She felt an
immense relief, and slumped down on Charles' chest. Charles' cock had red streaks on it, and little droplets of reddish liquid were running down from
the little girl's abused hole. This she had not enjoyed!

Charles laid still, trying to comfort little Angie on top of him. His cock
was still stiff, but it shrunk down as he patted the still crying little

Renee looked at them, then she repeated,

"Little hole. hurt one time. Next time good."

Charles nodded; he remembered Renee had felt bad the first time, and still
liked it very much afterwards. Angie didn't think so though. Her pussy stung, and when she looked down she could see she was bleeding. She was
probably destroyed for life. She started sobbing again.

"It hurts, and I am bleeding. I couldn't do it... Now I can never do it

Charles and Renee tried to calm her down and explain what they knew. The
bleeding was unfortunate, but natural. She was, after all, still a little
girl, so that it hurt was not unexpected. The bleeding would also stop, and
next time it would feel much better.

"There will be no next time!!! I'm too small down there," Angie
sobbed. They tried to comfort her, but she was not listening. She was
exhausted, and finally she fell asleep on top of Charles. Charles let her
slowly down off him, and made sure she was sleeping in a good
position. This also made the other children realise they were very tired,
and one after another they all nodded off in whatever position they were
lying. Luckily it was quite nice and warm, so even without any blankets
they slept well until the morning.

*** New Neighbours part 7 ***

Charles was the first to wake up, and he was a little disoriented when he
felt the hard 'bed' underneath him. He looked around, and when he saw four
naked children around him he suddenly remembered it all. He looked down at
his cock and saw a few dark spots on it. That must be dried blood, he
mused, as he looked over at little Angie. She was sleeping peacefully,
oblivious to the fact she was no longer a virgin. Everyone else were
sleeping too, in different positions and with different degrees of
exposure. Renee slept on her side, giving him a good view of her nice,
round bottom. Damian was on his back, and across him just below his
half-erect cock was Paula's leg. She was also on her back, but her legs
were spread widely, her little pussy exposed and opened a little. Charles
grinned; they all looked so innocent where they were lying, despite their

He thought for a second. Yes, it was Sunday, which meant the rest of the
families would be back some time that night. But they still had all day
ahead of them, and he wanted to enjoy it. It was still warm, and as far as
he could see, the weather was also nice. Charles got up, washed himself and
started preparing breakfast. He set the table in the kitchen and waited for
the others to wake up. After a while he heard some movements, and he
eventually saw a naked Renee coming through the door.

"Good morning, beautiful! Are they up?"

"Good morning Charles. Damian and Angie up. Paula sleep."

Charles got into the bedroom again and said his good mornings to the other
two. He showed them where to wash, and he hoped Angie would not feel too
sore down there... He didn't mention anything though.

Waking Paula up was just pure fun - she was still on her back with her legs
widely spread. Charles just bent down and gave her little pussy a lick,
which woke her up almost immediately.

"Morning, sleepyhead!"

"Err, morning... You shouldn't do that."

"Why not?"

"Maybe next time I'll pee all over you. Gotta go!"

With that Paula ran to the bathroom and made her business. This time,
though, no-one watched her.

They all eventually came into the kitchen and had their breakfast. While
eating, they also thought about how they would spend their day. Damian
thought they had better go tell their mothers they were OK, and they
decided he was to do that. Everyone wanted to know how Angie felt after
last night's experiences, but she was quite shy about it. They eventually
learned that when she washed herself, she had washed away a bit of blood,
but she didn't feel much pain at all any more.

They finished the breakfast and tidied up, and Damian got dressed and ran
over to his mom.

Then Renee showed her inquisitive self again. She pointed to Angie's lap
and asked,

"No pain now?"

"No, I'm fine now."

"Can I look?"

That surprised Angie, and she thought about it for a second. Then she
nodded - she didn't know why Renee was so interested in her down there, but
she had enjoyed it very much last time Renee had "looked" at her there.

"OK," Renee said, "lay on table here!"

On the table?? Angie wasn't sure about this, but Renee insisted, and she
slowly laid down on her back with her legs dangling over the edge. Renee
spread her legs wide, making a great display of the little girl's
charms. Charles - and Paula also - watched with great interest. It was
indeed a pretty girl lying there. Her breasts made little cones on her
chest, and her stomach made a little hollow below her ribs. Below that
again, her mound made a slight bulge, separated where her slit began. With
her legs spread, they could see the little bump of her clitoris, and the
slightly spread pussy lips below.

Renee moved her finger between these lips, moving it up and down a
little. Angie shuddered a little, but calmed down quickly as Renee kindly
fondled her between her legs. Angie spread her legs more; it felt good when
Renee caressed her. Renee kept moving her fingers back and forth in the
little crack, and pretty soon she felt it getting nice and moist. She
smiled; she knew very well what felt good to a girl, and she enjoyed doing
this, very much. She bent closer, and she beckoned for the other two to do
the same. Then she separated the pussy lips with the fingers of her left
hand, and carefully slid the tip of her right forefinger between the lips
and into the little hole between them. Angie tensed up a little, but she
didn't protest as the tip of the finger slid into her. She was very weary
about this, though; that same hole had after all hurt a lot the night
before. But now she was very surprised to feel that as the finger continued
to move into her, she felt only some soreness, no pain. The finger moved
further in, and they could all see the little pussy lips parting to allow
it inside. Soon the finger was planted all the way inside her, and Renee's
palm and other fingers rested on the hairless area around the hole. Then
Renee started moving her finger back and forth, and to her own surprise,
Angie found herself lifting her bottom a little to meet the finger entering

When Renee felt this, she carefully slipped finger number two in with the
first, and pretty soon two fingers were inserted all the way into the
11-year-old girl. Angie moaned at this, and she was very pleased to feel
that this was actually very good; unknown feelings came from between her
legs, and they were all just pleasant. Then a little sting, and when Angie
looked down, she saw that she now had her pussy hole spread by three
fingers at once. It frightened her a little to see that she could fit all
of them in there, but the feeling was just lovely, and she laid back
lifting her bottom and spreading her legs even more, silently asking for

Angie then suddenly was aware of some more fingers sliding down from her
crack towards her most private part. She didn't know what to do --- she
didn't want to be touched *there*, although she clearly remembered Paula's
treatment from the night before. She felt her privacy being invaded when a
finger finally rested against her anus. Should she let them? She thought
no, but then again this also felt strangely exciting. She had washed
herself well, so she should be clean back there, but still...

Then she felt the finger pushing against her bottom hole, and instinctively
she clamped it shut. Why her poop hole??? The finger then moved back and
forth over her closed hole, sometimes moving up a bit to get some moisture
from her other hole. It felt... it felt.. good! Despite her feelings of
being robbed of her modesty, Angie slowly relaxed her muscles, and she soon
felt her rectum opening a little as a finger was pushed against it and a
little bit inside.

"Ooohhhhh...." Angie gasped as she for the first time felt anything going
*in* back there. It felt very strange, but also very nasty and
exciting. And above all it felt good. She finally relaxed completely, and
she felt a rush of excitement as the finger slipped inside her bottom hole also. This was wild - nothing was supposed to enter that hole, but the
feeling was just amazing. She found herself liking it very much, and when
the finger started moving in and out, she couldn't hold back. It was in a
way like doing a number two, but much better. It was tremendous, and
combined with the fingers in her front hole, the feeling was better than
she had ever experienced. Angie let out a loud cry as she felt herself
spasming, moving so that the fingers could enter her as deeply as
possible. This was the best, she thought, and her body shook violently as
she orgasmed wildly against the probing fingers. Renee felt her fingers
being squeezed hard by Angie's muscles, and she knew the girl enjoyed what
she was doing to her. This pleased Renee a lot, and she carefully licked
Angie's clit a little, releasing yet another scream of joy from the
11-year-old. Finally, Renee stopped her movements, and when she pulled her
fingers out, Angie slumped down on the kitchen table, feeling very, very

Charles and Paula had also enjoyed the show immensely, and they both felt
very happy that Angie had had such a good orgasm from Renee's skilful
hands. Eventually, they all calmed down, and then they walked out and laid
down in the grass. Angie was a bit shy about it all, but they told her that
everyone enjoyed it; they could even show her what they did. Angie was
interested in this. Charles asked Renee if he should do her, and Renee
willingly turned over, letting her bottom up in the air. She spread her own
cheeks, showing her little crinkled hole to everyone.

Then Damian came out from the house, and he was quite surprised when he saw
Renee's lovely bum up in the air. He stood still, just watching what was
happening. Charles' cock was by this time very erect indeed, and he knelt
down behind Renee, pointing it directly at her rear entrance. Moving it a
little up and down, he got Renee groaning, and then he put it directly at
her hole and pressed. Slowly Renee's back hole expanded, and Charles' cock
entered her. It was dry, but Charles still managed to get the head
inside. He moved in and out a little, and slowly he was getting more and
more of his cock inside the girl. Renee was moving her behind invitingly,
and they all saw she was really enjoying this. After a while, Charles was
moving rapidly in and out of her, he also enjoying the feeling of her
narrow opening squeezing his cock. It started to build up, and Charles knew
he would explode soon. He picked up the pace, and when he was ready to come,
he felt Renee's muscles closing in on him, making the experience
fantastic. He shot into her while she used her muscles to let him really
feel it, and Charles thought he was the luckiest man on earth.

After a little, Charles slipped out of Renee, leaving her bottom hole slightly open. Renee kept her pose with her rear in the air, while she
asked Paula to get some butter. Paula knew what this meant, and promptly
went inside to get some. She was going to give the two others the show of
their life!

Once back with the butter, she made sure her hand was slick and well
lubricated. Then she smiled at Angie and Damian as she moved behind her

"Just look at this," Charles said, since he knew exactly what was going to

Angie and Damian looked in awe as they saw Paula's little hand moving
closer to Renee's upturned little bottom. They had no idea what this was
all about, but when they saw Paula inserting one finger, then two and three
into Renee's rectum they got really wide-eyed. Then they saw Paula putting
finger number four into Renee, and they had eyes as big as dinner plates
when the thumb also disappeared into the girl. No-one said a word, but Renee
made snorting sounds, and Paula looked very concentrated as she was pushing
her hand into her sister's little hole. She knew what to do, and soon her
fist was slowly sinking into Renee. Angie and Damian were beyond words;
they of course had not even imagined anything as weird as this. They saw
Paula's fingers, joints, and then the whole hand disappearing inside Renee,
until they could only see the arm sticking out of the girl. There were no
signs of pain from Renee, and the sounds she made made them quite sure she
enjoyed it. Angie thought about the finger she had had there herself, but
of course it was nothing compared to this. Damian had no idea - he was
just shocked by what he saw.

Paula repeated the performance from last time, and was soon moving her hand
all the way in and out of Renee. Renee was having a great time, and this
time she even reached an orgasm without any stimulation of her clit or
pussy. She screamed out as it hit her, and Paula felt the muscles contract
around her hand. When Renee finally came down from her high, Paula still
had her hand inside. She pulled it out and ran inside to clean it, while
Renee relaxed and Charles tried to convince the others that Renee really
liked this.

Then Paula came back out, and Renee immediately gave her a big hug. She
faced Angie.

"Try it?"

Angie shook her head vigorously - she liked having sex, but this was just
too much.

"Damian?" Renee smiled.


Damian was disgusted at the thought - he was no girl! girls had holes, boys didn't.

Renee soon understood that they should do something different, so she
suggested they go for a swim. That was cheerfully accepted buy all, and
they packed a solid lunch and soon they were on their way to the lake. They
of course put clothes on before they left, but they all knew they would
soon shed them again when they got to the water.

Nothing much happened for a while, as the five kids got to the lake, got
naked and played and had fun together. Then came the time for lunch, and
they ate and had fun. Suddenly Renee, who was sitting between the two boys,
reached out for the butter and put a large helping in each of her
hands. Then she reached out and grabbed a cock in each hand, rubbing the
butter liberally to each member. The boys were quite surprised by this, but
the attention they got soon made their cocks grow into full attention. Now
what was Renee thinking about?

This was soon discovered, as she next reached out for her little sister and
applied a good amount of butter between her legs as well. Paula looked
questioningly at her sister, but she also enjoyed the sudden attention to
her private parts. Renee then resolutely pushed Charles onto his back, and
lifted Paula on top of him. Pushing her downwards, she positioned Charles'
cock at her pussy entrance, and the slick member entered the little girl a
little. This made Paula yelp - it was a bit too sudden for her. She winced
a little as her little pussy hole was widened. But the butter had made her
quite slick, and Charles' cock sank slowly into her without really
hurting. Quite soon, Paula felt herself being filled, and she again enjoyed
the feeling of her baby pussy being spread wide.

Then Renee, just as resolutely, positioned Damian behind the little rump of
Paula, and she aimed his cock at her upturned anus. Damian looked at the
little round bottom in front of him, and he soon understood that Renee
wanted him to somehow put his cock into that impossibly small hole of her
anus. Paula had the same understanding, and she panicked at the
thought. She couldn't do that! She was only six years old, and last time she
had had anything inside there it had hurt her tremendously. Now she even
had a cock inside her in the front, and trying to get another in back would
certainly rip her apart! Then she felt her anus being poked by Damian's
cock, and when Renee pushed a little at his rump, Paula felt to her horror
that she actually opened a little back there. Just a tiny bit of Damian's
cock entered her, but she felt she was being opened wide both front and
aft. She grunted, and asked Renee not to do this.

"It will hurt - I am too small down there!!!"

But Renee didn't hear it, and she also didn't want to look at Paula to read
her lips. She instead pushed hard on Damian's bottom, until his cock slid
slowly into the back door of the poor little girl in front of him.

Paula screamed - this was too much for her!

Angie had been looking at the whole performance, and although she wasn't
sure if she liked what she saw, she also felt it was very arousing. This
must be rape, she thought, and the girl being raped was hardly more than a
baby, a flat chested tiny body with no hair except on her head, and still
she was getting two hard cocks pushed into her in one go. The way the
little girl screamed it must hurt her badly, but Renee was still pushing on
Damian, until his cock was finally inserted all the way into Paula's

Paula had stopped screaming; her face was still contorted though, and she
looked very frightened by the double penetration into her two nether
holes. Both boys held still for a while, and Paula slowly relaxed until she
found herself actually accepting the intrusion. Yes, it hurt - no, it
didn't really - she just felt so *full* down there... Her holes were both
extremely extended, yet she actually felt --- no real pain, just very open,
very vulnerable, very strange, and, ohhh, very nasty and actually even a
bit good to top it off! What a weird feeling - she felt she had to poo and
pee at the same time, but she could do neither. Her holes were so full they
almost popped, but if she relaxed everything down there she could really
feel some pleasure from it all. She wished she could see it - she was
certain the two big poles inside her looked enormous.

Those of the kids that *could* see what happened, were greeted by an
incredibly small girl body, legs wide apart, and two seemingly enormous poles inserted between small, hairless folds. It looked wicked, yet very

- finished - for now... to be continued? -


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