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Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18. Hell, probably not even
suitable for people over 18. Even you sick bastards who read my stuff
might have problems with this story. Maybe we should all just imagine I
never wrote it. Okay? Great.

Reap What You Sow by Alexi92

"Give her mouth to mouth!"

"Fuck no!"

"Hurry up! She's dying!"

"I'm not putting my mouth anywhere near hers! It's like a cess pool!"

"Hurry up!"

"Too late. She's dead."

"Oh god, oh god, oh god. What are we going to do?"

"I don't know. But we have to figure it out soon. She's got a public
appearance in two days."

"God, god, god."

"Will you stop pacing like that? You'll make me nervous."

"Make you nervous?! Why aren't you nervous now?! She's dead."

"Yes, and we can't change that. So instead we have to focus on what we
can do."

"Do?! Do?! She's dead!"

"Yes. And she has to be at a movie premiere in two days. Until then
there won't be any problems. We can dispose of the body. But if she
doesn't show up on Tuesday there's going to be questions and
investigations. Someone will figure out what happened and we'll go to jail,
maybe get the death penalty."

"Oh god."

"But if she does appear on Tuesday, and from that day continues her life
as it was there won't be any question and we'll be in the clear."

"How the hell is she going to continue her life if she's dead? We're
going to jail. We're going to get f..."

"No we aren't. Not if I can think of something."

"She's dead!"

"Shut up!"

"Ow! You hit me!"

"Yes! Now get the horse out of here and calm the fuck down! I'll take
the video equipment apart. When you come back I expect you to have some
fucking ideas on what we can do."


Nothing should have gone wrong. The plan was so simple. Ashley Lash
had gone into seclusion for the week preceeding her latest movie in hopes
of avoiding the media hoopla. Already an A-list star at 28, the talented
brunette bombshell had completely disapeared from the public eye. Only a
few key people knew her whereabouts and even they were only to contact her
for emergencies. The only break in her self-imposed disapearance was an
appearance on the Tonight show.

That was the oppurtunity Sam and Neil had been looking for. Using their
contacts they were able to get Neil a job as the chaufer for Ashley's limo.
After her talk show appearance Miss Lash found herself in the back of her
courtesey transportation. It smelled peculiar.

"Is there something wrong with the engine?"

"I don't think so? Is something the matter Miss Lash?"

"It just smells funny."

"Oh that's the gas."

"Is it a special brand?"

"No. Actually I meant the knock out gas that's being pumped into your

"The what?"

After that the conversation was moot. She was out.

When she came to she was naked and in a barn. Her ankle had been
chained to a pole sitcking out of the floor. Ashley's mind raced with
nervous, terrifying thoughts. She gradually became aware that two men were
watching her. She crouched into herself, covering her nudity with her

"What's going on?"

Sam was behind the camera so it was up to Neil to offer explanations.

"It's quite simple Miss Lash. You've been kidnapped."



"You won't get away with it."

"I think we will. We've done it before, and to stars bigger than you."

"You're lying."

"Maybe. You'll never know. And no one will ever know you've been
kidnapped. We'll let you go before your movie premiere. You'll go back to
your life and pretend nothing ever happened. And if you don't then we'll
release the tape that my friend happens to be making right now."

"That's blackmail."

"That's right. Now if you'll lower your arms. We've got film of you
naked, but it's all while you were lying there like a dead fish. We want
to get some of you awake."



Neil walked over to her. She crawled back as fast as she could without
taking her arms away from anywhere important. But eventually the chain
attached to her ankle went taught and she couldn't go any further. Neil
reached out to her.

Ashley batted his hand away, but he kept at it. Furiously she tried to
keep his horrid hand from touching her body. This was a mistake because
she suddenly exposed her breasts to the open and Neil was able to pinch her

Pain shot through her breast. Neil held on tightly, increasing the
pressure on her nipple until the pain became unbearable. She screamed.

"You see," Neil shouted over the voice. "As long as we don't hurt you
anywhere that someone might see, there will be no proof that you've ever
been abducted. Unless you want to flash your tits to some cop. And that's
not even mentioning what we can do to your cunt."

"Let go!"

"I'll let go if you stop resisting."

"Okay! Okay!"

Neil let go of the abused nub. Ashley's hand shot to it, massaging the
sore nipple away from the pain.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked, biting back the tears.

"We'll film you doing different acts of depraved sex. If you ever
reveal what happened here to anyone we'll release the tape to the press,
internet, and porn dealers. It'll become even more famous than that Pamela
Anderson/ Tommy Lee fuck tape. Your career might survive, but everyone's
going to see you as the deviant sex girl. It'll come up in every
interview, in every article ever written about you. It's what you'll be
remembered for."

The thought chilled Ashley.

Almost as much as what the man meant by depraved sex.

"If you fail to do anything we tell you to then we'll give you pain.
We're in a secluded area so no one will hear you scream. A cliche, but
true. We've got whips, cattleprods, you name it. If you really piss us
off we'll descend into torture. I'd just love the oppurtunity to shove
some needles into your tits so don't tempt me. We also have a dildo with
long sharp studs on it. If you don't want us to use it on you you'll do as
you're told. Understand?"

"Yes," Ashley muttered weakly.

"Good. Then let's get this video underway. You're a pretty good
actress so this should be pretty easy for you. I've written some cue cards
for you to read. Say your lines while you masturbate. This is so if we
have to release the video we can edit out anything that makes it look like
coercion. As far as the world will be concerned you did everything by your
own consent. Now take a few moments to stop the crying and then start."

It was easier said than done. But the fear was a good motivator. And
after some deep breaths she was able to put on a passable performance.

She lightly circled her fingers around the lips of her pussy.

"Hi everyone. It's me Ashley Lash. When I'm not making movies I like
to take some time and partake in something I really enjoy, hardcore deviant
sex games."

Her middle finger began to massage the inner folds of her cunt.

"There's nothing I like more than licking cum off a big black dildo that
I've had in my shit hole after a big cock shoots its load up my ass."

More fingers played with her cunt, tickling her clit, rubbing the
sensitive interior of her hot sex.

"Or taking a horse's big brown cock into my big slutty mouth so I can
taste his Kentucky Derby meat as it throbs between my full voluptuous lips.
I love the way it feels fucking my face like the whore I am."

Both hands were moving furiously in and out of her cunt as she
frantically fucked herself.

"Then I take the biggest dog I can find and let it fuck my cunt. I'm
such a slut that my cunt is loose from fucking every cock I can find. Now
only the biggest doggy's cock can fill me up. So I become any dog's bitch
if it can fill my gaping hole."

Ashley's body began to react to the constant stimulation. She could
feel her pleasure level raise, as if her entire body were being tickled.
She could feel something coming. Her hands moved even faster inside her

"And I'll be performing all these and more for you on this video ..."

That last part made her blanch for a second. But Neil held up a nasty
looking thing with sharp things poiting out of it. And besides she could
feel herself reaching a climax. If she just moved her hands a little more

"... because I'm such a whore. A whore for cock and popularity. And I
want to be very popular! And I want a lot of
cock...Oooooooooooooooooooooooh! Ooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh god!

Neil smiled. He couldn't have planned it better.

After that Ashley did everything they told her to. She let Neil cum in
her ass and plug up her asshole with a long thick dildo. Then after
drinking a combination milkshake-laxative, followed by rubbing her cunt against a rake handle, she pulled the dildo out and licked the cum and shit
from it until it was clean. The rest of the shit, which she couldn't
conrtol from falling on the floor at varied intervals, she had to smear on
her body and lick off as sensually as she could. She started with her
fingers, then slowly down her thigh, continuing down her calf, and ending
at her big toe. Next Neil had her lick the shit from her tits, starting
with the nipples so that each was cleanly protruding from the layer of
waste. After she had manhandled her breasts to clean off the filth with
her tongue the two men relented and washed her off with a hose as she
danced like a well paid stripper. Neil made sure that some of the high
pressure streams of water shot into her cunt and ass, penetrating her body
with cold blasts of liquid.

She fucked a German Sheppard, and then a Doberman Pincher, and then a
goat, until her cunt got so raw that even a Chihuahua had her screaming
that she didn't care if the tape was released, just for the love of god,
don't let anything get near her cunt again. So instead they filmed her
kissing and giving oral sex to a blow up doll. To follow that up they let
a baby kitten try and nurse on her breasts. The little cat licked and bit
on Ashley's nipples for an hour before Neil had the abused actress feed it
from a bottle, a bottle that she had to hold by pressing her tits around

The only problem that came up was when was sucking on the horse's cock.
It suddenly came in her mouth and she choked to death.


"Have you thought of anything?"

"Yeah. You remember that movie where the guy pretends to be the
president after the president almost dies."


"So what if we get a girl that looks exactly like Lash and then have her
immitate Lash. Then we arrange for 'Lash' to have an accident, leave our
dead body at the scene, and then kill the fake one."

"No good. The fake Lash might trip up between the time of the
replacement and the accident. Also, the fake one would know we might kill
her to silence her so she would be a loose cannon. The fake accident might
work though."

"So what if we leave the body at a car wreck?"

"Too suspicious, she has to attend the Premiere."


"Because if not then the last person to see her alive was her limo

"Oh right."

"Christ Sam, use your brain."

"Sorry, but I've never had one die on me before."

"Me neither. But we should be able to come up with something. We're
not idiots. We've orchestrated millions of succesful kidnappings."

"Oh man, we're going to jail."



Jack shoved the cattleprod back against the woman's tit. It was one of
the old style prods, before the glory days of electric. She screamed as
the sharp points jammed into her breast.

She was a blonde haired country music singer name Laura. Jack didn't
really know her music, but he had flipped onto some country music video cable channel and had been instantly obsessed with her. Kidnapping her had
been easy. She had been spending a lot of time on her ranch alone while
she tried to write songs for a new album. People had been instructed not
to contact her, she would contact them when she was ready. No one would be
missing her for a while.

"No, no, no!" Jack shouted angrilly. "I said to sit on the saddle so
the horn is in your ass, not your cunt, you stupid bitch!"

She was naked except for a black cowboy had and cowboy boots, the only
clothes she was allowed to wear, forced to wear. And at the moment she was
curled up on the floor of his basement screaming her apologies.

Jack had decided to film her using a western theme. He started off by
having her shovel manure until her naked body glimmered with sweat. Then
she had laid down upon the manure, her body sinking into the pile of shit,
as Jack fucked her. Once he had shot his cum inside of her she had to
clean his cock with her mouth and then lick any manure which happened to
have gotten on him. From there she was made to milk a cow using her tits to pull on the udder.

It was all downhill from there.


"Read the cue cards bitch!"

"Yes! Just don't use the cattleprod again!"

"Ready?! Action!"

"Oh my," Laura said, trying to sound as convicing as possible. "This
cow sure looks like it needs milking."

She sat down on the milking stool and looked at Jack behind the camera.
If she didn't do this right he'd hurt her again. Probably stab her in the
cunt this time.

The cold air from outside breezed into the barn and across Laura's skin.
She felt the cold hardest in her exposed cunt, but her nipples stiffened as
well. She pushed the brim of her hat up a little and grabbed hold of the
bull's cock.

The bull snorted and Laura froze with fear. But Jack motioned to her to
continue and suddenly the bull wasn't the most frightening thing in the
room. She slowly tugged on the cock, letting the skin on the shaft move
beneath her fingers. She tugged slowly at first, but as the bull became
more relaxed she increased her pace. Her hands maniuplated the cock as if
it were an instrument. She looked up and read the next card.

"This cow's udder sure feels nice in my hands. Reminds me of a cock!
Boy I sure wish I was getting fucked right now instead of doing these
chores. A slut like me is only happy when she's got a cock sliding in her
sloppy cunt."

She kept tugging, looking up every now and then to see if a new card was
there for her to read.

"Boy this sure is taking a long time, and my hands are getting tired. I
bet if I used my mouth things would go faster. I've got lots of practice
sucking cocks, I bet an udder ain't no different."

She got on all fours and climbed underneath the bull. She opened her
mouth, craweled forward, and closed her lips around the animal's shaft.
The animal made some sort of noise, but otherwise didn't resist. The thing
was huge. Laura almost had to distend her jaw just to get the cock in her
mouth. She began thrusting her head, giving the bull a blowjob, sliding
the long brown shaft between her supple lips. Her tongue, tasting the
length of the animal's tube, was pressed to the bottom of her mouth by the
mammoth cock, which acted like a fleshy tongue depresser that filled her
entire mouth.

Her head thrust beneath the bull's body for a while before she tasted a
slightly bitter liquid in her mouth. Quickly she pulled her head away from
the tool invading her mouth, and grabbed the glass that Jack had given her
earlier. Positioning the glass she filled it with the semen that shot from
the bull's member.

When it was full Laura stood up. The rest of the bull's seed splattered
on to the ground. Laura looked straight at the camera.

"Hmmm. That's not much milk. But I guess I've got to make the best of

She pressed the glass to her lips and lifted it back. The entire glass
of bull cum flowed into her mouth where she swallowed it with greedy gulps,
trying very hard to taste as little of it as possible. When it was all
gone she looked at the camera again.

"My, that was the tastiest milk I've ever had. Tastier than the time I
gave blowjobs to all of daddy's farm hands and got to taste their man meat
while the fucked my face the way it was meant to. I think I'll go back for

Laura got on her hands and knees again and licked the rest of the bull's
semen off the ground, moaning as she did so. She completed the spectacle
by washing off the bull's cock, giving it a final kiss when she was done.


To complete the milking trilogy Jack hooked Laura up to a milking
machine and let it drain her of a couple pints of milk. He decided it
wasn't enough and hooked one of the pumps to her cunt, making her
masturbate a pint of juices with her hands before he would remove the
torturous device which was sucking her sensitive cunt raw.

Now he was trying to do a rodeo. He was trying to get her onto a
mechanical bull while her ass was impaled on the horn but she wasn't
cooperating. And there was only one solution for that. The cattleprod it
would be. And the bitch better be ready for when he filled her cowboy hat
with horse cum and then made her put it back on, unable to wipe the cum as
it flowed down her face and down her tits.

That's when he heard a floorboard creak behind him. The next second he
was no longer awake.


"You're a sick one Jack."

"Really sick."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Kidnapping, rape, torture."


"He doesn't think we're serious, Sarge."

"Then he's brain dead, Lou."

"You know what this is? Police brutality. And where the hell was your

"Oh we got a warrant. We got a warrant and whole lot more."

"We found the tapes you brain dead idiot. Really stupid of you to keep
tapes of your crimes."

"Most of your victims are willing to testify too. You might as well
just confess."

"You've got no case. Those girls aren't going to say anything, and you
know it. And those tapes, I think you'll find that all they prove is a
bunch of women came to me to fulfil their sickest fantasies. You don't
have anything on me that will stick after a competent lawyer goes through

"Oh yeah? Remember Tabitha Boyle? Her career ain't what it used to be.
In fact it's shit. She's willing to testify, hell, she wants the tape
she's in. She figures if she's the only one with exclusive rights she
could make a mint. There's a bunch more saying the same thing. They don't
mind letting the world see them as sluts if they can control how much it

"And we found your unedited tapes. The ones where the girls are begging
to be let go."


"What was that Jack?"

"Yeah Jack, didn't hear you."


"No duh Jack."

"Might as well confess Jack."

"What if I do?"

"Well, it'll look better for you at trial, won't it Sarge?"

"Absolutely. A man truly sorry for what he's done. Admits it like a
man. He knows he's sick. Might be able to plea insanity."

"Lot better than life in jail. Maybe death penalty."

"Death penalty?"

"You did some bad shit Jack."

"Death penalty?"

"Really bad shit?"

"I didn't kill no one."

"Don't fuck with us Jack."

"I didn't kill anyone."

"Come on Jack, you remember, Ashley Lash."

"The movie star? What about her?"

"You killed her Jack."

"No I didn't. Yeah, I admit I did that other shit, but I never killed

"Don't be stupid Jack. You can't half confess. Doesn't look right if
you only confess part way. Makes you look bad, like you want your cake and
eat it too. Juries don't like that."

"I didn't kill her."

"Of course you did Jack. We found the body in your ranch."


"Right by your horse, where you left her."

"I didn't!"

"It won't look good Jack. This is a big case now. Killer of a famous movie star made her perform the sickest acts imaginable. Known history.
Oh, state's bringing in their big guns. If you confess you won't have a
jury listening to some big shot, never lost a case ever, lawyer tell them
how sick you are. Spare yourself the humiliation."

"I didn't kill anyone!"

"Have it your way Jack."

"Yeah, hope you like old Sparky."


Jack Westinghouse was executed for the murder of Ashley Lash as well as
his crimes against humainty, although that charge was unnofficial. Sam and
Neil continued to abduct women and blackmail them by making them perform
depraved acts of sex. They have never shown anyone their tape of the death
of Ashley Lash, even though they often masturbate to it.

But just last week they abducted that skinny Russian model, you know the
one that's been on every fucking magazine cover known to man, and made her
play in a kiddy pool filled with the cum of various animals. By the time
they were done her entire body had a thick, shiny coating of sperm. So did
some of her inner body. She had been made to take big globs of animal cum in her hands, reach into her cunt, and spread it as far up herself as she
could. Of course before they let her go she had to drink the rest of the
pool. To be fair, they gave her a straw, even if it did have a dildo built
around it so she had to suck the entire pool up through a large plastic

The police never did figure out who left the anonymous phone call. Not
that they cared, there's a reason they're called anonymous. END


Even I can't believe I wrote this. man this is nowhere near anything
else I've written. Except for Wondermike & Joan of Arc. And maybe the
later parts of Braniacal Genius. Okay, maybe I can believe I wrote this,
doesn't mean I don't think it's sick.

Kind of.


I began writing these stories for two reasons, conceit and
disapointment. So in other words I started writing because I gave in to the
dark side. Basicly I was noticing that there weren't many stories that
interested me and what few there were just weren't that good.
(disapointment) I thought, hey I could write better stories than that.
(conceit) And then I thought, so why the fuck don't you.

So I did.

Not the most pleasent of origins, but there you are. I get off on human
suffering and so I wrote it down. But I also get off on romantic happy
endings, especially if they come out of human suffering. So I write those
too. This just isn't one of them. I guess I'm insane.

And I'm still not proofreading.

feedback is appreciated. Send comments to...

Most of my stories are archived at

The later ones aren't yet. Give me a few months.


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