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pink cheeks

<HTML><FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>"Pink Cheeks" (MF, cons, spank, anal)<BR> <BR>
WARNING: This is a complete work of fiction which contains graphic sexual
descriptions and language. Any resemblance between this and a real event
is coincidental. If you are a minor you should leave this newsgroup
immediately. And if you are offended by this kind of material then.....why
the hell are you here?<BR> <BR> I wrote this story. You may save a copy of
it if you like. Please don't change it or sell it or pass it off as your
own work. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.<BR> <BR>
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This isn't really a story, in the sense that story contains
a beginning and an ending. It's more like a passage. No real plot here,
just straight sex to get you off and on your way. Enjoy.<BR> <BR> <BR>

"Pink Cheeks"<BR> <BR>

Copyright 2000 by Velvet Rose<BR> <BR> <BR> He sits at the edge of the
bed and watches her remove her clothing. She slips off her panties last
and then lays across his lap. He caresses her soft, bare bottom. With his
other hand he reaches for something behind him. SLAP! The hair brush
strikes her ass. SLAP! SLAP! She cries out a little each time. A small
tear rolls town her face. SLAP! SLAP! He holds he down with his free
hand, as if she would run away. SLAP! But she enjoys it. She can feel
the dampness between he legs. SLAP! SLAP! He enjoys it too. She can
feel his cock pressing against her belly. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Her ass is
turning bright pink and each slap stings her badly. <BR> <BR> With one
last slap, he gently pushes her to the floor so she is on her hands and
knees. He removes his clothing and positions himself behind her. His cock
slips easily into her very wet pussy. He fucks her roughly, his heavy
balls slapping against her thighs. He stops abruptly and pulls out. He
presses his dick head against her asshole. She presses back. His
well-lubed prick slides all the way in. She screams, not in pain, but in
total lust and ecstasy. He holds onto her hips firmly. He fucks her ass
as roughly as he fucked her pussy. Sweat is dripping from their
bodies.<BR> <BR> He can feel the cum boiling in his balls. He pulls out,
jerking his cock a few times, and shoots his load all over her pink ass.
She has cum twice and her own juices are trickling down her thighs. When
he is finally spent, he rubs his cock over her hot cheeks, rubbing his seed
all over her skin. They collapse onto the floor in a sweaty heap of flesh.

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