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Part - 6
By Looney

2000 pentl@yahoo.com -- Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

I remember lying there for what seemed like hours. Sometime ago, I
reached back and peeled the duct tape off my ass and pulled the vibrator
out. The batteries had died along the way. I was not quite sure what I
was feeling, or what I was supposed to be feeling after what had
happened. My head was still foggy.

The clock said 5:15 am. There was dried cum on my face, in my hair, and
the dining room table was not in good shape. I wearily dragged myself
upstairs to the shower and just stood there with the water running over
me. I shocked myself because I was smiling as I was thinking about my
situation. Blackmailed and used, I was in deep. I was certainly not able
to report what happened to anyone. What was I going to say?

I made my way downstairs to get something to eat. The taste in my mouth
was awful. I had too much to drink, and the pot he made me smoke was
terrible. When I sat at the table I noticed an envelope address to "The
Slave of the House." I just sat there and ate while staring at it. I
really wanted to open it. Just thinking about the instructions the last
letter contained was getting me horny. I had several orgasms yesterday,
but I felt unsatisfied. I was embarrassed and ashamed at what happened,
but it really sparked a desire that I had never felt before.

I realized that I was slowly rubbing my nipple on the edge of the table
as I leaned forward to eat. I let my hand drop to my lap and stroked my
pussy. It was sore, but wet. Why was I wet again? Where did these
feelings come from? Why did I keep thinking about the men and women that
had used and abused me last night? Why did it turn me on?

I cleaned up the dishes and sat on the couch with the envelope. I still
had my hand between my legs rubbing my clit softly as I read the letter.


Clean yourself up. This includes a COMPLETE enema, a douche, and make
sure your pussy is smooth.

Make sure the house is spotless, and prepare a special dinner for two.
You will have company tonight.

Wear black garters and stockings, no panties, and the sheerest red dress
you can buy.

The doorbell will ring at exactly 7:00 PM.

During the day you must wear a short skirt with no panties, a white
shirt and no bra.

You must stop every hour of the day (on the hour), no matter where you
are, and rub your clit. DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow yourself
to cum. I will know!
I immediately stopped rubbing my clit. I guess this counted as my first
hour? I was about to burst with excitement. He was going to have dinner
with me. Was it him that I found so attractive, or the things he was
able to make me do? I still did not understand why I was acting this
way. I understood that I had no choice but to do exactly what he made me
do, but why did it excite me? Maybe he would keep me to himself tonight.

I knew I needed to get out and shop for the things to prepare for
tonight so I decided to start my day. I would clean up and head out to
the mall later. I sure did not look forward to an enema, but he would
know if I didn't do it.

I put on my shortest skirt. It was older and too small. It covered my
ass, but not by much. I found the thickest white shirt I owned. You
could see my nipples through it, but at least it kept me from jiggling
so much.

I started cleaning the house and had to work hard to get the stains off
the table. It seemed that the harder I worked, the more worked up I got.
I had to stop twice during the cleaning to play with myself. I would go
and sit on the reclining chair and spread my legs over the sides. I
licked my finger and rubbed it in circles around my clit. The first time
I almost came when I touched it directly, so no more of that. I was
really enjoying the build-up, but I really wanted to have an orgasm.

After the house was clean I went upstairs to do the dirty deed. I got
undressed and went into the bathroom. I let the bottle sit in some hot
water, to warm it up. I really enjoyed it when the nozzle slid into my
pussy. It felt really good to douche. Standing in the shower and letting
the liquid run down my legs was turning me on. I had never thought of it
as sexy.

I got a Fleers enema bottle and warmed it up also. I put a dab of KY on
my asshole and lay on my side. I worked the tip into my ass and slowly
squeezed the bottle. Whoo, it felt weird. I had to stop several times
and rest, letting my bowels relax. I finally got all of the liquid out
of the bottle and stood up. Holding it in as long as I could was harder
than I thought. I guess your body does not naturally like this kind of
thing. Sitting on the toilet I relaxed and let the liquid out. It was
almost as good as an orgasm, the relief.

I jumped back into the shower and washed again. I figured it was time to
play with myself. I had to be careful because my clit was really
sensitive. This time I decided to play with my nipples. I turned around
and let the shower spray hit them directly and alternated twisting them
both. This has always turned me on. My nipples are not huge, but when
they are hard, they are prominent. I have always been able to have
orgasms when my husband played with my nipples so I was not surprised
that I had to stop playing with them so soon. I carefully ran a razor
over my pussy making sure that it was as smooth as possible. I had never
shaved completely before. I liked it immensely; it provided a whole new
set of feelings. I felt much more naked and open this way.

After drying off and putting on my makeup, I dressed in the same clothes
as before. The shirt was wrinkled, but wearable. As I walked through the
house to the garage, I looked out all the windows to see if he was
there. I never saw anything. It was Friday, he was probably at work.

I drove to the mall to get a new outfit, per his instructions. Driving
down the street I noticed that it was at the top of the hour again. I
slid my hand between my legs and inserted a finger into my pussy. I was
definitely wet, as it just slid right in. I worked it around so I could
rub the top of my cervix, where my G-spot was. I let the bumps in the
road help me out and I lasted about 10 minutes before I had to quit.

I felt a little naked walking around the mall. No one could tell I
didn't have any panties on, but my tits were getting plenty of stares.
It seemed that there was a ton of guys there, which is unusual for the
mall during the day. I went into Victoria's Secret to get the stockings and noticed a couple of teenagers following me. I had seen them several
times, always around me, no matter what store I was at. They were
standing outside looking in the store window. Every time I turned
around, they turned their heads away.

I went to reach for the garters and accidentally dropped them on the
floor. I slowly bent over at the waist to pick them up. I know the boys could see my pussy, my skirt lifted right up when I leaned over. I
lingered there for a second, all bent over, and slid my hand between my
legs and ran my finger through my slit. I felt so naughty, but I am sure
the boys got a good look.

I stood up and walked over to pay for my items. On my way out, the boys were sitting on the bench, not looking my way. They got up and followed
me as I walked to the next few stores trying to find a red dress. They
must have become impatient because they were no longer there when I came
out of the store. The dresses were in the back of the store and they
certainly could not just hang out back there. Oh, well.

I went into a specialty shop and tried on several more dresses. The
price was not a problem, as I had plenty of money, it was just difficult
to find something appropriately naughty. I finally found a dress that
looked right. It had a small bit of fabric to cover my tits, barely, and
a drape of fabric down the middle that widened to cover my hips and ass.
It was like a sheer body stocking that left nothing to the imagination.
The bottom of the dress seemed to long, so I asked for another in a
smaller size. The clerk said she would have to check in the back for it
and would return soon.

I took off the dress and put on the garters and stockings. I wanted to
make sure it all looked right. I sat there on the little seat in the
dressing room, naked except for my hose, and leaned back to rub my clit.
It was time to play with myself again. I was not sure that I could last
through the day doing this, but I was going to. I was determined to make
it. I had not ever let myself get this horny before. I have gone a set
amount of time without an orgasm, but I was not teasing myself every
hour when I did that.

I leaned my head back and heard myself quietly moan as I circled my
clit. I slowly slid my fingers up and down my pussy lips and got my
fingers wet. I slid my fingers into my pussy and spread my legs wider to
give me room to maneuver. I thought I sensed someone there so I barely
opened my eyes. The clerk was outside the room with my dress. She could
just see inside the curtain and was standing there watching me. I felt
my face blush and turn red, but I kept my fingers moving around for a
few minutes more. The clerk never stopped watching me, but she finally
cleared her throat to let me know she was there.

I stopped playing with my pussy and stood up. She handed me the hanger
and turned to leave.

"Could you please help me with this?" I asked.

She entered the dressing room and we both blushed again when our eyes

"My hand is wet and I do not want to ruin the dress."

She got even more red and stammered, "C-certainly, Mam."

I could not believe this was happening. It smelled like sex, my sex, in
the little room. I never even considered that I would be doing this, not
in my wildest fantasies. I turned around and she helped me into the
dress. As she zipped me up she said, "This seems a little small, Mam."

I turned around a few times in the mirror. The dress was skin-tight and
the bottom of it was just below the tops of the stockings.

"Perfect," I said. "This will do just fine. Please help me undress and
wrap this up for me please."

She nodded and unzipped me. I kept trying to stand as close to her as I
could. She was pretty, in a teenage kind of way. She couldn't have been
more than 18 or 19. As I stepped out of the dress I slid my hands up and
squeezed my breasts and pulled my nipples. She watched my reflection in
the mirror as I did this. She seemed nervous, but did not turn her eyes.

When she had finished, she turned to leave. "I will have this up front
for you, Mam."

"Thank you!" I replied.

I was feeling wickedly naughty and hurried to get dressed. As I walked
up to the counter she had a silly grin on her face and kept glancing at
me as I paid. Since she was the only employee in sight and there were no
other customers around, I looked her right in the eyes and held her
attention. I reached under my skirt and put my finger into my pussy to
get it wet. She never broke eye contact so I extended my finger to my
mouth and sucked the juice right off. I smiled a little grin and turned
and left.

God, I was horny. I can't believe I did that. I walked as fast as I
could to the car. I did not see the boys from before and I certainly
could not face her again. I did not feel ashamed, or embarrassed. I felt
different, like a new me.

I drove home and laid my things out upstairs. I started dinner for the
two of us and took another shower to get ready. It was another couple of
hours before my new master was to be here, but I felt giddy to be ready
for him.


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