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pleasures postponed Ch 3tl


Pleasures Postponed

A Fictional Story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental.

By James Bellamy
Chapter Three - Howard's Club

Reprise, Chapters 1 & 2 [Jennifer scissored our legs together
and guided my newly aroused, but only semi-hard cock once more
into the center of her body between her legs. We lay that way for
a long time having a slow enjoyable fuck while the open position
allowed us to explore each other's bodies gently and lovingly.
The muscles of her cunt were wonderfully gentle on my weary cock.
I gave her breasts a fond pleasureful massage and her nyloned legs
were delicious to feel surrounding me.

I kissed her fondly and prepared to go back to my bed
"I'm glad we finally finished the fantasy, she whispered into my
ear. Our tongues just touched one last time and were the last
things to part at the end of our kiss.]

It has been three months since my sister Jenny visited us. That
astonishing visit had led to the two of us revisiting childhood
memories and enjoying the sex that our fears and concerns had left
unsatisfied some thirty years ago when she was a budding teen.
Now, as the airplane approached the airport, my mind was again on
those long ago days of sexual awakening and experimentation. Her
pretty breasts capped with the nubs which hardened so quickly to
my touch in her moonlit bedroom, the room silent except for the
sound of my heart pounding in my ears and the shortness of my
excited breathing. Her panty-covered mound had made me wildly
excited then and I felt my cock hardening even now with the
memory. The 727 bumped onto the runway and my mind returned to
the question bothering him throughout the flight. How will it
go, this first time together since playing out our childhood
fantasy in the quest room of my home so recently?

"Will we now be self conscious and uncomfortable about it?", I

Jenny waved and smiled from the other side of the hall as I came
off the Jetway. It was soon clear that she was completely at ease
and I needn't have worried. Her easy conversation made it easy
for me to get past the slight discomfort or guilt that I was
feeling. I marveled again at how easy the years had treated her
body as she leaned over the baggage carousel to get my second bag.
Her tight skirt snugged to display a panty-line arching gracefully
over a shapely buttock to disappear beneath the tightness spanning
her firm thighs. Her nylons applied a golden sheen to the calves
of her legs and, as always, she wore rather high heels that
emphasized the beauty of the leg she extended as she reached for
the bag.

The old saying.. "If she only weren't my sister ".......sprang to
my mind before the irony of the remark occurred to me, given the
circumstances we had put ourselves in just three months ago.

"Gee, it's great that business brings you here, ... I don't know
when I'd see you otherwise. What are you working on?" She asked,
as she slid behind the wheel.

'We're trying to do an acquisition of a small manufacturing
company. I'm having a look around next week to see if we can find
a way to do it,' I replied. 'By the way, are you sure you don't
want to drop me at a hotel instead of putting up at your house? I
wouldn't mind, you know."

"Hey, big brother, we just got back in touch, I want to keep it
that way, OK?" Her smile was warm and made me feel wonderfully
content to be "back home." I watched with pleasure as her tight
skirt slipped back over her thighs to make room for her driving.
The skirt had a split part way up the front and the evening sun
glinted on the nylon tightly encasing her thigh. The dark ring at
the top of her stocking was just in sight. My eye slid up to find
the tell-tale little bulge of the old fashioned garter holding her

"God, but I love you old fashioned girls," I murmured, letting my
finger trace the garter snap tentatively.

" We aim to please, " she grinned impishly. "I know what you
like, eh?" Her hand slipped her skirt an inch or so higher,
letting me enjoy a little more of her very exciting legs. I let
my hand rest on the silkiness of her thigh. Jenny put her hand on
top of mine blanketing my hand between the warmth of her thigh and
her small hand.

"I thought we'd have dinner at the Thornapple Inn, remember it?"
she asked.

Dinner was quite good, with two bottles of wine. Our conversation
was easy and full of the warmth of shared reminiscences. Jenny
kept in steady and constant contact; slipping her shoe off and
touching my ankle with her stockinged toe, leaning her knee to
touch mine, making a point by touching my hand or my arm. It was

"Do you feel like an adventure, Big Brother? I would just love to
go down along the river and see if some of those old dives you
used to hang around are still there, wouldn't you?" The wine was
making her very animated. It sounded like fun to me too, so we
were soon driving slowly along Fremont Street looking at the
remains of some fairly tawdry watering holes. Spotting an old
favorite called "Howard's" I suggested we go see what it was like
these days. It used to be a rather bright spot with music and
dancing. It was run by a large black man named "Howard"
appropriately enough, and I had spent many a lusty and drunken
evening here in my ill spent youth.

It was still the same sort of place, though looking a bit down at
the heels compared to the brightness which had graced the scene
when it was new. A small combo played something similar to the
old fashioned jazz I remembered, but with electrical instruments,
sadly enough. The clientele seemed about equally divided between
blacks and whites; in contrast to the old days when most would
have been black.

We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. Jenny straddled my leg as
she perched on the barstool and continued her non-stop
conversation laced with lots of penetrating questions for me. She
can be a bit exhausting, and I stared off into the familiar mirror
behind the bar.

"This makes me feel wonderfully naughty, coming down here.' Jenny
commented, 'Do you remember in the old days when it was
considered a little risky to come down here in the black
neighborhood?" I nodded, recalling those segregated days. "You
know, I remember that I had a secret fantasy to find a handsome
black guy here and get wildly and properly laid. Funny how it is
still an exotic and exciting thought to go to bed with a black
man. You know what they say about them, don't you? What if it's
true and they are genetically great lovers and sex athletes and
I'm the only one who never found out," she laughed ruefully.

As if in answer to that recollection, an attractive black guy
asked Jenny to dance. She happily went off and I was soon
watching a bit enviously as the two of them moved smoothly around
the tiny dance floor. Jenny aped a funny face at me,, sharing a
laugh at her wish coming true. They were both very good dancers
and so they naturally were enjoying it.

The band dropped down to a little old-fashioned slow dance music.
Now I was very envious, as I watched Jenny's classy shape mold to
the muscular form of her partner. They moved together
beautifully, seeming to slip and slide into the hollows of each
other's body in perfect time to the music. His leg, extended, was
a perfect foil for her to straddle, and I could just imagine the
mound of her pussy pressing so tightly against the lean
muscularity of his thigh.

Their bodies were slightly offset now and it was sensuous the way
I saw the light between them extinguished like an eclipse, as her
silken thigh met his and then slipped into the space between his
legs. I could almost feel the sensation of their slow moving
bodies taking smaller steps to avoid losing the warm contact of
the length of their thighs lying tightly against each other.

Now his hand was moving a little lower on her back as I watched.
She was looking up at him, a laugh on her lush lips, as he smiled
back. His hand slipped past the band at the waste of her tailored
skirt now and I watched her swivel on her high heel as his body
matched the movement. Still lower his hand traced the cheek of
her ass, so petty under the tight skirt. I could tell that she
was pressing her entire body against the sinuous body of her

His hand was just tracing the sexy panty-line that I had admired
earlier as they took a last spinning turn while the music died at

"My god, this is crazy, I thought, how can I be having this
jealous reaction to watching my own sister having such a good
time?" I wondered.

'Boy, is he a great dancer," she exulted. "How about that, big
brother, do you think I've still got it?"

"Yeah," I admitted grudgingly. "Maybe even more. I was starting
to feel jealous!"

"Heh, Heh,' she cackled, imitating the Wicked Witch of the West,
'makes me feel powerful, big bro. Can we come back tomorrow
night? I think I have a steady partner there!"

"The question is 'a partner for what' little sister, and are you
ready for that?" I asked in my best big brother disapproving

By the time we headed home, we were a bit drunk, Jenny had had a
few more dances, including one with me and we were in what is
called 'high good spirits'.

We climbed the stairs to the bedrooms. Jenny told me that her son
was on a sports trip to another town, so we had the house to
ourselves. "You know what I'd like to do? That is, if you don't
mind, " she started a little haltingly, I would really like to
replay the fantasy we did last time." "Would you feel OK about

I paused, then replied "yes, I admit, I would like that too. Very

"Oh, good," she smiled up at me, and then squeezed my hand.

Somehow, it simply seemed right. We had talked it through the
taboo concepts last time. I guess we had got past the discomfort
at that time.

Lighting two candles on the dresser of her room, she asked, "I'd
kind of like you to watch me getting undressed, like you must have
done years ago, and then sneak down to my room a little later."
She looked at me tentatively. "Is that strange."
"Yes, I'm sure we are both strange,' I laughed 'but, so what? I
can't really think of what damage is being done. Even If I could,
I don't think I could resist it." "To be honest, I think it is
warm and wild and really wonderful," I continued.

She pressed against me, now placing her head against my chest and
touching her mound against my now hardening cock. The pressure
increased the rush of juices into my cock; more or less completing
its surging hardness.

Feeling it against her tummy, she looked up and murmured "Wow,
that feels so exciting, I can't believe it!"

She guided me to the loveseat across the hall from her doorway.
She turned out all the lights. The candles, backed by the twin
mirrors over the dresser cast a reflected warm glow throughout the
room. Jenny stood before the mirrors, her right side toward me.
She stared for a moment into the mirror, and I sat transfixed,
looking at the shadows cast by the candleglow on her body. The
blue suit looked like a warm burnt orange color, the silk blouse
at her throat, a brighter shade of the same orange. The curls
framing her face gleamed in the light and her high cheekbones

With slow, deliberate motions, her hands moved to the gold
earrings and place them on the dresser. Her hands moved up her
body, lifting her breasts slightly as she seemed to admire them
momentarily in the mirror. She slipped loose the first button of
the jacket and then the second. As the buttons opened, her silky,
slightly transparent blouse gleamed in the light and I could see
just the hint of lace of the bra supporting her lovely, heavy
looking breasts. She dropped the jacket behind her and
unbuttoned first the left and then the right sleeve of her blouse.
The ruffled cuffs hung open, giving an erotic look even to this
simple gesture. Their loose gaping shape now promised more
delights to come as dropping clothing yielded the delights I
yearned for now.

Jenny unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse and let it hang open,
exposing her lacy lingerie. She turned toward me, looking
straight at me, a little smile on her full lips. She wore a bra
with lace covered cups. I could see her nipples through the light
fabric. It was really a pretty sight. The nylon of the bra clung
to her breasts in a way that made it seem part of her, yet it was
clearly supporting these beautiful rounded breasts. The band
below the bra cups tightly dimpled the flesh around her body. She
slowly let the blouse slip from her shoulders and then dropped it
on the chair nearby. She bent over, facing me, to pick up the
jacket and giving me a view of her cleavage. It is hard to
describe the sensuality of looking into this warm cleft formed by
the bra pressing and lifting her tits, it is at once welcoming,
and so incredibly soft looking, that it makes a man's throat dry
and his breath come in short bursts. Beautiful. Too weak a word!

I watched her graceful position as both hands reached to unzip the
zipper at the back of the skirt. The candlelight played with her
breasts as they pushed up, straining to escape the control of the
bra cups. She dropped the skirt with one hand and raised her
right leg out of its circle. Her garter belt suspenders, held
taught down the lovely curve of her thigh, straining to hold onto
the dark band contrasting so beautifully against the color of her
stocking added to the sensual line of her thigh.

The top band of her stockings dropped lower as it wound around on
her inner thighs. I drank in the wonderfully contrasting sight of
these two bands there so near the apex of her body. Her panties
were very light colored or white and were so thin that the curls
swirling around her pubic mound were proudly displayed. The
subtly darker patch of hair thinned out to nothing and let the
silkiness of her panties complete the framing of her beauty. My
cock was throbbing, as my hand moved to release it from my

Jenny turned away from me and bent from the waist to pick up her
skirt, giving me a view of her panty-covered tush. The panty did
not obscure the cleft of her ass cheeks and the doubled crotch
material hid the treasure of her pussy behind a wetness born of
her excitement. She went to her bed, threw back the covers, and
lay down, staring up at the ceiling. She still wore her
stockings, panties, bra and shoes, knowing this would heighten my
pleasure. It was a scene out of Romeo and Juliet! The
candlelight made it complete as their light flickered against the

I went downstairs and found a glass of brandy. The burning
sensation of the liquid was delicious in my throat; I turned on
the classical FM station and turned it just loud enough to drift
upstairs. Returning upstairs, I went to the guestroom and removed
my clothes. I sat in the darkness, sipping my brandy and rubbing
my cock in anticipation of my trip down the hall to my waiting

The strains of the Overture from Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro"
drifted up the stairs. The flickering light of the candles
penetrated down the hall somewhat. I walked nude down the
hallway, remembering the painful excitement with which I had done
this so many years ago. The excitement choking me then was both
sexual and the fear of being caught in the act! This time it was
entirely sexual. My heart was pounding at the thought of what lay

I found myself standing at Jenny's bedside, my cock now hugely
engorged, standing straight out from my body. Her bra was a thing
of beauty, a gossamer cover to her beauty. Its cups clung to her
breasts like a second skin. I longed to lick her nipples through
the nylon. Her panties matched the bra, mostly see-through with
just a hint of lace to obscure my view of her pretty pussy. She
had put on her panties over the garter belt, so that its straps
slightly tented the elastic at the legs as they reached out for
her taut nylons. She moved her right leg a little into a slight
angle, emphasizing the mound of her pussy under her panties.

As I touched her breast, Jenny moaned slightly as if waking from a
deep sleep. The nipple leapt into my hand and I bent to nuzzle it
with my lips and nose. Her perfume combined with her own scent
delightfully as it rose like a warm fog from the cleavage between
her lovely breasts. My lips traced a path across the twin mounds
and then back to the sleek nylon of the bra, pausing at the summit
of each mound to kiss her nipples. My tongue found her nipples
through the bra. Now the moisture from my tongue made the bra
cling and emphasize the darkness of her nipples as they stood out
from her breasts.
I moved down the center of her body, my tongue slipping into her
belly button moistly and then trailing down to the band of her
panties. I paused to enjoy the feel of her panties against my
lips and kissed her tummy. My right hand now touched her pussy
for the first time, teasing the fullness made under her panties by
her curly patch of hair. As my hand cupped her entire mound, I
heard her sigh and then a sharp uptake of her breath as my
fingertips touched the moistness between her cunt lips.

My middle finger insinuated itself along the deep valley between
her pussy lips, warmly fondling her clit. My left hand remained
on her breast squeezing it gently and then capturing her nipple
between my thumb and palm of my hand. My lips continued to roam
across her nyloned tummy. Jenny squirmed under my adoring hands
and moaned softly. "mmmmnn."

My hand moved away from her pussy reluctantly to fondle the nylon
of her thigh. I moved from her knee along the silkiness of the
nylons (Must be Hanes, I thought). As my hand slipped off the
nylon and onto the bareness above the dark band of her stockings,
it found the moistness between her legs again. I pressed firmly
and took her nipple into my mouth, feeling the coolness of the wet
nylon covering her breast.

Jenny spread her thighs with a sigh and I moved between her open
legs. Kneeling on the bed, I lifted her knees and trailed my
cheek down her thighs to her waiting pussy. The scent of her cunt
welcomed me. I put my lips against the smooth tightness of her
panties stretched over her pussy.

"Oh yes, " I heard her say, "Yes, please," her hand touched my
head urging me into her pussy. The scent of her was delightfully
intoxicating. I pressed my lips tight into the hollow formed
between her thighs and then the flat area between her legs. My
mouth and tongue began to seek her lips down here. The moistness
of her began to spread all around by mouth and cheeks. Jenny
squirmed beneath me, driving her cunt up into my face and moving
in little circles against me. I lay flat on the bed, my cock
finding its own way out of the way against my stomach. I could
now reach her breasts with both hands as my mouth continued to
favor her cuntal lips under her very wet panties.

"Oh, more, Bro, more, you are ..........just ..... Wonderful" she
whispered, rather hoarsely. The light flickered and I could see
her raise her head to look down at me there between her thighs.
My finger slipped the elastic of her panties aside and I slipped
my tongue into the wetness and warmth of her cunt. It circled her
clit, there at the top of the wet and deep trench of her pussy. I
sucked it into my mouth, holding it there for my tongue to taste
and tease. My tongue found the entrance of her tunnel and slipped
deep inside. I added my finger to the party and played with her
wet hot cunt, drinking in the wetness and the scent of her.
Moving back to enjoy her nylon legs against my cheek, I slipped my
finger into her cunt and then rubbed her clit between that finger
and my thumb. This drew an appreciative moan and sigh as Jenny
clamped my head between her thighs.

"Oh, that is so nice, ......I ......ahhh...mmmnh, oh
my......I don't know what.... - to say." "Now, now, please!"

I could wait no longer. My cock was near bursting. I parted her
legs and, holding the elastic of her panties aside, I moved the
tip of my cock against the wonderful wetness of her pussy slit. I
moved the glans around her clit several times and then down
through the hot wetness between the lips of her pussy. Jenny
thrust to meet my cock and it slipped quickly into her tunnel.

"Yessss" she screamed. The hotness surrounding my cock head was
an excruciating pleasure. My cock explored the folds and furrows
of the inside walls of her cunt. The head of my cock felt
wonderful and bared to the searing heat of her hot juices. The
tight entry had pulled back the foreskin of my cock, exposing the
sensitive skin underneath to enjoy the hot juices of her pussy.
I thought once more that being uncircumcised was a blessing in
disguise. The sensitive flesh of my cock head explored every
sensation there along the walls of her cunt.

"Yes, Yes, more, give me more of that big hard cock. OHHH, you're
splitting me apart. Give me that big black cock!" she urged.
"Give it to me, shove it in, shove that big black thing in my hot
cunt, baby. Come on, now, now, now, shove it in, harder,
harder! Oh that's it!!!!!!"

"Oh, my, you feel so good, Jenny." I said urgently, punctuated
by my deep thrusts.

"You, too," she managed to get out as she met each of my thrusts
with one of her own.

I raised her legs so that her knees were over my shoulders. My
cock could now reach its maximum depth. It felt wonderful.

"UMM, more. You are so..... big. Mnnph. My dear brother, so
.....big and deep. Ohhhh, ....." My sperm erupted into her as
she cried out her orgasm.

We rested there, tangled in each other's arms.

Jenny stirred. Touching my now limp cock, she giggled " Do you
think there is anything I can do to work this back up again? I
kissed her lips, tasting the remaining lipstick; "I don't think
so, do you?"

She slipped out of her panties, now so soaked with both our
juices, and handed them to me. Slipping my weakened member
between her legs, she urged its semi-softness into her cunt.

"I'd like to leave it there, then until morning! Good night,
sweet prince."

"Even if it's not black," I reminded her?

"Er, oops, I guess I did say that, didn't I. What's that about
a dream being a wish your heart makes? Sorry about that," she

"G' night," I sighed, feeling more incredibly satisfied than I
could remember ever before.

End of Chapter Three.
James Bellamy
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