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Ribbons Galore!

"Fuck me" she said, "Fuck me hard and long", as she leaned against him,
tempting him with glimpses of her body through her flowing dress.

“No, my sweet, I'm going to fuck you so slowly and gently that you are
going to be screaming with desire before I have finished”. He kissed her
hair as he unbuttoned her dress and saw her ribbon chastity belt.

It was something akin to a G-string but with straps of wide satin-like
ribbon stitched to the waistband and going over her shoulders and crossing
across her back. This meant that it pulled the G-string cotton tight up
between her legs, and there were subsidury ribbons wrapped firmly around
her average-sized breasts and stitched to the satin ribbon. To get it off,
one had to use scissors.

He smiled as he saw it, she was very randy, he thought, suits my plans
for her today. He slid her button-through dress off her shoulders and
briefly fingered her clitoris through the ribbon. She moaned and moved
towards him, opening her knees slightly. The ribbon was already damp where
it pulled tight against her vulva.

He left her damp clitoris and sucked hard on first one nipple, then the
other. While sucking on one nipple he folded the other one with his
fingers. As he sucked, the nipples became more proud and sensitive. They
started off by being a dark rose coloured, but as he sucked, they changed
to a reddish hue. Occasionally he'd pull the ribbon band around whichever
breast he was manipulating, and it would pull the other breast across
briefly as he slid his fingers beneath the ribbon.

She pressed his head against her breast and threw her head back as he
kissed her neck and shoulders before returning to her breasts. Suddenly,
he lifted his head and gently turned her over onto her side, lying down
behind her, and pressing his body close to hers; his penis warm against her
back, for he was naked. His arms slid around her and continued to fondle
her breasts and belly. She moaned,

"Fuck me, damn you, fuck me!”

She tried to turn over onto her back, but his sturdy body prevented her
from doing this. He leant across and kissed her hard on her mouth before
telling her to be quiet and enjoy it.

“I am but I need you! I want to be fuc--”

His mouth closed on hers and she felt almost as if he was sucking the
breath out of her.

“You are going to be my sex slave for this afternoon,” he whispered as
he lifted his mouth from hers. “I know exactly how to please you and
you're as randy as hell which will make it more fun for both of us. Now -
up on your knees!”

He helped her to get up onto her knees by pulling gently on the ribbon
harness, which sent thrills through her. He knelt behind her and lifted
her up so that her torso was resting on his. She smiled, reached behind
her and fondled his hair affectionately. She knew what he would do next.
She was right.

He slid his right hand down to her vagina and tweaked the ribbon to one
side, before slipping his fingers into her while his left hand caressed her

Abruptly though, he jerked viciously upwards on the ribbon. She gasped
and leaped up as the fabric of the G-string slid further into her vulva and
between her buttocks.

“Why?” she gasped, as he pushed her forward onto her hands and knees.
He fingered her clitoris and continued to do so until she almost climaxed.
He stopped before she did though, and held her gently as she moaned her

He then slid her onto her back, lying almost on top of her, and kissed
her frustration away. As she began to quiver with excitement again, he
reversed his position and began to nibble her clitoris lips.

“More! More” she moaned. He continued, and soon she was jerking and
quivering as her climax came. He didn't stop immediately and she thrashed
her head from side to side, as she gasped with exquisite pleasure-pain.

Once the aftershocks had ceased, they snuggled together and played
gently and quietly with each others' body as he let her recover before the
next stage of her lovemaking. Later on, after turning on some small lights
and shutting out the winter world - their flat was on the sixth floor so it
had not mattered earlier on that the curtains were open - they started
kissing and fondling each other again in earnest.

Her nipples were still slightly tender from before, but it was a 'good'
tenderness, and she almost pushed her breasts back into his mouth to regain
the stabbing darts of pleasure that went from those nipples to her womb.
She suddenly decided it was time to tease him and pulled away from him and
began to pose suggestively in front of him, just out of his reach, unless
he got up.

Then she lunged forward and plumped herself astride his lap, and pressed
her warm, damp, be-ribboned lips against his semi-flaccid penis. That
quickly woke up as she wriggled closer and closer to him, pinning his hands
down onto the sofa.

She then twisted down onto her knees and took his growing penis into her
mouth. She sucked and tongued the soft, warm flesh, teasing his hood and
slit. It gradually oozed liquid as she tormented him, bringing him almost
to climax before squeezing his penis hard to bring him to a grinding halt.
As he growled his frustration, she stood up and whispered into his hair,

“Now we're even, sweetheart. Now - FUCK ME!”

When he had recovered enough, he made a grab for her as she stood,
cradling his head against her breasts, and swept her off her feet and
tossed her into the middle of the king-size bed they had been using
earlier. As she wriggled to get comfortable, at the same time untying the
ribbons which had held her long hair back, he rummaged in a cupboard beside
the bed. He brought what he found there onto the bed and tucked them under
the pillows.

“Prepare to meet your doom” he chuckled as he tickled her.

The tickling soon became caresses and soon he was fondling, caressing
and suckling at her roused nipples. He reached under the pillows for a
feathery wand that he used to touch her nipples very lightly. This drove
her wild and she started to moan with pleasure. He then shifted his
position to straddle her legs above her knees, pinioning them together, and
he started brushing the wand over her belly as he fingered her clitoris
through the ribbons.

She tried to arch herself upwards towards the feathery-light touch, but
with her knees pinioned she couldn't move much. As she became more and
more aroused, her moans became loader and more insistent.

"Fuck me -- fuck me NOW damn you -- I want you NOW, not in an hour's
time -- oh darling, please fuck me!"

With amazing self control, he merely carried on caressing her, driving
her wild as he had promised at the outset of this love-making session. He
turned her over onto her knees and reached for a vibrator, hidden under the
pillows. Turning it on low, he ran it along the ribbon running between her
legs and then he ran it up her buttocks to her waist, where he slid it
underneath the ribbon.

This tightened the harness even further and she bucked slightly in
response. He then slid his fingers underneath the ribbon and rubbed the
woman's clitoris and vulva to rouse her even further.

“Cut me loose, sweetheart. Cut me loose” she implored as her climax
threatened to take her over. He murmured assent, and, withdrawing both
vibrator and fingers, reached under the pillows for some embroidery
scissors. He sat her up on her haunches, and first snipped the looped
ribbon from around her breasts. Released from the ties, they bounced out
as they had grown in size with the lovemaking.

Distracted for a while, the man fondled and tweaked her breasts and
shifted so that he could suckle again. She gasped with pleasure, as dart
after dart of pleasure-pain shot through her body, connecting her nipples
with her womb and clitoris until it felt as if there was a continuous tie
between the three points. She let go of all her inhibitions and shrieked
her pleasure and need for him.

Reluctantly he left her breasts and picked up the scissors again and
snipped the ribbon at the shoulders. It fell to the woman's knees, but the
waistband of the G-string was still in place. Using the cut ribbons as
reins, he pulled her onto her back. Her long hair fell down the side of
the bed and she held her legs apart in invitation.

Lifting her bottom up slightly, between them they slid the waist of the
G-string down to her thighs, leaving the rest between her legs for the
moment. He slid a couple of firm cushions underneath her buttocks before
she sank down again.

They smiled at each other - now the fun would really start!

Picking up the vibrator, still humming quietly, he played it over her
outer lips, still over the ribbons to tantalise her. Slowly he lifted the
ribbon out of her and slid the vibrator in instead. She quivered in
anticipation, waiting for the long-postponed moment when he would enter
her. Instead of doing that, he withdrew the vibrator and switched to a
long, narrow dildo that he inserted into the hot, wet, vaginal entrance.

She murmured, but the murmur changed as the nose of the dildo tickled
the neck of her vagina. She swallowed hard and begged for more through a
tightened set of vocal cords. As he pumped the dildo in and out, each time
grazing the opening of her vagina, she moaned, and then cried out, then
screamed in total abandon.

Finally he switched the dildo for his own, hugely engorged penis. As he
impaled her, lifting her legs up onto his shoulders, she screeched her

"Fuck me, man. Fuck me - quick and hard!"

“I will, woman! I will.”

While he was pounding her with his penis he was also toying with her
massively sensitive clitoris. This sent her mad and she was screeching and
moving faster and faster against him before many seconds had passed. He
pushed himself completely into her, despite her gasp of surprise and
pleasure. As they reached the combined climax, they both thrashed together
and called out their excitement.

Suddenly it was over for him, but her aftershocks rippled through them
both for a long time.

“Happy?” he whispered when he had breath. She smiled back at him and
said teasingly

“I could do that all over again!” He groaned but then kissed her.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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