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s The Hotel Room



The Hotel Room - by KK9 - (domination, submission, bondage, scat,
consensual, F/F)

(c All copyright asserted and reserved by KK9)

Gretchen had to go to New York to see some people in connection with her
business and she had suggested that I take a couple of days off work and
accompany her - to do some shopping and have some fun.

Gretchen booked us into a top-class five-star hotel in midtown. We
ensconced ourselves in a large room with a view over Fifth Avenue. It was
May and the weather was warm, but not too hot.


On Monday morning, we woke up punctually in our wide double bed so that
Gretchen could get to her meetings on time. We ate breakfast in the main
restaurant. Afterwards, we went back up to the room and I told Gretchen
that I planned to do some shopping in midtown and fit in a bit of
sightseeing and culture as well.

Gretchen replied that she had decided that I should stay in the hotel
room all day and should reflect on aspects of our relationship which I
could improve on. She added that she would tie me up in the room so that I
would definitely stay.

I was accustomed to doing as Gretchen told me, but I was terrified of

"But Gretchen, what about the room service people? They will find me
and it will be awful."

"Don't worry Kristina. I have had an idea."


Gretchen finished dressing for her day. Her five-foot ten, slim blonde figure looked extremely elegant in a two-piece fitted grey suit with a
skirt just above the knee, a medium-blue business shirt with pearl
necklace, and black court shoes. Underneath she was wearing expensive
pantyhose over white two-piece imported underwear, well-cut and chic.

She told me to take off my flowery spring dress, leaving me in simple
white bra and panties - sensible large cotton panties (like she usually
likes me to wear) with no pattern except for slight frills around the waist
and legs - and sheer pantyhose.

Her idea, she explained, was that she would make me sit in the large
closet in the room, which had a little low cupboard for blankets and things
at sitting height. Otherwise, the closet contained coat hangers, the
mini-bar and the room-safe.

"But they might have to get blankets or check the mini-bar", I

"I told you not to worry." said Gretchen. "They don't need any more
blankets to make the bed and we have not used the mini-bar. I have put the
mini-bar contents sheet in full view on the table and clearly nothing is
ticked-off on it. And anyway, you are going to be in your underwear, so
even if you were found you would be protecting your modesty."

Gretchen carefully sat me down in the closet and made me stretch my arms
above my head. Expertly she bound my hands together with old pantyhose and
tied them firmly to the clothes-hanging pole above my head. She then tied
my ankles together with another pair of pantyhose (she had clearly brought
some with her in case of need), and tied my legs just above my knees.
Finally she placed her last pair of pantyhose around my waist and fastened
it to a low rail behind me in the closet. My bonds left me unable to get
up from my private seat. She paused, considered how I looked, and
announced, "Perhaps you would look even sexier if you were less covered

She unclipped my bra in the front so that it fell open, exposing my
"perfect little breasts" as she called them, and then roughly pulled down
first my pantyhose and then my panties to my knees. I was now completely
exposed and helpless. My legs were tightly bound together, but showing my
neatly-trimmed pubic hair. Looking down, I could just see the top of my
pussy. I felt wriggly and realized that my pussy was beginning to moisten
with the excitement of being helpless and undressed in a New York hotel

I could see my reflection in the mirror on the inside of the still-open
closet door. It showed a nearly-naked, slim 28-year old girl, pretty with
green eyes, a fine nose and sensuous red lips, trussed-up, like a chicken
in a little box, by my lesbian girlfriend and roommate.

Gretchen was turned on as well. She pulled up her skirt, pulled down
her pantyhose and skimpy panties and told me to kiss goodbye to her fair,
shaven pussy. I gave her pussy a long, lingering kiss, slipping my tongue
in to tickle her clitoris.

Gretchen produced another pair of pantyhose and tied it tightly round my
head and through my mouth. I was gagged, effectively.

She unpeeled a yellow post-it sticker from a pad in her attache case and
wrote on it in big letters, "Please do not untie me. I am happy like
this." She stuck the sticker onto the inside side wall of the closet, a
little above my head.

Gretchen stepped back, readjusted her clothes and closed the closet
doors, leaving me in near-darkness, but able to see into the room through
the crack between the doors.

"I'm going now Katrina. Don't forget to be quiet and patient if you
don't want visitors. I will put the 'Maid Service' sign on the door so
that they can clean up the room." I nodded affirmatively at the closed
closet door in front of me. I could just make myself out in the mirror, a
helpless female prisoner.

I heard her footsteps fade along the hotel corridor. Then, silence.

I wriggled a bit to make my posture more comfortable, and found that
wriggling made my legs rub my clit, making me wriggle in a different way.


A while passed. I was trying to work out whether Gretchen would be back
early or would be out all day.

There was a small commotion outside in the corridor and a noisy
unlocking of the hotel room door. Some people entered...a young man and
woman, wearing light blue uniforms and speaking in Spanish. As they walked
into the middle of the room, I could see them clearly through the crack
between the closet doors. I felt myself shaking like a leaf, although I
knew they couldn't see me. My clitoris tingled between my tightly-bound

They stripped the bed and went about doing all sorts of room-cleaning
activities in the room and the bathroom, chattering away between

As they were making up the bed, the woman made a remark to the man that
seemed to be to do with the number of pillows. The man thought for a
moment and then looked right towards me and started walking in my
direction. There must be pillows in my closet!

Damn Gretchen's confidence that nothing would happen! I froze with
fear. A cold shiver of adrenalin ran all the way through my body from head
to toe. I strained against my bonds, trying to free my hands so that I
could cover some of my bare body against the young Latin employee, who was
about to open the doors and see a well-brought-up young white girl trussed
up like a naughty little harlot. I could do nothing. I clenched shut my
eyes and tried to close my legs even more tightly than they already were.

But...nothing happened...I reopened my eyes and saw that the Latin guy
was back making the bed with the girl. She had said something to him which
I had not really heard. They must have decided they were OK with the
pillows. This time, a wave of relief passed through me and I breathed out
a huge quiet sigh - ridding my body of some adrenalin tension.

The two chamber-persons finished their work and left, leaving a
spotlessly-clean room behind them.


I amused myself by imagining what Gretchen might do with me when she
returned. I was hoping that my captivity would lead to a passionate
session in which she would warm up the stiff little body of her
day-prisoner with uninhibited lovemaking. Or might she leave me bound and
go out on the town for the evening, leaving me frantic with jealousy as to
what she might be doing?

Amidst the racing quietness of my imagination, came a knock on the door.
No one answered. The captive could not answer.

Another knock...

The door opened and light footsteps ventured into the pristine room.

Who could it be? Could it be Gretchen? Surely, she would not have
knocked. But maybe she wanted to put me in suspense...Yes, it must be
her...She had already been gone for hours!

The closet doors opened wide in front of me, letting in a flood of

I blinked in the brightness. In front of me stood a young,
fair-skinned, strawberry blonde employee, in elegant hotel uniform of
blouse and skirt, carrying a key ring rattling with keys. She looked at
me. I looked at her, my eyes wide with surprise and questions.

"M-mini bar check, madam", she spluttered. Gagged, I moved my head up
and down, or sideways, at any rate, incoherently.

The name badge on the breast of her pressed maroon uniform read,
"Caroline Paget".

"Are you all right? I'm so sorry. Can I help you to..." She paused as
she caught sight of the yellow sticker. She leaned forward, her
tightly-jacketed bust quivering just in front of my eyes, and read the note
- out loud! "Please do not untie me. I am happy like this."

"Is that true?" she asked. "Are you really happy like this?"

I blushed what must have been a deep crimson and nodded my head,
coherently, so as to communicate: "Yes. I am."

Caroline automatically, but in a fluster, opened the mini bar and
checked its contents. All complete. But her mind seemed to be elsewhere.

"Is it nice being tied up?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Do you often do it?"

I shrugged my shoulders as if to say: "Well...sometimes."

"So you like people doing things to you?"

I made a wriggle with my body which communicated, I hoped:
"Well...yes...actually, since you ask."

"You're very pretty", she said.

Caroline Paget's face flushed, as a thought obviously and slowly crossed
her mind. Looking intently at my eyes for signs of reaction, she slowly
pulled up her tight maroon skirt so that it was wrapped around her waist.
Covering her long legs were glossy, nearly sheer, hold-up stockings, held
up by a broad lacy band which slightly indented her smooth fair thighs. A
pair of white, stretchy and lacy semi-transparent panties tightly enclosed
her strawberry blonde pussy mound.

"What on earth is she doing?" I thought. "I am a guest in this hotel."

Inch by inch, she lowered her panties to her ankles and removed them.
She held the gusset of the panties close to my nose, imposing on me her
erotic, musky scent.

She stepped up to me and stood astride my thighs, so that her pussy itself was inches from my nose, emitting the same tender scent as had her
panties. She lowered herself onto my lap, her legs wrapped around my body,
her bust pressed against my chin. As she clung to me, I felt a viscous
wetness exuding onto my stomach from her crotch.

Caroline raised herself up and off my lap about six inches.

"I would like to give you something to remember us by." she announced.
"With the compliments of the hotel."

"Like what?" I pondered.

A new, stronger, more pungent scent filled the closet.

"No. I can't believe it." I thought to myself.

Something warm and sticky touched the top of my thigh, just by my pubic
hair. It became bigger and seemed to fold sideways so that it lay along
the top of my thigh and rolled into my waiting crotch. More warmth touched
me, right on the valley where my thighs were bound together. A strong,
disgusting smell of excrement filled my nostrils.

"Oh my God! She's shitting on me!"

With her weight pressing against me and tightly-bound as I was, I could
do nothing but accept Caroline's warm, smelly offerings into my clean,
innocent groin. She laid at least three long, dark, reeking turds into my
lap. When she had emptied her bowels onto the guest, Caroline the hotel
employee gave me a peck on my forehead and lifted herself off me.

I gazed down at my lap. It looked like a little nest with three large,
long, dark brown turds safely deposited in amongst my hairless thighs. One
of the turds, the last, was softer than the others and was beginning to
smoothly drip down the crack onto my pink pussy lips. The odour rose up
into my nose, causing me to try to screw it shut, but I could not. Noses
are not made like that.

"I hope you are enjoying your stay, madam." declared Caroline. "You are
a very welcome guest."

And she closed the closet doors again, leaving me in darkness in my
little private cesspit. I heard her go into the bathroom. The lavatory
flushed. The light clicked off. The hotel room door closed. The
footsteps moved to the next room. There were two knocks again. I heard
the next door open. Caroline was continuing her work.


I was becoming used to the all-enveloping smell, and to the feeling of
cooling, runny shit dripping along my clitoris (making it tingle) and pussy lips onto the wooden seat beneath me...when the hotel room door briskly

Following some bustling within the room, the closet doors opened again,
light swept into the gloomy closet and the grey-suited Gretchen stood in
front of me - tall and beautiful.

"Katrina! I'm back. Thank you for being so good. It's four o'clock
now. Oh my! What have you got there?"

She studied with interest the simmering contents of my nest, and
released my gag.

I quiveringly explained all that had happened, as Gretchen cradled my
head sympathetically.

"Well, how are we going to clean it all up? We can't go out this
evening until you are presentable...Poor darling, though. You must be
starving. You haven't eaten all day."

Gretchen walked over to the table and picked up a spoon and fork from
beside the fruit bowl. She returned, pulling behind her a cushioned stool
and sat down beside her dirty roommate.

"OK Katrina, open up! We'll get this finished in no time."

Using the spoon and fork, Gretchen expertly broke off a piece of dark
shit from my lap and lifted it up to my mouth with the spoon.

"Yum yum, little one. Eat up the nice shit for Mommy. Mommy's sorry
it's gone cold. Next time you can have it warmer."

Aware that I had no choice, I accepted the item proffered.

As I chewed, and forced myself to swallow the revolting mouthful of
complementary hotel shit, the repugnant taste and cold, squishy inside
texture made me retch and gag terribly. Somehow, I kept it down. I became
aware, simultaneously, of a wave building inside me. As I swallowed the
last piece of that first mouthful, I came massively in one enormous orgasm.
It forced Gretchen to sit back. My clit and loins seemed to explode
internally. My body thrust this way and that, and shook violently,
constrained in its bonds. I felt myself swinging in my restricted bondage
from side to side as much as was possible.

Eventually my body subsided into slow, moaning quivering.

"Come on Katrina. Time for your next mouthful!" teased Gretchen. "You
have to finish it all up, or you won't be allowed out to play tonight."

I weakly opened my mouth for my enthusiastic roommate...


NOTE: Any correspondence to e-mail:

c 16 Sept. 2001 KK9


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