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"Hey, what's up with that roommate of yours?" Lisa asked Dan.

"I know," her roommate Sharon added. "What a geek!"

"He sure is." Dan agreed. "And you should see him in the shower."

"What do you mean?" asked Lisa.

"He's so skinny, no muscles, and he's practically got no dick! It's the
smallest thing I've ever seen. The whole floor knows about it. Everybody
rags on him."

Dan was a freshman in college. Football quarterback, 6'3", 200 pounds,
handsome, and didn't have to worry about *his* equipment, not with the nine
inches he was toting around. His roommate, George, was the one with the
problem. Typical computer geek, was George. He really wasn't bad looking,
if he fixed himself up, but he was so skinny. And that dick!

"Poor George," Lisa giggled. "Good thing he's got his computer to keep
him warm at night!"

Lisa and Sharon were also freshman at this large Midwestern university.
They lived one floor up from Dan and George, and had met Dan the first
week. And both of them had the hots for him.

Which meant, that they spent a lot of time with him. Both of them,
because neither of them were willing to let the other get near Dan alone.
Lisa and Sharon were friends, but not good enough friends to refrain from
cheerfully gouging the other's eyes out over Dan. So, they both spent a
lot of time in his room, together, warily giving the eye to each other.
Dan, of course, being the rich, handsome, quarterback-type, was used to
this. He was just trying to figure out how to fuck both of them.

Since they were in his room all the time, they saw George a lot. Dan
had to admit that he could have done a lot worse as roommates went. George
was a nice guy, and didn't mind the occasional homework assist. He was
also hilariously funny, and a good storyteller. He also gave good advice,
something Dan decided to avail himself of one night.

"So, roomie, I've never asked you this. I've got Sharon and Lisa both
wanting to jump my bones. If you were in my position, who would you pick?"

"I'm the wrong guy to ask, Dan. I'd tell you to pick Sharon."

"That's what most people have told me." Sharon was a long, lean blonde,
with a flat stomach, big blue eyes, and legs that seemed to go on forever.
Lisa was a redhead, with green eyes, and a smattering of freckles. She was
more rounded than Sharon, and shorter.

"I know, most people would probably prefer Sharon. She's the type
that's modeling in all the magazines nowadays. I prefer Lisa, however."

"Then why did you tell me to pick Sharon?"

"Leave Lisa to me, of course!" George laughed.

"Come on. You wouldn't have a chance with either of them. The whole
school knows that you're the Dickless Wonder."

George had been teased about that before. Dan was amazed at how he
always just took it in stride. "I'm telling you, roomie, it's not the
tool, it's the craftsman."

"I still don't know what that means."

"What it means is, the important part is that I know how to use it. The
girls in high school figured that out. The girls here will too,

"Oh, right, George, like you got that far with the girls in high

"Sure. What, did you think I was a virgin?"

"Come on, George, I *know* you're a virgin. girls don't go after skinny
wimps with 5-inch dicks."

"You believe what you want to believe. Good night."

"Night," Dan replied, with a grin on his face.


That Saturday night, the girls again found themselves in Dan's room.
With them, besides Dan and George, were Dan and George's next door
neighbors, Ken and Phil, and their next door neighbors, Alyssa and
Michelle. Alyssa had a thing for Ken, and Michelle for Phil. So, there
were four girls lusting after three guys, and George. They were all
drinking, and talking.

The funny thing was, Lisa thought to herself, that George was the best
conversationalist in the room. There had been a football game that
afternoon--their school had won, with Dan playing the role of the hero--and
George gave the most cogent analysis of the game. Lisa brought up
Shakespeare, and George launched into a spirited discussion of him.
Meanwhile, he was telling jokes and funny stories.

The eight people in the room kept getting drunker and drunker. The talk
turned from scattered conversation to the search for a game to play. Strip
poker? Nude twister? Truth or dare? Then Alyssa, the most daring of
them--and also quite drunk--came up with an idea.

"If you guys really wanna get wild, we could play the orgasm game."

"Huh?" asked Lisa.

"We put all of us girl's names in a hat. One of the guys picks the
names out, one by one. We go in order, and each picks a guy. Then each
guy goes to work on whoever their girl is. The time limit is one hour, or
whenever the guy himself cums. Whichever girl has the most orgasms in that
time wins." She smiled wickedly. "In more ways than one."

The guys were, of course, up for it. They looked at the girls, who were
all just drunk enough to consider it.

"I'm game," said Sharon, looking at Dan.

"Me, too," said Lisa, also looking at Dan. Michelle and Phil had
already slept together, so they had no problem with it. Alyssa grabbed
some paper, cut four pieces, put each girl's name on a piece, and put them
in a hat. "Here, George," she said, "Pick out a name." Alyssa was the
first name, and she picked Ken. Michelle came out next, she picked Phil.
George reached in and pulled out one of the two remaining slips. It said
Sharon, who, of course, happily picked Dan.

That's when the realization set in on Lisa.

"You mean I have to have sex with *George*??? Can't Dan do both of us?"

"Sorry, honey, that's against the rules." Alyssa laughed.

Lisa looked down at her hands. "I don't think I want to do this."

"Aw, Lisa, don't be a spoilsport," Sharon complained.

"You agreed," Dan pointed out.

She looked up at George, who was looking at her intently. She would've
expected him to be all giddy, out of control like a fourteen-year-old
virgin about to get his first piece of ass. He wasn't. He just smiled at

"All right, I suppose I did agree."


"We do this all at once, or one at a time?" Sharon asked.

"On at a time, in order of how we picked. So we all get to watch,"
Alyssa leered.

"Any restrictions on how we get our girl off?" asked Phil.

"Nope. I do believe Ken and I are first. George, keep time?"


They settled in on Dan's bed, giggling nervously as they realized they
were going to have sex in front of six other people. They kissed quietly
as they stripped each other's clothes off, still self-conscious. That
started to go away as Ken started nibbling on Alyssa's nipples, as he
plunged a finger into her pussy. He waggled the finger back and forth,
while sucking on her breasts, for a few minutes. Feeling she was getting
close--and knowing he had never been this horny in his life--he slipped on
a condom and then mounted her. Unfortunately, he was too horny. She *was*
close--he was right about that--but he couldn't hold out. Alyssa groaned
in frustration, as Ken muttered "sorry."

Phil and Michelle were next, and they had a little more luck. They had
been to bed once before, which gave them a bit of an advantage, and Phil
got her off with two fingers in her while he nibbled on a breast.
Confident he could get her off again by fucking her, he slipped on a
rubber, and did so. However, he was also too quick. Michelle,
nonetheless, was in the lead, with one orgasm.

Dan was, not surprisingly, supremely confident in his own abilities.
Sharon let out an "oooooh" when she saw his well-sized cock, and had a
screaming orgasm shortly after he entered her. He lasted long enough for
her to have a second.

Lisa watched this scene with increasing dismay. She realized that she
had only agreed to this game, because she figured that was the only way she
would ever have a chance with Dan. Why would he ever pick her over Sharon?
Sharon looked like a model. Lisa considered herself fat. She had mooned
over guys like Dan all her life, and had always been beaten out by the
Sharons of the world. Now, Sharon was screaming as Dan made her cum, and
Lisa was facing having sex with George. She really wanted to have Dan.
She wasn't inexperienced, but she'd never had an orgasm. She blamed that
on always settling for second-best. She thought Dan would be able to give
her one. But she was settling, again. As Sharon slipped off the bed,
completely satisfied with herself, after the third bone-crunching orgasm,
Lisa was filled with envy.

"Your turn, Lisa." Sharon smiled evilly at her.

Lisa was frozen. She couldn't get out of her chair. George had moved
over to the bed, waiting for her.

"Come on Lisa, don't chicken out now," Alyssa said. She just stared
down at the floor. George looked at her intently. He saw fear in her
eyes. Dammit, he thought to himself, God knows I want her, but not like

Then George spoke up. "Look, let's end this now. Sharon's the winner."

"What?" Alyssa said. Lisa looked at him. He looked right back at her.

"I'm not going to go to bed with a girl who'd rather go to bed with
Attila the Hun. I'm too much of a gentleman for that."

"George, I......." Lisa faltered.

"Look, it's all right." He climbed off the bed. "I'm going to go to the
co-op and get a soda." He walked out the door.


Lisa looked down at the floor, relieved but embarrassed. Next thing she
knew, Sharon was asking her if she was going back to the room soon. She
barely heard her. Sharon and Dan headed off. The other four quickly
departed, to go satiate themselves some more. Lisa was left alone in the
room. She was contemplating where she was going to sleep that night, when
George walked back in.

"Where'd everyone else go?"

"Back to their rooms, to continue what they started. Dan's in our room,
I have to find a place to sleep." She was still despondent.

"You can sleep here, if you want. Dan's bed. I won't bother you."

"George, you're too nice to me."

"I can't help it. One, I'm nice to everyone. Two, I like you."

She laughed. "George, how can you like me? I treat you like shit."

"What, because you didn't want to sleep with me? No, you don't usually
treat me like shit. And I don't know how *you* could ask that question


"How does Dan treat you?"

She thought about that. And then she realized, "Like shit."

"Right. On the bright side, I guarantee you'll get to fuck him if you

"What? After the way him and Sharon were going at it?"

"Well, that's it. He's *had* Sharon. Time to move on to a new target.
And you're willing. Listen, I *like* Dan, but he's a BMOC football star
type. One woman after the other, all willing."

"Yeah. You're right. Still, I would have liked to have had one night
where I howled the way Sharon did. Shit, I did *not* need to see that.
Maybe he will take me, and I'll have that."

"What, exactly, are you talking about?"

She blushed furiously. "An orgasm. I've never had one."

"Are you a virgin?"

"No, not even close. I just keep settling for second best."

"Ah. Which is why you wanted nothing to do with me when Sharon drew Dan

She blushed, looking ashamed of herself, "George, I'm sorry....."

"Hey. I get used to it."

"George, are you a virgin?"

"No, not even close."

"You're not lying to me?"

"No. I had a lot in high school."

"You DID? Forgive me, but HOW?"

"Word gets around."

"What are you talking about?"

George smiled at her. "Let me put it this way. How many times did
Sharon cum, three, right?" Lisa nodded. "Well, if you had gone through
with it with me, I guarantee you would have won. Absolutely guarantee it."

"You're telling me that you could bring a girl to orgasm more than three
times in an hour--a girl who's never had an orgasm in her life, mind
you--you think you could have done that? Shit, George, I hate to say this,
but everyone knows about deficiency."

George just laughed. "First of all, that's exaggerated. I have a weird
problem with my dick. When I'm soft, it almost recedes. The guys in the
shower don't see it when it's hard, you know what I mean? When I'm hard,
I'm average-sized. I'm not Dan, but I'm not dickless, either. Second of
all, it ain't what you got, it's what you do with it. Third of all, I have
other weapons at my disposal."


"Let me put it this way. I'd bet money that you could get off three
times before I even took my pants off."

"You're joking."

George was sitting on his bed. "Come on over here and let me prove it
to you."


Lisa swallowed hard. Was this just a line? She would have never
thought George would have had feeding lines to girls in him. Then again,
she never thought he'd have it in him to be as good in bed as he says he
is, either. She looked at him. She almost felt she owed him, and it would
be easier without the rest of them here. And, after watching sex all
night, she couldn't deny she was horny.

"Are you really that good?" she asked in a small voice.

"Like I said, come and see. We don't even have to fuck unless you
decide you want to--and I still guarantee you'll be satisfied. "

She took a deep breath, got out of the chair she was sitting in, and
walked over to the bed. She sat in front of him, and gave him a little
smile. He returned the smile, and leaned over and kissed her.

One thing she found out in a hurry--he was a spectacular kisser. She
thoroughly enjoyed it, and, in the middle, she felt his hand snake down to
her breast. As he kept kissing her, she felt his hand going up and under
her blouse. Then, she felt him tugging on the bottom of her blouse. She
quickly broke the kiss, helped him get her blouse off, and leaned back in
to kiss him as he undid her bra. She quickly felt his hands on her bare
breasts, rubbing and fondling them, teasing her nipples.

He broke the kiss with her mouth, and started kissing down her neck,
placing little wet kisses all the way down. He kept going, kissing past
her shoulder, and then down to her breast. He gently sucked on a nipple,
while she let out a moan.

"Has anyone ever told you you have beautiful breasts?"


"Well, I'm telling you, Lisa. They're gorgeous."

She giggled. "They're too big. Too much fat. All of me has too much

"Ah, you've been brainwashed by the fashion industry, all of whom think
that Sharon is the epitome of female beauty. Hogwash. You're beautiful.
And your breasts are just perfect." With that, he returned his attention to

"Mmmmmmm..." she hummed, feeling very flattered--and very turned on. He
was very good at this. He licked around her large areola, and then sucked on her nipple. Then he sucked on the whole areola while flicking the
nipple with his tongue. His hand was still working over the other breast.

He did this for a while, switching breasts at one point, while she lie
on the bed, humming and gasping. Suddenly, she felt his hands on the snap
to her pants. She quickly helped him get her jeans and panties off. When
she did, she realized something. She was *soaked*.

"All right, I have to admit. At least at tittie play, you are very,
very good. I've never been this wet in my life."

"Good" was all he said, as he went back to sucking on her breast. She
quickly realized he had moved his hand down in between her legs. She felt
him idly slipping his finger up and down in between her labia, which just
increased the electricity running through her body. She felt a finger
gently slip in through her entrance. He brought it out, and slipped back
in with two. He moved them slowly in and out of her drenched pussy,
getting some satisfying groans from her throat. Then, he pulled all the
way out, and disengaged from her breast. She moaned in frustration, but
then opened her eyes and saw that he was adjusting his position. He
quickly replaced his fingers in her pussy, slid them out and in a couple of
times, then just barely in, where he stopped, and curled them upwards.


George just chuckled. "Lisa, meet your g-spot."

"AH! AH! AH!" She couldn't believe it. She had heard about the
g-spot, but thought it was some kind of myth. The electrical shocks he was
sending through her pussy were no myth.

Of course, she knew what her clit was. That was the next thing he went
after, snaking the fingers on the other hand around it, while still
manipulating her pussy. Then, after watching her work herself up even
further--he hit her clit directly--while still massaging her g-spot.

"YEEEEIIIII!" Her legs spasmed every time he hit her clit. "AH! AH!
AH! AYEEEEEEEE! OH! OH! OH! OH sogoodsogoodsogoodOH! OH!

He legs spasmed wildly, her pussy started to clamp on his fingers, and
he watched her face. She had opened her eyes wide, a mixture of unbridled
lust and absolute shock playing on her face. "GH GOD OH GOD I'm

He smiled at her, watching her orgasm, pleased that he had been able to
give her her first. He waited until she had come down from it, and then
withdrew his hand. He sat next to her, watching her catch her breath, as
she opened her eyes to see him smiling at her. Suddenly, she sprang up
into a sitting position, and wrapped him in a bear hug.

"Oh, George, thank you, thank you, thank you," she kissed his neck.
"That was so fantastic! I can't believe it!" She gave him a big, sloppy
kiss on the mouth. "Oh God."

He chuckled. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."

She smiled at him, a gleam in her eye. "Whatsoever can I do to repay

"You just hold that thought. I'm not done yet. Lie back."

"Hmmm?" she questioned, but she put her head back on the bed. Next
thing she knew, George was aiming his head down in between her legs.

"George? What.......?"

"Hmmm? You've never had a guy go down on you before?"


"Oh, what a deprived child." She giggled. "Spread your legs, relax, and
enjoy yourself. Trust me."

"OK. I do." He licked her pussy from top to bottom with a slow stroke.

He went to work, probing her pussy with his tongue. He slipped his
tongue into her entrance, provoking a gasp of surprise and delight. She
took long licks up and down her labia. He french-kissed her pussy, which
brought out a low moan and a giggle. Then he resumed his strokes up and
down her pussy--but, now, he made sure to hammer her clit with his tongue
on every up-stroke.

AAHHH!" He kept that up for a while, and then zeroed in on her clit. It
didn't take long for her to climax again.

He barely gave her time to come down off of that one, then went right
back to it. He licked up and down a few times, then went back to her clit,
as soon as he thought she could stand it again. Then, he slipped his two
fingers back in and massaged her g-spot while his tongue worked on her
clit. This one came even more quickly, and her gyrations almost through
both of them off the bed.

He pulled his fingers out and crawled back up beside her this time,
letting her get her breathing back under control.

"Wow," she said finally. "I think you found my 'on' switch.
Permanently." She giggled. "And to think, I had half convinced myself that
I was incapable of orgasm."

"Well, I'm glad to have banished *that* fear."

"Oh, boy, did you." She smiled at him. "And, you were right. Three
before you even took your pants off. Which reminds me....TAKE YOUR PANTS
OFF!!!" He cracked up laughing, and complied.

She reached down and grabbed his erect cock in her hand. "Looks like
he's ready," she giggled.

"I know, not as impressive as Dan's." George said.

"Who cares?" Lisa giggled. "You're right, it's not the biggest I've
ever seen, but it looks perfectly capable of the task at hand. I do know
that the guy that it's attached to knows what he's doing."

George just grinned at her, and then moaned as she ran her hand up and
down its length.

"George, fuck me. Now. And don't worry about those damn rubbers, I'm
on the pill."

She lied back, smiling at him, as she crawled into position above her.

"You know what?" he said. "You really are the most beautiful creature
I've ever seen in my life. I thought so before I saw you naked and
orgasmic. Now I *know* it."

She smiled at him. "I *feel* beautiful. And I've never felt beautiful,
ever, before, in my life. You make me feel beautiful. Now GET IN ME!"

He did so, slipping in easily. She sighed contentedly. He wasn't the
biggest she had ever had, it's true. It just felt *right*.

It felt more right when he got going. He had wonderful control. He
aimed to massage her g-spot. He made sure to rub his pubic bone up against
her clit. He varied his strokes, building her up slowly but surely.

She was on fire. That switch was still "on", and he was leaning on it.
He used his dick and his body to hit all of her hot spots. She felt
herself building up, her breath getting shorter, her face flushed.

George felt her getting closer, he reached down with his hand and massaged
her clit while he picked up the pace with his thrusts into her pussy.


He stopped moving in her until she caught her breath. She opened her
shining eyes up to him, and wrapped her arms around her neck, and brought
him down to kiss him. "Wow" was all she could say.

He looked at her and said, "4 orgasms, and still under an hour. You

"I certainly won something, but I don't think it was a silly contest."

He just laughed. "Ready?"

"Of course. You haven't had even one, yet."

"Don't worry about me. I ain't that far off." He started moving in and
out again. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and kept her arms around
his neck, trying to pull him into her as deeply as she could. She
whispered in his ear, "George, darling, it's your turn. I want you to cum,
and I want you to cum deep inside me. I'm waiting for it. I'm waiting for
you, my darling. cum for me, sweetheart, you've given me so much tonight,
I want to give you this. cum for me, my darling, cum deep inside me."

He picked up his pace, and she felt herself building up again. "Oh,
George, I'm gonna go again. You're doing it to me again. Go with me,
George, cum with me, darling." It only took a few more thrusts, and he
did--and she went right with him.


It was a half-hour later--time spent wrapped in each other's
arms--before Lisa found the will to speak.

"Five," she said in wonder. "You made me cum five times. You're a
miracle worker."

"Naah. I just think it's important. I like watching a girl I'm with
have an orgasm. I particularly enjoyed watching you have them."

She laughed. "Why?"

"Because it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. You get
all flushed. Your eyes twinkle. Your breasts heave. The most delightful
little noises come out of your mouth. You even smile in the middle of all
the groaning and whimpering. Your whole body spasms. When you cum, you
CUM, my dear. It's fantastic."

"I thought you did this to girls all the time."

"Not like THAT." He sighed. "I have a confession. I've wanted this
since the moment I met you."


"Yeah." He looked down. "I did have a lot of girls in high school.
Word got around. My first time told a lot of girlfriends that I was good.
Quite a few wanted to go to bed with me. I was friends with them all. I
enjoyed having sex with them all. It was fun. But I never pursued it all
that much. I let it come to me. I didn't look at any of the girls I've
been with, before I had them, and thing 'Oh my God, I want her so bad I can
taste it.' I never did much of that. Until you. "

"At first it was just lust. Until you started throwing yourself all
over my blind-as-a-bat roommate, and I got to know you. The lust never
went away, but along the way I became very, very fond of you. Which made
the lust worse. You're the first girl I ever really, really wanted. And
not just in this way. In every way."

Lisa smiled up at him. "I have to confess, even while I was waiting for
Dan to jump my bones, the person that I preferred actually spending time
with, was you."

"I noticed that. I was waiting for you to notice whose bones you should
be jumping, too."

She giggled, then got serious. "Wait a minute. You wanted me that bad,
but let me off the hook during the game tonight?

"Shit, Lisa, you looked terrified."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It was worth it. I'd much rather have done this not in
front of an audience."

"You're so sweet." She snuggled into him, and they quickly fell asleep.


It had been a month since that night. Lisa and George found themselves
having sex as much as possible, every couple or three nights, whenever they
could get an empty room. They also found themselves spending lots of time
outside of bed, too--they ate meals together a lot, went to the movies,
attended a couple of parties, studied together, even went to a dance

This Friday night, however, they were in bed, relaxing, after another
sex session.

"Whew," Lisa said, "You wear me out."

"The feeling, my dear, is mutual."

"You must *really* be worn out," Lisa giggled. "Since I told some
girlfriends how fantastic you are, I figure you must be getting it almost
every night."

George looked at her, in shock. "Now I know why I keep getting
propositioned. Especially from girls that live on your floor."

"I just wanted to make sure you enjoy yourself."

"Oh, I am enjoying myself. Immensely. More than I ever have in my
life." He looked down, right into her eyes. "Yes, I am enjoying myself.
And the one, single, only person I have slept with since I have been here
at this college, is *you*."

Lisa's mouth went dry. "What?"

George just laughed. "Lisa, even when we're *not* in bed, we're always
together. When would I have time to sleep around? I have been
propositioned by a number of girls; I'm assuming mostly friends of yours.
I've turned them all down."

"You have?"

"I have. And I'm not the only one, because I know you turned Dan down,
too. He told me."

"He did?"


"Well," she laughed, "Why would I want to sleep with Dan? I've had the
best, who needs the rest?"

"Right. My point exactly. Of course, in my case, I'm not just talking
about sex."

Lisa felt a little lightheaded. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean, dear Lisa, is this isn't just about sex. Not anymore, and
that's if it ever was. We spend more time together outside of bed than we
do in bed. I don't consider you my sex buddy, I consider you my

"I like the sound of that," Lisa admitted with a blush.

"Lisa, I'm in love with you."

Lisa blushed, and smiled slightly. "That's the first time anyone's ever
said that to me." She took a deep breath. "And I've never said it to
anyone myself. It's a scary thing to hear. It's a scary thing to say."
She took another deep breath. "I love you too, George."

"That wasn't so scary. Since I said it first. You wanna talk about

Lisa giggled. "Really?"

"Hey, it only took me a month. I've known for a long time that I was in
love with you."

"Really?" Lisa looked at him. "George, are you offended that I tried to
get other girls to proposition you?"

"Well, not offended. I don't quite understand why you did it."

"Neither do I, to tell you the truth. I won't do it again, I promise. I
guess I was scared about the way I was feeling, and wanted to test it. I
wanted to see, if you had other girls, whether or not you'd still come back
to me."

He kissed her on the nose. "Silly girl, what you hadn't figured out is
that I didn't need any other girls to know you were the only one I wanted."

"I also was thinking about what you told me about high school."

"I wasn't in love in high school."

She smiled at him. "I have an older sister, she's 23, and I've always
been able to talk to her about anything. I told her about the first night.
She said, '5 cums in one night? Jesus Christ, Lisa, grab on to this stud and do *not* let go!'" They both laughed. "So, I told her that I really
liked what you did to me, and I really liked you, but didn't know if it
went any deeper than that. She said, 'Dammit, Lisa, fall in love with him!
Now!' I suppose I was trying to make sure in my mind that that wasn't what
happened--falling in love with the sex and not with you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." She smiled at him. "I'm in love with the whole you. I know
that now. Not that I'm not in love with the sex, too, mind you."

He laughed. "Love me, love the sex."

Lisa giggled at him. "Yup. Now that we've proclaimed our love, my
dear, you may seal the deal." She nuzzled into his neck and whispered in
his ear. "Fuck me until I scream, my love."




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