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This work of fiction containts adult themes. If this is illegal in your
locality or for your age, you have been warned.

This story is copyright 2001 by Frank Downey. All rights reserved.
Archiving is fine, as is owning a personal copy. For any other use, please
contact the author.

old FRIENDS .by Frank Downey

I had known Julie almost my whole life.

We lived two streets from each other, and had been in school together
since first grade. We had never been very best friends, but we had always
been friends. We played together, and we walked to school together quite a

This started to change in junior high, but it really started to change
in high school.

I had always been a good student, and I had always been a bit of a
loner. I wasn't a social outcast-until I got to high school. Then I was.
The dreaded "geek" label was applied with a vengance. As the high school
cliques hardened, I found myself the object of constant derision from the
jocks-and-cheerleaders clique. This was almost to be expected, right? So,
I tried not to let it bother me. I had my own circle of friends.

So, the teasing really didn't bother me that much. Except when it was
coming from Julie.

Yup, she had grown up to be a cheerleader, and was definitely in with
the popular clique. So, when I walked by and heard the catcalls and the
insults, Julie's voice was definitely heard, loud and clear. That bugged
me, I have to admit. I had known her forever. I had always liked her.
And now she was leading the cries of derision.

What was worse is that we often ended up walking home together a couple
of times a week. And, when that happened, she was the same old Julie. It
was like she was two different people.

I asked her about that once. She told me, "Listen, Gary, I need to keep
up my image, you know? Don't take it seriously. We're still
friends-except, we can't be friends in school, because, if we were, I
wouldn't have any other friends." I told her I understood. I was lying.

So, this continued along its merry way until midway through our Junior
years in high school. We were both sixteen. We were walking home one day,
when some of her popular friends drove by and saw us. I found out later
that she was questioned extensively about being seen with a "geek" by her
friends on the phone that night.

The next day, the teasing at school was particularly vicious--from
Julie. I heard comments about my social life, comments about the equipment
between my legs--or supposed lack thereof, comments about my sexuality,
etc. It was horrible. I had learned to swallow my feelings about the
teasing, but this wasn't the normal teasing, not from Julie. She obviously
had to do "penance" in front of her friends, and that penance consisted of
using me as a verbal punching bag.

Incredulously, she joined me that afternoon on the walk home. She
caught up to me in the middle of a large park that we walked through to get
home. "Hi!" she said.

This time, I wasn't just going to let it pass. "What do you want?"

"To walk home, what else?"

"Why don't you have one of your jock friends walk you home?"

"Gary, what's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? You called me a faggot wimp with no dick not
three hours ago! In fact, you yelled it across the hall! And you yelled a
whole bunch of other nasty things!"

"Oh, you know how it is, Gary."

"Yeah, and I'm tired of it."

"Oh come on, Gary. I'm here now, aren't I? Hell, I'm taking a big risk
just walking home with you. My friends saw us yesterday and gave me all
kinds of shit. But I'm still here. Heck, considering our social standing,
you should consider yourself very lucky that a girl like me would even talk
to you."

That did it. I snapped like a twig. "LUCKY? WHY?" I roared at her.
"Lucky I get to be insulted and made fun of? This is lucky? Lucky I get
to be called a dickless faggot? Fuck you, Julie!"

She was taken aback, but tried to get another dig in, "Well, Gary, if
the shoe fits....."

That was the last straw. I grabbed her and pulled her into the bushes
in the park, a secluded spot where we wouldn't be seen.

"Gary, what are you doing?"

" Faggot, huh? Dickless wonder, huh? I'll prove you wrong!" I pushed
her down onto the ground and lifted her skirt. I yanked down her panties.

"Gary?" she said, her eyes wide open, surprise in her voice. I ran my
fingers up and down her suddenly exposed pussy, feeling it get wet under my

"Oh, God!" she moaned. "Ooooohhhh."

That surprised me. She wasn't trying to fight me off. I pulled down my
pants, exposing my rock-hard dick. Contrary to her taunts, I wasn't small.
"Still think I don't have a dick?"

Her eyes were almost bugging out of her head. "Gary.......what......oh
my God....."

I ignored her. "And, if I was a faggot, I wouldn't have any interest in
doing this." With that, I crawled on top of her, and slid my cock into her
pussy with one stroke. She screamed, and I covered her mouth with my hand.

"Still think I don't have a dick?" I asked her. "Still think I'm a
faggot?" She shook her head no. I took my hand off of her mouth. "Don't

"I'll....try....not to.." she gasped. She didn't. She just lay there,
underneath me, gasping softly, as I pumped in and out of her. I lasted an
amazingly long time for a guy who had been a virgin five minutes ago. Must
have been the fury I had felt, is all I can come up with. In any case, I
kept pumping. Julie didn't scream, just looked up at me, amazed. Then,
she started moving her hips back and forth to meet my thrusts. Her eyes
closed, and she let out a little moan. I felt her pussy clamp around my
dick as her body stiffened beneath me. With that, I thrust deep one more
time and came within her.

I slipped out of her, and sat back on the ground. As I came out of my
post-orgasmic haze, it hit me what I had just done.

I was horrified.

Julie spoke first. " fucked me! You just up and
fucked me! Jeez, Gary!"

"Yeah," I said. I couldn't even look at her. My God, what had I done?

"Why did you do that?" she asked.

"I don't know. I just....snapped."

She thought for a minute. "My teasing hurt you that much?"

"It hurt a lot." I took a deep breath. "You still didn't deserve what I
just did to you."

"Hmmm," was all she said. "Where are my panties?" I found them and
handed them to her, still avoiding looking at her. She slipped them back
on. "Help me up?" I did, still trying not to look at her.

"Jesus, Gary, you came a ton! It's dripping down my leg!" she said, and
she actually giggled.

I couldn't take any more. "Julie.....oh shit.....I'm so sorry," and I
took off, at a run, out of the park. I heard her call "Gary?" from behind
me, but just kept going.

I sat in my room that night, waiting for the police to show up on my
door. They didn't, but I didn't get that much sleep that night.


I went to school the next day. It was torture. I couldn't think.
Julie was in my English class and I couldn't look at her. When I passed by
the clique and they teased me, I didn't hear Julie's voice, but I wasn't
about to look to see if she was there. The day just dragged on.

As school came to an end, I made a decision. I couldn't live with this
guilt. I knew what I had to do. I started walking.

"Gary?" I heard from behind me. It was Julie. She ran and caught up
with me. "Walk me home?"

"Huh? Are you kidding?"

"No, why?" she said to me, all innocence.

"I'm not going home. But, actually, maybe you should come with me."

"OK," she said, and started walking beside me. I still couldn't look at
her. "So, where are we going?"

"To the police," I said firmly.

"What for?"

"To turn myself in, of course."

She stopped walking. "Gary?" I stopped. I still couldn't look at her,
but she forced me to, grabbing my face and staring into my eyes. "Don't do
that. Don't go to the police. Please."

I was dumbstruck. "Julie, I raped you! I can't live with myself
knowing that."

"Then go to a shrink. Talk to someone. But don't go to the police.
Don't wreck your life over this. I have no intention of telling anyone, or
of reporting it myself, and if you go and they ask me if I was raped, I
will deny it. There's no reason to get yourself put in jail over this."


She looked down at the ground. "Gary, I deserved what I got yesterday."

"Dammit, Julie, nobody deserves what I did to you!"

"OK, well, maybe.....but I provoked you. I provoked you with a
vengance. And, yesterday, I hit you where it really hurts. We're supposed
to be friends. I haven't been a good one, not at all." She started walking
again, so I joined her. "You apologized, yesterday, for what you did. I
forgive you."

"What I did was unforgiveable."

"Bullshit, Gary, you did it to me, and I'm forgiving you, so it's
forgiveable. Can you forgive me for treating you so horribly for three

"Of course."

"Good. You remember one thing--I could have stopped you if I really
wanted to. A well-placed kick, you know? I didn't even try."

"You were in shock."

"Not really. I could have stopped it."

"You screamed," I told her.

"Um....well....forget that part," She was blushing.

"Hmmmm." I didn't know what to say to that, really. "I didn't use
anything, either," I pointed out.

"Don't worry, Gary, I'm on the pill."

"That's a relief."

We walked in silence for a while. I was amazed at her attitude. Then,
suddenly, she said, with a little smile, "So, how long have you wanted to
do that?"

"What, rape you?!?"

"I don't consider it rape." She looked down at the ground. "How long
have you wanted to fuck me?"

I had to smile. "Since I was old enough to understand why my dick got
hard every time you were in the general vicinity."

She laughed. "That's what I thought. Was that your first time?"


"That's also what I thought." We walked for a while longer. "It wasn't
mine, you know."

"Wasn't your what?"

"First time."

"Thank God."

We kept walking until we got to her house. She stood in front of the
house, looking like she was trying to decide something. Then she threw her
arms around my neck. If that wasn't shock enough, she put her mouth close
to my ear, and whispered, "I came so hard you have no idea. I have never
cum like that in my life. And that scream I let out was not a noise of
displeasure." With that, she kissed my cheek, and ran into the house.


The next two weeks were almost back to normal. Football season had long
ended, so Julie didn't have cheerleading practice, so she walked home with
me every day.

A couple of things were different, though. When we walked, she actually
talked to me, instead of at me. He friends saw her with me again, and she
just waved and giggled. And, when I heard her clique throw their normal
insults at me, I did not hear her voice. She didn't insult me, at all. In
fact, she actually talked to me in school, even with her friends around.

Until one day a little over two weeks after the incident. We were
walking through the park again, and, suddenly, I heard the old Julie. I
heard the mocking, the scorn and derision.

I had said something--I don't even remember what, but it was
innocuous--when, suddenly, she started in with the insults.

"Who cares what you think, Gary, anyway? You're just a geek, a pussy,
the dickless wonder, remember?"


"Come on, Gary, you're a faggot, right? I bet you can't even get it

"Julie, don't do this." I couldn't believe it. I knew the kinder,
gentler Julie was too good to be true.

"Don't do what? Don't insult little pussy Gary? Why not? It's so fun.
What are you gonna do to me, Gary?"

I was close to tears. "Julie, come on. Please."

"Please what? Please stop telling it how it is? You're a wimp. You
couldn't satisfy a girl if you tried. Everybody knows it. You geek. I'll
insult you all I want. What are you going to do to me, you pussy, fuck

I recoiled, horrified. It was agonizing. Why was she doing this to me?
Oh, God, she really did hate me.

"Come on, Gary, is that what you're going to do to me? Are you going to
force yourself on poor, defenseless Julie so you can prove that you do have
a dick?"

I just looked at her in disbelief.

"C'mon, Gary, don't you want to fuck me? Don't you want to throw me
down in the bushes and have your way with me? Don't you?" I had never seen
the expression on her face that I saw now, a mixture of lust and need.

Then, it dawned on me. She wanted me to. She wanted me to have my way
with her.

"Come on," I said, and took her hand. She grasped mine firmly.

"Where are we going?" she said.

"You'll see." We walked past the side street she lived on, and came to
mine. We walked to my house, and I led her in the door. "There's nobody
home, and won't be for hours," I told her. I led her up to my bedroom.
When we got into my room, I shut the door, put my bookbag on the floor, and
removed hers from her shoulders and set it down as well. Then I grabbed
her around her arms and looked into her eyes.

"Not in the woods again," was all I said.

"OK," she replied.

I grabbed her around the waist and tackled her onto my bed. I pressed
my lips to hers, hard and demanding, and she responded eagerly. As I
wrestled her tongue with mine, my hand went right to her panties,
underneath her skirt, and yanked them down. She was undoing the button on
my pants as I moved my hand towards her pussy, so I got my hand out of the
way and helped her get my pants down. Then I moved my hand back towards
her pussy. She was soaked.

"Oh, Gary, fuck me! Fuck me now!" she moaned. She didn't have to ask
twice. One stroke and I was in.

I tried to start out slow and easy, but Julie was having none of that.
She reached around behind me and grabbed my ass, urging me on by pulling me
into her, all the while yelling, "HARDER! OH HARDER! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!"
So I went harder, pounding into her pelvis with each stroke. She howled. I
felt her nails dig into my back, breaking the flesh. She thrust her pelvis
up with every downstroke, increasing the impact. She was on fire--we both

Suddenly, she howled like a wounded animal. Her back arched, and she
ground her pussy into my pelvis, as her pussy clamped down hard on my dick.
She came back down from her orgasm, panting, as I continued. I wasn't far
off myself, and quickly reached my climax, filling her with my cum.

"Oh my sweet Jesus," she said after a while, "you're a fucking animal."

"I take it you like it rough?"

"I suppose that I do. Not all the time, mind you, but
sometimes........Gary, when you fucked me two weeks ago, it was the most
turned on I've ever been. I never thought of myself as having rape
fantasies, and I probably wouldn't with almost any other guy.....but you? I
knew you weren't going to hurt me. I knew that if I really pressed the
issue, you'd stop. So, I let it happen. And, when it did, my world
exploded. I've been waiting for two weeks for you to do it again, but
you're not very good at picking up subtle little hints."

I had to laugh. "No, I suppose I'm not."

"So, I had to let you know that I wanted it again."

"Jesus, Julie, all you had to do was ask!" She giggled at that. "You
really had me going in the park, I thought Nasty Julie was making a

"Nope. And I trust I won't have to perform that little scene again to
get your attention."

"Nope. But, if we're going to continue to do this, we might want to
investigate this little phenomenon known as foreplay next time."

She laughed. "OK, just as long as you don't wait two weeks next time! I
didn't have any patience for foreplay today."

"I noticed."

She reached up and kissed me. Then she looked down at her hands.
"Gary, any time you want me, I'm yours."

"Jeez, Julie, you don't have to do that," I told her.

"I know I don't. I want to. And I know you well enough to know you
wouldn't abuse the privelege. I just wanted you to know the score.
Anytime you want it. Frequently, if I have my way," she grinned.


She wasn't kidding. Anytime I wanted it, I got it. In fact, I got it
anyway. Five days out of seven, we were somewhere--usually my
room--rutting like rabbits. We did explore foreplay, and even long, slow,
gentle, fucking--but there were still days that she begged me to just ram
her, hard and fast. Whatever we did, she was an animal.

Somehow, in the middle of all this wild sex, we rediscovered our
friendship. We talked before--and after--and she walked home with me every
day. She even started defending me to her friends, which made the teasing
fall off some. After a bit, we started to go on actual dates, going to the
movies or out to eat before--or sometimes after--we fucked. We were
getting along swimmingly. I even started to think of her as my girlfriend.
I was mistaken, which was made brutally clear to me when I asked her to
the Junior prom.

"Oh, Gary......I don't think that would be a good idea."


"Yeah. I just don't think we should go to the prom together."

"Do you have another date?"

"No, but scuttlebutt says that Josh Kingsley is going to ask me." Josh
was one of her group, the jock to end all jocks, and a grade-A asshole to

"You'd go with him?"

"Yeah. Hey, you know--he's in my social circle."

"And I'm not," I said disgustedly.

"No, you're not. I can't show up with you at the prom. I just can't."

"You like Josh?"

"Well, not that way....."

"You think he'd be more fun at the prom than I would?"

"Probably not."

"Do you want to sleep with him?"

"Not particularly, no. It's complicated, Gary. I just can't show up at
the biggest social event of the school year with a social outcast, even if
I'd probably rather go with you."

"Fine." We were in my bedroom. "I think you'd better go now."

"Oh, Gary, don't be like that. You know I love what we have together.
It's just that, this is the prom, and......"

"And you'd be embarrassed to walk in on my arm."

"Not embarassed, but.........I mean.........."

"Julie, just go." She did, shooting me a look of despair on the way out,
but I didn't stop her leaving. All I could think of when she left was that
things never change. Even if I thought they had, they didn't. She was
still one of the Beautiful People, and I was still a Geek. Even if I made
her happy, in bed and out, things were never going to change


The prom was three weeks away. I planned to avoid her for the whole
time. In fact, at that point, I didn't care if I ever saw her again. I
wasn't going to sleep with someone who planned to keep me in the closet.

She tested my resolve. After a week of avoiding her, she caught me in
the park on the way home.

"Gary, where have you been? I need you, Gary. I'm so horny......"

"Go find Josh, then."

"Gary, I don't think of him that way!"

"Well, you might want to start," and I sprinted away from her.

Three days before the prom was even worse. She came to my house.

"Please, Gary, please! I need you. Oh God I need you. Please, I'm

"And if I begged you to dump Josh and go to the prom with me, would
you?" She didn't say anything, just looked down at her shoes. "That's what
I thought. Go home, Julie." I kept my resolve, even when she started
crying. "It's not going to work. Go home." She finally did.

The night of the prom was upon us. I went--stag, with a bunch of the
other geeks. I noticed a group of Julie's friends teasing us. Julie was
just looking at me, a pitiful expression on her face. She wasn't having
much fun, as Josh was ignoring her, palling around with his friends, which
was predictable. After a while, I saw her walk outside to get a breath of
air. I followed.

I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist from behind.
"Having a good time?"

"Gary?" She turned around. "Oh, yeah, I'm having a ball!" She broke my
embrace and turned to face me.

"Sure you are. Then why are you out here while your date is in there
talking to all his jock friends about their football prowess?"

"Well, they're his friends, what would you expect? You're talking to
your friends, aren't you?"

"I don't have a date."

"Even if you did, you'd still be hanging out with your friends."

"No, I wouldn't. Not if I had a date that I wanted to be here with me.
And since the only person that fits that description is this particularly
gorgeous girl wearing a pale peach dress that just about took my breath
away--well, if I was here with her, my friends might as well jump under a
rock for all I'd care."

"Gary......I........I don't know what to say. You're right, Josh has
been ignoring me the whole night."

"He walked in with you, which served his purpose."

"What do you mean?"

"All he cared about was being seen with you. Football Jock escorts
Cheerleader to Prom. All mere mortals genuflect. Who cares what happens
after that?"

She looked miserable. "You're right."

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

"What can I do about it?"

"Walk back in there, and dance. With me."

"Oh, Gary, I don't know......."

"Haven't you learned your lesson yet?" I took a deep breath. "To him,
you're a trophy, a status symbol, something to show off and then ignore.
To me........." I hesitated.

"To you, what, Gary? What am I to you? Your friend? Your favorite
fuck toy? Tell me, Gary."

"You are my friend. You are my favorite sex partner."

"I'm your only sex partner," she smirked.

"Well, yeah," I smiled. "But you're also.....well, you're also the girl I love."

She just stared at me, for a long minute. "' love
with me?"

"Yeah. Have been for a long while."

"Wow. I didn't know..........I thought it was just the sex."

"Julie, I've been in love with you long before we started having sex

"What?" she practically whispered.

"That's why it used to kill me when you picked on me in school."

"Oh, shit," she said. "And me coming to the prom with Josh must have
been.....damn, what have I done?" She grabbed her head in her hands.

"It's OK."

"No, Gary, it is not OK."

"Yeah, it is. You can do whatever you want. I understand your social
obligations. Maybe I don't like them, but I understand them."

"I just don't like the way I've treated you."

"We all make mistakes." I took a deep breath. "Julie, I said I was in
love with you before we ever had sex. That means I was in love with you
when I........." I couldn't finish.

She did it for me. "When you had me the first time."

"Yeah. I thought about doing something drastic that night, you know.
To myself. That's how worthless I felt."

"Oh, Gary...."

"I force myself on the girl I love. And I have a right to complain when
she goes to the prom with someone else?"

"Yeah, you do," she said firmly. "We're past that first time. However
it happened, Gary, we're past it. Truth be told, I was past it right in
the middle of it. I loved it, and I didn't want to stop you, and we both
know I could have. What's important is what happened since then. Look, I
told you I was yours, anytime you wanted me. Christ, Gary, I practically
made myself your sex slave, or something. You haven't treated me like
that. You've treated me like your girlfriend, and I've loved every minute
of it. And then I go and do this."

I had to ask. "Julie, how do you feel about me?"

She thought about it. "I love you, too," she finally said with a smile.
Then the smile disappeared. "There, I've finally admitted it. To you, and
myself. I just wish I felt better about it."

"Why?" I asked her.

"Because if I walk back in there, with you--which is what my heart says
I should be doing--my life is going to change so completely I don't know if
I can handle it."

"Then don't walk back in there with me, Jules. I can take it."

"Bullshit. It's not fair to you. Hell, it's not fair to me." She
grabbed my hand and led me back in to the ballroom. Without a glance at
her friends, she led me to the dance floor--just in time for a slow dance.

It was heavenly.

"You're a surprisingly good dancer," she said after a bit.

"My mom made me take dance lessons when I was younger. To 'culture' me,
you see."

She giggled softly, a delightful sound. "Your Mom's a smart lady. I
always did like her."

As we danced, I caught a glimpse of her group of friends. They were
looking at us in astonishment. "We're attracting a bit of attention," I
told her.

"Of course we are. We're the best dancers on the floor, right?"

"Somehow, I don't think Josh and your friends are staring over here
admiring our dance prowess."

"Their loss," she said.

As the dance ended, Julie took my hand and escorted me over to an empty
table. I sat in a chair, and she happily planted herself in my lap. This
made me giddy--and worried, at the same time. A dance between
friends--even if one friend was an outcast--could be more-or-less
overlooked. Sitting in my lap--and nuzzling my neck, which is what she was
doing now--would not be overlooked.

I was right. "Here comes Josh," I told her.

"Julie, what the fuck are you doing with him?" Josh said without

Julie laughed unpleasantly. "Funny, I didn't think you'd even notice I
was gone, considering you haven't said a word to me all night."

"So you come over with him? Julie, everybody's laughing at you."

"Which means they're laughing at you, right, Josh? Which is all you
fucking care about."

"Dammit, Julie, you came to this prom with me."

"Yup, which is the biggest mistake I've made in my life. Gary and I
have been going out for three months." Josh looked astonished at that one.
"I was afraid to bring him to the prom, because I knew people would talk.
So, I suppose I should thank you, Josh--because your treatment of me
tonight convinced me that I didn't give a shit what people said.
Pretending to be the good cheerleader and hanging out with the popular
crowd and having a shitty time at your own junior Prom is just not worth
it. And hurting Gary--which I've done too much for too long--definitely
wasn't worth it. Not even a little bit."

"Fine. You've just made yourself a social outcast, Julie," Josh said,
and then strode away.

Julie was putting on a brave front. "You know, your true friends won't
leave you over this," I told her.

"I hope you're right."


We left the prom shortly after that. She and Josh had come in a
limo--she went home in my car. Well, not straight home--we found a place
to park first. Like I said, it had been three weeks, and Julie was twelve
different kinds of horny. Truth be told, so was I. We fucked, hard and
fast; and then we had a long leisurely foreplay session, and then we fucked
again. One of her friends had an after-prom party, but we didn't go. We
found other ways of amusing ourselves.

It was the next day that the proverbial excrement hit the fan.

Julie had invited me over. It was a nice day, we were going to go out
and do something. When I got there, I noticed an unfamiliar car in the
drive. When Julie opened the door for me, she looked weary. She led me
into her house, and I found her two best friends, Katherine and Stacey.

"The vultures have come to roost," Julie said to me.

"Julie, I don't know why you're being so obstinate," Katherine said to
her. "We're just doing this for your own good. Do you really want to lose
all your friends for......this?" She looked at me with contempt.

"What kind of 'friends' try to dictate who somebody goes out with?" I

"You wouldn't understand," Stacey spat at me.

"You're right. So, enlighten me."

"Gary, you're a geek. girls who want to keep their standing do not go
out with geeks."

"I'm not trying to 'keep my standing'," Julie interjected. "I don't
care about my standing any more. However, you two, specifically, are
supposed to be my best friends," she said pointedly.

"We are," Katherine said. "That's why we don't want to see you make a
terrible mistake."

"Kathy," Julie tried another tack. "Have you ever been in love?"

"Well.......I'd have to say no."

"Then you don't understand."

"Understand how you could possibly fall in love with him? You're right,
I don't. But that's not the problem here. The problem is, do you really
want to kill your social life? Is he worth that?"

"Love is always worth it," I said. Julie nodded agreement.

"It's worth losing all your friends?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah, it is, but why would that happen? The hangers-on, sure. If I
lose them, who cares. But are you telling me I'm going to lose your
friendship because of who I go out with?" Julie asked.

"Well, not completely...." Katherine started.

"We'll always love you, Julie," Stacey said.

"Right," Katherine agreed. "But we couldn't hang out with you if he's
around. And you'll never get invited to any parties anymore."

"So that's how it is," Julie said. "You want me to choose."

"You have to, Julie. Go out with him, and lose all your friends."

"You know," Julie told them, "it's ironic, because he wouldn't make me
choose. Which, I think, just made my choice for me."

"You'll regret it."

"Maybe. In any case, I think you two had better leave now."


Julie's brave words and thoughts lasted the summer--and it was a
blissful summer. Definitely for me, and I think, for her, too. She didn't
see much of her friends, but didn't seem to have much of a problem with
that. Katherine and Stacey came around a bit, but Julie avoided the rest
of the gang.

There was no avoiding them once school started, and that's when we ran
into trouble. She allowed herself to get sucked back in. At first, I
didn't mind. Then, she took me to a party, and it was uncomfortable for
both of us. As we were leaving, she said that she didn't think we should
attend her gang's parties together anymore. I agreed, thinking that she
meant that we could find other ways to amuse ourselves.

I was wrong. She still wanted to go to the parties, she just didn't
want to go with me. She attended one the next weekend by herself, which
sparked a big fight. When it happened again, I was close to being
completely fed up. The last straw happened the next week at school--her
friends went after me with both barrels, and she just stood there, not
saying a word. I broke up with her that afternoon.

Oh, believe me, I hated doing it. I loved this girl more than anything,
but I couldn't take her friends. She told me that I was forcing her to
make a choice, something I promised I wouldn't do, and she might have had a
point. The problem was, the more time she spent with her friends, the more
she turned into a person I didn't particularly like all that much. The
Julie I knew, the Julie I fell in love with, was brassy and bold, didn't
take any shit, had firm opinions about everything, and knew what she
wanted. The Julie that came out when her friends were around was a sheep. I
tried to tell her this, but she didn't understand. So, we ended it.

I was miserable. I got the feeling she was, too. But she was still
joined at the hip to her friends, and, as long as that was the case, our
problems were insurmountable, as far as I was concerned.


It was shortly before Halloween. I was walking home. Julie and I had
been broken up for about three weeks. I had barely seen her in that time,
which was probably a good thing, because seeing her just made me sad.

I was walking through the park, lost in thought. I hadn't heard the
footsteps behind me. The next thing I knew, I was getting tackled onto the

It was Julie. Before I could react, she was straddling me, and reaching
down for my belt buckle.

"Julie? What the hell are you doing?"

"Having my way with you," she giggled. "It's been too long."

"Julie, no, this is not right!" I strugged beneath her, but she had me
pinned, and I didn't want to hurt her.

"Bullshit, Gary. What isn't right is us being apart." She had freed Mr
Happy from his confines, and was perched above him. She was wearing a
skirt with no panties. My dick had betrayed me by getting hard, and,
before I could stop her, she sank down onto it.

"Julie, dammit, we can't DO this!"

"Yes we can," she said with determination, as she bounced up and down on
top of me. "We....belong...together. You..are...MINE...dammit!" She
panted out her words in between thrusts.

"For what? This is just about sex to you!"

"Oh, yeah, and who did this first, Gary?" She had me there. She stopped
moving for a minute. "This was never just about sex. For either of us.
But whispering words of love in your ear wouldn't have worked." She
grinned. "It wouldn't have worked on me last year either."

I grinned back. She was right. She started moving again.

After we had both come, we talked.

"We need to fix this. I'm miserable without you," she said.

"Me, too."

"Even some of my friends--the good ones, like Katherine and Stacey, told
me to get you back."

"They did?"

"Yeah, they knew how miserable I was."

"Did they tell you to attack me?"

"Well, no, that was all my I feel guilty."

"Why? As far as I'm concerned, we're even."

"I never said 'no' last year--today, you did."

"Yeah, but as someone once said to me, I could have stopped you if I
really wanted to." She giggled at that. "Julie, you know me too well. You
know that was the only way to get my attention. If you had tried to talk,
I would have turned away."

"So I didn't give you a choice. I love you, Gary, tell me we can work
this out."

"I love you, too. We can work this out."

And we did.



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