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NEXT DOOR Part 3 By Looney

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

I was laughing my ass off! What the fuck was I doing? I am a happily
married man with kids, a kinky wife who keeps me happy, and Mr. Dickhead
down there has got me on a wild ass ride. This chick's panties are
completely soaked. Like, squish, squish! As I drove out of the gas
station, that guy was still just standing there. He looked like he was in
shock. I can't believe that this bitch actually did exactly what I said. I
mean, I am blackmailing her and all, but, she just walked up and let him
watch her rub each nipple. What a hoot!

"Open your shirt, slut. So the truckers can look down and get an

She unbuttoned it and pushed it open. I reached over and rubbed her
nipples softly. "You liked showing off for the men back there, didn't

"Didn't you!"

"Y-Yes," she stammered. "It makes me embarrassed and confused, but I am
so horny my mind is spinning."

"Good, good. It seems that you are a natural slut, which is not a bad
thing. Ask me to slap your pussy."


"Ask me to slap your pussy. I told you earlier that YOU would ASK me
for everything", I meant it."

"OK, Slap my pussy."


"Slap my pussy, please."

"Spread your legs, slave. Let me have room to swing."

As she opened her legs, I slid my hand between her legs and pulled up
her panties. She was leaving a big ass stain on the car seat. "Raise your
pussy up. Lift up off the seat." I started slowly spanking her pussy.
Slap, slap, slap, slap. Rhythmically, harder, softer, harder. She seemed
to be twitching her hips upwards, as I slapped down. Well, if she wants
it, I thought. So I slapped harder, harder. SLAP. As she started trying
to finger herself, I pushed her hands away.

"No no no no, You don't get to cum yet. No, not for a while. The
evenings early, and you have to last for it all. We are almost there. Get
yourself put back together. Anyone who sees you will know how much of a
slut you are, but at least you won't look used. My friends are going to be
here, and you will show them the proper respect, and obey anyone, to the
fullest! If not, I will strip you and leave you on the side of the street.
Understand all of this?"

With a kind of whimper, she said, "Yes sir", then fixed herself up. I
smiled inside. She was on such a roller coaster. I make her feel good,
then tear her down. She will fall deeper into the depraved world of sexual
desire and hopefully not be able to return. I think I read that somewhere.

We arrived at the next destination on my list of things to do. The
places I picked were nowhere my wife, or friends, would be. This place was
seedy, not unrespectable, but questionable. red LION, a strip joint, with
the emphasis on joint. I could see that she was unsure about this. She
was seeing the same as me, a run down building with the windows all boarded
up, bad paint, and metal bars over every entrance.

I took out another joint, and lit it up. Sorry folks, don't drink or
smoke. Gotta have at least one bad habit. Blackmail wasn't a habit, haha.
I passed it back to her and she refused.

"You will smoke this with me, or I will force it down your lungs again!"

I passed it to her again and she about killed herself with it. Coughing
and hacking. It was not pretty. Again, "Damn beginners."

"Get out and follow behind me. Keep your head down, Slave! And do not
speak unless spoken to."

This was a place I had been to a few times. It was a typical biker,
non-executive, strip club. The girls were 6's or 7's. It was a rock and
roll place that you could sit for a while and enjoy the views. I took a
table kinda in a dark spot. Not in a corner, where management watches, but
next to a wall. She had obviously never been to a place like this, or even
new they existed. She was timidly staring around at everything.

Just to fuck with her, I said, "Over there, and there, is where the
girls dance. One day, that will be you up there."

She didn't move her head, but kept staring at the dancers. I ordered
drinks for us, a Coke for me and a Long Island Tea for her. What a drink!
Five clear liqueurs, and a splash of coke. One gets her drunk two wipes
her out. It was kinda crowded, being so early, but that meant more dancers
to watch. I leaned close to her and rubbed her nipples.

"Your dressed just like the dancers that work here. You better hope
that no one asks you to table dance for them. If they do, you better hope
you do a good job."

She shook her head, but was clearly nervous. The waitress returned and
I asked if Jade was here tonight. She said that she would be out in about
20 minutes.

Sitting back and looking at this lady from next door watch titty dancers
was quite erotic. I pulled her over to me and had her sit real close. I
put my arm around her and told her she looked better than anyone did up
there so far. She said she was scared and couldn't dance very well. I
told her she might not have to, but to watch the girls move, so she would
not embarrass herself.

Just then, Jade took the stage. She is a tall, redhead, with real nice
tits. She has always been friendly and generous with her lap dances.
After a few dances, she will let you finger her and suck on her nipples.
Of course, I had my own little fuck toy tonight.

As I handed my slut a few dollars, I said, "Go and stand next to the
stage. When she bends down, put the money in her g-string."

I watched, everybody watched, as she walked over to the stage. She sure
looked nervous standing there waiting. Jade winked at me and seemed to
take her time with Sandy. Dancing and teasing her on the stage. She lay
on her back and spread her legs in front of her. She ran her finger up and
down her slit. She got on her knees and gyrated her ass I the air, right
in front of her face. This was great! She rubbed her ass across her nose,
rubbed her tits into her face and gave her a wet sloppy kiss. Sandy's
hands were shaking as she put the ones into her g-string.

Everybody clapped and yelled as she walked back to the table. Her face
was bright red and she downed a very large part of her drink.

"Did it make you hot? Seeing pussy that close up? Kissing another
woman's breasts?"

"I-I don't know."

"Touch yourself Slave. Stick your hand under your dress and move your
panties. Put your finger in your cunt and se how wet it is."

She looked around and slowly raised her skirt. She moved her panties to
the side and jumped as she touched her slit. Her finger slid right in and
she started to fuck herself.

"Stop that shit! Damn it, I said that you could not cum yet. What a
fucking whore you are. Sitting in a strip club, fingering your pussy,
staring at other girls."

I just sat back and let her think about it. I saw Jade walking over to
us and smiled. She walked up and was standing right next to Sandy. Her
pussy was eye level with the way the chairs sat. She rubbed her pussy and
said, "See what you did to me, I'm all wet."

Sandy got red faced and slunk into her chair. Jade sat down and I
explained that this was now my slave. After that was said, we had a nice
conversation and a few drinks. Neither one of us looked at or acknowledged
her. She just sat and watched the dancers.

I put some money on the table and asked Jade to dance for "My Slut

"Give her a few pointers, so if someone asks her to dance she won't fall
down, haha. And don't hold back. She would let you fuck her face. She
likes pussy juice."

Jade cleared away a spot and moved Sandy's chair so that everyone could
watch. She proceeded to give the best lap dance I have ever witnessed.
She danced and rubbed herself all over Sandy. Pulling her nipples, ramming
her g-string in-between her pussy lips. She pulled aside her own underwear
and rode Sandy's thigh. There was a trail of pussy juice shining in the
lights. She rubbed her nipples across Sandy's mouth and swung her tits back and forth. Slap, slap, slap. What a wonderful sight!

Jade would slide her body down and bite her clit through her g-string as
she went past it. She was driving my slut crazy. The song finally ended
and Jade sat on Sandy's lap. We talked for a minute and Jade asked if she
could use my slave for a second.

"Sure," I answered. "What for?"

"This!" she said, as she pulled her panties aside and took Sandy's hand
and put her finger in her pussy. Sandy started to move her fingers in and
out of her pussy. It was making slurpy sounds.

As she looked into Sandy's eyes, she said, "I have wanted to cum all
afternoon, and had no fingers to accomplish it with. This way, I won't get
my hands all dirty."

Jade's hips started to get into the rhythm of the song. Her eyes closed
and her head tilted back.

I said, "Put two fingers in her cunt, slave. Yeah, now put three.
Slide them in and out. Rub her clit with your thumb. You better hope you
make this beautiful dancer have the orgasm of her life, or I will stand you
up and whip your ass in front of everyone."

Sandy looked mesmerized. She was twisting her arm to get the best angle
to ram her fingers into Jades pussy. Jade was quietly moaning and pinching
her nipple. Jade started kinda twitching and then she started to cum. She
froze up, like a serious stretch, and then when she let go, she squirted
pussy juice all over Sandy's hand and legs. Sandy just kept rubbing her
pussy. Jade finally pushed her fingers away and collapsed on the other

"Whoo man, that was great. Sorry about the mess. I am a squirter, if
you couldn't tell. She looked right at Sandy and told her to lick her
hands clean. Sandy hesitated for a second so I kicked her in the leg.

"Lick your hand clean bitch! You were given a command. Do it!" Turning
to Jade, "I apologize for her behavior, she is a new slave and will be beat
sufficiently tonight."

Sandy was busy licking her hand and arm. sucking on each finger. She
jumped when Jade put her hand on her pussy. Jade just pushed her finger
roughly, fabric and all, right into her pussy. Sandy started trying to
hump her hand for all she was worth.

"Careful", I told Jade, She is not allowed to cum yet. She has a few
more stops tonight. But, you can rub some of her pussy juice on her face.
Then she can smell and taste it for a while."

Jade slowly pulled the g-string aside and used two fingers to scoop up a
pretty good glop of wet. She slid her fingers sideways across Sandy's
upper lip and mouth. Jade leaned close and gave her a hell of a kiss,
sucking on Sandy's tongue and twisting her nipples.

She gave me a peck on the lips and said she would repay me at a later

"Bye-bye little slut. If you ever get your life back, give me a call"
she said as she walked away.

Sandy had a very disheveled look, like just being fucked for a few
hours. And, this was a good thing. I left a tip and got up to leave.
Sandy stumbled along behind me. She had a hard time because all of the
guys were copping a feel as she walked by. When she got up to me, I just
looked down at her and said, "Slut!"


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