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NEXT DOOR Part 1 By Looney

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

OK, Like I fantasize and all, but for one of them to happen, to me,
well... I went home during my lunch hour to smoke a joint. It makes for
better fantasies when I read stories in the afternoon. Pretty sad huh!
Well, As I was saying, when I got home, sitting on my bed toking up, I
looked out my window and noticed that the house next door had the blinds
up. What I saw was incredible!

Now, for a little history. About 3 weeks ago, the old neighbors had to
move. He had to leave for job reasons and I have not met the new
neighbors, but my wife has seen them and commented that they were younger
than we were. The window I was looking through is on the side of the
house, so I was not suprised that the house next to me had the blinds open.
You could only see in if you were walking between the houses.

There were arms and legs and struggling between a man and a woman. I
would have never noticed it, but they just happen to run by the open
window, right when I looked. Obviously intrigued, I waited by the window
to see what was going on. When they couple made it in front of the window
again, there were definitely boobs, naked boobs. This went on for a few
laps, and when he finally caught her, he threw her onto the kitchen table.

As I opened the window a crack to exhale the pot smoke, I could hear
some serious female moaning. He had her bent over the table and was
fucking her doggie style. As he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back,
it brought her chest up and her tits were flopping all over. She was
telling him to slap her ass and he wouldn't do it. He just kept fucking

At this point I decided, well., my dick decided for me (typical), to get
closer. I carefully put out my joint and grabbed my camera. I have a
digital camera that doesn't get good resolution, but at this point no one
would believe me if I told them, thus proof was called for. As I rounded
the back fence, I noticed a delivery truck parked in back. Hmmm, So this
isn't her husband? Interesting!

I slowly walked up to the side of the window and peeked inside. I could
sure hear the sex sounds now. She was saying, "fuck me, fuck me" over and
over. As soon as I could see into the window at a safe angle, I could see
his uniform. He had turned her over and she was on her back on the table.
She had her knees pulled up to her chest and he was plowing into her
something good.

Shit!, I thought, pictures. So I started snapping away. Thanks to the
designers of digital cameras, no sound. I got many pictures, which
included both of their faces, and plenty of naked body parts. About now,
the guy was about to cum. I could hear him grunting louder and louder.
She started telling him not too, she wasn't ready. "No, not yet, please!"
He just groaned loudly and squirted cum all over her belly.

He looked pretty weak in the legs, but walked around the table and made
her clean his dick with her mouth. When she was done he just pulled up his
pants and said "see ya." She jumped up and started begging him to stay. He
just looked at her and said "I only deliver the furniture, and I have more
on my route. Why should I stay and fuck a whore like you again?" She got a
sad, pouty look on her face and started trying to seduce him into staying.
Rubbing her pussy on his leg and rubbing his hands on her tits. As he
turned to leave, I thought, what an idiot! Since he could have seen me as
he got into his truck, I decided to move out. I snapped a few pictures
over the fence of him getting into his truck, insurance I guess. I am not
sure why I did.

Alone in my room again, I lit up the rest of my joint and stared at the
open window for about an hour. I never saw her again, but I had pictures.
Sitting at my computer I was glad to see that the pictures came out so
well. You could see every detail, although the angle cut off some of the

Accordingly, I went home every day for lunch. Just because it was
myself, nothing else happened next door (haha). If it were someone else
spying, she would have fucked someone every day. Now my fantasy life was
in full swing. Because of what happened looking at the pictures and
jacking off became a daily occurrence (like it wasn't already). She was
about 5' 5" and certainly not overweight. Her tits were about 36 or 38C.
She had a very tight ass and a full puffy pussy. Of course, the puffy
pussy was from just being fucked. Brown hair and pinpoint nipples. I was
not noticing much else.

A few days later, I was poking around her kitchen window hoping to get a
glimpse of something going on. She came out from behind the pantry door
and saw me kneeling down looking in. Immediately she came out thru the
garage and confronted me. I acted innocent enough and bullshitted my out
of it by saying I was fixing her screen. I explained that it had fallen
out and I was just being a nice guy. She apologized and said she was upset
because her husband was gone on business so much. (Go figure) She asked if
I would like to come inside for a coke, and inside I went. We talked for
about 30 minutes and I learned her name was Sandy, and she was a teacher
looking for a job. Reluctantly I decided to leave. I was getting some
evil thoughts about the situation and had to think about them further.

Another day passed and I spent most of my time designing a plan to
blackmail her with the pictures I had. As I checked and double-checked my
alibis, my concerns about getting caught were diminishing. I talked to my
boss and took a few afternoons off of work.

The first day I went home and changed into some work in the yard
clothes. I smoked some pot and got my nerve up. "Confidence, be forceful,"
I told myself, as I walked to her house. Her garage door was open, so I
tucked the pictures under my arm and just walked right in. Wandering
around the inside of the house, she was no where in sight. I kept looking
and finally found her upstairs, getting out of the shower. She was
dripping wet and her nipples were rock hard. I watched her dry off and was
unsure how to proceed. I decided to go back downstairs, sitting on the
couch, waiting for her. It scared the shit out of her when she got
downstairs and saw me. I immediately stood up and she backed away. I
assured her that I was just there to talk to her. With a dominant tone in
my voice I told her to sit down. She looked at me funny, but decided to
sit on the couch where my finger was pointed. I was trying to keep the
situation from turning hostile. I sat beside her and set the packet of
pictures on the coffee table.

She was dressed in a small top that showed her tits. Her nipples were
still hard. Funny, I wasn't cold. "Sandy, I am certain that you love your
husband, right?" "Well of course" she quickly said. "You said you have
been married for 4 years, Sandy. Have you gotten the itch yet? Have you
messed around on your husband yet?" She jumped up and told me to go to
hell. I just laughed and softly told her to sit back down. With a real
look of concern on her face she sat. She still did not know why I was
there. I laughed and said, "I" would certainly not be a concern." I looked
straight into her eyes and said "Don't worry, you will soon be asking me
for everything."

Before she could react, I turned to the packet and put it on my lap. As
I spoke to her, she slowly turned white. I told her that I had
photographed her little sexual fuck with the deliveryman. She started
shaking her head back and forth, "no, NO NO" she said. I leaned over to
her and grinned. The pictures fell into her lap and as she turned them
over, she started to cry. She lowered her head and asked me what my
intentions were.

I asked her if she felt that she should be punished for cheating on her
husband. She looked at me a little confused and said, "Just what kind of
sleezeball thing is that to say!" Grinning, "A little punishment would be
good for you!" She stood up and started walking away. "Get out!" "Get
OUT!" I smiled and picked up the pictures. "These are yours. Your husband
will get his own copies."

"NO", no" she said quietly. "Just what do you want?" I stared into her
eyes and gave my best bullshit performance yet. "Get on your knee's,
bitch!" I grabbed her hair and yanked her down. Not too hard, but enough
to scare her. "You will do everything I tell you to do. Everything!
without question or hesitation." I yanked her head up. "If you do not. If
you falter one little bit, your husband will get the pictures. The
schoolboard will get the pictures! How about that, you won't be able to
get a job." She started crying again. I coldly looked down at her and
said, "Better be a girl who obeys, or your future is for shit."

I let go of her hair and she slumped to the floor. I walked over to the
kitchen table and sat down. "Come here, Sandy, Now!" She slowly got up and
walked over to me. I sat her on the table in front of me and started
circling her nipple with my finger. She jumped and started to turn away. I
slapped her face, kinda hard, and said firmly, "Knock that shit off. I
know what a slut you are. I watched you fuck a stranger. You want this so
bad it is killing you." I started feeling both her tits and squeezing her
nipples harder. "I bet you lay in bed while your husbands gone and dream
about getting fucked. Dream about doing nasty things!" Well, little Sandy,
you are going to be able to carry out those fantasies, I thought to myself.
"You don't have a choice," a fact I kept reminding her of.

"Take off your clothes, slave! Yeah, Slave Sandy. What a good name for
you. Slut Slave Sandy." "Get those FUCKIN clothes off," I yelled, yanking
her off the table. I spun her around and started slapping her ass, hard.
She fought a little with me, but I pinned her down and lifted her shirt up.
I pulled it tight and gagged her with it. I got some pantyhose out of the
laundry basket and tied her hands up behind her back.

"God Damn it!" I said. "I did not want to have to force you, but I will
play rough if you want." I leaned in and started licking her nipples. She
started squirming again so I picked her up and carried her to the living
room and put her over the back of the couch. I slapped her ass incredibly
hard and she froze up, giving me a chance to pull her shorts down. Whoo
Hoo! I thought, What a rush. "Now, I tried to play nice, but you are not
getting the picture." As I spoke the rest of the words, I slapped her ass
and legs with each word. "I" "am" "in" "charge" "here" "and" "you" "will"
"behave". Her ass was bright red and she was screaming into the gag awful

I leaned down close to her and spoke into her ear while I slowly rubbed
her ass. "Please obey the rules, little slave. Anything I say, no
hesitation!" I slid my finger along her pussylips and it was sopping wet.
"My, my, Slut Sandy, what a wet one you are. You certainly enjoy breaking
the rules. That is all right with me, hehehe. Remember that I always
guarantee a little pleasure with my pain. Of course, since you are just
beginning, you will have to earn some pleasure."

After fingering her wet pussy and rubbing my fingernail across her
asshole, she started to get into it. I slapped her ass again, real hard.
"Damn, what you did sure makes me mad. I ought to just walk out and mail
the pictures." She struggled to turn around and started making grunting
sounds. I walked around the couch and stood in front of her. I untied her
gag and took her shirt off. "Please! Please don't tell my husband. I'll
do anything you want." I left her draped over the couch and pulled my
shorts down. Grabbing her head, I rubbed my dick all over her face. She
was not enjoying this part very much. Maybe I am really lucky and got a
live one my first time out.

I stopped her from trying to lick my dick and said, "earn it bitch!" I
took her back into the kitchen and tied her to the chair. Pantyhose!, what
a great use. I made her close her eyes, make her swear not to open them. I
shoved a pair of hose into her mouth and spoke in a soft voice, "If you can
orgasm, right here, right now, i'll know you are a slut. I won't even have
to blackmail you, you would do anything I said." "If you open your eyes,
even once, I leave and you get to fuck yourself. If you can cum with your
eyes closed, I'll stay and fuck you with something." She took a deep breath
and said, "Please make me cum."

I took her shirt and wrapped it around her head, covering her eyes.
"It's for your own good, you couldn't keep you eyes closed if you tried.
You are just a worthless cunt. I'd have to leave, and I'm certainly not
done with you!" I started slapping her tits. God they were nice. Real
soft and the nipples were about the size of a quarter. I was really
enjoying this. Slap, Slap, they were getting red. Slap, slap. I stopped
and grabbed them roughly with my fingernails and left marks. I licked her
nipples and got them wet. Pulling on them to make sure they were hard, I
twisted them back and forth. "Somewhere between pain and pleasure lies
paradise, huh slut. Are you getting off for me?" She moaned a little
louder and her legs and crotch were straining against the hose.

I got an ice cube and rubbed it on the end of her nipple. She got jumpy
and started moaning louder. I blew on her wet, clod nipples and said "Cum
for me, little slut. cum for me, slut Sandy." I took a stickpin that was
lying on the table and started lightly poking her nipples with it. I was
only pricking her, but it must have felt incredible because she started to
lean into each poke. "Cum for me my little slut, yeah, that's it, that's a
needle poking your tits. It feels like it is sticking your clit, doesn't
it. It hurts, doesn't it, yeah, cum for me slut."

She was squirming and really getting off so I randomly stuck her tits with the pin. I made circles around her tits, slowly getting to the
nipples. "Gonna cum yet, Sandy? cum for me. When I get the needle back
to the end of your nipple, you better be in the middle of an orgasm or you
will never get to feel this again." Right when I said that I pushed the
needle into the end of each of her nipples. She violently strained against
the chair and I pushed my finger into her pussy. She started cumming and
had the biggest orgasm I have seen in a while. I was ramming my finger
into her as hard as I could. There was pussy juice everywhere. Even after
I quit fingering her, she was twitching.

I stood up and pulled my shorts off. I leaned against her chest and
grabbed her nipples and squeezed her tits around my dick. I fucked her
tits hard, spitting on her for some lubrication. She started screaming
into the gag as I held her nipples tighter. I started to cum and shot all
over her face and chest. God, that felt good. This was too real to be
true. I uncovered her eyes and made her watch as I swiped her pussy with
my fingers and rubbed it all over her face.

I pulled my shorts back on and opened the freezer. I got another ice
cube and stuck it into her pussy. Her eyes got big and she had a huge
orgasm, shaking all over. Man, she was hot. I untied her and left her
just sitting there. "Your first true test, Sandy, starts now. I am
leaving. I want you to sit here and think about your punishment. Don't
move for 30 minutes. I am untying you, but you are not to move. I am
going to be able to see right in the window, so don't even think it. I am
leaving this set of instructions for you to follow, and the pictures for
you to understand exactly why you will follow them."

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