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Ravaged Moms Fingerpro

Codes: b+/F, M+/F, FF, rape, blackmail, extortion Part One of Three I.
New Tricks

Sara knew there was going to be trouble when she heard that her son had
gotten into a really big argument at school. It had gotten so far out of
hand that there had been a fight. She talked with her son about what the
fight was about. He became evasive and would not respond to her questions.
Finally, exasperated, Sara asked him what the three punks had said that
would make him fight so hard. It turned out that she'd been called a bad
name and that the three told him that some night the three of them were
going to come over and show his mom some "new tricks". Sara had chalked
the entire episode up as something that should be forgotten. She knew,
ahead of time, the danger in going to the authorities. Bernie King held
too much influence over her to make a big deal over a simple scrape in a
school and over something some punk might have said about her. The only
problem, as far as Sara was concerned, was Jerome Baker a big black kid
that was indeed mean. She talked to her husband about it and he agreed
that in a way the whole family was over a barrel if the authorities got
involved. Best to leave it alone he had said as he left for a two week
training seminar on the East Coast. He warned her about something she
already knew; Jerome Baker was bad news. He had connections with some kind
of illicit group that had to do with extortion and gambling but those
connections were never confirmed by anyone. It was because of what Bernie
King could do if she went to the authorities that Sara hesitated. She
hated the big Black kid because on more than one occasion in the past he
had made her feel uncomfortable in front of his "friends". His "friends"
were mostly white, his Black friends from outside the school system
provided him with the needed intimidation that made him so bold around the
older white females both married and unmarried.

The Stones, Edward and Susan, were also going away. Edward Stone, like
her husband, had a training seminar to go to. Susan Stone, Edward's second
wife, was going to some other show about five hundred miles to the south.
She would be back, though, in only a day, maybe two days. Sara had agreed
to watch not only the Stone's house, but to watch their son as well. Jimmy
Stone was a really nice kid and a good friend of her own son so she didn't
see a problem. She agreed to do some "house sitting" of the Stone place
while watching over the fifteen year old Jimmy Stone. Susan Stone told
Sara what she expected Sara to do and gave her the key to their house.

During the day time she spent a larger portion of the time at her own
place, only checking in on the other house from time to time. After all,
most of her stuff was in her own house and the Stone's said they didn't
mind as long as she made regular periodic checks on their place. They even
left their son, Jimmy, behind to stay with her own son as a companion. The
two boys were about the same age, Jimmy was a year older, but they both got
along very well. She had just finished doing the hardest of the gardening
tasks when the telephone rang. The answering machine was off and she knew
the boys were inside preoccupied with a video game and probably couldn't
hear the ringing of the phone. Sara put down her trowel, took off her
gloves, and went up her steps to the porch and the front door. As she
opened her front door she realized something wasn't right. She had walked
right into her own worst nightmare. Her son and Jimmy were both sitting on
the davenport bound and gagged. In one of the stuffed chairs of her own
home sat the big frame of Jerome Baker. How the three had gotten past her
and into her house she wasn't sure, perhaps through the open back door. It
really didn't matter how they had gotten in, what mattered now was that
they had and in the process by passed most of her safety precautions.
Those precautions were in place because of what her son had told her about
Baker and his threat to make her learn "new tricks". She had not any idea
what that had meant at the time and because she didn't want to find out she
had made provisions for that. It appeared all those provisions had been
useless. There were two other teens who appeared to be younger than Jerome
but older than either her son and Jimmy. One of the punks had a big gun
and it was pointed at the two teens on the davenport. The other punk, who
was off to her right, shut the front door. The big black face of Jerome
Baker grinned as he said, "Told your son I'd be around to teach you some
new tricks and here I am Mrs. Bergman." "What are you doing in my house?"
she demanded fearfully, the following it with, "I want you out, do you hear
me, leave, now!" "You snotty, stuck up old white bitches are all the same,
you know that," he said quietly. Sara just stared at him too scared to
make a reply. "It's obvious I'm going to hurt them if you don't mind you
manners Mrs. Bergman. Just to show you how painful your stupidity can
be......Gary cut her kid on the leg." "No!" Sara almost screamed, "Please
no, please don't do that!"

But it was already too late. Blood flowed onto the couch as her son's
leg was cut with a very long sharp knife welded by the punk with the gun.
Her son winced and leaned to one side. "Now Mrs. Bergman, you remember
Fred there to your right don't you?"

Sara looked over at the grinning punk and vaguely remembered something.
Her son was bleeding! He could bleed to death! She shook her head no and
turned her attention back to Jerome and said, "Please," she said, "let me
attend to my son's cut, please." "C'mon bitch, take another look at Fred,
or we will let your kid bleed."

Sara looked over at the kid that stood to her right. He was a little
taller than her, thin build, thin hair, trying to go a mustache
unsuccessfully, brown hair blue eyes. Somewhere, somewhere she did
remember him. Where? She racked her brain and finally her eyes widened.
He was the same punk that had put the hit up on her for a "date" that
worked at one of the stores. She had of course reported him to the manager
and was glad that he had gotten fired. She had disliked the way he looked
at her then and now. Almost as if he were stripping her with his eyes. "I
think it come to her, Jer," said Fred. "That so Mrs. Bergman, you
remember Fred now?' "Yes, I remember him." "That's good Mrs. Bergman.

The punk grinned and said, "Looks like you got some dirty hands, don't
want to use dirty hands helping your son with his cut do you?" "N-no,"
replied Sara. "Better wash up then, huh?" smirked the punk. "Fred will go
with you Mrs. Bergman," said Jerome as Fred stepped to one side. Sara
swallowed nervously as she started to the bathroom and Jerome said, "Oh and
Mrs. Bergman?"

Sara hesitated looking over at the big Black kid. "Yes," she replied.
"I think while you're washing your hands up you might apologize to Fred

Sara's face went white; she knew what Jerome was implying. She turned
and was about to walk away when Jerome said, "Mrs. Bergman, Fred better
not tell me he didn't like your apology otherwise your kid is going to pay
for it."

She yelped as she felt Fred's hand on her rump as she walked to the
bathroom. The reason for her yell was that he had pinched her, rather
painfully, as she walked in front of him. Even before he closed the
bathroom door she knew it was going to be bad. She washed her hands in the
sink as she saw him giving her the eye in the reflection of the mirror. "I
wouldn't take too long washing them hands with the son out there bleeding
all over the furniture, baby."

Sara always resented being called 'baby' and in fact that was one of the
main reasons she had reported the punk to the manager because she felt that
the term belittled her while it gave the punk some measure of authority
over her. "Lo-look Fred I'm really ...." "I'm going to let you apologize
alright, but you'll do it topless, baby!" "Oh g-god, you're-you're not
serious are you?" "Your kid's bleeding out there," smirked the teenager.

Sara blushed realizing what this punk said was true. She didn't want to
do this but she had to get out there and soon. A tear formed in her right
eye and she brushed it aside as she crossed her arms in front over her and
took the loose top off. She tossed the blouse to one side, the eager
teen's eyes glued to her twin protrusions. "He's bleeding....." was all
the goading that Fred needed for her to drop one bra strap then the other
as she reached behind her and freed the three snaps holding her bra into
place. She felt, as she always did, the bra almost fly off her big boobs as her boobs dropped from the lack of sudden support and bounced slightly.
Her nipples hardened in the cooler air and she could almost feel Fred's
eyes race across her breasts.. He stepped forward lifting them together
and as he fingered her nipples to an unwanted arousal he forced her to look
in his eyes. While he was fingering her nipples, feeling her big breasts in his hands and kneading the soft flesh like it was dough he told her,
"Now you can say your sorry, baby!" "I-I want to apologize for.....for
getting your fired Fred."

Fred grinned as he fondled and said, "These are really nice. Thanks for
letting me hold your tits, baby. Apology accepted. Put the top back on."
Sara reached for her bra as Fred said, "You won't be needing that for a
while, braless for now baby. Jiggle wiggle time!"

She'd heard the phrase before and she frowned but she put the top on
before going out into the front room to attend to her injured son.

II. Jimmy's View Changes

He knew he shouldn't be excited, but he was. He was in Mrs. Bergman's
bedroom, still handcuffed and still gagged. He had half dragged, half
carried into the bedroom by Jerome who stood off to one side watching the
scene unfolding on the big bed. He was half thrown half pushed into the
wall where he crumpled down helplessly but at least in a sitting position.
When he'd been sitting next to his friend out in the front room he had
jumped seeing the older Oswald suddenly advance and slice his friends leg
so that the blood began to well up on the couch. He'd heard Mrs.
Bergman's protest, heard what Jerome had to say all in almost a daze. He'd
watched Fred feel Mrs. Bergman's rump up as they headed for the bathroom
and he'd been very aware of the leer on Oswald's face when Fred had done
that to his friends mom. Fred and Mrs. Bergman were in the bathroom for a
good ten minutes before she came out. Jimmy noted that as she walked her
boobies swayed from side to side and he could see the older woman's nipple
protrusions in her blouse top. Jimmy realized that she'd gone into the
bathroom wearing a bra but had come out without one. Jimmy thought that
Fred was really lucky to have seen that. Then Jerome had picked up and
taken him to the bedroom.

One of his best friends mom was getting raped right in front of him and
he shouldn't have been turned on by what he was watching, he knew, but he
was. He couldn't help the boner he got as his penis swelled to as hard as
it had ever gotten. In fact it felt like it almost was hurting. On the
bed, not five feet from where he was bound, gagged, and forced to watch
Mrs. Sara Bergman was nude. She was on all fours and she was crying.
Jimmy saw Fred Wilson's penis which was very hard. It wasn't as long as
his, Jimmy reflected smugly, and Fred was six years older than him! Jimmy
saw Fred's penis, hard and jutting away from his hairy balls, before it
disappeared between the lips of Mrs. Bergman and into her mouth. Mrs.
Bergman supported herself by holding onto Fred's hips and alternated
between that and using her right arm as a support on the bed. Jimmy
watched while Fred force fed the woman his length and Jimmy could see the
woman's throat swell as she took the organ not only in her mouth but down
her throat was well. Every time her throat got a little larger she gagged
and choked but recovered quickly when Fred pulled his organ, by moving his
hips back, away from her mouth. Jimmy could easily see Mrs. Bergman's
cheek hollow with her effort to please her rapist as Oswald prepared
himself to the rear of Mrs. Bergman. Looking over he saw Oswald was now
as nude as Fred was and then Mrs. Bergman's tear filled face suddenly
jerked as Oswald's groin thrust towards the woman's backside. At first
Jimmy wasn't sure if Oswald had been raping the older woman's pussy or her
ass hole. Jimmy was street smart enough to know that this kind of sex was
called sodomy. As Mrs. Bergman jerked and shifted, actively screaming
around Fred's penis in her mouth, and showing all the signs of pain and
discomfort, Jimmy thought that Oswald must be fucking her in the ass. This
was fixed firmly in Jimmy's mind when Oswald grunted that she had the
tightest ass hole he'd ever been in. Jimmy saw the reason Mrs. Bergman so
actively sucked on Fred's penis when Fred slapped her left breast making it
wiggle and leaving a red mark on the side of the breast that Jimmy could
easily see. Sitting there, almost as if a stag show were taking place
before his very eyes, Jimmy realized that it must of hurt the woman when
Fred did that because the slurping sounds increased both in speed and
loudness right after Fred slapped the breast. Jerome announced he was
going to check on Mrs. Bergman's son as Fred continued to hold onto Mrs.
Bergman's head by her hair, occasionally slipping his hand down to her
breast to squeeze it and distort it's pendulant pear shape into a squeezed
round fruit shape. The slapping sounds of Oswald's rape of the woman to
Jimmy's right were increasing as he groaned in pleasure from his actions.

Unknown to his friend, Jimmy had secretly been fantasizing about his
friend's mother. Jimmy had actively jacked off thinking of something very
close to what he as observing right now before his very eyes. The only
time Jimmy had ever "slipped" was when he had made a comment to his friend
about his mom's jiggle and his friend had replied that she was well
endowed. Sometime after that, when he was visiting, he'd snuck into this
very room and located one of her bra's. He remembered how he had dropped
the garment like it was suddenly hot as he read the numbers and the letters
on the tag. He had picked the bra up again and read the tag again just to
be sure that he hadn't seen something wrong. His friend's mom wore a
thirty-eight double 'DD' bra just like the models he'd seen in the magazine
called 'Bra Buster Babes'.

Seeing those twin mounds jiggle in front of him now, as she was being
raped by a young man and a boy his age, Jimmy thought that they were bigger
than that. He realized as he continued to watch that it was because of the
woman's position and the way her big tits hung from her body. Her nipples,
though, were quite aroused. Jimmy correctly suspected that even though she
was being forcibly raped she was slightly stimulated.

Jerome came back into the room and after watching the on going rape for
a while walked over to Mrs. Bergman's head and whispered something into
her ear. Jimmy saw the woman almost immediately cup Fred's dangling balls
as Oswald groaned from behind her and pulled out of the woman to lay his
hard penis on her back near her naked buns and shoot his sperm from his
penis. The sperm shot all the way up to Mrs. Bergman's naked middle back
and pooled there as Oswald groaned and unloaded five really forceful
streams of fluid to her backside and then oozed out quite a bit as he took
his penis head and rolled it around the woman's tight buns facing him.
Then Fred groaned and Jimmy saw Fred's hips shudder. Jimmy knew Fred was
unloading his sperm into the woman's mouth. Jimmy continued to watch and
saw some of Fred's thick goo ooze out between Mrs. Bergman's bright red lip stick colored lips and down her chin. Fred continued to hold her head
between his hands as Jimmy watched almost in fascination as the woman's
Adam's apple bounced up and down as she swallowed Fred's cum. Jimmy wished
he could start jacking off right there, but he couldn't do a thing.

Mrs. Bergman sobbed as soon as Fred pulled his deflated organ from her
mouth. If Jimmy hadn't of been so turned out by what he just saw he would
have felt sorry for the woman the way she lay her head down and cried. She
didn't get too much of a chance to cry though, because Oswald had put his
pants on while Fred had been cumming in Mrs. Bergman's mouth. Oswald
watched her for a moment before he reached up and grabbed a handful of
hair. The woman cried out with a different shriek as she was hauled from
the bed and to her feet. Oswald pinned her right arm behind her back
forcing it upwards while pulling her head back forcing her jaw to open and
some of Fred's cum could still be seen to be lining her mouth as he turned
her forcefully and walked her around the bed and past where Jimmy sat. She
was still half sobbing as Fred went with Oswald and took her out of the
room into the bathroom. Jimmy didn't know what to think.

He watched wide eyed as Jerome came over to where he was sitting. Jimmy
openly had admitted his fear of the big black kid that should have
graduated from high school a few years back. He felt himself cringe as the
big black boy knelt down to his level and said, "You like the show, kid?"

Jimmy was scared. He knew Jerome had no liking for him and he knew
Jerome had threatened his step mom as well as Mrs. Bergman. He didn't
care about his step mom though because she was a real pain. Always after
him about something and he couldn't ever do anything right. In Jimmy's
opinion, which he'd kept to himself, Susan Fritz was not his mom, step mom or anything else, he just wished she had remained Susan Fritz instead of
becoming Mrs. Susan Stone and married to his dad. But now Jerome was
showing him more attention than he cared for. Jimmy knew that if he lied
to the mean black kid he'd pay a price and all Jerome had to do was look
down and see the lump in Jimmy's pants. Yes, he'd enjoyed watching Mrs.
Bergman get raped. He nodded. "Yeah, so did I. I know that you don't
care for your mom," said Jerome.

Jimmy had no idea where this one way talk was going. First he'd been
asked if he liked seeing Mrs. Bergman get raped, now Jerome was telling
him something that would have been obvious to almost anyone watching Jimmy.
"I want you to know I don't care much for your mom either."

Jimmy just stared. "When the time is right I need to know where Missy
Big tits here stuffed the key to your place."

Now Jimmy saw where Jerome was heading. He was going to do his step mom too! "So I got this here deal for you. Bet you'd like big tits to suck on
your weiner a while, wouldn't you?"

Jimmy closed his eyes and slowly nodded. God to have her to that for
him. "How about a good fuck too?"

Jimmy's eyes widened and he nodded now more rapidly. He'd never had sex
before and having sex with this woman would be really something regardless
of whether she wanted to do it or not. "I'm gonnah leave you right her so
you can watch me fuck her. That way you'll be ready when I'm ready for you
to do your thing, ok kid?"

Jimmy didn't respond he just looked at Jerome. "I know about you and
Terry," said Jerome chuckling as Jimmy felt his face go bright red and it
burned. Terry Mitchell was a girl he'd dated for a long time. He'd never
gotten any sex from the girl other than a couple of hand jobs but he had
learned how to give the girl pleasure with his tongue. The somewhat older teenager had complimented him on his technique then proceeded to tell all
of her friends about Jimmy and his special abilities. Jimmy had never been
so humiliated in his life! "You do your thing on big tits when she comes
back and I'll let you be with her most of the night. Yeah," said Jerome
seeing Jimmy's eyes widen, "we're going to be here and there for a while
yet. Might as well enjoy some, eh kid?"

Jimmy nodded again feeling perverse and yet very excited. "I'll make it
so that the old broad thinks your being forced into it, but if you get her
all worked up for me, well I'll make it worth your and

Jimmy felt his head hesitantly nod that he agreed.

Not twenty seconds later and Mrs. Bergman was being escorted back into
the bedroom. Oswald had her pinned up close to his body. Her arm was
being held behind her back and her head was pulled back so that Oswald
could look into her face. It was obvious to Jimmy that the woman couldn't
see where she was going. He noted that she had a lot of make up on and
that Oswald and Fred had been busy with her. She now wore a pair of high
heels and an old fashioned garter belt supported hose. Jimmy thought she
looked very nice. Her bush stood out between her legs as she was pushed up
to Jerome.

Jerome spent a good five minutes examining Mrs. Bergman's nudity and
paying special attention to her large boobs which he squeezed and distorted
out of shape. After a few more minutes of twisting and pulling on her
nipples he turned back to Jimmy and said, "Alright kid, you do like I tell
you unless you want your friend to die!"

Jerome then took the gag out of Jimmy's mouth and unfastened his wrists
but not his ankles. In the meantime Oswald had been feeling Mrs.
Bergman's breasts up and hurting them as he whispered something into her
ear. She cried as she nodded moving her head in a very limited way. Then
she waddled back and forth and spread her legs a little. Jerome moved
Jimmy into place. Jimmy's eyes were now focused on Mrs. Bergman's thick pussy lips. He leaned forward and licked the lips of her pussy, sliding
his finger through her hot slit. From above Jimmy heard Mrs. Bergman's
voice say, "Oh dear god no! Plea-please don't make him do that to me,
plea-please!" she begged. She was laughed at Jimmy could tell as his
tongue licked the older woman's channel; then entrance to her pussy. Jimmy
slid a finger inside the older woman's pussy just as he licked her musky
smelling clit. He didn't mind the smell because he knew what the reaction
was going to be. Her pussy was tighter than Terry's had been, Jimmy
reflected. He licked her clit and sucked on it as he felt the older woman's hips slide from side to side trying to avoid his tongue. He was
prepared for that and licked her channel as she slid away and then her
pussy lips. He felt, rather than saw, Jerome push her hips back so that
Jimmy could renew his oral stimulation of the older woman. This time as he
licked and sucked her he felt her groin undulate towards his face. From
above he heard her mewing and almost crying as he slid his finger rapidly
in and out of her juicy box. He continued to lick her clit and was
rewarded by her first climax as he felt her pussy muscles clinch around his
finger and then begin to vibrate. He knew, from the sounds she was making
above him, that she had masked her climax and when he grinned he knew she
could feel the effect of his grin on her flesh. He felt her pussy vibrate
again over his finger as he continued to lick and suck the clit,
alternating between her clit and her pussy lips. His finger, buried inside
her hot snatch, told him when she climaxed and how often. He slid his
finger around while sucking and licking as he heard the woman announce from
above that she was climaxing. Her control was slipping and that was what
Jimmy wanted. He continued feeling her climaxes coming more and more
rapidly around his finger. She was headed towards an orgasm when he pulled
his mouth away and nodded to Jerome.

He watched as Oswald almost through the older woman on the bed. She
fell like a rag doll. Jerome was already nude and when her body hit the
bed he was on top of her quickly as the big black kid used his knee's to
open the older woman's thighs. He grasp a breast squeezing it and Jimmy
heard her moan. Oswald reposition Jimmy in the bird's eye view and Jimmy
watched as the big black organ that belonged to Jerome penetrated the
slickness of the older woman's pussy. Jimmy saw Mrs. Bergman's buttocks
leave the bed as she pushed upwards towards the invading erection. Then
Jerome slammed his full length into her, his balls bouncing on her ass
cheeks, as Jimmy heard the woman moan. Jerome rotated his groin while
maintaining full insertion for a while, until the woman picked up his
rhythm and copied his movements. As time wore on and her moans filled the
room along with the squeaking protests of the mattress on which she lay
Jerome began pumping in and out of her snatch. Jimmy heard Mrs. Bergman
use words that he thought she never would use. She, at first started with
"fuck me good" and finished with "oh those fucking balls and cock,
fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck it!" as she was screaming out her climatic orgasm and
Jerome emptied himself into her. Some of Jerome's sperm, Jimmy saw, oozing
from between Mrs. Bergman's pussy lips spilled out of her open hole and
onto the bedspread of the bed. As Jerome pulled his big black erection
from her spent pussy. Mrs. Bergman just lay there, nylon covered knees
spread wide not moving. There was a squishing, plopping sound, as Jerome's
organ left the older woman's pussy and Jimmy realized that there was almost
a suction on Jerome's big dick. Then Jimmy heard Jerome say, "Not a
fucking bad fuck for an older bitch!"

Jerome rolled over on his right side away from the unmoving form of the
woman. Then Jerome got off the bed and Jimmy saw Mrs. Bergman laying
there like she was asleep or something, her arms off to one side limply and
her big breasts still rising and falling swiftly but slowing down rapidly.
Jimmy realized she was unconscious.

Jerome got up off the bed and put his trousers on. Jimmy noticed he
didn't put his underwear on and he thought that was strange until Jerome
used his underwear to wipe his juice covered shiny rod off. He then shoved
his now dirty underwear between the lips and into the mouth of Mrs.
Bergman who was still laying nude on the bed. Jerome took something out of
his pocket and walked over to where Jimmy was at and said, "Good job kid,
your time is coming, but not just yet."

Then Jimmy saw Jerome reach out and put something under his nose. Jimmy
held his breath as long as he could then when he did breathe the lights
went out. He felt himself slipping away as his eyes closed and he joined
his friends mom in an unconscious state.

He awoke with a start, jerking his head backwards and running into
something hard! Jimmy slowly became aware of some disturbing realizations.
He found himself staring into the open eyes of Mrs. Bergman! When he
moved his neck back again he found that her head moved with him and she
spoke, "Don't move too much Jimmy, please." "Where-where am I," he
stammered out as he started to realize he was confined in some kind of a
box with holes in the sides and top. "We are in a box together. We were
put in here by that terrible monster called Jerome." "Sor-sorry about
earlier, Mrs. Bergman," Jimmy said referring to the oral stimulation he'd
given her and then suddenly he became aware of both his own nudity and
hers! God he was laying next to this woman naked! She was naked too! His
arms were pinned at the elbows and his hands, oh god, his hands were
cupping Mrs. Bergman's perfect breasts. Dare he squeeze? "I think," she
whispered back to him, "we ought to be more concerned about now."

Jimmy knew what she was talking about too. His penis was swelling and
rubbing up against her and there was no where for her to go. Her arms were
also pinned but behind her back. "I-I'm sorry Mrs. Bergman, but-but I
won't be able to stop-stop it," he half wailed as his organ swelled getting
harder and longer and dangerously close to penetrating her pussy whether he
wanted to or not. Then she moved her hips toward him and whispered in his
ear, "Let it happen Jimmy. Don't worry!"

He felt his hardness slip into her wet, very hot interior. He was in
heaven. He fondled her big breasts feeling her nipples harden to his
touch. Jimmy moved his own groin towards the woman's as he felt himself
slide deeper into her pussy. She opened her knee's as much as she could in
the confined space as he penetrated her pussy all the way to his groin. He
was buried inside her!

He lay there gasping and then he pushed his lips onto hers in the
semi-darkness and felt the older woman respond! God, it felt good to kiss
her and at the same time have his harder than hard prick inside her. He
felt the soft, yet firm, roundness of her naked breasts and when he flicked
her nipples with his fingers she half moaned and darted her tongue into his
mouth. Jimmy was in heaven. Then he felt her move her hips back only to
push closely to his hips. Jimmy felt his hard on slip to nearly the
entrance of her wet pussy only to slide all the way back deep into her
again. She sighed and disengaged her lips from his moving her head so that
her lips were just under his ear lobe of his left ear. She licked his neck
then whispered in his ear, "Fuck me, Jimmy, use that big young cock and
fuck me good!"

He'd never heard any woman talk like that. Her words excited him though
and he couldn't help but begin the fucking process. She put a hickey on
his neck, he could feel it there, as she moved her mouth again over to his
and kissed him deeply all the while Jimmy was enjoying the feel of her big
breasts as he fondled them with his hands even though his arms were
restrained. She moaned as he came. He came suddenly and without warning
as he shot his load of ejaculation into the older woman's pussy. Into the
pussy of a mom an older woman. She was still moaning as he finished his
climax and started to deflate. She lay there breathing heavily next to him
and Jimmy realized he hadn't satisfied her. His penis deflated until he
was almost, but not quite, out of her pussy. He lay there in his own and
her juices. There wasn't anything else to do. Gradually because he was
young and because the woman wasn't satisfied and she was still licking and
kissing his lips he became aroused a second time. His organ began to
thicken, filling with desire in only a few seconds. Mrs. Bergman
responded by moving her hips as best she could to excite him further as he
wiggled inside her slippery but surprisingly tight pussy.

The box they both were in suddenly rolled to the left. Jimmy found
himself pulled by gravity to the bottom while Mrs. Bergman's form was on
top of him. He gasped at first feeling the full weight of the chubby older woman but there was also the added pleasure of penetrating her deeper than
he had before. Suddenly the top and sides of the box were removed. Mrs.
Bergman immediately was able to sit up, his erection still buried inside
her but her nylon covered knee's straddling either side of his body. Jimmy
wasn't aware of where he was at and at that instant in time he could have
cared less. His best friends mother was moving her pussy up and down over
his erection as she actively pumped him now freed of the confinement of the
box. Jimmy watched as her glorious breasts bounced as she lifted and
dropped herself over his hardness and he couldn't help but churn beneath
the pleasure of her pussy and the sight of her big jugs bouncing around
before his very eyes. He watched as Mrs. Bergman closed her eyes, then
cried out and climaxed. She almost wailed she came so hard. Jimmy was
right behind her as he unloaded his second major ejaculation inside the
older woman.

Then the two heard the clapping and jeering. Jimmy turned to see that
Jerome and Gary Oswald were obviously pleased over the recent sex act
exhibition. Mrs. Bergman, still tied, cried out, "Oh my god!" and started
to cry.

Jimmy turned his head and saw why. Her son was watching both of them.
What was more they were no longer at Mrs. Bergman's home but were at his
place, Jerome having gotten the location of the key from Jimmy.

Jimmy began to wonder what was going to happen next.


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