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s Babysitter's Problem



Babysitter's Problem

- by KK9 -

(domination, humiliation, F/F)

((c) Dec 2002 - all copyright asserted and reserved by KK9)

"Hey Stephanie! WHAT are these?"

Paige's loud, mocking question penetrated into the kitchen.

"Take a look at these Beth!" she yelled.

What are those guys getting up to? I asked myself. "What are you guys doing out there?" I shouted.

In rushed Paige, closely followed by Beth, waving some colourful her hand.

"Stephanie. Are you SURE you should be bringing THESE into our house?"
questioned Paige, holding her trophies up in front of my face. "What part
of 'babysitting' needs these?"

My blood ran cold. Paige was holding up my two...private...vibrators!

Oh no!! How could they have discovered those? I was going to DIE!


I regularly did babysitting for the Rogers family, and for other
families in the neighbourhood. The Rogers girls did not really need
sitting any more. The two girls were now quite grown-up teenagers, but Mrs
Rogers knew that I needed the work (she paid at least 25 dollars an
evening) and liked someone else to be in the house for extra security when
she and her husband were out.

Paige, the elder, resented me being around. She regarded herself as a
grown-up lady and we had had words once or twice when she objected to my
asking them to clean up their things. "You're the paid sitter," she had
said, "You clean up after us". But I had threatened to tell her mom about
her and she had backed down and helped - a little.

When they went up to their rooms to read or watch tv there, my little
secret was that I would lay back on the sofa in the sitting room watching
something nice and calming on tv and play with my two vibrators - one was
big, curved, purple and glittery and the other was little and silver.

I used to ease the big one inside of me sometimes and use the little one
against my clitoris. I used to always go round to the Rogers' in a skirt
for ease of access to myself. I had to keep an ear open for the sound of
footsteps, and if one of the girls came downstairs for any reason I would
slide the vibrators down the back of the sofa cushions until they had gone.
I had experienced some delicious orgasms right there on the Rogers' sofa.
If only they knew!

One time Paige had come down when I had the big purple one switched on
and right inside me! I was petrified she would hear the buzzing noise and
it took me a few moments to fit my fingers inside my panties and reach the
switch on the end to turn it off. I pretended that my panties were all
twisted up or something, but she had given me a pretty funny look.


"What are you doing with those young lady!? Where did you get those
things?" I spluttered.

"They were in your sports bag. But surely you knew that Stephanie."

"What were you doing in my sports bag Paige? Give me those! Right

"Well, Stephanie, I was just looking for candy. But this is much more
interesting." she declared as she ran out of the kitchen, followed by Beth,
successfully evading my grab for her prize.

I rushed after them both. Beth was open-eyed at all the kerfuffle. In
the sitting room, Paige turned to face me.

"Stephanie! Leave me alone. Don't come near me. You might want to
assault or ABUSE me! With these!" she said, waving around my precious and
private sex toys.

"Don't be ridiculous Paige. And, you have no business looking in my
bag. If you don't give me those back right now, I'll..."

"You'll what, Stephanie?"


"You'll threaten to tell my Mom? I don't think so. You mean, like,
'Mrs Rogers, Paige found my vibrators which I use at your house and she
won't give them back'? Not very likely, Stephanie."


"No Steph. Don't say anything. In fact be quiet. If you do ANYTHING
which I don't like, I will tell my parents about this. In fact, I'll tell
them that you tried to use these things...ON ME! And on Beth! I'm sure my
Mom and Dad would have a lot to say about a babysitter who made such a
disgusting, perverted suggestion. I could call them right now on my
cellphone. They're only at the Davis's for dinner."

The Davis's were other babysitting clients of mine, just down the
street. I could not afford for any of this to get out. I really needed the
money and the goodwill of all these people.

"Oh sure Paige! You think your parents would believe that?"

"Well, Stephanie, yes I do believe they would! Beth would back me up.
And they believe what their elder daughter tells them you know. Your
parents believe you, don't they?"

"Stop it Paige! Give them back to me. Your folks have got nothing to
do with this."

"No way."

"Those are my things. Now PLEASE give me them back immediately!"

"No way!"

"...Please, Paige...Please give them back. Please don't tell your
parents. I need the money from this job. I just get bored sometimes,

"And what?..."

"...And play around a bit...they're"

"Yes, I know what they are Stephanie. And I know that you should not
even own things like this, let alone bring them into our house. You
actually use these here? That's gross!"

"Look Paige, what do you want from me?"

"Stephanie, just do what Beth and I tell you and we'll all have a much
better time together from now on. And we'll give you your things back
without telling on you...if you're 'good'! Now, Beth and I want to watch
some stuff on the big tv without you interfering as usual."

The dark Paige, followed by her blonde sister, then led me over to the
gleaming white downstairs bathroom and said, "We want you to stay in here
for a while, quietly, OK?"

"Well, OK, for a bit." I mumbled, obediently. I realized that Paige
held all the cards, so I would play along for now.

"Please stand over there by the lavatory."

I stood where Paige indicated, right by the lavatory. The bathroom was
quite cold and my short sporty skirt didn't cover up much of my legs.

"Now don't get stressed out," said Paige, "but I'm just going to tie
your hands to the pipe to make sure you stay there. And don't make a fuss
or I may decide to tell mom about your horrid plans for me and my sister."

I meekly surrendered my arms and Paige, standing on the closed lavatory
lid and using an old pair of pantyhose from the laundry basket, tightly
tied my hands above my head and securely against the cistern pipe leading
up to the cistern high against the wall. Her blue-jeaned crotch brushed
against my head as she worked.

"That's good Stephanie. You look safe there. Do NOT try to untie your
hands, and don't forget, if you make ANY fuss or noise, I tell my parents all that stuff I said and your future prospects as a babysitter in this
neighbourhood are dead. Let alone what might happen if the police are
interested as well. Now, just to make doubly sure you don't try to escape,
I'll take your panties and skirt from you. We'll give them back later, IF
you're good."

"No way Paige. I'm not undressing in front of you for ANY reason!"

But Paige took her cellphone out of her pocket, and, finger ready to
press "call", rehearsed, "Mommy, please come right now! The babysitter
wants to use some sort of sex toy on my 'peepee'."

I gave in. I would figure out later how to get my vibrators back.

I flinched as Paige pulled down my little maroon skirt with the
elasticated waist until it pooled around my ankles. This exposed to the
sisters the panties I had worn all day, including at the gym just before I
arrived at the Rogers' house: white cotton with a little transparent piece
at the front.

"Oooh...wearing sexy panties too!" mocked Paige. "Who are you being
sexy for Stephanie? Yourself?"

She grasped the waistband and drew them down my thighs down to my
ankles, and off.

"Mmmm, these need a wash, she said. They're all dirty." She pushed the
inside gusset up to my face. To my embarrassment, the material was wet and
stained with my private secretions. She showed Beth too, who looked at me
as if to say, "You dirty girl."

"Smelly too. Didn't you shower before you came here?"

"Er...sorry Paige, but...I was in too much of a rush to get here on

"Yuck!" said Paige.

They both stared at me, the babysitter, suspended, helpless, half-naked
in the bathroom, showing my most intimate parts to the Rogers daughters.
They could both see everything - the dark triangle of my pubic hair against
the whiteness of my bikini area, my pussy lips even. My blue T-shirt was
stretched high by my arms, showing off my tummy and belly button.

"We'll leave you alone for a while. I'm sorry you won't have your dirty
little toys with you." said Paige.

Involuntarily, my pussy twinged at the thought.

"Now Stephanie, don't make a single sound. We will come for you before
Mom and Dad get back. But if you make any noise at all, even calling our
names, we may make things more difficult for you to explain."

"OK Paige." I replied. "OK, I'll do what you say."

The sisters left the room and I heard the key lock the door from the


I was stuck in the bathroom for hours. My arms and shoulders hurt.

I heard Paige ordering-in pizza for them both. They were watching TV,
playing music, making a noise generally...

Although bound up, I couldn't help feeling randy. I could see my
stretched body in the bathroom mirror. It wasn't a bad body. It looked
curvy, sexy, erotic to me. Maybe Paige liked me really. I fantasized that
maybe nasty Paige would come in to visit me, with my vibrators...and use
them on me, until I came, crying out with pleasure, helplessly tied-up and
at her mercy...

...I hated what Paige was doing to me. But underneath, I fancied her,
without a doubt. Part of me wanted her to humiliate me, to dominate me,
but to love me too...

By 10.30pm I was getting pretty frantic. Mr and Mrs Rogers were due
back at 11.00pm! And I was still bound and nearly naked in the bathroom.

Heaven knows where my skirt and panties were. And I had no idea what
the girls were up to or what sort of mess they might be making.

Ten minutes or so later, the bathroom door was unlocked and opened and
in came Paige, grinning cheekily.

"Hi Steph, I just need to go to the lavatory. Don't mind me."

She came in, smiled at me and I heard the door lock again - from the

I couldn't believe it. Paige pulled down her jeans and hot pink panties all the way to her ankles and sat down on the lavatory, right in front of

I heard her stream of pee...and then...some...splashes. Paige was
doing...everything! - with me right there with her. The scent of what she
was doing floated up to my nose...not unpleasant, but strong, pungent.

A moment later, Paige announced, "You've not really done much work this
evening, but we'll let you out in time to clean up the house if you do
something useful for me, my bottom in fact! be
helpful...and to show respect for your employers' daughter. Will you do
that for me Stephanie?"

Oh my God! What was Paige up to? Some sort of power trip? Or what?

But I realized that I needed to get out of that bathroom and fast. I
had wiped children's bottoms before, why not...why not...wipe...the bottom
of this little teenage madam who was insisting on humiliating me this
evening? She undoubtedly had the power. I didn't.

"OK Paige." I responded. "I'll wipe your cute little ass for you."

"Oh goody!" said Paige. "I haven't had it wiped for me since I was a
child. Make sure you're gentle now!"

She stood up, blue jeans and pink panties still around her ankles.

"First the front..." she said. "Oh, I'll do that."

She tore off a piece of lavatory paper and expertly dabbed her pussy dry
in the midst of her dark, perfectly shaped pubic hair. I felt a
burning...tightness, a longing, in my clitoris.

She discarded the paper in the bowl and closed the lavatory lid.

Then, despite her jeans being around her ankles, she managed to lift
herself up into a standing position on the lid. She stretched up,
half-naked like me, her naked, sexy groin practically in my face, and
untied my hands. Relieved, I slowly brought my arms down to their usual
place. They ached. My shoulders ached too.

Paige stepped back down and stood in front of me.

"...and now the back!" she declared to her released captive.

She turned around and bent over nearly double, holding her ankles with
her hands - totally exposing to me her firm, attractive legs, her
deliciously-shaped bottom and of course her...dirty...ass, and...her sexy,
fulsome pussy.

I felt a tingling in my own vagina as the beautiful Paige exposed her
most intimate areas babysitter. Her asshole was not
especially dirty, but it was surrounded by the dark brown remains of
her...exertions and excretions.

"Hurry up Stephanie. We haven't got all day." She told me.

I tore off some more paper and very carefully performed my babysitter's
task as required - on this precocious, cheeky teenager's bottom. She
stayed very still, patiently waiting for clean her up. I
finished off by wetting the paper a little bit under the hot tap before
completing the last wipe. I cast the last piece of paper into the lavatory
bowl, to join the collection of messy stuff already in there. I flushed
the lavatory for her.

"Is my bottom clean now?" asked Paige.

"Yes it is. I've finished."

"Stephanie, I would like you to kiss my asshole then. Right on it.

Her asshole? Kiss her most intimate, personal little place? Which I
had just wiped lovingly clean as if she were a child?

A cold chill swept through my whole body. My pussy throbbed, with a
combination of fear, shame, desire and excitement - with the fear of being
made to do something...something I would love to do, which I had dreamed of
doing, but which I would never willingly admit to anyone. Let alone Paige

At high school, being made to kiss another girl's ass was the worst
shame, the biggest humiliation - proof for all those watching that one girl was the undeniable, total superior of the other. It had happened to me,
several times, at school, but at least the dominating girl was wearing
clothes, or at least underwear!

I remembered in a flash the time when Stacey Bridges had got the better
of me in a dispute near the tennis courts and had flipped up her little
skirt behind her so that I could plant a full, long kiss on the rear of her
big, white, lacy tennis panties - rather than have her nearly break my arm
again - in full view of my friends, Missy and Davina.

Missy and Davina never behaved quite the same towards me again.

And so...humbly, resignedly...I knelt down behind Paige Rogers' firm,
athletic legs, took her bottom gently in my hands and separated her
buttocks slightly. Her little asshole, now shiny, clean, pink and
glistening, pouted towards me, drawing me towards it. I carefully pushed
my face right between my humiliator's buttocks, savouring the rich mixture
of musk from her rear and the unmistakeable scent of a wettening pussy, and
kissed her asshole, fully on...and lingeringly. I didn't want her to say,
"You didn't do it properly. Do it again."

Her bottom quivered with forbidden pleasure. Paige was becoming most
excited by all this.

And so was I. To my embarrassment, I could feel wetness...beginning to
slowly leak from my pussy, through my pubic hair and even onto my upper



"You are enjoying doing this, aren't you?"

" at all Paige. I'm, er, doing it for you...because you
asked me to, and because...I want you to let me out of here."

"Hmmm," expounded Paige, "I'm not so sure. I can see from here that
your private parts are wet. kissing my ass. You really do."

I looked down. She was looking right up between my thighs from between
her own calves. She could see! She could tell that her humiliation of me
was turning me on.

"Now, pull up my pants." she requested.

Well, I guess I should finish the job - every little detail - if she

I gently pulled up her pink panties from behind. I paused for a moment
when they reached her knees. I was sure there was a little wet...

"No looking!" said Paige. "Come on!"

I pulled them up all the way, and did the same with her jeans. She
turned round, sticking out her front for me to zip up her jeans for her. I
did so.

"Very good Steph. You are a very versatile little babysitter."

Little! I was taller than she was.

"Beth!" shouted Paige at the door. I'm ready now!"

The door unlocked, as her faithful sister, Beth, responded. Had Beth
been listening to everything?

...It was 10.45pm!


What a mess the house was in!

The sitting room was covered in half-empty pizza boxes, empty cans of
coke, ice cream cartons, open magazines...

The kitchen was covered in similar detritus, dirty plates, cutlery,

Where was my sports bag? Where was my underwear? Where was my skirt
for God's sake? The Rogers would be back in, like, 10 minutes!!

And where the hell were my two guilty secrets?

I was running around the house, searching for my things in my short
T-shirt and nothing else, watched by Paige and Beth, who were now both
completely familiar with my private parts and my white, bare bottom!

They were also familiar with my new submissiveness.

But it was too late to do anything about that now. I had to get dressed
somehow and clean up the house to save my job - and my reputation.


While I was looking behind the sitting room curtains for my things,
Paige and Beth reappeared from upstairs, now both washed and brushed-up in
newly-laundered perfect-little-miss cotton nightdresses and
butter-wouldn't-melt-in-our-mouths looks.

"Well, we had better go to bed now." said Paige, "I hope you find
everything you need, Steph, because we don't want mom and Dad to be angry
with you for any reason...or to hold back your pay..."

She and Beth raised their eyebrows and looked 'disapprovingly' at my
naked pussy.

"Oh, sure you don't." I thought.

"Where are my things?" I pleaded. "Please tell me. Please tell me."

"You'll find them." replied Paige. "They're all around somewhere -
except for your WICKED vibrator toys which I've HIDDEN. You can have those
back another time IF you leave the house in good enough shape to get asked


"Good night Stephie. Good luck! We've got to go to bed now. We're

The two sisters headed upstairs to bed in their perfect sleepwear to put
into action their we've-been-asleep-in-bed-for-ages innocent looks, leaving
me with my clothes to search for - and a wasteland to clear up, all in ten


It was two minutes to eleven. I could not believe it. My heart was
pounding with fear, I was sweating. I had nearly given up all hope of
finding my clothes, when I happened to look into the Rogers' master
bedroom, which I had left alone until then.

Strange! The big double bed was all messed up as if someone had been
sleeping in it. I switched on the light to get a better view, stepped
inside, and saw that my crumpled skirt was thrown on the floor on the far
side of the bed.

Those girls were devils. They had messed up the bed to get me into
trouble! I imagined Mrs Rogers telling her friends, "...and Stephanie
Smith had the nerve to completely ignore the girls and fall asleep in OUR
BED. We are never hiring her again and I recommend that you don't

I grabbed my skirt and pulled it on. At least now I was decent, even if
without underwear.

I started to straighten up the bed and something made me check inside.
No! There they were! My panties! Paige had purposefully left my dirty
panties halfway down the inside of her parents' bed!

I visualized Mrs Rogers saying, "Stephanie, can you explain why our bed
was a complete mess and...why your...dirty...underwear was in it?"
"Uh...I'm very sorry Mrs's a little difficult to explain..."

I pulled on my 'dirty' panties under my skirt, finished making up the
bed, and raced downstairs to clean up the rest of the house before my
employers returned...

...But, then...from the hall came the sound of a key turning in the
front door lock...

..."Well the house is nice and quiet," I heard Mrs Rogers say to her
husband. "Let's go and see how Stephanie is doing..."


NOTE: Any correspondence to e-mail:

(c) 7 Dec. 2002 KK9


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