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Poker and More contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and are intended for Adults Only. If you are under the age of 18, don't read this--go do something much more useful with your life. If you are offended by depictions of adult sexual activity, you are really in the wrong place anyhow, and I don't have much to say to you.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Poker and More Part one (F/mf,exhib,)By HankbellyHankbelly@yahoo.comHave you ever been scammed? Taken advantage of? Been hoodwinked, grifted, had someone pull a fast one on you? What did you lose? Was it money? Usually people are taken for money. Who ran the scam on you, a stranger, a relative, someone you sort of knew? Or, was it a friend, someone you trusted? Sometimes, people we know well are capable of scamming us, and sometimes, just sometimes, we want to be scammed.It all started Friday of Memorial day, and I was bored, just hanging at my place. All my usual gang of friends were off with their wives, and I was left high and dry, with nothing to do. The phone rang, and it appeared that my luck had begun to change, It was Amy, an old friend of mine. She wanted to know what I was up to, she and Tanya were bored, and figured I might want to hang out and drink a couple beers. I had never been involved with either Amy or Tanya romantically, I didn't really think of them that way. Amy had been a buddy of mine since high school, and other than the one time we smoked an unexpectedly potent joint under the jungle gym at the park next to her Moms house, and somehow we ended up with my hand in her shirt, and her hand firmly attached to my butt cheek, nothing ever happened. It always seemed that either I had a girlfriend when she was single, or she had a boyfriend when I was single. That went on long enough that I never really thought of her in that way. Now Tanya, she was a different story. I wanted Tanya with a white hot heat all through my junior year of college. She was this great, tall, dark haired, extremely well put together, unattainable woman. Much to my dismay, she never thought of me that way, she liked bad boys, and I'm not a bad boy. I'm a dork, it's a fact. An impossibly good looking, suave and sophisticated dork, but a dork none the less. Anyhow, after a few thousand rejections, you tend to accept that a woman basically thinks of you as one of her girlfriends. When the girls offered to come over and bring some beer, I was all game. I actually remember thinking that maybe I could convince them to go out, I was hoping to find some young sweetie to hook up with, and except for a trust fund, having a beautiful woman on your arm is the best way to attract more beautiful women. Not that it mattered, because neither of them really wanted to go out. They just wanted to get a pizza, drink some beers, hang out at the old Casa Del Benny. When the girls showed up Tanya looked amazing as usual, dressed in a pair of low rider jeans and a simple top that showed off her toned belly and ample cleavage, but Amy, something was different. Amy had make up on! And She wasn't wearing her usual baggy shorts and a hoodie sweatshirt, she was wearing tight pants that actually made me notice her tight little butt, and a baby doll tee-shirt! It made me pause for a second, but if you know Amy for very long, you learn to accept that you will never have her figured out.The beer was flowing, and the pizza got polished off quickly. It wasn't long before Amy was rooting around in my closet for the old bong. She found it and loaded it up, and it wasn't long before we were all loose and giggly. This was how it usually goes when the girls come over to hang, beer, food, pot, and then cards. Well, this evening was nothing new, because within 10 minutes of the bong being set down, we were breaking out the cards, and getting ready to play poker. None of us is particularly good at poker, and the bong hits generally reduce it to a game of luck. Sometimes one or the other of us will get on a roll, and start winning, sometimes not. The competition never is too heavy, just casual. Neither I nor Tanya were particularly on a roll, but Amy sure wasn't, and she was about out of money within an hour. She pulled out the bong, and we all took a couple tokes, getting nice and floaty, before she made her play. "Why don't we play for our clothes?" Amy said?"Strip Poker? You are kidding right?" Tanya said back, laughing."Nope, come on. We are all friends here, and I feel like my luck is gonna change" Amy said, grinning like the cat that ate the canary."Fine, but when I you walk out of here naked, don't blame me?" Tanya said"Oh, you want to play for keeps, huh? Fine by me, but I'm not the one who is going to be naked." Amy said."What about you Benny boy? Don't you want to chime in here?" Tanya asked"Come on, he has two girls negotiating a game of strip poker. Don't forget that he is a guy, Tanya" Amy said."Well I am" I said, not really believing that either of them would go through with it, " Whatever you two decide is fine with me.""Typical," Amy said, smirking. "So I guess we need to figure out who has what on, we always want to start even"Quickly they had it all figured out so everyone had the same amount of clothing. Tanya borrowed a pair of my socks, because none of us really wanted to lose our shoes. They decided that the loser of each hand had to surrender a piece of clothing to the winner, and Tanya insisted that the loser choose what piece it was. The girls were getting competitive just making up the rules. By the time they were done, they had agreed that there was no covering up, and that even if you won a piece of clothing back, you couldn't put it, or anything else on, for the rest of the night. By the time we actually started playing, the girls were ready, and I was just stoned. This didn't make for very good poker playing, but thank god that the girls were so focused on each other. Amy in particular, wanted to strip her dark haired friend. By the time I lost both my socks, Amy had taken both Tanya's socks, her pants, and when she lost the next hand, Tanya did the old take off your bra without removing her shirt trick. All of a sudden it became very real, Tanya couldn't lose another hand without being naked top or bottom. Amy toyed with us on the next hand, letting Tanya relax by losing a sock to her. On the next hand, Amy took my shirt, leaving me in my little white wife beater tee-shirt. Tanya's nipples were visibly hard under the thin material of her shirt, and the sight of them just added to an atmosphere of sex. I know the girls could see that my cock was hard underneath my jeans, and for a moment, I was tempted to give them up, just to see how they would react. I thought better of it though, because with the way Amy was playing, they would see soon enough. On the next hand, I drew what appeared to be the beginnings of a royal flush, two crap cards, a ten, a king and a jack, I thought I was finally going to get Amy, but the draw didn't co-operate fully. Luckily I ended up with a pair of kings. We all showed our cards, my kings beat Tanya's low pair, but Amy's luck continued, a full house. Amy just looked at Tanya, knowing that she was going to lose something crucial.Tanya didn't even act shy, she stood, standing up, hooking her fingers under the waist of her panties and pulling them down, staring Amy in the eye, defiantly. I wasn't sure if she could tell if I was there or not, but the sight of Tanya's clean shaven slit, visibly moist, was enough to make me hard enough that I contemplated losing the next hand, just to get out of my pants.The next hand I got lucky, and snagged Amy's pants. She took them back quickly, and proceeded to take my tee-shirt and pants. I swear I could smell the moist aroma emanating from between Tanya's legs when I dropped my jeans and the outline of my erect penis was so visible in my shorts. Tanya was the next to lose, teasing us by taking off her shirt slowly, unbuttoning one button after another, a sly grin on her face, before turning her back to gently drop the shirt over her shoulders, and then to the floor, revealing her ass. She turned and gave us the full view of her tanned 38D breasts, the relatively tiny nipples hard as steel. "Fine, I'm the big loser, are you, happy now Amy?" Tanya snipped."Not yet. Bennie here still has his shorts, and judging from the bulge, he'd be much more comfortable if I win them from him." Amy said, eyeing my cock, straining at the seams of my Calvin Klein boxer briefs."Yeah, well, If you and I play, is Tanya's out, right?" I asked"Well, She's stuck either way, I have her clothes, and we agreed that the losers can't just raid your closet, remember?" Amy said, smirking. "But I have a proposition."Tanya sat there, unashamed of her nakedness (and from where I was sitting, there's no reason she should have been!) "One hand, all or nothing. You two play as a team, if you win, you get your clothes back, and I strip down, If I win, I get you both, for the weekend, naked, to do whatever I say." Amy said.Tanya jumped right in "What do you mean, to do whatever you say? Like, we'd be your slaves or something?" "Well, for lack of a better word, yes, my slaves. I can make you do whatever I want you to, for the whole weekend, from the moment I win, until Tuesday morning" Amy said."So the two of us are supposed to risk enduring any silly thing you can think up for us, for the rest of the holiday weekend, and if we win, we what, get to see you naked?" I asked"Yeah, I think these are worth a little more than just your clothes!" Tanya said, softly caressing her breasts, pinching a nipple gently with her thumb and forefinger. "You realize you are only making it worse on yourself. Oh well, fine, if you win, You two get to strip me, and I am yours for the weekend. Deal?" Amy said, licking her lips. "Deal! " Tanya said"Hold on, I haven't agreed to anything yet!" I protested.Tanya moved in behind me, pressing her large breasts against my back, her hard nipples rubbing against my own bare flesh. She draped her arm around me, and gently but firmly grasped my cock, slowly stroking it as she whispered in my ear. "Relax, If we win, I'm going to need to use this, and I know you have always wanted that. I couldn't believe my ears "What?""You heard me, I'm extremely horny, and I need a cock. From the looks of it, you have more than enough to get the job done" she cooed in my ear. "Fine, I'm in"END PART ONE-------------------------------------The Fine Print: This edition of "Poker and More" is copyright 2001 Hank Belly. Permission is granted to distribute via and archive in and ASSTR in accordance with a.s.s.m. guidelines and policies._________________________________________________________________Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rightsreserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+| ----- send stories to: <> || FAQ: <> Moderator: <> |+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+|Archive: <> Hosted by Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository ||<>, an entity supported entirely by donations. |+---------------------------------------------------------------------------+


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