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princess Britney 2


Xavier Xander Xenon

"Princess Britney" Part 2 Based On A True story
Weeks have passed since my last story about my princess. the first day
of the summer term at our college was the first time we had been alone
together in about a week. so when we did get together.....oh man was it

I woke up earlier then usual that morning.... I wanted to be awake
before she got here; I had things planned for her this day. I took a long
warm shower, and eat a small breakfast while i waited for her. Finally
around 11am she came over, miss early riser had overslept. I hugged her
and we kissed passionately. She was in a feisty mood and wanted to tease
and torture me, so she came up with all these things we "HAD TO DO" before
we could make love, yet everytime she got the chance she'd reach down and
squeeze my cock or kiss my neck just to tease me.

Finally we got everything down and we were back at my house. She looked
up at me and with a devilish smile and an innocent stare "gee...what are we
going to do now" I kissed her and led her over to the couch and laid her
down. I kissed her sweet lips and caressed her breasts. She reached down
and slowly stroked my cock through my pants. I lifted her shirt to expose
her luscious breasts and kissed her perky erect nipples. She reached up
and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me up to her face and kissed me,
slowly she moved her kisses to the side of my face and down to my neck as
she sunk her teeth into my neck. We kissed and fondled each other for what
felt like hours but was in all reality probably only a few minutes. i
slowly unzipped her shorts and slide them off. As she laid there naked I
couldn't resist kneeling down and kissing her sweet tasting pussy and
licking at the juices that were already flowing from her moist hole. I
love the way she tastes, so sweet and fresh. She kicked and squirmed as I
slide my tongue in and out of her cunt like a little cock, fucking her with
my tongue making her wet and horny. " Oh my god stop please, please fuck
me, i need you," she screamed.

I brought myself back up to face her. i kissed her let her taste
herself on my lips and tongue. As we lay there kissing and fondling each
other, she reached down and grabbed my cock forcefully yet playfully and
stroked it a few times before shoving it deep inside herself. "Ohhh god i
almost forgot how big your cock was" she moaned " I missed feeling it
inside me" she added

We were going at it like animals rolling around and fucking so hard we
actually feel off the couch, it didn't matter to us, we were so happy to be
together once again and that was all that mattered. When we landed she was
on top, she giggled and leaned over biting into my neck again, sending
shivers of pleasure throughout my body.

"Gee, Xavier, I think you've been a bad boy" she leaned to kiss me but
stopped just short of reaching my lips "And you know what I do to bad boys,
don't you?" With that she bit my lower lips and kissed my forehead as she
laughed. I stared back into her beautiful eyes and while trying not to
laugh at how goofy she was acting I said, "Nope, can't remember maybe you
should show me"

She leaned over laughing "you can be a real asshole sometimes you know
that!" She sunk her teeth into my neck once again, this time she drew a bit
of blood on accident "oh but princess thats why you love me" i said
laughing "yeah whatever, shut up and fuck me" i could tell she was getting
close to coming, her pussy was squeezing my cock tighter and she was riding
me like i was a horse in the Kentucky Derby. She started screaming and
digging her nails into my chest, as she climaxed her screams got so loud
and high pitch i could barely hear them anymore. After she came she
collapsed onto my chest panting heavily "Your turn" she mumbled with a
smile on her face. She rolled off me and laid face down on the floor. I
got behind her and slide my hard cock deep inside her moist pussy. "Ohhh,
god I love fucking you after I've came" I rode her from behind slowly,
thrusting my cock deep and hard into her pussy. She knew I was getting
ready to come so she squeezed her pussy tight around my cock, try to milk
every last drop of cum out of my cock and balls. With a loud scream, I
came deep inside her, as I was coming I pulled my cock out of her and shot
the last few spurts of my cum all over her ass. We lay there kissing each
other for a few minutes, until we realized what time it was and that she
was supposed to be home in 20 minutes. We got dressed kissed one last time
and she left, let me all alone with my thoughts of what had happened.
Suddenly I realized my cock was hard again, so I went upstairs and took a
shower and masturbated while thinking about her tight, juicy pussy. For
the second time in less then an hour a came like a geyser. Shooting my
load all over the place.

Xavier Xander Xenon


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