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Ravaged Moms Fingerpro Part II

Chapter 1

She had been raped, repeatedly, in her own home. Then somehow, she
wasn't sure how, she'd been drugged and taken to the Stone residence.
There, she remembered briefly being briefly entombed in a box as her son's
naked young friend was tied and placed along side her with her facing him.
She had thought when she had been placed in the crate like box that the box
was in the basement of the Stone home but she wasn't sure. It didn't take
long for the inevitable to happen, what with the horny young teenager, and
a nude older woman laying side by side. They began to have sex and it was
pretty good sex too, considering that the young man was young enough to
have been her own son! But then the evil three rapist had even something
more humiliating for Sara as the box was rolled over and her full body
weight fell against the youth. Because her wrists were restrained behind
her back she could not do anything other than lay against him with his
erection buried deep inside her. Then the box was removed so that only the
young man lay on one side of the box and she was allowed to sit up, still
with his penis buried in her. It didn't take long for him to realize this
as well, as he began to grind into her from beneath. The action on the
part of the fifteen year old, caused her an older woman to "loose it" as
she began bouncing up and down over his rod of flesh. Her excitement
intensified as she felt her big breasts bounce with her efforts and she
heard the younger man groan in pleasure beneath her. She was completely
oblivious to her surroundings as an intense wave of sexual pleasure filled
her emanating from her overworked pussy and then upwards through her body.
Her breathing intensified, her motions became almost frantic as she bounced
and ground herself on the stiff rod poking her flesh. The first climax
sent her almost through the roof, the second and she was gasping like a
fish out of water, her eyes closed as she experienced wave after wave of
fantastic pleasure. The third and final climax which sent her into
complete orgasmic pleasure was when she felt the boy's thoroughly thick penis get even thicker and then shoot off his load inside her. The boy was
in the process of his second big ejaculated load when she reached her
orgasmic climax level and screamed, wailing as she ground herself over the
pleasure rod of the youth beneath her. She wasn't sure, but she had the
feeling that her vocal announcement of her climax intensified the youths
climax as well as she felt his third and final ejaculation shoot up inside
her. As she came down from the sexual high she began to hear murmurs that
intensified in her own ears to clapping and jeering. Looking around in
horror she realized she'd provided not only the three rapist with a
spectacle of her sexual climax but her own watching son! Sara felt shame
wash over her as his eyes accused her of what she was already aware of.
She'd had forced sex with his friend but instead of fighting it she'd
enjoyed it! She was as bad as the three rapist that forced her into this!
She cried in her shame but it did little to make her feel better as she was
removed from the still stiff youth's penis by Fred and Oswald. They lifted
her by the armpits and there was a further humiliation of hearing her own
genitals make a sucking noise as she was separated from Jimmy's still thick rod of flesh.

Jerome separated her from the two boys then in a room that was up the
steps that led to the basement. She sat limply in a chair and cried as
Jerome told her that if she didn't cooperate fully her son would pay the
price. She already knew Jerome was fully capable of carrying out what he
had said and when he told her he'd let Oswald cut her son's penis off she
believed him. The rapist were very effective at using her own son and her
son's young friend against her. Shortly after that terrible incident in
the basement she'd been removed from Jimmy's spent organ and given a slip
to wear. The rapist were not foolish enough to leave her untied. They
tied one of her hands behind her back using a rope around her stomach. She
had one free hand and was dressed in a slip, hose, heels, and a garter
belt. In this outfit she fixed the three rapist some hot food then served
it to them. The slip didn't belong to her, but it belonged to Susan Stone
who wasn't home yet and probably wouldn't be until late tomorrow. It was
virtually see through and her darker areola were obvious beneath the thin
material of the slip. The slips' hem was about four inches above her
knee's and was lacy. The fact that the three were waiting for Mrs. Susan
Stone bothered Sara and she thought about it as she prepared, then served
the food to the hoodlum rapist. After they were fed she cleaned up and
after that Fred let the rope loose so that she could blow him. It was
disgusting to Sara but she didn't want her son to loose his penis as Jerome
had threatened he could if he let Oswald loose on her son. Kneeling on the
kitchen floor with Jerome watching and Oswald commenting about her pretty
nylon covered legs she gave Fred a blow job sucking his erection and hoping
he would be satisfied with that. His penis had a metallic, salty taste
that almost made her vomit. She was wrong about her attempt to satisfy
Fred. After he'd been fucking her mouth a while he told her to stand and
bend over. Fearfully, the older woman bent over, using a kitchen chair for
support and was humiliated as she saw Jerome look down between her dangling
cleavage as she grunted, then screamed in agony as Fred slid his rock hard
penis into her rectum. She felt as if she were coming apart as he slid in,
his saliva covered penis not very well lubricated for his forceful entry.
Oswald was grinning and moved closer to fondle her dangling breasts and
squeezing and pinching both of her nipples as she put her head down and
cried feeling Fred's penis slide in and out of her poop chute. Sara was
aware that Jerome had moved, but only dimly as Oswald's fondling was
beginning to arouse her and now with Fred's manipulating her pussy lips she
felt herself become more and more stimulated despite the fact that she was
being raped in the ass.

Then she felt Fred's fingers on her clit! She couldn't take that and
the stimulation on her big nipples. The older woman climaxed moaning as
Fred continued to pump in and out of her poop chute. "God, bitch, you got
on hell of a tight ass!" said Fred as he continued to rape her. "Yeah,
don't I know it," said Oswald, "one of the tightest I've ever been in."

She was approaching her second climax, moaning, twisting and turning as
Fred felt her clit, pulled apart her pussy lips and slammed deeply into her
rectum widening her sphincter and at first what had been pain was quickly
becoming an intense arousal. Sara shocked herself as she churned into his
big cock slamming in and out of her ass and came a third and final time in
orgasmic pleasure. At the same time Fred pulled his organ from her ass and
sprayed her slip covered back with his triple ejaculated load. Sobbing
Sara dropped to her knee's only then looking over and finding Jerome to her
right leaning up against the counter with a video camera up to his head.
As he lowered the camera he winked first at her, then at Fred, and said,
"Got her ass fucking on tape. She seems to like getting it up the butt!"

Sara just sobbed as the tears ran down her face. She felt totally
humiliated. But her humiliation was far from over. Jerome had a few evil
idea's that he wanted her to perform before the evening set in.

Fred taped her having sex with Jerome while Oswald fucked her from
behind. The feeling of having two cocks in her at once so close to each
other made her sick at first but then as the action continued on the floor
she found herself become aroused yet again. God, she felt like a slut! At
first it was really difficult to feel anything other than complete
humiliation as the two erections slid in and out of her pussy and ass hole not necessarily in unison with Fred taping the whole thing, but then as
time wore on and she became aroused she forgot about Fred and the camera and started to go through yet another orgasmic climax. She'd never had two
so close together; usually they were weeks apart not hours! Sara hated
what they were doing to her and yet at the same time she knew that she was
part to blame. Her total obedience to their obscene demands made her look
like a real slut and on tape.....she could just imagine what it looked
like; rape or not.

Her rape ordeal was only just getting started, but she hadn't realized
that yet. Oswald held the video camera as she got down on her knee's and
licked Jerome's legs to his balls, then licked his balls and cock. After
covering his black organ in her own saliva and making it shiny she began to
suck on the head of the big black's penis first on her knee's then later as
Jerome positioned himself on the floor as she lay across him, her breasts rubbing his balls as she sucked and licked his huge erection. Her
humiliation was intensified when Oswald had found Mrs. Stone's vibrator.
The penis shaped vibrator was now in Sara's pussy, as she lay there feeling
her own body weight push the huge dildo deeper and deeper into her pussy while she sucked, licked, and masturbated Jerome's penis with her mouth,
lips, and tongue. Jerome came suddenly and almost without warning as his
black hose sprayed her face with his ejaculation. Sara thought he was
complete and was pulling away when he grabbed her and told her to keep
blowing him! His cum oozed down the bridge of her nose, ran down her
cheeks, and fell off her chin as she put his big cock back in her mouth and
began sucking him yet again with his first climax all over her face.

Jerome called her a cock sucking married bitch as she moved her head up
and down over his massively thick organ. Surprising even herself, Sara
thought of Jerome's big erection as a cock rather than a penis. This
personal revelation for some reason made the older woman aroused. She
couldn't identify the reason, all she knew was that with the black kid's
cum still running down her cheek while she performed yet another blow job
on the youth she was becoming more and more turned on even though her jaw
muscles were beginning to ache from the strain of keeping her jaw spread
wide for Jerome's huge thickness. Then as she thought he was nearing
another climax her grabbed her head and held her so that half his length
was buried in her mouth and then he rolled her over. To Sara's horrified
shock she felt his rod move deeper into her mouth and then down her throat
as the black kid above her groaned sending his ten inches of rock hard
flesh down her gullet. She fought on the floor, flaying her arms and legs
about as he spearheaded her mouth with his terrible shaft, force face
fucking her until he came. His organ got even harder in her mouth and she
was having difficulty in breathing as he unloaded deep in her throat. She
couldn't taste anything other than his big salty rod as he continued to
dump his vile load down her throat and in her stomach. When he finally
withdrew her throat felt as raw as sandpaper and she choked. Even after
her choking, and spitting up of only a little of his cum, she found it
difficult to talk and her voice sounded hoarse even to her.

Oswald was with her when she showered. He watched as she stripped off
the little clothing she had on and then took a shower right in front of
him. She didn't care any more about privacy, but she was grateful for the
chance to remove the combined slime from her body and hair. After her
shower she towel dried in front of Oswald who then supervised her
application of make up and mascara. If it wasn't enough, in Oswald's
opinion, he sent her back to the mirror to apply more. When she was
complete she looked in the mirror and saw a very made up woman; something
almost like a street walker. She was given her own blue two inch heels,
nude tinted hose, and a white garter belt. Then she put on her blue skirt
which she had been told that Fred had gotten from her house while she was
entertaining Jerome. A matching navy blue jacket went with the skirt. She
wore neither blouse nor bra and no panties.

Jimmy sat there staring at the older woman as she was escorted into the
guest room in his own house. His step mom had made every effort to make
the guest room more than just a bedroom; almost turning it into a separate
living quarters area. Jimmy sat on the ugly couch his step mom had bought.
He never liked that couch, it was both black and red in color. It was
moody, it was dark and yet it was suggestively conspicuous of his step
mom's stormy personality. The woman that was being escorted into the guest
room though wasn't his step mom, she was the mom of one of his better
friends. Her name was Mrs. Sara Bergman and he had already had sex with
her. He thought it had been good sex but he was certain she had thought it
was perverted sex because he was only fifteen. She was wearing something
that would have been conservative if she would have had the clothes that
normally went with it; a dark blue skirt and jacket. She wasn't wearing a
blouse and her boobs were bouncing freely around beneath the jacket. Jimmy
felt himself getting hard just looking at her as she was moved into the
room and told to sit down next to Jimmy.

Jerome had already talked to Jimmy alone and the vicious kid had told
him that if he didn't cooperate he'd find himself in a lot of pain. Jimmy
believed him. The big black kid had found a video camcorder and had
already taped Mrs. Bergman in action but now wanted Jimmy and her to get
it on together. Jerome wanted Jimmy to act as if Mrs. Bergman was
seducing him. To Jimmy this was a dream come true but he kept his thoughts
to himself.

Jimmy could tell that Mrs. Bergman had been crying, but now she was in
control of herself and she had on twice as much make up as he'd ever seen
her in. She came over and sat down next to Jimmy and the two of them
waited while the three hoodlums prepared for the evil plan.

As the older woman sat there he could hear her breath and he cast
glances over at her with her legs crossed and her skirt hem at about middle
thighs. He wondered what it would be like and he didn't have to wonder

When the camera was taping and Jerome nodded at Mrs. Bergman, she
reached over and grabbed Jimmy's left hand and put it on her exposed nylon
covered left thigh. Her legs were crossed. She looked at Jimmy and smiled
and said, "Do you like me, Jimmy?" "Ye-yes, I sure do Mrs. Bergman," he
replied hesitantly. "How about my legs, do you think they're too fat,
chubby?" she asked as she continued to hold his wrists and move his palm
back and forth over her exposed thighs. "Not-not at all," Jimmy responded
feeling the tight firmness of the older woman's silky smooth thighs under
his palm. "Would you like to feel more, Jimmy?" "I-I.....yes, yes I would
Mrs. Bergman," he responded.

She released her hold on his wrists as he slid his hand back down
towards her foot and over the widened part of her calf that was pushed that
way by her knee beneath. Then the Jimmy ran his hand all the way up to her
hem line which was about half up her thighs. He leaned into her and felt
her lean towards him and then her lips were on his as she kissed him,
opening her mouth and using her tongue to open his lips. She slid her
tongue into his mouth while he felt her hand move up his leg to his crotch.
He felt the older woman's hand on his crotch then he felt her give his
crotch an erotic gentle squeeze.

His own hand slid under the older woman skirt and moved around the
roundness of her upper naked thighs, up beyond the covering of her gartered
hose, and as his hand slid towards her crotch she uncrossed her legs giving
him free access to her naked crotch. She wasn't wearing panties! He
groaned in pleasure as his fingers slid along her open slit and her legs
widened. She now too groaned as the two embraced holding each other and
obviously aroused. Jimmy wasn't sure how the woman's jacket had opened and
he didn't care as his other hand slid under the jacket and cupped her huge
naked breast. He flicked her nipple under the jacket as she moved. At
first he thought she was going to disengage from the kissing, but she
didn't. She moved to take off the jacket giving him a view that almost
made him want to cum right then and there. She broke away from the kiss
and said, "Stand up will you Jimmy."

Confused, the youth obeyed. His hard on was obvious beneath his jeans.
He looked down at the older woman's big breasts fully exposed and her skirt
up over the tops of her hose and was amazed as she unfastened his belt,
then unsnapped his pants and unzipped his zipper. His friends mom then
dropped his jeans and he stepped out of them rather than fall because of
the restriction about his ankles. She licked her lip stick lips and
hesitated, then hooked her fingers in his shorts and pulled them down as
his cock sprang into view inches from her face. She cradled his cock in
both hands as he groaned, then she leaned forward and kissed his erection
right on the tip of his cock! Jimmy groaned even more loudly, then gasped
in pleasure feeling her warm mouth suddenly surround his cock head. She
looked up at him and the camera just over his left shoulder as she plunged
her head forward shoving more of his erection deep into her mouth. Jimmy
had never experienced anything like this before and when the woman started
to suck, slurping over his thickness, he thought the whole world was
revolving around him and the woman pleasing him. He had to remind himself
that she was an older, married, woman, a mom, but he was having difficulty
keeping reality and fantasy separate as the woman moved her head back and
forth on his length. He came suddenly when she cupped his balls. His cock
suddenly got harder than he'd ever felt it before and he squeezed off a
huge amount of cum. Mrs. Bergman's eyes widened in shock as he dumped his
load in her mouth and some of his cum oozed from the corners of her lips
which were still wrapped around his hard length. She choked, but she
continued to orally please him. He felt her muscles working around his
organ, still in her mouth and realized she was swallowing his load.

There was a break in the sex as Jerome shut off the tape.

In the next scene Jimmy was asked to get her excited with his mouth.
Jimmy had no trouble doing that and after Mrs. Bergman was suitably wet he
penetrated her pussy from behind while she was on all fours facing the
camera. As Jimmy fucked the older woman's pussy, now with hard, deep
strokes, she seemed to be getting a lot out of his sex with her even though
her big breasts bounced with every in-thrust. Jimmy realized this was what
Jerome wanted as the camera focused on the woman's face and dangling boobs,
as the twin orbs bounced back and forth from the slamming of her pussy against Jimmy's kneeling form. She came and when she did Jimmy felt
reasonably certain it was for real because he felt her pussy muscles
actually oscillate over his rod of flesh buried deep in her from the rear.

The next sex scene was with Mrs. Bergman tied to the guest bed and
spread eagle. Jimmy was tied directly to her at the ankles, knee's, thighs
and stomach. His arms were tied above his elbows to her arms as were his
wrists. Oswald seemed to enjoy "feeding" Jimmy's erection into the older woman's still wet pussy. They depraved youths then taped the sex action
that took place from Jimmy laying across Mrs. Bergman's form. Then, to
his shock, he heard his step mom getting home. The three left the room
hurriedly for their next target, but not before taping both Jimmy's mouth
and Mrs. Bergman's mouth with duct tape. The three left him tied to Mrs.
Bergman's naked form on the bed.


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