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part01 madonna


A Fantasy about MADONNA - THE SEXIEST WOMAN EVER By - Bangladeshi Hot Guy

Hi! All!! This is a really HORNY boy ( from
Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a very big fan on this site. I have read all the
stories. But I dont have any story of myself to share with you people.
Because in the age of 20, I am still a virgin guy. But I can share my
FANTASY with you. Right? Today I am sending my fantasy about the HOTTEST

I was in need of money. I saw an ad in the newspaper that AN WELL KNOWN
CELEBRITY NEEDS A P.A. FOR HIMSELF. I thought of trying my luck. It was
the day of the interview. I was waiting with other three candidates. I
was the last one to go. I asked all who it was. But none could say. I
also couldnt ask them after their interview. Because they were to leave in
another way. Finally I was called. When I entered the room, I was shocked
to see it was no Actor - but it was my favourite singer, my dream girl MADONNA! A beautiful smile ran across her lucious lips. Even in this age,
she is more charming than any teenage girl. I was asked only about my
private life, my sex life. I was very embarrassed and was sure that I wont
get the job.

But to my greater surprise, I got a letter three days later asking me to
join my new job! I was more than Happy. My job with the private life of
my dream girl started. I saw how she maintained her beautiful figure. She
spend half her time to do exercise, mostly yoga. Her sexy dresses kept me
hard always. I couldnt keep my eyes off her beautiful big glopes that keep
giggling with her foot step. I couldnt stop stairing at her butt swaying
left and right in an inviting mannar. Finally I discovered that she is not
unknown to my feelings when oneday, in a free time, she called me and after
a few words, suddenly put her hand on my erection and smiled. I was

From then she began to get more and more lusty with me. She chatted
with me mostly about my private life. The more she heard about my
virginity and not having a girlfriend, the more she got happy.

One day, there was no appointment in her diary. I asked her what she
wanted to do that day. She gave a misterious smile and asked me that day,
her appointment was with me for whole day! I couldnt get her hint until
she went her dressing room and came back with a mind blowing dress!

She was wearing a long transparent gown with Black Bra and panty inside.
Those were visible through the light material of the gown. She had a LUSTY
look and a SEXY lipstick made her look more HORNY. She closed the door and
made me sit on the bed. I was getting more and more excited. She went for
her music system. She played her latest cassette in it. It started
palying, "Bad Girl…"

She is a very sexy dancer and she started moving her hips from side to
side. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was loosing control already. Slowly,
she loosened her gown and let it drop to the floor. What a beautiful round
ass she had! She came towards me, dancing, still with her back faced
towards me. She took my one hand and put it on her left ass cheek. She
brushed my hand on her beautiful big hip. I caressed her left cheek and
then her right cheek. Once I squeezed her hips really hard. She turned
around and now I saw her beautiful big round breasts and her beautiful
belly. I watched her hips swaying and her massive breasts jiggling and
causing her bra top to heave up and down. She came near and pushed me and
made me lay on my back. Then she came over me and lay on me. Her
beautiful soft ass brushed against my erection. With every beat, she was
moving her butt and that was a kind of Masturbation with ASS. I almost
came. But she withdrew. I tugged at her and pulled her back to me. My
penis was already knocking at her arse.

She withdrew again and then she pulled my trouser down and looked at my
super hard cock which was excited to know it will go into my dreamgirl's
pussy. It was getting really hard for me to control myself. But I wanted
to enjoy the whole show and enjoy my first fuck - first fuck with my dream

The sexiest lady on earth was dancing madly and was making her dreamer
more and more crazy. She held her breasts, was squeezing them in a
obscence mannar. She put my head between her boobs. I stuck my tongue out
and suck the valley between those big mounds. She then started unhooking
her bra and let it slip to the floor. Her enormous breasts sprang out of
the cups and bounced against each other, settling into perfect, jutting
teardrops with just a natural touch of shag as she removed her top
completely, her aureoles small and dark and her nipples pointing upwards.
She did a small dance in which her boobs jumped up and down a lot. Then
She turned her back to me again and started removing her panties. She came
near and bent over and I stuck my tongue in her ass. She started feeling
me licking on her cunt and asshole. Her knees started feeling weak and She
wanted more. By then her nipples were hard and pussy was dripping.

She looked at me and I could see her eyes were filled with lust. She
kissed me on the lips. That first kiss was awesome! I kissed her with my
tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each others tongue and I could
feel her saliva going in my mouth. The feeling was out of this world. She
lay herself down on the floor and said to me "come play with my ass and
pussy." I knelt down near her and hugged her and kissed her around her
neck. We kissed eachother, sucked eachother's lips and tongues hungrily.
She took the rest of my clothes off! My hands went straight for her boobs.
I pinched her nipples and She felt a sense of pleasure. "Lick my tits",
She said and I put my tongue over her left breast and started sucking. I
had one hand squeezing her right breasts and the other on her ass. I was
pressing her ass hard and squeezed her breasts.

She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth.
Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging it in and out. I met her
exploring tongue with mine. It seemed like a contest on who could stick
the tongue into the other mouth the furthest. Then she finished the
burning kiss softly licking my lips. I puckered up my lips and kissed the
fatty flesh of her tit lightly. Then she grasp my penis with her hand and
I became tingling again with the orgasmic sensation. She started jacking
me off, as I continued to suck and lick her big nipples. She gasped deeply
as I sucked on her nipple. She immediately started pumping my penis more
seductively. This only made me lap my tongue around her nipple even more.
My hot saliva was dripping down her tittie and she moaned, "OH LORD THIS
FEELS GOOD!!! Oh baby, yes, you're making me feel so warm and tingling

She made herself free from me, still holding my dick. She opened her
lips and slid my penis down her throat. The warm rush of feeling the
slippery saliva drip down my balls sent every muscle in my body into
ecstasy. She moved her head perfectly down my penis and paused with it all
in her mouth. I could feel her warm moist tongue then lapping my balls.
And then I came. Madonna had my penis totally in her mouth. Her upper lip
was pressed tightly against my stomach. Her lower lip was open and she was
lapping my balls into her mouth. My balls slid in and she closed her lower
lip on the underside of my ball sack. Madonna rolled my balls in her mouth
gently. I let go. cum was starting to pump up from inside my testicles.
She could feel the spasms of my cum pumping muscles. She could feel the
fluid with her tongue as it was draining through the tube of my body. The
pulsing of the muscle contractions that was forcing up the cum and bulged
Madonna's cheek. I heard my dreamgirl moan with pleasure because she knew
that in the next few seconds she was going to taste her young lover's cum.
I felt like my balls were going to explode with each pump. It was almost
violent the way my body was reacting to pump the cum into Madonna's mouth.
And she started to swallow. While I was pumping my cum into her mouth, it
felt like it would never end. But, it only lasted a few seconds as
Madonna's throat gulped the virgin cum down to her stomach.

We stopped for a few minutes. Then I started to massage her tighs from
the waste to the knee. I went harder each time. We both looked at each
other and kissed. My lips touched her lips and she put her touge in my
mouth and I was sucking it hard and hard. I moved slowly towards her neck
while she steched it out for me. I kissed her through the neck to her
right sholder to her bust. I grabbed them and pressed them hard with my
hands. I then put my arms around her back and sucked her nipples. Then I
sucked her belly button and smoched it.

Then when she rubbed her pussy with both hands and licked her lips, I
just lost control. She leaned and her crotch just inches from my face. I
could smell her sweet pussy, and the sweet scent almost made me dizzy. I
loved the aroma of cunt and couldn't resist leaning closer so that I could
rub my nose there. I felt Madonna grab my head and hold on as she shoved
forward with her hips. My tongue licked between her juicy pussy and my
cunt-hungry mouth.

"Yes," she sighed. "Yes!" "What a beautiful cunt!" I cried. "And it's
all for you, My darling!" she whispered. I grabbed Madonna by the ass and
pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I
was tasting what I'd waited for all of my life. She spread her lips for
me. Madonna's pussy was sweet tasting and soft, the juices were running
down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she
were fucing my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl
inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice
and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy. Then I came to her aching clit. It
was huge, begging to be attacked, to have its lust satisfied. I stood up
on my knees and used my stiff prick to rub Madonna's hard little dick. I
rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became
screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her
swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue inched kajlee
slowly to the climax she desperately needed. I slowly licked her pink slit
until she couldn't take it anymore. She then twinged in pleasure and
instantly had one, two, or maybe even three orgasms.

I shifted my position and climbed on top of my beautiful darling's hot,
willing body. I jabbed my tongue into her ear and she moaned with
pleasure. Then I covered my darling's mouth with my own, thrusting my rigid
tongue between her lips. Madonna opened her mouth wide and pressed her
tongue against mine. She sucked loudly and wetly on my hot tongue,
pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against my mouth. I felt her
huge tits pressed against my chest and my cock grew even harder when I
thought of the pleasure awaiting me. "Ohhhh, yesssss, do it! Fuck me!",
Madonna cried wildly. She felt my large cockhead pressing against her and
she spread her legs even wider, as wide as she could, as she wriggled her
hips impatiently. She just couldn't wait for my cock to ram its way up her
hot, wet cunt.

Slowly and teasingly I fit my huge prick snugly into the wet slit of her
tight cunt. I rubbed my cock to her cunt hole at the same time I ran my
fingers to her asshole.Then, I gave a hard, deep thrust which sent my large
prick-shaft shooting all the way into my darling's sucking pussy.
"Yessssss!" she moaned. Madonna thrust her ass high in the air and drove
her tight, wet pussy-hole all the way down the full length of my throbbing
cock. She ground her pelvic bone against my body, feeling my balls mashing
against the lower part of her small cunt. As I began to slowly grind my
hips, moving my ass in lewd circles above her, Madonna began to pump her
cunt up and down on my huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight
cunt-walls as tightly as she could around my thick, hard prick. I could
feel my darling's huge tits pressing against my chest and it turned me on
even more as I continued to pump my cock deeply into her hot, grasping

I tried to slow my fucking movements because I still wanted to fuck her
slowly so she would enjoy it all more. But she wanted none of that. The
way she was pumping her cunt up and down on my rigidly fucking cock-pole, I
had no choice but to keep pace with her. Again and again, I stabbed my
prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of Madonna's grinding
pussy. It was as though the horny lady was fucking--even raping--her young lover and I loved the lewd sensation. With a groan of lust, Madonna pulled
My head down to her bursting tits and I sucked her tits again and again as
my cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy.
Her ass shook under the impact of my prick. Her cunt-walls burned and
tightened with the hot wet pleasure she felt from my driving prick. I was
ramming it in and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful
thrust into her pussy-hole. "Ohhhhh, I'm commmmmiiinnngg!" The bitch
suddenly squealed, grabbing me tightly and pressing my hard body against
her soft one. She moaned and tossed her self back and forth, almost making
her lover's prick slip out of her coming cunt.

But I held onto her, scooping my hands under her shaking ass and jerking
her hips up toward my prick. I rammed her deeper and harder as she
continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles
around my steel-hard, pleasure-giving cock-rod. "Ohhhhhhh, God, it feels
soooooo fuckin' gooooood!", she cried, thrusting her hips up even higher,
shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed
through her again and again. "Ahhhhhh, I am commmmiiinnngg!", she moaned
loud and long. Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and
higher. Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at my cock, trying
desperately to milk it of my hot, thick jizz. She pumped her ass off,
feeling her gigantic tits shaking and bouncing with her every lewd move.
Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy-juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs and splashing onto the bed between her
legs. "Oh, Honey, fuck me, fuck meeeee!", she yelled. It was the most
exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and shudderingly powerful. Her
long, sharp finger nails clawed her young lover's shoulders and back as she
came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of my hard prick.

I felt my orgasm approaching. I jammed my cock into her cunt, pumping
her full of my thick, creamy cum. Burning jets of hot jism blasted into
her pussy. She gasped aloud when she felt the hard, hot spurts of cum shooting into her from my cock-head. The creamy spunk burned deeply into
her cunt-hole and on into her churning guts. Her cunt walls spasmed
violently as her pussy sucked my cum from my jerking prick. She grunted
hard as I pounded into her cunt, pumping her full of my hot cum. She
slammed her legs flat against the couch, her body flattening under the lewd
assault of her young virgin lover's hammering prick. "Ahhhh, yeses,
yessss! Fill me full of your cum! I love it! I can feel it! More! I
want more!", she yelled happily, tears of pleasure streaming down her
lovely face. As the last of my cum-load shot into Madonna's pussy, I
dropped my head to her tits and once more nipped her nipples with the edges
of my sharp teeth.

She jerked at the sudden pain but she loved . She held me tightly
against her as I continued to thrust my cock deeply into her cunt. She
felt completely filled with the my cum and she loved the lewd sensations.
My cock was still hard, even after shooting off all that cum. I continued
to pump my prick in and out of the bitch's drenched pussy, but slower and
more gently now. I fucked her slowly, rubbing the length of my prick up
and down over her clit, which was still hard and rigid. I could feel her
clitty jerking against my cock-meat and I knew that I could make her come
again if I wanted to. And I did want to. I continued to slowly pump my
hard cock into Madonna's pussy-hole, rubbing her clit over and over until
she came again.

Shudders of violent pleasure washed over her as she grabbed my face and
kissed me passionately on the lips, finding my hot tongue with hers.
Finally, her incestuous orgasm passed over her and she rested, feeling the
warm cum oozing from her trembling pussy-lips, which still held her lover's

She then turned around and lay on her chest. She was breathing heavily.
But I was watching her beautiful butt. As she was trembling in pleasure,
her butt cheeks were shivering. It was quite a sight! My cock grew full
erected by then. I put my hands on her ass and my fingers were trying to
define her ass hole. I started to lick her from the ass by opening it with
my both hands, she was enjoying very much, after sucking a lot on her ass
and pussy from the back, I inserted my first finger in her ass and she
cried, "Aaaaah Aaah". Then I inserted my second finger in the ass and she
cried with pain and my fingers were moving in & out of her ass hole. Now I
was also very excited and my cock was fully erected and was ready to fuck
Madonna's ass.

She then went into Doggy Position. I went back. I put my both palms on
her shoulders and started pressing them slowly then massagee her hands
slowly then brought my hand on back and moved down till waist, I repeated
the process many times. I spread my both palms and started massaging
sensationally. This time I cross her waist and make rounds on her ass
cheecks. Then I moved my hand to her thighs and carried on this same
rythm. She started moaning softly. I slipped my hands under her shoulders
and managed to touch her boobs with my fingers then moved toward the hips,
squeezed them badly and moved my hand to her ass crack, then towards her
sweet pussy. She shivered badly she was out of control now and moaned

Then I stoped over her smooth ass and licked the hot button of her anus.
She shivered, as I deposited a big dollop of saliva over her. Then it was
the turn of my cock. I spread the muscular cheeks wide, as the tip of my
cock pried at the dark, well moistened opening. She groaned and tried to
slide forward, away from the increasing pressure. I held her firm,
whispering encouragement, and pressed harder. The muscular ring yielded
slowly, opening to allow my glans to penetrate. Her moan took on an
anxious, rising note, as I pressed deeper, millimetre by millimetre. The
muscular knot transforming into a tight, hot ring that slipped along my
cock shaft as I slide full length into her hot, burning, anus. Madonna
shook her head, whimpering noises rising to an almost wail, as I began to
fuck her ass, struggling to keep it slow and shallow. Her moaning wail was
slowly replaced by more animal like grunts, and I began to determine words,
as she chanted between her gasping breaths, each timed to my thrusting
cock.. "Fuck.. my.. ass.. Cum.. in.. my.. ass.. Fuck.."

By now I had rolled her fully onto her front, humping her raised ass
with an increasing tempo. Reaching under her, I filled my hand with her
beautiful tits, and panted my own mindless noises into the hair at the back
of her neck, until with a harsh growl I pumped my second load of semen into
her willing body. My cock, jammed deep in her ass, spurting cum while I
moaned into her ear was enough to send her over the top. Wailing and
bucking like a wild horse she joined me in an orgasmic explosion.

We lay for a long time, my weight on her back. My cock had barely
softened and popped out of her abused anus like a cork from a bottle. Then
I rolled over and lay beside her. After a few minutes, She rolled and lay
on her back. I was suddenly stunned to see her laying, her beautiful
breasts flat against her, Madonna looked as beautiful as ever. I couldn't
but to start squeezing those big beautiful mounds again. I then knelt next
to her, my cock already rock-hard once again. I moved over her, one knee
on each side of her abdomen, lowering my cock to her chest. She took my
cue and as I pushed his cock down between her breasts, she took one boob in
each hand and smashed them against my shaft. The feeling was incredible.
Her soft, warm breasts enveloping my engorged penis.

Slowly, I began moving between them, tittie-fucking the most beautiful
tits on the planet. "Oh, cum for me" she said, watching my cock slide
between her breasts. "Cum in my mouth." The feeling was incredible, and I
knew I wouldn't last long. I began pumping harder, feeling my orgasm
building. I looked into her eyes and nodded. She understood. She sat up
quickly, taking the cock in both hands and stroking with all her might,
bringing the tip into her mouth. I began cumming furiously. I could
hardly believe I had any cum left, but soon her mouth was filling with it.
She smiled up at me, opening her mouth wide so I could see it filled with
my jizz.

We dont know how long we were lying there, wrapped with eachother. But
it was the most exciting lost of virginity a young man can ever dream of -
loosing the virginity to the lady of his dreams...

(girls and ladies of any age, any type wanna be friends or more mail me


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