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pleasures postponed Ch 6tl


Pleasures Postponed
By James Bellamy

Chapter Six
Reprise of Chapter Five

{I am sure her cunt felt to her as if it were completely open to
me as my cock felt every fold of the inside of her cunt. It was
the openness of love and passion; the sense of being laid open,
almost like a flesh wound in which the other is made nearly a part
of your own body.

" Oh, that feels so good, Hon," "Look at them, aren't they
beautiful, aren't their tight young bodies lovely together?"

I answered silently by reaching to massage her wonderfully full
breasts through her blouse and bra, ......... watching as Tommy's
cock lanced into the pretty pussy whose juices were still on my

Jenny began thrusting back against me and the table creaked with
the force of her exertions. I pulled out completely and then
slammed my entire length into the inferno of her cunt. And then
again and again we thrust together until finally my cum surged
into the depths of her and I felt her clasping her legs tightly
around me as her cunt squeezed me and she came wildly, lying there
on the table.

I lay there, my cock still buried in jenny's pussy for several
minutes, until the youngsters began untangling themselves and then
collapsed on the floor, satisfied and exhausted. }
We sat there, Jen and I, lingering over coffee and a brandy or
two. Tommy and Jody had gone out for the rest of the evening,
leaving us to ourselves. It had been some dinner.

"You're sitting in my favorite chair, you know," she said,
refilling my glass.

"Oh, sorry, here let me get up."

"Just sit still, Big Bro, we can share."

Jen nudged me to turn a little toward her and hiking her skirt
over the dark brown bands at the top of her stockings and
straddled me. Her soft bottom squirmed against my thighs as she
slipped closer. I watched as her lacy panties crept to contact
with my cock, now returned to that comfortable hardness that is
less than rigid but feeling full. She pressed it tight against my
stomach; her hips squirmed as I scooted down to meet her firm
pressure. Her hands slipped between us, teasing the tip of my

I let her share my brandy, watching as her lips kissed the glass,
leaving a light smudge of her bright red lipstick. Her eyes were
on mine as the brandy slid down her throat and she offered it back
to me. "Umm, comfortable?" she asked.

"You know I am," I smiled.

"I know you always liked my silkiest undies. You always left my
lingerie drawers a mess." She smiled her arch smile, turning her
head to look at me from the corner of her eye.

"Guilty, I'm afraid. Forgive me? Why do you suppose that is? It
must be the nature of men to be fascinated by the softness of the
things you girls wear." I sighed at the frailty of my sex. "We
are suckers for it all the days of our life. Look, here we sit,
and me with an erection touching your panties, my hands fondling
your nylons! What do you make of it?"

"Well, that's the reason for our wearing them, I guess. You can
imagine the pleasure I got the first time mom bought silky panties
for me in place of the traditional 'lollipop' cottons!" She
giggled in quiet memories and I felt her press a little against my
hardness, her pussy fondling me gently. "Then my first bra, well,
I tell you it was mixed emotions. Loving the feel of it, admiring
it in the mirror, then scared to death you would notice and say
something embarrassing! Growing up is a struggle, isn't it? I
guess we can't blame you all that much, we can't resist buying the
prettiest and the sexiest things! You were just curious, I

"Yeah, and deprived!" I laughed.

I reached and unbuttoned her blouse, admiring her generous globes
as they emerged; pressed up by the lacy bra she wore.

"Wonderbra, like it?" she whispered hoarsely into my ear.

"Love it." The blouse was gone now and she looked lovely, the bra
straps running straight up from the sides of her breasts framing
her cleavage, now looking so opulent with her two round
prominences separated nicely. My hands joined the WonderBra in
caressing her. Something about even the soft little padding that
provided the astonishing effect was sexy, as my hands cupped both
lovely breasts, squeezing her gently.

"Umm, feels ............. Nice, Bro, you are the best lover, you
know?" She sipped again from the large snifter of brandy, staring
at me as my eyes remained glued to her breasts.

"God, you are beautiful, you know?"

"I don't want to break your concentration, Bro, but, ..........
Well, I wonder if I could talk you between my legs again? I mean
like earlier? Under the table?" she giggled. "I just loved it,
..............really, would you mind?"

I felt her pussy lips press against the round underside of my
cock, felt her wetness now pooled there in her panties. I sighed
with pleasure. I tore my eyes from the creamy wonder of her
breasts and looked into her eyes again. "I'd love it. Especially
if you like that. It's really kind of fun, too. Seeing you
touching you, tasting you!"

I could see the wet spot on her panties had spread from our
fondling, as she spread her legs to un-saddle from her mounted
position on my lap. She refilled our brandy glasses, sat down at
the table, and I found my way under the crisp white tablecloth.

Her legs were crossed; she still wore the sexy all high heel
sandals consisting entirely of tiny straps enhancing the beauty of
her arches. My hand fondled her foot a moment, then lifted it
slightly to uncross her legs before me. She held her knees
together awaiting my guiding hands, spreading them to give me a
view of the rich tan of her thighs and the nylon hallway leading
to the flatness of her panties now covering my view of her pussy.
The panty panel still looked like it bore the imprint of my cock
pressing it into the wetness between the soft pouting lips of her
pussy. I slowly approached, my hands sliding along the outside of
her thighs enjoying the silkiness of her nylons, pressing them
against my cheeks.

"Yes, mmmmnnnnnh!" I heard her mutter.

My lips touched her panties, I nuzzled her mound with my nose, the
scent of her juices and hints of her perfume were intoxicating.
My hands found the softness of her cheeks and pulled her toward my
waiting tongue as it slipped along the elastic, seeking entry to
her wet slit. I tried to suck her clit through the wet cloth
covering her treasures and felt her shudder with pleasure as the
air sucked through the fabric chilled her clit and my lips.

"Oh, yessssss, .......Bro, lovely."

My tongue played along her crease sensing that her wetness had
soaked entirely through her panties. Her hand, now moved to hold
the panty elastic aside, exposing the dark red of her pussy lips,
now swollen with excitement. I could see the contrasting bright
pink and the glistening wetness of her open slit, could see
slightly inside her vagina now, the pink giving way to a
mysterious dark, like a warm cavern waiting for me to enter. "Oh,
god," I muttered, my turn to sigh my pleasure, it was such a
lovely sight. My tongue reached to sample the taste of her.
"Lovely, mmmnh!"


"Uhhh, yes, I remember. The taste of you. Yes, but I wasn't sure
you recalled the first time I tasted you? It was kind of brief,
as I recall."

"Yeah, ................... sorry about that,
................ohhhhhhhhh, ...... but, you can take your time,
now." I heard her giggling softly.

I explored her crease, now fully immersed in her lubricating
juices, lingering around her clitoris so erect there at the top,
then down to circle the hot bittersweet of her vagina. My tongue
slipped deep inside, feeling her squeeze it with the muscle
guarding her depths. My pointed tongue followed lower, touching,
then circling the little rose of her anus.

"Oh!" she spoke a little sharply, then calmed and her hand told
me it was OK. "Ohhhh, my!"

I pulled on her clitoris with my lips. Pulled its length from its
hooded area, moved my head to tug on it. My teeth found it,
gently nibbled. Jenny squirmed with pleasure and I heard her

"Oh, yes, Tommy, yes!" the words stopped my in my tracks. Did
she know that we had changed positions before? My tongue returned
to slip into her cunt. In and out I thrust, my mind still
troubled a little, my brow frowning over my thrusting tongue. I
felt her shudder under my touch, her silken thighs tightening on
my head as I continued fondling her whole mound with my lips and
tongue, clitoris, cunt, the firm mound protecting them, the rich
curly hair over her mound now wet with our combined juices. She
pressed it into my face, thrusting again and again against me as
she orgasmed against my lips.

I felt the tension go out of her body. She slipped back away from
me, pulling me up between her legs. She had opened her bra and
pressed me against her breasts, the nipples long and distended. I
suckled there, her wetness still on my cheeks, smearing it all
over her orbs, then licking it off, enjoying every drop.

"Come, James. I'm afraid I orgasmed already so I won't be very
tight for you, but I still want you." She led the way to her
bedroom as I watched the beauty of her bottom, her firm curvaceous

I slipped her skirt off leaving her standing in panties, nylons,
garterbelt and heels. I knelt in front of her and slipped the
thin silky panties slowly down her legs. I kissed the hair of her
pussy, inhaled her scent again with pleasure.

Jenny sat back on her bed, pulling me along as she scooted to the
middle, slipped a large pillow under her bottom, offering her cunt
to me, open and luscious looking. I kissed her there between her
legs again. She thrust against me sinuously, taking more of my

"Uhmmmmm, nice, but come now James, empty yourself into me! Give
me all your sweetness. I want you!"

I knelt between her legs, felt the sleekness of her nylons, pulled
her close. I looked at her breasts still looking lovely without
her bra and sagging inevitably as she lay on her back beckoning to
me with her open arms. She reached and guided my cock into her
waiting pussy, rubbing it along the slit then guiding me into the
heat of her cunt. I felt myself slip into the searing wet heat of
her, felt a wave of sheer and total pleasure as my length found
each fold and curve inside her.

"This will be better" she muttered, clasping her legs together now
that I was fully inside her. I felt the clamping of her around my
cock, making up for the relaxed state of her muscles from having
orgasmed twice earlier. "Come in me she whispered, come in me. I
want all of your creamy juice inside me."

My thrusting was firm, slow, as I took the time to pull all the
pleasure from it. Her pussy was so warm and comfortable. My
bared cock head explored the wonders of her as she met my thrusts
with a slow pleasurable, catlike swirling of her hips.

I felt my balls tighten, tense now and wanting release. "Here,
yes!" I muttered into her neck as my thrusting became more
intense, slamming my balls into her clenched thighs feeling the
hair of her pussy tight against me at the depth of my stroke,
feeling her cling to me as I struggled to withdraw for yet another
thrust. I felt my sperm leaping up the length of my cock, felt
the first spurt reach deep into her, then again, and again. I
slumped against her and felt her rock me lovingly against her as
her legs surrounded me and held me inside her.

We lay for awhile, on our sides, but with my cock still inside

"You knew? .......Uh, that Tommy changed places ...... with me?"

"Yes, but I had to have you under the table to be sure. He was
sweet, but in a different way than you. He was so excited
........ I could tell. It's OK, I'm glad. I think he enjoyed
it. Eating me. Funny feeling, saying that, admitting that." She
snuggled close in my arms, staring off into space. "And I did

End of Chapter Six
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