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princess britney


Xavier Xander Xenon

"Princess Britney's affair"

a true story
I've been going to this college for almost two years now, I never met
anyone I found even remotly interesting or attractive. until now.

I walked into my accounting class five minutes late, as usual, what do I
care, I dont even want to be there. Suddenly, sitting near where I usually
sit, I see this beautiful young woman, she defenatly fits the three "S"'s.
Short, Skinny, and SEXXXY. I'm instantly turned on by her beauty, Her
shoulder legnth blonde hair and sweet almost imp-lime face are stunningly
beautiful, Like the gods had felt the need to place an angel in front of

I walk over to my seat and sit down right behind her, she smelled so
wonderful I thought I was going to come just looking at her and smelling
her perfume. "Hi, I'm Britney" Suddnely I realized this beautiful creature
was talking to me, not someone else. "Hi" I stutter back in shock "I'm
Xavier", mind you I wasnt in shock becuase she was talking to me, I was in
shock of her beauty, and even though I was engaged to the woman I thought
was "the one" for me, I sat there Staring into britney's Beautiful eyes,
falling in love with her more passionatly then I had fallen for anyone
including my fiancee.

Over the next few weeks I learned alot about Britney, includeing the
fact that she was unhappily married, I began calling her "Princess",
becuase she was always living off in fariy tale land, hoping the bad things
would go away if you just ignored them, i love that about her, she can
easily make you feel better by making you forget what ever is cuasing you
pain. I also became her accounting tutor, which was great it gave me an
excuse to be able to see her outside of class. The more time I spent with
her the more I fell in love with her, to the point where it actually
started to affect my realationship with my fiancee. I began to fear that
my feelings were all just in my head, and that she didnt feel the same way,
I knew she was unhappy with her husband, and I knew she wanted to get away
from him, but I didnt know if it was me she wanted to be with.

It wasnt until the day I walked her to her car after class that I
realized how much she did want to be with me. I gave her a hug when we got
to her car, I knew just as she did it wasnt going to be a fun night at home
for her, and before I even realized what was going on we were holding
eachother tightly, kissing passionatly. I had never tasted lips that were
so sweet, like they were made of honey and sugar.

more weeks passed and we had finaly found a time to get together to
"work on our accounting" that my fiancee and her husband werent going to be
able to meet us at. I picked her up at the restaruant that we normally met
at and we drove back to my house. the whole way back to my house I couldnt
keep my eyes off of Britney. After weeks of falling in love with her and
not being able to do anything but kiss her and hold her when she cried and
complained about her husband, I was finally going to be able to show her
how much she meant to me.

from the minute we walked in the door, we were all over each other,
kissing and caressing each other's bodies. I took her to my room and laid
her down on the bed. I quickly followed her down and kissed her mouth,
face and neck as I undressed her and she undressed me. when we were both
finally undressed, I slowly slide my cock deep inside her, partialy to
tease her with the pleasure and partialy to make sure I didnt hurt her,
according to Britney, her husband and her rarely had sex anymore, and I
wanted to be gentle with her.

her pussy was the most delicate and moist pussy I had ever been in. I
had to taste her. I pulled my cock out of her and slide down between her
legs, I stuck my tounge deep inside her pussy, I almost choked when the
rush of her first orgasm came flowing into my mouth and throat. I couldnt
belive it, she tasted sweeter and sexier then I had expected, just tasting
her made me so horny I almost came. britney gentle grabbed my hair and
pulled me back up and kissed me more passionatly then she ever had. we
continued to have sex for over an hour, right on the very bed my fiancee
and I slept on. As I was getting close to coming I nearly had a
heartattack when I heard her mumble in between her screams and moans "stop
before you cum, I want to taste you the first time I make you come" as much
as I love a to have girl suck my cock I almost lost it right then.

I laid on my back and she climbed on top of me and stratled my legs and
placed her cute little face over my cock and wrapped her sweet lips around
it, and started sucking my cock like she was a vaccum cleaner and I was a
dirty carpet. I have never in my life been given such great head. the
little ball of her tounge peircing was rubbing gently against the vein on
the underside of my cock, I couldn't hold back anymore, I came so hard it
shot down her throat and made her cough, spitting the rest of my cum all
over her face and hands.

Afterwards we cleaned eachother off looking into eachothers eyes
lovingly and lustfully. I took her back to her car, Kissed her goodbye and
went back home to my memories of what had just happened between the two of
us. A few days later my realtionship with my fiancee ended and ever since
I've been trying to convince "Princess" britney to leave her Husband to be
with me.

Xavier Xander Xenon


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