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pleasures postponed Ch 1 2tl


A Fictional Story. Any resemblance to persons living
or dead is
entirely coincidental

Pleasures Postponed.

By James Bellamy <>
Chapter One - Prologue

I don't see my "little sister" Jenny very often now
that we both have raised families and are
geographically separated by a few hundred miles.

She has matured well over the years.

I have always harbored a certain fear of our childhood
sexual relationship being raised between us, so it
preys on my mind each time we get together.

It started on a summer evening when I was 12 or 13.
The local gang was out after dark playing tag
football. Several girls were included. As it got
darker the game became more and more of a wrestling
and groping event between the boys and the girls. I
found myself atop Brenda, one of the tougher and
bigger members of the class.

"You may be able to do that with Maggie, but you can't
do it with me," she huffed, "get off of me!"

I had found myself enjoying the contact between our
groins and had begun to grind against her a little
bit. Suddenly, my cock erupted and I was flooded with
something warm and wet. It was my first orgasm and I
didn't understand what had happened. I headed home
with lots of questions and concerns in my head. It
was one thing to keep up a good front on the school
yard when othes talked about sex, but I had no idea
anything like this was going to happen.

Piecing together bits of things heard on the school
ground, adding to this knowledge with carefully
crafted questions to older kids, I slowly discovered
this thing that happened was sex. Also, that it had
to do with girls and their soft bodies. I needed some
answers. Lying in bed, I found that the pleasure
was easy to bring back just by thinking of Brenda's
body against mine and how my cock felt moving against
the valley formed by her legs. I would become rock
hard immediately, and then very quickly, the hot warm
fluid would gush all over again. I grew fond of the

Soon thereafter, my curiosity brought me to a regular
exploration of the mysteries of the laundry hamper
used by my sisters and mom'. They had such silky and
mysterious underwear, I discovered. I rubbed my dick
with them, smelled the musky scent of their bodies
left so tangibly in their panties. It was not much of
a leap from this first exploration to wanting to know
what it felt like to wear such sensual things.

I began sneaking panties into my room at night to wear
next to my skin. It made for wonderful fantasy sex
rubbing my genitals against the silk of my younger
sisters' panties while sniffing the older ones against
my face. I was in heaven - - or quite near it!

Overcome with a driving curiosity, it was inevitable
that I would seek to extend my knowledge in a more
direct way. Curiosity was killing me as it did the
proverbial cat! Late one night, when the house was
quieted by sleep, I crept down the dark silent hall to
the door of my little sister Jen's room. I listened
with bated breath for the sound of her regular
breathing, and then entered. My heart was pounding in
my chest -- bursting with excitement and fear. My
padded footsteps moved me near her sleeping form. I
stood holding my breath out of fear of being
discovered. Stealthily, I pulled back the covers and
waited again to see if she awoke.

The moon lit the room so I could see her panties,
gleaming white. Her gown was pushed up around her
waist. Her little breasts, just the nipples really,
were visible there, poking against the nightie. I
thought my heart was going to pound through the walls
of my chest. It sounded so loud in my head that I
thought for a moment that it could be heard by others
in the house. Kneeling beside her to look more
closely, I was attracted to the curve of her mound,
only now beginning to blossom. Slowly, again holding
my breath, I reached out toward the warmth of that
charming natural curve. Within half an inch, I
stopped, already feeling the heat of her body.
Stilled, my hand trembled with excitement, but I could
go no further. The scent of her budding body touched
lightly in my nostrils.

She stirred and her mound came to meet my hand as she
turned toward me. For an instant I touched her silky
panties and the beginning of the cleft between her

As she stirred again and snorted in her sleep, I broke
for the hallway, afraid that she would catch me and
wake my mother. In the hall I stood panting to catch
my breath. Imagining all kinds of bogeys, I slipped
back down the hall and into my bed, heart pounding in
my chest.

When the house quieted enough to satisfy my fears, I
slipped down the hall again now, gaining confidence
from my previous trip. Quickly, I returned to the
spot I had so quickly abandoned in fear. Jen had not
changed her position. Slowly, and carefully, I
touched her mound lightly with my fingers. I imagined
what it must be to feel the heat of the panty-covered
pussy between her legs.

Jennifer stirred and mumbled something. I froze. But
she shifted her position so that her legs parted
slightly, allowing my fingers to slip down between her
legs and lie in her slit. I could feel that she had
started to get wet. I didn't fully understand this,
but moved my hand against the pool forming under the
silkiness of her panties. This brought sleepy sounds
of pleasure. I leaned closer and the smell of her
drifted up to my nostrils.

It seemed like hours that I sat on my haunches, my
hand pressed lightly between her tightly closed
thighs, my index finger touching a long line along the
lips of her pussy under the white satiny panties.
Again, I slipped away in fear of being caught. I had
a hard time sleeping that night, but I didn't dare
spend any more time out of my bed, or so I thought.

The next night, I followed the same routine, finding
my way more quickly now that the path seemed a little
less hazardous. Jen lay with one leg outside the
covers on this night and again the moon lighted my
way, her panties shining like a beacon. Her position
opened her legs more than in the first night and my
hand found her warmth quickly and easily.

I put my lips to her mound and my finger slipped past
the tight elastic leg of her panties and into her
wetness. She thrashed around and pushed me away. Was
she awake? I spoke her name, no answer. My heart
was again pounding and I retreated with my surprising
new information. As I slipped into my bed, I sniffed
the juices still on my explorer finger and tasted the
unforgettable essence of pussy for the first time.

At breakfast the next morning, Jennifer gave no
indication that anything had happened. Still, I had
the feeling that she had been awake and that she had
enjoyed my exploration. I couldn't wait to try it

The next night, when the house had quieted, I again
crept silently down the hall and slipped into
Jennifer's room. I stood by her bed and listened for
her regular breathing. The covers were thrown off and
she lay on her side with her back to me. Her panty-
covered bottom was inviting, soft and round. My cock
was tenting out my shorts like a spear.

With my heart in my mouth, I lay down behind her, my
cock prodding the V formed by her legs and the tight
crack of her bottom. I stopped breathing for a
moment, but she continued her regular breathing.
Emboldened, I slipped my hand onto her small breasts,
just beginning to bud. The nipple hardened
immediately. My cock against her panties was about to
explode. We stayed in this spoon position for several
minutes, again, I thought she was pretending to sleep
through it. But then suddenly Jennifer thrashed
around and made a sound, scaring the hell out of me
and I again retreated from the room to the safety of
my room.

I waited for my courage to return and then slipped
back into her room. I returned to my position against
her pantied ass and quietly assured her I would not
hurt her. She said nothing and my hand found her
breast again. She moved her legs apart and my cock
slipped between them, moving up the moist slit. I
reached around her and found the tip of my cock just
at the tip of her mound. Again, she thrashed about
and I stood up next to her bed as she rolled onto her
back, her legs spread apart. Slipping a finger under
her panties, I found the moistness of her pussy and
gently massaged it. My finger found her hole and I
slipped it carefully inside the tight little pussy.

Slowly, I began to fingerfuck her, first to my second
knuckle and eventually all the way in. Her mound
rested in my palm as my finger explored inside her
hot, tightness. Jennifer squirmed under my hand. I
followed my finger with my tongue. I don't know how
I knew that was the right thing to do. I just wanted
to taste the source of that scent that I found so
intoxicating. My mouth was now on her cunt and I
brought my hands to her breasts as she squirmed
against my tongue.

We continued this routine for some time. Her
pretending to sleep, me being to scared to go further
for fear of -- well for fear of everything. We both
knew she was awake, of course, and in a small house as
ours there was not much chance of other encounters
being more complete sexually.

Then a few weeks later, I had kissed her pussy mound
through the panties, then pulled them aside to allow
my tongue to tease the beginning of her slit. And she
let me fingerfuck her wet little pussy with pleasure.
Someone of my friends at school had got a box of
condoms from his father's drawer and brought them to
school. That day he had had given me one of them.
Emboldened by this symbol of male macho, I determined
to go further with our explorations. Struggling
manfully with the complicated task of rolling the
rubber over my swollen cockhead and down the shaft.
My manhood seemed assured as I felt the magic
sensation of the latex stretched over my cock.

My hands found the elastic at the waist of her panties
and slipped them down. She raised her hips slightly
to make it easier. My tongue returned to its post. I
explored her entire slit as her juices spread over my
mouth, lips cheeks, chin, everywhere. Her nipples
were like diamonds sticking up from the small
mountains jutting from her chest. I took her hand
and let her feel the condom covering my cock. My
thought was that it would assure her that she would
not become pregnant. Her hand explored the
strangeness, running along its entire length, then
curiously feeling the rolled ring of the condom.
Seemingly satisfied, she dropped her hand away and
became passive again.

Carefully, I knelt between her legs. Replacing my
finger and tongue with my cock, I slowly slipped the
head of it up and down her slit. The hot juices felt
like fire on my cock. My heart was pounding with
sheer excitement coupled with the fear of being

My cock found the entrance of her pussy. I pushed
against the tightness, which didn't want to yield to
my pressure. Jennifer made a sound, "Mnnp" followed
by "No!" I went back to massaging her slit with my
cock head and at the same time, happily massaging my
cock against her pussy. Again I tried the entrance,
fondling her nipple at the same time. I soon
discovered that the condom was uncomfortable and had
pulled my forskin back in an uncomfortable way. I
snatched it off and felt my cock return to normal.

This time my cock slipped into the tight entrance. It
was just the head of it, but the tightness of
Jennifer's pussy burned like crazy -- but a delicious
fire it was. I couldn't believe how good it felt. As
I started to push my way further in, I felt Jennifer's
hand surround my cock for a moment and then panic-
stricken, push me away. My cock head popped out of
the tight ring of her pussy and my sperm juices pumped
out all over her tummy, thighs and tits. Jennifer
leapt from the bed and ran to the bathroom where I
could hear her washing all of my cum from her body.

She must have been scared by all that, because that
was the last time I got close to fucking her. After
that an occasional feel or rub against her was all we
did. Besides the danger of getting caught, I started
to discover other girls. So it has always been a
secret worry that Jennifer would bring this up and
cause embarrassment or some other problem. So with
her visiting us today, the concern came back into at
least the back edge of my consciousness.
Chapter Two -- Thirty Years Later

Jennifer's husband died about seven years ago and she
has not re-married. Looking at her, it is a little
surprising. She has a nice shape, with good legs,
medium size breasts still firm and high. I admired
her as she dropped her luggage and gave me a sisterly
kiss. My wife Mary had picked up Jennifer at the
airport and trailed her with the last of the luggage.
"What does it take to get a drink around here?"
Jennifer demanded.

We found the liquor cabinet and sat in the family room
and caught up on each other's hometown news over a
drink or two. Mary started to head for the kitchen to
see what she could do for supper.

I insisted that we go to a very posh new restaurant

"If big brother is going to splurge, we'll have to
really dress up!" Jennifer proposed, and stood to
leave the room.

"Not necessary!" I protested.

"Oh no, if someone is taking me to the best restaurant
in town, I always dress up out of respect for his big
spending ways!" Jennifer tended to be very expansive
in her expressions.

When they came back downstairs, Mary and Jennifer
looked terrific. My sister's silk dress outlined her
body perfectly. The scooped neckline framed her tits
and I think my mouth dropped open with admiration.

"Close your mouth, big brother," she murmured, "and
tell me what you think of your little sister? Or, is
that an expression of appreciation?" She giggled with
pleasure at my slight discomfort being caught looking
at her tits.

"I'm just glad you insisted on dressing. Dinner is
always better with scenery like the both of you." I
really meant it too. I followed them out to the car
watching their asses move seductively under the light
summer dresses.

"I think we are getting your husband aroused, Mary.
Is he always such a complete lecher? He just keeps
bouncing from one set of boobs to the other, have you

"Is that a big surprise to you? I've known it for
years. Maybe he is on his better behavior in the
family?" My wife was not much good at defending me.
We were on our third bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and
the two of them were feeling pretty full of
themselves. The waiter had been giving them all kinds
of attention and they kept flirting even more openly
as the evening wore on.

"Does big brother keep a straight face when you play
footsie with him under the table, Mary?"

"What do you say we both play and see if he is still
the great stone face?" my wife offered.

"Now wait a minute you two!"

First one and then the other slipped off a shoe and
started teasing my ankles with their nyloned toes.
"Hey, this is a public place," I protested in mock
horror. "Who can a guy trust?"

"Hey be careful there," I gasped a little as one of
their feet worked its way into my crotch and bumped
into a very stiff cock.

"Oh, my goodness, he's not ignoring us entirely, I can
see that!" That answered the question of who had
reached the summit first. It was a bit of a shock
that it was my sister's foot and not my wife's. I
caught her foot in my hand and couldn't help enjoying
my sister's nylons. "Come on Mary, join me here at
the top of the ladder!" Now each of them had a
foothold on my cock, so to speak. They were both
enjoying it, too. Idecided to relax and enjoy it, my
hand cupping both squirming silky feet as they played
in my lap. They both had silly grins on their faces
and Jennifer ran her tongue seductively over her
bright red lips.

"You are always wanting two of us - now you have your
wish and don't know what to do?" Mary giggled.

"I think we could have our way with you if we tried,
even if Jennifer is your sister. I don't know about
this brother of yours, Jennifer. He doesn't get this
hard when I give him dinner at home!"

The waiter came with the check and the two of them
teamed up to grip my cock between the balls of their
feet and move back and forth.

"I'll ha .. have the ch check," I gasped.

The waiter smiled knowingly and took another lingering
look at the two sets of knockers now pressed against
the table top by the position the girls had to get
into to reach into my lap with their toes.

"Shall we let him come up for air, Mary? Or do you
want to see if he can walk with this hard-on on

On the way home, I pondered this behavior which was
strictly not like either of the women. My wife leans
toward being a bit of a prude and Jennifer and I had
never been this open about sex before. I decided that
it was the wine, and that I liked it no matter what it
was. On the theory that there is no sense spoiling a
good thing, I opened another bottle at home and we
settled into the deep leather furniture for a long

Jennifer had her shoes off and her legs crossed as she
stretched out on the couch. Her skirt slipped up to
mid thigh and a darker band of nylon showed. "Good
grief," I thought, "can she be wearing old-fashioned
nylons and a garter belt?"

I thought about the fact that I shouldn't be having
such thoughts about my own sister.

The conversation turned to children; Jennifer still
had a teen-age son at home.

"Tommy has reached puberty and I think he is rifling
through my underwear drawer. Is that normal?" Mary
had fallen off to sleep in her chair and then gone off
to bed, and so I had to answer.

"I think it is fairly standard. It is the curiosity
factor, you know. You girls are so different and
mysterious and you wear such sensuous clothes."

"Did you go through my things when you were that age?"
she wanted to know.

"Well, I think I might have done some of that, though
you were a bit young. I went more for Sally's things
and Mom's frankly." I confessed more easily than I
thought I might. "But yes, I did do that, so don't
worry too much about it. I mean, look how normal I
turned out!!!!!"

She grinned wryly. "Really?" she said and her legs
shifted a little and I could see up her dress to the
expanse of white panty hiding her crotch. My hard-on
was back. "Do you ever think about the time you
taught me a little about sex?"

"Oh God, here it comes," I thought, fearing the worst.

"Well, to be honest, yes it does occur to me

"Wow, it was really exciting, even though I felt I had
to pretend to be sleeping."

"I'm a little uncomfortable talking about it," I

"Yeah, me too, but I figure what the hell, it is
probably pretty standard part of everyone's life, if
they are lucky, that is. And, I do consider it a
nice memory, by the way. So, ........ I decided that
this trip I would ask you about it. You don't mind do

"Uh, no, I guess not, if you don't" I mumbled.

Jennifer swung around on the couch and put her head in
my lap. Still feeling the effect of the wine, she

"Actually, I really wanted you to do more, but I was
afraid. And then I had a crush on you from then on
and we never did any more. You seemed so big and I
remember it hurting a little when you slipped into me,
even just a little bit. Remember, I grabbed it to see
what it was like and then you popped out?"

Her skirt slipped further up her thighs as she raised
her knees. Sure enough, she was wearing a garterbelt,
I noted as the clasps came into view. I enjoyed the
contrasting dark nylon and a little ring of light blue
further up. 'Christian Dior' I read. It is a sexy
sight to see the stocking labels on a lady's legs.

"They made a big mistake going to pantyhose, in my
humble opinion." I offered.

"I'm afraid I have to admit I knew it was a weakness
of yours - that's why I wore them. I guess I still
have that crush on you, big brother. Aren't I
sinful?" she teased, looking up at me and rubbing her
head against my ever hard cock.

"I'm sure that it is a good thing that you stopped
back then when you did, but in the long scheme of
things, do you ever wonder what it would hurt if the
concern about pregnancy had not been such a big

She was getting awfully philosophical with the help of
the wine, I thought. "Well, that is a thought, I
suppose. A lot of things we do are missed
opportunities when you look back on them."

"I still have an occasional fantasy about you, you
know. I lie in bed and think about you creeping into
my room and putting your hand on me and then slipping
your finger under my panties and into me as you did
once so long ago. Then I come out of the fantasy to
find that it is just good old me ...... getting myself
off and thinking of my good old big brother."

Her hand dropped down to cover the just visible white
of her panty-covered mound. "It is so sad, there are
only so many people in the world who are worth really
loving, and some of them are bound to be in your
family. Seems like they should have special rules for
that, don't you think so?" She leered up at me

"Well, I better go to bed, before we have a relapse
and get ourselves into real trouble going through a
time warp, little sister! Come on, now, I can't take
much more of this. Do you know how sexy you look
right now and how much you have turned me on all

"Still think I'm right!" she sulked as I slipped my
arm around her as we went upstairs. "Sure you won't
change your mind? I really think we missed something
nice and loving back then. I'm serious now, you

Reluctantly, I pulled myself back from the brink. "I
think we better leave it in the past, don't you?
Really? Besides, my wife would hear us and that would
be a bigger deal than if Dad had caught me! Otherwise
I would probably rape you, so watch yourself at all
future times!" I tried to joke a little to ease the

"I never like to leave things unresolved, you know
that" she insisted.

I kissed her goodnight at the top of the stairs and
felt her tongue dart into my mouth. I headed her for
her bed and squeezed the cheek of her ass as a final
good night. My hand lingered, sensing the silk
sliding over the nylon panties underneath. I couldn't
help letting it slide across the valley to feel the
other one. I was right, they were both wonderful. It
was a cruel thing to do, I know, because it must have
felt good to her, too.

She turned and showed me her pouting face, kissed me
once more and started to unzip her dress. It slipped
to her waist, revealing the twin mounds whose top
curves I had longed to touch all night.

The cups of her bra held them lovingly. The cups were
rounded by the treasure they restrained. The little
bit of lace edging the cups made them more beautiful
and inviting. In the dim light, she unsnapped the
front closing bra and let the cups reluctantly lose
their hold on their beautiful cargoes.

I stared in complete awe of the sight of Jennifer's
round breasts capped with large dark aureoles
surrounding large erect nipples. Seeing them for the
first time was an unbelievable treat and I felt weak
in the knees for a moment. It's the wine, I told

"I know I will regret this all my life, Jen, but

My will power finally turned me away, and I hated
myself all the way to my room.

I undressed and crawled in next to a quietly snoring
wife. I laid my hand on her breast, but got no
response at all. The wine had really turned out her
lights. No help here until morning, I sighed and
turned over to await a fitful sleep, very improperly
thinking about my kid sisters' tits.

"Bill!" the low, sharp, insistent cry woke me from my
half sleep.

I sat up, not knowing what I had heard. Silence.

In a moment it came again, no doubting it this time.
It was Jennifer calling my name, and trying to attract
my attention without waking Mary. Again I had to
fight my conscience. This time I lost. My cock was
again standing out in anticipation as I walked quietly
down the hall and into her room.

Just as that time so many years ago, the moon cast a
glow on the panties f the beautiful figure seemingly
asleep before me.

I stood and took in the sight. Jennifer lay before
me; her panties cradled a very prominent mound between
her smooth thighs. Her garter belt stretched from
beneath her panties to pull the nylons far up her
beautiful legs. The white bra was back in place now
and matched her panties and garterbelt in delightful
contrast to her tanned body. It was a beautiful
sight. She stretched languorously, spreading her legs
a little.

I touched her mound under the panties very lightly. I
found the top of her slit through the silky fabric and
formed a V with my fingers, moving slowly downward.
The slit widened where the entrance to the center of
her body would lie.

She stirred slightly and moved one leg to the side
allowing more room for me to explore. It was very
warm and moist here as my hand cupped her mound like a
small melon or peach. Her movement pushed the mound
against my palm and my fingers were between her thighs
holding the richness of her body in my hand.

She raised her knee slightly and the garter tented the
leg of the tight white panties away from her body. My
hand slipped into this space and slipped over to find
the light patch of hair protecting her mound. My
fingers slipped through it and I felt the beginning of
her slit once again after twenty-five years. The
thrill was similar if not quite the same. My heart
raced in the same way -- there was the danger of
being caught by my wife's awakening. And the thrill of
a new adventure, this exploring of an unfamiliar, but
beautiful feminine body, holding the promise of

Sliding along her flank, my hand guided one finger to
locate the rigid little clitoris in its protected
cove. There it was, standing up straight, encased in
her warm sweet juices, longing to be sucked into my
mouth. Pulling the panty leg aside, I leaned to kiss
the mound and let my tongue slip down the wet, wet,
deliciously wet slit.

I felt the nylon top of her stocking as I steadied

Then the electric thrill of the tip of my tongue
touching her clit made both of us jump. She rolled on
her side, and, as so long ago, left room for me to lie
close to her, my cock finding its way to the V of her
crotch. She moved again to allow my cock to rest
along the entire slit between her legs.

Her panties were a welcome mat as I rubbed my
sensitive cock head into the softness formed by the
lips of her cunt. I felt her hand just touch the head
of it briefly where it protruded between her legs.
She squeezed it gently and moved her hips in a slight
circular motion.

My hands found the wondrous globes of her firm
breasts. I felt a great contentment to lie like that,
with my cock sucking up the warmth of her center,
fondling her breasts as my hands lifted them and then
explored each from its base out to the nipple. Her
nyloned legs entwined with mine made the feeling of
total sensuality complete. I kissed the back of her
neck, moved my tongue down through the almost
imperceptibly fine fuzz on her shoulders and back.
Her thighs tightened on my cock with a gentle fondling

Still pretending sleep, she thrashed her legs slightly
and I left this comfortable position to find a new one
between her legs.

Starting with her nylon covered toes, which I sucked
briefly through the stocking, I kissed my way up her
leg. I found a hint of perfume behind her knees and
left a kiss there as my hands reveled in the silken
path they found leading to the alter above. Sliding
both hands up her thighs, I parted them and gazed at
the lips of her pussy lightly veiled by her panties.

My hands slipped under her bottom to lift her firm,
round buns and I buried my face into her waiting cunt
lips. The scent of her love juices and a hint of a
nice perfume were overpowering. My hands grasped the
waistband of her panties and slipped them down over
her hips as she raised them to help. Slipping them
down her legs and disentangling the flimsy, nearly
gossamer garment seem to float to my face.

I rubbed the wet across my lips and inhaled the scent
of her. She raised her knees, now sensing what was to
come. My tongue now found her pussy completely open
and available for my pleasure. Hardly knowing where
to start, but eager now, I plunged into the waiting
pool of juices in the hollow area that centered on the
entrance to her cunt and to her entire body. She
moaned loudly now as I felt the wetness and the
slightly acidic taste of her. My tongue felt like it
was sticking out like a very hard cock and penetrating
her hot tunnel like a sword. It was delicious and
the juices began to spread over my lips and face as I
licked deeper and pressed closer.

My hands reached to find her wonderful tits again. I
pushed her bra up over her breasts, not waiting to
wrestle with the snaps. The orbs popped loose from
their binding and they seemed to relish being freed
into my hands. I grasped them at the base and
squeezed upward until the nipples passed between my
thumb and forefinger. I pinched them lightly just as
my tongue slipped from the deep hole of her cunt up to
the turgid tip of her clitoris. I heard her sharp
intake of breath followed by a groan of pleasure of
serious proportions. It was a combination of
relief, anguish and joy mixed in one.

I feared she might scream out loudly enough to wake
Mary, whom I hoped was sleeping soundly next door. I
felt her hands grasp my head and pull it tightly into
her mound, her legs clamped around my ears and her
garters felt out of place in the slight coarseness
they brought to the play. I was in heaven.

She rocked back and forth with her body thus wrapped
around me. I was starting to need to come up for air,
but held on while licking furiously at all the wet
surfaces provided by the inner lips of her cunt, her
clit, her anus and the little barrier where the slit
ended under the protection of her mound. She came
with a great squeeze to her captive and a thorough
vibration of her whole body as my tongue explored deep
into her cunt with my nose against her clit. Just in
time, she released me for a breath of fresh air and
then pulled me up to share the taste of her cunt
between our lips and tongues.

"Oh, my god, I have waited all my life for this!" She
whispered hoarsely in my ear. "It was worth the wait.
Now give me that big cock, my dear big brother."

My cock slipped between her legs and found the entry
naturally and quickly, as if the way were familiar
from years of practice. Its head ducked inside,
greeted by the welcoming heat and moisture of her

Once again, her hand found my dick between our bodies,
but this time she helped pull it in all the way
instead of pushing it away. With a grateful lunge, I
slipped it deep into her waiting cunt. She met it
with a firm pressure of her own and our mounds came
together forcefully, with my cock buried in the folds
of her pussy.

We eagerly moved into a complementary motion. She
held my cock tightly as it rushed in and out to the
rhythms of our bodies. I felt her hand cup my balls
as they slammed into her ass cheeks as I fucked her
wildly, my thrusts varying between long and short.

I pulled my cock out completely, rubbed the head of it
all along the length of her from her anus to her clit
and back.

"More, more" were her only words.

I thrust once more the full length of her cunt and
felt my cock so completely surrounded and fondled by
the muscles of her pussy that I could not imagine a
better feeling or a more complete fuck was possible.
The tip of my dick seemed to touch the very end of her
tunnel just as its base was against the tight muscle
that was the entrance of her.

When she next squeezed my balls, I was ready to
explode. Suddenly I felt my orgasm building until it
erupted in streams of cum that I could not imagine I
was capable of. It seemed to fill her up and squish
between us as I rammed myself home again and again as
she raised her ankles around my shoulders to get me
deeper inside for one last moment of ecstasy.

"Oh, that was wonderful, Sis." was all I could gasp.
We lay together as our juices flowed out to cover both
of our bodies. Jennifer turned to lick some of it off
my cock, then took the whole thing into her mouth
and slowly let it slip through her lips.

"Can we get this started one more time, do you think?"
She smiled. I looked at her helplessly as she
unclasped her bra and rubbed my wilting cock with the
softest and loveliest mounds I have ever felt.

Slowly I began to recover.

Jennifer scissored our legs together and guided my
newly aroused, but only semi-hard cock once more into
the center of her body between her legs. We lay that
way for a long time having a slow enjoyable fuck while
the open position allowed us to explore each other's
bodies gently and lovingly. The muscles of her cunt
were wonderfully gentle on my weary cock. I gave her
breasts a fond pleasure-filled massage and her nyloned
legs were delicious surrounding me.

I kissed her fondly and prepared to go back to my bed.

"I'm glad we finally finished the fantasy," she
whispered into my ear. Our tongues just touched one
last time and were the last things to part at the end
of our kiss.


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