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Personal Services

- by KK9 (domination, humiliation, consensual, F/F)

((c) 2002. All copyright asserted and reserved by KK9.)

"Virginia, you've never slept with a man have you?" Asserted my roommate
mischievously from her double bed, as I picked up her clothes from the
bedroom floor.

"You know I don't like men, Helen." I replied, as I scrabbled around,
trying to make sense of the mixture of underthings and miscellaneous pastel
items scattered all over the carpet.

Her boyfriend had left about 10 minutes ago, but Helen was lying in.

"But you must be curious."


My mind sped me back to the few unsatisfactory gropings and fumblings
from high school and university - drunken hands down my panties, sloppy
kisses in dark corners - but mainly to the fact that very few boys had ever
asked me out. They hadn't seemed to like me much - always asking out (and
fucking) the popular and the sexy girls. And I had never been popular, or

At least to the boys.

I had drifted more and more to seeking understanding, love and pleasure
with girls. Some, like me, were not popular with the boys and sought
solace in their girl classmates. Others had no doubt that they wanted
girls. Some liked both.

Helen liked boys. But she loved living with me because I looked after
her. I did things for her, almost everything in fact. Implicitly in
return she took me out with her to parties and things which I never would
have been invited to without long as I did what she said, what she

I accompanied her...made her look good (OK, even better) in contrast to

I'm not an attractive girl. I have to face that. But I love going to
parties and out with Helen. She always has a gaggle of friends around her
and they talk to me too - out of politeness to Helen I suspect. But no one
asks me out alone. Ever.

So Helen helps me out now and then, when I get really frustrated and
need special attention, special release.

Because Helen likes girls too.

And she wants her roommate to carry on being her PERSONAL SERVANT! So
she doesn't mind "helping me out now and then".

Like the time we were having a late night drink and chat together in
just our T-shirts and panties and I was lamenting my lack of sexual

"Come here Virginia." She had said.

I joined her on the sofa, cuddling up against her like a little dog.
And she just put her hand down the front of my panties, slowly felt her way
down to my pussy, started to feel around - waiting for the wetness to come
- and deliciously and expertly rubbed and manipulated me until, eventually,
I gushingly came, grabbing on to her as the spasms swept through me. That
night we slept together all night, in her bed of course.

My bed was a single bed. I had no need for a double bed.

Occasionally (quite often in fact) she likes me to lick her to orgasm.

She loves it for some reason when she gets back from playing tennis.
She comes in to the apartment, hot and sweaty, throws down her racket,
crashes down onto the sofa and puts her feet up on the end of the sofa.
Her tiny tennis skirt usually rides up and hangs down below her lifted
legs, leaving her roomy tennis panties (with their little ball pocket) on

"Virginia." She calls. "Virginia! I'm feeling so frisky. Please can
you go down below and fix it."

Those are two of her favourite phrases: "Go down below"; and "Fix it for
me" or "Fix me up".

I arrive immediately (of course). I know what is expected of me. I
kneel in front of the sofa and gently glide my nose and mouth along her
legs, picking up her sweaty scent until I can sense myself getting wet.
She quivers. And sighs.

As my lust builds up, I take her legs and pull them slowly round to face
me. I nuzzle her panty crotch, damp - mainly with sweat from tennis, but
increasingly with her own juices from inside. As she leans back and sighs
more and more with anticipation, I grasp and pull down her pure white
panties. Putting them aside, I gaze at her full, red pussy lips, swollen
with desire. And plunge my mouth and nose against her vagina, licking and
licking...until she violently climaxes and collapses...satiated.

"Virginia, You fixed it well." She whispers.

But she's never licked me there. "One day." She says.


"Curious in what way?" I replied, Virginia's dirty washing in my hand.

She leaned over towards me in bed, holding herself up on one elbow, her
brown hair falling half over her face. Her eyes alert.

"Well, don't you want to know...what a man looks like...and feels like
when he's hard? What it feels like to have a real man's cock deep inside
you? How his cock tastes? How his sperm tastes?"

"I suppose part of me is interested to know those things. But I'm not
going to pay someone to have sex with I may never know."

"Men are very sexy Virginia. They get heated like animals and can't
hold back. They just have to fuck you. They can't control it once they
get past a certain point. Nature forces them to fill you up with their
come. They shoot it out. Shoot it deep into you."

"Don't Helen. You'll only make me jealous! It's OK for you. You have
no trouble finding men. I can't do it somehow. So I've given up really."

"Maybe I could help you a bit."

"Like how? It's just that...none of them fancy me."

"Well...Virginia...we could start with easy things...and move on..."

"So what's easy?"

"Virginia, come closer." She said seductively.

I knelt by her bed so that she could whisper into my ear.

"You haven't fixed me...for a while, have you?"

"No...Not for a while Helen." I responded, feeling a delicious burning
sensation spark up between my legs. I dropped her washing on the floor.

"Well, I think it's been too long, don't you? I think you should go
down below right now."

My body began to tremble with sexual tension as I forgot about the
chores and envisioned Helen's pussy opening up in front of me."

"And Virginia...Guess what?

For the first part of your education...I have a pussy-full of Mike's
sperm...Just waiting for you to taste. I've been keeping it yummy and warm
for you. I want you to take it all for me, swallow it all down like a good

"B-but Helen...What if I don't like it?...What if..."

"Hush little Virginia. Every girl has to try it sometime. Now don't
distract me, I'm having to grip hard to keep it all in for you. I don't
want to spill any."

Helen twisted herself around to the edge of the bed and pulled away the
covers, revealing her firm, naked body. Clenching her loins hard, she
lifted herself to standing before and above my kneeling frame.

She carefully opened her legs, bit by bit, to straddle me properly -
while holding my chin up so that my opening mouth gaped expectantly, but
fearfully, beneath her most private part. As if I were waiting for
communion, which in a sense I was - first communion with a man, at least
with a man's essence.

Helen looked down on me as if I was an obedient doggie, begging for
food. She was now holding my hair to keep my head in place, mouth open just
below her vulva.

I felt her relax her sealed lips, and saw...sensed...and felt a knot of
white sperm drop into my obedient mouth...WARM!...Warm
and...SALTY...and...STRANGE...but I took it into my mouth and let it slide
through; and quickly gulped it down into my throat. But more came out of
Helen as I fastened my mouth around her sex. This time I let it drip into
my mouth more carefully...and let it linger on my tongue, tasted it, tasted
Mike's hot sperm. I had never been so close to a man before...

...And the only way I could do it was to take it from my beloved
roommate's fucked pussy!

Feelings of excitement, but also shame and humiliation...filled me. I
was just a little servant, a little slave, doing whatever I was told to do.
Even drinking semen out of a girl's pussy. Degraded, pathetic. Desperate
to please keep my position as her roommate, her maid, her
runaround, her sex toy, her slut friend. One step from trash or worse.
One step.

And...would Helen tell Mike - that her slutty roommate had sucked down
his sperm? It would probably turn him on! But maybe he didn't know how
far our relationship went. I hoped not.

"Suck!" Ordered Helen.

I sucked and sucked all of her sperm (well, Mike's sperm I suppose) out
of her. She sank back onto the bed. Legs wide apart, red pussy puffed up
with thrill - and Virginia deep between her legs sucking and licking her
off like an obedient roommate, communicant, dog.

The degradation and excitement combined was too much for my poor body. I
came violently, spasms twisting me up, down and around - and bringing Helen
to her own tumultuous explosion.

Helen flopped onto the bed.

I sank onto the floor, fresh and frothy male sperm still swimming in my

...Silence. Calm.



After a long while, I got finish the laundry. Helen slept on.

She had probably been up being fucked all night - as well as this
morning. She needed her rest.

I had to get on with the housework.


Any correspondence to

(c) 6 Nov. 2002 KK9


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