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perfect and unreal happiness


Posted to October 11. 2000.

Perfect and unreal happiness
by brutus

It just had to go wrong. Couldn't last. I was so happy
that it was doomed from the very beginning, and I was a
fool not to be more aware of our surroundings as I became
even happier, as I loved Annette more and more. One thing
that should have warned me was that she loved me just as
much. We loved each other to such a degree as you can read
about in pulp fiction. I should have known better, should
have been prepared that it was about to go wrong. Terribly

We met at the university, in a small study group in
the philosophy course. Usually I am not particularly
active in such study groups, often I never even show up,
and I must admit that most of the people who know me were
surprised that I put so much time into a course that I
really didn't care much about. A course most people
treated very lightly. A course that is normally taken
during the first semester at the university, but which I
took at the end of my studies. Then again, I never really
tried to hide the real reason; that I had met the woman of
my life. She was nineteen, fresh from high school. Her
name was Annette.

It was like a dream come true. The really strange
thing was that she felt the same way. Somehow the
chemistry between us was just right. Nevertheless, it went
nearly two months before I dared to ask her out, and to my
immense pleasure she accepted at once.

As they say in the movies, one thing led to another,
and then we were together. Going steady. Serious stuff. At
least the most serious relationship in my life. The next
few months went by in some sort of a haze. We seemed to be
a perfect match, something most of our friends both
noticed and commented on.

Sexually it didn't work too well in the beginning,
which really surprised me. This relationship, however, was
worth working with. After about a month with something of
the tamest sex I'd ever had, we managed to talk about it.
Luckily I would say, because just a few days later, it
improved. Really improved.

We were both so relieved! And said so to each other.
Yes, it was that kind of relationship where we could tell
each other anything. I, for one, never believed the myths
about such relationships, but during this time with
Annette I realised that they do exist. A rarity, true, but
it is possible. We were like that, so it had to be

As you've probably noticed, I'm still fascinated by
how good everything in this relationship was. You may
wonder about why I whine about our perfect relationship,
and skip all the juicy parts. Well, I whine because I've
never felt this way before, and probably never will again.
Further, I have chosen to omit the parts that are not
directly involved in the story I am about to tell. The
happiest story of my life. and the saddest.

The next semester was even better. With an Easter
vacation to top everything off. The two of us alone at the
cabin belonging to her parents. I'll never forget this
trip. After this trip, we practically lived together. We
had separate lodgings, but I doubt that we slept in
separate beds a single night between Easter and summer. We
planned on moving together the next fall. We didn't want
to spend a lot of money on a place neither of us ever
were, and the solution seemed practical. We also wanted a
bigger place, but of course, the most important reason was
simply that we both wanted to live together. We wanted the

I can tell you this right away. We didn't move
together that next fall. Actually, the fall semester has
just started - for her that is, I finished my studies and
got a job recently. Fair enough you might think, it
couldn't be that important to move together. And if that's
what you're thinking, you are right. However, the reason
that we don't live together is that we are no longer a
couple. Our relationship is over. All over. With no
possibility of making amends. I've taken care of that.
Thoroughly. Actually, I'm quite sure she hates me by now.
That's the way it often is, you know. When the one you
love most let you down, very often you end up hating that

How can this be, you may ask yourself. Well, if you
have followed this story so far, you may have noticed that
the time span from the last moment everything was super
duper, to the moment of me writing this, is no more than a
couple of months. A summer holiday, actually. That's what
it takes, you know, to tear your whole world apart. One
summer holiday. Well, there were some circumstances that
could only show up at the place we chose to spend our
summer vacation. And quite a few rather essential details
that neither of us could do anything about, but I must
admit that I could have saved our relationship.

The problem was that I was not nearly smart enough.
As I said in the beginning of this story, I should have
paid attention and been prepared that something had to go
wrong. Such happiness will always strike back upon the few
lucky enough to experience it. Always. That's the rule,
and this was no exception.


We were going to spend the summer holiday in the Annette's
hometown. I won't mention which town that is; it is enough
to say that it is one of the southeastern summer pearls in
this country. Which actually was one of the main reasons
we wanted to spend the summer with Annette's family. I am
from a northern colder town, which can be absolutely
fantastic in some periods during the summer, but which
cannot promise such stable good weather as they are used
to in the southern areas. Another reason was that
Annette's family has a larger house, and better
possibilities to take a permanent guest during the summer,
than what my parents can offer.

Annette's family was just as charming as she was. Her
parents were quite a bit older than I had expected,
especially since I knew that Annette has two younger
sisters, but they were not the uptight old-fashioned
people you might expect from people that age. On the
contrary, I would say, they were both warm-hearted and up
to date on all counts.

Her father worked as a building engineer, and was a
really great guy. It seemed he was up to date about
everything in society, he was a master of conversation,
and of course, best of all, he was more than willing to
share from the extensive selection in his private bar if
Annette or I wanted a drink. I got along with him right
away, and it seemed like he enjoyed my company as well.

Annette's mother was a small, round woman with grey
hair. Jovial and kind. Always in a good mood. She was not
the kind who always wants to palm cookies and stuff off on
you, but who nevertheless always has something to offer.
If you didn't want anything, you never heard another word
about it. This is something I value immensely. Especially
after getting to know the mother of my previous
girlfriend. She was the exact opposite, always palming
cookies and chocolate and sweets and I don't know what off
on me. It was torture. A nightmare. You couldn't say no!
I'm still shaking from the experience. Eat up now, it's
more where this came from!

Life was unreal in this period. Perfect and unreal.
And I'm not through yet! I'm just taking a break in all
the happiness, which is very painful to look back upon.
How could I let Annette slip away like that? Afterwards
it's hardly been a single moment without me thinking about
that. Crying my salty tears. Cursing my own naivety and
cowardliness. Hopefully I've learned my lesson now, but I
know that I will never find another girl like Annette. It
will never be the same.

When you are as happy as we were, envy will always

There I've said it. The lesson I have learned so
thoroughly. Experience you might call it, but I don't
know. Foolishness and naivety are better and more
appropriate words if you ask me.

When I had spent a few days with Annette's family, it
struck me how natural it was that she had turned out the
way she had. The tone they had between themselves in the
family was unique. They all knew what the other family
members stood for, and as a consequence they were on safe
ground at home. I don't think I witnessed a single quarrel
in the family, you know, the kind you see everywhere. Not
even the two younger sisters of Annette ever picked a
fight, neither with their parents, nor with each other.

The two sisters, by the way, were just as loveable as
Annette. Theresa on sixteen, was a young lady; both
physically and psychologically. She laughed easily and was
generally in a good mood. She spent a lot of her time with
her boyfriend, a young whippersnapper, which I didn't
particularly like. I'm not the kind who interferes with
other people's relationships, however, so I didn't say
anything. It turned out that she understood that I didn't
like him, but I'll tell you about that later in the story.
We'll come to that pretty soon anyway.

The youngest of the three sisters, thirteen-year-old
Tracy, was an odd person. I loved her immediately, but
then again, no one could accuse me of being unbiased.
After all, I loved Annette more than anything on this
earth, and I knew perfectly well how much she loved her
sisters, so I probably wanted to like them all before I
even met them.

In hindsight, I can see that Tracy may not be that
easy to love before you get to know her. She is a bit
introverted, and many people might think she is bad
tempered and stubborn. It wouldn't surprise me if she felt
that her two sisters outshine her. That she felt like a
pale shadow compared with the two more companionable
sisters. When regarding her looks, however, she was in no
way put back by the other two, not in any way. They were
all three fair and beautiful blondes. It was just that the
two older sisters had such an inner radiation that Tracy
seemed pale in comparison.

What I've attempted to say with all these clumsy
explanations is that Tracy might be more introverted than
her sisters, but since I already knew Annette's feelings
for her, I was able to immediately pierce through her
shell. So I fell for her just as much as I did for the
rest of the family.

The reason for me to tell you this in so many words
and probably repeat myself several times is that this
actually is of significance to the story! What really made
the difference, I think, is that I fell in love with both
sisters, and I wasn't afraid of showing it.

The sister that was used to being easily liked
probably didn't think much about it. For her it was the
normal behaviour. For the sister used to being outshined
by the other two. for her it was something special. She
took a fancy to me. In such a degree that it became
bothersome after a while.

And this is where the story really begins. The story
the biggest fall of my life. My largest disappointment.
The story begins with Tracy falling in love with her
sister's boyfriend.


The house was big. On my scale it was huge. I have grown
up in a small three-room apartment with my older brother
and two parents. When I moved out, it was to commence the
studies at the university, and it is well known that as a
student you don't make a lot of money. A lived in small
apartments, sharing with several roommates at a time. I
had really been looking forward to finding a larger
apartment for Annette and me. Well, as I have told many
times already, that never happened, but of course, I
didn't know that at the time. When I saw this large house,
I viewed upon it as a taste of a better life.

Annette and I got the cellar alone. Theresa and Tracy
had their own rooms on the ground floor, while the
parents' bedroom was located in the first floor. In
addition, the house contained several living rooms, a
large kitchen, and three bathrooms - one in each floor.

We made love every night those first weeks! Often
several times during the day as well. This was our time.
Annette and I were so happy together, and I enjoyed the
extra dosage of privacy we got from having a whole floor
by ourselves. It was only two rooms in the cellar that had
been decorated; one living room with a romantic fireplace,
and one small bedroom. Somehow, they had managed to fit a
bed almost a meter and a half wide inside that small room.
So it was comfortable for both of us to sleep in there. In
addition to the two rooms, a bathroom with both a toilet
and a shower was in the cellar, so we didn't have to go up
to the ground floor to get a shower. I was grateful for
that. Since we made love as often as we did, it probably
would have been embarrassing to sneak upstairs to take a

After the first couple of weeks, I started noticing
that Tracy always was nearby. Annette didn't seem to
notice anything. It probably sounds cocky, but Annette
didn't have eyes for anything but me. Nothing else seemed
to be able to get her attention, at least not for very
long. Not that I complained about this, I knew it wouldn't
last forever, so I enjoyed it while I had the chance. It
was just that Tracy started worrying me, and when I first
started noticing her, she was always there. I noticed the
way she looked at me. No, that's not right, she didn't
look at me, she craved me with her eyes. Caressed me with
her eyes. It occurred to me that she was in love with me,
but I didn't know what to do about it. So I simply
pretended not to notice. Treated her just the way as
before, though a bit more cautiously. The strange thing
was that no one else seemed to notice anything.

Perhaps they all were restrained from knowing her for
all her life. To everybody else in the house, Tracy was
the little, innocent girl. It probably never occurred to
them that she could have these kinds of feelings. That is
often the case, you know, the youngest to grow up must
live with the young and innocent trademark till they are
in the twenties. Sometimes even longer than that. Tracy
was only thirteen, so it is probably not so strange after
all, that no one else noticed her feelings for me.

As long as she just watched me, it wasn't really that
dangerous. I didn't mind her little crush, maybe I even
got a bit flattered, but I became extremely cautious
around her. I have to give that point to myself. I don't
get many points from these rounds, but I became quickly
aware about what Tracy felt. I thought that as long as I
didn't encourage her, no harm was done.

I don't know exactly when I started seeing her
everywhere. A shadow disappearing behind a bush or around
the corner of the house when I turned towards it could
startle me. I could look up to the house, just to see a
curtain sliding back to place. That this was Tracy, I
never doubted. Every time. I got a bit scared actually,
and started wondering if I was only seeing shadows and
making things up, or if it was Tracy starting to become

It felt like being under constant surveillance. The
only times I didn't feel like being spied upon, was when
she didn't hide her presence, but came out to the garden
or sat down on the couch, or wherever we were, to be with
us. And even though I noted the lust in her eyes, that was
many times better than feeling her spying eyes at the back
of my neck.

Annette and the other family members were ignorant to
all this, and never noticed anything. Even when Tracy came
out to the garden a beautiful summer day, dressed in a new
and astonishing swimsuit, on which everyone complimented,
no one noticed that her eyes were glued to mine.

"Doesn't she look fantastic?" Annette asked. She had
this charming habit of always giving compliments to her
sisters without being superficial. Especially Tracy was
treated this way, and I loved her for it. My problem was
that I didn't want to encourage Tracy any more, but with
such a comment from Annette I didn't have much choice in
the matter.

I realised that I had to have a serious talk to
Tracy. Explain to her that I liked her a lot, but that it
was her sister that was my love.

When I finally decided to make this conversation, I
think my mood improved considerably. It was a great
relief. All that remained was to get Tracy by myself, so
that we could talk undisturbed about this. I didn't look
forward to the conversation itself, but I felt confident
that she would back off when she realised what she was
doing. She probably didn't think much about it. That's the
way it often is with adolescent love. You don't really
think about the consequences. You fall in love, you are on
fire for a brief period, and then lose interest as quickly
as it came about.

While I was looking for the possibility to make this
conversation with Tracy, her behaviour became more daring.
When Annette and I had been there for about a month or so,
it had reached a level where she was scandalously
indiscreet. She was bumping into me at every opportunity.
Her hands touched mine for brief moments. She was standing
next to me, and suddenly I could feel her body pressing
into mine. Her hips nudging into mine. And her small
adolescent breasts! They were constantly brushing my arms.
I was starting to panic, but never found an opportunity to
stop her. There were always other people around, and if I
tried saying anything to her, they would hear it. I really
didn't want to put her in that situation. So I was
constantly looking for an opportunity to talk with her in
private, but it never seemed to occur.

Finally I realised what I had to do. I'm often kind
of slow in the top floor, something you've probably
realised by now, but it finally occurred to me that the
solution wasn't to take this up with Tracy, but with
Annette. There was not a thing that I couldn't talk to
Annette about, and this was certainly something she could
handle. She would understand. I was sure about that.

To my own defence, I should mention that I did think
about telling Annette at the very beginning, but at that
time I wasn't entirely sure whether this was real, or if
it was my imagination. But my doubt had vanished. Even
when Annette and I made love, I had seen something move a
couple of times. I was not a hundred percent sure if that
had been Tracy or my imagination, I hadn't actually seen
her, but I thought it was her. A shadow moving in the door
opening one night. In the small cellar window another. It
sounds bad, I realise that. Sounds like I'm totally
paranoid. Nevertheless, that was the way I felt it, and I
was going to tell Annette about it that very night. Well,
perhaps not the shadows I had seen while we were making
love, but everything else.

The one ruining my timing, was neither of the two
involved in that conversation, thus neither Tracy nor
Annette, but Theresa. We had been on the beach all day,
Annette, Tracy and me. Their parents were at a barbecue
party or something. They were in any case not at home. I
went home quite a bit before the other two, couldn't take
any more of the beach and sun, so I went back to what I
thought was an empty house. That should have been an empty
house. Instead I found Theresa alone on the couch in the
living room. Tears streaming down her face.

"I have broken up with Robert." she said when she saw
me. "He's been sleeping with my best friend for several

Shocked I stood still on the middle of the floor.
Apart from being in a completely unexpected situation, the
shock came from her telling me this with no hesitation. I
couldn't think of anything to say. What can you say in a
situation like that? I didn't have a clue, so I kept my
mouth shut. Instead, I went over to the couch and sat down
with an arm around her shoulder. Held her next to me. My
only experience about comforting others, is that it is
often more important to just be there, rather than saying
a lot of words. I utilised that experience now, and
succeeding with this was my first step into the abyss.

Theresa put her arms around me, and buried her head
in the arch of my neck. I careful held the shaking girl.
Knew I sooner or later had to say something, but weighed
my words carefully. I had thought this Robert fellow was
an asshole from the moment I met him, but saying so would
be a bad mistake. I had to try to turn this situation into
something positive, or at least make her realise that
there still was some light at the end of the tunnel.

I told her how wonderful she was in my opinion. That
few people realised what a gift it was to be loved by
someone like her. A brief moment I was pleased with the
way I was handling this.

I kept giving her small compliments. Stroking her
hair, while I told her how lucky the next guy who ended up
with her was. Her crying quieted, but her face was still
buried in my neck. I just kept on stroking her hair for a
long time after I was done talking. She didn't move, but
eventually started talking. Explaining.

"Actually, you were the one making me realise
something was wrong." I didn't answer. Didn't understand
what she was talking about. "I was so looking forward to
you two meeting each other. Annette's boyfriend and my
boyfriend. Was so sure that you would enjoy each other's
company. Cause he is really nice. Everyone likes him!"
Theresa sniffled. She kept on with a tearful voice.
"Except you. You didn't like him. And he didn't dare
approaching you, he kept his distance. I notice these
things, you know."

It occurred to me that she was right. I loathed the
fellow from the day I met him. Knew at once that this guy
wasn't good enough for Theresa, but I naturally didn't say
anything. It wasn't my business.

Theresa continued: "So I started suspecting that
something was wrong, something only you had noticed. And
when I started thinking about it, it was a long time since
he had brought me a present. A long time since he told me
he loved me. An even longer time since he looked upon me
with eyes full of love, the way you and Annette look at
each other all the time."

I held the poor girl closer to me.

"So I confronted him with that. Asked if he didn't
love me anymore, if there were someone else. He denied,
but when I realised he didn't tell me the truth, I kept
asking him. In the end, he got so furious that he admitted
it all. That he was in love with my best friend. But when
he told me this, he was so angry that he wanted to hurt
me. So he told me how many times they had slept together
the past weeks. Several times, just before we had a date,
they had slept with each other."

Theresa wasn't able to say any more. I just kept
holding her close, tried to comfort her by just being
close. And believe it or not, it seemed to work. She
seemed relieved to have told the story to someone. After a
while, she sat up, looked upon me with red, tearful eyes.
Her look sent, for some reason, shivers down my spine.
With disbelief I started wondering how I could react like
that, just from her looking at me. Then I realised, her
stare was exactly the same as the one her little sister
had been giving me every day for a month. Filled with
admiration. Filled with lust. Filled with hunger.

I cast my eyes down. Realised that I was
overreacting, and started feeling a little ashamed.
Tracy's behaviour had made a stronger impression on me
than I wanted to admit.

"Thanks for being here." Theresa said simply.

I smiled to her. Happy she was feeling better.

"Anytime." I answered. Impulsively I leaned forward to
give her a hug, but before I got that far she kissed me on
the mouth! I sat suddenly back with a start, and she
looked immediately sorry.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. Almost crying again.

Ashamed I realised that she probably didn't mean
anything with her kiss, other than showing her gratitude.
I gave her an uncertain smile, explaining that it was all
right. That she had just taken me by surprise. To prove
it, I kissed her back. Lightly. On the mouth.

Theresa closed her eyes. Her lips were shivering.
"Kiss me again," she whispered. I could feel how her body
started shaking. Was suddenly more aware of her closeness.
And of her scent.

I didn't manage to kiss her, something inside stopped
me, but her mouth was just millimetres away from mine, and
it makes no difference that she was the one to actually
make the last step. That she was the one leaning into me.

Her breasts, two small pears, pressed comfortably
into my upper body. Her mouth pressed against mine in a
long, dry and passive kiss. I'm not all sure about who
opened the mouth first. Perhaps we did it simultaneously?
Either way, the kiss was suddenly active and wet kiss.
This young, lithe girl intoxicated me. We were glued
together for a small eternity. Unable to break apart.

Not until Annette and Tracy came in the door.


Annette was angry. Horribly so, and I couldn't really
blame her for that. She had all the rights to be angry and
I had a difficult time finding the words that could at
least create some extenuating circumstances. It seemed
like an impossible task. I tried painting the picture of
the unhappy Theresa and me as the comforting friend. The
problem was that she had seen us in a hot embrace. Our
bodies pressed into each other. Kissing in a way reserved
to lovers. I had a difficult time finding the words.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" Annette
asked suddenly. She gave me an icy stare. The effect was
similar to actually stabbing a knife into me. The pain was
horrible. "Something you wanted to tell me tonight?"

Surprised, I looked her in the eyes. "As a matter of
fact, yes." Did she know about her sister's behaviour
after all? Maybe she hadn't been blind to the youngest
sisters flirting.

Her icy stare got even cooler. "Just get it out." It
looked like she was bracing herself for a shock. I
realised that she wasn't expecting what I was about to say
at all. She was prepared to hear me say I didn't love her
anymore. That I had fallen in love with someone else, or
perhaps not in anyone.

"Annette, I love you. So very much. And now I'm
afraid I've lost you already."

"That's not what you were going to say." Annette
still had that terrible icy stare, but I could see that my
words had softened her a little. Thank God, I thought. It
just couldn't be over so soon.

"That can wait. It doesn't have anything to do with
this matter."

"Please." she said. Tears threatened in her eyes.

"Tell me now. Tell me everything now. I don't want to walk
around speculating about which revelations that lures
around the corner."

Thank you God, I thought. She loves me still. She's
just as afraid of losing me, as I am of losing her.

"Tracy is in love with me." I said.

She blinked several times. Surprised. This was not at
all what she had expected. She looked sceptically at me.

I took a deep breath. "Yeah." I said almost
inaudible. "You've probably not noticed it because she is
your younger sister. In your thoughts, she is too young to
fall in love, but her flirting is so obvious that you'll
probably notice it if you are aware of it."

"Really." she simply said. Still sceptical. Who could
I blame, but myself? She felt that she couldn't trust me

We didn't say much more that evening. When we went to
bed, she leaned away from me, and into the wall, with her
back towards me. I tried stroking her back, but she just
shook my hand off. Instead of tempting fate any further, I
tried to go to sleep.

Neither of us managed to sleep, but Annette didn't
give any sign of wanting to communicate with me. As a
matter of fact, only the absence of her characteristically
heavy breath made me aware that she was awake.

The next day, we both were extremely tired, something
that probably didn't help much on the bad mood we both
were in.

To my surprise, Tracy seemed to have lost interest in
me. The only reasonable explanation that I could think of
was that she lost interest when she saw me with Theresa
the day before. For me it was a great relief. One less
problem to deal with. I had more than enough trying to win
back Annette. Maybe things would never be as good as they
had been these last three quarters of a year, but that had
been almost too perfect. Too good to last.

That Tracy's restrain could become a problem for me,
didn't strike me before Annette told me that she wasn't
able to see any abnormal behaviour in Tracy that day at
all. I told her my theory about what the cause might be
for her loss of interest, but Annette still had that
sceptical look. I realised that I had a long way to go to
win her back.

A whole week passed without any progress. Annette was
very distant. She turned around to go to sleep the minute
we got to bed. Opposing every attempt of affection. Life
was in short a complete bitch this week. I couldn't think
of anything else besides her. Of winning her back.

I really gave it my best shot. Tried to be as
charming as possible. Having eyes for no one but Annette.
Buying her flowers. Treating her for dinner at the best
restaurant in town.

And after this week Tracy started returning to her
old self again. I tried to make Annette aware about her,
but it was difficult without telling her directly.

It was at the barbecue party that I saw her noticing
Tracy's pass for the first time. Tracy was standing close
to me next to the barbecue. Her body was caressing mine! I
looked at Annette, but she didn't notice me. She was
staring at her sister with an open mouth. Finally! Now she
would realise that it was all true.

Then Tracy slapped me!

Hit me in the face with a flat hand. Putting a lot of
power into the punch. I was too surprised to speak.

"Don't dare doing that again," she said with a shaky

I shook my head. "What in God's name has got into

I had trouble understanding what was going on. You
might understand. Being a neutral and cool reader, sitting
there and quietly drawing conclusions. Perhaps you find me
unbelievably slow. That I had to see the trap closing. But
I didn't. I had no idea of what was happening. The only
thing on my mind was to save the relationship with

Tracy turned around and ran into the house. Before
she disappeared, we could all hear her starting to cry. I
looked around desperately. Her parents looked at me with
some serious expressions, Theresa didn't seem to
understand anything, but Annette looked like she had it
all figured out. I'm afraid her conclusion was in my

The moment was terribly embarrassing. No one seemed
to know what to say. "I'll go talk with her." I said
suddenly, and stepped towards the door.

Annette stopped me. "I think it might be better if I
do it." she said. I just nodded.

The rest of the evening was simply embarrassing.
Annette and Tracy came out together, but Tracy didn't say
much this evening. Reserved, reticent. I probably was
quite reserved myself. The brain working overtime to make
an attempt of understanding what was going on and what was
about to happen. But I have never been among the smartest
when it comes to these things. The only thing I realised
was that I had to stay away from Tracy. I couldn't let her
get near me.

Despite this terrible setback, Annette gradually got
her old mood back. It was against her nature to behave the
way she had done these last couple of weeks. It was so
good to see glimpses of the "old" Annette, that I almost
started crying.

She started with giving me hugs, then kisses.
Finally, one evening almost three weeks after the fatal
kiss, we had a refreshing talk. We cried, kissed and
hugged. Made love for hours in the night. What a feeling!
Falling asleep with Annette close to me again. God, how I
had missed her.

I stayed awake long after she had fallen asleep.
Enjoying the soft, warm body next to mine. Her head buried
in my neck, her heavy breasts squeezing against my chest.
Her long, bright, flowing hair spread out over my upper
body. Listening to her characteristic sleeping breath. I
loved her more than ever. It felt so good to know she had
forgiven me.


I woke up with her doing something she had never done
before. We had developed a really good sex life, even
though if it was a rather traditional. This day she woke
me up by taking it in her mouth.

It was the most wonderful feeling I could imagine.
Her warm, wet mouth closing around my stiffening penis.
Her long blond hair flowing freely over my lower body. I
closed my eyes, concentrating on the feelings flowing
through my body.

When it was all hard, she started moving her head up
and down. Her tongue licking around the head of the penis
made the experience almost unbearable. I grabbed her head.
Moaned. She gave away a few moans of her own, which for
some reason increased my pleasure.

The wild tongue of hers made it impossible to hold
back any longer.

"I'm coming soon," I whispered. Thought it best to
warn her, few girls like to have it in their mouth when it
starts squirting.

And as I thought, she pulled back moments before I
came, but she didn't get further than getting hit in the

I was exhausted. With my eyes closed, I laid still in
bed listening to the rain outside. The first rainy day, I
thought. Maybe we'll have to spend all day in bed. I
almost started laughing, but realised that it would have
been an odd thing to do.

Instead I whispered a thank you. Knew that Annette
had crossed a border that was not easy for her. She pulled
herself upward in the bed, stopped with her head resting
against my chest. I enjoyed the closeness of her. How her
small breasts pressed against my stomach. The way she held
me. Pressed herself into me. It was good to feel her so
close to me again.

I realised that it had stopped raining. Strange how
the weather changes here down south, I thought. It sounded
like it was really pouring down just seconds ago.

Something is wrong!

Terribly wrong.

I opened my eyes and saw the sunshine through the
curtains. This was either the weather change of all times,
or it was something else. Then it hit me.
Small breasts pressed into my stomach. Annette has
large, heavy breasts.

I looked down at a much too small nude body enclosing
mine. Pushed her suddenly away. "What have you done?" I
whispered through closed teeth.

Tracy sat up on her knees. Smiling. Semen ran down
her face. Threads of it stretching from her face down to
my own body.

"Get out before Annette gets back." Tracy didn't
react, and I started panicking. Where was Annette? I
started getting out of bed, but didn't get further than
sitting up before she stood in the bathroom door.

There had never been any rain, I realised. It had
been Annette showering.

I'll never forget her expression when she stood in
that door. Not believing her own eyes. Undeniable proof. I
won't forget her sister's triumphant expression either.
Tracy turned around and faced her sister, presenting quite
a different expression to her.

I tried to say something, but for the second time
Tracy had captured my tongue. So she came ahead of me
again. "I'm so sorry, Annette. I'm so very sorry." She
started crying. Tears flowing down her face. Her body
started shaking. "He said he loved me. That he loved me
more than life itself."

I couldn't think of any reply. Had no idea of what I
could say. The situation was so incredible. So stupid. So
unbelievably stupid. She had caught me in a trap with no
way out. I realised that Annette was lost. She would never
stand even looking at me.

The sniffling teenager put her face in her hands.

"Come." said Annette and held out her hand to her
sister. "Let's get out of here." Her voice was so cold.
The willpower she presented to keep her mask was
admirable. She really impressed me. How I loved that girl.

I knew she was lost. That I had lost.

"He said he loved me. That he wanted to feel my body
next to his in bed. Then he forced it into my mouth.
Complaining about you never taking it in your mouth."

Annette looked at me with disgust. Grabbed her
sister's arm, who apparently was unable to move away by

I started crying. To no use, naturally. "I thought
she was you." I said.

Annette laughed coldly, without any joy. "Sure. We
are so alike that nobody can see the difference. I know."
She started walking away, dragging the sniffling sister
along. When she was almost out of the room, I made one
last attempt to explain how it happened.

"She was under the quilt! Woke me up by taking it in
her mouth. I didn't strike me that it could be anyone but

She stopped in the door opening, laid her arms
protectively around her sister. Kissed her on the cheek.
"That I could misjudge anyone as thoroughly as I have done
with you. she's just a child. How could you?" She squeezed
harder around her sniffling sister. "I don't want to see
you again. Never!"

"You must understand that it is her that you have
misjudged, not me. She is ruthless. Completely ruthless.
And terribly intelligent." I knew it was hopeless, but I
had to at least try.

"I am so ashamed that I didn't understand it at
once." Annette continued. "That I didn't get it even after
Tracy told me about how you always pinched her butt,
squeezed her breasts. How can you use a small child that

They went up the stairs together. Tracy crying,
Annette comforting. I was feeling terribly alone.


So that was my story. Well, it's not completely over yet.
There is one small thing left to tell. Not especially
flattering, but then again, not much in this story is.

Two weeks after I left Annette, or well, had to leave
Annette. They threatened about reporting me to the police,
and who do you thing the cops would believe? Exactly. I
had to leave. So let's try again. Two weeks after I had to
leave Annette, I started working. I applied to five jobs,
got four interviews and two offers. Good times for people
with my education, no need to say more. I got a two-room
apartment that I moved into immediately.

The odd thing I'm about to tell you, is that the next
weekend, Tracy was on the door. How she got the address, I
don't know. Besides, it is quite a trip to make for a
thirteen year old. But she was there. Right in front of
me. With her eyes full of tears, and look in her eyes that
begged for forgiveness.

"I'm so much in love with you." was the only
explanation she would give to my question of why she had
done what she had done. We talked all day, but rather
early in the afternoon she said she had go back. Nobody
knew where she was, so she had to be home before anyone
started missing her.

"I'll be back next weekend" she said and kissed me on
the cheek.

Yes, I know I should have thrown her out the minute I
saw her. This girl is bad news. Terribly bad news. It's
just that she reminds me so much of Annette. besides, she
is the only one who can tell Annette the truth, and make
her believe it. Maybe I can get her to do that? If only I
could make her realise what she has done, she might want
to make it up again.

Okay, okay, so that is a lame excuse for accepting to
see her again. I know she will never do that. She's a fox.
Okay? A real fox. So young that her body just. well,
you've seen thirteen year old girls yourself. You know
what kind of body they have. This thirteen year old beats
them all. And she's in love with me, there is no question
about that. Besides, I've already got a small taste of
heaven with her, remember. How incredible it is to have it
in her mouth. These last few days I have been unable to
think of anything else besides that wild, little tongue of

Enough about that. She's coming this weekend. That's
bottom line. And what am I going to do about that? Well
let me tell you.

I'm gonna take it as it comes.

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