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pleasures postponed Ch 4tl


A Fictional Story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental.

Pleasures Postponed
By James Bellamy
Chapter Four - family Surprises

[Reprise of previous chapters. Bill and his sister Jenny had
fumbling sexual exploration in their teen years, but never managed
to actually have intercourse. In Chapter One, as he anticipates
his sister's imminent visit to him and his wife, he reminisces
about the near sex with Jenny and worries that the subject might
come up during the visit.
In Chapter two, after a long evening of talk and drink, the two
replay their teen fantasies and after a thirty year delay, capture
the pleasures of sex which they missed years ago.
In Chapter three, Bill visits Jenny at her home some three months
later. They find that they are comfortable and unselfconscious
about their incestual relationship and enjoy it again. Jenny also
reveals that one fantasy that is a real turn-on for her is the
thought of having sex with a black man. Another unfulfilled
fantasy to be realized in future chapters.]
The gray light of dawn crept into my consciousness. The soft
comfort of the bed soothed the part of my body that wanted a lazy
day to recover from the wine and passion of the night before. And
then a wetness also found its way into my awareness. And there
was my dear sister, Jenny, idly and gently kissing and licking my
slowly awakening, very overworked penis. She was curled into a
cat-like curve, supporting her body on her elbows to reach my
center without leaning on me. To lie there forever enjoying this
ultimate pleasure, seemed an altogether reasonable choice.
Through half closed eyes, I pretended sleep while watching the
progress of her tongue. Starting at the base of my cock, her
pointed tongue just touched my sac, paused and then traced the
vein on the underside of my recovering member. Her trace made a
wet zigzag course along the length of it and I felt the coolness
of the air as she continued to the tip. My foreskin was still
retracted, and she lingered on the extra ridge that it formed
below the bulge of the crown. Her tongue licked around it very
lightly, and she examined with curiosity, as I began to respond to
this wonderful loving and laving.

Her tongue sampled the crown as it made its way to the slit that
tops my hardening pole. I could see her withdraw her tongue into
her mouth. She paused to savor the taste on her tongue, still
studying the effect she was having. Satisfied, she lifted her
head and rounded her red lips into a circle to descend on my
waiting cock. Her mouth was warm, warm and moist. She paused
with just the head in her mouth and sucked on it while moving her
head very gently from side to side. I felt her hand grasped my
balls as she slipped her right arm under my leg. Slowly, she took
another inch into her mouth. I could take no more, and this
brought a sharp audible intake of my breath, and she quickly took
more of me into her lovely mouth and I felt her begin to move up
and down on its length.

Without speaking, I moved toward her body and sought a position
giving me access to her body. She lay on her side and parted her
leg slightly. Her nude body lay before me, two lovely, round,
pear shaped breasts, a slightly bulging tummy, the high mound of
her hip, the vee between her legs, and then the beautiful pubic
mound, thatched lightly with a patch of hair protecting her pussy
from the cold. My hands found the upper slopes of her breasts and
I slipped lower to kiss that little patch so prettily set in the
little chapel formed by her legs.

Her perfume still clung there, adding to the appeal that urged me
on. I felt my cock go deep into her throat as I moved to reach
my goal. Jen gasped slightly as it went too deep into her throat
for comport. It was my turn to gasp, as she opened herself to
me; ......... such a pretty sight.

The scent of our mingled juices lingered from last night.

"How can it be that we are brother and sister, lying so
comfortably here, giving each other this incredible sexual
pleasure," I pondered. "It seems so unlikely, given the usual
taboos, but I can never remember feeling so complete nor so at
peace with anyone else in my life. Is it possible that this
relationship has the potential for more openness than can ever be
reached with someone other than a family member? Well, that is
where the word familiar comes from; maybe this is just the
logical, if forbidden extension of family." I thought.

My tongue touched the top of the puffy slit leading to her pussy.
Jen jumped as I began to part the lips at the center of her being.
She spread her legs a bit more, inviting me to touch her waiting
clit with my wetness. Finding it there in gathering moistness, I
kissed it and then withdrew slightly to see the redness of her
clit begin to harden. I enjoyed the glistening wetness draped on
this little point of sensitivity. I sucked it into my mouth for a
moment, holding it there, as Jenny clamped down on my cock. Her
mouth felt like her tight cunt circling my cock so warmly last

Freeing her clit, I continued down the lushness of her slit, as
the thatch of hair gave way to a steep valley for me to ski down
with my tongue. Into the tunnel of her cunt, I ventured, tasting
the slightly greater acidity inside. I circled it and returned to
the top to kiss her clit again, then slipped down that channel
again as she opened her legs wide to encourage me to pleasure the
broad expanse of this valley of sensitive nerve endings. My mouth
filled with the taste and substance of her juices; my lips and
cheeks were covered now, as her wetness came freely to attest to
her pleasure. Again my tongue lingered over the deepness of her
love tunnel where my cock had so recently slipped in and out so
deeply that we had both screamed with pleasure and with open,
unrestrained joy. Where my juices had fountained with such force
as my passion released itself into her.

Shifting again, I proceeded to the puckered little rose of her
anus. I circled it once, withdrew and then returned with pointed
tongue to tease her and then ever so slightly penetrate the center
of her muscle. She tightened, a little surprised, then relaxed,
as I circled again and again, before slipping back up this
wonderful wet trail, to kiss her mound.

We lay that way for several minutes, me enjoying the scent of her
pussy and Jen cradling my happy cock in the wetness of her mouth,
occasionally licking it lazily. I trailed kiss after languid
kiss on this loveliest curve in nature, the one formed by a
woman's mound of Venus.

"Good Morning," I murmured into the curls in front of my lips.

"Good Morning, to you, to, you lovely man." was her affectionate

"'Fraid you got all the 'lovely' in our family. Also all the
'pretty, you sensual goddess." I really meant all that, too.

Turning, I found my way to her breasts and settled my lips into a
pattern of wet kisses ranging from the center of the valley
between these beautiful treasures, along the smooth round slopes
rising to the brown nipples celebrating the peaks.

"Mmmmm, you can do that as long as you want, my dear. Stop it at
your peril. I've warned you!" She pressed my head to her in a
bear hug and I felt my rigid cock slip into the slit I had
prepared so well for it.

"Would you mind slipping into that new little place you teased
with your tongue. Sorry to be so forward, but it felt
interesting. I won't mind if you'd rather not, though. How would
it be for you? Its one of those things I haven't done and lately
have been wondering about. I'm getting more adventurous, in my
advancing years I guess, eh?"

"Sure, with pleasure, anything you want" I responded. I felt her
shiver with anticipation.

"Neat. I'm glad you want to. Maybe you could use a condom? In
case I want you in my pussy later? It would be better, I think.
There's one in the drawer, I think."

She opened the package and looked into my eyes for a moment. "Let
me put it on, OK?' She set about the task. 'Do you pull the
foreskin back first?'"

"Yes, it gives more feeling that way." I felt a little awkward
watching her place the circle on the head of my cock. She pulled
back my foreskin securely behind the head of my dick. She had a
little trouble getting past this bulge for a moment, then
succeeded as I jumped at the slight pain she caused. "That's Ok,
don't worry," I reassured her. Giving more reassurance than I
felt, actually. But my cock was throbbing and hugely erect now.

I lead her to a barrel shaped overstuffed chair near the bay
window. The curve of her ass under my hand was a pleasure.
Standing behind the chair, I moved her to bend over so that her
pretty ass was high in the air and her head was on the seat of the
chair. I knelt behind her beauty, licked her clit and slowly and
deliberately worked my way along the now familiar trail there
between the lips of her pussy. My tongue slipped into her pussy
and then brought her juices to her little anus.

"Is this going to hurt, much, do you think? She worried.

"Maybe a little discomfort, but if you relax, it won't be bad. I
don't think it is much like losing your virginity was. Just relax
and enjoy." I hoped I was right.

I pressed my finger into her cunt and then moved up to test her
anus. I circled it and could feel she was tense. I gently
pressed and my wet finger slipped in. "Relax," I soothed. My
other hand fondled her ass cheek and then moved around to touch
her breast. She relaxed a little, and I moved my finger a little
deeper and then moved in a finger-fucking motion, very slowly,
letting the lubrication ease her mind.

My condom sheathed cock head bulged between her cheeks. I
slipped it down and into her pussy, letting it slide in very

"Ohhh .......ohhhhhhhh." Jenny moaned deep in her throat. I
pulled out leaving my cock wet with her juices and ready for her
anus. I moved the head momentarily against her clit and then
slipped wetly up the cleft between her cheeks to my goal.

My cockhead pressed tightly against the barrier of her little
muscle and I wondered if I could get it in before I exploded, the
sperm building up a hard-to-resist pressure. I pressed again and
the head of my dick popped past the tight sphincter muscle of her

"OHHHH! .... MY GOD!"

"Shall I stop?"

"NO, NO, just wait ....... A ... min ....ute."

A gentle pressure now slipped my eager member further down the
tight, tight tunnel of pleasure.

"Yes, that's better, now. NOW! NOW! YeessssSS! MY GOD, I'M
GOING TO CUM! Oh my dear Big Bro! That feels GOOD!"

My cock was ramming in and out firmly now. The tightness of the
channel was delicious. The sensitive head of my cock explored
deep into her body while she returned my thrusts by backing onto
my shaft with firm pleasure. Suddenly I was exploding into her as
my hands held tight to her tits and slammed her back against the
base of my cock.

"Oh, yes, yes," I joined her chorus of pleasure, ecstasy, and
orgasm. I collapsed onto her back with relief and joy.

"Oh, my God, that was nice," she said, "OK for you, too, I

I was nearly unable to get the answer out, but gasped, "Yes ...
oh, yes."Did it hurt you?"

"I'm good. Just a little unfamiliar .... such a full feeling at

My weakening cock slipped out of her, the heavy condom drooping
sadly with my sperm.

"Let me do it, " she insisted, slipping it off and then licking my
cock free from its juices as a final delightful reward.

The coffee tasted good. I thought of how a cigarette would taste
if I hadn't kicked the habit so many years ago. I started to
comment on it as Jenny came into the kitchen with a strained look
on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I think we got caught. Tommy must have come home early. I just
found him in his room. " she said, concern in her voice.

A little later, Jenny's going-on- seventeen, tall, well built,
athletic looking son came downstairs. It was a little hard to
know if he had caught us. Perhaps he was a little tense behind
the friendly greeting, though.

"Hey, Uncle Bill, good to see you! How you doing?" We hugged in

The last game had been canceled and they had arrived home in the
middle of the night. He kissed his mother warmly, perhaps a
little too long.

"Well, I got plans, I'll see you at dinner, eh?" He was off
rather too quickly. Escaping? We wondered.

Jenny smiled a crooked smile with a question in her eyes.
"Handsome hunk, isn't he? What do you think, does he know?"


To be continued.
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