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palm of your hand

Title: In the Palm of Your Hand
Author: Cait N. (caitn at mindspring dot com)
Pairing: Barclay/Lefler
Series: TNG
Rating: borderline PG-13, for nudity
Feedback: Pretty please please please!

Summary: Takes place in late 2369. Robin has a surprise
planned for Reg, only one of them gets antsy.

Author's note: This story falls roughly seven months after
my previous Barclay/Lefler story, "Don't Sit Under the
Palmetto Tree" -

Written for the Barclay Fuh-Q-Fest --

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters, I just take 'em
out for spin every now and then.

= = = = =

"In the Palm of Your Hand"
copyright November 2001 by Cait N.
Reginald Barclay straightened his uniform jacket as he
looked in the mirror over the sink. Lt. Commander LaForge
was expecting his report in exactly ... he glanced around
the engineering lavatory for a chronometer ... aha! Seven
minutes until he was due to give an analysis of the
intermittent fluctuations in the plasma conversion sensor.

There, he was as neat as he could get. He thought about
Robin's hands straightening his jacket just before he left
that morning. Her long fingers with clear buffed nails
raking down the center of his chest, mimicking her actions
of just hours before when they'd been lying on sweat-soaked
sheets. She had the day off and had assured him that she
had nothing planned but to lounge around her quarters and
wait for him. He'd left her at the door with a promise to
hurry back as soon as he could. She'd teased him that
morning by saying she had something special planned for the
evening. He alternated between nervousness and excitement.
By nature, he wasn't a man to do the outrageous or try
anything new and cutting edge, but being with Robin had
"loosened him up" - at least that's what Counselor Troi had
told him.

His stomach clenched now at the thought of Robin, her
milky skin and wavy chestnut brown hair. He ran a finger
around the collar of his uniform. That woman made him
hotter than a three-balled tomcat.

"Reg, LaForge is ready," Ensign Pavlick said, sticking her
head into the lavatory. She had been working with Reg on
the fluctuation problem and was attending the morning

"Coming." He banished all thoughts of Robin and her
luscious legs to a remote corner of his mind and headed for
the main engineering room.

Three people waited for him there - Ensign Pavlick, Lt.
Commander LaForge, and Lt. Butler. All eyes were on him.

"G ... good morning." He gave them a nervous smile and
fumbled with the three data PADDs in his hands. Ensign
Pavlick bit back a sigh, took the top PADD, and started to
deliver the report.

Reg was left with two PADDs, which made them only slightly
easier to handle. He activated the PADD in his left hand
and the schematic for the plasma conversion sensor
adjustments scrolled across the tiny screen. He keyed the
PADD in his right and was greeted with his name at the top.
He scrunched up his brow in confusion. A picture appeared
underneath the writing and Reg's eyes widened as what it
depicted registered on his brain. His eyes widened more as
he quickly read the note above it.*

His index finger went up and ran along the inside of his
collar. Suddenly his uniform was too tight, his clothes too
binding. "Ahem," he cleared his throat. "I'm ... I'm afraid
that I don't feel very well." He handed the PADD that
contained the adjustments to Ensign Pavlick. "Ensign
Pavlick is familiar with the adjustments needed." He
pointed at the PADD. "And ... and the schematic is on
there." He clutched the other PADD with a death grip.

Geordi drew him aside. "Reg, what's going on?"

"Nothing, nothing's going on? Why? Do you think
something's going on?" Reg calmed his ragged breathing. No
use sounding paranoid or hysterical. "I just don't feel
very well, Geordi. I'll just go lie down for a bit and if
I'm not feeling better later, I'll report to Dr. Crusher."

Geordi gave him a long look. "Sure, Reg, we can take it
from here."

Once clear of Engineering, Reg breathed a heavy sigh of
relief and leaned against the bulkhead. His body seemed to
have a mind of its own, at least certain parts of it. He
adjusted his uniform trousers. Now the trick was to get to
Robin's quarters without anyone noticing his aroused state

"Robin," he called out, stepping through the door to her
quarters. He dropped the PADD on the table nearest the door
and shrugged out of his uniform jacket. She wasn't in the
living room. He heard humming and turned toward the

She was sitting on the bed, gloriously nude, hands behind
her back, a wicked grin on her cherry-red lips. Just like
in the picture that had appeared on his PADD. "Hello, Reg,"
she said, her voice a whiskey whisper. "You're certainly
home earlier than expected."

He grinned at her, the shy engineering officer persona
slipping away to be replaced by the more self-sure
lover/confidant/friend that he was when he was with Robin.
He slipped out of his shirt. "I found this note and picture on one of my PADDs ..."


"Uh huh," he stepped closer. "That was part of the
surprise you talked about his morning, wasn't it?"

"Uh huh."

"And you set up the photo yesterday and then keyed it into
my PADD this morning while I was in the shower?"

"Uh huh."

His grin got bigger. He unfastened his trousers. "Aren't
you going to help me with this?"

She stood up and turned around. Only then was he able to
see that her hands were behind her back by force; the
vintage handcuffs she had replicated held them snugly
together. Her long hair tickled the middle of her back as
she clasped her buttocks in her hands. "I have a small
problem," she murmured, looking at him over her shoulder, a
shameless grin tugging at her mouth. The position pushed
her rounded breasts out, her whole body on display for his
hungry eyes.

"I can see," he said. He strode forward, turning her to
face him and pushing against her shoulders. She fell onto
the bed with a slight whoosh of air.

He picked up one slender foot. The red of the polish
matched her lips and stood out, an obscene splash of color
against her creamy white skin. "Niiiice." He rubbed his
face against her foot and lightly nibbled her big toe.

"Ooooooooooooh yes." She licked her lips and groaned in

His eyes darkened with lust; with her leg raised he had a
good view straight down. He could feel himself getting hard
at the erotic sight of her long fingers squeezing and
pulling the cheeks of her ass. "I think you're too tense,
sweetheart. There's some kinks you need worked out," he
drawled, resting her foot on his chest as he dropped his


* The note on the PADD read: I moan as you gently rub your
fingers across the top of my right foot, moving towards my
toes . . . each one you individually massage . . . with the
palm of your hand you rub the sole of my foot and arriving
at the heel, you gently squeeze a few times . . with your
thumbs you now begin rubbing the bottom of my foot in
circular patterns increasing the pressure . . . your
fingers stroke the top of my foot . . .

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