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playing games


PLAYING GAMES (MFf, mild bd, ds, humil, voy, exhib)


By: Rascal ( Initially posted elsewhere
1999, posted at ASSTR Aug 2002

Adult fiction with sexual content. Read only if permitted.

(c) by the author, no reproduction or reposting without permission!


Part 1:

Sue and I had moved into town. We were sick of suburbs; we wanted to be
where the action is. We had found a small condo, unfortunately a good deal
smaller than the house we owned before - but prices were quite high in the
city. Besides the size, the place was beautiful. On the top floor of an
older, totally renovated apartment building. It had a nice large porch on
the roof of the floor below. The place consisted of a narrow hallway with
a reasonable sized bath on the end across from the entrance door. Our
bedroom was to the left and the living room with a kitchen / dining area
off to the right of the hallway. There was only one other apartment on
this floor, so we were quite private.

The biggest problem was that we had a hard time fitting our furniture.
We couldn't find the right walls for some of the bigger pieces, but we also
did not want to give them up (after all, we had not only the furniture, but
also the stuff to put into it). The best we could do was to place some of
the dressers in the bedroom and the shelves in the living room in such a
way, that they reached an inch or two into the doorway. No problem, except
that this kind of makes the doors useless. So I took them out and stored
them in the attic. This also gave the place a little more of an open

The situation was especially interesting when we had visitors, who
stayed overnights on the pullout in the living room. But as Sue remarked:
"There is a little bit of an voyeur and exhibitionist in everybody. Most
people don't dare to take their own bedroom door out, but if they are here
they will enjoy it." And she was right. Frequently, we invited friends
from our old neighborhood for a night in town. Since we usually toured
several bars and clubs and had a good amount to drink, they often spent the
night with us. After everybody had settled into bed, Sue and I lay awake
for quite some time and got to listen to some good fucking in the living
room. Or if some of my old friends stayed with us for a night while
traveling through town, Sue liked to sleep in her skimpiest nightgown;
giving everybody, who passed our bedroom door, a glimpse and a very
definite idea of her physical features. So we added a little spice to our
lives - and to the lives of our visitors.

I got into trouble once, when Sue's cousin Pam stayed for a few weeks.
She was a beautiful 17-year old and had just started to study software
engineering at a local college. She stayed with us while she was looking
for her own place. She was petite, girlish, blonde, beautiful to look at
with her long hair and still developing female features. I was totally
attracted by her, and Sue constantly teased me about it. During one of
last year's family reunions, I had once remarked that with Pam's
combination of intelligence and sheer beauty, she would be facing a tough
career decision - either science or modeling. Nobody thought I was funny.

When she stayed with us, it was a very hot July. One night, I had to
get up to go to the bathroom. When I looked into the moonlit living room,
I saw that she was sleeping naked, having only her lower body covered with
a thin sheet. I could not resist but to get a closer look. I did not see
much, she was lying on her stomach. Just the onset of one of her little
breasts. Her rear was barely covered by the sheet. The temptation was too
much. I bent down, and carefully pulled the sheet back. I had just
started to uncover her ass, when I heard a low whistle from behind me.
Shit, I got caught.

I went back to bed like a beaten dog. "Besides getting in trouble with
me, you are also risking legal implications," Sue said jokingly. " - After
all, she is only 17." I tried an embarrassed explanation, and Sue replied:
"Well, as for the law, nothing will happen if nobody finds out. As for me,
next chance I get, I will take a liberty by myself, and then we are even."
What could I do, but agree. Besides, we had been somewhat open about
things like that anyway.

Her chance came soon. Pam and three of her classmates had found a place
to rent, and shortly after they moved in Pam turned 18. We were invited to
the party. I was somewhat uncertain what to expect, feeling a little out
of place as a mid-30s guy at a college party. Nevertheless, we went and
arrived around 9 PM. Pam opened the door. "So, little cousin," asked Sue,
"how is the party going". Pam rolled her eyes and gave us a brief
description of the problem. Since she did not know anybody yet, she had
only invited her three roommates and two guys Dave and Brian - she had met
a few days before in the cafeteria. It turned out, that those two guys were pretty obnoxious. Being at the party with 4 girls, they tried to
impress them. They were loud, bragged about themselves, humiliated the
girls, and just before we arrived had started giving their expertise in the
area of sex.

When we entered the room, the two greeted us with some teasing and rude
remarks. "Hey, who invited the old folks. I guess they are supposed to
watch that we don't do any harm to the girls here. Haha." Pam, ignoring
their behavior, introduced us. We grabbed some food and a drink. The
girls were happy to be a little less exposed to the big-mouthed boys, they
changed seats and soon it was Sue who had to listen to their bragging and
intrusive questions, but I was confident that she would put them into their
place. One of the topics they chose was the one of lies and sex. They
claimed that people tell more stories about it than there is truth to it,
especially - and they put that in as a sideline - with married couples with
a boring sex life. Next, they challenged Sue to tell the most outrageous
sex story - and she had to promise that it was true - she had ever
experienced in her life.

So Sue did. She told them the story of when she was working as a nurse
in a hospital in another town. They had a patient with extreme poison ivy
rash all over his body, a young man who had fallen into a patch during a
hike. They had to tie him to the bed so he wouldn't scratch and rub him
with lotion several times a day for three days. (Hint for the reader, you
may want to read the whole story - 'Poison Ivy' by Gaius). The boys thought it was so funny. Then Sue took over. She started daring and
provoking them. And the premature guys they were, they did not want to
chicken out on anything. After some time Sue had challenged them to a game
of strip poker. Pam got them a deck of cards and the three went upstairs.
"Wow, we are gonna have some fun getting the old lady do a strip," I heard
Dave from the hallway.

But actually I was not worried about Sue. I knew she was a good player
- especially if she was sufficiently motivated. Later she gave us the
following account of the game: In the beginning everybody had lost a few
games and shed off shoes and socks. When she had to remove her blouse and
reveal her full, well shaped breasts, covered by a thin, black bra, the
boys almost lost it. They claimed that now she would be only minutes away
from being naked. Well, Sue knew enough about guys to know that once the
hormones kick in, the brain usually shuts down. Without loosing another
game, she had them naked within 15 minutes. It must have been quite a
sight, they were totally embarrassed - but still had a big mouth. They
challenged her to one last game for all her remaining clothes. She agreed
under the condition, that if they would loose, they would have to fulfill a
task she could choose. Without further thinking they agreed - and lost

Sue's task was a nasty one; she wanted to give the girls downstairs a
chance of revenge. So she ordered them that they had to serve the girls drink and food and whatever they needed all evening - totally naked. At
midnight they would have to sing a birthday song for Pam, and then they
would be allowed to leave. The boys were upset and argued. Sue did not
give in; deal is deal, after all. Finally she agreed on a small concession
to their modesty. They were allowed to cover their front with a loincloth
made out of some string and a handkerchief.

Sue came down to get the materials and told us the story. We laughed.
Then she went back up to get the boys 'dressed'. When they entered the
room, they were beat red with shame. They received a warm welcome with
cheers and applause. Dave got an immediate erection, which entirely defied
the purpose of the handkerchief. Brian seemed to have a little more
self-control. He held up OK for about half an hour, until Pam called him
over. She was sitting on a sofa; he had to stand next to her. The
handkerchief started to rise, but he kept himself under control. Then Pam
said in the most naive voice she could put on: "You know, there is nothing
bad about showing a physical reaction. girls have that, too. Sometimes
when I see a good-looking guy, I react to that as well." She looked him
deep in the eyes: "... and then I start to feel real warm in my tummy, my
nipples get hard and sensitive and my pussy starts aching and gets wet."
That was too much, he lost it right then and there and his flagpole went
up. Everybody cheered.

Soon it was midnight, they had to stand in front of Sue and sing her a
birthday song. Then they got dressed and left immediately, ending one of
the most humiliating parties of their lives. Sue and I also thought it was
time to leave. On the way home in the car I complained teasingly: "Well,
if that was your revenge for catching me in front of Pam's bed, I think you
went a bit too far. I think I need a chance now to get even again." She
laughed: "Well, tell me, what do you have in mind?" So I explained an idea
I had been tossing in my head for quite some time. I was wondering if she
would agree to try out some submission games. When she recovered from
laughing she said: "OK, let's be a little bit daring. After all, we don't
want to end up as a couple with a boring sex life." She laughed hard.

We set up the rules. We picked a Saturday 3 weeks from now; she would
follow my instructions from 6 PM until midnight. But she also insisted
that we would switch roles for one of the following weekends. So it was

Part 2:

The Saturday came, and I had done all my preparations. We did our
errands during the day; both took a shower to be ready for our 6 o'clock
adventure. I showered first and said that I would pick out her clothes
while she was in the shower. I put my selection on the chair in the
bathroom and waited for her on the sofa. She came in and looked gorgeous;
high heels, a very short leather mini skirt and a thin, white blouse. "Are
you sure that this is all I am allowed to wear? No underwear?" "No," I
said, "no underwear. And now let's go, I have made reservations for
dinner." Under some protest she followed me.

To make things really interesting, I had chosen to take the subway. She
had a hard time getting up and down those stairs, since there were still
plenty of people - and especially male eyes - around. I had picked a
restaurant from which I knew they hired a lot of college kids during the
summer. We got seated in a private corner, and our waiter was a young,
well built, blonde, blue eyed early-20s guy. He was totally entranced by
Sue. Her long legs, her fanny moving so nicely under her skirt as she
walked to the table, her nipples showing through the thin material of her
blouse. After we sat down, I ordered her to open up one more top button.
Our waiter, Tim, could not take his eyes of her. I could see the bulge in
his pants. He totally screwed up our order, but was otherwise very
attentive (he refilled Sue's water at least 10 times that evening). We
both enjoyed the situation and had a good dinner with an excellent bottle
of wine - which Tim forgot to charge. We gave him a good tip.

The way home by subway was again somewhat of a challenge for Sue, but
finally we reached our house. I pressed the call button for the elevator
and ordered her to unbutton and open up her blouse. "What if somebody
comes down in the elevator?" she asked. "That's exactly the point," I
replied. So she unbuttoned and showed most of her gorgeous, full breasts.
I could see her hard nipples in the dim light of the hallway. She held her
breath when the elevator stopped and opened its doors. But to her relief
it was empty. Getting on, I pressed number 12 for our floor. The elevator
took an unexpected stop at 5. Again, she held her breath, but somebody
must have pushed the button and left.

Once the doors shut again, I ordered her to take of her skirt. She did,
knowing that the guy who owned the apartment next to us is not much at home
- but there could always be a surprise. Another moment of tension, when we
arrived at our floor, but nobody was there. I had her walk ahead of me, so
I got a full view of her nice ass, brushing her blouse with every step. I
unlocked the door and we went in.

In the hallway, I ordered her on her knees. She had to unbutton my fly
and treat me with her mouth. When I was about to come, I ordered her to
get up and undress me. Then I led her out onto the porch. There, under
moon and stars, I placed her on the picnic table, spread her legs apart and
started to observe her pussy. I could tell she was quite aroused, she was
so warm and wet. I licked her until she squirmed. Then I stood up and
slowly penetrated her. We were both so ready, it took only a few mighty
strokes for us to explode. At this point I should mention that, for Sue,
there is no such thing as a quiet orgasm. And especially tonight, were she
had built up her horniness for hours, she screamed like she was loosing her
mind. I am sure it could be heard all the way down to the street.

Part 3:

Eventually, the Saturday of my submission came. I was wondering what
she had prepared. Again, we both took a shower in the afternoon. This
time, she went first and said she will pick out my clothes while I am in
the shower. When I came out, all I could see on the chair was a
handkerchief with two strings tied to its corners. "Oh no, not again," I
thought. But being a good submissive, I got put it on. My next surprise
came, when I went out in the hallway. She had tied four pieces of rope on
the hinges of the bedroom and living room doorframe. I was ordered to
stand in between and she tied my hands up and my legs spread apart.

There I was now, tied up in the most embarrassing condition, only
dressed with a handkerchief, in the center of our hallway, my back to the
entrance door. I was really wondering what she had planned, but I knew I
couldn't ask directly. So I said: "Too bad, I though that at least you
would have treated me for a dinner. But I guess we are not going out
tonight." She smiled at me: "No, sweetie, we are not going out. But don't
worry, I have ordered Pizza." I was shocked - how in the world could she
call some stranger from a Pizza delivery company to our door with me tied
up in the hallway like that? I did not dare to ask anything further.

She proceeded with her preparations. She moved a card table into the
hallway, right in front of me. "For the Pizza" she said. Then the
doorbell rang. Totally matter of fact Sue said: "Oh, Pizza is here" and
squeezed by me to get to the door. I just couldn't believe it. She opened
the door, and I almost passed out when I heard Pam's voice: "To bad, but
they were out of olives." I heard her come in, she squeezed by me put the
Pizza on the table, gave me a glance and said - as if nothing would be the
matter - "Hi, how are you doing?" I was not sure what to answer.

They fetched chairs, plates, wine and glasses and sat down in front of
me. They started eating the Pizza, looking at my body with an expression
of pleasure and satisfaction in their eyes. Once in a while they fed me a
byte of Pizza. After they finished eating, they cleaned off the table.
Just when I thought things could not get any worse, they did get worse.
Pam started unpacking the little briefcase she had brought. She took out a
laptop computer and set up on the table. Next she pulled out some
multi-media speakers and a mike. I couldn't figure out what she was doing.
She connected her computer to our phone line, I heard the modem dial and
connect, and after a few mouse clicks she all of the sudden said: "OK, we
are connected." Then I heard a female voice out of the speakers: "Yes, we
are up and running. Everybody there?" And another voice answered: "Yes, I
am here. How about you Pam, everything prepared?" "Yes," she replied, I
just need to hook up the video camera." "What, " I screamed, "which video camera? " She smiled: "You see, we will spend the evening in one of those
Internet chat rooms. But this is a special hookup, it even supports audio
and video. But don't get worried, it is a private room, so it will be only
us and two of my friends."

I got all upset: "What do you mean, private room and video, only two of
your friends." Sue came up to me and said: "You better be quiet, you showed
me off to some horny guys last week, so this is only fair. And if I were
you, I would calm down, you are starting to show." I realized that I had
started to develop an erection and that I had started pushing up my
handkerchief. I was so ashamed, I closed my eyes and tried to distract
myself by thinking of the ballgame I had watched earlier in the day.

After a while I was called back into reality by Pam's remark: "Well I
was worried for I while, but now it looks like I got the camera going. Do
you have video on the other end?" "Yes," was the reply, "we see him. You
did not promise too little, I think we'll enjoy the show." I was startled,
who ever allowed her to go into a technical education?

"Now listen, sweetie," said Sue, "here are the rules: Pam and I are the
executors and the other two, let's call them 'Mistress 1' and 'Mistress 2,
will tell us what to do. Are we ready?" I tried to protest, but I was
reminded that the whole scene was being captured on somebody's PC, and that
I better behave if I don't want the stuff being posted on the Internet." It
couldn't get any worse. Form their voices I guessed that the two girls must be in Pam's age, probably some other engineer type nerds from college.

So the game began. Mistress 1 gave the first command: "Let's see if we
can get him to move the handkerchief aside. It kind of blocks the view."
Pam took that one on and started to strip. "Hey cousin, I gonna show you
what you always wanted to see - I heard about your nightly excursions." She
shelled off her jeans and unveiled her well-shaped, long legs. Next came
her T-shirt. There she stood, with only bra and slip. She started
caressing herself, let her fingers glide over her inner thighs, over the
thin material of her slip and up to her breast. She moaned. Then she
dropped her bra, first covering and massaging her little breasts with her
hands. Then she revealed them slowly, showing their perfect shape. She
played with her nipples until they were firm and hard. Next she started to
pull down her panties, very slowly. I could not take my eyes off, and when
the first inch of thin blonde hair started showing, I lost control. Under
much 'bravo' and applause I got a tremendous erection, lifting up the
handkerchief and exposing myself completely.

Sue walked up and said: "I don't think this does any good any more," and
untied the strings. And there I stood, naked, with a huge pole, and tied
up in my own hallway, being watched by two unknown girls somewhere out in
cyberspace and by my most attractive, young little cousin - and waiting for
the next command to come over the wire. I was ashamed, embarrassed.

Mistress 2 advised Sue to give me a good tickle. She did so by standing
behind me - so she would not block the view - and working on my most
sensitive areas - arm pits, knees, ribcage - with her fingernails. I shook
with laughter and my cock jumped up and down, which caused big amusement
among the spectators.

Once the torture was over, Mistress 1 ordered some close-ups. Pam
produced a digital camera, took pictures of me from all sides and angles.
When she was done, she took the disk out of the camera, popped it into the
PC and after some mouse clicks said: "OK, here they come." Unmistakably,
they had arrived at the other side, and I heard a lot of 'mmhs' and 'oohs'.

Mistress 2 wanted to see my dick being massaged. Pam moved the camera closer and off to the side, while Sue produced a bottle of oil. She put a
good squirt in Pam's hands and instructed her how to massage me without
making me come. Pam learned quite fast. She kneeled down right in front
of me, and with her gentle, oily fingers she massaged my balls. Then she
started squeezing my cock all over, all the time looking at the view in
front of her. When I was almost ready to come she let off, got some more
oil and then started again. This time she took a finger and thumb and
started squeezing the tip of my dick, quite hard, until it jumped to the
side, thanks to the lubrication of the oil. She kept doing that over and
over, until my tip had gotten so sensitive that I shivered with the
lightest touch. Once I had reached that level of sensitivity, she started
running her fingertips up and down my shaft. I was going nuts.

Eventually Sue felt some mercy and advised her to stop. "OK," said
Mistress 2, "if he is too sensitive in the front, give him some attention
in the back. Spank him." Sue did as she was told, stood behind me and gave
me some good claps with her bare hand. The next request came across the
line. "I want to see him being fucked. Tie him on the bed and let us
watch." So I was untied - very much to the relief of my arms - and ordered
in to the bedroom. There I was tied spread eagle on the bed. I heard
Mistress 1 complain: "OK, Pam, it's time to move the camera." But Sue gave
her a sign, and Pam said: "No, this is not for you any more," and with a
few mouse clicks she disconnected. When she came back into the bedroom,
Sue had undressed herself. Pam looked at her and said: "Hey, you still do
look good for your mid-30s. Oh, by the way can I watch?" "Sure," said Sue
"Can I take photos?" was the next question. Again Sue agreed, and Pam got
her digital camera. She looked at me, smiled, and said: "These will be
just for you guys and me. I'll make you a copy."

Sue mounted me. As my Penis penetrated her wet cave, it felt like it
was burning. I screamed with lust. She fucked me wild, and we both came
very quickly. Sue still remained seated, looked me in the eyes and said:
"Well, that should be it for today. I hope you have enough of those
submission games now." I pondered the question for a while and said: "I
don't know yet. I need to think about that. The next time it would be my
turn to be the master, wouldn't it?"

Sue laughed and got of. She just wanted to untie me, when Pam said:
"Hey, you forgot your promise." "Oh yes," said Sue, "sorry, I am getting
tired. Here, he is all yours, while I wash up in the bathroom." With these
words she left the room. Pam walked up to me and said: "And now you will
see what you have desired so much," and she pulled down her panties. She
was beautiful, her blonde bush, thin and barely covering her mount. She
climbed on the bed, squatted over my head. I looked at the fine lines of
her pussy, pink and wet. She ordered: "Lick me." I did as I told, she
tasted so good, her lips where so soft and delicate, her clit so sensible.
She came with a rage. When she had calmed down, we heard Sue applause from
the door. She could not resist and had watched.

Pam was satisfied, got up, dressed, packed up and left. Sue untied me
and said: "So you finally got what you wanted." I thought to myself: well,
almost ... I still want to feel the silken skin on her ass.


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