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NEXT DOOR Part 2 By Looney

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

The world was spinning. I want to get up from this hard, cold chair,
but this man specifically told me not to. Phewww, just exactly what
happened to me. I feel scared and horny and exhausted all rolled into one.
If I stand up, I will probably fall down. My legs are tingling and my
pussy is throbbing to the thumping of my heart. "What did I do?" "Why did
I do that?" Sandy, "Sandy" is my name. He called me slut. Slut Sandy, no
Slut Slave Sandy. Why did I allow this to happen? I am not a Slut,
certainly not someone's Slave. Slowly I turned my head and saw the
pictures of me fucking the deliveryman. All this trouble because my
fucking husband is out of town so much and masturbating is just not doing
it. I need a dick, a big old cock in me. The damn deliveryman had not
even let me cum. "Fucker."

Man, how was I gonna get out of this? What was I going to do? Staring
at the clock I had 10 minutes left to sit here. I wanted to get cleaned up
and "Why am I still sitting here?" It took me a few minutes to get myself
oriented, a few minutes to think. "SHIT", if I get up?" If my husband get
those pictures. NO,no,no, that can't happen.

"The letter!"


Shaking, I picked it up and opened it. I was really scared that he
wanted money. If he only knew how much money I have and that if my husband
divorces me, with those pictures as evidence, I would be broken. I did not
care about the teaching job, I did not need it. The pre-nup I signed would
end it all. Unfolding the note, I slowly read it.


Follow these instructions and nothing will happen. Do not, and you know
the consequences. Everything, complete obedience, or ruin your life. You
will either obey, or not. There is no middle ground.

1. Be ready at 8:30 PM. 2. Shave your pussy smooth. 3. Wear the
following items and only the following items.

A short, not tight, miniskirt.

Thong panties.

A pretty blouse, unbuttoning from the front.

A small amount of makeup.

High heels.

NO Bra! NO Hose!


Whoo boy, what was going on? Play with myself? That is what got me
into this in the first place. Finally! My 30 minutes are up. Looking out
the window, "FUCK", his blinds are all closed. He wasn't even watching.
"Asshole." It was 7:00 PM and I did not have much time to get ready. I
guess I will have to do what he says. The alternative was not so pleasant.

After wiping down the kitchen chair, I stumbled upstairs to take a
shower. My mind was still reeling from the thoughts and feelings I had. I
am not so sure that he was correct. I sure got off on everything he did to
me. My ass was still tender from the spanking I got and my nipples were
sore. Lowering my hand, my pussy was sopping wet and sensitive as hell.
Rubbing my finger in circles over my clit, why was I so horny? Why was the
thought of being made to do something, and having no choice about it,
making me so wet? "Fuck him!" I will still do whatever I want, damn it! I
laid down on the bed and reached over to get my dildo. I needed no
lubrication, so I crammed it into my gash. After about two or three
strokes I started to cum. My legs shook and I clenched up and then
collapsed. That's three massive orgasms in a few hours. I have never done
that before. "Fuck", what was I going to do?

I got up and gathered up the clothes to wear, per his instructions. I
felt so frustrated. I wanted to call his bluff, but my ass was so tender.
You could still see a hand mark from where he hit me. I quickly took a
shower and got ready. I made sure that I had time to eat before he
arrived. I did not like going without a bra. My breasts will hold there
own in any contest, but they jiggled when I walked and the nipples were
rubbing against the material making them constantly hard. At least my
white blouse was dirty. You could see right through it. I made a sandwich
and got some water. As I grabbed some ice cubes, I shuddered at the
thought of him shoving the cubes up my cunt. "God, I came hard!"

As I turned around, I yelped loudly. He was standing right next to me.
He scared the shit out of me! "I took your keys and made myself a copy,"
he said nonchalantly. He slowly ran the back of his hand down my face and
over my breasts ending up between my legs. He ran his fingernail over my
panties, pinching my pussy lips right over my clit.

"Good, good, slave. Exactly as ordered, nice and smooth. We will
certainly have fun tonight!"

"Did you play with yourself, slut? I instructed you not to, but your
eyes say something completely different." He grabbed my hair by the back of
my head and said, "Did you masturbate and spank that pretty pussy of yours?

"I-I-Umm-Yes, I did! You can't control my every move." I said

"AAUUGGHH," I cried as he grabbed my nipple and twisted it cruelly. I
fell to my knees and tried to get away.

"My power over controlling you extends to every aspect of your miserable
fucking life. If I don't want you to pee for a week, you won't!"

"AAAUUUUGGGHH," The pain in my nipple was killing me.

"Whatever I order, you will obey, right!?"

"Y-Yes." "We are going to be out in public tonight. You will do
everything I say, correct!"

"Y-Yes, sir" I said. I was scared to death. "Wha-where are we going?"
I never thought we would be leaving.

"Shut the FUCK up, bitch. You are not to speak until you are spoken to,
and you will only respond if asked a specific question. You will obey
ANYONE who decides to speak to you, anyone at all!"

"Get up Slave!" He ordered. He set a bag down and started looking for
something. He took out a camera and told me to turn around and bend over.
I kept my hands by my side and slowly bent over. He raised my skirt up and
kicked my legs apart. "Ohh," I moaned as he grabbed the string to my thong
and pulled it up into the crack in my ass. He squatted down and snapped a
few pictures and ran his finger across the tight fabric covering my pussy.

"Gee, Slut Sandy, Your pussy is already wet, and it is only 8:35. You
must enjoy being a whore! Maybe I didn't get as lucky as I thought. This
seems to come pretty natural to you."

I thought to myself, and could not figure why this turned me on so much.
I started liking the fact that I could not talk. I just had to take it.
But, I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach about the rest of the
evening. He put the camera away and got out some sort of rolled cigarette.
As he started lighting it, I realized that it was pot. He brought drugs
into my house. Eww, it really stunk. He inhaled really hard and pulled me
towards him. He put a hand on my chest and my back and squeezed all of the
air out of my lungs. He grabbed my mouth to kiss me and blew all the smoke
down my throat. "Hold it in, Sandy. Don't let the smoke out."

My lungs were burning and I started coughing and gasping for air. He
just started laughing at me. "First timers, how sad. Well, we will have
to do it again, till you can control yourself"

Again, he took a long drag on the joint. He pointed at my chest and I
reluctantly blew all my air out. Maybe it would be better this time. I at
least knew what to expect. Whoosh, and my eyes started watering.

"Don't you waste that good pot smoke. Hold it in. If you let it out,
maybe we will just stay here and see how much of a whipping you can take,"
He said with a grin. I held it for at least one minute, and he finally let
me breathe. I got dizzy immediately and had to sit down. He grabbed my
arm, pulling me up, and said, "Let's go. You have places to be." I
stumbled along in my high heels towards the garage. He put me into the
passenger seat and started the car. "Undo a few of those buttons on your
shirt. Let me see a little tit, slut."

I unbuttoned the top two buttons and just sat there. I hoped none of
the neighbors saw us leave together. I wondered about his wife also.
Where was she? How did she fit into this? I was certainly not going to
ask him, though. My right nipple still hurt like shit from the last time I
didn't follow his instructions. We drive into town, about 20 minutes. He
turned into a gas station and pulled up next to the pumps. "Get out and
fill up the car."

I started to button my shirt and he slapped my hands away. "Not a
chance, little girly! Just like you are. And for once again assuming you
know what is best for yourself, you lose another button."

He undid button number three and now you could see my tits clearly. I
got out and walked around to the pump. I used my teller card and started
pumping the gas. The nozzle did not have a little clip, so I had to hold
the damn thing with my hands. It was really windy outside and my skirt and
my shirt kept flying up and open. I was frantically trying to hold one or
the other closed, but was not having good luck. As I looked up, he was
sitting there laughing at me. Furiously, I turned away and noticed several
other men at their cars, watching me. They must have been getting an eye
full, with my clothes flapping around as they were. He rolled down the
window and told me to wash the windows. I got the squeegee and had to lean
over the hood to get at the whole window.

There were now more men just standing at the pumps watching me. I
certainly have never been an exhibitionist, but when I turned around to put
the wiper away, the man behind us was just standing there with his mouth
open. "Walk over to him and tell him that he should get his wife to do the
same for him. Then pinch your nipples for him and get into the car." I
paused, unsure if I would do it. The car started and I heard, "I'll leave
you here, damn it. Go do exactly what I told you!"

I walked over to the car next to us, straight up to the guy, and I felt
everyone's eyes on me. I know I wasn't smiling, but I forced out the

"Mr. you should get your wife to do this for you." I reached into my
shirt, which was still flying around in the wind, and touched my nipples. I
rolled them in my fingers and winced at the pain from them being twisted. I
turned around and got back into my car. "Good girl. Haha. He does not
even know what to do with himself. Spread your legs. SPREAD em! Look!
What a little slut. Your panties are soaking wet. Seems that your body is
giving your true self away, Hahahaha."

Why was I this wet. I did not even realize it. I certainly did not
like everyone staring at me, but I did feel a rush of adrenaline having to
squeeze my nipples in front of a stranger. He drove off and grinned at me,
laughing. "You will need that wet pussy for later, Slut Slave Sandy." My
God, what did he mean by that?

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