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researching bliss


This story was written as a part of the first SEWG "Plot
Luck" Game. Five participants submitted five plot elements.
Each author had to write their own story which would
include all five elements. The plots are listed at the end.

I hope this story is worthwhile. It was difficult and
rewarding. I hope, most of all, that you enjoy it.

This story (c)2002 by Sara H
All rights reserved.
Please do not post elsewhere without permission of the



A Plot Luck story by Sara H

FF, F-solo, Toys, Rom


Ann Thomas walked into the plush offices with the nervous
excitement that always came when she was pushing into new
territory. These meetings were always like that for her --
they always felt like the first time she jumped off the
high-dive at the swimming pool. She'd already been through
several private conferences. Even so, it never seemed to
get any easier.

Then again, doing it was less stressful than thinking
about it.

The law office receptionist recognized her and showed her
to a small conference room. After being told that Elizabeth
Daly would be with her shortly, she accepted the offer of
coffee. In truth, the wait could short or long. There was
never any telling at a law office as busy as Lampton, Daly
and Ricketts.

This time, the wait was short. Liz Daly walked in and Ann
stood to shake her hand. The older woman was thin, and wore
rather austere wire frame glasses. Coupled with her very
short hair, suit coat and wide tie, she had a look that
seemed designed to make her a force with which there would
be much reckoning.

The attorney broke into a wide smile that helped Ann relax
without a word. "Hello, Ann. I'm very pleased to meet you.
I'm Elizabeth Daly, but you can call me Liz. I'm a senior
partner here. I suppose I should begin by explaining that
Ms. Renfro was detained in court this morning. I'm taking
her place this morning, and I guess I should be the one to
tell you that I'll be taking over your case personally. Is
there anything I can get you? Another cup of coffee, a
muffin, bagel?"

"No thanks," said Ann, almost in a whisper. She was
surprised, to say the least. To have her case taken on by a
senior partner was unexpected, but welcomed.

"Great. I guess I should start by explaining the change.
Susan, the attorney you contacted, brought the case to my
attention, and I realized that it would take a lot of extra
time, especially because it deals with a sexual issue. The
fact that you are a lesbian will come into play -- even
though Body Bliss is a sex toy company, it is not beyond
them to try to make you out to be a sexual deviant with no
legitimate complaint.

"So at the outset, I have to tell you to expect some mud
to be slung your way. Are you sure you can handle it?"

"I think so," said Ann. In reality, she wasn't sure at
all, but she didn't see that she had much choice. Her life
was a wreck, thanks to the Bliss Bulb. "I could use another
cup of coffee now," she added.

After getting Ann her second cup, this time in something
better than styrofoam, Liz continued. "I know it may be
embarrassing and difficult to come forward just by itself,
but in a case like yours, where you're claiming
psychological damage due to a sex toy, their attorneys are
likely to come at you with both barrels. They'll use your
past experiences and relationships to try to discredit you
and clear themselves of any influence."

Taking on more of an attorney's persona, Liz sounded more
dark and serious as she went on. "So I need you to tell me
everything you can remember -- anything, no matter how
small, that you think they can find out, even if you think
it's something they couldn't use, and you need to start
before the issue with the Bliss Bulb existed. Trust me...
everything in the courtroom is about spin. The truth has
very little to do with whether we win or lose this case.
It's how the truth looks when we're all done talking to the

Ann tried to hide the desert in her mouth as she croaked,
"I'll try."

"Good. Now that I've scared you a little, I need you to
relax. The way this feels? The courtroom is much tougher,
much more intimidating, and you'll need to be able to relax
and be strong at the same time. Part of our job is to
practice that. Part of theirs is to try to find a chink in
your armor.

"Let's start with how you met janet Garrison, and how you
ended up in a relationship with her."

"Okay. Well, I guess it started when I was walking across


The offer was just what Ann was hoping to find. Student
loans and work/study might pay for school, but it didn't
help with clothes, transportation, or the weekends when she
was free to go out and play.

The paper on the bulletin board was plain, and typical of
college ads:
"Writer looking for help with background research for a
novel. Minimum five hours a week, $25.00 an hour.
English/journalism majors a plus. Call janet for details."
Phone numbers were listed vertically across the bottom, and
cut into the tags that were the living art of student
bookstores and cultural centers.

One thing wasn't typical, and that was the pay. To Ann's
amazement, none of the phone numbers had been taken. At
such a wage, she was surprised there were any left at all.
It had to be new.

Ann wanted that job.

She looked around and, seeing no one, proceeded to pull
all the numbers from the bottom of the page. She was
determined to be the first, and only, caller.

Three days later, she was sitting in the office of the
University's Author in Residence, janet Garrison. The
writer was the "earth mother" type, wearing a long print
dress, flowing cotton top, and sandals. Considering the
fact that she'd written three best-sellers, Ann was amazed
at how relaxed she felt around her, almost immediately.

The interview started as a standard recitation of
qualifications. Ann was an English major, considering
journalism. She was used to many kinds of research, from
poring over books and documents in library cellars to
handing out questionnaires on campus. Her GPA was 3.9.

But that was only the beginning. A half hour stretched to
an hour, and then to two hours. As they talked, she began
to feel that janet was a kindred spirit. They talked about
music, about how relationships should work, about artists,
movies, food... the more they talked, the more amazed and
comfortable Ann became.

Janet felt it, too. She'd promised herself that she
wouldn't hire anyone to whom she felt attracted. But Ann
was perfect for the job, and if hired, they *were* going to
be working very closely together on her next book. She
wanted to hire the young sophomore, but felt a twinge of
guilt at the dampness between her legs, and the tickly
feeling she got just looking at the beauty sitting on the
other side of her desk.

Janet felt her rationalization in wanting Ann as her
research aide. There was also no denying that she simply
*wanted* her. As the conversation meandered over more and
more personal territory, her justification process shifted
into high gear.

It was safe. It had to be. janet was a professional, and
Ann was a student looking simply to make some money and
gain valuable experience. As the picture of Ann emerged
through their conversation, it was clear that she wasn't a
lesbian, and didn't seem to be bisexual either. They got on
well -- that was all, despite the fact that the beautiful
co-ed looked so delicious.

She felt a tiny bit of conflict -- she wanted someone
whose detachment would help her move her book forward, but
she couldn't resist someone so, well, damned appealing and

But it wasn't like students were beating down her door to
come to work. No one else had called her in the week since
Ann had answered her ad, even though all the number tabs
had been removed.

She was no simpleton. She realized that Ann could have
taken all the numbers. But if she wanted the job that

Janet turned a corner in her mind. She ignored the fact
that her nipples were stiffening. She was sure that this
initial infatuation would pass. After all, they'd be much
too busy to get involved with each other, they'd only be
meeting to go over Ann's research results, and Ann wouldn't
be interested in the first place.

Darn it all.

After using up the entire afternoon talking with her
prospect, janet said, "So, Ann, would you like to come work
with me? The job is yours if you want it."

Ann nearly jumped out of her chair with enthusiasm. "Oh,
thank you, yes, I mean I, yes, thank you, Ms. Garrison!"
she answered. "Oh, this is so great! I can't believe this!
Thank you!"

"Well, if we're going to be working together, I suggest
you call me Janet. And I'm the one who should be thanking
you. You're perfect for the job, even though no one else
called." She smiled inside as Ann's face showed the tiniest
trace of red.

She also crossed her pressed her legs together more tightly.


Liz sat for a moment as Ann stopped talking. Then she
said, "That seems straightforward enough, Ann. A little
problem with the phone numbers... their attorneys might use
that little deception to show a general desire to stack
things in your own favor and try to associate it with
bringing your case. I suggest you leave that out of any
testimony you give. Don't deny it. Just don't mention it. I
don't think anyone will ask.

"Now comes the tougher part, at least for you. How did you
and janet Garrison become involved?"

Ann looked hesitant. "How much will they want to know?"

"They'll want to know as much as they can get. I'll be
stopping a lot of your testimony due to irrelevance. But I
also need to know more than they can find out. I need to
know everything, so that there are no surprises in the
courtroom. I need to know when to protect you, and
therefore your charges against the defendants, and when you
let you speak."

"Okay," said Ann. She'd known this was coming, but it
didn't make it any more comfortable.

"I'd been working for janet for almost three months, when
she asked what I thought of the Yoni Girls..."


"They're okay," said Ann. In truth, she'd never heard
them, but didn't want to admit it to Janet.

"Just okay? Well, I had a surprise for you, but if you..."

"Surprise? What? Tell me!"

Janet laughed at her assistant's exuberance. It was one of
the things she had come to love about her. She had a child-
like quality -- a certain way of looking at the world like
it was always on the verge of Christmas morning.

"Well, you've been working so hard, and I'm much farther
along than I thought I would be, that I thought I'd treat
you to dinner and a concert."

"Oh, God! That would be so great! When exactly?"

"Tonight, unless you have plans. If so, it'll have to be
dinner and a movie some other night."

"No, no! I don't have any plans!"

Ann was beside herself. Over the last eleven weeks, she'd
developed not only incredible respect for Janet, but a kind
of heroine worship. She loved the way the thirty-two year
old woman didn't compromise on anything, including her
lifestyle. She lived both in and outside of society, able
to enjoy the company of others, but with a sense of
distance and keen observation.

Ann blushed as she realized that her feelings were almost
like a crush. She loved spending time with Janet, and they
were becoming something like best friends, except it wasn't
exactly like that. Ann was having a hard time figuring it
out for herself, but when it got too complex, she just let
it go.

"So what time, where is it, all that?" bubbled Ann.

"Dinner at six, and the concert is at nine. It's at City
Nights. You know, the bar."

"Um, I thought that was like a lesbian biker bar..." said
Ann, suddenly unsure.

"Yeah, it has a reputation, but it's not like you think.
If you'd rather not go..."

"No -- I mean yes -- I still want to. You're sure it's

"If it wasn't safe, I wouldn't take you, much less go
myself. Besides, I'll be there to make sure no butch women
try to steal my woman," janet said, joking. Or maybe not.
She felt the smile on her face go a little too wide, her
gaze a little too strong.

Ann felt the oddity of it, but liked the sensation.
Protected. janet did really care about her. She blushed
without understanding why. There was an underlying
tenderness that seemed to dance just under the surface of
her skin.

"Okay, I'll be back at 5:30 then. It's 4:00 now, so I'd
better go get ready."

"Don't overdress, Ann. It's just a concert. Okay?"


"Good... then scoot."

"Bye!" said Ann as walked to the door and left. She was
working hard to keep from breaking into a run. She wondered
at her excitement as she made her way through the ravine
between the faculty offices and her dorm.

She just needed a break. That was all. She was excited to
go out and do something. It would be great to finally get
out to party a little.

With Janet.

The thought stuck in her throat as if she'd spoken some
secret hidden for years. But before she could get upset at
it, she pushed it aside with the thought about what to wear.

For Janet.

As she showered and dressed in a tube top, denim jacket,
jeans and black platform shoes, she had to keep working to
stop her hands from trembling. What was going on with her?
Why was she reacting like this? It made no sense. It was
like she was going on a first date.

But it was just Janet.

Just? janet had become her mentor, her guide. She had
become, in eleven short weeks, the focal point of her days
and weekends. Her schoolwork wasn't suffering, but she had
given up most of her social life to be around the amazing

She was surprised she wasn't being accused of being a dyke or something by the friends that saw her less, now. But
that wasn't how it was at all. She was just excited to be
able to be around greatness. After all, how many times
could that happen in one lifetime?

---- ---- ---- ----

Dinner went by in a dream of wine and succulent morsels of
Italian Mediterranean cuisine. They never got past plate
after plate of antipasti, laughing and chewing and
swallowing glasses of wine that tasted of the summer sun in
the vineyard.

Ann felt outrageous and elegant. She'd never been part of
the social elite, and yet her she was with an
internationally famous author, trading ideas about
philosophy and politics, art and the women's Olympic
volleyball team. Every word had an air of humorous asides,
and it was as if she only had to breathe for thoughts to
coalesce into something worth saying.

Janet was, after all, another woman who was living her
life, as everyone does. Her advantage wasn't so much her
talent, with which she was well-gifted, but her relentless
pursuit of what she wanted to do with her life.

Ann was a bit beyond tipsy, and the flush of emotion that
rushed over her now had no barrier to cross. Her affection -
- her adoration -- of her employer and mentor filled her
like water pouring into an empty pitcher.

It was almost painful when janet paid the bill, put out
her last cigarette and said, "Well, I guess we ought to get
to the show. What do you say?"

"Okay... I need to stop in the restroom for a second, okay?"

"No problem. I'll pull the car around."

As Ann sat and relieved herself, she noticed the scent of
arousal. "Wine, women and song," she said, giggling. She
was much too relaxed to worry about why she would be
aroused. It wasn't that it made sense for her pussy to be
wet or her nipples to be itching with need. It just didn't
occur to her to worry about it.

As she pulled her panties back up, her pussy felt the cold
press of wet panties. It brought home her feelings, and
this time she couldn't pretend she wasn't surprised. As she
looked in the mirror at herself, she wondered if maybe she
was feeling something more than friendship for Janet, or if
Janet could feel more for her. The thought rushed into her
and melted into vague longing. But there was no time to
ponder. She laid it aside as something to consider later.
Right now, there was a concert to go to.

She breathed in unconsciously one last time to catch her
scent in the small bathroom.

It seemed the natural thing to do.

---- ---- ---- ----

City Nights. It was a name that was well known on campus.
It had a reputation as the kind of place you didn't tell
your parents you had even thought about going.

"And here I am," thought Ann, with a touch of taboo amusement. janet had been right about it, however. Although
it was a dark, rustic club, it was both large and busy,
with none of the wild goings on that the college rumor mill
spouted. Other than the fact that it was only filled with
women that were openly affectionate, it could have been any
successful bar in town.

Even so, Ann was wide-eyed at what she saw as they walked
to the room in the back reserved for concerts. She'd never
considered herself sheltered, but here were women who
looked like everything from supermodels to bad-ass butch
bikers -- women in masculine clothes and women who were
completely impossible to classify.

Leather, silk, lace and denim swarmed around her, and she
felt as if she were in the midst of some glorious secret
coven that the world just didn't understand. There was
power here; freed from the roles of the outside world,
these women were being exactly who they were.

It excited her.

She stopped for a moment a she caught sight of a pair of
women locked in a passionate kiss, both of them as
oblivious to the crowd around them as the crowd was to them.

Her heart was beating fast. She realized that she was
being seduced... not by Janet, but by the freedom and heady
lust that was bubbling just below the surface of the room.

The concert room was filled with tables and stools, and
held what looked to be about 500 people. The stage was only
slightly raised, giving a sense of wonderful intimacy.
Janet guided Ann to a small table and they sat next to each
other as they faced the stage.

Two more glasses of wine ordered, a brief smile, and the
show began.

The house lights were already down, and wild applause
broke out as the Yoni Girls, Etta and Jamie, walked on
stage, each holding an acoustic guitar.

Etta broke into a fast strum... catchy and strong, the
sound was amazing. Then the voices began, and Ann was
carried away. By the time the rest of the band came to the
stage and joined in one by one, she was completely
captivated by the sound.

Each song seemed more beautiful than the last, and Ann's
cheeks were aching from the smile on her face. Jamie's
comments in between songs were so easy and casual that Ann
felt almost like she was in someone's living room,
listening to two lifelong friends.

By the time the duo got to their second ballad, she was
awestruck. It was like she had forgotten how to let go of
worry, and now this beautiful, lyrical melody of painful
longing was taking her somewhere she'd never been, bringing
tears to her eyes.

She jumped as she felt an arm lay across her shoulder, a
hand tracing up and down her upper arm. She looked over to
Janet, who was looking back into her eyes. The lights
reflected into the darkness from the stage were enough for
her to see the question there.

She answered by leaning into Janet's shoulder. She
couldn't tell if the warmth inside her was from the wine or
the unspoken decision she'd made.

She didn't think about it again as she let the music carry
her away.

---- ---- ---- ----

The drive home to Ann's dormitory was a blur of emotion
and longing. As they arrived, Ann became aware of her
surroundings again. Looking out the car window, with no
words spoken, she'd lost track of anything but being with
the beautiful writer.

"This is weird," said Janet, pulling into the parking lot
of Harringer Hall. "I wonder what happened to all the
lights? It didn't storm..."

"Hmm," answered Ann, coming back to reality. "Maybe the
college was late on its electric bill."

"Very funny. Well, there's no way I'm letting you navigate
fifteen flights of stairs in the dark after drinking.
You're coming home with me."

"But Mayam, I'm nawt that kind uv guhl," said Ann, in a
terrible rendition of a southern accent that sent both
women into a fit of giggles.

"Puhhaps yew need sumone to show yuh whutcher missin',"
answered Janet, still laughing.

Ann was suddenly very serious. "Someone like you, Janet?"

Janet gulped. She had been flirting all evening but had
somehow written off Ann's actions as the effects of wine
and song. "If you want me too, Ann," she whispered.

"Let's go home..."

Five minutes later, they were walking in the front door
without speaking. Ten minutes, and janet had a couple of
candles lit. Fifteen, and they were sitting on the sofa,
looking at each other, each afraid to move.

Janet shivered and took hold of herself. It was now or
never. There was no getting out of how awkward it might be
tomorrow -- but one way would include a tomorrow with
pleasant memories.

She moved her hand and placed in on Ann's own, letting her
fingers glide up the sophomore's soft arm.

Ann shifted a little at the touch, and Janet's hand stopped.

Janet looked at the sweet innocence that showed so well in
the soft light of the candles. "Ann... do you want me to

Ann could feel her heart fluttering. She felt like there
was suddenly no air in the room -- and everything was
slipping. And yet, there was no denying the growing hunger
in her, the desire that was creeping through her, finally
showing itself in full. She tried to sound firm but only
managed a whisper. "No. Don't stop, Janet. I want this...
if you do."

With the gentlest of smiles, janet leaned forward and
gently stroked the young girl's cheek with her fingernails.
Without another word, she leaned further and kissed her
lightly, tasting for the first time the flesh for which
she'd been imagining for so long. She pulled back slightly,
feeling their breath as it mingled, savoring this moment of
awakening in her protegee.

Ann raised her hand to the back of Janet's neck and pulled
her forward, as if begging for another touch of her lips.
The writer did not resist, and fell into the passionate
embrace of her new lover.

Their hands began to roam and explore, teasing with
clothes and skin, like a flirting dance on the edge of a
cliff. janet moved her hand under Ann's top and released
her bra. Sliding her hand forward as Ann leaned back, she
cupped a breast, and brought her fingers to a wrinkled,
erect nipple.

It was like the breaking of a dam... Ann's moan created a
moaned response as their bodies began moving together. It
was better than any secret fantasy janet had conjured in
her moments alone. One by one their pieces of clothing
disappeared, thrown off by the energy of their lust and
unstoppable desire.

Their moans and gurgles became more entwined -- a synergy
of abandon -- as Janet's fingers traced up and down Ann's
thighs. Only a moment went by before Ann took the hint and,
spreading her legs wider, allowed the woman she had come to
love access to her most sacred place.

Janet felt the satin folds, slick and wet, give way as she
reached into Ann's heat and teased, finding her clit and
teasing it to distended hardness.

Ann clutched forward as an orgasm, swift and unexpected,
flew through her, shutting down her thoughts and slamming
her into Ann's body. Ann held her tight, kissing her neck
and chest and then her lips as their kisses became furtive
and hungry... and then softer as relaxation came and
afterglow descended.

"Mmm, Janet, I..."

"Shhhhhh. No words now, love. Just let me love you tonight."

"But tomorrow..."

"Will come. Tonight is tonight. I love you. Let me love

Ann sighed and kissed janet lightly over her face, finally
finding her lips. She had never known such tenderness mixed
with pure passion. She knew she had been in love, and
realized that this was just a sign of what had been part of
her for longer than she knew.

Janet kissed down her chin and neck, finding her way
between breasts and breath, and landed on a nipple, pulling
it in with sharp determination.

"Owww!" said Ann, and then, "ohhhh... God... so nice..."

The older woman, guiding her charge, began to nibble and
suck, flicking and circling until all that was escaping her
lover's lips were nonsense words and moans of passion. She
kept on and on, teasing with relentless purpose, knowing
she was turning the young woman's insides to pure sex,
heat, and the formless jelly of need. It fanned her own
lust, and as Ann's fingers found Janet's quivering cunt,
she let out a growl that sounded more animal than human.

She began to ride the offered fingers, her eyes closed as
a chant of lust began to press it's way out from her
throat. "Yes... yes... mm... shit... fuck... on my...
yes... cunt... fingers... your fingers... cunt... my...
oh... fuck yeah... oh... Ann... ANN... NNNNGNNNNNGNNNNNN

Janet's body shook and bucked as she lost her rhythm
entirely, and her display only brought Ann closer again to
her own release... and then janet fell on top of her, heavy
of breath and body, skin and sweat and matching
heartbeats... and then she was sliding, down, down, down,
pressing Ann's legs open. She stopped to take a taste of
her own juices from her young lover's fingers before diving
her tongue deep into the cleft of the inexperienced woman.

As Ann felt her thoughts leaving and tried to hold on, to
hold out a bit longer before losing herself in her lover
entirely, she knew that very soon, she would be doing the
same... and another climax showered out of her, stronger,
and then another on top of that, and then she was gone,
lost to her need, and only wanting the night to go on


Ann's attorney sat in silence, staring off into space. A
small ripple of embarrassed shock went through her face as
she brought her eyes back to Ann's. "This may sound
strange, but that part of your testimony is no problem. We
don't have to get graphic, although the defense attorneys
might. It doesn't matter. You just keep that air of
beautiful discovery in what you have to say, and you'll be
fine. I won't let them go too far.

"I know that your relationship went on through the end of
school and into the next fall. I know from what you've said
in your other interviews here that the problem came in
September. Can you explain it in a little more detail?"

"Well, this is where it gets tough, isn't it?" said Ann.

"Yes. But don't be afraid. We're on the same team."


Liz looked into Ann's eyes as she gave the girl's hand a
reassuring squeeze.


Ann wasn't sure what made her buy the Bliss Bulb. It might
have been boredom, but that seemed specious at best. It
might have been the promise of a new level of pleasure, but
that wasn't the whole story.

Really, it was the adventure of it. In the last seven
months, janet had opened Ann's eyes to who she was inside,
and to pleasures she had never believed possible. She had
become ravenous in her hedonism, and this was the next meal.

Her talent in research was as good as anyone's... now she
had simply applied it to sex.

She thought that just maybe she could give something back
to the woman who had given her so much.

She lay, naked, on the bed in Janet's apartment, waiting
for the writer who had gone from being her employer to
being her lover, to come home. Eyeing the strange looking
toy. In this light, it seemed almost silly. But it cost two
hundred and fifty dollars. It certainly wasn't a silly

Janet was getting late, and Ann was getting hornier by the

She kept eyeing the device, wondering how it would feel.
Janet didn't keep toys around, but on the few occasions Ann
had asked, she didn't seem averse to the idea. Instead, she
just said, "We'll get toys when we've explored everything

Ann wasn't so patient. If there was more pleasure to have,
she wanted it now.

She picked up the toy and lay back on the bed, still
looking at it as she held it above her.

Somewhere deep inside, a decision was made, her hands
moved and her pussy became much wetter in anticipation.

Pressing the gelatinous bulb into her vagina, she gasped
as it spread to fill her and press in odd ways inside her.
It was as titillating as it was unnatural -- Ann felt a
rush of guilty lust as she thought of pleasuring herself
alone in the bed of her lover.

She flipped on the switch.

Her clit expanded into a world of color and abandoned
pleasure. Within moments her head was shaking from side to
side, laughter and denial warring in her mind, trying to
hold back the tide of bliss and wanting more...


And on top of that, another explosion.


She was forgetting how to breathe... fear mixed with a
sensation of drowning in something much larger than
herself, the fire of her passion blistering away her
ability to stop.

She screamed a laugh as a merciless orgasm shattered her
soul and she fell of the edge of the earth.

As she came down, it felt like her ovaries were spinning,
her belly clutching. She tried to catch her breath and
after a time, her heart slowed down. She reached down and
touched the bulb between her thighs and jerked as
sensations, more raw and irresistible pleasure flashed up
her arms and through her pussy at the same moment, starting
the process... again.

She thought of janet and came. Of the bulb and came. Of
her dorm room and came.

She didn't stop playing for a very long time.

---- ---- ---- ----

"Ann, is there something wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that for the last three weeks we haven't...
haven't..." Janet's voice trailed off and she wiggled her

"Made love?"

"Yes. Made love. Had sex. Fucked. Licked each other silly.
Played the night away."

"I'm sorry, Janet. I just haven't really been in the
mood." Ann looked down.

"Ann, are you cheating on me? Have you found someone else?"

Ann looked up quickly, her eyes sad. "No, not that. Not at
all. Well, not exactly."

"Not exactly?"

"Well, you remember how I used to ask you about toys?"


"Well, I bought one. And I was waiting for you to get home
and you were late and I tried it and it was really, really
good and then I was all embarrassed and it smelled like me
and I couldn't get the smell out and you would know I
didn't wait and..." Her words came to a stop as tears
filled her her eyes. "I've just felt so guilty."

Janet walked over and sat down next to her. "Ann, look at
me. Look at me. You don't need to feel bad. If anything,
you can feel bad about being afraid to tell me. I just
never knew you wanted to try one so badly."

"But you would have been mad..."

"Maybe, but not as mad as I have been hurt by feeling

"I'm sorry, Janet, I really am." She paused. "So what do
we do now?"

Janet considered for a moment, seeming deep in thought.
Then she said, smiling, "We go get the toy and try it out
with each other. No more secrets. No more guilt."

"Okay. Now?"


Ann smiled, the fear and guilt gone, and ran to the bedroom.

Janet followed her, walking.


"How did you discover you were addicted?"

"Well, first, our lovemaking was hollow. It felt like so
much less, even using the toy. I began to resent her
intrusion into my time with it. I began to wear it to

"Wear it?"

"It has these straps to hold it in place."

"Weren't you afraid it would be discovered?"

"No... it's completely silent. The only way anyone would
know is if you can't keep quiet when you cum. There are
enough secluded places on campus to go that it was no
problem. Heck, I kept it turned on low all the time, after
awhile. It really got hold of me."

"So what made you want to look at the manufacturer as the

"I didn't at first. janet and I tried to make it work, but
it was like something had broken our ties. When she quit
writing her book, and announced the project was finished, I
knew it was time for me to go. I ended up moving back to my
dorm room. My parents never really had known anything, so I
still had a room even though I was almost never there. But
I figured it was my own problem. That my addiction was my
own fault. "

"What changed your mind?"

"I went back to City Nights. Actually, I'd started going
there quite a lot. I was going cold turkey on the Bulb, and
I was staring to feel really horny. I get horny a lot more,
now. I think it's because I'm still craving the Bulb. You
have no idea how good it is. How it gets into your head.
How you want to do it again."

"What happened at City Nights?"

"I ran into janet there. She was sitting alone in a corner."

"What was wrong with that?"

"Nothing, by itself. I decided to go talk to her. We
didn't part on bad terms, just sad ones. I thought that
maybe now that I'd stopped... well, I can dream, right?
Anyway, she was watching a couple on the dance floor,
dancing as dirty as I've ever seen. I have to admit, they
were hot. After just a few words, her eyes kept going back
to them, and I sat down to look, too.

"It was very intense. Sensual. Erotic. It was like
watching liquid seduction.

"That's when I heard janet again. The table began to shake
and I looked over at her. Her eyes were rolled up into her
head. 'You're wearing a Bulb, aren't you,' I whispered.

"She didn't answer for a bit. Then, when she came back
down, she looked at me, eyes dilated and kind of crazy.
'Yes, it's so much better when you can watch someone. It's
so much better than sex. Oh, God, it's so fucking much

"I knocked my chair over standing, and staggered out in
horror. It wasn't me, you see. It was the damned Bulb. It
was so damned good that it ruined everything else."

"I disagree," said Liz.

"What do you mean?" Ann looked confused.

"I mean, you two just didn't use it properly. Toys can be
great if you can learn how to use them together. They can
support your sex, not end it."

"I thought you were supposed to be representing me!"

"I am. And we'll win. Just because you don't know how good
it is when shared doesn't mean you didn't get addicted to
it. But I also think you might want to know the truth about

"You don't understand! This thing is evil! It ruins people!"

"I understand more than you might think, Ann." Liz stood
and walked around the table to stand behind Ann's chair.
She leaned down to whisper into the junior's ear. "I

She moved to the table and took Ann's hand. Then as Ann's
eyes grew wide with shock, Liz took her hand and placed it
on her crotch.

Ann could feel the squish and vibration as it hummed up
her arm. She tried to pull her hand away, but she was like
a deer with her eyes caught in a pair of headlights. Her
hand began to rub as her gaze went glassy.

"Yesss, that's right. You see? So good if you share. So
good. Now why don't we discuss strategy and how to handle
settlements if they're offered?"

Ann rose to walk out, but stopped. Her hand, still
rubbing, seemed glued in place. The thing she loved was so
close. Her lawyer was offering it freely. And offering

Slowly, as if in a dream, Ann turned and fell into her
Liz's embrace. She pressed her crotch to Liz's and felt the
thrumming, heavenly even through the weight of her clothes.
As their lips met, she knew she was lost forever, even if
the case was won. She was beyond all hope. She didn't care.

"Really, Ann," whispered Liz, "why the hell do you think I
took your case?

"Let's go back to my private office, shall we?"

Ann offered no words. And, without surprise, no resistance
at all.

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