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Archived Sex Stories

roped weekend


Roped Weekend By Mistress Diana

"Honey, I'm going away with my brother Rob this weekend hunting. He
wants to know if you can look after Kate while we're gone."

I raised my eyebrows from my book and looked at him.

"Does your brother trust me enough?" I asked.

Mike laughed. "I guess he does. Oh, and Kate's friend is going to stay
with her too, to keep her company."

My pussy twitched slightly at the thoughts of having two 17 year olds
with me all weekend.

"You'll be good, won't you?" he asked.

"Oh sure, sure," I said slyly.

Mike cleared his throat. "Um, ok, well...Rob will drop the girls off
Friday afternoon when he picks me up."

"Great, I'm sure we'll have a good time," I remarked sarcastically.

Friday couldn't come soon enough as I thought about what would happen
that weekend. I was secretive about my intentions to Mike, but I'm sure he
knew what I would do once alone with the two teenaged sluts.

I had met Kate a few times. She was haughty little bitch just like most
17 year olds are. But, oh, her body was to be lusted over. She was of
medium height, but her legs were impossibly long and slim. Her ass was
full and firm as well as her breasts. They were definitely a C cup and I
longed to see what her nipples were like. The thought of her writhing
naked beneath me, trussed up and bound sent small shockwaves through out my
body. I would enjoy breaking her in.

As to her friend, I had no idea who she was. This could make things
more interesting as I've never had the pleasure of two slut-girls at the
same time. I decided to have a 'friend' help me out.

Alex was a fellow Dom who had been teaching me the art of using rope. I
had mostly used restraints such as cuffs and clamps to do my work, but was
interested in the intricate procedures of rope. I had seen dozens of
pictures on the internet of slaves tied up, but it was harder than it

When I asked Alex to assist me, he was more than willing. He had a
special weakness for young girls that I was about to help him fulfill, so
it was easy. He would bring all his 'special' equipment on Saturday. I
was to have the girls alone on Friday night.

My heartbeat quickened when I heard Rob's car pull up Friday afternoon.
I pretended not to be interested as they all entered the house where Mike
greeted them. It wasn't until he called out for me that I entered the

Kate was standing there smiling and flipping her long red hair at Mike
like a little flirt. I narrowed my eyes at her, watching. It was a
several seconds before she noticed me.

"Aunt Diana!" she cried and rushed over to me for a hug.

"Um, you don't have to call me Aunt," I said evenly. "It makes me feel

She laughed and pulled away.

"This is my friend Amber," she said, drawing my attention away from her
to her friend.

A cute girl with short black hair and large brown eyes stepped forward
and extended her hand shyly. I smiled at her and discreetly looked her
over. She was a bit small with perky breasts and narrow hips, but when she
turned sidewards to give her coat to Mike, I saw she had the most luscious
full ass I've ever seen.

"Nice to meet you, Amber," I breathed, trying not to picture that ass
ravaged by my mouth.

She smiled sweetly at me and said: "Thanks, same here."

Mike and Rob were anxious to get going, so they hastily took their
leave. I gave Mike a big hug and kiss good-bye and whispered to me to make
sure I didn't leave any marks. I stifled a laugh and watched them get in
the truck and go.

"Ok, girls," I said as I shut the door behind me, "You can use the spare
bedroom upstairs to put your things. Unfortunately I only have one
queen-sized bed up there, so you'll have to share. Is that alright?"

"Oh sure, Aunt Diana," Kate said brightly. I saw her smile at Amber and
they went upstairs with their bags. I sighed and watched Amber's
magnificent ass wiggle as she climbed the stairs and willed myself to get
through this evening.

I cooked them a big dinner of spaghetti and meatballs which they enjoyed
with all the gusto of teenagers. I secretly longed for the time when I
could eat that much and still be able to get my pants on. I was only 30,
but I had to watch everything.

After dinner, we went into the living room to watch tv. I sat next to
Kate and Amber took the recliner off to the side as we watched a movie. I
didn't really pay attention to the movie as I was trying to get more
comfortable around Kate.

During a commercial I complimented her on her thick red hair.

"Oh thanks, Aunt Diana," she said, flipping it back self-consciously.

"Please, Kate, don't call me Aunt, ok?"

"Oops, sorry."

I reached out and lightly stroked her hair.

"Ooo, very soft too. What do you use on it?"

She told me the names of some very expensive hair care products and I
wanted to call her a spoiled bitch. Instead I just smiled back.

I began to comb it with my fingers and she didn't seem to mind. I could
smell a fresh scent from it and breathed deeply. I began to wonder what
her pussy smelt like once she was all hot and bothered.

Once the movie was over, I began to feel a bit drowsy from the few
glasses of wine I had after dinner. The girls also seemed tired and I
thought it would be a good idea if we went to bed early. I had told them
we were going shopping the next day. Of course that was a lie, Alex would
be over to start the fun.

I let the girls get ready for bed first as I was hoping to see them in
skimpier clothing. Sure enough, Kate walked around upstairs with nothing
but a t-shirt and panties. Her long legs still had a tan from the summer
and her toenails were painted dark red. I noticed her breasts poking out
the thin material and I thought I could almost see her dark nipples

"Good night, Diana," she said hugging me again. My body went a little
stiff as she pressed those firm, young mounds against me.

"Night, Kate."

I was turning down the comforter of my bed when Amber came in to say
good night. She had the same type of nightshirt on and I hugged her as
well. When she turned to go, her shirt had ridden up a bit showing me that
ass concealed by the white cotton of her panties. I swallowed hard watched
her go, shutting the door softly behind her. I so very badly wanted to
fuck myself with a big vibrator, but I told myself to wait. It would be
worth it.

We were all lounging around the next day after a leisurely breakfast
when the doorbell rang. I knew it was Alex and I had purposely steered the
girls away from getting dressed into regular clothes. I breathed a sigh of
relief as I opened the door.

Alex was big, broad shouldered guy with long dark hair that he usually
kept in a pony tail. Today he was sporting a goatee and it made him look
absolutely evil and sexy. I had never fucked him, I told Mike that I would
never do that as I had plenty of sluts to keep me happy. I'm sure Mike
would have let me, but I wanted to keep my relationship with Alex somewhat

He walked in carrying a duffle bag stuffed with probably ropes and other
devices and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Where's the girls," he whispered.

"In the kitchen, finishing coffee. I thought you'd never get here..."

He grinned at me and took off his coat and followed me into the kitchen.

At this point I had spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to
cross the line from Aunt to Dominatrix and realized there was no other way
then just surprise. When we walked into the kitchen both girls looked at
me then Alex. I saw they were both blushing as they were still in their
t-shirts. I had to work fast.

"Girls, this is Alex, a friend of mine. Why don't you go downstairs to
the basement and use the shower down there? The one upstairs is leaky.
Then we'll go shopping, ok?"

They padded over to the door and I could see Alex watching them intently
as their young, hard bodies moved beneath their t-shirts. As soon as the
door closed, we waited a few seconds and proceeded to join them in the
basement. Everything we needed was down there.

As we descended the stairs, Kate was at the bottom.

"Diana? There isn't a shower in the bathroom down here."

"I know," I said simply as Alex and I made our way down.

She looked confused and a little scared as she looked up at Alex. He
was very imposing.

Alex smiled at her and immediately grabbed her around the waist and
dragged her to the center of the room and threw her on the carpet. She
screamed loudly, but the walls were soundproof and no one would hear us. I
snapped on the lights and went over to grab Amber. She was shaking as I
pulled her to me.

"Don't worry, we aren't going to hurt you...much." I said softly in her
ear. She was trembling with fear as she watched Alex begin to restrain

He worked fast - in no time he had her hands bound with cuffs and her
feet were tied together quickly with a short piece of rope. She squirmed
hard, but once restrained, there wasn't a lot she could do. He then put a
piece of tape over her mouth and stood up, breathing hard. It was just a
preliminary restraint until we had everything under control.

Next I grabbed the other set of cuffs I had laid out and did the same to
Amber. She didn't resist as much probably realizing there was no use.
Alex was able to bind her ankles and I put the tape over her mouth. I
pushed her down on the floor next to Kate and we stood back to admire our
quick and dirty work.

"Mmm...Diana, you found two lovely sluts, didn't you?"

"Oh yeah. It will be a great weekend, I can tell."

Both girls squirmed on the floor and there were muffled yells under the
tape. It was time for the fun to begin.

Alex unpacked the duffle bag bringing out many ropes and other
restraints. He carefully laid out the implements on the floor and started
explaining how to use them to me. We decided to do Kate first. Since she
had larger breasts then Amber, he was going to show me how to bind them.

We rolled her over on her back so her arms were pinned under her. I
used a scissors to cut away her t-shirt and her panties. More muffled
yelling was heard, but it only made me more excited. When her breasts and
pussy were exposed I sucked in my breath at the sight. She had beautiful
luscious tits with large, upturned nipples. Her pussy was neatly trimmed
with a patch of red hair.

"Wow," Alex said.

"I know. Did I do good?"

"Fuck yeah," he laughed.

He rolled Kate on her back and began his work. He started with a long
white rope and began to loop it around her neck, but not tight, and down
between her breasts. Then he wrapped it around her tits tightly, causing
them to stick out. Kate moaned and squirmed beneath him until he slapped
her face. Tears came to her eyes, but she didn't squirm anymore. Next, he
brought the rope down to her pussy where he pulled it through and turned
her roughly on her stomach. He then looped another rope tightly around her
waist and attached the pussy rope to it. Everything snug and secure and I
noticed the rope through her pussy was pressed hard against it. Her hands
and wrists were bound with another coil of rope before the cuffs were
removed. Finally her ankles were bound for about six inches up her leg.
When he was done, he rolled her back so we could see her firm tits sticking
out. I wanted to suck them right there and then, but I had to wait.

"God, she looks great," I said as we watched the little slut bound so
tightly she couldn't move.

"Yes she does. It will be a pleasure to use her."

We then turned our attention to Amber. Alex wanted to use a less
elaborate method on her and he had me do it as he instructed me what to do.
First we removed her clothing as we did Kate. She put up hardly any fight,
so it was somewhat easy. I rolled her over on her stomach on the cold
floor so she would feel it through her pert little breasts. Next I took a
single strand of rope and began to bind her wrists over and over (after I
removed the cuffs). They were pulled tightly behind her and resting on
that ass of hers. Once it was naked, I couldn't take my gaze off it. So
full and firm and curvy. I knew I was going to have her first.

Next, I brought her legs up and bent them at the knee where Alex held
them for me as I bound her ankles using the same piece of rope that kept
her wrists together. It basically forced her to keep her legs at a
ninety-degree angle.

Although Alex coached me through it all, it was tough work and I was
definitely ready for a break. I went upstairs to change and get some
coffee for us.

Lately I had been into wearing the full dominatrix bondage gear. It
definitely felt great on my body. I slipped into a latex corset that
barely covered my breasts and pushed them up. I then pulled on black, lace
panties before putting on my leather mini. For my feet, I had tall, black
latex boots with a spike heel. Finally, I slid on black, latex gloves. My
pussy throbbed with anticipation as I went downstairs to join Alex.

The bulge in his pants was apparent as I entered the room. He looked me
over with approval and smiled.

"You look great," he beamed.

"Thank you." I said, blushing slightly. "Shall we have some coffee?"


We went upstairs leaving our sluts to themselves for a while and planned
what we would do with them that afternoon. We decided to do the discipline
thing first before any pleasure was to be had by them.

I stood over Kate and handed Alex the whip. Her eyes widened in fear as
he raised the horse-hair whip and brought it down on her breasts. A scream
was to be heard behind the tape and tears sprang to her eyes. He whipped
her again bringing an angry welt on the firm, tanned skin. I realized the
slut had been sunbathing nude. Alex grunted and whipped her few more times
on her bound tits. They were red but none of the lashes actually did too
much damage - they would just be tender for a while.

When Alex was done, he got down on his knees and began to suck her
swollen nipples and tits into his mouth savagely. Kate shut her eyes and I
wondered if she was actually enjoying it now. Alex continued to suck,
drawing her nipple into his mouth and making it hard. He went back and
forth for a bit until they were both standing at attention. Satisfied, he
flicked them with his fingers until she started screaming again. He
stopped and stood up smiling at me.

"She has tasty tits," he said, laughing.

"I bet."

We left her for a while and went over to Amber. I had decided I wanted
to spank her ripe, full ass. Alex cut the rope that kept her ankles and
wrists so close together and we pulled her up to her feet. I sat down on a
chair and Alex brought her over to me and laid her over my lap. Her firm
ass beckoned to me and I began to rub it, loving the feel of her hardness
underneath my gloves. I then raised my hand and brought it down hard on
her ass. A loud SMACK echoed throughout the room.

"Mmmm...," I heard Alex mutter as he watched a red patch appear on her

I began to hit her again and again. Muffled cries were heard from her
as her ass got redder and redder. My hand tingled from the effort, but it
was wonderful abusing this beautiful ass. I gave her a few more swats and
pushed her off me. She fell onto the floor and looked up with a mixture of
fear and lust in her eyes. I smiled wondering just how much she was
enjoying it.

Satisfied that both our sluts were properly disciplined it was time for
them to start serving us. Alex ripped the tape from Kate's mouth and
brought her up to her knees.

She started cursing him out as soon as the tape was off. He slapped her
face and told her to shut up, or it would be much worse for her. She gave
him a dirty look, but he ignored it as he pulled out his semi hard cock and
placed it at her pouty lips.

"Open your mouth, slut and take my cock."

She kept her mouth firmly and defiantly closed. Alex looked at me and I
took my whip and twacked her on ass.

"Owwww!" she whined. "Take his cock or you'll get another one."

She reluctantly opened her mouth and he stuffed his cock in. He was a
good 8 inches and her mouth soon filled with his hard meat. He grunted and
began to slowly slide it in and out of her mouth. I gazed at her bound
breasts and saw that they were swollen and puffy from being bound. Her
nipples were large and flat now and I wanted to do nothing more than suck
them into my mouth, but I had to wait. Alex was having his way with her

"Mmmm...what a good cocksucker she is," he moaned. "Yeah, that's it,
honey...take me in your mouth and suck hard. I'm gonna cum all over that
pretty face of yours."

Kate had no choice but to take his cock as she was completely bound. I
watched her lips glide over the smooth skin of his shaft as he fucked her
slut mouth over and over. He groaned as it slid in. Then he took her head
in his hands and began to pound her mouth hard. She could barely keep up
as he used her mouth like a cunt and fucked it hard. She moaned against
his cock and I could hear the squishing sound as he pumped faster and
faster. One of his hands was on the back of her neck and the other was
around the bottom of her chin as he rammed her mouth hard against his cock.
I've never seen anyone take a cock so hard in the mouth and I'm sure it was
hurting her.

Alex grunted and groaned with effort as Kate's large tits shook and
wiggled with his thrusts. Then suddenly he pulled out with a roar and
jerked off in her face. Long, ropey streams of cum coated her face and
tits as he came very hard. My breath quickened as I watched this.

Alex finished cumming and slumped back in his chair, totally spent.
Kate stood there whimpering as cum dripped from her chin onto her breasts.
I smiled at her and allowed her to lie down on her side if she kept quiet.
She collapsed on the floor panting as our attention turned to Amber.

She had been watching wide-eyed as her friend's mouth was so brutally
raped. Now it was her turn, but I would be gentle on her. I had her lie
flat on her back with her tied arms underneath her body. I hiked up my
skirt and eased my panties off before reaching down to tear the tape off
her mouth. She gasped for air but didn't say anything. Her eyes widened
as she looked up at my pussy over her face.

"That's right, slut. You're going to eat me out. Use that slut tongue
of yours and lick my pussy until I cum. Understand?"



"Yes, Mistress," she repeated.


I lowered my already wet pussy onto her face and straddled her head.
Right away her tongue began to flick against my clit and I wondered just
how inexperienced she was. I moaned and rocked as her tongue went to work
on my throbbing snatch. When I looked up at Alex his eyes met mine and
were filled with pure lust. I suddenly felt overcome with desire for him
as Amber ate my pussy.

Without a word he came over and straddled Amber's body so he was face to
face with me. His big hands cupped my chin and brought my face to his
where he kissed me full on the mouth. For what he had just done, he was
surprisingly gentle with me. His lips met mine and we opened our mouths to
intertwine our tongues. I moaned against his mouth and he stroked my hair
as Amber's tongue went to work on my clit. My pussy twitched more and my
juices were slowly leaking out.

He broke the kiss and leaned back to unlace my corset. As each string
was loosened and pulled out I shivered. Soon he had my breasts free and
his hands gently closed over them and squeezed. I shut my eyes and moaned
loudly. That only egged him on further. He began to flick my already hard
nipples with his thumbs bringing one shudder after another from me. I kept
my hands still at my sides and let him have his way with my breasts. He
kept squeezing them before mashing them together. His tongue snaked out
and he leaned into me, licking the tight cleavage over and over again while
is fingers pinched my nipples.

I was moaning and thrashing around now. Amber heard my sighs of ecstasy
and began to lick and suck my clit harder. Suddenly it was all too much
for me and I began to cum hard. Alex sucked my nipples hard into my mouth
as I rocked to an earth-shattering orgasm. My cries filled the air as the
two mouths did unbelievable things to my body. I held Alex's head in my
hands as I came hard, rocking and thrashing for what seemed like an

Alex and I retreated upstairs to eat and relax. We got caught up on the
doings of our small circle of friends in bondage scene. Our sluts were fed
and I'm sure they both fell asleep for a while after being used by us.

Alex was concerned about them telling my brother-in-law about us, but
told him not to worry. They were beginning to come around and by the end
of the weekend, they will be begging to come back. I've seen it before.

Eventually we went back downstairs for the last round of the day. They
would finally be pleasured and I was looking forward to see both of them
cum hard.

We found sitting up when we got downstairs. Both of them were somewhat
still sleepy, but that would change quickly enough. I sat down next to
them and spoke calmly.

"You both served us well, now it is time for you reward. Are either of
you a virgin?"

Both girls blushed but said they weren't. I looked at Alex and saw the
big grin on his face. I was glad they weren't because I didn't want to be
responsible for it and that they knew somewhat to expect.

"Good. You'll enjoy what we have planned for you now. Stand up, both
of you."

I watched them stand up hesitantly and go to the middle of the room. We
had a variety of methods for restraint. Alex would use his ropes and I
would use cuffs and chains. We also decided that he would fuck Amber and I
would take Kate. I looked her over and licked my lips knowing she was
going to be screaming when she came.

"Hold your arms out, slut," I said to her.

She presented me her wrists and I snapped the handcuffs on them. Next I
took a chain collar and buckled it around her neck. The chain
criss-crossed in front of her breasts and wrapped around her waist where I
locked it with a small padlock. I attached her cuffs to a chain hanging
over head and made her stand with her ass jutting out and slightly bent at
the waist. Next, I attached leather cuffs to her ankles and attached her
to a spreader bar. Her ass was spread as well as her pussy.

"Nice work, Diana," Alex said as he admired my slut.

I thanked him and watched what he had done to Amber. Her hands were
tied behind her back all the way up to her elbows. A rope went around the
top of her breasts several times and there was one around her waist. I
watched Alex bend her over a chair and tie her ankles to the legs. It was
intricate work and I admired it.

I turned back to my slut and knelt down behind her. My hands went up to
squeeze her firm ass cheeks. I rubbed the flesh hard and began to lick the
smooth tanned skin. Her ass was open to me and I lightly licked her
asshole. She tried to wriggle away but I held her ass firmly. My tongue
pressed against her hole for a bit and then I inserted my finger into it
and began to move it around. This time she began to moan.

I looked over at Amber and saw Alex swatting her luscious ass and
fingering her wet pussy. She was also moaning like a good slut. I noticed
that Alex's cock was growing bigger by the second and I smiled.

I got my strap-on and buckled it around my hips and stood behind Kate.
The large dildo was pressing against her pussy lips and I slowly rubbed it
around and around before sliding it in. Kate was moaning and I knew she
was enjoying it. I had no trouble entering her and I knew she was very
wet. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed all the way in before easing
out and slamming back in. She moaned louder still and I grinned as she was
showing how much of a slut she really was.

As I began to slowly fuck her, I watched Alex begin to do the same to
Amber. Even though she was in a difficult position, she was moaning with
pleasure as his huge cock pumped her tight little hole. Alex's big hands
squeezed her ass hard, leaving marks as he started to pump her, using her
fuckhole well.

I watched them as I began to ram Kate's cunt faster and faster. She was
shuddering and pulling against her bonds as I forced her pussy against my
strap-on. I could hear how slick she was as the squishing sound was
getting louder. I leaned over her and cupped one firm tit in my hand and
squeezed it. She cried out and I'm sure it still hurt her from the
whipping she received earlier. I ignored that and began to flick the
nipple until it was hard, then I pinched and pulled it roughly, enjoying
the feel of it in my fingers.

"You like this, don't you, slut?" I breathed into her ear.

"Y-yesss...oh yesss, I do," she answered.

"Good girl. You're going to cum hard for me, aren't you?"


I slapped her ass firmly with my hand. "You are supposed to call me
Mistress, slut."

"Yes, Mistress," she moaned as I rammed the dildo in and out of her
sopping pussy.

"Good, slut."

I grabbed her hips again and continued to ram her pussy with the
strap-on. Amber's moans were getting louder as Alex's cock brutally fucked
her exposed pussy. I noticed one of his fingers was inside her ass as her
pumped away at her. He was sweating from exertion, but I knew he would
wait until she came, before he did.

Kate's skin was warm to touch and she began to pant.

"Ohhhh...I'm gonna cum, Mistress..."

"Good, girl. cum for me, my little slut."

I moved the strap-on with short little strokes and she screamed out that
she was cumming. Her whole body shook and quivered as the force of the
orgasm took her. I stopped pumping her cunt and held on to her as she
cried over and over that she was cumming. It was beautiful.

When she was done, I slid the dildo out of her pussy and went around to
present it to her lips.

"Suck the cum off of this. Taste yourself, slut." She obediently began
to lick the cum off the cock and I pushed it into the mouth and had her
suck it for a while. Satisfied, she did a good job, I removed it from her
mouth and let her recover as I watched Amber and Alex.

Kate's cries of passion had brought her to orgasm almost immediately and
she was screaming with pleasure as she came. Alex finally was ready and he
pulled out of her pussy and came all over her creamy, white ass. He
groaned as spurt after spurt of his cum coated her quivering skin. Amber
shuddered as she felt his cum and slumped over the chair, exhausted.

I undid the bonds holding Kate and she gratefully rubbed her shoulders
as she was freed.

"Go over there and lick the cum from your friend," I ordered. "Lick all
of Alex's cum from her slutty ass."

She gave me a look, but went over there anyway and began to lick the cum from her friend's ass.

"Get it all," I said, smiling at her as she kneeled behind Amber.

She did a good job and when she was done, Alex untied Amber and pulled
her up to her feet.

"Now lick the cum from Kate's pussy," he told her.

I knew Amber didn't have any problems licking pussy, and she eagerly
knelt in front of Kate and pushed her legs open. Her soft pink tongue
lapped away at the girl cum oozing from Kate's pussy until Kate was
practically moaning.

"Good girls, both of you," I said. "You are done for today. You can go
upstairs and shower and have something to eat."

They both thanked us and went upstairs slowly, still sore from the
fucking they got all day.

Alex dressed and began to pack all of his ropes into the duffle bag.

"You were great, Diana," he said softly.

"Thanks. You weren't bad either." I grinned at him.

"Um, I realized I may have gotten carried away earlier," he said,
turning to me.

"That's ok, really. It was the heat of the moment."

"Maybe, but I would love to pleasure you sometime."

I looked up at his face and saw desire burning there and I blushed

"I would like to tie you up sometime and make love to you. You would
love it."

"Tie me up?"

I laughed a little but felt strangely horny at the thought.

"Oh yeah, haven't you ever been tied up before?"

"No...I've always been the Domme," I replied.

He chuckled. "Well, you should enjoy the other end for a change, you'd
really like it."

I thought that over as I put away all the gear. Alex came near me and
lifted my chin to his face.

"I'd be very gentle, since I know you don't have to be broken in," he

I stood still as he held my chin in his hands and softly kissed me. My
eyes shut as his tongue licked my lips and began to move inside my mouth. I
had no problem with that as I opened my mouth to take his tongue, thinking
of what he had done earlier. He pulled me closer to him and slid one hand
around to my semi-bare ass and squeezed it gently. I sighed against his
mouth as I felt the heat from his body.

He broke the kiss slowly and gazed at me.

"I think that is enough," he sighed.

"Um, yeah, I should probably get upstairs and get some food for the

Suddenly it was awkward between us and he hastily got his stuff and
followed me up the stairs.

I heard the shower running as I walked him to the front door.

"Thank you again, Diana. I very much enjoyed today."

"Oh, well, thank YOU," I said.

"My offer still stands," he said quietly. "I know you will enjoy it."

I nodded, thinking of Mike suddenly. I wasn't sure how that would go
over with him - or maybe I wouldn't even tell him.

I let Alex out and shut the door leaning against it. My head was
spinning and my body was very warm. Alex had quite an effect on me.

The girls were quiet as we ate. I half-wondered if they showered
together, but I didn't ask. After dinner, we went up to my bedroom to

We all sat on my bed in our requisite t-shirts and I began to ask them
how they felt about the day.

"It was wonderful, Mistress," Amber said, her eyes wide.

I laughed. "You can call me Diana, sweetie. That was just play."

She blushed slightly and lowered her eyes.

"How about you, Kate?"

"I was a little scared at first, but I really began to like it."

"Good. Now you know you can't tell your father about this, right?"

She nodded vigorously. "Oh, don't worry."

"If you don't tell, we can do this again, but it will be much more fun.

"Oh, I would like that very much, Diana," Kate said smiling.

I smiled back at her. Her long red hair was shining and hanging softly
around her face.

Suddenly the room was very quiet as we sat there and I began to feel
very aware of these two beautiful sluts on my bed.

"Why don't you two take off your t-shirts and panties," I suggested.

They both smiled shyly, but followed my suggestion. I watched Kate
slide her shirt off and her breasts came into view. They still had some
red marks on them, but they didn't look too bad. Amber did the same and
they both pulled their panties off and got back on the bed.

I also got naked in front of them and lay back.

"Now you two will service me as good little sluts. I trust you know
what to do."

They both nodded eagerly and Kate moved up to kneel next to me as Amber
knelt between my legs.

The next few hours were heavenly as the three of us sucked and licked
each other to loud, satisfying orgasms. Kate suckled my breasts as Amber
licked and pulled my clit with her teeth. I came very hard and we changed
positions many times. At one point I had Amber riding my face as Kate
ground her pussy into mine. Another time Kate tongue fucked Amber's sweet
ass as I ate her pussy.

Finally we were worn out and we all collapsed on the bed together and
fell into a deep sleep.

I woke early and watched the two sleeping beauties next to me. I
grabbed my robe and padded downstairs to make coffee. As I sat there, all
I could think of was Alex. The thoughts of serving him as I was bound with
those ropes sent shivers through me. I knew I had to do it. Suddenly I
wanted to explore my submissive side and find out what it was really like.

I wondered what Mike would say, but I knew I had to tell him. It
wouldn't be fair. And if he didn't want me to do it, I wouldn't because I
loved and respected him. It was definitely something to think about.

The girls and I spent the rest of the day shopping and having fun.
There was no talk of what had happened the day before, but I knew they
weren't going to forget it anytime soon. Before Mike and Rob got back I
again made sure they weren't going to tell anyone and they were very
adamant about that. I let them know that they were always welcome in our
home for whatever fun they wanted to have.

When Mike returned, I hugged and kissed him warmly and began to think of
how I would approach him about Alex.


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