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Poker and More contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and are intended for Adults Only. If you are under the age of 18, don't read this--go do something much more useful with your life. If you are offended by depictions of adult sexual activity, you are really in the wrong place anyhow, and I don't have much to say to you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Poker and More Part Five (F/MF FemDom, oral, anal, exhib, cons)Hankbelly@yahoo.comAll the chapters of this series can be found at: FIVEPreviously, Amy (5 ft 7 32b), Tanya (5ft 5 38D) and Bennie (5 ft 11 got together for a little beer, and a little poker, which Amy proceeded to lose at horribly. Of course this led to strip poker, in which Amy showed how she had been playing possum. She took advantage of her winning ways, and convinced the two to wager themselves as her sex slaves for the long Memorial Day weekend. They lost the bet, and have just spent the remainder of the evening sucking and licking their way through orgasms for everyone. They concluded the night curled up in a large pile in bed, sleeping peacefully. In part two, Amy woke her two new pets up for a heated sex session, which culminated in Tanya experiencing anal sex for the very first time. Both this left both Bennie and Tanya exhausted, curled up in each other's arms. When they woke up, Amy had gone for "supplies" and left instructions for the two of them to shave each other, and do whatever else came naturally. They had a glorious lovemaking session, and over the course of the day, feelings other than just sex came to light. They had just collapsed together again, when they heard Amy's key hit the front door lock.Amy walked into the bathroom, and saw Tanya lying on top of Bennie, the tub slowly draining around them. Amy turned her head, to look at Amy; a post orgasmic grin still plastered across her face."Hi, Ma'am, how are you" She said, her voice very enraptured."It looks like you two made me a good tape. Thank you pets" Amy said, reaching over to turn off the camera."Oh yeah, the camera!" I said, remembering that we had taped the whole thing."Well, get out of that tub, towel off, and come in the other room, I want to inspect your work." Amy said, rolling her eyes at us as she left the room.Tanya got out of the tub and grabbed a towel. I offered to help her towel off, but she thought that we had better not get started down that road again."We know what happens when the two of us get all touchy feely, don't we?" We shared a laugh and walked out into the living room, all dry and clean. Amy was sitting back in the hideous green leather recliner I found at a garage sale in the "rich" part of town. The color was truly awful, but it was comfy, and it matched my decorating scheme of "really cheap chic." Amy looked at the two of us and smiled. "Look at my two pets, freshly shaved and even more freshly fucked!" Amy said, grinning. "Lets have you two present yourselves for inspection."I looked at Tanya; she looked at me, neither of us precisely sure what Amy meant. We stood in front of Amy, side by side, arms hanging at our sides. "No, no, no, no. That's not what I want. Hands behind your neck, legs spread just beyond shoulder width, eyes forward. Shouldn't be that hard." Amy said, a stern tone creeping into her voice.Tanya and I moved into the prescribed position, my cock starting to rise under the scrutiny. Amy smiled and grabbed it, stroking it to full hardness with one hand, while running her other hand over Tanya's smooth slit. Tanya let out a small moan, as I felt Amy's hand move to my smooth balls. Abruptly, Amy let go of us, and stood up, walking around behind us. "Bend at the waist, grab your ankles." She said, a loving yet stern tone in her voice.We both complied, my hard cock rubbing against my stomach as I bent over. I felt Amy pull my cheeks apart, inspecting me in detail. I let out a soft grunt when her finger ran over my anus. "Very nice boy, our girl has done a thorough job on you. You may return to standing upright, eyes forward," Amy said.I stood, and from the corner of my eye, I could see that Tanya's backside was getting the same inspection as I got. I heard Tanya moan when Amy touched her tiny pucker."I see that you did a very nice job with the girl as well, boy." Amy said, walking around to in front of us. "Question, did accomplishing this leave the two of you tired, or hungry?" Quickly, Tanya and I told Amy that we were both very hungry, but not really tired. Amy told us that she stopped at a deli for some lunch while she was out, and there were sandwiches in the kitchen. She said that she wanted to watch this tape, and we could go eat in the meantime. She dismissed us, giving Tanya a swat on the ass as we walked away.In the kitchen, Tanya and I both sat and ate our sandwiches, chips and potato salad. I hadn't realized how hungry I actually was, until I devoured the food in record time. Tanya sucked down her food speedily as well. We were so busy devouring the lunch that we never even spoke. The only noise, aside from the sound of chewing, was the sound from our videotape in the other room. About the time we finished up, we could both hear the unmistakable sounds of Tanya cumming, on the tape, from the living room. We walked back, only to see Amy, on the couch, completely naked, her legs splayed apart, a small "pocket rocket" vibrator humming as she worked it over her wet pussy. She pressed pause on the tape, and smiled at us."Very nice pets! That was fast, you're just in time. I'm in the mood for you to work on my feet. I am going to keep watching the tape, each of you take a foot, and give me a massage." Amy said, licking her lips.Tanya and I sat down and took Amy's feet in our hands. Our backs were to the television set, although the sound of Tanya orgasming from my oral ministrations was obvious. Tanya blushed a little, when she actually heard how dirty her mouth could be, in the throes of passion. I looked at her as I rubbed Amy's foot with soft pressure, and gave her a wink. Before long, Amy had her pocket rocket fired up again, and was tracing the length of her slit with it, dipping the tip of it into her, moaning. My hands roamed her foot, feeling for tense spots, finding them, and carefully working them out. Amy looked down at Tanya and myself, smiling."Mmmmm oh, that is nice, keep it up, pets" Amy said.Tanya caught my attention with her eyes, and gave me a look, as if to say, "follow my lead." As she rubbed Amy's foot, Tanya leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss right on her big toe. She continued down her toes, kissing each one in turn. I followed, lavishing kisses on her toes, and then the rest of Amy's delicate little feet. I'm not at all a foot fetishist, but the look of ecstasy on Amy's face as Tanya and I worshipped her feet was more than enough to make me love what I was doing. Before long, Tanya and I were sucking on Amy's toes, tickling each one with our tongues, sucking them as if they were a penis, as Amy furiously frigged her clit with the humming little vibrator."Oh yes, suck my toes, suck them sluts. Oh god, keep sucking, I'm gonna cum! Yes, that's it, suck my toes, you bitches, oh, oh oh, god! I'm cumming." Tanya yelled.Amy's back arched, her hand flying off her clit, the vibrator falling to the floor as she started to come. Tanya stopped sucking, and began softly caressing Amy's feet, as she came down from her orgasm. On the television, we could hear the sounds of Tanya and I orgasming together in the bathtub. We both giggled at the timing of this."Stop giggling like a couple children, Your mouths NEED to be up here, kissing me!" Tanya said, grinning in a post-orgasmic bliss. We moved up and Amy grabbed the back of my head, by the hair, pulling my face to hers and kissing me deeply, her tongue snaking into my mouth forcefully. Tanya began covering Amy's face and neck with soft kisses as I kissed her. Amy momentarily broke the kiss with me, turning her face to Tanya, who received an equally forceful, passionate kiss. I took my turn planting kisses all over Amy's face and neck until her lip lock with Tanya broke, and she began to slowly push Tanya's head downward. Tanya responded to this by kissing her way down Amy's neck, her breasts, sucking a nipple into her mouth, then down, Amy's torso, kissing her tummy, her belly button, then her hips, finally settling in front of her glistening snatch, still wet with the dew from her earlier orgasm. As Tanya slowly started to lick the juices from Amy's sex, I moved to her breasts, placing soft kisses all over the surface of them, avoiding the small rosy nipples until I had covered the rest of the breasts. Amy began to grind her hips once Tanya went at her slit with her tongue, nibbling and licking at the folds of her lips. I sucked one of Amy's hard nipples into my mouth, very gently biting at it. The two of us were doing a very good job of making Amy moan, as a guttural, incoherent string of vowels escaped her mouth. " Oaahhhooo, Uhn Huh, iiiiieeee!" Amy moaned.I moved from one nipple, to the other, as Tanya decided to attack Amy's erect little clit, now poking its head out from the nest of red pubic hair between her legs. As Tanya sucked at Amy, she pushed two fingers into her, moving them in and out, fucking her. This pushed Amy over the edge, her face contorting in an extreme orgasm, her mouth wide open in a silent scream. One of Amy's hand's grabbed the back of my head again (something I was beginning to get used to,) as the other grabbed at Tanya's hand, stopping both of us, leaving us unable to do anything but watch and enjoy Amy's climax. When she began to come down, Tanya and I moved up beside Amy, wrapping our arms around her, cuddling her in her bliss. Time seemed to stand still as we lay there, one mass of naked, sweaty flesh. Even our breath seemed to rise and fall in unison, that is, until Amy jumped up."We're far from done, pets. I have so many more plans for us" She said as she walked across the room, the late afternoon sunlight streaming in through the cracks in the venetian blinds, accenting the flame red hair on her head and pubic mound.She went over to the table in the corner of the room, where there were several unmarked shopping bags, and a duffel bag setting. She produced two thick, black silk blindfolds from one of the bags, and tossed them to Tanya and me. "Put these on, I want you to be surprised!" Amy said, grinning with mischief, a look that was now familiar to both Tanya and I.We both stood, and put the blindfolds on. Once the thick silk of the blindfold blocked my vision, Amy moved me to my knees, allowing me to sit, sort of. I couldn't tell what she was doing in front of me, but I could hear that she was doing something with, or possibly to Tanya, directly in front of me. There was the feeling of someone standing directly in front of me, but without my vision, I couldn't tell. I heard a few more minutes of fumbling, and more than a little giggling. The curiosity of the situation was killing me. Amy soon directed me to lean forward, my ass sticking out. The blindfold might have obscured my vision, but not my sense of smell, and that told me that my face was within inches of Tanya's sex, the tangy, sweet aroma of Tanya excited was burned into my brain."Ok, you can look now" Amy said.I felt the blindfold removed, and for a moment, I was blinded by the sudden brightness. As my eyes began to focus, I saw that Tanya was, in fact, was standing in front of me. The difference was, where I expected to see her sweet, smooth pussy, there was a large rubber cock protruding from a strap on harness!"What the?" I exclaimed."Hush boy, you will be making enough noise soon enough, boy!" Amy said, an evil glint in her eye, "You are going to get her new cock all wet and sloppy ready for her to use." "I don't understand, Mistress." I said, thoroughly confused. "Well, I guess I have to spell it out. Suck her new cock. Is that blunt enough for you? You need to stop talking, and start blowing her. There's a little nub that covers her clit, so anything you do is going to be transferred to her pleasure button." Amy said, slightly annoyed.I looked up at Tanya for a moment, then at the thick dildo, its color not quite the same as Tanya's beautiful flesh, but close. I thought for a moment, gathering my courage. Damnit, I can do this. If it takes me sucking off Tanya to make Amy happy, well than that is what is gonna happen! I stuck out my tongue, and began to give the rubber phallus the best blowjob I could. I started by starting at the base, and licking my way up the underside, all the way up to the head, before I slipped it into my mouth. I began bobbing my head, sucking in a little more on every down stroke. I attempted to take the whole thing down my throat, but I guess there's a technique to that, or something that I don't understand, because I started to gag. I made sure to keep my eyes looking up at Tanya, for the simple fact that I know how erotic it feels when I have a set of female lips around my cock, and her eyes are looking up at me."See Girl, that's what you look like when you suck a cock. See the way he keeps his eyes looking up at you? That's what a man sees when you suck him off. See the way his mouth looks, how submissive he looks, his eyes, the way he devours your cock?" Amy said.Tanya smiled, looking down at me. She sweetly stroked my hair, and caressed the side of my face as I bobbed up and down on her cock."God, I feel so special, I can't believe he's doing this to me" Tanya said, smiling."Exactly!" Amy said. "Really gives you an insight into the male mindset, doesn't it?" Amy said. Tanya continued to stroke my hair as I sucked on her "cock". Meanwhile, Amy walked behind me, out of my sight. Not that I was really looking at her, my eyes were fixated on Tanya, her face in particular. It's difficult to describe the look on her face. She was obviously feeling something, but it was more than that, she looked so, happy, and grateful, it made it that much easier to swallow my pride, and the large dildo. I pushed my head down on it, just shy of the point where I started to gag. Behind me, I felt Amy spreading my cheeks apart, a cool breeze on my now exposed anus. I tried to concentrate on Tanya, giving her the best blowjob possible. This became very difficult when I felt something cold on my puckered little opening. I groaned onto the dildo when I felt Amy press on me, pushing a finger into my ass. "Keep sucking boy. You didn't think that I was going to let you take our girl's ass for the first time, and not let her reciprocate?" Amy said.My eyes grew wide; I felt a panic in the pit of my stomach. The only thing that kept me from jumping up and running was Tanya, she just gently ran her fingers through my hair, and looked down at me with re-assuring eyes. "It's gonna be ok, baby. I swear. You were gentle, and strong, and wonderful to me this morning, and I'm gonna do the exact same to you. I promise that if you relax, I'll make you feel wonderful." She said, softly. Something about her, the tone, the way she touched my face, the look in her eyes, I felt myself relax, I knew it would be ok. Amy was now fucking two fingers in and out of my ass, and as I relaxed, I realized that it actually felt o.k. The only time it really hurt was when I tensed, so I tried to just concentrate on the feeling, and sucking. Tanya's eyes broke from mine, looking behind me. She nodded, and pulled her strap on from my mouth. I noticed that there was a bit of soreness in my jaw, like when I exercised, and knew I would feel it in the morning. Tanya kneeled down and kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth, I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure, from the wonderful lips of Tanya, and from the forbidden pleasure in my backside. "Just relax, baby, and remember to breathe." Tanya cooed, before kissing me again.Then she got up and I couldn't see her any more. I closed my eyes, and felt Amy's fingers disappeared from my hole. I felt Tanya take her place behind me, and the head of the dildo touch my ass. I flinched, I didn't mean to, but I did. As soon as I did, I felt two different hands on my back, softly caressing the skin. Amy moved in front of me, and I felt her hands softly holding my face. I opened my eyes, and Amy was sitting in front of me."I held girl, helped her through it, and I fully intend to do the same for you boy. I want you to enjoy this, as much I am going to enjoy seeing it happen to you." Amy said, her soft lips touching mine in a sweet kiss.Amy moved me so that my face was resting on her shoulder and upper breast; she stroked my head, making me feel safe and relaxed. I felt Tanya begin to push the head of her dildo into me, it hurt, even as I tried to relax and open up for her. She pressed a little harder, and I felt the head pop into my ass. I gasped; it hurt in a way I had never felt in all my life. The ring of my sphincter really felt stretched, and I couldn't believe the way the feelings of pleasure and pain mixed in my brain. Amy held me tight, caressing me, urging me to relax. I couldn't help it, a tear leaked from my tightly shut eyes. Tanya slowly pushed into me, inching her way up into me, with every tiny push, I felt myself relax, and allow her to move in easier. It wasn't long before I felt the warmth of her legs against my flanks. As her strap on cock moved inside me, there was another feeling, one I hadn't expected. I could feel the cock pushing against and over the back of my own cock. I was so hard; it sort of felt like I wanted to come, but different. As Tanya started to very slowly move in and out of me, taking short strokes, I felt Amy's hand leave my back, and move between us. I couldn't see with my eyes closed, but I was sure she had started to touch her own sex. Tanya must have felt I had relaxed and loosened up enough, because she backed the dildo out a little, and gave a real thrust into me. This felt both amazing, and excruciating."OH! God!" I exclaimed. "Shhh, relax pet, you are doing wonderfully. Tanya is going to fuck your ass for real now. Don't fight it, relax." Amy cooed.Tanya pulled out a little more than she did before, and thrust back into me, the large phallus between her legs sliding out, and then back into me. She kept doing it, more forcefully every time, more of the cock coming out and then back in to my ass. The feeling of the cock sliding over the back of my own cock was unreal. I didn't know whether to scream, or come, or come while screaming. I began to pant. Tanya was moaning, I was moaning, Amy was moaning, her hand moving furiously between her legs. "Ohh god! Ma'am, I think I'm gonna come! OH MY GOD!" I yelled."I'm fucking you, I'm fucking you, OH god, OH FUCK, I'M FUCKING YOU!" Tanya screamed."Come my pets, both of you, come for me!" Amy said, her own breath choppy and short."OH JESUS, I'm going to cum, I'm...AHHHHHH OHHHH!!" Tanya howled, slamming my ass hard with her strap on cock. "FUCK, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK ME HARD" I yelled, not even aware of what words were coming out of my mouth until they had escaped. My body spasmed, and shook, I beared down hard on Amy, pushing into her, as an orgasm like none I'd ever had overwhelmed me. I felt my cock spurting all over Amy's legs. My screams went silent. I couldn't think, it seemed to go on and on and on forever. I collapsed into Amy's arms, my knees going out from under me, as Tanya slipped out of my ass, and collapsed on my back. The three of us in one sweaty, sticky, exhausted. After a moment, Amy rolled us off her, Tanya still spooning me, and she must have pulled the harness off of Tanya. I felt her spread a blanket over the two of us, and I drifted off into the sweet release of sleep.This story carries the codes: (F/MF FemDom, oral, anal, exhib, cons)The code, "exhib," means exhibitionism.For other codes, and how they can help you find the stories you want, see: Story-Code FAQ for readers.


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