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santa surprise


Title: Mrs. Santa's Surprise
Author: Cait N.
Contact: caitn at mindspring dot com
Series: TNG
Codes: P/C
Rating: PG-13 due to some nudity
Archive: ASC yes, everyone else please ask

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters, I just take 'em
out for a spin every once in a while.

Summary: Jean-Luc has a surprise for Beverly, but she has
one for him, too.

Author's Note: Lori posted "A present from me to you" in
which Beverly has on her "Naughty Mrs. Santa outfit under
her uniform," and Sandi said she'd love to read
a story with that in it. Soooo... <g> Thanks to Mariel
for beta-ing this for me. You're a dear!


"Mrs. Santa's Surprise"
by Cait

Beverly Crusher walked toward her quarters wanting nothing
but a long, relaxing bath with hot water, a tall glass of
wine, and a nice quiet, boring evening. Sickbay had been a
hothouse of activity all day long. It seemed like anyone
who could get hurt, had, and anything that could have gone
wrong, did. To top it off, she hadn't heard or seen from
Jean-Luc all day long. Sometimes that man could drive her

She reached her quarters without incident, and went to
collapse onto the bed. A large gift-wrapped box sitting in
the middle of the bedspread stopped those plans. It was
only a few days until Christmas and her first thought was
that it was a present from someone. Then she wondered how
they'd gotten it inside her quarters.

Her brow wrinkling in confusion, she quickly ripped the
paper off and raised the lid. Her eyes lit with
recognition and delight. Of course, it was the "Naughty
Mrs. Claus" outfit she'd ordered from a catalog that Deanna
had. The two women had combined their order, and it must
have come in on the supply ship they'd rendezvoused with
late last night.

She sifted through the layers of tissue to make sure
everything was there. Oh, Jean-Luc will definitely be
pleased with this, she thought. She headed for the comm
system to leave him a message, but she she turned it on the
computer informed her that she had a message waiting
herself. She instructed the computer to play it.

[Beverly, I've got a big surprise planned for you this
evening. My quarters, 1930.]

Beverly thought she just might forgive Jean-Luc for
ignoring her all day, after all. He'd evidently been busy
planning this "surprise" for her. She changed her mind
about sending him a message. She'd show up with a surprise
of her own.


At 1700, Beverly snuck into the captain's quarters. She'd
decided to show up early, take her bath at his place, and
then take her time getting ready. That way, when he came
in, she'd be all dressed and ready.

She ran the water in the tub, and took a long, relaxing
soak. She was tempted to stay in and let him find her that
way, but the thought of the look on his face when he saw
her in the red and white outfit prompted her to drain the
water and dry off.

She walked into the bedroom, the towel wrapped around her,
and surveyed the oufit spread out on the bed. Dropping the
towel, she sat on the bed and tugged on the red thigh-high
stockings, and then hooked the matching garter belt around
her waist. She attached the garter, and stood up,
smoothing the wrinkles out of the hose. Next came the red velvet, super short Mrs. Claus dress. The hem of the skirt
was lined in soft, white fur, and barely covered her crotch
and only half of her butt. The sleeves were long, the
cuffs lined with more of the white fur. The bodice of the
outfit was cut out, leaving her breasts bare. She smiled
impishly at herself in the mirror as she took a tube of red lipstick and rogued her nipples until the shone as brightly
as Rudolph's nose. A perky red and white Santa hat, and
spiked red mules completed her outfit. She twirled in front
of the mirror and caught herself fighting back a yawn. She
was more tired than she'd thought.

She checked the time - still one hour to go until the
appointed time. She decided a short little nap wouldn't
hurt, as she curled up on the bed, her arm pillowing her
head. Within seconds she was sound asleep.


The sound of the outer door opening brought her to
consciousness. She sat up quickly, checking the time -
1925. Shit! She hadn't meant to sleep that long.

She stood up, put the hat on and checked her reflection in
the mirror. Just a little more red on her nipples, and she
was ready.

Smiling to herself, she lowered her lashes, attempting to
look coy. She struck a seductive pose in the doorway to
the bedroom, and activated the door.

"Merry Christmas, big boy," she breathed in her sexiest
"do me" voice.

Picard swung around from where he'd been talking to Riker.
"Beverly?" he said, incredulous.

Only then did Beverly notice the others around him --
Riker, Troi, Data, LaForge, and at least two or three other
crewmen. She stared in horror, unable to move or speak.

His surprise. It must have been a Christmas party for the
senior staff. He knew she planned the party every year,
and every year ended up with a headache and frazzled nerves
because of it. He'd wanted to spare her the hassle,
Beverly realized, belatedly. She wanted to die of

Riker cleared his throat discreetly, while Data openly
stared. "If I had known this was to be a costume party,"
the android said in a loud clear voice, "I would have come
more appropriately attired."

Beverly gave a screech and ran for the safety of the

A knock sounded on the door. "Beverly," Jean-Luc called,
his voice a mixture of sympathy and amusement. "It's not
all that bad."

"How can you say that?" she wailed.

"Well, now you know there _are_ worse things to be known
for other than the 'Dancing Doctor'."


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