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reply peter


A reply to watcher about a story he worte about us.
Hi Watcher,

Okay, okay you can take her to the sauna, just bring
her back stretched and lubed up again!

Thank you for the story, it was very fun to read a
story about Sue and me by someone else, also you seem
to have a close sense of the nature of Sue. Within in
reasonable limits, she enjoys being used, taken,
enjoyed. I was shocked the first time she told me she
liked "getting fucked", referring to our second
encounter into the world of extracurricular sex.

Sue has had only one black man that I know of, and I
did not get to see him fuck her. He was about ten
years older than Sue and me, and lived up the lane from
us. Sue had given him a ride to town when his vehicle
was down a number of times. When passing by our house,
if he saw me he would wave and after some time we got
around to chatting and I found him to be a pleasant
person. I have had limited control over the sexual
events in which we partake, early on it was at my
guidance, but has evolved to a situation where if we
are going to do "this", then we do it at her
preference. Generally, Sue is quite open about her
activities, but has annoyed me on occasion by being
somewhat secretive. Every time I saw this guy he was
smiling at me and when it dawned on me he had been with
Sue I asked her. "Yes, a number of times" was her
reply, "he is very good." Maybe because he was black
and more likely something he had said to her, she was
evasive about answering any questions about him I put
to her. Maybe she thought I would try and put a halt
to it, it was never clear how many times she had been
with him or exactly when, except the two times I came
home while he was leaving, and once while he was still
in the house but they were done. He was quite relaxed
and confident and greeted me and left with little small

At these times I would feel her up right away and find
her very wet and loose, from the first time I put my
dick in her after she had been with him I knew he must
be quite large, I was swamped in there after he had
used her pussy. Sue told me they had gone at it for a
couple of hours and it was very good. For whatever
reason she never offered up anything about the guy,
just simple answers to my questions. The summer he
lived up the lane from us his 16 or 17 year old son
came to stay with him, I never met the kid, but noticed
he smiled at me much like father did. It didn't take
me long to quiz Sue about this and she denied having
fucked him. I have always been suspicious the guy had
her do his son, maybe to let him have some white pussy or first pussy or whatever, I just don't know and Sue
is not telling.
After pondering all this I may have to see if I can
work up a story here, I have a fondness for writing
about our experiences and it helps with perspective.
Thanks again for the story, feel free to write another
if you like. Below is where I have achieved my
writings, with your permission I would like to add the
story you sent. Let me know how you would like it
credited, "Watcher", etc.




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