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NEXT DOOR Part 5 By Looney

Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

What a night to remember! I really thought that I would have to keep
holding the blackmail evidence over this ladies head. She was reluctant to
obey me at first, but once she got all hot and worked up; she was a fucking
slut. She got off on every mean and nasty thing I made her do.

I left the club with her and we drove off to another adventure. The
night still had some darkness left. This bitch had a sopping wet pussy from all the degrading things that happened inside. I reached over and
touched her pussy and she didn't even flinch anymore. She immediately
moved her crotch against my hand and moaned.

"Still hot for it little slave girl? Do you want me to find something
else fun to get you off?"

"Yes. Please let me cum again. My nipples are tingling and I am so

"Ok slut. You asked for it!"

We drove to an adult bookstore that I know of that has preview booths.
These are not the square booths that men go to for quarter enjoyment. This
store had several large rooms with a couch in them. This was for people
that wanted to view a movie before buying it.

"Fix yourself up. You look like you are a junkie whore!"

I got out of the car and she put herself together. We walked into the
store and she stayed right behind me a few steps. I walked up and down the
isles looking at movie boxes. There were a few people doing the same thing
also. I spent about 20 minutes picking out a good one. The longer I took,
the more nervous she seemed to get. Once I found a good bondage movie, I
returned to the counter and paid to view the movie first. I got the key
for room 6.

It was dark when we walked into the room, but soon lit up when the
screen came to life.

"Turn around," I said, as I pushed her forcefully against the wall. I
held the back of her neck and lifted her skirt up. I roughly jammed my
hand between her legs and stuffed two fingers right into her pussy hole.
"MMNnnn", she moaned.

"Pretty hot and wet pussy you have. Do you like being forced to obey
and submit?" I said as I wiggled my fingers around her pussy.

"Oh yes, yes. Please keep doing that. OHHhhhh."

She was spreading her legs wider and she jumped when I rubbed her clit
with my thumb.

"OH YES, do that do that do that."

I pulled my hand out and swatted her ass with one smooth motion. She
moaned and I hit her three more times, hard enough to leave a mark. I
yanked her by the hair and pushed her on the floor.

"Get your clothes off and kneel on the floor facing the wall. Do not
turn around. Do not look at the TV. DO NOT touch yourself!"

She looked up at me with this wild look in her face and started taking
off her clothes. With the sounds of bondage sex playing in the background,
I turned up the volume all the way so she would be forced to hear it.

I left the room and walked around the corner and back into the video section. I walked next to a man I had seen earlier. I had noticed him
staring at Sandy, like anyone in the store could not. He looked like a
regular guy, about 6' 2", like a small football linebacker.

"Hey buddy. I bet if you wandered into room 6 that you would not regret
it." He must have remembered her, because he just smiled. I turned and
walked back to through the hallway and entered the room.

"Good girl. On your knees and facing the wall. Just like I told you.
For that, I will not whip your ass. Put your head down, slut."

I sat down on the end of the couch. Since she was behind it, she could
see me watching the movie. I had left the door ajar so that it wouldn't
close. Now we just wait, which would be good for her, haha.

About 5 minutes later, I heard the door swing open. As I turned my
head, he closed the door. I nodded my head down at the girl and said, "She
is all yours for a little while."

She flinched a little when he said in a deep voice, "No strings
attached, right. Is this cool?"

"Get up slut," I ordered. "Lean over the back of the couch."

"Go ahead, raise her skirt up and see if she is ready."

She bent over the couch and he gingerly lifted up her skirt. He started
rubbing his hands over her ass and I saw her close her eyes and tighten up.
He pushed her legs apart and slid his fingers up her crack.

"Man, oh man. This bitch is wet. I bet she will be able to take it all
in one stroke."

He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his dick. It was certainly bigger
than mine, and getting larger. He stood behind her and rubbed the head of
his dick up and down her slit. She was moaning and started getting louder.
I slapped the side of her face with the back of my hand and said, "Be
quiet. Let the man enjoy fucking your cunt without any noise." I got her
shirt and put a wadded part of it into her mouth. I watched him get
centered right behind her and thrust into her all at once.

"mmphhh," she moaned. He slid all the way out and shoved back in. He
must have been at least 8 or 9 inches long, and was as wide around as a
large bottle. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back into him as hard as
he could. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he thrust into
her over and over again.

Once again, I got to see her being fucked from behind, head pulled back,
titties flapping in the wind. What a sight! I stood in front of her
watching. She looked like she was in pain, but whenever he stopped fucking
her, her hips kept on moving up and down. He just stood there and let her
fuck him.

She was getting closer to cumming, so I whispered into his ear for him
to drive into her as deep as he could and hold it there. I stood back in
front of her and when he jammed it in and held it I started slapping her
tits. She started going crazy. He had his whole dick inside her pussy and
had all his weight pinning her against the back of the couch. I continued
slapping her tits, harder and harder.

"Slut, slave, slut, slave, slut." I said to her. "You love this!
Fucked by a stranger. Used as a sex toy." Slap, slap, slap.

"Ok, man. Start fucking her and don't stop till she falls over!" I

He started ramming his dick into her and pulling her head back. I
grabbed her nipples and twisted them. Back and forth, I turned my fingers.
She stopped moving, moaned loudly into the shirt stuffed into her mouth,
and started cumming. She looked like she was in convulsions. I held onto
her nipples and he banged away. He reached forward and grabbed her by the
tits. Pulling her up to an almost standing position, he was grunting as he
impaled her. He got red in the face and pulled out to shoot his cum. It
shot up into her hair and all over her back.

He was sweating and had to hold himself up. She, on the other hand, had
collapsed on the floor in a ball and was rubbing her pussy, moaning.

"She gonna be ok? Cause that was great."

"She will be fine." I handed him her shirt and winked at him, "Clean up
and send in the next one will ya. And thanks for being a participant."

She looked up at me with a very worried look on her face when she heard
that comment.

"Get ready, slut. There is a whole line of guys off the street waiting
for a turn."

He smiled a little laugh as he zipped up. I am pretty sure I heard him
say no one would believe him as he left.

I took her and bent her over the arm of the couch this time. "Reach
back and grab your ass cheeks, honey. Hold your asshole open for me. I
need to get it ready for everybody else."

She held her ass open and I admired the scene. She had cum all over her
back and the insides of her legs were glistening in the dim light. I took
my finger and wet it with my spit. I stuck it into her asshole and she
moaned, "no, no, please no. Not my ass."

"Want some more, slut?" As I was turning my finger around. "You like my
finger in your ass." Pulling it in and out I pushed two fingers in. She
moaned and pushed back.

I spit on her ass and roughly pushed three fingers in. "Like it huh! I
figured you would. So will everybody else." As soon as I said that, she
said "Oh shittttt," and came again. Her hips bucked like a bronco. I just
held my hand in one place, and she was ramming my fingers in her ass all by

When she finally calmed down, I wiped my fingers in her hair and said
"Get up and get dressed."

"Wh-what about, where are the others?"

"God, what a whore you are. Because you talked without being spoken to,
we are leaving. No more dick for you tonight!"

I couldn't decide if she was disappointed or not. She looked a mess,
though, even dressed. We walked out and I turned in the key and headed out
to the car. I was sure she felt terrible. Everyone was watching her and
could see what she looked like. There was makeup smeared over her face and
her hair was certainly messed up.

As we drove home, she was crossing her legs back and forth. It looked
like she had to pee, so I tried to hit every bump I could find. She was
looking more and more uncomfortable and we had at least an hour before we
got home. I loved this and suprisingly did not feel bad for her at all.

"Open your legs, slave. Spread them apart so I can see your pussy."

She opened them, but had trouble keeping them that way. She had to put
her hands on the insides to hold them that way. I saw a bottle of water in
the back seat and reached over to get it. I opened it and slowly poured it
over her chest.

"I like the wet t-shirt look on you." Her nipples were really hard,
sticking out her shirt.

"Ohh, it is cold. Don't, please don't. I have to pee really bad."

"Then pee," I told her. "It will be at least 2 hours before we get
home. It was a long way to get to the sleazy joints you like so much."

Her eyes got big when I said 2 hours. She looked down and just sat
there, so I shut up and drove. About 20 minutes later, she mumbled, "no,
oh no," and closed her legs. I could smell the pee as it left her body.
She was totally embarrassed, but could not stop. She had pee all over
herself. Her skirt seemed to soak up a lot of it, but the seat got the
most. She put her hands into her face and I let her sit quietly in her own
piss, after I rolled down the window. We pulled into her driveway and went
into the house. She certainly seemed relieved to be home, but was shocked
to hear my next command.

"Go and get some duct tape, a wooden spoon, and a vibrator. And, hurry
up about it."

She returned a few minutes later with the stuff. I sat at the table and
rolled a joint.

"Stand in front of me, here. Take your wet smelly clothes off." She
peeled herself out of the wet material.

As I lit the joint, I said, "Bend over and put the vibrator I your ass."

She took it and got it wet with her mouth. She bent over with her ass
just inches away. She slowly got it past her sphincter muscle and was
groaning to get the rest in. It was not big, so I pushed it the rest of
the way in.

"Stay there, just like that, slut!" I took a strip of tape and place it
across her ass. "This way the vibrator will not fall out. Now, stand up
and turn around."

She grimaced, and turned around. I took a big hit off the joint and
kissed her while blowing smoke down her throat.

"Hold it in!" I said, as I touched her breasts.

I reached behind her and turned on the vibrator. I left her standing
there as I quietly smoke the rest. She was squirming and her nipples got
as hard as a rock.

I picked up the wooden spoon and I took her into the dining room to the
large table.

"Get up here and lay on your belly with your head hanging over the

She laid down and got situated. The table turned out to be the perfect
height. I unbuttoned my jeans and took out my cock. Obviously, I was
harder that I have ever been, and I stuck my dick right into her mouth. I
leaned over and turned up the vibrator. I leaned back a little and watched
her head bob up and down my cock.

"Yea, suck it slut," I said. Her hips started bobbing up and down in
rhythm with her head. I took the wooden spoon and spanked her ass. She
moaned and it felt good on my dick. I spanked her again, harder. She
moaned louder this time. It was an incredible sight, this good-looking
babe, with a vibrator taped in her ass, sucking my cock.

I started hitting her with the spoon in different places. Harder and
harder, slower, faster. Her ass was getting really red, and a random smack
that was harder than the rest, left a little round imprint. The more I hit
her, the harder she sucked. Her butt was bright shiny red and she started
to cum. I was swatting her ass harder, and faster, hitting every spot I
could reach. Her legs were shaking and her fingers were turning white from
gripping the table. I gave her one last monster swat. I hit her with a
full swing.

"Ooowwmwmmmwmm," she cried as I pulled my dick out of her mouth and shot
my cum into her face. I took her hair and wiped myself off and she was
still cumming. She took her hands and wiped my cum into mouth and was
sucking her fingers.

I pulled up my pants and turned to leave. She was in her own world so I
just left her on the table with the vibrator on high.

I knew where she lived.


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