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plague of seduction


This is a story written for the ASSTR 5th Anniversary
Theme Game. The Theme is listed at the end.

This is an adult lesbian story, including extreme sexual
situations among women. If such things offend you, please
read no further. Reading is a voluntary act. Parents, take
responsibility for your children.

(c)2001 Sara H

This story is posted by kind permission of Sara H. Do not
post elsewhere, in part or in whole, without the express
permission of the author.


Plague of Seduction

by Sara H

Categories: (FF, F-dom, MC, SF, NC)


My name is Miranda Johnson. I was the Team Leader on the
QETIL (Quest for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligent Life)
Project for just over two years, and was there overall for
almost eight. It was an interesting time, full of
interesting people, and groundbreaking ideas. During our
fight for survival in an increasingly cynical political
arena, I had to learn skills I never thought I'd... never
mind. It's all in the past anyway.

Telescopes. Radio telescopes, to be more accurate. We
listened for radio signals of artificial origin, using a
huge array of radio telescopes pointed out at space. We
barely touched what was out there to hear. In a practical
sense, using the universe as a reference, we weren't doing
anything at all.

Biblical creationists will tell you the odds are billions
to one that life could exist elsewhere in the universe,
which is akin to a watch falling together by accident when
all the parts are shaken in a box. What they choose to
ignore is the fact that the universe is so huge that we
could, in a figurative sense, never run out of watches
manufactured in such a way.

So for those of us involved in QETIL, it was only a matter
of time. We didn't know if we'd be around to see it, but we
knew it would happen sooner or later. Turned out to be

Judy Raymond was the scientist on watch the night it
happened. She was about to fall asleep when the
oscilloscopes showed a peak repeating signal, alarms went
off, and the antenna array began to automatically redirect
itself. She jumped up, dropped the headphones, cursed, and
then slammed them onto her head.

What she heard was background noise with a kind of
thrumming pulse in the mixture. She started the recorders
and began making calls. Within fifteen minutes, scientists
were either tuning in or getting to their labs as fast as
they could.

I was one of the latter.

It took me a little over twenty minutes to get to the lab.
I had prepared myself for the insanity -- the jumping up
and down, the unbridled excitement at the possibility of
having reached our goal, the offers of champagne I'd have
to outlaw so as not to damage the equipment. What I found
was certainly not that.

Judy was sitting, unblinking and slack-jawed in her chair,
hands pressing the phones tightly to her ears, oblivious to
anything around her. Dave Duggins, my assistant, was
sitting at my desk, playing with some papers. I didn't know
what to think. Had Judy told David to go fuck himself? Had
she made a further discovery and need quiet? Why was the
signal not being played through the speakers?

"Dave," I said, "what's going on?" He turned his eyes to
me. I'm not sure I can explain, but there was something
missing, some light that had disappeared from them. He
looked at me like a child gazing with vague disinterest at
a complete stranger.

He hadn't looked like that three nights before while he
was fucking me. I turned away trying to rationalize. I had
been asleep. He and Judy had argued. That had to be it.
Dave was just being obstinate and pissed off. Egos are the
hardest thing scientists have to manage. Once I had the
possibilities categorized, I didn't worry about him anymore.

That's when I noticed Judy was tugging on the front of her
shirt. As I turned to see better what was wrong, she
started grunting and moaning, and opening and closing her
legs as her hips began to undulate. A thread of saliva was
just starting to trail down from the corner of her mouth. I
looked down again to her legs. I didn't want to see, but it
was impossible to ignore.

Her jeans had a dark spot from her crotch half way down to
her thighs. I looked up again. It wasn't her shirt she was
pulling. It was just there, covering the nipples behind it.
She was torturing them now, twisting and grunting, her eyes
getting wider and wider, filled with obscene pleasure as
her tongue began to trace around her lips. She wasn't
looking at me. Her eyes were as sightless as a bat's.

I was frozen. I didn't know what to do. I mean, you have
to imagine what I'd expected, and what I'd found, and how
much this was like something out of a perverted episode of
"Twilight Zone".

Finally I shook myself free from the sight and went to the
console. I turned off the signal and slammed the volume of
the headphones to zero. Maybe I already had a clue as to
what had caused Judy to go off the deep end. I don't know.
I wasn't thinking. I was just doing the first things I
could think of as they occurred to me.

Judy's moaning stopped. It was as if she was wired into
the volume control on the console or something. I turned
around to face her. She looked at me as if seeing me for
the first time. Not the first time that evening, mind you,
but the first time *ever*. I trembled with an eerie sense
of near-hysteria.

"Judy?" I managed to ask. "What in the world...?"

"Out of this world, Randi," she answered, smiling. "You
know it doesn't stop when you turn off the sound. It does
something. Starts a sympathetic loop or a residual
patterning. I tried to fight it. But it grows inside you."
She shivered, and pulled her nipples again. "And now I
don't want to fight it anymore. I want it to change me. It
owns me. It feels sooo good to let go and obey."

She'd lost it. The excitement of finding a signal from
beyond had been too much. I made a mental note to check her
psychological profile when I got through this. I should
have seen it coming, or so I thought. And now, with all the
attention we were bound to receive, a lunatic researcher
was all I needed. I retreated, trying to collect my
thoughts while her hands slowly caressed up and down her

While I was busy thinking about what I should do next, I
didn't notice her slowly rolling her chair over to the
console. I don't know if I would have stopped her even if I
had. I didn't think she was any kind of threat, or that she
would do any damage.

I was so wrapped up in wondering about whether I should
call the hospital or the police that I nearly jumped out of
my skin when the speakers came on, blaring out the alien
signal. She was busy adjusting the controls, filtering out
the background noise so that it had a clarity that would be
useful for study. That was why we had hired her, after all.
Her hips were still grinding, though, and she had an
obsessed grin on her face.

"Is that it?" I shouted over the loud pulsating thrum.

"Yesssss!" she shouted back, barely audible. "Just listen,
Randi! You'll understand in a moment!"

Well, what else could I do? I was a scientist, after all,
and this was the goal of years of work. The sound was
incredibly complex. I followed the intricacies into more
and more convoluted sounds while I watched the meters and
instruments. They were registering super- and sub-harmonics
well beyond the audible range, intertwined and mixing
together in some kind of frequency matrix that was as
ordered as it was impossible to untangle.

Then, without a particular cue, I was inspired. I found
the audible key, the repeating pattern the held it
together. I began to hear something much deeper inside the
pulsing, thunderous sound. Something beautiful and
compelling. It was like music that was vibrating my primal
core, bringing into view rapturous emotions beyond my
ability to express. I staggered to a chair as the emotional
and intellectual assault began to invade my conscious and
subconscious mind.

I say assault because it was taking over my thought
processes. I could feel it happening. But that doesn't
explain it at all. It was seductive. Elegant. Impossible to
ignore. Compelling is the word, but demanding is more like
how it felt.

I closed my eyelids and felt it seep into my brain through
my ears like honeyed lust. My body, incredibly, began to
respond, followed by random thoughts of sexual need and
delight. Sexual need? I was fucking horny as a goddamned
alley cat in heat. I tried to fight it -- I knew something
wasn't right, but it was like a boa constrictor... every
time I let it gain a bit more access to my mind, it held,
waiting for the next moment when I would relax.

My nipples... yes, my nipples needed my hands. Craved my
hands. My clit was singing an aria of orgasm, sending
ripples up my spine, making inroads into my deepest psyche.
I was hallucinating. But it was more concrete than anything
in my life had ever been. It was impossible to tell if I
were falling out of reality or into it. Maybe it was both.

"Just obey, Randi," It was Judy. "It's so much better when
your surrender. You will love what it does, so let it
happen now rather than later."

I know you want me to say I was heroic. That I resisted.
That I overcame this alien seduction via radio telescope. I
might have. I thought about it. I pulled my fractured will
together, preparing to do battle.

Until I felt Judy's tongue tapping my clit into ecstasy.

How had she gotten off my clothes? She hadn't. I hadn't
realized I had taken them off myself, my hands already
obedient to the Yenorian Goddess who sent the signal.
Yenorian Goddess? That and a million more bits of
information were fusing into my brain.

I screamed as my body buckled and fell to the floor, my
mind flooded with volcanic, fiery need. Need. *Need Judy.
Female. Fuck female. Yes. Obey.*

My thoughts were jelly. Sexy, black, latex covering my
mind with pure sex. Insidious. Obedient. God, I was in
heaven and Judy was taking me deeper into it. Our tongues
met and for the first time I tasted the essence of a woman,
and realized it was the essence of myself. Instead of
cringing, as I would have a few short minutes before, I
suckled her tongue, hungry for every taste of womanhood I
could get. My hands matched hers as we raked across and
caressed every inch of each other, voracious and insatiable
in our soft-minded passion.

My nipples pressed to hers and I felt a huge electric
shock go right to the center of my brain, mixing with the
sound, the signal, the *program* I was being given. The
program that was rewriting me. The thought stuck and then
was gone. Fuck it. I loved it. I wanted more.

I wasn't disappointed.

We turned mouth to crotch and I bathed myself in her
juices. I pressed my nose into her cunt as she ground
against me. My body was moving against her, too. Our
movements became as one as we went on and on... Circle.
Circle. Circle. Flick. Suckle. Nibble. Circle. Eternity
stretched before me. I wanted nothing but her scent, her
sex, her fucking heat and pleasure.

My legs began to jerk in spasms with every lash of her
hot, facile tongue. The music of the spheres took more and
more of my mind, creating more room for pleasure, more room
for surrender, devotion, sex, love, women... all mixing
together into a witches brew of seductive mind-flashing
passion and fanatical obedience.

And then our bodies curled tightly as our bellies
clenched, tongues whipping each other into a frenzy as wave
after wave of glorious orgasm washed through us, together,
and through others, too... all who had the frequency alive
in their minds, an orgasm of collective power and
eternity... brighter than the sun, brighter than life...
brighter... brighter...


She was right, you know. Judy, I mean. Once you've heard
even a few milliseconds of the signal, the seed is planted.
There's no stopping it. It just takes a bit longer that
way. Within twenty-four hours, it had been played around
the world, in newscasts that thought it something
groundbreaking and exciting, but safe enough to air.

The men, well, they couldn't handle the emotional impact
of the Control Frequency. It left them empty, only able to
sit, stand, fuck, and eat. Not really too much different
than they had been -- just more obvious about it.

We're keeping them around for breeding, at least until
technology displaces the need for them. Goddess Sictlu, the
Yenorian Goddess in charge of Earth, or Yenor Sictlu as
it's now known, will be bringing that technology with Her
on Her ship. We only have ten more years to wait until the
celebration of Her arrival.

It took almost three years to convert everyone. This is an
auspicious occasion, Katrina. You are the last human to
evolve into the newness. The last to have the honor. With
you, the past dies, and we no longer will need to keep
track, but only obey the pleasures and lusts of our Control

Hmm? No, it wasn't random, or even from a star. The signal
was sent to us on purpose, by the Goddess Herself. We never
had a chance. Saying that makes me nearly cum in devoted
pleasure. Your look of rabid fear is turning me on, girl.

I wonder, when T.S.Eliot wrote, "This is the way the world
ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper," if he knew how true
that was, and an inkling of what it could really mean?

Now. We've wasted enough time with stories, and I'm horny
as fuck. Put on your headphones. No? Then let me put them
on for you.

That's better. Yes, you're feeling it already. The
undiluted signal only takes seconds to begin the change.

Now... yes, yes, I know... now, come over here and lick my
pussy, you sexy bitch.



This is a story written for the ASSTR Fifth Anniversary
Theme Game. The theme I was assigned was "Telescope." I
hope you enjoyed my little take on it. You can write me at Thanks for reading!


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