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NEXT DOOR Part 4 By Looney

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

I just wasn't sure. I was so hot, light headed. I wanted to just sit
down and rest. He grabbed my hand and told me to go and get into the car.

"Just sit there and don't touch anything!"

I walked slowly to the car and got inside. Finally!, peace and quiet.
God, I was frazzled. My knees were weak. I felt so ashamed, so
embarrassed. My head was spinning while I tried to concentrate on my
situation, but my pussy was throbbing. With every thing that had happened
I had gotten more and more turned on. I can't believe I went into a strip
bar and actually touched a filthy whore of a dancer. I just don't know how
to justify my actions. Every time this man makes me do some depraved
thing, I go blank. I - I just do it. Whatever it is. Like someone
programmed me and put me on autopilot.

I looked down and surveyed myself. I still looked ok on the outside. I
slid my fingers around the edges of my panties, straightening things up. I
tried to touch my pussy and clit, but it was incredibly sensitive. I am
hotter than a firecracker, and I could have cum in a heartbeat, but I was
not going to walk home naked. He has not lied yet about what he will do,
and I sure can't have anyone see those pictures. I was still shocked that
I would get so hot over such lewd behavior.

I lowered my head as I saw him coming towards the car. It was dark now,
and I almost didn't see him at all. As he got in and started the car he
said, "The guys made me promise that you would come back tonight and dance
for them. How's that? Huh! I bet you would put on a good show."
Nervously I kinda nodded my head. He couldn't be serious. You have to be
an employee. You have to have a license and everything. Boy, I hope he is

"Unbutton your shirt, raise you skirt and, here, cover your eyes with

He threw one of those sleeping masks at me. As I was sliding it over my
eyes, he turned on and was aiming that little reading light at me. I
unbuttoned my shirt and bunched my skirt up around my waist. He pushed
open the sides of my shirt and said, "There, better to see you with. Get
comfortable, it'll be a while. Man, you are one hot little slut."

Ohh man, I get shivers up my spine when he calls me a slut. I should be
mad, but I only feel lust. Thinking about sitting here is making my face
all flushed and hot. I don't know if it is coming from my pussy, or if I
am embarrassed because everyone that drives by can see in the car. I saw
him turn on the light, which means that side of the car is illuminated. He
must have noticed me squirming around because he reached over and gently
pulled my nipples.

"Getting a little anxious, my lovely slave? Does that feel good? Yeah,
you just wait. Do you need to cum, slut?"

"Please, sir, please let me cum. I have been on the edge for so long."

"What can you offer me that I don't already have. Huh? You are my
slave, a slut! You will lick the ground I walk on if I tell you to. SO,
what can you offer me to let you cum?

"Nothing. Nothing, sir."

He pulled on my nipples for a while longer. I was just on the edge of a
mind shattering orgasm. The closer I got, the harder he twisted my
nipples. I am not sure how he knew exactly when to stop, but he did. I
would just start breathing normal again and he would start rubbing.
Finally it ended and I just sat in silence for a while.

When we finally stopped, I was not sure how long we had actually driven.
It could have been 20 minutes or 2 hours. It was incredibly wild to drive
around blindfolded. I felt every bump and heard every sound. He did not
turn on the stereo, so it was very quiet, unnerving.

He lit another joint and got out of the car. He sat on the tailgate and
smoked it all by himself. I just sat there in the car by myself. Suddenly
the car door opened and he took me by the hand. "Careful", he said, as I
stood up.

He turned me around three times and led me by the hand about 10 steps

"You know the rules, correct?"

"Yes", I nodded.

"Repeat them, please, slave."

"I am willingly to do anything you say."

"Anything anyone says. Remember that. Complete submission is the only
answer. Now, before we start, do you need to pee?"

"Yes, very badly", I answered.

"Very well, squat down right here Pull aside your panties and pee."

"Wha-what, here, where are we?"

"That was not a request, Slut! It is not of your concern where we are.
If you need to pee, do so now. It will be a long night if you have to hold

He pushed down on my shoulders and said, "Don't get my shoes wet, haha."
I had to squat down to keep from falling over in the heels I had on.
Being blindfolded is fun, but only in a stable condition. The drinks at
the strip club went right thru me and I really needed to pee. I reached
down and pulled my panties to the side. I could hear him walking around
me, probably to get a better view. I was not sure that I could even do
this when all of a sudden I started peeing like Niagra Falls. It was loud
in the night air and I must have peed for two minutes. God, that felt
almost as good as an orgasm. I could not believe that I am doing this.

I felt so relieved but my head was still wobbly.

"Use your hand to wipe up, then lick your hand clean!"

I squeezed my pussy lips and wiped as best as I could. Raising my hand
and tasting my piss caused me to smile. It was sweet and not too smelly.
The smile on my face came from out of the blue. I really liked doing this
nasty shit?

"Like that taste, do ya? It is just one of the experiences you are
going to willingly do."

He helped me up and took off my blindfold. "Shit", I squeaked. We were
in the parking lot of some club. Right there where anyone could have seen
me pee. I was beet red and he was just grinning.

"Don't you worry. No one saw you but me. Consider it a lesson."

A lesson? About what, how depraved I have become? About how I felt
tingly all over as I pissed. Not caring about anything. Well, he was
right on all accounts. I was not sure exactly where I was headed, but the
burning fire in my pussy leading the way.

As we walked to the club, only a door was visible. The music coming
from inside sounded great and the parking lot was full. It didn't look big
enough to hold a large crowd.

"Head down! Look at your feet!" he said as we entered.

With my head down I saw him check in with someone and we proceeded
through another door. The booth we were walking towards was on the corner
of the dance floor. I couldn't help myself and looked up a little bit. I
was shocked at what I saw. It was a dance club, not a large one, but
certainly a nice one. I guess I didn't know what to expect. There was a
small dance floor, a pool table and two bars. It could comfortably hold
about 200 people. It was dark, and I could not look all around, but the
people seemed to be dressed very nicely.

After we got settled into the booth, he ordered a round of drinks.
Since he was just sitting there watching people, I watched with him. The
women walking by and the ones on the dance floor were certainly dressed
scantily. Some of them just had on a short skirt and see-thru mesh tops.
My mouth must have dropped open when a girl walked by with hard nipples
sticking out. "Does that shock you?" he said. "This is a private, off
premise club, which means you meet people here to go home and fuck.
Couples come here to swing with other couples. If you look nice enough,
and act proper, maybe one of the other couples will take a liking to you."

I took a big gulp of my drink and kept staring at people. I wasn't so
sure about this. A black guy came over and shook his hand and they walked
over to the bar together to talk. I just sat there, unsure what to do. He
did not even acknowledge me, so I stayed. About 20 minutes later, a guy
came over and asked me to dance. I was not sure how to answer, when he
grabbed my hand and took me out there.

"You sure are a pretty young lady. How did you get in here by

"M - My master is over there", was all I could stammer out. Where the
fuck did that come from? I must have been drunker than I thought.

"Well, then, I am sure he won't mind a dance or two."

He pulled me close and we started to dance. The floor started to fill
up with people, certainly more than it could handle. Everyone was getting
squeezed together and then the strobe lights came on. Everyone was
grooving to the beat and bumping up against each other. He was holding me
close and rubbing my ass with his hands. I could feel his dick getting
hard inside his pants. He grabbed my butt and ground it against his
crotch. He reached up and tilted my head and kissed me. So soft! He was
sucking my tongue in and out and my juices started to flow. He saw rubbing
my ass again, no, wait, he was holding my head. Who was rubbing my ass?
Wha- someone was putting there hands on my chest. They started squeezing
my tits and rubbing my nipples. OH, god this felt good. He was running
his tongue up and down my neck. I was moaning as he got to my ear.

I seemed to be pulsing with the beat of the music. My skirt was up and
I could feel several sets of hands on my ass this by this time. This guy
was kissing me and feeling the tits of the girls next to us. He had one
tit in each hand, from two different girls. I looked down as he started
kissing the other side of my neck and shoulders. There were rings on the
fingers that were kneading my breasts? The girls next to me were each
touching my boobs. I closed my eyes and went with it. The song ended and
everyone fixed themselves up. Walking off the dance floor the girl that
had been next to me stopped me and kissed me on the mouth. She ran her
tongue around the inside of my lips and she moaned when our embrace was
broken. I melted and felt flush at the sound.

The man that had danced with me returned me to the booth and just walked
away. He walked over to my master and spoke in his ear. They both turned
and looked at me and then ignored me again. I finished my drink and just
sat there. My hands were between my legs rubbing my pussy, but I was not
putting a finger in. I would have exploded if that happened.

My master looked at me and pointed his finger to the ground in front of
him. I hurriedly crossed the room over to him.

"Is your drink empty?"

"Yes, sir" I replied.

"Look up here", he said as he pointed to a wall of panties. "Come
around here and let the bartender take your panties off and you will get a
free drink."

I stepped over to the open doorway in the bar and stood there waiting
for the bartender to notice me. There were a lot of panties and bra's on
the wall. Leaning towards me, he said, "What'll it be miss?"

"Umm. I'd. Ummm"

"Hurry up lady!"

"Umm. I'd like the free drink please."

"Oh. you would, huh? What do you have to barter with."

I slowly raised my skirt and showed my panties to him.

"My, my, my, he grinned. Turn around and face the other way, please."

Oh, god. He was going to make a spectacle of this. As I turned around,
he reached up and swatted a bell twice. Everyone at the bar stopped and
looked at me. God, this can't be happening. At least I am bent over and
they cannot see my bright red face. He slowly lifted my skirt and the
crowd oooh'ed. He slid his fingers under the strings and pulled them to
the side. The crowd aaah'ed as he pulled the g-string down my ass. The
fabric was wedged in my lips and I could feel it peel away. I jumped when
he leaned in to slide them off my feet because he stuck out his tongue and
licked my whole slit. He tilted his head down to lick again and I pressed
my ass back. 'Oohhhhhh", I moaned, as he slide upwards.

"Whoo Hoo", he said as he stood up and slapped the bell a few more
times. The people around the bar cheered loudly as I stood up and turned
around. He was standing in the center of the bar with my panties. He
tilted his head back and scrunched them together above his mouth. He
twisted them really tight and a few drops of liquid fell out into his open
mouth. The whole place chanted his name as he did this.

I almost fell over with embarrassment. My head felt on fire. I knew I
should feel ashamed, but instead I had a pure animal lust inside me.

"What'll you have lady? Anything you want." "You obviously need some
more liquids in you," he laughed.

"She will have a shot of Quervo Gold." Said a deep voice. I had
forgotten about him. In the embarrassment, I had forgotten about all of
it. I pushed my ass back into his crotch as he leaned against my back. He
leaned away and lifted my skirt. He slapped my ass hard enough to leave a
red handprint.

"Stop that shit, you slut. You will have a chance to fuck something
tonight, later."

Man, Oh man, that hurt. It seemed that time stopped as my left ass
cheek burned and stung. He ran his fingers lightly over the spot he hit
and it felt like little firesticks.

"Drink it all! One shot, slave. And don't spill any."

Lick, shoot, and squeeze. Instructions I learned a long time ago. I
drank some water and we went back over to the booth to sit down.

"Did you like the dance? he asked"

"Yes. I hope I wasn't wrong to go with him."

"No, you did exactly what you were told. If you had refused him, I
would have left you here. There is no telling what would happen to you

I tried to wonder what that would have been as we sat watching the dance
floor. There was lots of groping and touching of people next to each
other. Everything was getting more and more lewd as time went on. I was in
a daze, watching. I was getting more and more turned on. The music was
getting better and better. The lady that was on the dance floor with me
from before, the one that didn't kiss me, walked by. When she recognized
me, she stopped.

"Can she come out and play?" she asked. "I'll take good care of her."

"Sure", he said as he got up. He grabbed my hand and helped me out of
the booth. She giggled and hugged me. We caught up and she ran over to
another guy. He smiled as he saw me. He was at the bar earlier watching

We squeezed out into the middle of the dance floor. Actually, he was
quite a good dancer. He could bump and grind with the best of them. I was
really getting into it when the music slowed into a funky jazz. He pulled
me close and rubbed his dick against me. We swayed together for a few
minutes then a pair of hands wrapped around me and softly pinched my
nipples. I looked up at him and he had a stupid little grin on his face.
He twisted my waist, turning me around to face the cute girl. She was very
pretty and had on a shirt that unzipped down the front.

Her guy was dancing behind her and was pulling the zipper down. She
leaned over and kissed me hard. She Nmoaned and pulled me close, pushing
my head down to her nipples. She kind of growled when I sucked on one.
Her tits were small, maybe a B cup, but the seemed to be very sensitive.

I came up for air and she immediately started kissing me again. I had
hands all over me. On my ass and on my tits. Rubbing and pulling my
nipples. I could feel something, liquid running down the insides of my
thighs. I never knew that it could feel like this. I never knew I could
get this wet. I was blanking out, just riding the feelings. I was
reaching behind my back, trying to feel my masters' dick as he was grinding
it between my ass cheeks.

Suddenly I wasn't being kissed anymore. I opened my eyes and she was
looking between us. I looked down and saw my skirt raised up and my bare
pussy sticking out. She licked her hand and reached down to touch me. As
I lifted my crotch to meet her hand and her finger slid right into my hole.
I started cumming as soon as I saw where her hand was going. She got two
fingers inside and her thumb was rubbing against my clit as I shook against
her hand. My hips were like a jackhammer. Suddenly there were several
more hands touching and rubbing me. Two different people were pulling my
nipples in different directions.

"Ooohhhhhh", my head leaned back onto his shoulder and I was
surprisingly calm even though I had fingers sliding in and out of my pussy.
He licked my neck and ear and said, in a gravelly voice, "What a good slut
you are!"

I was somewhere between multiple orgasms. My hips and crotch were
vibrating back and forth on her hand. When he said that directly into my
ear, I came harder than I could have imagined. I saw spots before my eyes
and the beat of the music made the blood in my head pulse. She was working
her fingers back and forth and then she pulled them out. I came again from
the loss of sensation, and started to slump down. I am sure glad he had
hold of me, as my legs were not working.

As he pulled me up, she was licking the pussy juice off her fingers.
She was smiling and turned to dance with another girl.

"Had enough?" he asked.

"I need to rest, for a second."

"Haha, ok slave. I thought you might not come back from where ever you
were. It looked quite blissful."

"Uh huh," I stammered, as we went back to our seats. Several people
that wandered by stopped and commented to him that I was certainly hot and
hoped I would be around again.

"Oh, she will be begging to some back here, soon!" he laughed.

"Let's go, slave. Button up your shirt."

Shit! My shirt was completely unbuttoned and my skirt was rolled up
into itself. I never even thought to check. My mind was in another place.
I fixed myself and caught up to him as he said goodbye to a few people. I
was still breathing kinda hard from the orgasm. It sure takes a lot out of

He pointed out my panties hanging on the wall as we left. Forever proof
that I was here. None of my friends would believe it.


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