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Keywords: MF, mf, inc, anal
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Dastardly Dodo
Title: The prostitute

(c) Copyright 1999 DASTARDLY DODO ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author.
This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.
The author may be contacted at
This story contains sex between family members and sex with teenagers.
If this kind of story offends you or if it is not legal for you to read.
This is a fantasy, nothing else.
If you want to try this at home go to the nearest police station and have
yourself arrested.
The prostitute

It was a year after Tom Marchal's wife had died. Being without sex for all
that time was getting to him. He had tried to date, but the memory of his
wife and the fact the hadn't played the dating-game for 25 years made it an
almost impossible task. In desperation he decided to go to a prostitute. He
dialed a number he found in the newspaper.
"The rose agency. How may I help you.". A woman answered the phone.
"Ehh.. I... Ehhh...". Tom stuttered.
"Let me tell you what we can do for you.". The woman said.
Then she proceeded to describe the available girls and services. At first
he didn't understand a word the woman on the other end of the line was
saying. But in the end he calmed down enough to listen. He asked the woman
to repeat which girls where available and, after some negotiation about the
price, Tom selected a girl. He was given an address and time and was told
that he had to pay in advance.

A few hours later Tom arrived at the address he was given. Instead of going
to the house immediately, he nervously walked around in the neighbourhood
for a while, until he had collected enough courage to go to the house and
ring the bell. He heard someone rummaging around on the other side of the
door. A small panel in the door opened and eyes appeared behind it. Suddenly
the panel was slammed shut and the door bursted open.
"Daddy what are you doing here?". A woman's voice cried out.
Tom almost had an heart-attack. Before him stood his 23 year old daughter
Tammy, whom he hadn't seen in five years. She had left the house after a
big row with her mother and had never spoken to them again. And now here
she was, the hooker he hired for a night.
"Ohhhhh my god!!!". He mumbled.
He felt like his world was coming to an end.
Tammy quickly pulled him inside and closed the door.
"Daddy what are you doing here?". She repeated.
Tom was stunned and just stared at her. She let him into the living room and
put him down on a chair. Then she went to the kitchen and came back with a
glass of water.
She gave it to him saying. "How did you find me?".
Tom took a sip of the water and tried to collect his thoughts.
"I didn't find you.". He finally said. "I just hired a hooker for the
night.". He looked her in the eye and added "Why?".
"Why what daddy. Why am I a hooker or Why did I leave home." Tammy
answered. She sighed and added. "Ohh well I guess it is the same thing.".
"What do you mean?". Tom asked her.
"Mom never told you what our fight was about, did she?". She said.
Tom shook his head.
"It was about sex daddy. I need it. A lot of it. That's why I became a
prostitute. mommy could have lived with that, but not with...".
"But not with what?". Tom said confused.
Tammy shook her head and kneeled down between his legs
"What are you doing?". Tom shouted with a shocked look on his face when she
took his dick out of his pants.
"Something I have wanted to do for a long time daddy.". She replied as she
took his flaccid organ into her mouth.
"Ohhhhh god!! This can't be true!!". Tom groaned.
He wanted to stop her but somehow he couldn't bring himself to do it.
"Please don't". He said in a token effort to resist.
His daughter ignored him and greedily sucked on his now hard pole.
"Ohhhhhh fuck!!". Tom moaned as the head of his dick disappeared into his
daughter's throat.
Tammy kept swallowing his cock until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.
The she started to bob her head up and down his cock using her tongue to
lick the shaft. With her hands she was massaging his balls.
COCK!!!". Tom shouted lost in a haze of lust.
He grabbed her head and started to ram his cock down her throat.
"Hmmmmmmmm...". Tammy moaned around his cock.
She brought her hand to her pussy and started to finger her clit.
Tom was getting close to his orgasm and started to ram his cock down her
throat with all his force. "GET READY TO EAT MY cum YOU FILTHY SLUT!!!!".
He yelled. He rammed his cock balls deep into her throat and started to
spray his sperm into it.".
He screamed as he dumped his load down his daughters throat.
"HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! HNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!". Tammy moaned around his
cock as her own orgasm came crashing down on her.
Even while she was having an orgasm, she kept sucking on his cock, trying
to drink every drop of his precious sperm.
When he finally stopped cumming she took his cock out of her mouth and
said. "That's what mommy couldn't live with. I wanted to have sex with you
and she knew it. That's why I left.".
"Why didn't you tell me?". Tom asked confused.
"What would you have done. Tammy replied. "I have always been jealous of
mom. I wanted you for myself. If I or mom had told you, you would have been
forced to make a choice. I didn't want to do that to you.".
Tom thought about it for a while and then said. "This wrong. A father is
not supposed to have sex with his daughter.".
He started to put his cock back in his pants but Tammy stopped.
"Why is wrong to love someone daddy. I love you and I don't think that it's
wrong.Please daddy. I know people think that incest is bad. But I love you
and I need you and I want to live with you.".
Tom looked at his daughter. She looked just like her mother the way she was
sitting there on her knees begging him to fuck her the same way his wife
had begged him not to go after her when she left. Suddenly he realized he
wanted her. He wanted to fuck her and make her beg for more.
"I want you to dear. But it's incest and it's wrong." He said. "And what
about your sister? I could never explain it to her.".
This made Tammy smile. "Don't worry about Jenny dad. She has wanted to fuck
you ever since she was nine years old.".
Tom was stunned. "She wants what!". He exclaimed.
"She wants to fuck you just like me.". Tammy replied.
Tom gave up the fight and gave his daughter a passionate kiss. Tammy
returned the kiss and their tongues started a heated battle. Trying to find
the once forbidden recesses of each others mouth.

After a while Tammy broke off the kiss. She let her father to the bedroom
and started to undress. When she was finished she laid down on the bed
saying. "Take me daddy. Fuck me and make me beg for more.".
Tom smiled. "Anything for you dear.". He said.
He admired her big round breasts with long nipples pointing out proudly. He
admired her shaven cunt with its lips already moist from excitement. He
admired her golden hair cascading down from her head. He admired her legs
and hips which, flowed down in those delicious female curves that seemed to
go on forever. He wanted her. He wanted to make love to her.

He brought his head to her nipples and started to suck on them, sending
shivers down her spine.
"OHHHH!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!! SUCK MY TITS!!!!" she moaned.
After a while he let go of her nipples and started to kiss his way down to
her pussy. Tammy was in heaven. Tom started to lick around her pussy with
long broad strokes teasing her a bit. Then he started to lick her pussy
stopping each time at her clit. It was driving the girl crazy. He inserted
two fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her.
Tom kept her on the edge for a while stopping each time as she was ready to
cum. Then he took her clit in his mouth and started to suck on it. This
took Tammy right over the edge.
she screamed as she exploded into an orgasm.

Tom kept licking her cunt until she came down from her orgasm. Then he
kneeled between her legs and with one push shoved his cock all the way in.
"Mmmnnngghhhh yeah!!!" Tammy moaned as her fathers cock pushed its way
into her tight cunt. She pushed back at her father, pushing her body onto
his cock, trying to get more of it in her body.
"Ohhhhhh!!!!! Goddddd!!!!! I'm fucking your pussy honey!!!!!.". Tom cried.
He was fucking her with slow long strokes, taking his cock almost all the
way out and then all the way back in again.
"Yessss, oh yesss, fuck me daddy, your cock feels so good, mmmmm," Tammy
Tom gave her a kiss. "Yes I'm fucking you honey. I'm fucking my daughter
and I'm going to fill her up with my sperm.". He moaned as he pumped his
dick in and out of her cunt.
Tammy could feel her orgasm building. "OooooHhhh...YES...OooooHhhh... FUCK
She screamed.
Tom started to speed up and soon he was pounding her like a jackhammer.
Tammy started moaning louder as her orgasm drew near. "OH GOD!!! OH GOD!!!
OoooooHhhhhhhh GODDDDDDDDDDD!!! YEAAAAA!!!!!" She screamed as her orgasm
hit her like a sledgehammer.
Tom started to pound even harder as he neared his own orgasm.
""Ooohhh! ... OoooHhhhhh!!! OooooHhhhhhh Yes ...I'M CUMMINGGGGGGG!!!" He
shouted. He buried his dick deep within her pussy spraying his cum into
her cunt.
"There is just one thing I regret.". Tom said when their orgasm where over.
"What daddy?". Tammy asked.
"That I missed out on having you for the past five years.". Ton replied
with a smile on his face.

That evening a surprise was waiting for sixteen year old Jenny Marshall
when she came home from school.
"OH MY GOD!!!!!!". She screamed when she saw her sister and father sitting
on the couch Kissing each other.
Then she ran to her sister and jumped into her arms. They started hugging
and kissing each other.
"I missed you so much!". Jenny said with tears in her eyes.
"Me to.". Tammy replied.
"Why are you here?". Jenny asked after she calmed down a bit.
Tammy smiled. "Well daddy found me by accident. I told him that I wanted to
fuck him and then we decided that we wanted to live together.". She
explained. She grinned and added "I have told daddy you want to fuck him
Jenny blushed. "Oh you didn't did you." She whispered.
Tom smiled. "Yes she did. And I would really like to fuck you if you want
me to.". He said.
"Oh would you you daddy!". Jenny exclaimed.
She jumped into his lap and started to kiss him. Tom returned her kiss and
their tongues started their intimate duel of love.
After a while Tom broke of the kiss and said. "Lets go to the bedroom. It's
more comfortable there.

When they came into the bedroom Tom and Tammy started to strip. Jenny's
face turned red as she watched them.
"What are you doing?". She whispered.
Tammy grinned. "You can't fuck with your clothes on dear. So why don't you
strip to.".
Nervously the sixteen year old started to strip. When they where finished
undressing Tom told her to lie down on the bed. Then he and Tammy started
to kiss the girl all over her body.
"Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Goddddd!!!!!!!!". Jenny moaned when they started to suck
on her nipples, sending streams of pleasure through her body. Tom started
to lick his way down while Tammy kept working on the sixteen year old's
Jenny screamed when her father started to lick her cunt.
Tom carefully licked her cunt, examining every fold with his tongue. He was
trying to get as much as possible of the delicious fluid that was flowing
from her virgin cunt like a river. Slowly he inserted a finger into her
cunt until he hit her hymen. Then he started to fuck her with it much to
Jenny's delight.
Tom brought his mouth to her clit and started to suck on it. This was to
much for jenny.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!". She screamed as she exploded into
an orgasm.

"oh god! That was awesome!". She sighed after her orgasm had died down.
"I'm glad you liked it.". Tom said with a grin. "Ready to fuck now?".
Jenny nodded. Tom kneeled between her legs and put the head of his cock at
the entrance of her cunt. Deciding that it was best to take her cherry
quickly, he shoved his dick all the way in with one stroke.
"OHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!". Jenny cried when her father's cock ripped
through her hymen.
"Are you alright dear?". Tom asked concerned.
Jenny nodded. "Yes daddy. It feels strange but it doesn't hurt.".
For while Tom did nothing but look at his daughter. Love filled his heart
when he saw the happy look on her angelic face. He looked down at her small
but delicious tits with their nipples pointing up proudly. And further down
to where his cock entered her cunt. He got only seven inches in before he
hit her cervix, but those seven inches where in heaven. He had never fucked
such a tight cunt before. He smiled and gave his daughter a kiss.
"Daddy is going to fuck you now honey". He said as started to fuck her with
slow long strokes. The pleasure her tight virgin cunt was giving him was
indescribable. Slowly he pulled his cock out until only the head was still
in her cunt. Then he pushed it back in again, savouring every inch that
went in.
"Ohhhhhh Daddy!!!! Your cock feels so good in me!!!!". Jenny moaned as she
started to move her hips in time with his strokes.
Tom smiled he gave her a kiss and then started to suck on her nipples.
"OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!! DADDY!!!!! DADDY!!!!! DADDY!!!!!". Jenny chanted as
streams of pleasure shot through her body.
Feeling his own orgasm nearing, Tom started to speed up his strokes.
The sensation of her father's cock going in and out of her cunt became to
much for Jenny.
I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!". She screamed as an orgasm wracked her
"OOHHHH YES HONEY!!!! cum FOR YOUR DADDY!!!!!". Tom shouted. He was
pounding his cock in and out of the sixteen year old's cunt with all his
force. Watching his daughter having an orgasm and the wonderful things her
cunt did to his cock took him over the edge to.
OHHHHHHH!!!!!! GODDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! CUMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!". He shouted.
He rammed his dick into her virgin cunt as far as it would go and dumped
his load into her womb.

When she came down from her orgasm Jenny heard someone moaning. She looked
around and saw her sister finger fucking herself.
"Ohhhh let me do that!!!". She exclaimed.
She dove between her sisters legs and started to lick her cunt.
"Turn around. I want to eat you to.". Tammy instructed her.
Quickly Jenny complied and seconds later the two sisters where licking each
others cunt like there was no tomorrow. Tom slowly stroked his cock as he
watched his daughters working at each others cunt. The erotic sight had
made his cock hard again. Jenny's ass poking up in the air and wiggling
around gave him an idea. He kneeled down behind her and with one stroke
buried half of his dick into her ass.
"OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! DADDY!!!!!!!!!". Jenny exclaimed when she felt his hot
poker enter her ass. "OOOOOOOHHHH!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! FUCK MY ASS!!!!!!!!".
She pushed back on his dick with all her force, ramming his dick all the
way in.
"Ohhh yes honey!!! Daddy is going to fuck your ass hard!". Tom moaned.
He pulled his dick almost all the way out and then rammed it back in again.
He set up a blistering pace, ramming his cock in to the sixteen year old's
virgin ass without mercy. Her ass was even tighter then her cunt and had
Tom cumming in no time.
"OHHHHHH!!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!". He growled as he started to spray his sperm
deep within her bowels.
Feeling her daddy's hot sperm entering her ass took Jenny over the edge.
She let out an inhuman wail as jolts of electricity shot from her ass to
her head, scourging her body on their way. Her world exploded into millions
of colors and her arms and legs started to flop around as she lost control
of her body. Involuntarily she bit on Tammy's clit setting her of to.
Tammy took her sister into a bear hug and let out an ear piercing scream
when her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.
When they finally came down from their orgasms they cuddled up and went to
sleep. They where finally together again as a loving family.

The end


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