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rivals II


Rivals: Standard Accounting Practices {John Jabbin} {job rape Mdom MF}

I've received some good feedback on my stories so far,
especially some very good ideas for new stories.
Here's another that is based on a request from a

The only reason I post these stories is so that people
will tell me what they think of them. If you want to
read more, you ought to pay the price by letting me
know you liked this twisted tale. Writers need
feedback in order to become better writers. If you
don't let us know what you like, don't complain that
there are no good stories. Any comments, bad or good,
are welcome. Write me at the e-mail address above.

If you're a minor, don't read this. If it's illegal in
your country to be in possession of stories about sex,
please destroy all copies of this work. Practice safe
sex reading please.

Rivals: Standard Accounting Practices

"Yes, Laura, come in. Did you have something to report?"

The young lady sat opposite my desk. She looked
professional, the model of the modern businesswoman.
With an MBA from a prestigious university, she was
attractive, intelligent and ready to move up in the
business world. If I didn't watch out, in a few years
she would have my job. Her dark hair and pale
complexion were perfectly coordinated with the gray
power suit.

"Mr. Coswell, I believe I have found a problem in the
books. It is a clever scheme that someone has
concocted, but over the last several days I've managed
to figure it out. At least one hundred thousand
dollars has been funneled from selected budgets over
the last year. I have traced all the funds back
through circuitous routes to an account at the firm's
bank. I have the account number right here. For some
reason the bank is not releasing the account
information to me through normal channels. Since it
was your suspicion that made me look into this, and
since everyone tells me that you have the best
relationship with the bank, could you have them look
into it?"

"Most unfortunate. This is just what I feared. This
could be very bad for the firm and I'm sure that our
superiors would not be happy to hear about this. It's
not a tremendous amount of money you know, but it
shows shoddy accounting practices, wouldn't you say?"

"Well, not really, Sir, if you'll pardon me for
disagreeing with you. What this person has done is
really quite ingenious. I wouldn't have caught it at
all without your calling it to my attention. However,
once it's noticed, everything is in black and white
back to the account. We should be able to obtain a
conviction rather easily."

"Don't tell me you've informed the police! I
instructed you that this is to be kept quiet."

"Oh no, Sir. I did as you said. This has been a
strictly internal investigation and I've discussed it
with no one else."

My, she did look pretty. She had the most attractive
green eyes underneath her glasses. I do enjoy looking
at intelligent women.

"You've done very well, Laura. One of my contacts at
the bank informed me of your request. In fact, he
processed it as a personal favor to me. Here's the
account information you were requesting."

"Already?" she questioned as she reached for the
manila folder. As her arm extended, her blazer spread
open and I could see the rounded contours of a breast
covered with a smart, paisley silk blouse. Yes, I was
going to enjoy this!

As she studied the account information, her face lost
all color. She took off her glasses and rubbed her
eyes. A little bead of perspiration appeared at her
attractive temple.

"There's some mistake here. I don't understand."

"Yes, I was shocked as well."

"But ... but this isn't true! I never signed this
signature card!"

"It certainly looks like your signature to me, dear.
Look on the account histories. One withdrawal
coincided with your vacation to Mexico last month. I
think you'll find that the most recent transactions
have gone to retire your college loans. It's all
there. Just look at them. It's very incriminating,

"But I didn't do it, Mr. Coswell! I don't know
anything about this. You have to believe me!"

"It's not for me to believe you or not. It's now all
about evidence that can be proven in a court of law,
not whether I believe you or not."

"But I didn't do this."

"I know that, Laura. You see, my dear, I did it. I set
up the account and I funneled the money to it. But
that hardly matters. What matters is what the police
will conclude when I turn this evidence over to them.
You've seen the evidence Laura, what do you think they
will do?"

"You did it? I don't understand. Why would you do
something like this?"

"That's the easy part to understand," I said, coming
around the desk, getting closer to her. "I want to
have complete and total power over you, Laura.
Understand now? You have to choose right now, do I
call the police and hand over everything to them or
will you give yourself to me completely?"

She looked stunned. Her head was lowered, looking
vaguely in the direction of the papers. Only her eyes
were moving. I could barely see them. They were
darting back and forth. That intelligent brain was
working, trying to figure a loophole in my plan, some
escape to freedom that my frightened little deer could
run toward.

I pushed the speaker button on my phone and dialed an
outside number. I let it hum loudly, irritatingly.

"I'm dialing the police now, Laura."

"Wait, give me time to think."

"Sorry, thinking is not allowed at this point, Laura.
Your life depends on gut instinct now, kid. From the
evidence you've seen, do you think you will be
convicted? What are your chances that this will ruin
the rest of your life? Decide now!"

I dialed the first number. The sound shocked her.

"Wait, let me think!"


I dialed the second number. It startled her.

"Stop! I'll do it," she groaned.

"Do what Laura?"

She hesitated, squirmed in her seat. Then she took a
deep breath.

"I'll do anything. I'll do whatever you want."

I switched off the speakerphone. She breathed a sigh.
I let her relax just a moment. Then I brought up the
dial tone again.

"I'm not sure if I believe you, Laura. You're a thief.
A liar. You have to prove to me that you're telling
the truth."

I dialed the first number.

"I'll do anything," she sobbed, tears finally bursting

I let her cry for just a moment. Such agony is too
sweet not to savor.

Then I dialed the next number.

"What do you want from me?" she demanded through her
tears, her voice whispered and straining.

"I want everything, Laura. Complete surrender. Stand
up, right now. Strip. I want to see you naked. Now!"

She stood up and I clicked the speakerphone off. As
she began to sob and dawdle, I engaged it again,
dialed an outside line. The noise echoed back and
forth in the walls of my office.

"Faster, Laura. I'm dialing the police. Only your
immediate cooperation can save you."

She began to disrobe more quickly. I hung up the phone
and stepped close to her. As she began to expose her
flesh, I stood very close, smelling her fear,
violating her space. My penis was hard, my breathing,

She was unbuttoning the silk blouse. Every button
loosened revealed more pale flesh. I pushed her black
hair back over her shoulder, out of my way. I pulled
off her glasses, tossing them away carelessly. The
blouse came off. Perfectly coordinated gray underwear.
Very soft. Sensuously soft.

She grimaced and sniffled as I unzipped her skirt. I
knew without looking down the panties would be gray.
She pushed down and stepped out of her stockings.
Standing before me, naked except for her panties and
bra, she was exquisite.

She looked at me leering at her. I could see her
courage starting to take over, her spunk. Squaring her
shoulders, she looked me in the eye defiantly. She was

"I can't do this, Mr. Coswell. Go ahead and call the

I grabbed a hand full of her hair, yanking her
brutally forward. I drug her to my desk and forced her
face down onto the wide expanse of glass. I find it
always important to keep a clean desk for just such

"Go ahead and scream, Laura," I whispered in her ear
as I unbuckled my pants with my free hand. "I've
confronted you. You've thrown yourself at me. Now
you're trying to reverse the tables. Accuse the man
who discovered your crime."

I tore down her panties and forcefully jammed my
fingers between her legs. I pushed her hard against
the glass, leaning heavily on her as she grunted.

My fingers found her cunt and I pushed in. She was
dry. I jammed my fingers all the way in. Two of them.
I was very rough.

"You're a pretty girl, Laura. All of my bosses would
understand a moment of weakness. They would understand
how I could temporarily give in to your begging. They
would understand if I gave in to the temptation to
fuck you, as long as I turn you in after. You should
hear what they say about you. They all want to fuck
you. They all think you would make a delicious whore."

I pulled out my fingers and stabbed her with my cock.
She was still dry. The bitch was producing no
moisture. I had to gouge her with my thumbs and spread
her labia manually. I'm sure it was quite

After I was in and fucking her, I straightened up,
controlling her body from her hips. She had nice hips.
They were a real handful, nice to grab hold of for
leverage as I pummeled her. Her asscheeks were great
too. Every time I bounced against her, they jiggled.
As I fucked her roughly, her cunt moistened somewhat.
Self preservation. Her cunt was young. It wanted to

Laura herself looked as though she didn't care. She
was crying against the glass of my desktop. As I
pulled her back and forth, her tears pooled on the
glass, smearing her makeup.

Seeing her tears, her resignation, I knew she was
mine. I pressed into her fully, climaxing into her
unresponsive vagina.

But I was in no hurry to withdraw. Finally there was
some lubrication in her frigid cunt. As soon as I
could stand the sensation, I began to move in her
again, spreading my cum around in her vagina. I ran my
hand possessively over her body. Pumping into her
gently, my mind wandered as I considered all the
pleasure I could have with her delicious body and
brilliant mind. I love fucking smart chicks. It's such
a challenge to break them.

When I was done, I pulled Laura away from the desk and
slid her almost catatonic body into the chair. From my
desk drawer I brought out a small towel, dried off my
penis and zipped up my fly.

I leaned against the desk in front of her, far enough
away from the mess she had made on the glass so as not
to muss my pants. Laura looked a mess. Her hair was a
wreck. Her makeup was a disaster. Worst of all, she
was dripping semen on my chair. That just wouldn't do.

I leaned forward and patted her face gently. She
pulled back, frightened at my touch.

"Snap out of it, Laura. Pay attention."

"Leave me alone. Leave..."

"Snap out of it," I said more forcefully. I struck her
just a little harder, jarring her to recognition.

"Come on, girl. Buck up. As of this afternoon, you're
working directly for me from now on. I won't have a
member of my team sitting around with a glazed look on
her face. It's not the end of the world, Laura. Do you
think you're the first woman to be fucked over in this

She looked at me with sad, pitiful eyes. I was really
getting bored with this brooding shit.

"I said get up, Laura. Let's move."

I bullied her into getting dressed. She looked a mess,
so I helped her straighten out her clothes. I have a
mirror on my wall. I gently directed her in front of
it and had her touch up her makeup. I stood behind
her, combing out her hair with my own comb.

"Now listen to me. You're an intelligent woman. You
have a real future here with the company. You just
need someone strong to protect you from people like
me. I want you to get yourself cleaned up. You can
take the rest of the day off. We'll get you out of
here. Go home. Rest. Tomorrow, put on your best outfit
and be at work on time."

I looked over her shoulder in the mirror. The glazed
look was almost out of her eyes.

"Tomorrow when you come to work, Laura, you'll start
as one of my assistants. It's a raise and a promotion.
Your college loans are paid off. There's still twenty
thousand dollars in the account. I want you to spend
it on some nice clothes. Treat yourself to your
favorite restaurant. Buy some furniture. Whatever you
want. You deserve it.

"And Laura," I pulled her against me and whispered in
her ear. "This reluctant attitude of yours ... I want
you to leave it home tomorrow. You've gotten a raise
and a promotion. You're free of debt with a windfall
of money in the bank. And Laura, if we're smart about
it and don't get greedy, there's more money where that
came from. You said yourself, if I hadn't have said
something, even a sharp cookie like you wouldn't have
detected it."

I saw recognition come to her eyes. She was beginning
to understand what I was saying. It was starting to
sink in.

"We can make a good team, you and I, Laura. You're
smart. I'm aggressive. I know the ropes. I know how to
take what I want and how to get away with it. Do you

I looked at her beautiful green eyes in the mirror.
Slowly she nodded her head. I turned her around to
face me. Barely touching her chin, I tilted her head
and kissed her tenderly on the lips, brushing my
tongue against her teeth and her lips. After just a
moment, Laura's tongue tentatively reached forward to
caress mine.


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