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Part - 7
By Looney

2000 pentl@yahoo.com -- Commercial use prohibited without author's consent.

"Yes honey! No honey! Certainly dear" I said. "We need to be there by 7
PM so lets get a move on it!" My wife was upstairs getting dressed for
the night of her life. Too bad she didn't know about it.

I had just gotten home from work and was certainly tired from the
previous night's activities. My wife had gone out with her group of
girlfriends, so I was in the clear. I was still in a semi state of shock
from exactly what I had done. Blackmailing the neighbor next door was
bad enough, but I had taken her out to a bunch of sex clubs and she had
acted like an animal. She seemed to get off on the control I had over
her. Her husband was out of town for several more weeks and I had plans
to use her to the fullest.

"My my, you look great," I said as my wife came down the stairs. She was
dressed in a short black dress and her "fuck me" pumps. She was not
wearing a bra, which is my favorite thing in the world. All she knew is
that we were going to have a special dinner served by a special person.
She was untrusting of me because of all the crazy things I try to get
her to do, but she was going along with it.

We left the house and drove into the city. About half way there I asked
her to put on a blindfold.

"Please honey, you can't see where we are going or it will ruin it.
Please trust me!" I said as I reached over and slid my hand up her legs.
She was not wearing any panties and had shaved her pussy smooth as a
baby's bottom.

"You will have fun and by the end of the night you will be more horny
than you have ever been before."

"OK" she said. "You better be right, or later on it's no sex for you."

She was joking of course, but my plan was pretty daring. After she had
covered her eyes, I made a series of turns and tried to get her sense of
direction turned around. Soon I was heading back home, going to the
house next door. My wife had never seen the new neighbors so I was sure
I could get away with this. I certainly hope that Sandy, the lady next
door, had followed my instructions.

Turning down the alley, I pulled into the garage. Closing the door, I
helped my wife out of the car and we walked inside. No one was in the
kitchen, so I had her sit and told her I would be back in two seconds.

"I have to check on things real quick, honey." I said as I tweaked her
nipple. "You are going to love tonight for sure."

I quickly made sure all the blinds were shut so that she would not
recognize where she was. I was about 10 minutes early and went upstairs
to see where my little slut slave was.

I found her in the bathroom getting ready. Man, oh man, she looked good.
The dress she had on was incredible. It looked like a big pair of red nylons with some cloth covering her private parts. She had incredible
legs. I snuck up behind her and smacked her ass.

"Is everything ready, slave?"

She jumped and said, "Yes, yes everything is as you instructed in the

"Good. Good for you." I roughly grabbed her neck and held her face next
to mine. "You are to go downstairs and serve me and my companion dinner.
You are not to speak. Not at all, unless I specifically say you can. You
are to keep your head down and you will not look into either one of our
eyes. After we have our food you will wait in the laundry room until I
call for you. If you do not do exactly as I have just said, you will
severely regret it."

She had a scared and startled look on her face.

"What? Did you think the dinner was for you? Haha. You are just a sex
slut. Stick your fingers in your pussy, NOW!"

She lowered her hand and put her finger in-between her legs.

"Lick them! Suck the juice off of them."

She raised her hand and put her fingers into her mouth.

"See! You are just a whore, you proved last night that you get off on
this. You loved every minute of it. You will be downstairs in a few
minutes and you better not hesitate when you are told to do something!"

"Y-yes Sir."

I let go of her neck and turned away. Smiling, happy as a lark, I went
back to my wife. I leaned over and kissed her deeply. She loves to be
tongue kissed and fingered, so I did just that. She was squirming and
wet. The anticipation was getting to her.

I took her blindfold off and let her get situated. "Honey, I found
someone that is going to serve us dinner and provide us entertainment
for the evening. Before you get the wrong idea, she is totally
submissive. She will do anything. Anything dear! And she loves it. She
really gets off on acting like a slave."

"Who is she?" she asked. "How did you find her? Are you going to be in
trouble with me over this?"

"No dear. You will just have to trust me. I met her totally by accident
and after tonight, you will love her."

Just then, she walked in the kitchen. She had her head down and started
getting some stuff out of the cabinets. My wife had a shocked look on
her face. She whispered to me, "She is very pretty, and what a dress.
Are you sure this is ok?"

"Yes dear, but let's play like you are just someone I brought here. She
likes to entertain in her home and likes if everything is anonymous.
Just treat her like she wasn't there. She is just a slave girl for

She smiled and I could see the wheels turning in her head. My wife had
not ever done anything like this before. She had been with her best
friend two times before, but the sex between them was just a discovery
session. They were drunk together at a work thing out of town. She
seemed to like it, but was unsure of doing things with a co-worker, even
though they had been friends for years.

"We are ready to eat now." I stated out loud.

She brought a bottle of wine and poured it for us. As we sipped it she
brought our dinner. It was a chicken dish with rice and vegetables. It
smelled terrific.

"Now leave while we eat, Slave." I said.

She lowered her head and walked into the laundry room and closed the

"I can't believe you are doing this! How did you pull this off?"

"Don't worry about it Honey. Just enjoy it and don't try to rationalize
it so much. You ARE horny, right?"

"Yes, certainly. And even more so now that I have seen her. This is very
sensuous and I am sure you will get laid later tonight."

"Haha dear, now eat so we can enjoy the rest of the night."

We chatted softly during dinner and I kissed her and fondled her
frequently. She was enjoying herself and had finished most of the bottle
of wine. I found and opened another bottle and took my wife into the
living room.

"Sit here honey, and get comfortable. I will be right back"

I went back into the kitchen and opened the garage door.

"You can come out now. Are you having fun in there?"

"No. No I am not. I would like."

I cut her off. "I don't care what you would like. I don't care what you
want. You will do as told and shut the fuck up! Get in here and clear
the table. Then come in to the living room."

She turned red in the face and clenched her fists. I walked out and left
her to clean. I sat down on the couch and kissed my wife. We could
barely hear her clanking the plates around. I pulled out a rolled up
joint and lit it up. I love to get my wife high. It makes her insatiably
horny. We took turns smoking it and then started kissing and fooling
around. I licked and sucked her neck and rubbed her tits and nipples
through her dress. She was squeezing my dick and started to unzip my

"No no no, that can wait for later. You are not worked up enough yet." I
said with a grin.

I started to rub the outside of her pussy and trace my fingers over her
lips. She was moaning softly and sat straight up when Sandy came into
the room. I turned and told her to kneel on the floor beside us. I
started kissing my wife and rubbing her pussy. It must have been the
right night to do this because she spread her legs and let me continue,
even though Sandy was watching us.

I unbuttoned the top few buttons of her dress and pulled one of her tits out. I licked and nibbled on her nipple and she pulled my head in
tighter. I slid a finger inside her pussy and she hunched her hips to
give me more access. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Sandy's eyes
were glued to us. She was watching every move. I stopped and buttoned
the dress back up and turned to the kneeling woman in front of us.

"Get up and stand right here in front of us. Now, turn around and lean

She did as ordered and the bottom of her dress lifted up.

"See, she shaves her pussy smooth also. Look at how wet she is. Have a
feel!" I said as I lifted my wife's hand out to her crotch. She looked
at me and looked back at her hand. She stuck her finger out and ran it
along the outside of the pussy standing before her. I swatted her ass
hard and said, "Spread your legs, slave."

She spread her legs wider and my wife started rubbing her ass and lips.
I reached my hand up next to hers and stuck a finger in her pussy. She
moaned slightly and my wife did the same thing. Here I was, sitting on
the couch with my wife, both of us fingering the girl bent over in front
of us.

I lifted her dress some more and spanked her ass. Lightly hitting it,
getting harder and harder.

"Go ahead, you can hit it too!"

My wife spanked her and smiled. She did it again and soon we were both
doing it, one on each side. It was so erotic. Her ass was getting red and she was breathing harder. I stopped and put my wife's finger in her
pussy again.

"Finger her good, but don't let her cum yet. I will be right back."

I quickly ran next door and got a bag of sex toys I had put together. I
also grabbed the blindfold my wife used earlier. I quietly went back in
and watched the two women. The fingering must have been working because
Sandy was having trouble standing up. I walked up to her and covered her
eyes. I stood her up and sat her down one of the dining room table
chairs. I pulled out some rope and started to tie her up. I soon had her
arms and legs immobile. My wife was sitting on the couch rubbing her

"Don't you cum yet! There is a lot more fun to happen tonight."

I tied the rope around her waist and under her chest. This made her sit
up real straight and her tits stuck out. I reached down and grabbed the
bottom of her dress and pulled it up to her belly. I spoke softly into
her ear and said, "Enjoy this little slave. You are going to cum harder
than you can imagine."

I nodded for my wife to come over to us. I met her and kissed her
passionately. I held her face and sucked her tongue. She loves this and
was putty in my hands. "Now kiss her the same way," I whispered.

She looked at me funny and I said, "Do it honey, you might not get
another chance. She is all yours."

She took a deep breath and leaned over and tentatively kissed her mouth.
She was teasing her and making her reach out to kiss. This was hard as
she was tied to the chair. She kissed her hard and touched her tits,
rubbing them both. I reached in the bag and took out some scissors. I
pulled the fabric away from her chest and cut a hole in it. It turned
out perfect. Her tits were open and available. My wife reached down and
tweaked her nipple.
She seemed to like the response, the moans of pleasure from our slave.

My wife unbuttoned herself and took all of her clothes off. What an
erotic sight she was. She straddled the girl tied to the chair and
rubbed her nipples across her lips. She alternated between both tits and
stayed seated for a good 10 or 15 minutes. She started moaning and
twisting the slave girls nipples. Every time she twisted, the girl sucked harder on her own nipples. This must have caused her great
pleasure, because her hips twitched and she came. It was not a big
orgasm, but her face was all flushed and she was sweaty.

I loosened the ropes holding my slave to the chair and slid a pillow
under her ass. This caused her pussy to be stuck out. I took the
remaining rope and tied her knees back so they were immovable. I got a
small egg vibrator and slid in inside her pussy. I also took two nipple
clamps that vibrate and attached them. She winced in pain from the
nipple clamps but started moaning when I turned the vibrator on. I
turned on the egg vibrator and took a long silver vibrator and taped it
between her legs. I twisted it on and positioned it so it was fully
touching her clit.

"Now we wait," I said to my wife. "Let's see what happens."

I sat next to my wife and rubbed my finger into her pussy. God! She was
wet. We sat in amazement at what happened next. The woman strapped to
the chair started to moan and squirm. She had no room to move and
started to strain against the ropes. She was somewhere between holding
her breath and sounding like she was in labor.

All of a sudden she froze up. Then she screamed, quite loud and started
shaking, convulsing. She was pushing with her pelvis muscles and was
having the biggest orgasm I have ever seen when the egg vibrator shot
out of her pussy. It must have been sitting right on top of her G-spot
because she squirted a stream of cum about 8 or 10 feet away. She
relaxed for about 2 seconds and froze up and screamed again. She gushed
out pussy juice two or three more times and then she got jumpy. She was
just shaking in big jumps.

I turned off all the vibrators and let her sit for a moment. I removed
the clamps and rubbed and twisted her nipples. "Water, water please,"
was all she could say. I put an ice cube into her mouth and waited as
she caught her breath. She kept repeating "Thank you, thank you, that
was incredible." My wife laughed and said that it was the most intense
thing she had ever seen.

"Now for the fun to begin!"

I told my wife to remove the taped vibrator from her pussy. She walked
up and took a hold of the edge of the duct tape. I held up 1 finger and
mouthed, "all at once!" She grimaced and everyone heard a big 'ripppp'.

Sandy screamed in pain. Her legs were tied open so her hips were pumping
up and down. I slid my finger into her pussy hole and rubbed her G-spot.
She started to cum again and when I took my thumb and rubbed her clit,
she squirted all over the place. I cupped a whole handful of it and
rubbed it into her mouth.

"Taste good slave? Didn't know that you could squirt. Didn't know that a
girl could cum like a man? Well, you just discovered yourself a new

Her pussy was all red and puffy. I untied her and stood her up. She
almost fell over, but steadied herself against the table. I asked my
wife to lay on the tabletop and spread her legs. I grabbed Sandy's hair
and pushed her face into my wife's cunt.

"Eat slave. Eat her pussy and if she doesn't cum, you will be beaten

She started licking and sucking my wife's pussy like it was the best
thing in the world. She was sticking her tongue inside and ramming her
face into it. I walked around and played with my wife's tits and nipples
while I whispered dirty things into her ear. She was close to cumming
and was breathing harder and harder. I went back behind Sandy, bent over
my wife, eating her pussy and lowered my pants. I started spanking her
ass hard and spreading the blows up and down her legs and cheeks. Her
ass was getting red and she was sucking my wife's clit with passion. I
wet my hand with pussy juice and rubbed it all over my already hard

I gave her another quick round of spanking, to brighten her ass and then
spread her ass apart with both hands. Pushing the head of my dick up
against her ass, I wasn't even sure she knew what I was doing. She bent
her knees a little and I shoved all 7 inches into her ass at once. She
screamed into my wife's pussy, but held on and kept sucking. About 2
seconds into the scream, my wife came. She is a squirter and completely
soaked Sandy's face. There was fluid everywhere. I kept pounding away in
her ass, it was so tight and I knew I was not going to last long. I was
fucking her for all that I was worth and finally she orgasmed.

Her ass muscles clenched up and I almost could not move. I gave two or
three final shoves and came like a madman. Sandy's legs gave out and she
collapsed on the floor. My dick popped out of her ass still hard so I
stepped over her and stuck it into my wife's spread apart pussy. She was
watching with her eyes wide open at what had just happened and reached
around me and pulled me in. I slid in and out of her until she started
to cum. I just stood still and her hips gyrated up and down fucking me
through her orgasm. She froze up and I knew what this meant!

I quickly pulled out of her pussy at the same time she pushed down with
her pelvic muscles. She squirted a huge stream of cum that hit me square
in the chest, soaking me. I was standing over Sandy and she got covered
in pussy cum also. Her dress was completely wet and she just laid there,
her hips slowly moving back and forth, like she was still fucking

I kissed my wife and said "Thanks honey, that was the best ever." She
said, "No, Thank you. I have had quite the evening." No one moved for a
while. I layed bent over on top of my wife and rested. Sandy was still
on the floor and not moving much.

My wife whispered that she had to pee, quite bad. I said, "Go ahead. Let
it loose. pee right here, right now. Make this a perfect end to a
perfect evening."

She closed her eyes and relaxed and started peeing. I stood up and
watched her. It instantly got my dick as hard as a rock. She was
completely drenching Sandy with piss. Her hair and head was soaked. She
kept peeing for a full minute or so. Just as she stopped, I turned her
over and bent her over the table. She stepped on Sandy and gasped. She
must have just put it together, exactly what she just did. I spread her
legs apart and started fucking her as hard as I could. Her pussy was
still tight as could be. All of a sudden I felt hands from below reach
up and fondle my balls. She lifted up and tried to lick them. Her hair
was cold and wet against my legs. When she finally got one of my balls
into her mouth, I came. I pulled out and shot semen all over her face
and hair. She was licking her lips and reaching with her tongue to
gather all of it she could.

I got my shaky legs under me and sat down in the chair. Once again,
everyone just kinda rested for a moment. I went into the kitchen and got
a few wet rags and cleaned my wife and myself up. We got dressed while
looking at Sandy. She was quite the sight, and the carpet was definitely
soaked thru. I walked my wife to the car and said that I would be right

Sandy was still lying on the floor and looked up at me. I smiled at her
and placed a package on the table.

"This is everything I have on you. I think that I will not need this
anymore. You can search your true emotions and desires to see exactly
what you are and exactly what you need to be fulfilled. When your desire
gets to be too much, you can beg for more. You know where I live and I
expect this to never be a problem again."


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