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s By the Beach



By the Beach

- by KK9 - (rape? consensual? MM/F)

((c) all copyright asserted and reserved by KK9)

We were in Majorca on summer holiday. My friends had gone off back to
the hotel or to another nightclub. I was left snogging Charlie, whom I had
met and danced with the night before at the same club.

Charlie was British, with dark, nearly black hair but with blue eyes and
some freckles; some Scottish blood no doubt. His friends were off in the
corners of the club, chatting up girls on holiday.

Charlie was becoming more and more passionate. And I did find him
attractive and amusing. He kept pushing his hand up my leg as he kissed
me, and now and then brushed his other hand across my nipples.

When he suggested it, I was happy to go outside with him to get some
relief from the club's pulsating music. He walked me into the street and
around a corner into a quiet area with some concrete picnic tables and
benches, not far from the beach. The cool, salty sea air rushed
welcomingly onto my arms and legs and blew my thin cotton dress, making it
cling against my body.

Charlie became more forward and pressed himself against me, "Kristina,
you are so pretty. I really want to make love to you. Now. Can we?"

I was a bit taken aback. "Certainly not here Charlie. And I don't even
know you very well. But I do love kissing you."

"Kristina, I'm so randy. Please help me."

I could feel his erection massively pressing against my tummy through
his khaki trousers.

"Kristina, could you kiss me down there? No one's around. No one will
see us."

He kept on trying to persuade me to either make love or to kiss his
cock. His breath smelt of rum. Eventually, I gave in and told him that
because he was being so nice to me I would give him a little treat.

I knelt down in front of him on a little patch of grass near one of the
picnic tables. I unzipped his fly and felt inside. Charlie moaned. I
eased my hand inside the fly of his boxer shorts and gently pulled out his
erect cock. It was quite big, in fact the biggest I had seen so far in my
21 years of life. It felt strong in my hand. To make it more comfortable,
I undid his trouser button at the top.

I gave his cock a little peck on the tip. He pushed on my head to make
me do more. I opened my mouth, took his huge cock inside and played with
it with my tongue, licking and sucking. It tasted sweaty, but not too bad,
and was wet with thin, viscous juice. Charlie loved it and stroked the
back of my head more and more firmly.

Then I became aware of someone else there. A voice said, "Hi Charlie.
I'm glad to see you're both having such a good time!"

It was Charlie's rugby-playing friend, David - with short brown hair and
a fine, chiseled jawline. I tried to jerk my head away, but Charlie kept
it pressed down and said "Don't stop now Krissie. Don't worry. He can't
see much. It's too dark.

My eyes were wide open while my mouth was full of Charlie's cock. I
could dimly see David somewhere behind Charlie, by the light of some street
lamps. He seemed to be staying where he was, a little way off. I sensed
that Charlie was close to coming and carried on.

"Do you want to swallow it?" he asked.

I shook my head to indicate "No."

"No problem." he whispered, "You can spit it out after."

Charlie started jerking his hips, moving his cock in and out of my mouth
and then stiffened suddenly. I felt hot surges of salty boy sperm
ejaculate into my mouth, time and time again. I stroked his balls softly
as he calmed down, holding a mouthful of his sperm.

Charlie withdrew his cock from my face, put out his hands, cupped
together, and suggested, "Spit it into my hands Krissie".

I gently spat my foamy mouthful into his hands, sighing with relief
after the little adventure, and aware that my pussy was fairly moist by

"Won't she swallow?", asked David, suddenly looming out of the darkness.

"She says she doesn't know me well enough." replied Charlie. Without
warning, Charlie knelt on the ground, knees around me, reached around
behind me and in one motion lifted up my light dress with one hand and
plunged the other hand down into my white cotton panties, past my bottom,
right down between my legs by my panty gusset and smeared all his gooey
sperm right into my pussy! His other hand was still gooey too and he wiped
it all into my hair!

"Yuck!" I shouted. "What are you doing?"

"Just cleaning my hands." He replied. "David, your turn!"

I went into shock. David was coming over!

"My turn now Krissie."

"No! Charlie! What is this? Leave me alone! I'm going back to the
hotel. Tell David to go away!"

David and Charlie both pushed me back onto the grass. Charlie
soothingly said, "Come on Krissie. Don't be angry. David thinks you're
very attractive. He and I like sharing things. We won't tell anybody, we

I was really angry, but Charlie put his hand over my mouth and told me
to keep quiet. He said they wouldn't hurt me, but he did want David to
have his turn. He was very strong and I couldn't move against him.

At the same time I felt my panties being eased down my legs by David.
The gusset was wet between my thighs as he pulled them down - wet with
Charlie's sperm.

I was already worried about getting pregnant. I wasn't on any sort of
contraception. It wasn't quite the right time of month yet, but I didn't
like taking risks.

I thought maybe if I gave in that they would be nicer to me and I would
be in less danger.

"OK Charlie, look. I will do the same to your friend as I did to you,
but stop forcing me!"

"Krissie, David wants to fuck you. He doesn't want a blow-job."

"I'm not on the pill. Don't even think of it without a condom!"

"Krissie, you've already got my sperm all over your pussy anyway.
You'll probably be all right. You're not ovulating are you ?"

"I don't know for sure."

"Well, I think it's too late."

My panties were now off. Charlie was holding my upper half down, while
David was on my legs with his trousers and underpants off and a huge pole
sticking up between his legs. David began to mount me.

"Charlie, get off me. Look I'll do it if you really want. Just
pleeeeeeeease don't force me!"

"OK honey." said Charlie. He lifted himself off me, but still held both
my hands, firmly, but in a friendly way too.

David lifted up my legs and pushed his cock fully into my pussy. I felt
my matted pussy hair squelch against my skin as David pushed Charlie's
sperm against my body. Charlie pulled up my dress and pulled aside my bra
to expose my erect, rosy nipples. While David moved his cock in and out of
my pussy, Charlie gently sucked on my nipples, first one and then the

I felt like a complete slut, lying on the grass nearly naked with two
boys by a beach in Majorca - and being fucked by one of them, with the
other's sperm all over me. I hoped that no one I knew would see me. I
felt like I was being raped, but I had given in because I didn't really
hate them. They were both quite cute. I just felt dirty and used. And I
had decided I would be safer if I made it as nice as possible rather than
fight and scream. After all, I had just given Charlie a blow-job and I
felt like I wanted to see him again.

David started moaning with pleasure and pumped into me more forcefully.
I did not want to become pregnant, to be impregnated by this strange boy! I
had only met David once for a few minutes the evening before. And yet here
David was, sticking his huge, stiff cock deep into my young pussy while his
friend, the one I thought I really liked, held me down and watched his
companion effectively rape me.

Charlie sucked my nipples harder and then started kissing me on my
mouth, which still contained the remnants of his salty sperm. I was still
in shock, but despite all my fears I was becoming excited. I wanted to
make it nice, to heal my shock, to come to orgasm with this thick cock
filling my stretched vagina...but my body was too tense.

David, withdrew his penis for a moment, glistening with wetness. He
glanced at Charlie and moved up my body onto my chest. Charlie still held
onto my hands. David pushed his cock hard into my wet mouth and nearly
made me choke. I tasted sperm, sweat and my own wetness and musk.

"Lick it clean before I finish fucking you." whispered David.

I did my best, although my mouth was revolting against doing it and
being forced to do it.

Satisfied that he had possessed my mouth as well as my cunt, David
pulled out his cock and returned below, pushing back into my pussy with
exceptional power.

Moments later, he exploded into an orgasm, shoving his torso into my
crotch, ramming me and groaning with pleasure and release! I knew that
David's frothy sperm was pumping deep inside me, perhaps forcing its way
through my cervix and into my womb. Might I conceive a child by this
bastard? Would his rapist's seed attach itself to one of my precious eggs
and grow inside me like a cuckoo in my nest, sucking proteins from my young body for the sake of a few moments of drunken lust? My head filled with
images of despair.

David subsided onto my body; then rolled himself off me and lay on the
grass. I pushed my dress down again so that it covered my invaded groin.
My bottom was bruised from being rubbed into the grass and my pussy was
hurting and sore from David's thrusting. Charlie was lying on the grass
too, his head against my hair - which was threaded through with his sperm.


Charlie a little later led me into the sea to clean off. I douched
myself with handfuls of salt water. I was petrified that I might be
pregnant. When we got back up to the scene of the crime, David had cleared
off. There was no sign of my panties either.

Charlie walked me back to my hotel and was relatively apologetic. He
said he was sorry, that they had both got carried away, that I was a lovely
girl and that they wouldn't tell anybody.

Part of me wanted to see Charlie again, but when the morning came I
couldn't face the idea of running into him with David. For the rest of the
holiday I kept a low profile, reading my book and avoiding places where
they might be. Charlie didn't try to contact me, although unbelievably
David did! I managed to avoid him though.


I learned that night to be much more careful with boys in the future.

The thing is though, that when I think back about it, it makes me feel
sexy. It really does.


NOTE: Any correspondence to e-mail:

(c) 19 Dec. 2001 KK9


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