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pleasures postponed Ch 5tl


Pleasures Postponed

A Fictional Story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is
entirely coincidental. Your comments are welcome. (

By James Bellamy

Chapter Five -- Youthful Exuberance

I had reluctantly agreed to have a father-like talk with Tommy. I
don't know why, because I'm not much good with that sort of talk
with my own children. But, Jenny had seemed concerned about it,
so I agreed. The possibility that Tommy had, in fact, caught Jen
and I in bed together when he returned home early added to the
urgency. Even though I had no idea how I might explain to a
teenager that it was OK that I had been making love to my sister
and his mother.

"You know, he has not had a father around to talk to about sex and
growing up,' she had reasoned. 'I have tried to discuss it, but
he really doesn't want to talk to his mother about it. I know
that he gets into my panty drawer and so he must be fantasizing
about sex, maybe even about me,' she said. 'Besides, If he does
know about us, it will be better if he has a chance to talk about
it, rather than let it fester in his mind."

"OK, I'll have a go at it," I finally agreed.

The opportunity came when Tommy was shooting baskets in the
driveway. I invited myself into a game of Horse.

"Oh sure Uncle Bill, that'll be good," he said, offering me first

After a half-hour or so, I had put it off as long as I could and
finally opened the subject.

"Uh,, Billy, I don't know any other way to start this, so I'm just
going to say it. You're mother thought that you might have some
questions or concerns that I might be able to help you with. I'm
sure that sex has become a part of your thoughts and feelings, and
that is a confusing time that we all go through. Anyway, if you
do want to talk about anything at all, I would be glad to listen
and be of any help I can." I waited nervously.

"Oh, yeah,' he paused, 'Mom always thinks I'm still a kid," he
grinned sheepishly."
We took a few more turns, without saying much. Tommy seemed to be
struggling with something.

"Actually, ............. the confusing thing around here is that
I have these feelings toward Mom.

"Yes? .......actually, not too unusual with boys,' I said, 'what
sort of feelings?"

"Well, you know, we are here together all the time and I can't
help seeing her occasionally in her nightgown or even less
sometimes. You, know, it's arousing."

"Well, I think that is pretty natural, even though it makes you
uncomfortable,' I started, 'I think most of us go through that at
about your age."

"Oh, did it happen to you?" he wondered.

"Yes, ..... sure, .... the same thing. That is the way men are
built, I'm afraid. The sight of a woman, the curve of her breast,
her scent, the shape of her ass, the smoothness of her legs, turn
us on. And then, on top of that they wear clothes that add to
their allure." I continued.

"I can well recall my mother and my two sisters, your mother
included, leaving their panties lying around or in the clothes
hamper and it turning me on wildly. I can recall the silky feel
of their underwear and the scent they left in them being a huge
turn-on. Maybe you're going through the same thing. Don't think
there is anything strange about you, we all live though it."

"It doesn't necessarily end soon, either. .............. I'm
still .......uh. ..... distracted by it at my age. You get used
to it, though. And it really is nice ........ and a pleasure,
,,,,,,,,,,, don't you agree? The important thing is that you
understand that it is natural and not something weird about you."

Tommy laughed uncomfortably. " You mean you would still get
excited about Mom's panties?""

"Yes, probably." I admitted.

"Cool, " he drawled. "Your turn." My mind was distracted from
the game.

"Actually, my cousin Jody has been helping my sex education along,
Uncle Bill." We have been doing it for about a year since she
got a divorce."

"Uh, .... ... Really?" ............. I was taken aback, but I
guess not totally shocked. I tried to recover smoothly. "Your
cousin, eh? ..... Really?

"Yeah, I always liked her when we were kids, and one thing just
lead to another when she was moping around about her husband. I
have had a question about it being my cousin, though. Maybe you
can help me with that. Though it is bothering me a little less

He left it hanging, like it was my turn. "Oh, ......... how so?"
I started lamely, not knowing where to go with that sentence.
After all, maybe he had not actually seen Jen and me. ............
It was possible, anyway.

"Well, I thought maybe we were being really strange, like
......... the only ones! And then there is the thing you always
hear about - don't have sex with a relative or the baby could be
........ well, you know."

Now Tommy wasn't sure how far he wanted to go. ".....But then,
last night ....?"

"I see, I said, you mean when you came home unexpectedly ......
and ..?

"Yeah, you know, you and Mom, .... Well, you know, you are
brother and sister."

"Yes, I guess you have a right to think that this makes it alright
for you and your cousin. Still you need to be careful, I think.
But, does it bother you that your mother and I were .... Ah,
doing it?"

"No, no, .............. uh, not really ..... bit of a surprise,
of course. After all, most of my friends would like to boink her.
In fact, so would I, so why shouldn't you? Besides, she should
have a sex life, shouldn't she? I can't count the times I've had
her in my fantasies and dreams. She drives me crazy when I see
her panty line under tight slacks or see down her blouse. That
's why I'm glad for the chance to talk to you about it. I thought
I was kind of weird, but this makes me feel a lot more
comfortable. Uh, ..... I mean, you know, when you say you
were the same way. Anyway, I'm sorry about busting in on you
last night."

"Well actually, you didn't interrupt, because I'm afraid that we
didn't even know you were there until this morning" I reassured

"I'm glad to be able to talk about it with you, Uncle Bill, I was
really uncomfortable this morning. Does mom know, too?"

"Yes, but it is OK, she's just concerned about you. I should
explain uh, .....that she and I have simply gone back to our
fantasies. Like, you know, when we were your age, ......uh,
....... and acted them out a couple of times recently. It is
probably a big mistake, but there it is." I went on. "Still, it
is clear that we love each other ... uh, perhaps more that brother
and sister. I don't know if that makes up for anything, but it is
true, anyway. And, I guess I do think that is important and

"Well, it isn't bothering me, if that is what you think. It is
OK. In fact, I've invited Jody over for dinner tonight, she is
anxious to see you. I hope you don't mind, but I talked about it
with her and she is really anxious to see you," Tommy explained in
spite of my pained look.

" .....uh, you TOLD ......Jody? You mean about ......"

'yeah, I hope it's OK ... with you and Mom. We've always been
pretty honest with each other, you know!"

"Oh, boy ........" my voice trailed off.

So we went back in the house and I explained this whole tale to a
somewhat overwhelmed sister. Jenny sat down rather abruptly.
"You mean that not only you know about my big sin, but your cousin
now knows, ...... already, too? .......You have to be kidding!"

"Mom, it's OK," Tommy soothed. He put his arms around her and
hugged her to him. Jody is OK about it too. She likes both of
you so it makes her feel better about us, that is, our

"I hope it's Ok that I told her," he continued. "I had to talk to
someone, you know."

"Oh, yes, it' will be OK, I'm sure," Jen replied. "Eventually, I
guess, but I need a drink badly."

I went off to mix two.

"Besides, I am the one who owes the apology to you, Tommy. It
must have been a terrible shock. What on earth must you think of
your mother?" Jenny spoke with a lot of concern in her voice.

"Mom, it's OK, I think I understand how it can happen. And Uncle
Bill and I had a good talk, so I'm OK with this. Really. Don't
worry about it. I love you, you know that. Maybe it will be
easier to be around you for me now, too. You are a foxy lady, you
know! I can't help getting sexed up living with you ....." Tommy
let the sentence trail off into space.

Jenny looked at him a little worried, and then smiled at him. "'
We'll be even better friends, you think?"

"Sure, Mom."

We had a couple of drinks and it was soon time for Dinner. Jody
arrived promptly and,........ in mid-hug, she caroled, "And what's
this I hear about you two?" She leered expectantly. Jody was an
open, terribly frank person. Her youthful marriage and divorce
seemed to have increased her natural tendencies, especially on
sexual matters.

"What 's this about you taking my beautiful son's virginity at
such a young age??" Jenny attacked, returning the leer over
Jody's shoulder.

"And my favorite uncle has unexpected depth" she said as she
pressed her well-rounded breasts against me in a slightly more
than uncle/niece hug. "I always thought you were sexy you know,
how come you never fell for any of my flirtatious tricks?" Her
tongue slipped between my lips and I tasted the delight of her
bright red lipstick.

"Hey, hey, now cut that out." I replied. I didn't have a good
answer except cowardice more than good sense. Looking at how she
had matured, I found it a little hard to believe she was ever the
flat-chested teenager I remembered..

Tommy and I sat on one side of the table and the girls sat on the
other at dinner and the drinks and the wine had taken their toll
on all of us. I felt jenny's stockinged foot creep up my leg and
come to a sensual rest in my lap. Under the tablecloth, my hand
fondled her foot, pressing it against my rising cock. Her other
foot toyed with my ankle. I captured it between my own legs and
squeezed, enjoying the way her nylons felt, cradled there between
my eagerly seeking ankles. The music was soft and we had long
since talked through the complications of our relationships and
the difficulties they could present. We had all begun confessing
our various fantasies over the years. Especially the ones about
other members of the family.

The two ladies had become co-conspirators during the evening after
the early fencing about Tommy's virginity and the now exposed
incest of Jenny and me.

"Don't you think it is time these two boys paid homage to our
beauty and did something nice for us, Jen?" Jody began. " While
we get the brandy, why don't the two of you surprise us by being
hidden under the table when we return?"

It was generally agreed that the idea had the makings of livening
up the party. As I slipped under the table to assume my place in
the charade, Tommy grabbed my arm. "Let's swap sides, OK?" he
muttered, excitement apparent in his voice and in his eager
expression. After a slight pause, I agreed and let him move into
position on his knees in front of his mother's chair. The click
of their high heels could be heard coming down the hall, soon
followed by their chatter.

"Why where can the boys have gotten to?" I heard Jody intone with
a giggle.

"I can't imagine." replied Jenny, as she pulled back her chair and
seated herself. Crossing her legs, she pulled back her skirt
until the tops of her nylons showed in the reflected light. Tommy
was all eyes.

Jody joined her and I was confronted with a youthful set of legs
gleaming in the patterned stockings she wore. Her legs were
parted slightly and I could see her black lace-trimmed panties
showing through her pantyhose. Her thighs curved in slightly as
if to hide this view from me, but merely enhanced it. She slipped
her skirt back a few inches and squirmed on her seat as I watched
with pleasure. She had grown into a beautiful young lady, an idea
that had already occurred to me even earlier in the evening. They
continued feigning idle conversation about where we could be and I
nuzzled my chin between the nyloned knees of my young niece.

"Oh, I think I found one of them!" Jody sparkled. "What can you
be doing down there Tommy." My hands found her calves and
caressed her legs as they parted to let me continue my exploration
up the scented, silken canyon formed by her beautiful legs. I
stopped to enjoy her and she squeezed my cheeks with her knees. I
am, I confess, a nylon freak, and her move caused my hardness to
intensify. My cock was struggling to get free of my pants. As I
turned to kiss the fleshy side of her knee, I noticed Tommy seemed
completely awestruck to be staring at his mother's nyloned legs.

Tentatively, he touched her ankle and moved his hand around to
fondle the back of her leg. Carefully, he lifted and uncrossed
Jen's leg.

"Ah, I think my servant has appeared, too." I heard Jenny say with
pleasure, assuming that it was me about to move my tongue into a
worshipful position at the apex of her legs, my tongue soon to be
parting her lips. Instead, her seventeen-year-old son was poised
to enjoy the taste of her pussy juices. That is, assuming that he
didn't die of the excitement so obvious in his gleaming,
unblinking eyes. He had the advantage, I thought, as I admired
the contrasting stocking tops of the good old-fashioned garter-
held stockings! I'm stuck here with these towering pillars of
legs encased in panty hose from toe to tush.

"Ah, well, I'll have to make do," I muttered to myself, not
entirely put off by the idea, nor by the smooth wonderful whisper
of nylon covering my pretty nieces treasures. Gently, I moved
deeper into the wonderfully youth-scented valley of Judy's thighs.
My hand moved along her silky thigh until it rested against the
crotch of her pantyhose. The black lace of her panties was just
visible covering her beautiful mound. Her perfume, mixed with the
gathering natural scent her feminine juices was heavy and sweet in
my nostrils. Jody linked one leg behind me, urging me closer.

The nylon there between her legs was taut against her lovely
bulging pussy, the center seam slicing deeply and trapping the
black panties between the lips of her cunt. My hand glided up and
down over the seam - I was sure that her juices were starting now,
and I could sense their presence in the gathering heat between her
legs. As I sought entry, her hand with its long red painted nails
joined my ineffective tongue attacking the fabric barrier. My
tongue was adding to her moisture through the nylon. I buried my
lips against the flat, tapestry-like wall, which framed her now
hidden tunnel entrance. The nylon was strangely abrasive to my
tongue. Her finger moved to pierce the stocking panel for me, but
it was too strong.

Now both our hands were tearing at the nylon, I slipped my hands
under the cheeks of her ass and drew her closer against my lips,
savoring the scent of her.

More insistently, her nails sought a way to open the way for my
eager tongue.

Looking to my left, I could see that Tommy was already deeply
engrossed in his mother's treasures. His nose was against her
panties high up on Jenny's pretty mound of Venus. I could tell
that his tongue was lapping deeply into the crevice, which he had
not seen since his birth. Jenny moaned happily as he completed an
upward stroke, bringing his tongue to lift the tip of her clit
free of the clinging blue panties. Tommy had been well schooled
in the art of worshipping a warm, welcoming pussy.

I heard a pop close to my ear as Jody's nail made a small
penetration along the seam in the crotch of her pantyhose. My
finger joined with hers to expand the hole. With both hands I
pulled to part this very strong nylon. At last, her wet, wet
pussy, appeared, still partly covered by her lacy panty crotch,
secured between the cheeks of her tush.

My tongue found the tousled and slightly matted hair of her pussy.
I lingered to play with it before running my tongue along the lace
edging of her panty. I followed this trail along the high ridge
formed by the left lip of her cunt lips. She was very moist and I
could taste the thick stickiness of her juices as my tongue neared
the apex of her slit and found her clit glistening there between
protecting twin ridges. I eagerly sucked it between my lips and
heard the rewarding sharp intake of breath as she reacted to my
insistent tongue.

Her hands slid her panties aside to invite me to sample her
succulent pussy more deeply. My cheeks were soon completely
covered with her fragrant juices.

"Oh, my God, Tommmmmy, you are so good." Jody nearly shouted. My
tongue slipped deeper in her hot cunt, my nose now rested against
the curly hair atop her mound, perfumed for the occasion. I
sucked on one lip of her pussy and then slipped my tongue deep
into her pussy again and again.

" Oh, fuck, I have to have you now, Tommy, come up here, now!"
Jody reached to pull me up. I eluded her grip and grabbed for the
real Tommy, who didn't seem to want to leave his mothers steaming
pussy lips. Insisting, I thrust him over into Jody's crotch.

Jody grabbed him by the nape of his neck and pulled. Her chair
slid back and Tommy was pressed between her legs as her mound
thrust against him straining for his cock. They tumbled back onto
the floor as Jody grabbed at his cock and tore at the zipper of
his pants. With his pants and underwear half down his thighs, the
young man's raging erection waved toward the pretty slit of Jody's
cunt and slammed immediately into her. His ass cheeks tensed as
he thrust past the tightness of her and into the slippery heat of
her love tunnel. Her nyloned legs wrapped around him straining to
urge his manly cock deeper into her tightness.

Jenny's hand tugged at me and we stood and gazed at their youthful
lusting for each other. Jenny murmured, "beautiful, aren't they?
I want you, my dear brother, come and make love to me while we
watch them, eh?" Can I have some of your lovely big dick, my
sweet? Your tongue was wild tonight, you know. I could get used
to a lot of your lapping my pussy, you know." She bent over the
table and, lifting her tight skirt, I slipped her panties down her
sleek legs. She stepped out of them and I reached down to bring
them to my nose. Her juices were there mingled with the nice
strong older woman scent and the heavy fruitiness of her perfume.

" Please, ... Hurry, ......Billy, hurry .... Now!" I moved
behind her, my pants around my ankles. Her hand reached for me
between her legs as she stared intently at her young son now
thrusting like a wild stallion between the upturned pussy and
clasping legs of her pretty young niece.

She pulled my cock into the crevice between her generous, round
hips and the tip of my cock felt the intense heat of her cunt and
the wetness there to welcome me into her friendly, loving cunt.
She pushed back into me, completely enclosing my cock. My balls
were pressed hard against her ass cheeks as we began the now
familiar slow, deep, hard thrust and counter-thrust.

I am sure her cunt felt to her as if it were completely open to
me as my cock felt every fold of the inside of her cunt. It was
the openness of love and passion, the sense of being laid open,
almost like a flesh wound in which the other is made nearly a part
of your own body.

" Oh, that feels so good, Hon," "Look at them, aren't they
beautiful, aren't their tight young bodies lovely together?"

I answered silently by reaching to massage her wonderfully full
breasts through her blouse and bra, .......... watching as
Tommy's cock lanced into the pretty pussy whose juices were still
on my lips.

Jenny began thrusting back against me and the table creaked with
the force of her exertions. I pulled out completely and then
slammed my entire length into the inferno of her cunt. Then again
and again, we thrust together until finally my cum surged into the
depths of her and I felt her clasping her legs tightly around me
as her cunt squeezed me and she came wildly, lying there on the

I lay there, my cock still buried in jenny's pussy for several
minutes until the youngsters began untangling themselves and
collapsed on the floor, satisfied and exhausted.
END Chapter five. Your comments welcome and appreciated.



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