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This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at (ICQ #51761475). Copyright 1999, Robert B. Morton,
II, all rights reserved.


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector - you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

Depths of Perversion, by Rob Morton (M/f, M/M, MMF, inc, interr)

Part One, Chapter One

I sat uncomfortably in the hard plastic chair, wriggling my ass every
few seconds in a vain attempt to keep it from falling asleep. In a much
more comfortable chair about three feet in front of me sat a stone-faced
woman, her blue eyes boring into me as if memorizing every pore in my body.
Her name tag read, "Mrs. B. Preston"; while she studied me, she held a
pad of paper, her pen poised.

The silence was beginning to unnerve me-but I refused to give her the
satisfaction of knowing that. It was bad enough she knew I wasn't
comfortable sitting on this sorry-assed, state-issued piece of furniture;
but I kept my eyes locked onto hers as the staring contest continued.

"Do you know why you're here, Mr. Baxter?" Mrs. Preston finally said,
startling me.

"Yes," I said, clearing my throat.

"Would you like to tell me why you're here?" Mrs. Preston asked, giving
me a look that would have withered stone.

"Don't you know?" I shot back.

"Of course I do," Mrs. Preston countered. "I just want to make sure
we're on the same page before we get started."

"Well, then," I said, giving her my best determined look. "If you
already know-and you know that I know-then there's no point in saying
anything about it, is there?"

"You're not being very cooperative, Mr. Baxter," Mrs. Preston said
reprovingly. "The conditions of your probation clearly state that you not
only have to attend these sessions, you must participate-and

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I don't play ball with you, I wind up in prison,"
I said, wishing I could wipe the smirk off this bitch's face.

"Okay, so let's begin with why you're here, shall we?"

Actually, I knew there wasn't any point in continuing to agonize this
heifer-all she'd do is put in her report that I wouldn't cooperate and that
would be my ass.

"Before I begin, might I ask a question?"


"What's the "B" for?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Your name tag," I said, pointing to the rectangular piece of plastic
dangling across her cleavage. "It says your first name starts with a 'B'."

"That's none of your business," Mrs. Preston replied calmly. "You and
I don't need to be on a first name basis with each other in order for you
to satisfy the terms of your probation."

"Oh, yes we do," I said just as calmly. "Especially since I'm about to
spill my guts to you about a shit load of personal things. I figure that's
worth knowing your first name."

Mrs. Preston sat thinking over my words, tapping her finger against the
pad of paper, her eyes continuing to bore into me. "Very well-my first
name is Barbara."

"Thank you," I said, meaning it. My first name is Jason-but you
probably knew that already."

"It's here in your file. Are we ready now?"

"I suppose so," I said, not really wanting to discuss this with her.
"I'm here because a judge ordered me to undergo counseling as part of my

"Thank you, Jason. What were you charged with?"

"I was charged with several counts of sexual misconduct and unlawful
sexual intercourse," I said, grimacing at how weak my voice sounded.

Barbara nodded, jotting down a note on her pad before referring to my
file. "It says here you were found guilty of having sex with several
members of your family; is that correct?"

"Basically, yes," I conceded, the words leaving a very sour taste in my

"Hmm. Seems like a cut-and-dried case to me," Barbara mused. "Yet, I
get the feeling you don't agree with the court's assessment of your

"You've got that right," I muttered, causing Barbara to look up at me.

"Excuse me?"

"I said you got it right, that's all."

Stone-faced Babs, as she would now be known to me, nodded again and read
from the file. "It also says here your neighbors, Don and Nancy Green, are
the ones who turned you in."

"That's right," I said, taking a moment to relish the memory of breaking
Don's jaw just before the cops arrived.

Barbara sat her pad and pen on the floor and folded her hands. "So tell
me something, Jason. What possessed you to do what you did? Did it ever
occur to you that what you were doing was wrong?"

"To tell you the truth, no, it never occurred to me because I don't
think I was wrong."

"Really? If I read your file right, it says that you had been carrying
on a sexual relationship with your daughter and her husband for quite some
time; it also says here that you admitted to having sex with your daughter for years before any of this happened. Are you telling me there's nothing
wrong with that?"

"Barbara, I have to be honest with you on this one. I am telling you
that there's nothing wrong with consenting adults getting together and

"I see. Apparently, the judge didn't agree with you," Barbara said,
appearing not to notice my vulgar language.

"Apparently," I said dryly.

"So, tell me about it, Jason. Tell me why you did all of this."

"We only have another hour," I said.

"True," Barbara agreed. "But you'll be back tomorrow."

Smart-assed bitch. "Okay, you asked for it," I said. "Here's what

Part One, Chapter Two

It was true that I spent quite a bit of time between my daughter's legs
before all of this got out in the open. I'm not going to bore anyone with
the minor details about how it got started, mostly because I've pretty much
forgotten them.

Let me just say that when Jessica was seven, I started eating her tiny
pussy. Oh, at first, it was a little kiss here, a little kiss there-until
I slid my tongue into her hairless snatch for the first time. That first
taste of her clean, innocent flesh was enough to push me over the edge...
or something.

Maybe it was the way she giggled when I did it, telling me that it
tickled her. Maybe I just imagined that Jess was pushing her little cunny
up at me whenever I ran my tongue across her tiny clit, encouraging me to

Again, I'm not sure of what it was-but I knew I was hooked. I was
putting her to bed one night after her bath; I had just tucked her in and
was about to walk out of her room when she called me.


"Yeah, honey?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Jessica asked, her tiny face scowling
at me in mock anger.

I was perplexed for a moment, wondering what I had forgotten. Jess read
the bewildered look on my face.

"You forgot my kiss," my daughter said, waggling her finger at me.

"Oh, of course, Princess! How could I have forgotten that?" I returned
to her side and bent over to plant a kiss on her freshly scrubbed face,
only to have her turn her head away at the last moment.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You're kissing me in the wrong place," Jessica said, throwing off the
bed covers and pulling up her nightgown. "You're supposed to kiss me

I followed her finger, surprised (but secretly delighted) to see that
she was pointing at her pudenda. "Wouldn't you rather have a kiss on the
cheek?" I asked, unable to take my eyes off the flesh of her naked

"It feels good when you kiss me there," Jessica said, pouting.

"Well, okay, if you insist," I said, hiding my joy.

Jessica's smile lit up the room as she scooted down and opened her legs
wide. I scooted down as well until my face was level with her proffered
cunt, the outer lips smooth and unblemished. I paused for a moment,
drinking in the sight of her.

"Well?" Jessica asked. "Are you going to kiss me good night or what?"

"At once, Princess," I said, lowering my mouth to her mound and kissing
it wetly.

"It still tickles," Jess said, giggling as I planted another kiss on her
mons. My head was spinning drunkenly and my cock was harder than I could
ever remember as I placed yet another wet kiss on her sex. Finally, I sat
up, looking into my daughter's smiling eyes.

"There! How's that, my Princess?"

"Kiss it again," Jessica said. "But do what you did the last time,

"What are you talking about, Jess?"

"You know-stick your tongue in there like you did the last time."

You know, the first time I did it, I suppose it was a compulsive act on
my part-you know, having a taste of the forbidden fruit and all that. It
was a moment that lent itself to a wonderful masturbation session for me
after Jess went to bed-and an even more wonderful time fucking the shit out
of her mother an hour or so later. But that was a couple of months ago!
The issue of kissing her pussy never came up again... until now.

Without hesitation, I dropped my head to her sex once again, using my
tongue to part her outer labia before running it slowly up and down her
virgin slit.

"That feels good, Daddy," Jessica said, her voice a husky whisper as I
continued licking her cunt.

Now, at this point, I have to be honest and tell you that I had only
planned to give her a couple of good licks and call it a night. Hearing
her telling me how good it felt? Well, that deserved a few more licks,
right? I was in the process of counting out four or five more licks when I
felt Jessica's little hands on my head. I guess that's pretty much when I
totally lost it.

Something clicked inside my head and I began eating my daughter's pussy with more gusto than I should have, were I in my right mind to begin with.
I could feel my cock depositing its sticky juices all over my abdomen as it
throbbed hotly against the confining fabric of my briefs.

I ate my little girl like a man possessed, taking a very perverse amount
of pleasure in hearing her moan each time I sucked her clitty or jammed my
tongue into the tight opening of her vagina. Granted, I could only get the
tip of my tongue into her, but damn!

"Keep kissing it, Daddy," Jessica begged, her fingers finding purchase
in my hair. "Please kiss it some more!"

I opened my eyes and managed to look up at Jessica-and found her looking
back at me, her eyes locked onto my face in her crotch. It was a look I'll
never forget, a cross between total concentration, utter fascination,
and... passion? I'm not sure about that last one, but I just don't have
the words to describe what I saw.

Perhaps by some kind of instinct, Jessica's tiny body moved under my
mouth; her legs opened as wide as she could manage and her narrow hips
ground her sex against my lips and tongue, keeping up with the blistering
attack I brought against her flesh.

"Oh," Jessica said just before I felt her whole body shiver, as if she
was cold or something. Her fingers tightened painfully in my hair, pulling
a few strands out by their roots. A moment later, her grip relaxed and I
sat up, absently wiping my mouth.

"Are you okay, Princess?" I asked.

"I'm fine, thank you," she answered and I watched in amazement as her
eyelids fluttered twice before closing; before I knew it, Jessica was

My own lust was getting the best of me, my cock demanding some attention
of its own. I took one last look at the now-sleeping Jessica, seeing the
glittering trail of saliva I had left... and decided that it would be
better for everyone if I covered her up, turned out the light, and got the
hell out of there.

I had my cock out and was jerking on it hard and fast before I even got
the bathroom door closed. Visions of Jessica's sweet pussy flashed through
my mind repeatedly until my dick twitched hard, sending a spurt of semen
through the air to land on the bathroom floor.

"Fuck! Oh, damn!" I cursed, my hand flying along my hardened shaft,
coaxing another spurt of jizz from my aching balls. "Oh, sweet Jesus," I
cried as I continued to shoot like I'd never had before. Spent, I flopped
onto the toilet seat, my sperm-covered hand absently continuing to stroke
my softening prick.

"Damn! That was a rush!" I said to myself. I got up off the toilet,
grabbing the towel rack to steady myself as I made my way over to the sink
to clean up my mess. I suppose I should have felt some guilt or something,
having just eaten my daughter and then whacked off to the luscious

But, all I could think of was the next time I'd get to kiss her good

Part One, Chapter Three

I reached over and picked up the can of soda sitting next to me, belting
back a slug of the lukewarm beverage. As I did so, I watched Barbara's
face for any reactions to my tale-and was somewhat disappointed to find her
just as stone-faced as before, writing more notes on her pad before taking
a peek at her watch.

Reflexively, I looked at my own watch-and was astonished to see that I
still had 30 minutes left in this session! I took another hit of the warm
soda, grimacing at the awful-but wet-taste.

"So, it started with you performing oral sex on Jessica?" Barbara asked
after taking a sip from her bottle of spring water.

"Yeah," I said, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. "We sorta
turned it into a nightly routine; when she was ready for bed, I'd come to
kiss her good night and, well..."

"At what point did you start having actual intercourse with Jessica?"
Barbara asked, not caring to comment on what I had just said.

"That happened later," I supplied, wanting very much to get the fuck out
of this bitch's office.

"How much later?"

"Not until she was about ten or eleven."

"So you continued to have only oral sex with her for the next three
years, then."

"That's correct," I said, feeling like I was back on trial again.

"Did you ever talk to Jessica about any of this?"

"I had a conversation with her about it the very next day," I said.

"Before or after she went to bed for the night?"

"Before," I snapped, not liking the way Barbara asked the question.

"Tell me about it, if you don't mind-we have some time left."

"If you insist," I said. I took another sip of soda and continued my

Part One, Chapter Four

Like I said, I knew that I'd have to talk to Jessica about last night. I
found her playing in the dining room and pulled up a chair next to her.

"Hi, Princess," I said, smiling at her.

"Oh! Hi, Daddy! Where's Mommy?"

"Next door playing bridge with Nancy Green," I said, not understanding
my wife's devotion to such a confusing card game.

"Oh," Jess said, placing her doll in its toy car.

"Listen, Princess, we need to have a little talk about something, okay?"

"Sure, Daddy. What do you want to talk about?" Jessica stopped rolling
the car on the table top, folded her hands, and gave me her undivided

"It's about last night," I began, carefully searching my daughter's face
for signs of distress.

"What about it?"

"Well, things got a little carried away and I wanted to talk to you
about it."

"Why? All you did was kiss me down there," Jessica said, nodding her
head in the direction of her crotch.

"Yeah, well, daddies aren't supposed to kiss their daughters down
there," I said, struggling to come up with the answer to the question I
knew she'd ask next.

"How come?"

"Well, um, oh, boy, I really can't explain it so you'd understand,
honey. You'll have to just trust me on this one."

"But, I really liked it when you did it-it made me feel warm and

"Tingly," I corrected automatically. "Just the same, I really shouldn't
be kissing you there."

"But I want you to," Jessica said, going into her famous pout.

"Jess, honey, do you know what sex is?" I couldn't believe I was going
here with her.

"Is that what you and mommy do to make babies?"

Well! Ain't that a kick in the ass? What're they teaching kids in
school these days?

"Yes, honey. Now, I have to tell you that by kissing you down there
last night, we were sorta having sex."

"We were?" Jessica's eyes with wide.

"Yes, we were-but we're not supposed to have sex."

"I don't understand something," Jessica said, her brow furrowing.

"What's that, Princess?"

"My teacher says that people have sex because they love each other; was
she right?"

"Yes, well, that's pretty much right," I agreed.

"Then, don't you love me?"

I should have seen that one coming-but I didn't and I felt my jaw
unhinge as the question blindsided me.

"Honey-Princess-I love you very much! What makes you think I don't love

"Well, you just said that you shouldn't kiss me down there because it
was like having sex and we're not suppose to have sex but people who love
each other have sex with each other which means you don't love me anymore."

I shook my head slowly, knowing that I'd have to come up with a pretty
good argument against her impeccable kid logic. And, for the life of me, I
couldn't think of one. Yet, I had to give it the good old college try. I
reached out and lifted her chin, making Jess look directly at me.

"Princess, it's not because I don't love you-I love you very much! Let
me put this as simple as I can: If I keep kissing you there, we'll wind up
having sex-and Daddy could get in a lot of trouble, especially if mommy found out. Do you understand this?"

"Uh-huh," Jessica said, nodding her head. "We just won't tell mommy about you kissing me there."

Well, that didn't quite go the way I had expected. As I pondered my
next move, I watched Jessica watching me. In those few seconds, I saw my
little girl, vulnerable, impressive and obviously willing overlook a few
things in order to allow her daddy to keep doing things that made her feel

In the next several seconds, my mind flashed back to the night before
and the exciting feelings that had coursed through my very soul as I lapped
Jessica's smooth pubes. Don't get me wrong, I've had some good pussy,
including my wife's. But there was just something... electrifying about
sucking on my own flesh and blood. Even as I recalled those heady moments,
my cock began to rise.

"Daddy?" Jessica's voice broke my reverie.

"Yes, Sweetie?"

"Why are your pants doing that again?" she asked, pointing at my growing

"Again?" I said stupidly.

"Yes. Your pants did that last night, too."

I spent the next hour explaining to my young daughter all about the male
penis and what happens when a man gets sexually excited. I spent the
following half hour being bombarded by question after question from my
overly curious little girl. I probably would have had to endure another
long explanation-but my wife came home from her card game, telling me in
passing to put Jessica to bed, a clear indication that she had lost this
evening and would be a bitch for the rest of the night. With a soft groan,
I turned to tell Jess to get ready for her bath, only to find her already
scurrying upstairs.

Honest to God, I tried to get a grip on myself, tried not to let things
get any more out of hand than they already had. As I climbed the stairs
and made my way to the bathroom, I had convinced myself that last night was
a fluke and that despite my failed talk with Jessica, nothing would ever
come of it. That was until I entered the bathroom in time to see Jessica
climbing out of the tub, the water glistening off her tiny body. As with
the night before, something inside my head snapped and my cock went
completely rigid within a heartbeat.

"Hurry up and dry me off!" Jessica urged, tossing me her towel. "I
wanna get in the bed... so you can kiss me good night!"

And, to tell you the truth, I couldn't wait either...

Part One, Chapter Five

"So what happened that night, Jason?" Barbara asked, placing her pad and
pen on her desk and returning to her seat in front of me.

"Basically, Jessica learned to give me head," I said. "She told me that
if I could kiss her down there, she could kiss me down there as well."

"And you did nothing to prevent this?"

"No, obviously not. I let her suck me until I came all over her face
and hands."

"I see," Barbara said in a way that told me that she didn't see shit.
"So you carried on like this for a couple of years until you finally had
intercourse with her, correct?"

"Yeah, I said, glancing at my watch and seeing that I only had five
minutes left.

"How did you feel about that?"

"I'm not sure I have enough time left in this session to tell you,
Barbara," I said, trying to hide my relief. "Can it wait until tomorrow?"

"Well, I could cancel my next few appointments," Barbara answered,
glancing up at the ceiling in thought-and sending a shiver of fear up my
spine. As Barbara stood and crossed the short distance to her desk, I
mentally crossed my fingers and prayed she wouldn't keep me here longer.
When I saw her reach for the phone, I somehow knew I'd be trapped here for
God knows how long.

Keeping her voice low, Barbara spoke to someone-her receptionist, I
guess. I saw her nod a couple of times before reaching down and
disconnecting the line. She let the button go and dialed a number. This
time, she turned her back to me as she spoke to the person on the other
line for about five minutes before hanging up the phone and returning to
her seat in front of me.

"Okay, we're all set for the rest of the day," Barbara announced. "I've
cancelled the rest of my appointments and I just had to let my husband know
I'd be home a little late."

"Do you have children, Barbara?" I asked.

"Not that it's any of your business but, yes, I do-a boy and a girl."

"How old are they, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Thirteen and fifteen," Barbara replied, her tone of voice indicating
that I should get back to business and stay out of hers.

"I see," I said, mimicking her flat monotone. "Well, where were we?"

"You were about to tell me what it felt like to have intercourse with

"Oh, yeah. Well, it was such a beautiful thing for both of us," I said,
repeating what I had said during my trial. "We had spent a lot of time
talking about it before it actually happened. Jessica didn't want to wait
but even in my "weakened" state of mind, I managed to hold out on that

"So, you're saying that even though she wanted to speed things up, you
refused to. Could this be because you knew you were wrong about doing

"No," I smiled as I willing took the bait. "I refused early on because
I knew her body wouldn't be able to, ah, fit me in."

"I see. Please go on and describe for me how you felt at the moment of

"Like I had died and gone to heaven," I said, recalling the nearly
indescribable feeling of my thick cock pushing its way into Jessica,
spreading her little cunny and making her cry out in pain. Her hymen was
no match for my dick and it gave way under my gentle, yet insistent,
thrusts until my cock was in as far as it was going to go, squeezing me

"I take it Jessica didn't protest your violation of her in any way,"
Barbara said, clearly not happy with my candid reply.

"Quite the contrary," I said. "I wanted to stop, you know, to give her
a chance to either back out or get used to it. But she talked me into
continuing until she was full of me."

"Did you ejaculate inside her?"

"I most certainly did, Barbara; I mean, what's the point of being in
there if you're not going to finish the job right?" I was tired of this
verbal fencing and I decided to take off the kid gloves from this point on.

"That's an interesting way to look at it, Jason," Barbara commented.
"You did this even though you were aware of the risks?"

"Well, if you ask me-and I guess you did-it was either take this
relatively small risk or lose my daughter's love. Shit, I mean, what would
you have done if you were in my place?"

Barbara's face flushed a deep red and, for a split second, I thought she
was about to get very unprofessional on me. But, I gotta hand it to the
bitch-she kept her composure, even though it did take a while for her face
to return to its normal coloring.

"You found this enjoyable."

"I'm gonna give it to you straight, Mrs. Barbara Preston. I fucked her
little pussy until I squirted a gallon of sperm inside her. It felt so
fucking good, too, feeling her tight snatch squeezing the hell out of me so
much that I didn't get soft, which was okay with the both of us."

"Meaning what, Jason?" Barbara said, seemingly unperturbed by my

"Meaning I broke her in, busted a nut in her, stayed hard, and fucked
her again until I came again. Jesus Christ, how can you be so stupid with
all those degrees hanging up on the wall? Shit, with two kids, one would
think that your husband played 'hide the sausage' with you somewhere along
the line! How did you get pregnant-artificial insemination or something?"

That did it. Barbara threw down her pad and stood up, sparks flying
from her eyes and smoke coming out of her nose and ears.

"Let me tell you something, you son-of-a-bitch," Barbara said, her voice
low and suddenly dangerous. "I think you're the lowest motherfucker on the
planet for what you did. Your ass should be fucking glad I wasn't the
judge on this case because instead of sentencing you to five years of
probation and three months of counseling, I would have put your sorry ass
in jail for the rest of your life for child abuse and incest and a shit
load of other sex crimes."

"Yeah? Well, lucky for me you weren't, you pompous bitch."

"Bitch? Bitch! How dare you...!"

"Oh, sit the fuck down and shut up," I snapped, enjoying my newfound
control over Stone-face. "You wanted to hear about all of this so you're
gonna hear about it in as much detail as I can remember. You need to stop
acting like some old prude, get your head out of your ass, and join the
real fucking world."

Surprisingly, Barbara sat the fuck down, her mouth working but with
nothing coming out of it.

"It's a matter of record that I was fucking my daughter way before she
met her husband. Shit, I even said that I was fucking her after they
met... I even fucked her the night before they got fucking married."

Part Two, Chapter One

"You know this'll probably be the last time we do this," Jessica said,
smiling up at me as I worked my cock into her in long, easy strokes.

"Yeah, I know," I agreed, enjoying the way our bodies fit together as I
plunged deeper into her. "That's what makes all of this so very special to

"Me, too," Jessica sighed as another mini-orgasm tickled her senses.
She locked her legs around my waist and pulled me deeper into her.

As had been our habit over the last several years, we made love gently
but quickly because we both knew that our time together would have to work
around Marta being out and about. It may not have been the most satisfying
of situations for either of us, but it worked.

Now as the bed rocked gently under us, I was beginning to realize that
this just might be the last time I'd be able to fuck my not-so-little girl.
I looked into Jessica's face, seeing that odd combination of concentration
and bliss I'd come to know over the years. I went deep into her and
watched her smile grow wider.

"You know, Pete could learn a few things from you," Jessica said,
lightly running her nails across my back.

"What do you mean?" I mumbled around her nipple.

"I mean, like, he treats me good in bed and he's got a big dick, but..."

I smiled as I understood her meaning. "What you're saying is he isn't
me," I said, feeling my balls tighten in preparation to deliver a load of

"Definitely," Jess said, feeling my cock expanding inside of her tight
confines; she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer to her lightly
perspiring body.

"Here it comes, Princess," I said as the first spurt of semen splashed
inside of her.

"Give it all to me, Daddy," Jessica moaned, arching her hips upward to
meet my frantic thrusts inside of her. The next few moments were spent
grunting and groaning together, both knowing that this would be the very
last time we'd be together like this.

Even as I rolled over onto my back to enjoy the afterglow, I realized
that in 24 hours, I would be giving my sweet Jessica to another man. It
was a bittersweet feeling and one that pretty much tore me up inside.

"What's wrong, Dad?" Jessica asked, wiping a tear from my cheek.

"I was just thinking about how much I'm going to miss making love to
you," I said, letting the tears flow freely.

"You know I have to do this, don't you?" Jessica asked, her own tears
beginning to flow.

"Yeah-but knowing it doesn't make it any easier, if you know what I

"I know," Jessica replied, climbing out of the bed, picking up her
discarded clothing.

"Leaving so soon?" I asked.

"Yeah, well, Pete is picking me up for dinner in a little while so we
can go over the last second details for tomorrow. You are going to be
there, aren't you?"

"Your mother and I wouldn't miss this for the world," I said, hoping
Jessica wouldn't see through the fake smile that had appeared on my face.

To shorten things a little, the next day Jessica Baxter became Mrs.
Peter Lynch. All through the ceremony and reception, my heart was heavy.
Not because I was losing my only daughter; no, it somehow went much deeper
than that but I just couldn't put any words to it.

A few years went by and my life continued at its usual pace... until
Marta decided to leave me for another man. Surprisingly, I wasn't as hurt by her actions as much as I thought I'd be because after all the years of
making love to Jessica, I realized that I had found more happiness in my
daughter's arms than my wife's.

Part Two, Chapter Two

"So your relationship with Jessica ended the day she got married. How
did you feel about that?"

I looked up at Barbara, wiping away the painful look I just knew she was
seeing. Draining the last of my soda, I answered her.

"Let's just say that I wasn't a very happy person for a while. I mean,
Jessica's love had become the only love I'd come to expect and trust."

"And when your wife left you?"

"Shit, that didn't make things any better. Jess would come by from time
to time with Pete and the grandkids or she'd call to shoot the breeze for a
while; it eased the pain in my heart, but not to my complete satisfaction."

"So, at what point did you concoct your scheme to enter into a sexual
liaison with them? What was driving your thoughts at that time?"

I knew she was trying to trick me into saying something other than what
I did in court. Even though I had my day before the bar, the laws in our
state were set up so that if I said something that could incriminate me, it
would be enough to revoke my probation and land me in prison.

"It wasn't my idea," I said. "It was Peter's idea, something we had
talked about one day."

"Go on," Barbara prompted.

"Well, a few years before, I had been talking to Jessica and I was
telling her how much I'd love to, ah, give her husband some head."

"Really? Why is that?"

"Look, Babs," I said, watching her bridle at my use of the diminutive.
"I never said that I was a saint, either then or before I got married.
Sucking dick was just one of my many vices."

"I see. Please go on."

"I guess it must have taken a while, but Pete finally got around to
asking about it."

"Were you surprised?"

"A little-but only because he was bringing it up years after I'd first
mentioned it. I wasn't surprised that Jessica had told him about it-I knew
she would. Anyway, we got to talking about that and, well, one thing led
to another..."

"Meaning?" Barb asked in that annoying tone of hers.

"Meaning that while we were discussing the possibilities of me and him
getting together for a little guy/guy fun, we started talking about how
things might go if we turned our little tryst into a family sort of thing."

"Hmm, that would indicate that your son-in-law knew about your
relationship with Jessica, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, he told me that she told him all about it. In a way, I felt a
great deal of relief because I had been planning to tell him about it

"I can see where you'd be relieved," Barbara agreed, jotting down yet
another note. "So what happened when you and Peter, um, got together?"

Part Two, Chapter Three

Like I said a little earlier, one of my vices is sucking cock. I
wouldn't say that I'm sexually attractive to men; I did it a few times in
my youth and found that giving head was the only thing I liked about having
sex with men. In this regard, I'd prefer to dispense with any forms of
foreplay and get right to the business at hand.

Peter and Jessica came by the house one day, just to shoot the breeze.
Jess was a little cranky and wanted to go home, presenting a perfect
opportunity for me and Peter to check each other out. I suggested he take
her home and come back, provided he was really interested. After they had
gone, I paced the house, walking off a bit of the nervous energy I had and
thinking about what to expect from my son-in-law.

After a while, I began to think that he'd chickened out, which was cool;
most guys who've never had another guy go down on them are really reluctant
to go through with it the first time 'cause they're a little afraid. I was
about to settle down and watch a little tv when I heard a knock at the
door. I was both a little surprised and very relieved to find Peter
standing there; I waved him inside and closed the door behind him. For a
moment, we just sorta stood there looking at each other, so I decided to
make the first move.

"Let's do this," I said, heading upstairs for the bedroom. Peter
followed me inside and closed the door, making sure it was locked. Again,
we just stood there for a moment; I said to myself, "Fuck this," and began
to strip with Peter following my lead.

Now, Jessica had told me that her hubby was hung like a horse, something
I just took in stride 'cause (1) I never believe anything until I see it
for myself and (2) size doesn't matter to me in the least bit. Peter's
cock was pale in color compared to the rest of his body and even soft, it
was thick and about four inches long. I nodded toward the bed, climbing in
behind him and immediately settled down between his hairy legs.

I took a couple of seconds to examine the merchandise, noting how thick his cock knob was and the incredibly smooth texture of his shaft. The
truth be told, I've got a thing for white cock, although I've had my share
of Black ones. My examination complete-and being impatient as hell-I
slurped Peter's cock into my mouth, feeling that thick-assed knob lodge in
the back of my throat.

I don't know what it is about sucking dick, why I find it so satisfying
and appealing. As I sucked my son-in-law, I could feel his prick growing
larger and thicker in my mouth. I ran my tongue around his glans, looking
for his sweet spot, you know, that one place on a man's dick that if you
fuck with it, you'll have him ramming his cock down your throat.

I must have hit something because one second Peter was lying there, get
the shit blown out of him; the next, he was latching onto my cock, sucking me hard and fast until I was fully erect within the confines of his mouth,
much to my delight. You see, I never really expect to have the favor
returned, so having him sucking my cock was gravy, if you know what I mean.

I began working on Peter's very large cock in earnest, sucking his big,
hairy balls into my mouth one at a time before going for the gusto and
drawing both of his nuts inside, wrapping my tongue over every square inch
of his sac. On the other end of the bed, Peter was grunting and groaning,
using both his mouth and hands on my equally massive erection.

I found our contrasting styles interesting; I was pretty much taking my
own sweet time, deep throating him when he least expected it and really
enjoying myself. Peter, on the other hand, was sucking me at 100 miles an
hour, his hand gripping the shaft of my cock so hard it was starting to get
a little painful.

While I flicked my tongue across his knob, I took a deep breath and
slowly-very slowly-sucked Peter's nine-inch cock deep into my throat until
my nose was buried in his pubic hair. Then, to make it that much better
for the both of us, I stayed there, breathing in his heady male scent and
feeling his rod growing larger in my throat.

Peter released his hold on my dick, grunted once, and I could feel him
shooting a wad of spunk down my gullet. To impress him even further, I
kept him deep in my throat and even tried to see if there was any more of
his beautiful white cock to be sucked into my greedy orifice.

"Shit," Peter said, as I backed off his meat, leaving the head between
my lips. "Jesus Christ!"

I smiled as I continued to gently suck on his knob, knowing that I
managed to impress the hell out of my son-in-law. But, little did he know,
that was just the appetizer. I gave him, oh, about thirty seconds to come
down before shifting gears and attacking his cock once more.

While he was still a little soft, I took a really deep breath and did
something I hadn't done in years, swallowing his cock and his balls in one
big gulp. Like I did before he came, I held him in my mouth until I felt
his cock begin to harden; it was a little hard to breathe, but I held my
ground, feeling his expanding shaft lengthen and begin another journey down
my throat.

The only "danger" in doing this particular trick is that, if the guy is
big enough-and Peter sure as hell qualified in that area-you can easily
choke if you don't relax enough. I ain't gonna lie to you-he damned near
choked me as his knob made its way very deep into my throat. I could feel
the shaft of his cock jerking and twitching as more and more of his monster
dick slid into my throat until he was 100% erect.

I gagged once, thought about staying there another five seconds, then
decided against it, backing off until I had half of him inside my mouth.

"Oh, fuck," Peter moaned before diving between my legs again, sucking my
cock with a frenzy. His hand gripped my shaft, jerking on it like he was
trying to start a stubborn lawnmower or something; up to this point, I
wasn't trying to bust a nut, opting to concentrate my efforts on his thick,
meaty prick. But, you gotta know that I couldn't hold it back much longer.

"Oh, shit," I said, pulling my mouth from his spasming tool. "I gotta
cum!" No sooner than I said it, I felt my own load spewing into his
once-virgin mouth; where Peter's initial discharge had been just a mere
trickle, I knew that I was unloading a very large quantity of spunk into
his mouth.

Peter lifted his mouth from me, expelling my seed onto my thigh.
"Sorry-I'm not used to the taste," he said, as one final spurt of jizz shot
from the swollen head of my prick, landing on my quivering stomach.

"That's okay," I said, watching his own seed dribbling from his cock
slit. "It's an acquired taste, believe me."

We laid there for a few moments, stroking each other's cocks until we
were completely soft. Without a single word passing between us, we got up,
cleaned ourselves off and got dressed. Peter said something about having
to get home before Jessica had yet another hissy fit and left, leaving me
feeling very fulfilled and very satisfied-and with a terrible case of the
shits. I like to swallow-hate wasting good sperm, you know-but it plays
hell with my stomach. Literally a pain in the ass, but one well worth it.

Part Two, Chapter Four

"And you didn't have any negative feelings about any of this?" Barbara

"No-why should I?" I replied.

"If I understand this right, your son-in-law had never had sex of any
kind with a man before; don't you feel guilty about exposing him to this?"

"Not in the least bit," I said with a smile.

"Why not?"

"If anything, I showed him that there's more to sex than just pussy," I
stated. "If you truly enjoy sex, what difference does it make where-or
whom-you're getting it from?"

"That's an interesting way of looking at it," Barbara comments as she
scribbled something on her pad.

"It's the only way to look at it, as far as I'm concerned."

"Yes, well, we've only got another twenty minutes. Is there anything
else you'd like to add before we call it a day?"

"Like what?" I asked, wondering what else there was to say at this

"Would you care to tell me about the events that led up to, ah, your

"Do I have to?" I asked. "Can't it wait for another time?"

"It could, but I'd be in a better position to better plan out your
treatment if I have all the details up front," Barbara said.

"Really," I said dryly. "What makes you think I want to be treated in
the first place?"

"The court..." Barbara began, looking confused.

"Yeah, yeah-I know what the court said. But, you are assuming that I
think there's something wrong with me."

"Isn't there? You've had sex for years with your own daughter and then,
later on, dragged her husband into it. Doesn't that suggest there's
something wrong with you?"

"Not from where I'm sitting," I said honestly. "The bottom line is that
it's just sex. Well, that's not completely true. What I should have said
is that when you love someone as much as I love my daughter, well, making
love to her seems a natural extension of that love."

"You're kidding," Barbara said, her face echoing the surprise in her

"No, I'm not. Think about it for a moment. Do you love your husband?"

"That's none of your business, Jason," Babs said, her voice edged with

"C'mon, run with me for a moment on this one. Do you love him?"

Barbara seemed to weigh something in her mind before answering. "Yes, I
do love him-what does that have to do with what you're babbling about?"

"Plenty-and I don't babble. So, since you love your husband-and I
assume you love him a lot-that's a good reason to fuck him, right? I mean,
when you really love someone, it's a natural extension of your feelings to
give up the booty."

"I see your point," Barbara said, her face getting a little red. "But
that shouldn't extend itself to your children or other family members."

"Oh? And why not? If you love your children, wouldn't you do
everything you could to show them?"

"Not if it meant having sex with them," Barbara shot back. It pleased
me to no end that I was chipping away at her icy exterior.

"Then, I submit to you that whenever you tell them that you'd do
anything for them, you're lying to them big time," I said with a smirk,
taking much pleasure in watching the color drain out of her face.

"You son-of-a-bitch," she began.

"Ah, ah! Temper, Mrs. Preston. Very unprofessional of you." It was
all I could do to keep from laughing at her discomfort.

"Let's get this over with," she said, regaining her composure. "Tell me
about the first time with Jessica and Peter."

"If you insist," I said.

Part Two, Chapter Five

Peter and I had gone at each other a couple of times, really getting
into the swing of things. My son-in-law may have been a novice, but what
he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm. One day, I was chatting
with him on the computer when he asked me the strangest question.

"I want to come over and suck your dick but there's a problem."

I looked at the words on the screen, wondering what he could be talking

"What's the problem?" I typed back.

"Jessica wants to watch us do each other-is that a problem for you?"

Well, this was something I hadn't expected. Yeah, Jess knew I sucked dick but I never thought she'd want to see it firsthand.

"No, it's not a problem," I typed back. "Why does she want to watch?"

My last question hung on the screen for a couple of minutes; I was about
to send another message when the screen came alive with words.

"She says she wants to see for herself what we have together," came
Peter's response.

I was about to respond when another message appeared.

"But she doesn't want to get involved-is that going to be a problem for

"Not at all," I typed. I thought for a second then added, "Jessica, if
you don't want to get involved, then nothing is going to happen-you have my

The screen was silent again and I figured they must be sitting there
having a discussion about it all. After almost five minutes, a message

"I'm on my way over-I'll be there in fifteen minutes."

"Is Jessica coming with you?" I typed back. One part of me was hoping
that she would; for some reason, I felt it was important that she see me
and Peter together. Then again, if she didn't, that was cool with me, too;
all I cared about was getting Peter's cock in my mouth again.

"YES!" came the reply from Peter.

We ended our chat session and I spent the next ten minutes cleaning up
files on my computer and mentally preparing myself for my part in the
"performance" that was about to take place. Five minutes later, I heard
their van pull up.

* * *

"What were you thinking at that point?" Barbara asked.

"Funny you should ask that," I said. "Actually, I wasn't thinking about

"No sense of anticipation or nervousness on your part?"

"Shit, yeah-I was plenty nervous. I've made love to both of them-but
one-on-one, you know?"

"Please continue."

* * *

Peter and Jessica stepped inside and I led the way to the bedroom. I
suppose what made this whole thing really eerie is that no one had anything
to say. We went into the room where, just like all the other times, I
started to undress without giving it much thought; after all, it wasn't
like neither of them had never seen me naked.

Peter undressed quickly and we climbed into the bed; Jessica took up a
position on Peter's right side as I made myself comfortable between his
legs, cupping his sac with my hands. Without further ado, I went down on
my son-in-law with his wife-my daughter-watching. I tried to get her
presence out of my mind and focus on working Peter's cock into a very erect
state. Believe me, it was really hard to do, knowing that they were both
watching me. Eventually, I got it out of my mind and bent to the task of
sucking Peter off.

Above me, Peter and Jessica were alternating between whispering to each
other and kissing, something I found strangely annoying. I felt Peter's
body shift, then felt his mouth cover my cock, sucking it into
semi-hardness. Jessica moved as well, distracting me for a moment; I
closed my eyes-something I rarely did when sucking dick-editing out her

The huge waterbed shifted again as both Peter and Jessica moved, causing
me to shift my own position. I opened my eyes... and was looking right at
my daughter, who had moved to get a close up look of her father fellating
her husband. I moved off his thick knob, sucking his shaft and running my
tongue along its length when Jessica snatched Peter's prick out of my
hands, taking him deep into her mouth with an obvious practiced ease. She
sucked on his cock hungrily, making his cock vanish into her throat just as
easily as I did-which didn't surprise me since I was the one who taught her
how to do it in the first place.

Peter, for his part, was really getting into Jessica and I sucking on
his cock and balls, his own work on my now-stiff member reaching its usual
frantic pace. After a couple of minutes, Jessica sat up and we all shifted
positions until we were pretty much back where we'd started. I swallowed
Peter whole, glancing up at Jessica and finding a look of approval on her

I was really enjoying the feel of his cock pulsing in my mouth as he
jerked and pulled on my cock. I glanced up, curious to see if Peter was
watching as well and found the two of them whispering again. It didn't
bother me as much as it did the first time, but I couldn't help wondering
what was so important that they had to be talking at a time like this; I
mean, I was trying to get some serious work done here, you know?

I heard Peter say, "Go 'head," and figured that Jess had decided to go
downstairs and leave us to our business. I returned my attention to
Peter's cock, gripping the base of it hard and watching the veins grow
large and thick with blood. God, that boy has a beautiful dick! Long,
thick, and smooth, topped with a large knob that was now coated with
pre-cum. I was so focused on gobbling down his meat that I never felt the
bed move.

The next thing I knew, my cock was being swallowed; I didn't need to
look up to know that Jessica was now sucking my dick-I'd know that mouth
anywhere! A groan fluttered out of my mouth as I watched my daughter deep-throating the hell out of me.

"Oh, shit," I cursed as both Peter and I watched Jessica's wet mouth
sliding along my distended cock shaft.

Just as quickly as it happened, it stopped, leaving me feeling a little
dizzy in the process. As I continued to stroke Peter's cock, Jessica got
up and left the room, only to return a few moments later and begin taking
her clothes off.

"This is going to be a one-time shot," Peter said to me as a naked
Jessica climbed onto the bed with us. "It might happen again, but, we'll
have to see how this turns out."

I barely heard a word he said, let alone understood what the fuck he was
talking about as Jessica reached over and began sucking me again; Peter had
moved between her legs, his mouth covering her (shaved?) pussy as he began
to eat her like a maniac.

Oh, man, what a rush all of this was! I pulled my cock free of Jess's
mouth--she was a few licks from making me explode and I didn't want to come
just yet. Instead, I shifted my attention to her large, pendulous breasts,
lavishing a lot of attention on her erect nipples.

Jessica moaned as Peter continued his furious attack on her cunt and I
once again filled her luscious mouth with my thickness until I was on the
verge of spilling my load again; then I went back to nibbling on her tits and sucking lightly on her neck and ears.

Peter sat up, wiping pussy juice from his face and beard, and looked at
me as he inserted his steely dong inside Jessica's snatch. He slid deep
into her, causing Jessica to gasp and tighten her grip on my cock. Peter
withdrew slowly... then rammed himself into Jessica so hard and fast the
whole bed shook, damn near tossing me over the side.

I watched in utter fascination as Peter fucked my daughter like a
madman, pounding his cock into her stretched pussy so hard that her tits quivered with each stroke. I was beginning to feel a little left out, so I
moved until I could get my mouth on Jessica's pussy, getting a bird's eye
view of my son-in-law's massive cock stretching the hell out of Jessica's
pussy. It was a little awkward being down there while he was fucking her
like a machine, so I sat up, only to have Jessica start sucking my cock
fiercely in response to what her husband was doing.

Suddenly, Peter withdrew, a long stream of jizz trailing from the end of
his cock down to Jessica's cunt. He looked at me and I stared back at him
for a moment, wondering what the hell was going on. It actually took me a
couple of seconds to realize that he had relinquished his spot between
Jessica's legs so that I could have a taste of her.

I hesitated for a moment. See, I wasn't sure if Peter had ever seen
Jessica get fucked before, let alone by her own father. I knew from
experience that watching someone else doing your wife was very hard to deal
with and I wasn't sure how he'd react.

"What are you waiting for?" Peter asked, nodding at the junction of
Jessica's squirming legs.

His question answered my question and I quickly covered Jessica's sweet
pussy with my mouth, my tongue lapping up the juices left behind from Peter
foray into her nest. Oh, God, this was so fucking good! Finding that I
like the taste of Peter's cock in my daughter's snatch, I sucked Jessica's
clit into my mouth and began whirling my tongue across it; I knew from
experience that if I did this for a few seconds, Jessica would start
squiring girl-juice like a fire hose.

I wasn't disappointed, either; Jessica's pussy started to spew huge
quantities of juice, coating my face and soaking the bed under her. I
could hear her moaning as her hips thrust upward to fuck my face. I sat up
for just a moment to adjust my position and saw Jessica sucking away on
Peter's red, swollen cock. It was a very stimulating sight, believe me,
watching the stark whiteness of his meat vanishing repeatedly into the
darkness of Jessica's flesh.

I went back down on my daughter, grooving my tongue into her cunt as
deep as I could get it, feeling her muscles clamping down as I sucked more
juice from her, reveling in the tangy, salty taste of her fluids.

I sat up and moved between Jessica's legs, no longer able to contain
myself any longer. I positioned my own swollen knob at her entrance,
watching the distended tip disappear inside her tight hole. As I slid more
of my prick into my little girl, both Jessica and Peter were watching my
entrance, both with smiles on their faces.

After impaling Jessica on my prick, I took a deep breath, steeling
myself for what I knew was going to be one hell of an orgasm. I began
slowly, glancing down to watch my thick pole sliding in and out of
Jessica's coochie, the memories of having seen just this sight returning
with a passion. I wanted to take it slow and easy-and thought better of it
as Jessica started slurping on her husband's cock again. Desire overruled
patience and I began to pound my daughter's hole with everything I had.

"Oh, shit," I said, feeling my cock thicken. "Oh, no..." My cock heaved
once and a mule kicked me in the head as I began to flood Jessica's insides
with my spunk. A growl rumbled up from somewhere deep inside of me as I
continued to fuck my shooting prick into her snatch, rocking her body with
each thrust. I must have been more excited than I could perceive because
my cock stayed rock hard, pumping more and more incestuous sperm into my
girl's overworked hole.

Gasping, I pulled out of Jessica, my cock sending little spurts of jizz everywhere. "Finish her off," I croaked, lying next to Jessica.

Peter wasted no time flipping his wife onto her stomach and ramming his
big-assed cock into her from behind. Jessica cried out in pain/pleasure,
her hands reaching for me to have something to hold onto. The way I
figured it, Peter must have really been turned on watching me fuck Jessica
'cause he was ripping into her like a jackhammer, grunting like a wild
animal with each savage thrust.

"Shit!" Peter cursed and I knew he was spilling another load inside of
her. As he did do, I did something really unusual-I started to cry.

Part Two, Chapter Six

I had to take a few deep breaths to get myself under control. Barbara
sat there watching me and I was praying that she was busy either watching
me or writing notes to notice the huge bulge in my pants and the tiny wet
spot in the area where the head of my dick was.

"Why did you start crying? Was it because you were sorry for what you'd

"Not at all," I said, back under control. "I was crying because it was
the happiest moment in my life."

"How could you have been happy, knowing that you were committing incest with both your daughter and son-in-law?"

"You understand nothing," I said, finally tired of Barbara's snotty and
insulting comments. "You asked the question, I answered it; if you don't
like the answer, then don't ask, okay?"

"My, my, getting a little testy aren't we," Barbara comments snidely,
making another notation on her pad.

"Fuck you," I said, not caring if the comment got me in trouble or not.
Barbara stoically ignored my comment.

"In all of this, what you didn't know was that you were being watched,

"No, I didn't know it."

"Care to explain this part?"

"No, I wouldn't care to explain," I shot back, my own anger getting the
best of me, not to mention that I was now as horny as hell after retelling
my story.

"And why not? Could it be you're afraid to face the truth about
yourself? Don't want to admit that your wife had been on to you for years
and was just waiting for the right time to bust you?"

"Get a life, Babs," I said, getting up from the chair and rubbing my
sore backside. "I'm outta here."

"You leave now, I'll see to it that you spend the night in jail,"
Barbara threatened, reaching for the cell phone hanging from her waist.

"Whatever makes you happy," I said, not caring at all what the bitch did
or said. Barbara must have seen that I didn't give a fuck and thought
twice about using her phone.

"Well, I suppose that's enough for today," she said, making it sound
like she had won instead of the other way around. "We'll get started again
bright and early at 8:30 tomorrow morning."

"Whatever," I growled, kneading the kinks out of my back.

"Just remember," Barbara called out to me as I walked out the door.
"You have to be here or your ass'll rot in prison for a while."

"Bitch," I said loudly, slamming the door behind me.


As it turned out, my appointment the next day was cancelled, as was the
next three. No explanation was given other than Mrs. Preston had decided
to take a few days off. Her receptionist made the comment that I had
probably upset her so much that she had to regroup; if that was the case,
then it served the cunt right.

I got a call later that evening from someone in Barbara's office telling
me that I should show up at 8:30 the next morning, which I did with great
reluctance. I might be a horny, depraved individual, but I wasn't stupid
enough to risk getting tossed in the slammer.

Upon my arrival, I was ushered into Barbara's therapy room-only to find
some guy with a beard sitting at her desk. "Where's Barbara?" I asked.

"Ah, good morning, Mr. Baxter. Have you seen today's paper yet?"

"Um, no, I haven't," I replied, wondering what the fuck was going on.

"In that case, take a look at the front page," the bearded guy said,
handing me the newspaper.

The first thing that caught my eye was a full-color picture of Barbara
Preston being taken away by the police in handcuffs. Intrigued and
startled, I scanned the first couple of paragraphs of the article that
accompanied the picture.

It seems, according to the article, that Mrs. Preston had gotten caught
committing acts of illegal sexual intercourse with not just one, but both
of her children. Her husband apparently walked in while Barbara's son was
fucking her doggy-style while Barbara had her face buried in her daughter's
pussy. A fight broke out and, according to what it says here, Mr. Preston
was soundly thumped by his wife, son, and daughter.

He managed to escape long enough to call the police, responded and
arrested Mrs. Preston; they also took her children into protective custody
for questioning in this matter.

I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face at this
surprising turn of events. The reporter who wrote this story went on to
say that Mrs. Preston was being held at the women's correctional facility
in lieu of $100,000 bond. He was able to ask Barbara why she had allegedly
committed such a crime.

Her only response as they stuffed her, robe and all, into the police car
was, "Jason."



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