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Poker and More contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and are intended for Adults Only. If you are under the age of 18, don't read this--go do something much more useful with your life. If you are offended by depictions of adult sexual activity, you are really in the wrong place anyhow, and I don't have much to say to you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Poker and More Part Three (F/mf, ff, FemDom, anal, exhib, cons)Hankbelly@yahoo.comAll the chapters of this series can be found at: in part one, Amy (5 ft 7 32b) , Tanya (5ft 5 38D) and Bennie (5 ft 11 got together for a little beer, and a little poker, which Amy proceeded to lose at horribly. Of course this led to strip poker, in which Amy showed how she had been playing possum. She took advantage of her winning ways, and convinced the two to wager themselves as her sex slaves for the long memorial day weekend. They lost the bet, and have just spent the remainder of the evening sucking and licking their way through orgasms for everyone. They concluded the night curled up in a large pile in bed, sleeping peacefully.I woke up the next morning the same way I fell asleep, with my hardon pressed up against Mistress Amy's ass. It occurred to me that after just one evening I was already thinking of her as "Mistress Amy". She had awakened something in me that I really wasn't ready to admit, even to myself at that point. I lay there, my morning wood softening a little, and wondered if Tanya felt the same feelings, it seemed she had, but I didn't know. Luckily, I didn't have much time to ruminate on my new found submission, as I felt the soft yet firm touch of Mistress Amy's hand on my cock. She didn't really move much, just her hand, stroking me back to my full hardness, then moving her legs ever so slightly to accommodate me inside her. Without saying a word, she started to grind on my cock, her head still resting on Tanya's chest. Her breathing increased as I began to gently pump into her, until a small moan escaped her mouth. I don't know if it was our movement, or the sound of our breathing, or a combination of both, but it wasn't long before Tanya's eyes opened, and she realized what was happening on top of her. Amy reached back, and stopped my humping, allowing Tanya to adjust her position, and kiss Amy on the lips. When I felt Tanya's hand reach down and play with Amy, fingering her clit, and massaging the base of my cock , I started pumping again. Amy 's back arched, her pussy clamped down on my cock, and Amy's mouth opened wide in a sound less scream. As she came down, she turned her face to me, grabbed me by the hair, and pulled my face to hers, kissing me deeply. "You ready to give Tanya some?" she whispered to me."Yes Mistress Amy, whatever you want" I answered. "I love the way you say that." Amy cooedAmy whispered to Tanya, giving her instructions."I don't know if I can do that, Ma'am!" Tanya said."Now, just relax, and let me guide you through it, I promise that it will be worth it, in more ways than one." Amy said, gently stroking Tanya's hair.Amy moved herself up to the top of the bed, of the bed, sitting up, leaning against the headboard. For the first time, I was able to really take in how striking her nude body was. Tanya's body was amazing, and between the chest, and the soft, statuesque curves, she made an initial impression beyond compare, but as Amy sat back, against the headboard, her legs spread and her wet pussy lewdly displayed, the beauty of her smaller, tighter package was remarkable. Her small breasts were firm and full, with tiny little rosy nipples, erect with excitement, the short, blazing red hair framing her face, how had I never noticed?"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Amy said, a cross between annoyance and curiosity in her tone."I'm sorry, Am... I mean Mistress Amy. I was just thinking, wondering..." I stammered"What? Spit it out." Amy said" I just noticed that you look, stunning right there, and I wondered how I never saw that before, to tell the truth." I said, averting my gaze."Oh, well, if that's why you are looking at me like that, I guess, feel free." Amy said, grinning as an ever so slight blush came over her face and upper chest. "Ok, then, Tanya, move up here, like I told you."Tanya crawled up to Amy, and positioned herself so that her upper body was resting on Amy, her head cradled in Amy's arms, face to face with those china pale, lightly freckled breasts. Tanya's lower body was in a fairly awkward position, on her knees, her legs parted, her slit facing me. "Can you drop your hips down any? Amy asked, very sweetly, considering the position Tanya was in. She handed Tanya a pillow "here, put this under your tummy, it will make it easierTanya shifted and put the pillow under her, which allowed her hips to drop down, while remaining on her legs. This resulted in her legs spreading a little, while the folds of her pussy and the pucker of her anus were now completely exposed. "That's perfect, Girl. Now boy, I see that we have your full attention" Amy said, staring at my cock, which was rigid, just as it had been all night last night, and all morning. "Move up behind her and enter her slowly. Amy directed me to get up on my knees behind Tanya, who wasy laying on Amy's lap enough, that from my view, it almost looked like they were one, very bizarre woman, in front of me was Tanyas hindquarters, all so exposed, the smooth tan expanse of her back,, the back of her head, with Amy's face above that. Amy directed me to slowly enter Tanya, who was amazingly wet. As I slid into her, Tanya let out a very low, gutteral "oooooh" accompanied by a marked increase in her breathing, her face buried in Amy's cleavage. Her pussy was amazing, firm, yet not too tight, but in no way loose, smooth, velvety, it was everything I had ever imagined it to be and more. The whole situation was so unreal, I had to concentrate to keep from, coming right off the bat. It was the second pussy I had been in that day, and it was scarcely 10 am! I slowly started to pump my hips, thrusting in and out of Tanya, who responded by moaning loudly and pushing her ass back to meet me. WHACK! Amy's hand slapped one of the cheeks of Tanya. "Stay still, no trying to get him off to get out of this, " Amy commanded, leaving a bright red spot on Tanyas ass. Tanya responded by moaning "Oh fuck! Just have him fuck me, oh please, just fuck me!""That will happen soon enough, now relax!" Amy barked.Amy reached into the little drawer on the nightstand, and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. At first I was unsure how she knew that was there, as it was my apartment, and why we would need it, because Tanya was producing plenty of lube for both of us. I remembered that Amy was my best friend, she knew where things were in my house that I didn't know about. The second question was answered when Amy put a heaping dollop of the lube on her finger, reached out, and slowly started to probe Tanya's ass with the finger, slowly working it in. This kicked Tanya into overdrive, moaning even louder. "OH GOD MA'AM, please let him fuck me, I'm going to cum!" Tanya howledAmy simply told Tanya "SHH, your about to get it" as she pumped a second finger into Amy's pucker, matching my stroke in and out, as I worked her pussy."Boy, I think you know what I want you to do, don't you?" Amy said, smiling wildly. "Now that your cock is nice and wet, and she is lubed, I want you to very slowly, and gently pull out of her pussy, and put it in her ass. Very slowly, you aren't particularly small, and she's a virgin back there."I nodded yes and pulled out of Tanya, my cock covered with a sheen of juices. I lined it up with her tiny rosebud, and started to push, when Tanya looked up at Amy."Please, no, don't make him do that, Ma'am, I don't want to, pleaaaase!" Tanya pleaded"Shhhh Girl, I promise you, I won't let him harm you. It will hurt, but at the same time, I think you are going to love it. It's just Bennie, you know he wont harm you, don't you?" Tanya said, her tone very soft and re-assuring, her hand stroking Tanya's hair and caressing her face."Y-yess, Ma'am" Tanya said, the tears streaming from her eyes "I'm afraid""Don't be scared, pet. Now he is going to push into you, just relax." Amy cooed.Amy nodded to me, as she continued to caress and stroke Tanya's hair and face, wiping her tears. I once again lined up and pushed gently against Tanya's pucker, feeling it resist at first, then relax, allowing the head of my cock to pop in. Slowly, I inched my cock deeper into her, a little at a time, she was so tight, I would push a little more of my cock in, and then pause, push a little, pause, until my thighs rested against her supple buttocks. It was the tightest place I had ever been in, and I knew I had to take it extremely slowly."Omigod, omigod, oww, ohhh, Oh my GOD!" Tanya howled, at the top of her lungs.Gently I pulled a couple inches out of her, feeling the sphincter grip my cock, then pushing it back in, then out a little bit, and back in, slowly humping this ass that I had stared at so many times. Every time I pushed in and then out again, I felt her relax a little more, as I started to pick up a rythym. "Very good....Tanya sweetie, tell me how it feels" Amy said, her voice still very sweet and tender."Oh god, it hurts, it feels so full, like he's splitting me in two. How can it hurt so bad, and feel so good, Ma'am....Ohhhhh!" Tanya panted"Now you understand it," Amy said, still sweetly, yet devilishly. With every stroke, my pace increased, and soon, I was fucking her ass in earnest. I couldn't believe that I had hung on this long, and I knew, I couldn't possibly last much longer. Tanya started to shake, yelling."Oh Jesus, OH GOD OH OHOGODOHGODOHGOD! I'm so close, Ma'am!" Tanya screamed."I'm...(gasp)...holding...(gasp)...back...(gasp) well...(gasp)...Mistress." I said.Amy grinned in a way I can only describe as evilly. "Don't either of you dare come yet! Girl, tell him what you want him to do, tell him if you want to come""Ohhh, god, Ma'AAM, I can't!" Tanya gasped"Do it if you want to come!" Amy barked"Yes, yes Fuck my ass, oh god!! FUCK It, FUCK MY ASS HARD, MAKE ME CUM, OH JESUS, FUCK MY ASS! COME IN MY ASS! OH GODDDDDDDD FUCK IT HARD, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Tanya screamed"Perfect!" Amy said.I began to thrust as fast and hard as I could, as Tanya started to thrash in Amy's arms, her whole body becoming rigid. "OhhhhHHGGODDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! COME IN MYYYYASSSS!!" Tanya howled.Just as I pushed in deep, Tanya came, her sphincter grabbing me, and stopping my motion, all of which served to push me over the edge, I felt my entire being explode up through my balls and begin to shoot deep within Tanya's bowels. I felt spurt after spurt of my hot semen blast into her, as she, and then I went limp, quivering in a pile atop Amy. Our short choppy breaths were suddenly the only noises in the room, and I felt Amy's soft touch on my face as my cock deflated and as my leg spasmed with an aftershock, I popped out of Tanya's now well used backside. I rolled off of Tanya, and on to the bed, exhausted. Tanya was practically comatose, her breath coming in extremely short bursts, her eyes full of tears. She rolled off of Amy, and onto me, her arms involuntarily wrapping around me, her face buried in my shoulder. It was wonderful. I was somewhat aware of Amy getting out of the bed, as Tanya and I drifted into a well earned sleep.END PART THREE- = - - = - - = - - = - - = - This story carries the codes: (F/MF,exhib, FemDom, Anal)The code, "exhib," means exhibitionism.For other codes, and how they can help you find the stories you want, see: Story-Code FAQ for readers. - = - - = - - = - - = -


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